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Cheetahs are sprinters, not made for a long-distance chase. So they must get close. But springbok have keen senses. True to their name, springbok can leap two meters high. It's jumping with a purpose. It signals a warning to the others and confuses the attackers.After such a burst of activity, springbok need to cool down fast. Here in the Kalahari, temperatures can be unbearable. But large animals can at least find a shady haven under the broad canopies of camelthorn trees.For ground squirrels, it's also time to seek shade. The sand is much cooler just beneath the surface. So each squirrel digs its own special trench.For most Kalahari mammals, mid-day is siesta time, a chance to unwind. Even the meerkat sentry takes his eye off the job.But a sociable weaver's work is never done. They're busy constructing their own unique shelter. These giant haystacks can accommodate up to three hundred individuals and can weigh over a ton. Because they're occupied year round, thatching is an endless task. The nests are a miracle of home-made air conditioning. Air trapped in the pockets of the thatch acts as a buffer against extremes of temperature. In summer, it can be ten degree Celsius cooler inside.words:1.cheetach:a long-legged, swift-running wild cat of Africa and southwest Asia, having black-spotted, tawny fur and nonretractile claws. The cheetah, the fastest animal on land, can run for short distances at about 96 kilometers (60 miles) per hour非洲的一种猎豹2.sprinter:competitors in the short-distance racing competition短跑者3.siesta:a rest or nap after the midday meal中午的小休息4.unwind: stretch and relax伸直休息5.sentry:a guard, especially a soldier posted at a given spot to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons岗哨200807/44763。

  • China Selling Oil Equipment to Africa非洲石油展销会中国厂家引人注目China depends on Africa for roughly one-third of its imported oil. And, many Chinese companies also see Africa as a lucrative market to sell oil drilling equipment. Several Chinese firms are attending this year's oil industry convention, underway in South Africa.  中国大约三分之一的进口石油来自非洲,与此同时,很多中国公司也把非洲作为销售石油设备的丰厚市场。在会议期间举行的展销会上,来自中国的厂家格外引人注目。There are roughly 200 vendors at this year's Oil Africa conference and trade show. On the exhibit floor, you can buy everything from oil-proof work boots to off-shore oil rigs. Nestled between the established companies from Texas and the Middle East, are some newcomers. 大约有200家参展商参加今年的非洲石油大会和贸易展销会。在展览大厅,从石油工人穿的工作靴到海上石油钻塔,各种产品琳琅满目,不胜枚举。在那些历史悠久、名声远扬的跨国公司展台之间,还有一些新的厂家,其中不少是来自中国的公司。Tina Zheng: "My company name is Xi'an Fengyang Petroleum Equipments, which is located in the center of China."  蒂娜.郑说:“我们公司是位于中国中部的西安凤阳石油设备有限公司。”Amy Zhang: "Our company name is Hilong Group. We sell the drill pipe."  艾米.张说,“我们是海隆石油工业集团,我们经营钻杆。”About a dozen Chinese companies are competing here to sell oil field equipment. Sales representative Pang Ling says her company has found quick success.  大约十几家中国公司在这里竞售他们的石油开采设备。销售人员庞玲说,她的公司收获不小。" Africa is a good market for us, because we have just entered into this market and we have many rigs now," Pang said.  庞玲说:“非洲是我们的一个好市场,因为我们刚进入非洲市场,我们现在可以提供很多钻井平台。”Sales representative James Yan says China 's share of the African market is small but growing.  销售代表詹姆斯.阎说,中国在非洲市场的占有率还不大,但正在不断增长。"At this moment it's not big enough, but in the future we have the confidence," Yan said. 他说:“目前我们占有的市场份额还不大,但我们对未来充满信心。”The surging demand for oil is creating a growing market for drilling and production equipment. And, according to Zhao Zhiming, president of China 's petrochemical industry association, Chinese vendors offer something others cannot.  国际市场对石油的需求剧增,钻井和生产设备市场也跟着水涨船高。中国石油和石油化工设备工业协会秘书长赵志明说,中国厂商出售的产品填补了其它厂商的不足。"China can provide a very good price which is very competitive in all of Africa," Zhao said.  赵志明说:“中国能给买家提供很好的价格,在整个非洲地区,这方面的竞争都很激烈。”