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2018年10月19日 10:24:12

US Near Decision on North Korea Food Aid美官员:美将宣布对北韩粮食援助 U.S officials say the Bush administration is nearing a decision on providing new food aid to North Korea. U.S.-North Korean talks on the issue, separate from discussions on Pyongyang's nuclear program, have made progress. 美国官员说,布什政府即将就向北韩提供新粮食援助的问题做出决定。两国在这个问题上的谈判取得了进展。提供新粮食援助的谈判和有关平壤核问题的谈判是分开的。State Department officials say the ed States and North Korea are "on the verge" of finalizing an agreement governing the distribution of food aid to that country, and that an announcement of a new U.S. aid commitment is imminent. 国务院官员说,美国和北韩在向北韩运送粮食援助的问题上“即将”达成协议,美国将很快宣布对北韩援助的承诺。Despite political differences with Pyongyang, the ed States has been the biggest single provider of food aid to North Korea. 尽管美国同北韩存在政治分歧,美国一直是向北韩提供粮食援助最多的一个国家。It provided hundreds of millions of dollars worth of food to the communist state beginning with the country's flood-related famine in the mid-1990s. 自从北韩1990年代因洪水开始闹饥荒以来,美国已经向这个共产党国家提供了价值数亿美元的粮食。But the aid diminished amid U.S. concerns about diversion of food to the country's military and political elite and none has been provided since 2005. 但是,因为美国担心给北韩的粮食援助都让军队和北韩政治精英所享用,因此美国对北韩的粮食援助逐渐减少,并且从2005年中断了粮食援助。At a news briefing, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said a U.S. aid team that went to North Korea earlier this month had a good set of talks on the distribution issue, and that administration officials are now working on a specific aid plan. 国务院发言人麦科马克在新闻记者会上说,本月早些时候访问北韩的一个美国援助小组就粮食分发问题同北韩方面举行了一系列很好的会谈,目前政府官员正在制定一个具体的援助方案。"The team that went to North Korea had some good conversations about what North Korea believed it needs in terms of humanitarian assistance, and how we might go about improving the monitoring mechanism for the distribution of that food, that was really the biggest hang-up that we had in the past," McCormack said. "We have to a large degree been able to come up with what we believe could be a better monitoring mechanism." 他说:“访问北韩的援助小组就北韩在人道主义援助方面的具体需要同对方进行了良好的会谈,会谈还涉及到我们将如何改善对粮食发放的监督机制。这才是我们过去的最大障碍。在很大程度上,我们能够提出我们认为是更好的监督机制。”McCormack would not confirm a Financial Times report Tuesday that the Bush administration will provide 500,000 tons of food aid, to be distributed by the U.N.'s World Food Program and other non-governmental organizations. 麦科马克不愿实金融时报星期二发表的一篇报导。报导说,布什政府将向北韩提供50万吨粮食援助,由联合国世界粮食计划署和其它非政府组织分发。A senior official who spoke to reporters on terms of anonymity said an aid announcement could come as early as Wednesday. 一位不愿透露姓名的高级官员对记者们说,有关粮食援助的决定最快将于星期三对外宣布。The Bush administration has said decisions on food aid to North Korea are separate from the six-party negotiations on the country's nuclear program and based on its actual needs, competing needs elsewhere, and the ability to monitor distribution. 布什政府说,对北韩提供粮食援助的决定跟有关北韩核项目的六方会谈是两码事。提供粮食援助是基于北韩的实际需要、其它地方与之竞争的需要,以及监督粮食的分发能力。White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said Tuesday President Bush believes North Korea has diverted food aid to its military, but that he has deep concern about hunger in that country, especially among school-age children. 白宫发言人佩里诺说,布什总统认为北韩将粮食援助分发给北韩军队,但是他对忍受饥饿的北韩人民,特别是学龄儿童,深表关切。The World Food Program said last month North Korea faces its worst food shortage in several years caused by flooding and a poor harvest in 2007 - and complicated by this year's big run-up in commodity prices. 世界粮食计划署说,北韩2007年的洪灾和粮食欠收,导致北韩上个月出现了几年来最严重的粮食短缺。再加上今年商品价格的飙升,更使北韩雪上加霜。 200805/38959重庆市第一人民医院检查男人精子质量江北沙坪坝区哪家医院取环好seasonal unemployment ------ 季节性失业 英文释义Periodic unemployment created by conditions that change seasonally in particular industries or regions. 例句The mountainous regions construction industry is impacted by high seasonal unemployment due to the areas severe winters.这个山区遭受了严冬,造成了严重的季节性失业,该地区的建筑业受到了冲击。 /201610/466502In 2001 a new NASA probe was launched. Called Odyssey, it was sent to Mars to carry out the most detailed analysis ever of the planet’s surface. What it has discovered may be about to answer one of the great questions and solve one of astronomy’s biggest mysteries. Are we alone in the universe? Or is there life on Mars? Ever since people first looked up into the night sky, there’s been a question that has bothered us all. From the smallest children to the world’s greatest astronomers, all have wondered "Are we alone in the universe?”.The question of life beyond comes to me strongest at night, looking up at the stars and looking at all those little points of light and wondering "This is a galaxy full of life, or is this it?"It’s the question that societies often have been asking over the ages. We really just wanna know how did we get here? Why do we exist? Are we the only people in the universe? Are we the only signs of life? This search for life elsewhere in the universe is perhaps the greatest scientific quest of all. But so far most efforts have concentrated on just one planet. Searching for life is, is a difficult job. You know, what we'd like to be able to do is travel to all these distant worlds and scoop up samples. Unfortunately the worlds that we can/ travel to, or the other planets in our solar system and none of them are very good in terms of prospecting for biology. The best one is probably Mars. Mars, one of our nearest neighbors, just 60 million kilometers away. The reason Mars is important because it’s close by. It's our nearest neighbor to earth. And we’d like to see if life is there because if we can find life in 2 places in our solar system we know that life isn’t unique here just on Earth. It’s much more likely that life fully exists elsewhere, perhaps elsewhere in our solar system, perhaps in other solar systems, other parts of the universe. 200809/47884重庆不孕不育费用多少

彭水苗族土家族自治县复通手术医院重医附一院治疗多囊卵巢多少钱S. Korean President Apologizes, Promises US Beef Import Limits韩国总统再就进口美牛肉协议道歉   South Korea's president has made a second public apology for his management of a deal to resume controversial American beef imports. Responding to massive street protests, he says he will ensure age limits on the imports, in partnership with Washington. 韩国总统再次就其在恢复进口美国牛肉问题上所采取的措施,向公众表示道歉。这一问题在韩国引起很大的争议。针对近来众多 的街头抗议活动,李明总统表示,将与美方合作,确保落实进口牛肉的牛的年龄限制。For the second time in four weeks, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak apologized Thursday for failing to consider public opinion in a beef import deal with the ed States. 李明星期四表示,在恢复进口美国牛肉问题上,没有充分考虑民意,并表示道歉。这是他在过去四个星期里,第二次就这一问 题,公开表示道歉。This time, he added a key concession to protesters who have been pouring into the streets since April. 这一次,他在讲话中对那些自从4月以来大批走上街头抗议的民众,做出了一项新的让步。He says, as long as South Korean people do not want it, there will be no U.S. beef from cattle older than 30 months on offer to Korean consumers. Mr. Lee says he will obtain concrete guarantees from Washington on that point. He says he expects the ed States, a close ally, to respect South Korea's will. 韩国总统李明说,只要韩国民众不希望见到,在韩国的消费市场上,就不会看到超过30个月以上的牛的牛肉。李明说,在这 个问题上,他将要求美方提供实在的保。他还说,他认为美方作为韩国密切的盟友,会尊重韩国民众的意愿。South Korea banned U.S. beef in 2003, after an American animal was found to have "mad cow disease." President Lee's April deal to resume U.S. beef imports angered South Korean opponents, because it failed to include the same sort of restriction on meat from older cattle that other U.S. trade partners maintain. Cattle older than 30 months are considered to be at higher risk of the disease. 韩国自从2003年开始,禁止进口美国牛肉。在那之前,美国的一头牛被发现患有“疯牛病”。李明总统在今年4月与美方就恢复进 口牛肉问题所达成的协议,让韩国的反对派感到非常愤怒,因为这项协议当中,没有包括美国与其他贸易夥伴之间所达成的禁止 出口稍老一些的牛的牛肉的条款。年龄超过30个月的牛被认为更有可能患有疯牛病。There has never been a confirmed case of anyone contracting the human variant of mad cow disease from eating American beef. U.S. officials and the ed National World Organization for Animal Health have said American beef is safe. 事实上从来没有任何人因为食用美国牛肉被确诊感染人类疯牛病。美国官员和世界动物卫生组织都已经表明美国牛肉是安全的。U.S. lawmakers have warned ratification of a much broader free trade deal, signed last year between the two countries, would be in jeopardy if South Korea did not reopen its beef market. 美国国会议员警告说,假如韩国不开放牛肉市场的话,一个两国间去年签署的更加广泛的自由贸易协议有可能在美国不能得到批准。President Lee says the economic benefits of that agreement were uppermost in his mind when he made the beef deal. 