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牡丹江第一人民中医院是什么意思道里区妇幼保健院治疗不孕不育好吗We are kicking off a new series called Milestones, says, gonna focus on the major life events that we are all facing, like getting married, buying a home and retirement. Today's milestone is all about the high price of bringing up a baby. Lots of due parents rush out to get the crib, and those cute little clothes and too often they are not y for the long-term financial responsibilities. Sam Grobart, senior editor of Money Magazine and expectant father is here with some tips on creating a baby budget. Good morning, Sam. Good morning, Rene, how are you. Well, first of all congratulations to you. (Thank you very much) It's a very exciting time for you (It is) but and/end it, as it is , for a lot of expectant parents, but there are lot of things to consider. You have cribs, and strollers, and diapers, and college for crying out loud, how can one little bundle of toy costs so much money? Well, when you factor in health care, education, food, clothing, shelter, the average amount that the parent is going to spend to raise their child from birth to 18 is about 200, 000 dollars. (wow) And it can be a lot more. Yeah, you, you've got these tips that you've come and you are using them yourself, right? (I am). You are used to doing, you , you are anyway, you are not sucking the joy out of this pregnancy for her, are you? Ah, I hope not. OK, right! The first tip you say is to buy in bulk. Yes, my wife and I, um, have never been to a Cosco before. What? Come on! We just have another way that came up, we're just two adults. (It's great, isn't it? Yeah! ) It's amazing. (Yeah) And now, all of a sudden, we started to kind of check it out cause we know that we are probably gonna be spending a lot of time there. (Yeah! ) The prices are a lot better for things like diapers and formulae and other things, such are just amazingly much more cheaper. You, you also say and I can remember this with the first baby, you want to have the best thing, you want to have the, the newest in all the labels and I remember telling my husband we've got to have this type of stroller. (Right). We really should be buying for the baby, not for us, isn't it? Cause at, at some points it's all about status. (Exactly) Right, I mean you know, there is a certain point when you're buying a good product, and it costs a certain amount and then after that, it's all about what you want and what, you know, you think is important. The baby is a baby, baby is probably not gonna really know the difference. So long as something is safe, you know a good stroller can cost about , maybe 200 dollars at the top end. (All right. ) But there are strollers that go to a thousand dollars and, really, that's just like buying a little BMW for your kid or something. (haa, yeah) Um, you say the other thing is you really need to figure out what your, say a monthly expenses will be an end. To that, you and your wife are sort of budgeting for a baby. You are taking this month (Yup) and tracking everything down to a pack of gum (inaudible)... Absolutely. We walk around with a little piece of paper, during the day, and this is a good idea for anybody to do if they want to get a sense of where the money is going. And when you have a kid, all of that sort of good personal finance ideas really come into play, so I get the soda, I write it down, I take a cab somewhere, I write it down. (Even little things like that? ) Absolutely. Because that's what you are gonna start to see where some of your money is going. And you can say I have no idea I was taking that money taxies or something (inaudible). (Wow) Maybe I shouldn't be , you know, getting a soda every two hours and I should just get a bottle of water and refill latter, things like that. Think about where. Think before you spend another. . . (exactly, yeah) Um, one of the places that a lot of people miscalculate is, is right out of the gate. (Yup) You know, as soon as they leave the hospital, they're, you know , they perhaps don't have the right insurance (right) or what have you and they're paying more out of pocket than they ever thought they would. Absolutely, I mean, the average parent once they're paying about 775 dollars out of pocket when they are going for a birth and the number can be as high as 2000 dollars. So what you want to do is call your insurer before you go to the hospital and find out exactly what's going to be covered and exactly what you'll have to pay for. There is probably not much you you can do at this point to change that but you at least can be prepared. These are an awful lot of expenses. Er, they, when, when the baby comes and all of a sudden, things are, maybe then you were planning for (ur) prop-up, maybe an extra , a visitor tour to the doctor. (ummm) You know, one of the things you say also is that we should save, even if it's