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秀山土家族苗族自治县不孕不育看哪家医院好重庆涪陵中心医院不孕不育专家咨询重庆做不孕不育医院 When you burst out crying, you expect the bleary red eyes and the rivers of tears that stream down your cheeks. But on top of all that, your nose starts to run like a faucet. Why does this happen? What’s the connection between crying and a runny nose?当你放声大哭时,朦胧的红眼睛以及泉涌般的泪水沿着面颊滑落是预料之中的事。除此之外,你会开始流鼻涕。为什么会出现这种情况?哭和流鼻涕之间又有什么联系呢?Where Do Tears Come From?眼泪从何而来?Tears come from tear glands located just over the eye, behind the bone. As tears rinse down over your eye, they collect at the rims of your lower eyelids, where some may overflow and stream down your cheeks.眼泪是由位于眼骨后的泪腺分泌的。当泪水被分泌出,他们便贮藏在下眼睑边缘,一部分眼泪溢出眼睛沿脸颊流下。But that’s not the only escape route for overflowing tears. If you look very closely at the inside of your eyelid, right near your nose, you’ll see a tiny little hole. You might need to gently pull your eyelid down to see it, because it’s on the inner edge of the eyelid, resting against the eye.但那并不是眼泪流出来的唯一路径。如果你仔细观察眼睑内侧靠近鼻子的地方,你会看到一个极其微小的洞。你可能需要轻拉眼睑才能看到这个小洞,因为它位于靠近眼睛的眼睑内侧。River Tears泪流成河These little holes, on the upper and lower eyelids of both eyes, serve as drains and lead into canals that run through grooves in the bones of the face and eventually empty into the nose. Even when you’re not crying, some of the normal, everyday tears that moisten and clean your eyes drain out through this secret passageway into the nose, but it’s such a small amount that you don’t notice it.这些小洞位于双眼的上下眼睑,它们发挥着排水管的作用,引导泪水沿着脸骨的凹槽流下并最终流入鼻子。即使你不哭的时候,每天也会有一些正常产生的、用以湿润和清洁眼睛的眼泪通过这个秘密通道流到鼻子里,只不过它们数量太少你察觉不到而已。When the tears really start to gush, however, this unnoticeable trickle turns into a river. As the tears make their way down through the nose, they moisten and loosen other secretions on the way. And that’s when you reach for a tissue!当眼泪喷涌而出的时候,这些平时察觉不到的小泪滴便汇流成河。在泪水流入鼻子的同时,它们在沿途还起到湿润和疏松其它分泌物的作用,这时候,你就需要纸巾擦拭了。 /201305/237603Business商业报道Semiconductors半导体Chipping in芯片技术集资A deal to keep Moores law alive一场交易使得尔定律劫后余生THE arrival of a new generation of semiconductors has come a little closer.新一代半导体诞生的日子离我们又近了一些。On July 9th ASML, a Dutch company that dominates the market for the lithographic equipment that etches circuits onto silicon, struck a deal with Intel, the worlds largest chipmaker.7月9号,荷兰公司阿斯麦与全球最大的芯片制造商英特尔签订了一份协议。阿斯麦因拥有光刻设备将电路刻蚀在硅片上的技术而控制着大多数市场。Intel has agreed to pay about 2.5 billion for 15% of ASML.因特尔同意以25亿欧元收购阿斯麦15%的股份。It will provide 829m for ASMLs research-and-development efforts and will buy the resulting tools, due in a few years.Intel将为阿斯麦的研发活动投资8.29亿欧元,并在未来几年购买其研发产品。ASML has also been talking to its two other biggest customers, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation. It is willing to sell 25% of itself in all.阿斯麦也正在和其他两个最大的客户三星、台湾积体电路制造股份有限公司进行洽谈商议。阿斯麦愿意出售自身所有股份的25%。Of Intels Ramp;D money, 553m will go on technology to make chips on silicon wafers 450mm in diameter.英特尔公司的研发经费中有5.53亿欧元将用于研发用直径450毫米的硅晶圆制作芯片的技术。Twice as many chips could be cut from these as from todays biggest, which are 300mm across.