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重庆妇幼保健院在线咨询重庆做精索静脉曲张手术要多少钱But they shouldnt lose what theyve aly worked so hard to build in the process.但是,他们不应当失去他们这么多年辛勤工作所获得的东西。Thats why Social Security and Medicare are more important than ever; we shouldnt weaken them, we should strengthen them.这也是社会保障及医疗保险制度在今天尤为重要的原因;它们不该被弱化,而应进一步加强。And for Americans short of retirement, basic benefits should be just as mobile as everything else is today.对于退休年龄较晚的美国人,基本福利应与当今的其他事物一样尽可能移动化。That by the wya is what the Affordable Care Act is all about. Its about filling the gaps in employer-based care so that when you lose a job, or you go back to school, or you strike up and launch that new business, youll still have coverage.这就是《平价医疗法案》的意义所在。这个法案旨在填补基于雇主的医疗保险系统的空缺,我们失业、返校求学或创业时,依然能享受医疗保障。Nearly eighteen million people have gained coverage so far.目前为止,已有近1800万人受益。And, in the process, in the process.在此过程中..Health care inflation has slowed. 医疗费用通胀也有所缓解。And our businesses have created jobs every single month since it became law.自法案实施起,我们的企业每个月都能创造新的工作岗位。Now, Im guessing we wont agree on health care anytime soon.我想我们在短期内还无法就医疗保险制度达成共识。But there should be other ways both parties can work together to improve economic security.但两党可以在改进经济保障制度的问题上采取一些新的措施。Say a hardworking American loses his job - we shouldnt just make sure that he can get unemployment insurance; we should make sure that program encourages him to retrain for a business thats y to hire him.假设一位辛勤工作的美国人丢了工作,我们不该仅仅确保他能获得失业保险,而应确保这个制度能够持他接受再培训以胜任新的工作。If that new job doesnt pay as much, there should be a system of wage insurance in place so that he can still pay his bills.如果这份新工作的报酬不如上一份工作,那么就该有薪酬保障制度保他能养活自己。And even if hes going from job to job, he should still be able to save for retirement and take his savings with him.即使他一直在换工作,也还能为退休储蓄并能配自己的积蓄。Thats the way we make the new economy work better for everyone.这就是我们让大家更好地受益于新经济的方式。I also know Speaker Ryan has talked about his interest in tackling poverty.我知道国会众议院发言人保罗 瑞恩提到过他对解决贫困问题的看法。201602/425175重庆做腹腔镜手术花多少钱 Im almost like a crazy evangelical.我几乎像一个疯狂的福音派信徒,Ive always known that the age of design is upon us, almost like a rapture.一直深信设计时代来临,几乎像狂喜一般。If the day is sunny, I think,如果晴天,我就会想,;Oh, the gods have had a good design day.;“哦,众神设计日快乐。”Or, I go to a show and I see a beautiful piece by an artist,如果我去看展览,看到一件艺术家展示的精美作品,particularly beautiful, I say特别的漂亮,我就会说,hes so good because he clearly looked to design to understand what he needed to do.他如此优秀是因为他清楚地希望设计、理解他需要做什么。So I really do believe that design is the highest form of creative expression.因此我真确实相信,设计是创造性表达的最高形式。Thats why Im talking to you today about the age of design,这就是为什么今天我和你们谈论设计时代。and the age of design is the age in which design is still cute furniture, is still posters,设计时代是这样的,其设计仍然是可爱的家具、海报is still fast cars, what you see at MoMA today.和快车,就是你们今天在现代艺术物馆(MoMa)看到的东西。But in truth, what I really would like to explain to the public and to the audiences of MoMA is that但事实上,我确实想要向公众,向现代艺术物馆的听众解释的是the most interesting chairs are the ones that are actually made by a robot,这些最有意思的椅子实际上是由机器人制造的。like this beautiful chair by Dirk Vander Kooij,比如说这张漂亮的椅子是Dirk Vander Kooij设计的。where a robot deposits a toothpaste-like slur of recycled refrigerator parts,机器人将回收的冰箱部件上的牙膏状污物储存在那里,as if he were a big candy, and makes a chair out of it.仿佛是一粒大糖果,然后造出了一把椅子。Or good design is digital fonts that we use all the time好的设计就像我们一直使用的数字字体一样,and that become part of our identity.成为我们身份的一部分。I want people to understand that design is so much more than cute chairs,我想让人们理解设计远远不止是可爱的椅子。that it is first and foremost everything that is around us in our life.设计是我们生活中周围首要的一切。And its interesting how so much of what were talking about tonight is not simply design but interaction design.有趣的是,我们今晚谈论的不是简单的设计,而是交互设计。And in fact, interaction design is what Ive been trying实际上,几年来我一直在努力尝试把交互设计to insert in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art引入到现代艺术物馆的收藏品中。for a few years, starting not very timidly开始时并不很胆怯,but just pointedly with works, for instance,但是只针对作品,例如,by Martin Wattenberg -- the way a machine plays chess with itself, that you see here,由Martin Wattenberg设计的一个机器人自己下棋的方式,你这里看到的。