just a little bit, we need to save for, what, retirement? For, well, we should save for both college education for your child and retirement. Um, if you can spend, if you can save ten dollars a week, for your child's college education, (40 dollars a month. ) Yeah but 500 dollars a year, you put that into something like a 529 plan or tax shelter that will, you know, grow without affecting your income tax. You have 30, 000 dollars by the time your kids are 18. So you are saving for the college tuition but if you have to choose(oh yah) then the choice is retirement. If you are prioritizing, um, it sounds a little kind of intuitive, but save for retirement. It's not to be cruel, it's just that there is a lot of financial options to pay for college, they're scholarships and financial aids. There are none of those things if you're trying to retire. Ok, now here is the thing you and I were just talking at the green room, (Yeah) these kids outgrow these clothes. Like this. You, you've got an i(dea), yeah, right, you've got an idea that to, to help us there? Well, "go used" is one big idea. I mean talk to your friends who've had children, do a clothing swap, get a circle of people together and do that. Go on eBay, go to the discount stores, I mean, you don't have to spend a lot of money on really fancy newborn equipment, you can just get a T-shirt. Sam Grobart, good luck! (Thank you very much) You've been depending delivery. 200809/47406哈市九州医院地址在哪 Pope Benedict Visits 9/11 Terrorist Attack Site天主教教皇走访纽约世贸大厦遗址  Pope Benedict XVI began his last day in the ed States at Ground Zero, the site of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York.  教皇本笃十六世以参观纽约世贸大厦遗址开始他最后一天对美国的访问。世贸大厦遗址是2001年9月11号发生恐怖袭击的地方。 The pontiff brought his message of peace to hallowed ground as the popemobile descended the ramp to the lowest levels of the former World Trade Center site. 在教皇乘坐的专车徐徐驶下斜坡抵达前世贸中心遗址的最低一层时,教皇给这个神圣的地方带来了和平的信息。Pope Benedict knelt in silent prayer on a pew placed in front of a large candle, which he then lit.  本笃教皇跪在一大蜡烛前的一个可以放置双手下跪祈祷的跪台上默默地祈祷,然后起身点燃了蜡烛。The pope then offered a brief prayer for peace and healing for survivors and the families of victims of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.  接着,教皇作了一个简短的祷告,乞求上天让发生在纽约、华盛顿和宾州的恐怖袭击的幸存者和受难者家属获得平安,让他们的创伤得到愈合。"Oh God of love, compassion and healing, look on us people of many faiths and traditions who gather today at this site of incredible violence and pain. We ask in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here, to heroic first responders, along with a the innocent men and women who were victims of this tragedy simply because their work or service brought them here on September 11th, 2001," he said. 教皇说:“啊,充满爱、同情和拥有治愈大能的上帝,请看顾我们这些拥有不同信仰和不同传统的人。我们今天聚集在这个发生过可怕的暴力和痛苦的地方。我们请求您的慈爱永远照耀那些在这里逝去的人,那些英勇地首先作出反应的人,以及在2001年9月11号那一天,仅仅因为工作或务来到这里、使他们成为无辜受害者的男男女女,让他们获得安息。”The pope then met individually with two-dozen survivors and representatives of victims' families.  接着,教皇会见了20多个幸存者和受难者家属的代表,同他们一一进行了交谈。According to officials, Benedict XVI insisted that a stop at Ground Zero be put on the schedule of his three-day visit to New York. For the low key, secular occasion, the Pope wore a long white overcoat in marked contrast to the more elaborate vestments he has worn throughout the rest of his six-day visit to the ed States. 有关官员说,是本笃十六世坚持把访问世贸大厦遗址列入他对纽约三天访问的行程中的。为这个低调的世俗场合,教皇穿了一件白色长大衣,这与他在美国的六天访问中始终穿着比较精美的正式饰形成鲜明对比。 200804/35850An Israeli mayor on the front lines of the conflict with the Palestinians is calling for a truce with Islamic militants. But reaction was cool in both the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.  以色列和巴勒斯坦人发生冲突的一个前沿城市的市长呼吁和伊斯兰激进分子实行停战。但是,不管是加沙地带,还是耶路撒冷对这一呼吁都很冷淡。The mayor of the southern Israeli border town of Sderot, Eli Moyal, says he is willing to hold truce talks with the Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. Sderot has been hard hit by daily Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza that have terrorized residents and battered the economy. 以色列南方边防城市斯德洛特的市长穆瓦亚尔说,他愿意和控制加沙地带的伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯就停战问题开展谈判。斯德洛特每天都遭到从巴勒斯坦加沙地带发射的火箭弹的袭击。这使当地居民十分恐惧,同时也破坏了当地的经济。It was an about-face for Moyal, a member of the hawkish Likud Party, who has been calling for the army to invade Gaza to end the rocket attacks.  穆瓦亚尔是采取强硬立场的利库德党的成员。他发出的呼吁和他以往的立场不一样。穆瓦亚尔过去一直呼吁以色列军队入侵加沙地带,从而结束火箭袭击。Hamas, which has called for a truce in the past, dismissed Moyal's offer as a publicity stunt. The group said if Israel wants a cease-fire it should end military action and its crippling blockade of Gaza. 哈马斯以前也曾经要求实行停战。可是,这一次哈马斯说,穆瓦亚尔要求停战的呼吁是宣传的伎俩。它说,要是以色列要停战,它就应该停止军事行动以及停止封锁加沙地带。The Israeli government also rejected the truce proposal. Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says Hamas is a terrorist organization that refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel.  以色列政府也拒绝停战的建议。