与目前利用直径最大的300毫米硅晶圆相比,这种技术切割出来的芯片数大一倍。The rest of the cash is for extreme ultraviolet technology, which the industry hopes will push the width of circuits below todays frontier of 20 nanometres.其余的资金将用于远紫外线光刻技术的研发,业内希望这项技术能令电路打破目前20纳米宽的下限。This will enable more circuitry to be packed onto smaller chips—and allow the life of Moores law, which says that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every 18 months or so, to be extended yet again.这将使更小的芯片上能封装更多线路—并使得尔定律的寿命再次得到延长,尔定律即集成电路芯片上所集成的电路的数目,大约每隔18个月就翻一番。With customers taking equity, putting up research money and making advance orders, ASML will be surer of having a market for products that take a lot of time and money to create.因为客户购买其股票、投入更多研发经费以及提前下订,ASML那些需要大量时间和金钱才能制造的产品肯定会有市场。It reckons that EUV will cost it and its suppliers 3.4 billion.阿斯麦估计远紫外线光刻技术的研发将花费公司和公司供应方 34亿欧元。Moving to 450mm will require new machines and the reconfiguration of factories.推动其研发到直径450毫米晶圆需要新机器和工厂的重新配置。A report in 2005 by VLSI, a research firm, estimated that the shift from 200mm to 300mm wafers a decade ago cost the industry .6 billion.2005年,研究公司VLSI发布了一份报告,称十年前,从200mm至300 mm晶圆的转变估计令该行业花掉了116亿美元。Until Intel promised to pay, ASML had been reluctant to press on with 450mm technology.直到英特尔承诺付其经费,阿斯麦才愿意推进450毫米晶圆技术的研发。The development of EUV, in contrast, was likely anyway.相比之下,远紫外线光刻技术的研发势在必行。EUV has been very important, says Richard Windsor of Nomura, an investment bank. Most semiconductor companies consider it critical to taking them beyond 20 nanometres.投资野村券的理查德·温莎称:远紫外线光刻技术一直都非常重要,大多数半导体公司认为,要制造小于20纳米的电路,这项技术是关键。Deals like this weeks should help to get the market going—and cement ASMLs lead in the lithographic race.像这周这样的交易应该会帮助市场得以运转,同时巩固了阿斯麦在半导体光刻工艺技术领域的领先地位。 /201307/248975重庆做第三代不孕不育大概多少钱

万州妇幼保健院做不孕不育的费用Business商业报道TCS in America塔塔在美国From Mumbai to the Midwest从孟买到美国中西部Far from home, Tata Consultancy Services strives to move upmarket塔塔咨询务公司力争向高端市场转型DRIVE up the leafy Leadership Trail in Milford, Ohio and you reach what appears from the outside to be a luxury ski lodge.行驶在俄亥俄州米尔福德的领导路上,林木繁茂,而后到了一处外观奢华,看似是滑雪场的地方。Inside, large windows with forest views are a constant reminder of the surrounding American heartland.透着森林景象的窗景无时不刻的提醒来客您正置身于美国核心腹地。This is Tata Consultancy Services new American facility,这是塔塔咨询务中心的新式美版设施,a stark contrast to TCSs colonial-era headquarters overlooking sweltering cricket pitches in Mumbai.与以往看似闷热的板球场的不同,塔塔自殖民时期以来在孟买设立的总部有了明显变化。Bought in 2008, the Ohio facility is a symbol of TCSs efforts to polish its brand and move to higher-margin services.此处为塔塔在俄亥俄州的分部,购置于2008年,正是该公司擦亮招牌向高利润务业进军的标志。One reason for choosing Milford, a satellite of Cincinnati, was the proximity of Midwestern clients:塔塔选址在辛辛那提的卫星城米尔福德的原因之一,是其距离中西部客户的地理优势:ten Fortune 500 companies are based in Cincinnati alone.财富500强企业中就有10家驻扎在辛辛那提。Another is cost: it is one of the cheapest among Americas main cities and has plenty of land on its fringes.其二是成本问题:这是美国消费最低的大城市之一,且地区有很多闲置土地。A third reason for choosing Ohio is the presence of decent universities nearby.选址的原因之三是因为附近的高等学府。