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哈尔滨市妇幼保健门诊的开门时间哈尔滨第二人民医院治疗不能怀孕Yeah, turns out, the so-called 5-second rule is as disgusting as we all thought.是啊,原来,所谓的5秒规则和我们想的一样恶心。According to a new study out this week, no matter how fast you pick up food thats been dropped on the ground, you can still pick up dangerous germs along with it.本周根据一项新的研究,无论你如何快速捡起被扔在地上的食物,上面仍然有危险的细菌。To finally debunk the 5-second rule once and for all, researchers contaminated four surfaces with bacteria.为了彻底揭穿这5秒规则,研究人员用细菌污染四个表面。They then dropped four different types of food onto those surfaces, watermelon, b, buttered b and gummy candy.然后他们把四种不同类型的食物丢在这些表面上,分别是西瓜,面包,奶油面包和软糖。The scientists found, generally speaking, the 5-second rule has some truth to it. the longer the food sat there, the more bacteria accumulated on it.科学家们发现,一般而言5秒规则也有一定道理。食物与地面接触的时间越长,上面的细菌就越多。But in some cases, the bacteria made its way onto the food in less than 1 second, and no food was left completely uncontaminated.但在某些情况下,细菌不到一秒就进入了食物,没有食物是完全无污染的。As one of the studys authors said in a statement, ;Bacteria can contaminate instantaneously.;研究的作者之一在一份声明中表示,细菌可以瞬间污染食物。For the record, watermelon picked up the most bacteria, thanks to its moisture. And the gummy candy got the least.试验结果中,西瓜沾有最多的细菌,因为它水分多。软糖上的细菌最少。So next time you drop food on the floor, you might want to think about the bacteria crawling on it before you take a big bite. Just saying.所以下一次你把食物丢在地上,在大咬一口前可能要想想上面爬着的细菌。说说而已。译文属。201609/468154哈尔滨211医院人流要多少钱 There are 20.3 million American kids who arent getting the regular checkups they need. 美国有2,030万孩子没有按需要进行定期检查。Even with insurance, finances can deter parents. living in rural areas or not having transportation is another issues. 即使有保险,资金状况也可以阻止父母。生活在农村或没有交通工具是另一问题。And getting parents the right information to encourage them to bring their kids in can be a challenge. 让父母获得正确信息,鼓励他们带孩子去检查是一个挑战。Right now, coverage in health careis less expensive than adults. But if those adults had better health care from a young age, a lot of their costs would be significantly reduced. 现在,孩子的医疗保健比成年人更便宜。但是,如果这些成年人从小就有更好的医疗保健,他们的成本会大大降低。But its not just about whether kids have health care coverage. Even some who are insured arent getting preventive care.但这不仅仅是关于孩子是否有医疗保险。有些被保险人没有得到预防保健。Over time, initiatives focusing on childrens health in the U.S. have gained traction and made improvements, but advocates say theres still a lot of work that needs to be done. 随着时间的推移,针对儿童健康的倡议在美国获得推动和改进,但倡导者说仍然有很多的工作需要做。译文属。201611/480163Still gripping on,but thats just nerve reflex there.See, even on my lip. Look.还是紧紧吸着 但这只是神经反射 还吸住我的嘴唇了 看Probably the sucker sticks to the throat.still got a lot of suction power.可能是触角上的吸盘吸住了咽喉 吸盘的吸力依然很强Thats gripping down my gullet.But this is a good find for me.Get the guts out of it as well.就是这样吸附着我的食道 但对我来说 这是个不错的收获 得把它的内脏清理掉Because, really, this bit of the hood is the bit thats really nice to eat.因为章鱼的这一小块头部 味道非常鲜美Raw octopus is extremely nutritious,but its vital its eaten only when very fresh.生章鱼的营养极其丰富 但必须在刚杀掉的时候马上食用Save some for later and bacteria thriving on the dead flesh can make you so sick.要是放上一会 死章鱼肉上滋长出来的细菌 可能会让你一病不起Worth coming in this rust bucket to get that,but the tide is coming in fast.来这一趟吃到一只章鱼还是很值得的 但很快就要涨潮了Its time to get out of here.Thats might work.我得离开这里 这个看上去不错Its gonna be lighter bois in this.Going to be lying on it.这是比较轻质的木材 我会躺在上面Ill use the power of the waves to take me through the current.我会用海浪的力量穿过这片水流Im gonna throw that when current coming in.海浪来了的话我就扔下去Sometimes in survival,its all about thinking smart.有时候 野外生存 关键就在于善于思考Well, that worked.Some time when in grief,what really encourages me is water成功了 有时候身处危险 能够激发我生存本能的 是水As I continue my desert journey,I take what little it has to offer.继续我的沙漠之旅 我会好好利用那少得可怜的资源I have really learned to hate that taste.我真的非常讨厌这个口感201611/479794齐齐哈尔市做产前检查多少钱

