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哈尔滨哪个医院做药流条件好松北区人民医院在线问答Elizabeth here felt herself called on to say something in vindication of his behaviour to Wickham; and therefore gave them to understand, in as guarded a manner as she could, that by what she had heard from his relations in Kent, his actions were capable of a very different construction; and that his character was by no means so faulty, nor Wickham#39;s so amiable, as they had been considered in Hertfordshire. In confirmation of this, she related the particulars of all the pecuniary transactions in which they had been connected, without actually naming her authority, but stating it to be such as might be relied on.伊丽莎白听到这里,觉得应该替达西说几句公道话,辨明他并没有亏待韦翰;她便小心翼翼地把事情的原委说给舅父母听。她说,据达西在肯特郡的有些亲友,他们曾告诉她,他的行为和人家所传说的情形大有出进,他的为人决不象哈福德郡的人们所想象的那么荒谬,韦翰的为人也决不象哈福德郡的人们所想象的那么厚道。为了实这一点,她又把他们两人之间银钱往来上的事情,一五一十地讲了出来,固然没有指明这话是谁讲出来的,可是她断定这些话很可靠。Mrs. Gardiner was surprised and concerned; but as they were now approaching the scene of her former pleasures, every idea gave way to the charm of recollection; and she was too much engaged in pointing out to her husband all the interesting spots in its environs to think of any thing else. Fatigued as she had been by the morning#39;s walk, they had no sooner dined than she set off again in quest of her former acquaintance, and the evening was spent in the satisfactions of an intercourse renewed after many years discontinuance.这番话使嘉丁纳太太听得既感惊奇,又极担心,只是大家现在已经走到从前她喜爱的那个地方,于是她一切的心思都云散烟消,完全沉醉在甜蜜的回忆里面。她把这四周一切有趣的处所逐一指给她丈夫看,根本无心想到别的事上面往。固然一上午的步行已经使她感到倦怠,可是一吃过饭,她又动身往探访故友旧交。这一晚过得真有意思,正所谓:连年怨阔别,一朝喜重逢。The occurrences of the day were too full of interest to leave Elizabeth much attention for any of these new friends; and she could do nothing but think, and think with wonder, of Mr. Darcy#39;s civility, and above all, of his wishing her to be acquainted with his sister.至于伊丽莎白,白天里所发生的种种事情对她实在太有趣了,她实在没有心思往结交任何新朋友;她只是一心一意地在想,达西先生今天为什么那样礼貌周全,尤其使她诧异的是,他为什么要把他介绍给她。 Article/201203/173104哈尔滨市妇产医院看妇科好不好 《哈克贝里·费恩历险记》第5章:第6节 相关专题:· 有声读物-安徒生童话故事·有声读物-浪漫满屋· 新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200809/47411I’m not sure how many people ever stop to think how wonderful four seasons are. I think people who live in cities don’t care about the seasons. City people spend half their lives indoors or underground. I live in the country and I love watching the seasons come and go. Every day is different in the countryside. I love watching the crops grow in the fields. I watch them push their way up from the ground in the spring and then grow tall in the summer sun. Just before autumn arrives, the farmer harvests them and then winter comes. Seasons means it’s like living in a new place every four months. Everything changes. One wonderful thing about seasons is the seasonal food you get. There’s always something tasty that’s just come in season. Article/201104/133253哈尔滨最好的无痛人流手术医院