TCS set up shop in Milford not only to be closer to clients but to begin in earnest to hire American graduates.塔塔设分部在此不仅是为了接近消费者,也是渴求招募到美国的毕业生。Most of TCSs new coders in Ohio are fresh from the nearby universities of Kentucky, Cincinnati, Purdue, Ohio State and others.在俄亥俄州,塔塔新进的编程人员大多都来自于附近的肯塔基大学、辛辛那提大学、印第安纳州立大学和俄亥俄州立大学等等。They are cheaper than Ivy League graduates and TCS offers them interesting work with a booming company.他们的薪水要求相较于常春藤略低,而塔塔也以日益壮大的企业背景下为他们提供感兴趣的工作。The facility has 450 employees now, nearly all American, thanks to the difficulty of getting visas for Indians, and the plan is to increase their number to 1,000.由于印度来此的签困难,该分部现有 450名员工几乎都是美国人,而公司也计划将人员扩招到1000。They are a fraction of TCSs 215,000-strong workforce but represent the bridgehead of its ambitions to go beyond being merely an outsourced back-office and coding shop and take on such consultancy giants as IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Accenture on their home turf.这只占塔塔21万5千名员工的一部分,但显示出公司争取的不只做外包后勤或解码务,而是在客场迎战一些本土的咨询业务巨头,如IBM,惠普或是埃森哲。Having pleased clients with its work for them so far, TCS should have a decent chance at getting them to buy fancier and pricier services.塔塔一直以来都能满足客户需要,但仍需要恰当的实际让客户购买更吸引人也更昂贵的业务。David Johns, chief information officer at Owens Corning, a building-materials maker, is full of praise for TCS;建筑材料生产商欧文斯科宁的信息主管,大卫·约翰对塔塔评价很高,his company has doubled its overall spending with the firm in recent years.他的公司对近年已投入双倍的钱。Citigroup sold its India-based business-process unit to TCS, guaranteed it 5m annually in business for several years, and then proceeded to spend more than that.花旗集团将其在印度的业务板块出售给塔塔,并保近几年间每年付款27亿5千万美元,之后会投入的更多。However, Jagdish Rao, a technology chief at Citigroup, says most of the consulting work TCS has done so far has been on systems TCS had built or implemented itself.然而,花旗集团的技术主管加迪什·饶指出,塔塔的大部分咨询业务构架于自身建立或推行的制度之上。Tom Rodenhauser of Kennedy Information, which studies the consulting industry, agrees that it has yet to make a breakthrough in high-end work.肯尼迪信息公司研究咨询业的汤姆·罗德霍萨认同这一观点,指出塔塔有待于在高端市场中寻求突破。Although TCS is “printing money” with its outsourcing business, he “cant say with a straight face theyre doing great at consulting—theyre giving away what other companies charge for”, as a way of selling their legacy outsourcing services.尽管塔塔在外包产业中堪称“印钞机”,他“不能确定的说咨询业务也是他们的强项-这句完全不知道怎么翻囧”Amar Naga, the boss of the Milford facility, admits that consulting proper is so far just 2.6% of TCSs revenue.米勒福德分部的老板艾玛·纳迦承认咨询业务的业绩仅占公司总收入的2.6%。But it is growing more than twice as fast as the companys overall revenues, themselves still increasing at around 25% a year.但其增长速度是总收入的两倍。Such eye-catching growth, combined with its reputation for high-quality work, suggests clients can be convinced that TCSs consultancy work is worth paying for.如此引人注目的增长速度,连同其高质量业务的名声,意味着客户可以相信塔塔的咨询业务是值得花钱购买的。For the American rivals it is planning to take on, TCS may so far be no more than a blip on the edge of their radar screens.就其即将面临的美国竞争对手而言,塔塔不过是他们雷达侦测屏边缘的一个小点。