哈尔滨市九洲医院好?栏目简介:A group of corporate VIPS and construction workers will have a chance to tour the Shanghai Disney Resort tomorrow, as it holds its first test run. Wu Ying tells us more...201701/488458延寿县治疗不孕不育哪家医院最好的 I dont know you ;bigbuffetboy85;我不认识你,bigbuffetboy85But if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold. Think again.但你如果觉得你可以羞辱我并拿走我的黄金,再想想吧。I am coming for you with lots of barbarians and dragons我会带很多野蛮人和飞龙去找你。I cant wait to destroy your village while you beg for mercy.我等不及要毁掉你的村落了,那时你会求我放过你。But you will get no mercy. I will have my revenge.但我不会放过你的,我要复仇。Laim, a scone for Laim. Right here.莱姆,莱姆的烤饼。在这儿。Its uh... Liam. You will regret the day to cross ;angryneeson52;.我是叫利亚姆。你会后悔惹到angryneeson52的。201703/498106方正县人民医院有哪些专家

哈尔滨市九州医院哪个好 When the rain started, a week after the outbreak of the fire,allowing an early stocktaking,火势持续一周后 大雨降临 人们开始清点损失the scale of the devastation horrified even the pessimists.然而灾难带来的损失令所有人膛目结舌13,200 houses had been destroyed,along with some of the most famous buildings of the city.共有13200户房屋受损 其中包括几处标志性建筑St Pauls Cathedral was in ruins.圣保罗大教堂亦化为废墟The new Leviathan, it seemed, had no fire insurance.似乎这庞然大物中 无任何防火设施Still, there were those who were determined that London would rise as a phoenix from its ashes不过 仍有人坚信 凤凰涅槃 浴火重生 伦敦必然会崛起and, like the reborn, rebuilt Rome, astonish the world.如同重建的罗马一样 让世界为之震惊This sort of thing had long been on the mind of Christopher Wren,皇家学会的数学家兼建筑师mathematician, architect and brilliant prodigy of the Royal Society.天才克里斯多夫·雷恩 对此更是深信不疑So when Roman antiquities were found in the debris around St Pauls,人们在圣保罗大教堂的废墟附近发现罗马遗物one of them a tablet bearing the Latin inscription其中有一块碑上刻着一行拉丁文;Resurgam; I shall arise,;Resurgam; Wren took the message to heart. 我将崛起 雷恩将这句话铭记在心London had once been a great Roman city and now would outdo the ancients,伦敦是罗马人建起的伟大城市 而今 她将超越历史with great piazzas, broad avenues,calculated to afford geometrically satisfying vistas and up to fifty new churches.大型的广场 宽阔的街道 都经过精心设计 构成完美的几何图案 此外还将新建五十座教堂And at its heart would be a new St Pauls,而城市中心将会修建一座新的圣保罗大教堂a cathedral the like of which had never been seen in northern Europe.一座在北欧 前所未见的大教堂 /201704/505122哈尔滨市医科大学医院一院做人流好吗哈尔滨做无痛人流哪家比较好



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