黑龙江哈市九州医院属于专科医院吗Welcome to the Bottom of the World 南极大陆 ── 世界最后的净土Antarctica is the highest, driest, and coldest place on Earth. It is also the remotest, a fact which accounts for its unspoiled environment. It is difficult for people to get there, and not a comfortable place for people to stay once they arrive. It is widely described as the last true wilderness on our planet.The Antarctic continent has mountain ranges similar in size to the European Alps. But whereas the Alps' snowcaps are just deep enough for skiing, Antarctic mountains are swallowed up by their caps, and lie buried beneath an ice sheet that is five kilometers thick.The cold climate is responsible for maintaining the continent's year-round ice fields: They never melt. Even though Antarctica receives more sunlight than the equator, the temperatures are lower because the ice sheet reflects the heat back into space. Thus, the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was in Antarctica in July, 1983: Soviet scientists shivered through temperatures that fell to minus 89.2 degrees Celsius.For centuries, Europeans wondered about the existence of a South-Polar continent, but no one actually knew for certain Antarctica was there until 1820 when European explorers "discovered" it. Since then, men have gone to Antarctica in search of adventure. Testing their abilities, several teams of explorers set out in 1911 to be the first men to stand at the South Pole. Norwegian Roald Amundsen and his men reached the pole; so did Robert F. Scott, an Englishman, but he and his team died on the return trip. Once completely inaccessible, Antarctica has more recently been playing host to adventurers seeking excitement, scientists interested in experimenting, and companies looking to exploit this wild terrain for profit: gold, uranium, and oil are just some of the valuable resources which lie beneath the continent's icy covering.Though no human population is native to Antarctica, about 1,000 people work there in the summer months, and another 12,000 tourists visit every year. They come to enjoy the unspoiled environment, the bright blue skies, and the fresh white snow fields. If a tourist is lucky enough, he or she can join an expedition to see some of the continent's other residents. Animals along the coast of the Southern Ocean don't mind the cold weather, and thrive in Antarctica's seas. Penguins and seals breed on the icy shores and fish for krill in the cool water. Yet, Antarctica's fragile and complicated eco-system is threatened by its human visitors. Damage to the environment occurs as people come looking for resources beneath the ice, or carelessly leave their garbage behind. Currently, countries are working to ensure that the damage to Antarctica's environment is minimized, and that the last wilderness on Earth will remain an unspoiled place.南极洲是地球上最高、最干和最冷的地方。它也是最偏僻的,这就解释了南极洲为什么会成为一片没被污染的环境。人们很难到那儿,即使到了那里,南极洲也不是个能让人呆得舒适的地方。它被普遍形容为我们星球上的最后一片真正的荒野。南极大陆的山脉覆盖的面积与欧洲的阿尔卑斯山差不多。