or Lisa Strausfeld and her partners, the Sugar interface for One Laptop Per Child,或者是Lisa Strausfeld和她的同伴设计的Sugar界面用于儿童笔记本电脑。Toshio Iwais Tenori-On musical instruments,Toshio Iwai设计的酷炫电子乐器,and Philip Worthingtons Shadow Monsters,Philip Worthington设计的Shadow Monsters,and John Maedas Reactive Books,John Maeda的Reactive Books,and also Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvars I Want You To Want Me.还有Jonathan Harris和Sep Kamvar合作的I Want You To Want Me。These were some of the first acquisitions that really introduced the idea of interaction design to the public.这些是部分最先收购的设计品,它们确实把交互设计的理念带给了大众。But more recently, Ive been trying really to go even deeper但最近,我一直在尝试真正into interaction design with examples that are emotionally really suggestive用实例更加深入交互设计,这些实例在感情上真的暗示,and that really explain interaction design at a level that is almost undeniable.在一定的水平上真正解释了交互设计。这几乎是无可否认的。The Wind Map, by Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas,Wattenberg和Fernanda Viegas制作的《实时风地图》,I dont know if youve ever seen it -- its really fantastic.我不知道你们是否曾经见过,确实非常的奇妙。It looks at the territory of the ed States这地图是根据美国版图做的。as if it were a wheat field that is procured by the winds仿佛它又像被风吹拂的小麦田。and that is really giving you a pictorial image of whats going on with the winds in the ed States.不过它确实展现给你一幅图案形象,关于美国的风正在吹向哪里。But also, more recently, we started acquiring games, and thats where all hell broke loose in a really interesting way.另外近来我们开始收购一些,至此全乱套了,以一种非常有趣的方式乱了。There are still people that believe that theres a high and theres a low.仍然有人确信有高雅有低俗,And thats really what I find so intriguing这真的是令我感到有趣的地方,about the reactions that weve had to the anointment of games in the MoMA collection.对于在现代艺术物馆收藏品中收购的的反应。201512/413749重庆第八医院宫腔镜检查

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重庆医科大学附属儿童医院不孕不育研究基地I thought I would start with a very brief history of cities.我觉得我得从城市的历史简单说起。Settlements typically began with people clustered around a well, and the size of that settlement was roughly the distance you could walk with a pot of water on your head.人们聚井而居揭开了典型的定居生活,而这种定居的范围,也不过是你头顶着一盆水所能走的距离罢了。In fact, if you fly over Germany, for example,and you look down and you see these hundreds of little villages, theyre all about a mile apart. 其实,假如你能从德国上空飞过,往下看,你会看到数以百计的小村庄,每个距离约一英里。You needed easy access to the fields.这样你就到地里去就很方便了。And for hundreds, even thousands of years,the home was really the center of life. 几百几千年以来,家就是生活的中心。Life was very small for most people.所以对大多数人来说,生活范围其实很小。It was the center of entertainment, of energy production,of work, the center of health care. 家是欢乐,动力,工作,和医疗的中心。Thats where babies were born and people died.在那里,也有生老病死。Then, with industrialization, everything started to become centralized.之后工业化的兴起,一切开始变得集中起来。You had dirty factories that were moved to the outskirts of cities.那些污浊不堪的工厂都搬到了郊外。Production was centralized in assembly plants.产品也都被集中到装配厂。You had centralized energy production.我们还把能源生产也集中起来。Learning took place in schools. Health care took place in hospitals.学校是学习用的,医院是治病用的。And then you had networks that developed.然后网络也发展起来了。You had water, sewer networks that allowed for this kind of unchecked expansion.供水管网,污水管网也使得不断的扩张成为了可能。You had separated functions, increasingly.慢慢地,我们把不同的职能给区分开来。You had rail networks that connected residential,industrial, commercial areas. You had auto networks. 铁路网连接到了住宅区,工业区和商业区,汽车交通网也建立起来了。In fact, the model was really, give everybody a car,build roads to everything, and give people a place to park when they get there. It was not a very functional model.事实上,这个模式就是,给每人一辆车,把路给修起来,然后在人们停车的地方弄个车库,其实这并不是一个行得通的模式。And we still live in that world,and this is what we end up with. 但我们依旧生活在这样的环境下,所以这就是我们所得到的。So you have the sprawl of LA,the sprawl of Mexico City. 所以就有了洛杉矶的扩展区,墨西哥城的扩展区。You have these unbelievable new cities in China which you might call tower sprawl.在中国匪夷所思般崛起了各种新城市也可以称为雨后春笋。Theyre all building cities on the model that we invented in the 50s and 60s, which is really obsolete, I would argue,and there are hundreds and hundreds of new cities that are being planned all over the world. 