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Alert remains for Typhoon Swan气象台发布“天鹅”台风预警 China#39;s national weather authorities have issued a blue warning for approaching Typhoon Swan, for a third straight day. 由于台风“天鹅”临近,国家气象部门连续第3天发布蓝色预警。Typhoon Swan may damage fisheries in the coastal areas of Fujian Province within the next 24 hours. 未来24小时内“天鹅”有可能会对福建省沿海地区的渔业造成损害。In the days to come, it will bring gales and heavy rain. 未来几天它还会带来大风及强降雨。译文属 Article/201508/394921栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/377505

  TED演讲视频:追寻水银的踪迹生物学家史蒂芬·帕伦认为,海洋的健康和我们的健康之间有着紧密而神奇的联系。他通过日本一个渔场发生的让人震惊的有毒污染的事件,展示了位于海洋食物链底部的有毒物质是如何进入我们的身体的。他的工作主要是未来拯救海洋健康的方法——同时也包括人类的。 Article/201701/489869

  Hi, I#39;m Jessica嗨,我是Jessicaand I#39;m gonna be talking about a chemical demonstration today that今天我要讲的化学演示I like to call bringin#39; home the bacon叫作;养家糊口的培根;Now before we get cookin#39;, let#39;s take a look at the chemist#39;s best friend在开始烹饪之前,我们先来看看化学家的老朋友This is the periodic table元素周期表It was created in 1869 by the Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev它是在1869年由俄国化学家德米特里·门捷列夫制作back when only 65 elements were known 当时他制作的表中只有65个元素Different elements on the periodic table 周期表中的不同元素require different numbers of electrons to be ;happy;需要不同数目的电子才能;开心;Electrons live in the shell surrounding atoms电子位于原子核周围的电子层中and when an atom#39;s outermost shell is filled to capacity当原子最外层填满电子时the atom is ;happy; 原子就会;开心;Now hydrogen over here这里的氢原子has one electron in its outer shell在最外层有一个电子and needs just one more to fill it 它还需要一个才能填满Carbon has four electrons in its outer shell 碳最外层有四个电子and needs four more, a total of eight electrons to fill it 还需要四个才能填满,总共要八个电子Now on the left and middle of the table, we have the medals周期表的左侧和中间是金属元素To get to eight electrons in their outer shell 要在最外层得到八个电子the medals lose electrons 金属需要失去电子And on the right side of the table, we have nonmetals而在周期表右侧的则是非金属元素To get eight electrons, these elements gain electrons要得到八个电子,非金属元素需要获得电子And hydrogen is the only nonmetal that#39;s on the left hand side of the periodic table氢是唯一位于周期表左侧的的非金属元素Now one way atoms get to eight electrons in their outer shell 原子在最外层得到八个电子is through chemical bonds需要通过化学键A bond is the sharing of two electrons between two atoms化学键是两个原子之间两个电子的共用So carbon likes to have four bonds 碳喜欢有四个键and hydrogen likes to have one而氢喜欢有一个键Knowing about where the electrons are and how they participate in bonding了解电子在哪,以及电子如何参与到成键中is central to many important things in the real world对于理解现实世界中的各种现象非常重要For example, unsaturated fats have a double bond例如不饱和脂肪具有一条双键lots of electron 很多电子and that gives them special reactivity这让其具有特殊的反应活性which can lead to the spoiling of food when the bonds react with oxygen当双键同氧气反应时,食物就会变质 Article/201501/355270。

  Currently the American College of Sports Medicine,目前美国运动医学会,简称ACSMor the ACSM and the American Heart Association和美国心脏协会建议recommend that you engage in moderately你应每天进行中等强度的有氧心血管锻炼intense aerobic of cardiovascular exercise每次30分钟for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.每周五天Moderate intense physical activity means working hard中等强度的体育活动意味着enough to raise your heart rate and break a sweat运动足够努力到心率提高并流汗but still be able to carry on a conversation.但仍可以正常与人交谈You should also do resistance or strength training你还应每两周进行twice per week in addition to you aerobic activity.力量或抗阻力训练来辅助你的有氧训练Your exercise should be sandwiched by both a warm up每次锻炼都应在开始前进行至少5分钟的for at least 5 minutes before you begin and a cool down热身并在结束后for the same amount of time at the end of your session.