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哈尔滨市第七医院网上预约挂号大兴安岭怀孕检测多少钱Does Drinking Something Hot On A Hot Day Cool You Down?大热天喝热饮有助散热?One common factoid that has been circulating the internet recently is that drinking a hot beverage on a hot day will cool you down. Some immediately dismiss the claim while others swear by it.最近网上疯传在热天喝热饮能散热的言论。对此,有些人立马表示否定,而另一些人则表示强烈持。But who is right? Is there any actual scientific evidence behind this seemingly counter-intuitive claim?究竟哪一方是对的呢?这个看似反常理的言论究竟有无科学依据?Drinking something hot on a hot day can indeed cool you down, but there is a catch. A study done at the University of Ottawa#39;s School of Human Kinetics showed that if you were to drink a hot beverage in a hot and dry environment, your body will overcompensate for the added heat by sweating, and sweating a lot. It#39;s this excessive sweating that causes your body to cool down, and cooling it down more than if you had drank something cold instead.热天喝热饮的确能降温,但这也是有条件的。渥太华大学人类动力学院曾做过相关实验,结果表明,如果在炎热干燥的环境下喝热饮,身体会通过流汗代谢多余热量。这些多排出的汗会让你身体凉爽下来,比喝冷饮效果要好。However, this cooling effect only works if the air is dry, rather than humid. You cannot sweat efficiently enough to take advantage of the benefit in a muggy or humid environment.但这个冷却效果只在干燥空气下才有用。在闷热潮湿环境下完全不管用。You may have aly experienced this effect when eating hot or spicy foods. Research at the University of Cambridge discovered that one specific receptor, the TRPV1 receptor, was responsible for sensing heat and telling our body how to respond. In many individuals, the response is to produce excessive sweat.吃很辣或者很烫的食物也会有此效果。剑桥大学的实验表明,人体有种叫trpv1的受体,主要负责感知热力,并且告诉你的身体如何反应。大多数人的反应都是流汗。If the air around you is dry and you#39;re wearing light clothes, eating foods spicy enough to cause a sweating reaction will also produce the same cooling effect as drinking a hot beverage.如果周遭环境干燥,你又穿着很薄的衣,吃辣的食物会引发流汗,跟喝热饮的效果一样。So to recap, this myth isn#39;t a myth at all. Drinking something hot can in fact cool you down if the right conditions are met. 综上所述,这个说法其实符合常理。如果条件合适,喝热饮的确能给身体降温。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201607/454664哈尔滨武警总队医院网站 牡丹江市不孕不育多少钱

哈尔滨拜泉县妇幼保健站网上预约电话哈尔滨武警黄金医院不孕专家 People have always dreamed about going beyond the limitations of their bodies: the pain, illness and, above all, death. Now a new movement is dressing up this ancient drive in new technological clothes.人类一直在梦想着要超脱肉体的限制:不受痛苦、疾病和死亡的威胁。而现在,在新科技的帮助之下,这一古老的渴求又向前迈进了一步。Referred to as transhumanism, it is the belief that science will provide a futuristic way for humans to evolve beyond their current physical forms and realise these dreams of transcendence.这一技术被称为“超人类主义”,简单来说,就是科学技术将为人类提供一种未来派技术,使人们超越当前人类生理形态,并且实现“超然”的梦想。Perhaps the most dramatic way transhumanists believe that technology will transform the human condition is the idea that someone#39;s mind could be converted into digital data and #39;uploaded#39; into an immensely powerful computer. This would allow you to live in a world of unbounded virtual experiences and effectively achieve immortality (as long as someone remembers to do the backups and doesn#39;t switch you off).超人类主义认为有很多方法可以改变人类的形态,而其中可能最戏剧性的方法就是能够把某人的思想转换成为数字化数据,然后上传到一个非常强大的计算机里。这使得你生活在一个无限虚拟体验的世界,并且获得了数字化永生。(只要有人记得做备份,还不会关掉你的话)。Yet transhumanists seem to ignore the fact that this kind of mind-uploading has some insurmountable obstacles.不过,超人类主义者忽略了一个重要事实,意识上传存在着一些不可超越的障碍。The practical difficulties mean it couldn#39;t happen in the foreseeable future, but there are also some more fundamental problems with the whole concept. The idea of brain uploading is a staple of science fiction.实际困难意味着它无法发生在可预见的未来,但是这个整体概念存在许多根本性问题,当前大脑意识上传仅是科幻小说情节。The author and director of engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil, has perhaps done the most to popularise the idea that it might become reality – perhaps as soon as 2045.谷歌公司工程部主管雷·库茨韦尔是超人类主义概念的积极推广者,他认为人类大脑意识上传到计算机最早将于2045年实现。Recently, the economist Robin Hanson has explored in detail the consequences of such a scenario for society and the economy.近期,经济学家罗宾·汉森探索了超人类主义对未来经济和社会的影响。He imagines a world in which all work is carried out by disembodied emulations of human minds, running in simulations of virtual reality using city-size cloud computing facilities. It#39;s a short step from the idea that our minds could be uploaded, to the notion that they aly have been and that we are aly living in a Matrix-style computer simulation.汉森假想了一个世界,所有的工作都是由无实体的仿真人类意识来完成的,使用一座城市大小的云计算设备进行虚拟现实操作。从人类的思想可以被上传这个点子,到人类已经有了的概念、以及我们人类已经生活在一个矩阵式计算机模拟世界中的这一事实,并不遥远。Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk recently revived this discussion by arguing the chance that we are not living in a computer simulation was only #39;one in billions#39;. Of course, this is just a technological revival of the idea that reality is an illusion, which has been discussed by philosophers and mystics for hundreds of years.而著名科技企业家埃隆·马斯克表示,未来人类不存在于计算机虚拟系统的概率仅为“数十亿分之一”。当然,这只是从科技上对“现实是一种虚幻”这一概念的再讨论,在数百年的时间里,哲学家和神秘主义者们已经就这一问题展开了许多次的讨论。But there are some serious problems with the idea that we could upload our minds to a computer.但是对于人类可以上传思维到计算机中这一想法仍存在着诸多问题。To start with, the practical issue: our brains each have trillions of connections between 86 billion or so neurons. To replicate the mind digitally we would have to map each of these connections, something that is far beyond our current capabilities. With the current speed of development of computers and imaging technologies, we might be able to do this in a few decades but only for a dead and sectioned brain.首先,实际性的问题:人类大脑中有860亿左右的神经元,在这些神经元之间有上万亿个神经连接。为了复制数字化大脑,我们必须绘制出这些大脑神经元的每个连接,这远超出当前我们的理解范围。就目前计算机和成像技术的发展速度来说,我们可能在几十年后实现这一想法,但是对象只能是一个已经死亡了的大脑的切片。 /201607/454668黑龙江九州妇科医院网上预约咨询