以色列发言人雷格夫说,哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,它拒绝放弃暴力,拒绝承认以色列。"We are talking of an extremist group, a very hateful agenda, a very extremist agenda, opposed to peace, opposed to reconciliation," said Regev. "And so there is not much to talk about."  雷格夫说:“我们说的是一个极端组织,它们要达到的目的极其可恶,也是非常极端主义的,它们反对和平,反对妥协。所以,跟它们没有什么好谈的。”At the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a -million plan to fortify homes in Sderot. 以色列总理奥尔默特在举行每周内阁会议时宣布一个价值9100万美元的计划,用来为斯德洛特居民的房屋建立防卫设备。Mr. Olmert said that about half the eight-thousand homes in Sderot would be fortified, with the priority given to those buildings directly in the line of fire. The Prime Minister also said that Sderot would be equipped with an anti-missile defense system by 2010.  奥尔默特说,在斯德洛特的8000个住家中,大约有一半将设置防卫设备,那些处于前线的房子将优先设防。总理还说,到2010年斯德洛特还将装备一个反导弹防御系统。200802/27795哈尔滨省妇女医院电话预约

黑龙江省哈尔滨市二院等级国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[4]"Why is a boy so important? A girl is a person, too. " I was angry. I told him, "If you want to send me back to Hubei, I can't stop you. You think boys are so important, you can just stay here alone." That's what I told him then. '"If I have a girl, I'll take her with me.'"Ya Qing had a boy. Her sister-in-law wasn't so lucky."My sister-in-law, her first child was a girl, and her second was also a girl. And she gave her away. She wanted to have a son. Feudal, it's very feudal. They all want to have sons. It's this way in the countryside. They want sons." Ya Qing tells me that shortly before our visit, a girl had been abandoned in this area. "In the town right outside here, there was a baby girl left in the box. There was no note with her birth date. They put some new clothes inside, packed her in a box and left her in the market. When people got there in the morning, they could hear the child crying. ""Being adopted, it's OK. But sometimes you can get annoyed and sometimes, it, it feels like you are different from other people. And sometimes you feel like, well, you don't feel, you feel different from everybody else because they are probably, they probably, they are probably born from their mom and they indeed sometimes you feel like you don't, you don't feel like you did that you were born from a mom. You feel like, you were just born."The growing imbalance of boys to girls in China is becoming a serious problem. And it's only expected to get worse. The growing gender imbalance can best be seen in schools across China. Here at this primary school, we are told that every classroom averages about 39 kids, 28 of whom are boys. Aly Chinese official statistics show that there are nearly 13 million more young boys than girls. And what happens when there aren't enough girls? Chen Shengli is an official in China's Population and Family Planning Commission. "The disparity between boy and girl is aly quite large and growing even more, so, do you see it as a problem and if so, what are you, what are you trying to do about it?""In 10 years, or even 20, when this generation just born reaches marriageble age and goes to find a mate, they will not be able to match up evenly. With this shortage of over 10%, this percentage of males may not be able to find a woman to marry and will not be able to establish a family. This, we have to acknowledge, is going to be a very serious social problem. "By the year 2020, there are expected to be up to 40 million marriage age men who'll have no one to marry. Experts warn this could cause outbreaks of violence in China and even war for the region.200709/17506七台河市四维彩超价格 Conversation 1会话1A:You called,sir?A:先生,你叫我吗?B:Yes,I need you to write a letter,deliver this package and call my lawyer.B:是的,我要你写一封信、寄这个包裹和打电话给我的律师。A:Yes,sir. Which would you like me to do first?A:好的,先生。你要我先做哪一件事?B:Please deliver the package first since it is the most urgent. Then call my lawyer,and then I will be y to dictate my letter.B:包裹很紧急,所以先寄包裹。然后打电话给我的律师, 之后我再来口述我的信。A:OK,sir. I will be back soon.A:好的,先生。我马上回来。Conversation 2会话 2A:Hello.Mr. Li. What do you want me to do?A:你好,李先生。有什么事吗?B:Hello,Miss. Liu. Can you send the plans to me before Friday?B:你好,刘。星期五之前你可以把计划给我吗?A:All right,Mr Li. I will get those plans over to your office by Friday morning.A:可以,李先生。我会在周五早晨前把那些计划送到您 办公室的。B:Great. That will give me time to talk with my partner before I make a final decision.B:非常好。这样我就有时间在做出决定前和我的拍档商 量一下了。A:That is what I want. Ill have them there by Friday.A:我也是这么想的。我会在周五前把它们送到的。B:Very good. Thank you for getting things done so quickly.B:太好了。谢谢你办事这么快。 /201604/438392尚志市做产前检查哪家医院最好的

松北区儿童医院官方网laughquake ---- 爆笑(名词,非正式)英文释义(noun, INFORMAL) A fit of uncontrolled laughter. (NOTE: blend of ;laugh;and ;earthquake;)例句My little daughters unexpected joke threw our whole family into a two-minute laughquake.我的小女儿出人意料的笑话让我们全家爆笑了两分钟。 /201609/466463 哈尔滨看妇科去哪家好哈尔滨武警医院治疗妇科炎症好吗



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