花费同样的时间来;冷却;Your warm up should include a slow warm up such as你的热身应包含一个缓慢的预热过程,比如walking and be followed by stretching of your muscles.先步行,再拉伸肌肉It should be noted that值得注意的是to loose weight or maintain weight loss,要想减肥或保持体重60 to 90 minutes of physical activity may be necessary.每天60到80分钟的身体活动是必要的The 30 minute recommendation is30分钟的建议针对的是一般健康的成年人for the average healthy adult to maintain health使其保持身体健康and reduce the risk for chronic disease.并降低患慢性疾病的风险Walking, jogging or running is the simplest and走路,慢跑或跑步是心血管锻炼或cheapest form of a cardiovascular workout or aerobic有氧训练中最简单便宜的形式exercise. These exercises can be done这些锻炼可以在in a neighborhood park, along walkways, in the mall附近的公园,人行道,商场or even within ones home.甚至在家中就可以进行Walking briskly for 15 to 20 minutes is快走15到20分钟the best way you can initiate exercise.是开始锻炼最好的方式The key is to begin slowly and then steadily关键在于要缓慢的开始,然后increase your stride and increase your pace.逐渐平稳地加快步伐A pedometer can be a great tool to help you track步数计是一个很好的工具,可以帮助你the number of steps you are taking each day.记录下每天行走的步数It can also be a great motivator to help you这也会是促进你每天get exercise in your day.运动的动力The recommended daily steps for most people is对于大多数人来说,每天建议的行走步数是10000 per day or 10k a day.每天10000步或10公里One mile is approximately 2000 steps.一英里约等于2000步If you feel like 10000 is too much, start out slow and如果你感觉10000步太多,可以慢慢开始increase your steps by 500 each day每天增加500步until you reach the 10000 step goal.直到最后达到10000步的目标To give you some examples, here#39;s a list of activities现在给你些例子,这个列表里是各种with their step equivalence per 15 minutes.活动以及每15钟的活动对应的步数Here are some examples of stretching to do after your这是可以在热身后或warm up and before you begin your exercise session.锻炼开始前可以进行的拉伸的一些例子Take a look at the pictures on the slide.看一下幻灯片上的图片As mentioned it is also important正如提到的一样to do strength training exercises at least twice a week至少每两周做一次力量训练in addition to your aerobic exercise.来辅助你的有氧训练是很重要的Examples of these strength training exercises are bicep一些力量训练的例子包括curls, chair squats, shoulder raises or wall push ups.二头肌训练,椅蹲,提肩或墙壁俯卧撑These can be done at home or most anywhere这些都可以在家中或很多地方by following 3 simple steps for each exercise.按照简单的三步走来实现 Article/201501/356975

  This chart shows the 3 main nutrients that childhood这幅图展示了儿童癌症治愈者所缺少的3种cancer survivors were deficient in; folate, calcium主要的营养成分 叶酸盐、钙、铁and iron. This chart also compares their这图也比较了他们同正常儿童相比deficiencies to a normal children’s diet.所缺少的营养As you can see both children diagnosed with cancer正如你看到的,不管是患有癌症的儿童and normal healthy children are deficient in calcium还是正常健康儿童都会缺钙whereas childhood cancer survivors are also uniquely然而儿童癌症治愈者却缺少叶酸盐和铁deficient in folate and iron. These nutrient这些营养成分缺失deficiencies could have negative health implications对他们以后的生活健康是非常不利的later in life.So what can we conclude from this study?从这项研究中 我们能得出什么结论呢While this study showed that 32% of childhood cancer尽管这项研究显示 32%的癌症儿童幸存者survivors are not meeting their requirements for并没有达到钙的需求量calcium other literature suggests that up to 68% of其他的材料也显示68%的癌症儿童幸存者childhood cancer survivors are not meeting the没有达到规定的钙的需求量guidelines for calcium intake. This population is这些群体更有可能患at a greater risk of developing complications related和骨质疏松正相关的并发症to osteoporosis because their cancer treatments may因为他们的癌症治疗have altered their bone metabolism interfering with可能改变了他们的骨骼新陈代谢their ability to obtain peak bone mass during growth.