哈尔滨市第十医院无痛人流要多少钱 For people living in some remote villages in Indonesia, heating houses and fuelling stoves can be a real challenge. The resources required, like gas and wood, have to get shipped in and distributed to individual households, and not only does this process take a whole lot of time - some families wait weeks for new gas to arrive - it also produces a tonne of emissions that contribute to global warming.在印度尼西亚的一些偏远小村庄中,房屋取暖和锅炉燃料是个大问题。像天然气、木头之类的资源需要从外面运输进来,然后再分配到每个家庭。这个过程很漫长,许多家庭要等好几周,而且这些燃料会产生大量的二氧化碳,加剧全球变暖。The good news is that this antiquated system is now on its way out, thanks to an unlikely source: tofu.好消息是,这种陈旧的方式将被取代,这多亏了一种不同寻常的来源:豆腐。You#39;re probably familiar with tofu as a delicious, fluffy treat that#39;s made from bean curd, but in Indonesia, tofu isn#39;t just a snack - it#39;s a livelihood, with hundreds of small, family-run shops producing tofu in massive quantities every day.大家都知道豆腐软乎乎的很美味。但是在印尼,豆腐不只是一种食物,更是一种营生,成千上万的家庭式小作坊每天要生产大量的豆腐。Now, thanks to a government-run program, the waste water from all that tofu production is getting transformed into biogas that can be pumped directly to houses.如今,当地政府主导了一项工程:将所有做豆腐剩下的水用来生产沼气,然后供应给各家各户。But how does it work?但是这个系统是如何运转的呢?First, let#39;s talk about tofu. Tofu has been made the same way for generations, and it#39;s a rather simple, yet time-consuming process.首先是生产豆腐。多少年来,豆腐都是相同的做法,过程简单但是耗时。Basically, producers start by soaking and grinding soybeans to separate the soy milk from the soy pulp. This step takes the longest because the beans have to soak for hours before they are y for separation.简单来说,就是要浸泡然后研磨大豆,把豆浆和豆渣分离。这个步骤耗时最长,因为需要将大豆浸泡数小时,才能实现分离。After the separated parts go through a filtration system, the protein and oil are separated from the soy milk. A chemical coagulant is added to firm everything up. Once formed, you have tofu y for cutting. So, in essence, tofu is coagulated soy milk that you can pick up and eat.分离出来的豆浆经过过滤,蛋白质和油脂就从豆浆中分离出来,然后在豆浆中加入混凝剂就形成豆腐了。当豆腐成形时,就可以切成块了。本质上,豆腐就是一种让你可以用手拿起来吃的固态的豆浆。Though simple in practice, an enormous amount of water is required to make tofu - roughly 33 litres for every kilogram of spongy bean curd.尽管操作过程简单,但是制作过程中需要大量的水,大概每公斤豆腐需要使用33升水。Researchers found that this waste water could be turned into biogas if a certain type of bacteria is added to it.研究人员发现,如果在这些废水中加入某种细菌就可以将废水转化为沼气。Every day, the waste water is collected from various shops and treated with bacteria. Once transformed, the gas is pumped directly to local homes.每天从各个作坊收集的废水被集中到一起,然后在里面加入细菌,随后就能产生沼气,即时供应给当地住户。Besides creating a green energy source for locals, using all that waste water has significantly helped the local environment. Thousands of litres of waste water drained from raw tofu was once pumped daily from factories around the village into nearby rivers, befouling waterways and contaminating rice fields downstream.这个方法不仅为当地提供了绿色能源,而且合理地处理废水对当地环境也是很好的保护。在此之前,每天制造生豆腐产生的成千上万升废水从村中各处的作坊排放到附近的河流中,污染了河流和下游的稻田。Without all that wastewater lying around, farmers have seen an increased rice yield and the foul smell that comes with tofu production has left the area.没有了废水的污染,水稻产量上升了,难闻的气味也没有了。The hope for Kalisari is to become the first full-blown green village in Indonesia. If they#39;re successful, there#39;s no reason why similar programs couldn’t sweep across the region, dramatically changing the way people get the energy they need to live out their lives.Kalisari有望成为第一个完全使用绿色能源的村庄。如果真能做到这一点,那么这个项目就能顺理成章地推广到其他地区,极大地改变当地的能源使用方式。 /201605/445763哈尔滨市第六人民医院做彩超多少钱黑龙江省九洲妇科医院官网专家在线咨询




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