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大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:What animal can jump as high as a tree?什么动物能跳得和树一样高?下面给大家揭晓:All animals, trees can’t jump!所有动物,因为树不能跳词汇:jump v.跳越;暴涨He jumped to his feet and ran out of the office.他一下子跳了起来,跑出了办公室(跳跃)Last week, the price of food jumped.上星期食品价格突涨 (暴涨)词组:jump to it 赶快jump out of one skin 吃了一惊,吓了一跳jump the tracks (火车)突然出轨,思想开小差get the jump on sb 先发制人下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:Why are girls afraid of the letter C ? 为什么女孩害怕字母C?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 06Xiaohua: 欢迎来到本周的词汇小百科,RoundTable’s Word of the Week. This week, we are talking about “villa.” The reason is that in our show we were talking about some of the Chinese rich people who want to buy these fake castles.John: Right. We started talking about the Chinese word bieshu is used in a way that’s really not very indicative of the way it’s actually used in English. Originally, the word “villa” actually comes from the meaning of “an ancient Roman upper-class country house.” Villas are actually the predecessor to what you might call a plantation these days. It was a large house, a very, very large residence, but attached to that residence was also a farm and so many of these ancient Roman villas were actually self-sufficient.XH: Villa翻译成中文就是别墅我们一般觉得别墅就是house,独栋的房屋,但原来咋英文里,villa指的是带很大一块地产的房屋John: And even more recently, if we look at the 19th and th century, in Europe, the term “villa” became used to describe detached mansions. Even then we see in more modern usages what Chinese people call “villa” is not really the way that we use it in English.XH: So even today, when the English speaking people talk about what Chinese people refer to as bieshu, they’re actually really just talking about houses.John: Exactly. And so what they’re describing more is probably what we would actually a townhouse. A townhouse is usually, it’s a type of medium-density housing usually, but not always, terraced or semi-detached. So, row-housing, so, two or three floors of housing with a very small actual ground footprint, which is what we usually see when we’re talking about bieshu or villas in China.XH: Townhouse既可以指联排别墅,也可以指那种独栋的房屋John: It’s also made me think of the word dasha, in Chinese, which is usually translated as “mansion.” However, we see a lot of these supposed mansions are actually more like office buildings or something like that or perhaps even they house department stores whereas a “mansion” in English, the way that we use it, is literally, it’s just a huge house.XH: Mansion是独栋的住宅,在中文里也被用于泛指所有的大厦And, I don’t think in any Chinese usage of “mansion” they mean a property with some greenery around it.John: No, I really don’t think they do. A mansion actually comes from through Old French from Latin which just means “dwelling,” so mansio which means dwelling as well as the verb “to dwell.” Actually, the English word “manse” was actually defined as a property large enough a parish priest to maintain himself. Also, interestingly enough, in more day-to-day usage, more slang in America, we have a new word that we’ve created called a “McMansion.” Basically, it describes a very quickly and cheaply built large luxury home. “Mc” obviously comes from McDonald’s and so the idea is it’s built on the factory line and somehow put there. You can buy a large home fairly cheap, but it’s low quality.XH: 所以也许McMansion可以翻译成土豪式的别墅?John: Something like that, yeah.XH: And that’s all we have Round Table’s Word of the Week. 96

英国每日电讯:一项调查显示,四分之一的英国人不相信他们的邻居,不会让邻居帮忙收快递.The Telegraph: a survey has found one in four Britons would not trust their neighbour to take delivery of a parcel and per cent suspect them of having stolen post in the past.More than two thirds (68 per cent) wouldnt trust them with their keys, and more than one in ( per cent) actually suspect them of having pinched a parcel in the past.An independent study of ,000 shows that barely half of people know who their neighbours are. 38

加拿大广播公司:研究发现,跟陌生人相比我们与朋友之间的基因更为相似,这一发现为;物以类聚,人以群分;的说法提供了新的佐.遗传学家发现,无血缘关系的朋友之间有百分之一的基因是相似的.Canada C carries a report saying: You may have more in common with your friends than you think. Research reveals that mates have a remarkable number of the same genes.The study, which gives new weight to the saying birds of a feather flock together, found that pals share significantly more DNA than strangers.Geneticists discovered that unrelated friends have a 1 per cent of genes that match – about the same as fourth cousins, who share great-great-great grandparents. 6355

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