这阻碍了他们在生长期间获得骨峰值的能力While treatment greatly affects children’s overall然而 治疗极大的影响了孩子整体的骨密度bone mineral density it is a multi factorial process这是一个多因子过程and adequate calcium intake, especially in the form尤其以奶制品的形式充足的摄入钙of dairy, as well as weight bearing exercises can help负重锻炼可以帮助阻止诸如prevent complications such as osteoporosis and help骨质疏松症等并发症的发生 帮助孩子kids obtain a peak bone mass.The 50% of children获得骨峰值 50%缺乏叶酸盐的孩子deficient in folate are also at risk of long term也有着长期的健康问题health effects. Many studies have shown a direct link许多研究显示 在降低的也算盐摄入量between decreased folic acid intake and increased和增高的同型半胱氨基酸积累之间rates of homocysteine accumulation. In the body folate有着直接联系acts as a co enzyme and participates in several single体内的叶酸盐作为一种辅酶 参与好几种carbon transfer reactions such as the synthesis of单一的碳循环反应 比如说components in DNA, RNA and proteins. Homocysteine isDNA,RNA,和蛋白质的合成an amino acid that under normal conditions is同型半胱氨基酸在正常情况下converted to mathyenine with the help of folate thus在叶酸的帮助下 转化成谷胱甘肽once folate is lacking in the diet homocysteine levels因此 一旦饮食上缺乏叶酸build up which is not good. Increased levels of同型半胱氨基酸就会增加 这就不好了homocysteine are associated with increased risk of同型半胱氨基酸增加和心脏以及血液浓度heart and blood level diseases such as atherosclerosis等疾病都有关系 比如动脉硬化and blood clots. Children should consume dark leafy和血栓 孩子应当多吃深颜色的绿色蔬菜green vegetables which are rich in folate to prevent这些蔬菜富含叶酸可以阻止this deficiency. Many fortified foods such as fortified这种缺陷 许多强化食品 诸如强化谷物cereals, bs or pastas are good sources of folate面包或意大利面 都是好的叶酸来源as well. Iron deficiency can be very dangerous孩子缺乏铁也会很危险in children. Iron has several vital functions in the铁在身体中扮演诸多重要角色body including carrying oxygen into the tissues from包括以血红蛋白的形式从肺部the lungs in the form of hemoglobin. The direct把氧气运输到组织consequence of iron deficiency is iron deficiency缺铁最直接的后果就是贫血症anemia. Symptoms include fatigue, weakness and hair症状表现为疲劳,虚弱,掉头发loss. The best source of iron in any diet is red meat红色肉类是获得铁最好的食物来源however sometimes it’s hard for kids to eat a lot of然而 有时候对于孩子来说吃很多红肉red meat. Another alternative to this is to have很难 那就让孩子每天吃一点children take a one a day supplement that contains含铁的补充品iron. Quality supplements should meet 100% or less of好的补充品应当满足每日的推荐营养量the RDA for that nutrient.或者稍稍少点So in conclusion malnutrition should be avoided in总之 儿童接受癌症治疗时children receiving cancer treatments. The common causes应避免营养不良of malnutrition include the chemotherapy and other营养不良最常见的起因包括化疗aggressive treatments as well as the increased metabolic以及其他的积极治疗 还有由于癌症类型rates due to the specific types of cancer. Going along而增加的新陈代谢速率with this the side effects of malnutrition included营养不良的副作用包括increased treatment time, a decreased quality of life治疗时间增加 幸存后的生活质量下降after survival and a greater chance of becoming以及以后的生活中消瘦或者超重underweight or overweight later in life. While enteral然而 肠道营养是营养持最好的形式nutritional is the best form of nutritional support in在大多数情况下most cases parenteral nutrition has been shown to be肠外营养是改善营养不良the best for reversing malnutrition. And finally after的最好方式 最终undergoing cancer treatment children are usually most孩子在经过癌症治疗以后deficient in folate, calcium and iron meaning dietary通常会缺乏叶酸盐 钙 铁intervention should be taken to counter act. Thank you就意味着我们应当采取饮食干预来应对all for listening, I hope you have enjoyed the谢谢收听presentation and learned something today.我希望你们喜欢今天的介绍并且学有所获 Article/201501/352667Turning attention now to calcium,让我们把目光转向钙calcium is an essential mineral钙是一种重要的矿物质which must be consumed in the diet.在膳食中,我们必须摄入钙The daily recommended intakes for calcium在9到18岁之间are highest during the peak ages of bone growth骨骼处于成长发育期between 9 and 18 years of age.此时的每日推荐摄入量最高The recommended intakes remain fairly high在18岁之后,钙的日常推荐摄入量throughout the rest of life;也都一直保持在高位1000 mg for 19 to 50 years of age and then19岁到50岁为1000毫克1200 mg for 51 years or older.51岁以后为1200毫克Calcium rich foods include dairy products富含钙的食物包括奶制品such as milk, yogurt and cheese and dark例如牛奶,酸奶,奶酪,还有深绿色蔬菜green vegetables. The calcium found in奶制品中的钙dairy foods is very well absorbed很容易被吸收whereas calcium in vegetables is poorly absorbed.