But as it pushes up into high-value consulting, several of them—such as IBM and HP—are trying to capture more work by moving downstream into TCSs traditional outsourcing territory.然而,塔塔正向高价值咨询界推进,诸如IBM和HP这几个对手已经顺势通过介入塔塔传统外包领域来争取更多的业务。When they meet in the middle it could be quite a fight.一旦狭路相逢,大战在所难免。 /201304/236715重庆市第六人民医院做腹腔镜手术 Science and technology科学技术Entomology昆虫学Bad beehaviour有失蜂度The strange case of the bandit bumblebees熊蜂:不可思议的土匪TO MOST people, bumblebees are charming, slightly absurd creatures that blunder through garden and meadow with neither the steely determination of the honeybee nor the malevolent intention of the wasp.在人们的印象里,熊蜂可爱、友好而又有些令人可笑。它们跌跌撞撞地穿过花园和草场,既不像蜜蜂,有钢铁般的决心;也不似黄蜂,具备恶意的企图。If you are a plant, though, things look rather different—for from the point of view of some flowering plants many bumblebees are nothing more than thieves.不过,如果你是一株植物,你就会从新定义它们。从一些有花植物角度来看,熊蜂是彻头彻尾的贼:They rob them of their nectar and give nothing in return.它们掠夺花蜜,却未予回报。Nectar robbery, in which a bumblebee carves a hole in the side of a flower as a bank robber might cut his way into a vault, was discovered by Charles Darwin.某些花的形状发生了演化,以促进具有长舌的昆虫为其授粉。昆虫的长舌能探到狭小管道状花的深处。This technique lets bees get at the nectar of flowers whose shapes have evolved to encourage their pollination by insects with long tongues, which can reach down narrow tubes.达尔文最先发现熊蜂抢劫花蜜的行为。熊蜂在花的一侧切开一个口,行径无异于强盗杀进金库。它们凭借这种本领获取狭小管道状花的花蜜。Some bumblebees do have such tongues. But some do not.有的熊蜂的确有长舌,不过有些确实没有。Short-tongued bees are, however, unwilling to deny themselves the bounty of nectar inside these flowers. Hence the hole-cutting.短舌熊蜂难以抵御丰厚花蜜的诱惑,于是就有了切口打孔。By breaking in in this way, though, a bumblebee nullifies the 100m-year-old pact between flowering plants and insects: that the plant feeds the insect in exchange for the insect pollinating the plant.然而这种暴力获取的方式却撕毁了有花植物和昆虫间一亿万年的古老契约:植物为昆虫提供食物,昆虫履行为其授粉的义务。The question about nectar robbery that has intrigued biologists from Darwin onwards is whether the behaviour is innate or learnt.熊蜂抢劫花蜜的行为到底是先天性还是后天性,自达尔文起,生物学家们一直对此感到困惑。Darwin, though he originated the idea that many behaviour patterns are products of evolution by natural selection, suspected that it is learnt.达尔文推测这是后天性的。Insects, in other words, can copy what other insects get up to.换言之,他推测昆虫有能力模仿其他昆虫的行为习惯。Only now, though, has somebody proved that this is true.直到现在,这种推测才被明是正确的。The observations were made by David Goulson, and his colleagues.做出观测的是David Goulson以及他的同事。To test his ideas he had to go from Britain to Switzerland, for only there could he find a flower of the correct shape to conduct the study.为了检验他的想法,他必须远离英国前往瑞士。因为只有那里才能找到形状合适的花以进行研究。His crucial observation was that when the flowers of an alpine plant called the yellow rattle are robbed, the entry holes—because of the structure of the flower—tend to be unambiguously on either the right-hand side or the left-hand side.决定性的观测在于yellow rattle被熊蜂造访后留下的孔。由于这种花的特殊结构,人们可以明确地区分出孔在花的左侧还是右侧。Moreover, preliminary observation suggested that the holes in flowers in a single meadow are often all made on the same side.