不过阿尔卑斯山顶积雪的深度仅够滑雪,南极大陆的山脉却被积雪吞噬,深埋在厚达五公里的冰层下。寒冷的气候使南极冰厚得可以常年维持:它们永不融化。虽然南极洲的光照比赤道多,气温却比它低,因为冰层能将热能反射回天空。因此,地球上的最低温度记录就是在1983年7月的南极洲:前苏联科学家在降至摄氏零下89.2度的低温中瑟瑟发抖。几个世纪以来,欧洲人一直在猜测是否存在南极洲,直到1820年欧洲的探险家"发现"了它,人们才真正确定南极洲的存在。从那以后,人们开始去南极洲探险。1911年,几探险队为了验自己的能力出发去南极洲,希望能成为站在南极极点的先锋。挪威人罗德·阿蒙森和队友抵达了极点。英国人罗伯特·F·斯科特也做到了,不过他和他的队友却在回程中不幸丧生。曾经遥不可及的南极洲,近来却开始接待寻求刺激的冒险家、有兴趣做实验的科学家和打算开发这片荒原获利的公司。黄金,铀和石油只不过是埋藏在南极冰层下宝贵资源中的几种而已。虽然南极洲没有土著居民,但每年夏季的几个月里,约有1000人在那儿工作,另外还有约12,000名游客来此参观。他们到南极来享受没有污染的环境,碧蓝的天空和皓洁的雪原。如果游客够幸运的话,他(她)还可以加入探险队一睹南极大陆上的其它生物。南太平洋沿岸的动物不介意严寒的气候,它们在南极海域中繁衍生息。企鹅和海豹则在结冰的海岸上繁衍后代,并在冰冷的海水中捕食磷虾。不过,南极洲脆弱而复杂的生态系统正受到由人类组成的游客的威胁。人们来这儿寻找冰层下的自然资源,或不经意的留下垃圾,都会对环境造成污染。目前,各国正努力使对南极洲环境的破坏降到最低,以确保地球上的最后一片荒野能永远是一块未受破坏的地方。 Article/200803/28873哈尔滨市医科大学一院在哪个区 Morrow Road 01茂林路 01  My family has a house in Marine City, less than two miles from where the "Morrow Road Haunting" have been stated to happen. My parents grew up riding their horses up and down that road, and many others.   Recently, my mother and I took a ride to the area, and noticed that the road is now paved and the bridge that was there is gone. We parked down the street a ways, put on our gloves, zipped out coats and began our walk through the snow.  After crossing the ditch where the bridge used to be, my chest began to tighten and my heart began to race. I should also mention that I had not been to the exact spot before, but since I had recently discovered that I am a psychic medium, my mother and I decided to venture to the 'site'.  After we crossed the ditch, we noticed that on both sides of us were newer houses, but nothing but trees lay ahead. My mother pointed ahead to where the trees were and said, "The story says that the land here has never sold because every time someone would try to build on it, too many things would go wrong and eventually people gave up."  我们家在滨海城距离“茂林路鬼”经常出没的地方不到两英里处有一套房子。这里的许多人,包括我的父母,都是骑在马背上在这条茂林路上颠簸长大的。  最近,妈妈和我一同乘着马车又回到了这个地方,注意到先前的路面被铺装一新,而原先在那儿的那座桥也没了。我们在乘马车走了一段路后,便将车子停好,戴上手套,拉好拉链,骑着马开始了我们的雪中漫步。  在路过那座桥以前所在的河道时,我的胸膛开始变紧,并且心跳开始加速。我需要说明一点:这个地方我以前从未来过,但自从最近我发现自己具有“人鬼灵媒”这个能力后,母亲和我便决定到这个“景点”冒一次险。  我们过了桥,发现路两边全是崭新的房子,但在前面有一片树林,那里却什么都没有。母亲指着前面那片树林,说:“那块地一直没有卖出去,据说是因为不管是谁,只要是想在那里盖什么,总会碰到太多的麻烦,而最终人们也就把这块地皮放弃了。” Article/200812/57712哈尔滨市立医院收费高吗

延寿县人民医院电话号码In this small town, my family and I had lived at several places, before settling down in a house on Pennsylvania Ave. A very quiet neighborhood, my folks quickly made friends with those all around.  In the house on the left of ours lived an old woman named Lucy. She and my parents got along splendidly. Her husband had died about two years prior, and having no family close by, we became sort of a surrogate family. Lucy and her husband had bought their house and property in the 1940's. Her husband loved to tinker around the house and yard, but the yard was his real passion. He gave meticulous care all year long, while she would type letters to distant relatives about the progress being made.  