而蔬菜中的钙很难被吸收Obtaining adequate dietary calcium may be对于那些没有定期地食用乳制品的人a challenge for persons who do not获取充足的膳食钙regularly consume dairy foods and是个难事there#39;s substantial evidence that calcium intake充足的据表明is inadequate for many people.很多人的钙摄入量都是不足的For this reason many foods today因此,现在的许多食品都在have been fortified with calcium.都在钙含量上进行强化Cereals, bs, orange juice and谷类食品,面包,橙汁等other foods can be found with added calcium.都有额外增加的钙含量Milk and dairy are the richest sources of calcium.牛奶和奶制品是钙最为丰富的来源A glass of milk provides 300 mg and一瓶牛奶提供300毫克钙含量a container of yogurt, 230 mg of calcium.一瓶酸奶提供230毫克Spinach and fortified cereals also菠菜和强化谷物食品contribute to calcium intakes.都对钙的摄取量都做出了贡献Because vitamin D and calcium are由于维生素D和钙important nutrients and they can be这两种重要的营养素challenging to obtain from foods,都很难从食物中摄取there are many different forms of所以市场上出现了dietary supplements on the market. If you choose多种多样的膳食补充剂to use a supplement it is important to understand当你想选择一种膳食补充剂the different types. Both vitamin D and calcium了解它们的不同类型是非常重要的are available in different forms and维生素D和钙有多种不同的形式可供选择a wide range of amounts. Many supplements其中的含量也不尽相同contain both calcium and vitamin D because很多膳食补充剂包含钙和维生素Dvitamin D assists in the absorption of calcium.因为维生素D能够帮助钙的吸收The two main forms of calcium in supplements膳食补充剂中的钙以两种主要形式存在are carbonate and citrate. Calcium carbonate分别是碳酸盐和柠檬酸盐is more commonly available and inexpensive.碳酸钙更加普遍而且价格低廉Both forms are absorbed well by the body两种形式的钙都能够被人体很好地吸收but individuals with low level of stomach acid但是胃酸水平低的人may absorb citrate better. Carbonate is also absorbed对柠檬酸钙的吸收效果更好better when taken with food碳酸钙与食物一起会更易吸收but citrate is unaffected by the presence of food.但是碳酸钙不会受食物的影响The percentage of calcium absorbed depends on钙的吸收率取决于钙的用数量the amount of calcium consumed. As the amount随着钙用数量的增加increases the percent absorption decreases.吸收率会降低It is recommended that rather than与其一次性用1000毫克的补充钙taking one 1,000 mg supplement take two 500 mg不如,分两次用500毫克的补充钙supplements several hours apart. Some individuals每隔几小时用一次who take calcium supplements may experience gas,有的人在用补充钙后会排气,胃胀或便秘bloating or constipation but these symptoms如果在一天之中分多次用补充钙can often be reduced by sping out the calcium与三餐一起食用dose throughout the day, taking the supplement或者更换不同牌子的补充钙来使用with meals or changing the brand of supplement used.上述那些症状就会减轻 Article/201508/3904645 Morning Rituals to Keep You Productive All Day Long快跟着做!五件让你迈向成功的早晨小事Five Morning Rituals to Keep You Productive All Day Long五个让你整天都有生产力的早晨习惯Most of us work long hours: 40, 50, or even 60 hours each week, but chances are we are only churning out high-quality work a portion of each day. There are five practical steps to incorporate into any morning routine to maintain productivity all day long.我们大多数人工作时间长:每星期工作 40、50,甚至 60 个小时,但可能我们只在每天的一部分时间中产出高品质的成果。这有五个能加进任何早晨例行公事的实用步骤,好能一整天维持生产力。One: Seven minutes of exercise. Seven minutes is short enough that it won#39;t impact the rest of your morning, but long enough to shake off sluggishness.一:运动七分钟。七分钟够短,不会影响到你接下来的早晨,但又长到足以甩掉懒散。Two: Start your day out green. Healthy juicing is cheap and easy, and requires less time in the morning than toasting a bagel and slathering it with cream cheese, and is much healthier for you.二:用蔬菜开始你的一天。健康鲜榨果汁便宜又简单,比烤贝果然后涂上厚厚的奶油乳酪需要更少早晨时间,而且对你更健康。Three: Pick three wins for the day. While you#39;re waiting for that smoothie, decide on three priorities for the next 12 hours, and when accomplished, will feel like the day was a success. Not every day will be an epic win, but strategizing in this way will help move the ball forward.