Cost is a key component in developing Africa 's oil resources. Eduardo Lopez of the International Energy Agency told delegates at this conference that competition in the oil business is fueling a spike in equipment prices.  开发非洲石油资源,成本是个关键因素。国际能源机构的洛佩兹对出席会议的代表们说,石油行业的竞争引发了石油设备价格的窜升。"It has become so difficult to get access to engineers, to platforms to drilling rigs and whatnot. That's a considerable challenge across the industry," Lopez said. "It's really difficult to deal with these ever-rising costs."  洛佩兹说:“雇用工程师、购买钻井平台等已经变得非常困难。这对整个石油开采行业都是一个巨大挑战,应对这些日益上涨的成本的确非常困难。”But not everyone thinks cheaper Chinese imports are the best solution. South Africa Minister of Minerals and Energy Buyelwa Sonjica would like Africa rely on its own oil equipment industry.  但是,并非所有的人都认为中国的廉价产品是最佳的解决办法。南非矿产和能源部长松吉卡希望非洲能依靠自己的石油设备工业。"I would like to encourage all the oil and gas producing countries to endeavor to promote locally owned and controlled companies," Sonjica said. "The second wave of development should now focus on the growth and development of small and medium enterprises that support the oil companies operating on the continent."  松吉卡说:“我希望鼓励所有生产石油和天然气的国家努力推广当地人经营和掌控的公司。下一波开发的重点要放在中小企业的成长和发展上,让他们来持那些在非洲大陆上运营的石油公司。”Still, the Chinese industry is growing fast. In 2005, it supplied 0 million of oil field equipment to more than 50 countries, worldwide. 不过,中国工业正在迅速发展。2005年,中国向世界50多个国家提供了8亿美元的石油开采设备。200803/31229。
  • Carnival Atmosphere in Bangkok, Despite Emergency Decree紧急状态下曼谷示威者如过狂欢节 The atmosphere in central Bangkok, where thousands of anti-government protesters are gathered is upbeat and festive. Protesters vow to stay until Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej resigns. 数以千计反政府示威者聚集的曼谷市中心,气氛活跃,像过节一样。示威者坚决表示,总理沙马不辞职,他们就决不离开。An almost carnival atmosphere permeates the compound of the Thai government's main administration building, where thousands of people have rallied for eight days. 泰国政府主要办公大楼弥漫着狂欢节一样的气氛。数以千计的示威者已经在这里聚集了8天。The anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy has set up tents and seats and provides demonstrators food and drink. There is a stage where PAD leaders give speeches. 反对党人民民主联盟在这里为示威者安排了帐篷和椅子,向他们提供食品和饮料,还有一个为人民民主联盟领导人讲话准备的讲台。An office worker, Miss Pearl, and her friends were at the demonstration. She says the scene is calmer than she had expected after clashes early Tuesday. 公司职员珀尔女士和她的朋友参加了示威活动。她说,在星期二早些时候的冲突以后,这里的场面比她想象的要平静。"It is different from what we saw on the TV and basically I think it looks more secure than what they presented on the TV," she said. "What we saw on TV is something scary. But when you actually come here - like everyday you do not feel like it is anything scary."  她说:“这跟我们在电视上看到的不一样。总的来说,这里看起来比在电视上看到的要安全。电视上的画面挺吓人。但是来到这儿以后,你不会觉得有什么可怕的。”Piti Dungpitchit says the atmosphere is upbeat and that protesters are confident they will be able to force out Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej.  比蒂说,这里的气氛高涨。示威者们相信他们可以迫使总理沙马下台。"The people here are very confident," said Piti. "We are steadfast in our will to demand the resignation of the government."  他说:“这里的人很有信心。我们要求总理辞职,这一点坚定不移。”Mr. Samak has been accused of acting for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who recently fled to Britain to avoid trial on corruption charges. Mr. Thaksin, who was ousted in a military coup two years ago, denies wrong doing and accuses the judiciary of bias.  沙马被指责是前总理他信的代理人。他信不久前逃到英国,躲避对他的腐败指控。他信在两年前的军事政变中被赶下台。他否认有过任何非法行为,他指责司法不公正。After violence broke out early Tuesday, the government imposed a state of emergency, which bans gatherings of more than five people. The anti-government protesters, however, and supporters of the government, ignore the decree and continue their demonstrations. 在星期二早些时候发生暴力冲突后,政府实施紧急状态,禁止5人以上集会。然而,反政府示威者和政府持者无视政府禁令,继续示威活动。