Lucy's husband brought the yard to a beautiful state. Everybody admired and remarked on its condition. When he died Lucy thought it befitting to sp his ashes in the back yard, the place where he had spent countless hours. But after some time Lucy was convinced that her husband had come back to his yard. She was especially frightened of the sprawling back yard where he had spent many daylight hours. Lucy would tell us of hearing the sound of footsteps coming across the grass or of someone or something tapping her on the shoulder. So she would try and avoid that area stating simply "it just spooks me out."  Over the next several years were lonely times for Lucy. We often had her at our house for family functions, but it didn't quite make up for losing a loved one. She spent the majority of her time typing letters on an old typewriter to family and friends. During the spring and summer months when we had our windows open, we could hear her busily typing away.  When Lucy died the house remained vacant for a long time. Before the new owners were to take over, my Father did some repair work inside. He often said he heard footsteps on the old hardwood floors. But we all knew something was happening when we heard the unmistakable striking of typewriter keys. Lucy had come back to type her ghostly letters. I guess you could say that neither Lucy nor her husband was going to give up the things they loved the most!  在我们居住的这个小镇上,我家已经搬了好几个地方,直到我们终于在宾西法尼亚大街的一所房子安定了下来。这里的邻居都很平易近人,很快父亲母亲就和他们交上了朋友。  我家左边住着一位老太太,名字叫露西,我们的关系相处得尤其的好。她丈夫两年前去世了,附近也没有其他家人,我家几乎就成了她的代理人。露西夫妇在四十年代就买下了这所房子和土地,她丈夫很喜欢把房子和屋后的小院粗粗拉拉的修补一番,但是那个小院可是他生命中的寄托。多年来他精心的照料着院子里的一草一木,而露西就在屋里给远方的亲戚写信,讲述这边生活的点点滴滴。  小院在露西丈夫的打理之下显得格外漂亮,人们都不免对那里品头论足,夸奖称赞一番。他去世以后,露西决定就把他的骨灰撒在这个占据了他生命中无数时间的院子里。但是一段时间过后,露西确信她丈夫又回到了他的小院。而此时这个曾经让他日夜不离的地方已经是杂草丛生,露西觉得很害怕。她告诉我们说听到了有脚步声在院里的草坪上踱来踱去,还感觉到有人或是什么东西轻轻地拍她的肩膀。于是,她就努力再也不到那个闹鬼的地方去。  接下来的几年里露西就这样孤孤单单的生活着,我们经常请她过来参加我们的家庭会议,但是这对于失去爱人的她来说是于事无补的。她依然成天的用那台古老的打字机给家人和朋友写信。春天夏天的时候只要我们一打开窗户便能听到打字机忙碌的声音。  露西去世后,房子空了好长一段时间。新房东搬进去之前,父亲进去做了一些修缮的工作。他说经常听到有人在老的硬木地板上走路的声音。我们也都知道那里确实是发生了什么,因为我们又听见了熟悉的打字机发出的声音。露西回来写信了。你应该会说,露西夫妇都割舍不下他们一生中的挚爱吧,我想是这样的。 Article/200809/47552 5 Meeting Colin5 见到柯林In the middle of the night Mary woke up.半夜的时候,玛丽醒了。Heavy rain had started falling again,and the wind was blowing violently round the walls of the old house.天又开始下雨了,狂风在房子周围猛烈地刮着。Suddenly she heard crying again.突然,她又听见了哭声,This time she decided to discover who it was.这次她决定要搞清楚那个人是谁。She left her room,and in the darkness followed the crying sound,round corners and through doors,她走出房间,在黑暗中循着哭泣的声音,绕过墙角,穿过一扇扇门,up and down stairs,to the other side of the big house.上下楼梯,来到这所大房子的另一侧。At last she found the right room.She pushed the door open and went in.终于她找到了那个房间,推开门,走了进去。It was a big room with beautiful old furniture and pictures.那是个很大的房间,摆着古旧的家具和油画,非常漂亮。In the large bed was a boy,who looked tired and cross,with a thin,white,tearful face.He stared at Mary.在一张大床上躺着一个男孩,看上去疲惫、烦躁。