加之初步观测结果表明,同一块草场中这种花上的孔常常在同一侧。This led him to speculate that bumblebees in a particular area do indeed learn the art of nectar robbery from one another, and then copy the technique with such fidelity that they always attack a flower from the same side.他认为,对于生活在所研究的特定草场中的熊蜂,它们确确实实从其他个体那里学习了抢劫花蜜的技术。并且它们模仿的相当精准,以至于总是从同一侧侵袭花朵。Crime and nourishment罪与馐His team monitored 13 alpine meadows during the summers of and 2011.他的研究组于年和2011年的夏天监测阿尔卑斯山13块草场。They painstakingly recorded the sites of robbery holes in yellow-rattle flowers, and studied the behaviour of 168 bumblebees.他们煞费苦心地记录yellow rattle上抢劫孔的位置,并且研究了168只熊蜂的行为。They tried to follow each bee until it had visited 20 flowers, though they lost sight of some insects before they had reached this score.研究组尽力追踪每只熊蜂,直到它光顾的花达到20朵为止。If they could, they then captured the insect so as not to follow it again on another occasion.尽管有些熊蜂没有达到这个数量就不见了,但若够数,他们旋即捉捕那只熊蜂,以防止二次追踪。Dr Goulson found, as he reports in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, that two short-tongued bumblebee species which live in the area, Bombus lucorum and Bombus wurflenii, demonstrated handedness when they robbed flowers.士发现,生活在该地区的两种短舌熊蜂在打劫花时表现出利手行为。Moreover, if one species was behaving in a left-handed manner in a particular meadow, the other was likely to do the same.更有甚者,如果针对特定的草场,一种熊蜂是左撇子,那么另一种熊蜂通常也是左撇子。This suggests that one species can learn from another—a trick previously thought to be confined to vertebrates.这暗示一物种可以向另一物种学习—过去人们认为只有脊椎动物才有这种本领。Handedness in any given meadow, Dr Goulson found, increased as the season progressed.他还发现,在任何指定的草场中,利手性随着季节的更替而强化,But each summer appeared to start as a blank slate.但每到夏天则似乎从新形成。The handedness that developed in a meadow in did not predict its handedness in 2011.某块草场中09年利手性并没有预测出11年的利手性。Goulson士将以上发现发表在《生态学与社会生物学》上。The most reasonable explanation, Dr Goulson argues, is that each year a few bumblebees which have learnt the trick of nectar robbery in the previous season come out of hibernation and start robbing flowers again.Goulson士认为最合理的解释是:每一年,一些熊蜂在过去季节里掌握了抢劫花蜜本领,它们冬眠后再次出来抢劫。By chance, they make more holes on one side of the flowers than the other, and as the habit is picked up by other, newly hatched bees, a preference for left or right sps by a process of positive feedback.它们偶然间在花的一侧制造出更多的抢劫孔。由于其他新孵化出的熊蜂效仿了这种习惯,左利手或右利手作为一种正反馈进行传播。The bees have, in other words, created a simple culture.或者说,熊蜂创造出一种简单的文化。It is a criminal culture, admittedly.诚然,这是一种罪恶的文化,But no one ever said that nature was pretty.但没有人曾说,自然界原本是优雅的。 /201312/266849酉阳土家族苗族自治县不孕不育医院输卵管复通

重庆检查男科需要多少钱Europes top jobs欧盟的领导职位Indecision time悬而未决之时European Union leaders squabble but fail to agree on their top jobs欧盟领导们虽历经唇舌战,但就领导职位分配问题仍未达成一致意见。MATTEO RENZI summed it up best. The Italian prime minister suggested that “they just had to send an SMS and we could have saved the cost of the official flight. In any case, it was a nice opportunity to meet and wish Angela Merkel a happy birthday.” Indeed, European Union leaders in Brussels toasted the German chancellors 60th birthday this week. But they failed to settle the main business: a package of top EU jobs.Matteo Renzi的概括最到位。