Labor unions had threatened to disrupt utilities and transportation in much of Bangkok, but did not carry out the threat. PAD protesters have forced the closure of several regional airports and disrupted national train service. Away from the government offices, Bangkok operates normally. 工会威胁将中断曼谷大部分的公共务和交通,但是并没有采取具体行动。持人民民主联盟的示威者已经迫使几个地区机场关闭,并扰乱了全国铁路务。在政府机构以外的地区,曼谷基本运行正常。There are fears that the calm will not last: the country has in the past seen popular uprisings turn bloody as the government or the military cracked down.Surapong, who works in the parliament, fears for the future. "I really do not know [what will happen] because Thai people just have to pray for God to do something for goodness to my country because it has a variety of causes to make this situation," said Surapong.Thailand's army chief has vowed that troops will not use violence against the protesters. The army's main goal, he says, is to keep pro-government and anti-government forces apart.  泰国军方首脑坚决表示,军队不会使用武力镇压抗议示威的人。他说,军队的主要目标是将亲政府和反政府的人群隔开。Thailand remains deeply divided between those who support Mr. Thaksin - mainly the poor, and those in the urban middle class who accuse him of corruption and abusing power. 在泰国,主要由穷人组成的持他信的人和指责他信腐败和滥用权力的城市中产阶级仍然处于针锋相对的对立之中。200809/47394。
  • Negotiations between Kenyas government and the opposition have been suspended. The two sides have been unable to agree on the terms of a power-sharing arrangement to break the political deadlock gripping the country since a disputed presidential election in late December. 肯尼亚政府与反对派之间的谈判已经中止,谈判双方无法就权力分享安排达成一致意见。这项权力分享安排计划旨在打破自去年12月下旬有争议的总统选举以来在全国形成的政治僵局。The chief mediator for the talks, former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, plans to consult with President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga on how to move the negotiations forward. 会谈的主要调停人、前联合国秘书长安南计划与肯尼亚总统齐贝吉和反对党领导人奥廷加就如何推动谈判进行协商。President Kibakis Party of National y has agreed to the creation of a prime ministers office that would be filled by the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, better known as ODM. 齐贝吉总统的全国团结党同意组建一个由反对党橙色民主运动成员组成的总理办公室。But the two sides have not agreed on how much power a prime minister would have. Nor is there agreement on what level of representation the ODM should have in the cabinet, or on whether new elections should be held if the coalition collapses. 但是双方没有就总理应该具有多大的权力达成一致意见,也没有就反对党在内阁应该具有的代表人数达成一致,他们也没有在联合政府如果瓦解后是否可以举行新的选举方面达成一致。Speaking after the negotiations adjourned, opposition negotiator Musalia Mudavadi criticized the government. 反对党谈判代表穆达瓦迪在谈判中止之后批评了肯尼亚政府。;We have been extremely frustrated as ODM, because there are moments we believe we have made ground and we realize the following day there is actually a reversal,; Mudavadi said. ;We as ODM ceded substantial positions. The other side is coming from a premise that the constitution cannot be touched.; 穆达瓦迪说:“作为民主橙色运动的成员,我们一直非常失望,因为有时我们认为,我们取得进展,但是接下来的一天我们却认识到这实际上是一种倒退。我们橙色民主运动放弃了实质性的职位,而对方的前提条件是宪法不得修改。”Both sides have agreed to a long-term constitutional review, once a political settlement is reached, but the opposition wants some constitutional amendments now to support a power sharing arrangement. 而谈判双方就对宪法长期进行审查达成了一致意见,一旦达成一项政治解决方案,反对党希望用现在对宪法进行的一些修改来持权力分享安排。Government negotiator Mutula Kilonzo said his side is feeling unduly pressured in the talks. 政府谈判代表基伦佐说,政府方面在谈判中感到过度的压力。;We are not going around in circles,; Kilonzo said. ;It is just that we have firm positions on both sides. And the atmosphere for bridging the gap between the two of us is not fair. As I say, we have tended to feel that we are being railroaded.; 基伦佐说:“我们不会在一些圈子里打转,只不过是我们双方都具有坚定的立场。弥补双方之间差距的氛围不公平,就像我所说的,我们一直感到我们被迫草率行事。”U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who visited Kenya last week, issued a statement saying she is ;disappointed by the failure of leadership; in the negotiations, reiterating U.S. support for a political solution. 上星期访问肯尼亚的美国国务卿赖斯发表声明说,她对谈判中表现出的领导层的失败感到失望。赖斯重申,美国持政治解决方案。Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who currently heads the African Union, is to arrive in Kenya late Tuesday to contribute to the mediation effort.坦桑尼亚总统基奎特,目前任职非盟主席,在周二晚上将抵达肯尼亚,继续进一步调节呢工作。The opposition has notified the police of plans for widesp demonstrations on Thursday if no progress is made on the talks. Mudavadi refused to discuss the protest call. 反对党通知警方,如果谈判无法取得进展,计划星期四举行范围广泛的示威活动,穆达瓦迪拒绝讨论示威呼吁。The government has criticized the proposed demonstrations. While the opposition has said any action will be peaceful, other protests since the elections have led to looting and provoked violent responses from the police. 政府批评了计划中的示威活动。尽管反对党表示所有的示威活动都将是和平的,但是自选举以来举行的其他抗议活动已经导致抢劫,并且激起警方做出强烈反应。Police also said they have arrested around 200 youths who were said to be engaged in military training in Kenyas west. 警方还表示,他们大约逮捕了200名年轻人,据说,这些年青人参加了肯尼亚西部的军事训练。Last week, the International Crisis Group, a research organization based in Brussels, warned of the ongoing mobilization of armed groups in the country supporting both the government and opposition.上周,布鲁塞尔的一个研究机构——国际危机组织,对持续活动的武装组织进行了警告,这些武装组织有的是持政府,有的是持反对派。The authorities say 1,500 people have been killed in violence following Decembers presidential elections, which the opposition charges were rigged. The country has returned to relative calm in recent weeks. 有关部门表示,在12月总统选举之后的发生暴力事件中,已经有1千500人死亡,反对党指控选举存在舞弊现象。最近几个星期来,肯尼亚已经恢复到相对平静状态。200802/27899。
  • 34,000 Confirmed Dead in China Quake中国开始三天全国哀悼地震遇难者   Chinese flags flew at half-staff to mark the beginning of a three-day mourning period for the victims of a massive earthquake that struck southwestern China one week ago. More than 34,000 people have been confirmed dead, and the casualties now include rescue workers.  中国星期一开始为期三天的全国哀悼,为一周前四川大地震的死难者降半旗。已经实的死难者是3万4千多人,伤亡人员还包括救援工作者。The sound of grief was heard all across China. 中国各地星期一响起了致哀的鸣笛声。For several minutes, at the exact time in the afternoon the quake struck in Sichuan Province one week ago, cars stopped and blared their horns. Chinese people came out on the streets and bowed their heads, in remembrance of the quake victims. 就在一周前下午大地震袭击四川省的那一时刻,全中国所有的汽车停驶,鸣响喇叭,中国民众纷纷走出建筑物,在街道上低头默哀,为地震死难者致哀数分钟。One Beijing shopkeeper said he paid his respects, even though he has no relatives or friends in Sichuan, which is 1500 kilometers away. 北京距离四川地震灾区1500公里。北京一家商店的店主说,他在四川没有亲戚朋友,不过他仍然致敬默哀。It is not so far away, he says. We all feel their sadness. We all have the same emotions. 他说:“离北京不远,我们感觉出来了,就是说心是一样的。”One 11-year-old student said she hopes people in the quake zone can get their lives back together. 一名11岁的女学生说,她希望地震灾区的人民能够重新站起来继续生活。She says she hopes they can also rebuild their homes and unite together to overcome the disaster. 她说:“希望那里的人很快就有一个家,亲人们能够从废墟中找到自己的亲人。”This optimism is easier said than done, though. As Chinese around the world grieved for the victims of the quake, official news reports indicated that the casualties may now include relief workers. China's official Xinhua News Agency reports that mudslides in the past few days have buried more than 200 relief workers who have been repairing roads around Wenchuan, near the quake's epicenter.  这种乐观主义精神说起来容易,做起来难。正当世界各地的中国人哀悼地震死难者之际,官方媒体报导,死难者现在还包括救援人员。中国官方新华社报导,在过去几天里发生的泥石流已经掩埋了两百多名救援人员,这些救援人员在靠近地震震中的汶川附近修整道路。China Seismological Bureau experts finished reviewing data from last week's quake and have revised its magnitude upward, to 8 on the Richter Scale.  中国地震局的专家结束了审核上周发生地震的数据,已经把地震级别上调到里氏8级。Monday marks the beginning of three days of nationwide mourning. During this time, the Olympic torch relay has been suspended and all public entertainment has been canceled. 在星期一开始的为期三天的全国哀悼期间,奥林匹克火炬接力活动中断,取消一切公共活动。And despite the passage of time, rescuers have still been able to find survivors. Official media report that on Monday, at least two women were pulled out of the rubble, alive. 尽管时间不断流逝,救援人员仍能从废墟中找到幸存者。官方媒体报导说,他们星期一从废墟中救出至少两名妇女,她们还都活着。 200805/39474。