三:订出一天中的三项成就。在你等待那杯冰沙的同时,决定接下来 12 小时的三个优先事项,当达成时,会觉得那天好像是场胜利。并非每天都会是场史诗般的胜利,但用这种方式做规划有助让事情进行。Four: Turn to-do lists into time-bound, effective project lists. For each of the big things on your list, block off the amount of time on your calendar, and then add 33 percent more time just to be sure. If a project is multi-day or has dependencies, break it up into digestible charts. This simple method will help hold you accountable, and help you refocus on the tasks you prioritized when you do get distracted. Too often, we let one distraction steamroll an entire morning.四:将待办清单变成有时限、有效的企划表。因应你清单上的每一件大事,隔出你日历上的时间,然后多加上百分之三十三的时间以防万一。如果一项企划需要花上很多天,或需要其他层面涉入,那就将它拆解成容易了解的图表。这个简单的方法会帮助让你值得信赖,并在你真的分心时帮助你重新专注在你列为优先的事务上。太过时常,我们让一件分散注意力的事物毁了整个早晨。Five: Power up after lunch. Take the 15 minutes right after lunch to refocus on the day. Get away from your computer, think about how the list you created in the morning is shaping up, and determine what you have on tap for the rest of the day. You#39;ll find that these 15 minutes help you identify what#39;s causing distractions, and will help you discover a rhythm to be productive all day long.五:午餐后充电。午餐后花十五分钟重新集中当天的注意力。离开你的电脑,想想你早上列的清单是怎样发展的,并判定剩下的一天中你有什么随时可做的事情。你会发现这十五分钟帮助你找出是什么在造成分心,还会帮助你找出一整天都有生产力的做事节奏。 Article/201507/385907

  This is the first recorded battle in the story of mankind.这是人类历史记载的最早的战争;His Majesty issued forth at the head of his army,;陛下带领全军出生入死;In a gilded chariot of fine gold;那纯金打造的战车;Adorned with the instruments of war.;;在战争的洗礼下熠熠生辉;In the Bible, Megiddo will give its name to Armageddon.在圣经中 世界大决战即以米吉多命名The egyptian chariot with a top speed of 25 miles per hour.古埃及战车最快时速可达25英里The chariot is more like a helicopter gunship.那战车更像是武装直升机The chariot archer is the warrior here.战车上的弓箭手就是勇士They ride in, shooting as they go in.他们一边驾车 一边射箭It would be unnerving,那种场面惊心动魄it would be chaotic over an area of miles,方圆几英里都是一片混沌this great dust cloud of confusion.烟沙滚滚 难分敌我That alone must have struck terror仅凭这一点就定会into the enemy standing there.让敌军毛骨悚然The age of mass warfare has begun.大规模战争打响了 Article/201509/396888

  More than 700 dead and over 850 injured is the sickening death toll following a stampede near Mecca during the Hajj religious festival.麦加朝觐宗教节日踩踏事故已造成700余人死亡、850多人受伤。Pilgrims were on their way to the “stoning of the devil” ritual at the pillars of Jamarat when two large groups met at a crossroads in the tented town in Mina valley.在米纳山谷帐篷城两股人群在十字路口碰面,朝圣者正在前往“石击恶魔”仪式的路上,向代表撒旦魔鬼的柱子投掷石头。The Hajj is the world’s largest annual gathering of people and there have been regular accidents in Mecca, despite the Saudi authorities spending billions to improve infrastructure.朝觐是世界上最大的年度集会,尽管沙特政府花费数十亿美元来改善基础设施,麦加每年仍有事故发生。“ I express my condolences to me, to you and to all pilgrims for the stampede that happened today in Mina. I also express my condolences to the relatives of the victims. We asked the concerned authorities to investigate into the causes of the dramatic incident and come out with the results of the investigations as soon as possible,” said King Salman bin Abdulaziz.“对今日米纳发生的踩踏事故我表示慰问。我还要向遇难者家属表示慰问。我们要求有关当局调查这起事件的原因,并尽快得出调查结果。”国王沙尔曼说道。The Saudi Health Minister said pilgrims failing to follow instructions had been the main cause of the tragedy.沙特卫生部长说,朝圣者未能按照指示行事是造成悲剧的主要原因。Security at the Hajj is a politically sensitive issue for Saudi Arabia, the guardians of the Islamic world’s most sacred sites.朝觐安全是沙特阿拉伯的政治敏感问题,伊斯兰世界最神圣遗址的守护者。译文属。 /201509/400979