他们都是基于我们在50年代或60年代发明的模式,在建城市,我觉得这样是跟不上时代的,而此时此刻,不计其数的城市正在世界各地紧锣密鼓筹备兴建。In China alone, 300 million people,some say 400 million people,will move to the city over the next 15 years. 单中国来说,3亿人口,有的说4亿,将会在接下来的15年里搬迁到城市里。That means building the entire, the equivalent of the entire built infrastructure of the U.S. in 15 years.这就等同于要美国在15年内建造起整个国家基础设施。Imagine that.想象一下。And we should all care about this whether you live in cities or not.我们都应该关注一下不管你是否住在城里。Cities will account for 90 percent of the population growth,80 percent of the global CO2, 75 percent of energy use,but at the same time its where people want to be increasingly. 城市主宰着90%的人口增长,全球80%的CO2,75%的能源消费,同时,也是人们向往的地方,这情况与日剧增。More than half the people now in the world live in cities,and that will just continue to escalate. 现在世界上一半以上的人口住在城市里,而且还会不断增加。Cities are places of celebration, personal expression.城市是人们庆祝和表现的地方。You have the flash mobs of pillow fights that,Ive been to a couple. Theyre quite fun.城市里有枕头大战的快闪族,我去过几次,还真有趣。You have,Cities are where most of the wealth is created,and particularly in the developing world,its where women find opportunities. Thats a lot of the reason why cities are growing very quickly. 还有,城市是大部分财富的来源,尤其是在发展中国家,妇女也能拥有各种机遇,所以有很多原因可以解释为何城市发展如此快速Now theres some trends that will impact cities.但某些趋势会影响到城市。First of all, work is becoming distributed and mobile.首先,工作遵循分配模式而且不再一成不变。The office building is basically obsolete for doing private work.办公大楼基本淘汰了私人的工作。The home, once again, because of distributed computation communication, is becoming a center of life,so its a center of production and learning and shopping,and health care and all of these things that we used to think of as taking place outside of the home. 由于有了分布式通信和分布式计算家,再一次成为了生活的中心,家成为了生产,学习,购物,还有医疗,还有那些我们认为都是在家外发生的一切的中心。And increasingly, everything that people buy,every consumer product, in one way or another,can be personalized. 渐渐地,所有人们买的东西所有的消费品,通过不同的方式,都能够实现个性化。And thats a very important trend to think about.这是值得关注的一个重要趋势。So this is my image of the city of the future.这就是我想象中的未来城市。In that its a place for people, you know.图中那里就是人们可以待的地方。201503/366116 I leaned something that day 那天 我得到了一些教训and what I learned is if you are going to connect your business and your philanthropy 我认识到 如果你要将经营和慈善结合起来you better make sure that is integrated deep into your culture 你要确保慈善深深融入到企业文化中that its not just something that youre going to tack on 慈善不能机械地加到经营上but youre going to build an integrated business, youre going to build an integrated life 你要将两者融为一体 形成有机的整体youre going to get these things to work deeply together 让两者能够深深地兼容and you can do it 这是可以做到的And when I started my company salesforce.com in 1999 1999年我创建了自己的公司 salesforce.comI decided to do three things 我打算做三件事One, a radically new technology model called cloud computing 一 建立一个全新的技术模式 叫云计算Two, a radically new business model 二 建立一个全新的经营模式which was subscription services for software 也就是针对软件的订阅务And three, a radically new philanthropy model 三 建立一个全新的慈善模式At that day we started the company, we put 1% of our equity 创建公司的那天 我们将1%的股权1% of our profit and 1% of all of our employees time charity 1%的利润和所有员工1%的时间into a 501(c)(3) public charity 用于一家501(c)(3)慈善机构It was very easy 这很简单We had no products 我们没有产品We had no equity. We had no people 我们没有股本 我们没有员工That was an easy decision 这个决定很好做But today salesforce.com is doing great 不过如今 salesforce.com做得很好with more than 13,000 employees 我们有超过1.3万名员工well do more than billion in revenue this year, were 今年的年收入将超过50亿美元heading into the Fortune 500, the top 500 companies in the world 我们即将跻身全世界财富500强公司的行列we are Fortune Magazines most admired software company for 2014 我们是财富杂志2014年度最令人钦佩的软件公司we are Forbes most innovative company in the world for three years in a row 我们连续三年被福布斯评为全世界最具创新性的公司and we are Fortune Magazines best place to work number seven this year in the world 我们还在财富杂志今年的最佳雇主排行榜中名列世界第七Thank you 谢谢大家Thank you 谢谢大家And if youre looking for a job, graduates, ceo@salesforce.com 想找工作的毕业生 可以发邮件到ceo@salesforce.comThats my email address 这是我的电子邮箱201601/422596重庆做输卵管手术去哪家医院重庆市妇幼保健院性激素检查



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