他的脸颊消瘦、苍白,挂满了泪痕。他瞪大眼睛看着玛丽。‘Who are you?’he whispered.‘Are you a dream?’“你是谁?”他小声问。“我是在做梦吧?”‘No,I#39;m not.I#39;m Mary Lennox.Mr Craven#39;s my uncle.’“不,不是。我是玛丽·莲诺丝。克莱文先生是我舅舅。”‘He#39;s my father,’said the boy.‘I#39;m Colin Craven.’“他是我父亲,”那个男孩说道。“我叫柯林·克莱文。”‘No one ever told me he had a son!’said Mary,very surprised.“从来没有人告诉过我他有个儿子!”玛丽说,觉得十分蹊跷。‘Well,no one ever told me you#39;d come to live here.I#39;m ill,you see.“嗯,也没人告诉我你在这儿住。你看到了,我病了。I don#39;t want people to see me and talk about me.我不想让人们看见我议论我,If I live,I may have a crooked back like my father,but I#39;ll probably die.’要是我活下来,我可能会像父亲一样成为驼背,但是我可能会死的。”‘What a strange house this is!’said Mary.“这所房子真是奇怪啊!”玛丽说。‘So many secrets!Does your father come and see you often?’“这么多秘密!你父亲常来看你吗?”‘Not often.He doesn#39;t like seeing me because it makes him remember my mother.“不常来。他不喜欢见到我,因为我让他想起妈妈。She died when I was born,so he almost hates me,I think.’她是生我的时候死的,所以他八成是恨我,我这么想。”‘Why do you say you#39;re going to die?’asked Mary.“你为什么说自己会死呢?”玛丽问。‘I#39;ve always been ill.“我一直在生病。I#39;ve nearly died several times,and my back#39;s never been strong.我已经死过几次了,而且我的脊背向来就很弱。My doctor feels sure that I#39;m going to die.我的医生肯定我会死的。But he#39;s my father#39;s cousin,and verv poor,so he#39;d like me to die.他是我父亲的表弟,而且很穷,所以他巴不得我死呢。Then he#39;d get all the money when my father dies.那样等我父亲去世以后,所有的钱就都归他了。He gives me medicine and tells me to rest.他给我药吃,让我休息,We had a grand doctor from London once,who told me to go out in the fresh air and try to get well.有一回我们从伦敦请了个有名的大夫,他让我到外面呼吸新鲜空气,尽量休养好。But I hate fresh air.可我不喜欢新鲜空气。And another thing,all the servants have to do what I want,because if I#39;m angry,I become ill.’还有一件事,所有的用人都必须照我的想法去做,因为要是我一生气,我就会生病的。”Mary thought she liked this boy,although he seemed so strange.虽然他看上去有些怪怪的,可玛丽觉得自己挺喜欢这个孩子。He asked her lots of questions,and she told him all about her life in India.他问了她很多问题,而她就给他讲在印度的生活。‘How old are you?’he asked suddenly.“你几岁了?”他突然问道。‘I#39;m ten,and so are you,’replied Mary,forgetting to be careful,“我10岁了,你也是,”玛丽回答,一时说漏了嘴,‘because when you were born the garden door was locked and the key was buried.And I know that was ten years ago.“因为你出生时花园的门就被锁上,钥匙也被埋起来了,我知道那是10年前的事。”Colin sat up in bed and looked very interested.柯林从床上坐起来,一副好奇的样子。‘What door?Who locked it?“什么门?谁把它锁上的?Where#39;s the key?钥匙在哪儿?I want to see it.I#39;ll make the servants tell me where it is.我要看看。我要让用人告诉我它在什么地方。They#39;ll take me there and you can come too.’他们会带我和你去的。”‘Oh,please!Don#39;tdon#39;t do that!’cried Mary.“哦,别这样!请别这样!”玛丽大声说。Colin stared at her.‘Don#39;t you want to see it?’柯林瞪着她。“难道你不想看看它吗?”‘Yes,but if you make them open the door,it will never be a secret again.“想,可要是你让他们打开门,它就再也不是个秘密了。You see,if only we know about it,if weif we can find the key,we can go and play there every day.你想,如果只有我们知道这事,如果我们——如果我们能找到那把钥匙,我们就能每天都去那儿玩儿了。We can help the garden come alive again.我们还能让花园重新充满生机,And no one will know about itexcept us!’而且谁也不会知道——只有我们!”‘I see,’said Colin slowly.