  栏目简介:The art world has been buzzing for the last couple of years about another Mona Lisa painting. It#39;s known as the ;Earlier Mona Lisa; and some believe it#39;s an authentic da Vinci work that he painted before the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre. However, other art experts still aren#39;t convinced it#39;s a da Vinci work. The ;Earlier Mona Lisa; is now in Shanghai and I had the chance to find out why exhibition organizers are convinced it is the Italian artist#39;s creation. Article/201703/492627

  We all look forward to the future,but have you ever realized that we only see the past?It actually takes 80 milliseconds for your brain to process information meaning we are never truly living in the now.Not to mention,it takes time for light from an object to reach your eyes.我们都期盼未来,不过,你曾否意识到我们只能看到过去?大脑处理信息需耗时80毫秒,也就是说,我们永不可能活在当下。更不用说 光到达我们眼内需要时间。So technically,you see how they looked a fraction of a second ago.Similarly,when you look up at the stars,you are actually seeing light that is taking years to travel to the earth,thus seeing how the stars looked in the past,The next time you are looking,you may want to consider that,That light has traveled all the way through the universe until it bumped into you.因此,本质上说你看到的是几毫秒前物体的样子。同样 当你仰望星空时,看到的其实是经历数年抵达地球的光,也就是星星曾经的模样。你下次看天空时,也许会想到,这点光在遇到你之前曾划过漫漫长路穿行于宇宙中。So watch out,Or not,because seconds ago,you were miles away.How?Well the earth is rotating while simultaneously revolving around the sun,But the sun is also spinning around the galaxy which in turn is flying through the universe,making your chance interaction with the light quite incredible.It#39;s sort of puts the sides of the thing into perspective.like the fact that dust particle is roughly half way between the size of earth and subatomic particle.那么,小心点,其实也不必,因为几秒钟前,你在好几里之外。为什么,其实地球在自转的同时也绕太阳公转。而太阳也在绕星系旋转 那么地球亦是如此,让你和光的交汇变得特别不可思议。这正如放大事物的一个特征。比如灰尘的大小正好处于地球和亚原子大小的中央一样。Meanwhile,there are more atoms in a glass of water than there are glasses of water in all of earth#39;s oceans.Speaking of oceans,if all the oxygen on the earth disappear for just 5 seconds,the ocean#39;s hydrogen atoms will be free and evaporate completely into space.另外,一杯水中的原子数量 比所有大洋中 水能盛的杯数还要多。说到大海,如果世界上所有的氧原子消失5秒钟,那海中的氢原子就会蒸发,并全部跑到天空中。By the way,you can#39;t actually see the Great Wall of China from space.You can, however,see the air pollution,Felling disoriented,if you travel north,you#39;ll eventually go south,but if you travel west,you#39;ll always be traveling west.另外,在太空中是看不到万里长城的。不过,你能看到雾霾。找不着北了吗?如果你一直往北走,最后会往南行,但如果往西走,距离再长也是向西。Travel to buy a lottery ticket,and your chance of dying on the way is actually higher than winning.Well,when a pregnant woman suffers organ damage,such as heart attack,the fetus sents stem cells to the damage organ to help repair it.旅游去买张票,你死在半路的可能性比还大。当妇器官受损时,比如心脏病发作,胚胎会向受损器官传递干细胞以帮助其修复。Hot outside?The resting temperature of testicle is around 35°C or 95°F.meaning on a hot day,it#39;s literally hot as balls,Hopefully that made you smile,because even faking a smile stimulates the same part of the brain as a real one,which can trigger endorphines and happiness.外面太热,蛋蛋的静止温度大概在35℃或95F附近,也就是说,热天热得跟个球似的。希望这能你一笑,因为即使装笑,也会和真笑一样刺激大脑同一区域,促使内啡酞分泌,让我们快乐。At the end of the day,humans are just machines that turn energy into ideas,And it turns out that all of history and time has led to you listening to these ideas right now. Thanks for your time.最后,人类就是将能量转换为想法的机器。结果,一切的时光和历史事件决定了你 在这一刻聆听这些想法。感谢你的这几分钟。 Article/201502/355426

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201510/404728

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