这位意大利总理认为“他们发个短信就成了,这样我们可以省下公务飞行的费用。但不管怎么说,这是个不错的机会——我见到了 Angela Merke并祝她生日快乐。”确实,在布鲁塞尔的欧盟的领导这周为德国总理祝贺60岁生日。不过他们并没有就主要事务达成一致意见:欧盟的领导职位如何分配的问题。A day after the European Parliament endorsed the much-contested nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission, leaders were meant to pick names for the other big posts: the high representative for foreign affairs, the president of the European Council and a new president of the Eurogroup of finance ministers. The stumbling block was Mr Renzis nomination of Federica Mogherini as the foreign-policy supremo. As Italys foreign minister of five months, she has barely more experience than Catherine Ashton did when she was named to the post in . But she ran into objections from several eastern European countries, among them Poland and the Baltic states, who see Ms Mogherini as too pro-Russian. It did not help that she visited Moscow just before the summit and talked up the Kremlin-backed South Stream pipeline.在欧洲议会批准最有争议的提名候选人Jean-Claude Juncker为欧洲委员会主席之后,领导人要按着名单为其他重要职位选人:有负责涉外事务高级代表,欧洲理事会主席以及欧元集团财政部长的新头。陷入僵局的由头是Renzi提名Federica Mogherini为外国政策的掌舵人。年当她被提名为外交部长的时候,她只当过五个月的意大利外交部长,就经验而言比Catherine Ashton好不了多少。但她遭遇了一些欧洲东部国家的反对,其中包括波兰和波罗的海国家。这些国家认为Mogherini过于亲俄了。然而这并不妨碍她就在(布鲁塞尔)峰会之前前往莫斯科并大肆宣扬俄国政府持的南溪天然气管道项目。The Mogherini row made it inevitable that the whole package would need to be agreed at the same time so that all could be satisfied. Leaders thus found themselves speaking in circumlocutions. They discussed the balance between left and right, north and south, men and women and, belatedly, east and west—all without mentioning specific names.对Mogherini的争议使得同时一次性任命欧盟高级领导并让诸方满意的计划落空。领导人不久发现他们的讲话就是兜圈子。他们彼此争论,要保持左翼与右翼的平衡,要保持北部和南部的平衡,男性与女性的平衡,还有后来加入的东部与西部的平衡——所有这些都要避免提及那些特定的名字。Ms Mogherini remains the woman to beat. Both Mrs Merkel and Frances President Fran?ois Hollande said the high representative should be from the centre-left political group. Whatever their misgivings about the Italian foreign minister, most leaders have other priorities. The British do not want to be at the centre of another fight after losing the bust-up over Mr Juncker; the Germans are more concerned to get the right dealmaker as president of the European Council; and the French want to ensure that their commissioner, Pierre Moscovici, gets a senior economic job in the commission. Mr Juncker, diplomats say, was not y to make any promises. Herman Van Rompuy, the current president of the European Council, will now consult again before a special summit on August 30th, but doing a deal even then may still be hard.Mogherini的留下保了女性胜利。Merkel 和法国总统Fran?ois Hollande认为高级代表应当出自中左翼的政治团体。但是无论他们对意大利外交部长的是否心存疑虑,大部分领导人都有自己的小九九。不列颠不希望在关于Juncker的争吵失利之后成为另一项斗争的焦点;德国人更关心选出能正确决策的欧盟理事会主席;而法国想着确保他们的委员Pierre Moscovici能在委员会获得一个高级经济席位。外交官称,Juncker不准备作出任何承诺。直到8月30日一个特殊峰会来临之际,现任欧盟理事会主席Herman Van Rompuy都将继续充当顾问。不过恐怕即便那时都难达成一致意见。 /201407/314636 乐山市人民医院无精子症治疗酉阳土家族苗族自治县看精子功能低下症哪家医院最好的



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