“我明白了,”柯林慢条斯理地说。‘Yes,I#39;d like that.“好吧,我愿意这样。It#39;ll be our secret.它是我们的秘密,I#39;ve never had a secret before.’我从来没有过自己的秘密。”‘And perhaps,’added Mary cleverly,“也许,”玛丽机敏地接着说道,‘we can find a boy to push you in your wheelchair,if you can#39;t walk,and we can go there together without any other people.“在你走不动的时候,我们也能找个男孩子用轮椅推着你,我们可以一起去那儿,再也没有别人了。You#39;ll feel better outside.I know I do.’你到外面就会感觉好些的。我就是这样,所以我知道。”‘I#39;d like that,’he said dreamily.“我愿意这样做,”他憧憬着,说,‘I think I#39;d like fresh air,in a secret garden.’“我想我会喜欢一座秘密花园里的新鲜空气的。”Then Mary told him about the moor,and Dickon,and Ben Weatherstaff,and the robin,玛丽接着又给他讲荒原,讲狄肯,讲本·威瑟斯塔夫,还有那只知更鸟。and Golin listened to it all with great interest.柯林非常新奇地听着这一切,He began to smile and look much happier.他开始有了笑容,样子开心多了。‘I like having you here,’he said.“我喜欢你在这儿,”他说。‘You must come and see me every day.But I#39;m tired now.’“你得每天来看我,可我这会儿有点儿累了。”‘I#39;ll sing you a song.“我给你唱个歌吧。My servant Kamala used to do that in India,’said Mary,在印度时我的用人卡玛拉就常这样。”玛丽说。and very soon Colin was asleep.柯林很快就睡着了。The next afternoon Mary visited Colin again,and he seemed very pleased to see her.第二天下午,玛丽又来看柯林。一见到她,柯林显得很高兴。He had sent his nurse away and had told nobody about Mary#39;s visit.他已经走了他的护士,也没有告诉其他人玛丽来过。Mary had not told anybody either.玛丽同样谁也没有告诉。They some of his books together,and told each other stories.他们一起看柯林的书,互相讲故事。They were enjoying themselves and laughing loudly when suddenly the door opened.就在他们自得其乐,放声大笑的时候,门突然开了。Dr Craven and Mrs Medlock came in.克莱文医生和梅洛太太走了进来,They almost fell over in surprise.他们都很是吃惊。‘What#39;s happening here?’asked Dr Craven.“怎么回事?”克莱文医生问道。Colin sat up straight.柯林坐直身子。To Mary he looked just like an Indian prince.在玛丽看来,他就像是个印度王子。‘This is my cousin,Mary Lennox,’he said calmly.“这是我的表,玛丽·莲诺丝,”他平静地说,‘I like her.She must visit me often.’“我喜欢她,她必须经常来看我。”‘Oh,I#39;m sorry,sir,’said poor Mrs Medlock to the doctor.“哦,真抱歉,先生,”可怜的梅洛太太对医生说。‘I don#39;t know how she discovered him.I told the servants to keep it a secret.’“我不知道她是怎么找到他的,我告诉过用人们要保密的。”‘Don#39;t be stupid,Medlock,’said the Indian prince coldly.“别傻了,梅洛太太,”印度王子冷冷地说,‘Nobody told her.She heard me crying and found me herself.“谁也没告诉她,她听见我哭就自己找来了。Bring our tea up now.’现在去给我们沏点茶来。”‘I#39;m afraid you#39;re getting too hot and excited,my boy,’said Dr Craven.“我恐怕你在发热,过于激动,孩子,”克莱文医生说。‘That#39;s not good for you.Don#39;t forget you#39;re ill.’“这对你可不好,别忘了你有病。”‘I want to forget!’said Colin.“我就想忘掉!”柯林说。‘I#39;ll be angry if Mary doesn#39;t visit me!“要是不让玛丽来看我我就要生气了!She makes me feel better.’她让我觉得好多了。”Dr Craven did not look happy when he left the room.克莱文医生离开的时候似乎很不高兴。‘What a change in the boy,sir!’said the housekeeper.“这孩子变多了,先生!”管家说。‘He#39;s usually so disagreeable with all of us.“他总是跟我们合不来,He really seems to like that strange little girl.他好像真的喜欢这个古怪的小姑娘,And he does look better.’Dr Craven had to agree.而且他看着的确好些了。”克莱文医生不得不同意她的话。 /201205/181087黑龙江九州医院彩超哈尔滨十院治疗不能怀孕



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