  • Obama Nomination Acceptance to Make History奥巴马将创历史 率大党问鼎白宫  The climax of this week's Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, will come Thursday when Senator Barack Obama of Illinois formally accepts his party's presidential nomination. Senator Obama will make history as the first African-American nominee of a major U.S. political party, and it just so happens that his speech will come on the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech on racial equality, given in Washington in 1963. 美国民主党这个星期在科罗拉多的丹佛举行的全国大会星期四将迎来高潮,届时,伊利诺伊参议员巴拉克·奥巴马将正式接受民主党总统候选人提名。作为第一位得到美国重要政党提名的非洲裔美国人,奥巴马将创造历史。非常巧合的是,他讲话的当天正值马丁·路德·金士1963年在华盛顿发表那篇有关种族平等的著名讲话45周年。Barack Obama's moment in the convention spotlight comes Thursday, when he will give his nomination acceptance speech before a crowd of 75,000 people at a football stadium here in Denver, and before millions of others watching in the ed States and around the world. 奥巴马在民主党大会令人眩目的一刻星期四到来,届时,他将在丹佛足球场面对7万5千人发表他接受提名的讲话,同时观看的还有美国以及世界各地的数百万观众。Pennsylvania delegate Ellen Connelly expects it will be the highlight of the week.  宾夕法尼亚州代表埃伦·康奈利期待这个时刻将是本周最耀眼的时刻。"It's like totally exciting. I am from Pennsylvania and we are so psyched [excited] to be able to run this campaign. We are very excited," she said. “这非常令人激动。我从宾夕法尼亚州来。我们非常激动,能够进行这样的选举。我们太激动了。”Many delegates, especially African-Americans, are aware that Obama's speech will come on the 45th anniversary of another famous speech that addressed the state of race relations in the ed States.  许多代表,特别是非洲裔美国人,非常清楚奥巴马讲话的时间正是有关美国种族关系的另一个著名演讲发表的45周年。"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed - we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal," King said in his 1963 address. 马丁·路德·金:“我梦想有一天,这个国家将会奋起,实现其立国信条的真谛:“我们认为这些真理不自明:人人生而平等。”Martin Luther King's address at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington offered the hope of a colorblind society and was a major turning point in the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. 马丁·路德·金1963年在华盛顿的林肯纪念堂前发表演讲,为民众勾勒了一个没有种族差别的社会, 这个讲话成为1960年代民权运动的转折点。Carmen Boudier, a delegate from Connecticut, says Barack Obama's political rise shows that Dr. King's dream is starting to become a reality. 康涅狄格州代表卡门·布迪耶说,奥巴马政治上的崛起显示马丁·路德·金士的梦想正开始成为现实。"Wherever he is, Doctor Martin Luther King is looking down on us and saying, the speech I made and with all the struggle in America, it has finally come to where there are some changes," she said. “不管他在哪里, 马丁·路德·金士一定会在天上看着我们。他在说,我的讲话,以及美国所经受的一切磨难,最终带来了现在的这些变化。”Even some delegates who came to the convention to support Senator Hillary Clinton are getting caught up in the history of Barack Obama's moment. 甚至那些来到大会持参议员希拉里·克林顿的代表也为奥巴马即将创造历史的这一刻感动。"I thought Hillary had all the credentials to be the lady to lead America. And it just didn't happen," said Domingo Lopes, a delegate from Florida. “我原来想凭希拉里的资历,她将成为女总统领导美国,但是,这一刻就是没有发生。”这是佛罗里达州代表多明戈·洛佩兹的话。Lopes has seen more than his share of race discrimination in his 76 years, but the emotions take over when he thinks about the possibility of Senator Obama winning the White House in November. 在生命的76年中,洛佩兹看到了太多的种族歧视,但是,当他想到奥巴马可能在11月的选举中赢得白宫,他的激动难以自制。"I say it is about time. It is finally going to happen where the average African-American is seeing that the dream is becoming a reality," he said. 洛佩兹:“我想这差不多是时候了。这最终会发生的。一个非洲裔美国人正在让那个梦想变成现实。”Did he ever think this day would come? 马隆:“你想过这一天会到来吗?"Truthfully, no. Not in my lifetime. Not in my lifetime," he said. "It is going to be one of the greatest feelings I will ever have in my lifetime." 洛佩兹:“说真的,没有,不会在我活著的时候发生,不会的。这将是我一生中最重要的时刻。”Domingo Lopes says he has a little trouble getting around these days, given his age. But Lopes says nothing could keep him from attending Senator Obama's speech on Thursday. 洛佩兹说,因为年纪大了,他的行动有些不方便,但是,什么也不能阻挡他星期四出席奥巴马的演讲大会。200808/46851。
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