李明说,他决定这项自由贸易协议时,该协议的经济利益在他心中是最重要的。He says he thought ratifying the free trade deal was a "shortcut" to trigger the economic growth South Korea urgently needs. He says he thought ejecting U.S. beef would have endangered the deal and possibly set off trade disputes. So, like it or not, he says he thought the beef deal was unavoidable. 他说,他认为批准这项自由贸易协议是刺激韩国急需的经济增长所需的一个“捷径”。他说,他认为抵制美国牛肉可能会给该协议 造成危险,并可能带来贸易纠纷。因此不论喜欢与否,他认为这项自由贸易协议是不可避免的。President Lee's trade minister is in Washington seeking concrete means of implementing the beef export limitation. The arrangement being discussed would be voluntary. However, Mr. Lee says President Bush has assured him the export limits would be guaranteed by the U.S. government. 韩国政府贸易官员正在华盛顿寻求具体的方式来推行牛肉出口限制,讨论中的安排将是自愿执行的。不过,李明说,布什总统 已经向他保出口限制将受到美国政府的担保。Separately, President Lee promised to replace his chief of staff and other unspecified members of his cabinet, in the near future. He also promised to hold off on a massive South Korean canal project, if it is clear the people are against it. 在其它方面,李明保在近期撤换总统秘书室室长和他内阁中没有明确说明的其他成员。他还保要暂停一项韩国大型运河工 程的建设,假如民众确定对此表示反对的话。200806/42337World Financial Markets Sag Despite Key US Senate Vote参院批准救市案 世界市场仍下滑  World markets have fallen, despite the fact that a U.S. financial rescue package cleared its first hurdle, passing by an overwhelming margin in the U.S. Senate.美国国会参议院以压倒性多数投票通过了布什政府提出的金融机构拯救计划,使这个倍受争议的方案总算过了第一关,可是世界金融市场似乎并没有因此而受到鼓舞,继续大幅下滑。World markets might have been expected to breathe a sigh of relief after the U.S. Senate approved a bill authorizing the federal government to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars in bad debt from troubled financial institutions. The measure is seen by many economists as an important step toward ending an international credit crunch that could strangle global economic growth. 人们原本预期,美国国会参议院批准金融拯救议案,授权联邦政府拿出数千亿美元收购金融机构的坏帐,会使世界市场松一口气,可是结果还是事与愿违。很多经济学家都认为,这个方案是缓和国际信贷紧缩进而防止全球经济停滞不前的重要步骤。But U.S. stocks opened down and sank even lower by midday trading. The losses came amid another indication of a slowing American economy: applications for unemployment benefits have risen to their highest level in more than seven years.美国股票市场星期四一开市就走低,到了中午的时候,道琼斯工业平均指数便已经下滑了将近300点,主要由于最新的经济数据显示,上个星期美国首次申领失业救济的人数增加到七年多来的最高水平。At the White House, President George Bush met with U.S. business leaders, and said the bailout package must not stall in the House of Representatives, which rejected a similar bill Monday, prompting the biggest ever single-day point loss in U.S. market history.星期四在白宫,布什总统会见了几位美国工商企业的主管。他说,金融拯救计划决不能再在众议院搁浅。星期一下午,美国国会众议院投票否决了布什总统的金融拯救计划,导致美国股票市场疯狂下泻,道琼斯工业平均指数丧失了777点,那是美国股市有史以来最大的单日下跌点数。"This is an issue that is affecting hardworking people," he said. "They are worried about their savings. They are worried about their jobs. They are worried about their houses. They are worried about their small businesses. And, the House of Representatives must listen to these voices."布什总统说:“这个问题影响到辛勤工作的美国人民。他们担心自己的储蓄。他们担心自己的工作。他们担心自己的房子。他们担心自己的小生意。国会众议院必需倾听他们的声音。”While Asian markets were mixed, all major European markets reversed early gains and finished with losses.星期四的亚洲股市涨跌互见,欧洲的绝大多数股市早盘有所上扬,但是最后都以跌势作收。Europe's market downturn came after the European Central Bank opted to keep interest rates unchanged. ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet did not rule out the possibility of future rate cuts to boost economic activity and reassure financial markets, but said the bank was holding steady for now to guard against inflation.欧洲市场是在欧洲中央宣布保持利率不变之后下滑的。欧央行行长特里谢虽然没有排除今后降低利率以促进经济活动和稳定金融市场的可能性,但是他表示,为了防止通货膨胀恶化,欧央行现在只能保持目前的利率水平。"The economic outlook is subject to increased downside risks, mainly stemming from a scenario of ongoing financial market tensions affecting the real economy more adversely than currently foreseen," he said. "Other downside risks relate to the possibility of renewed increases in highly volatile energy and food prices, disorderly developments owing to global imbalances, and rising protectionist pressures."“经济前景受制于日益增加的下行风险,而下行风险主要来自于金融市场的持续紧张,这给真实经济造成的负面影响远远大于人们目前的预期。其他的下行风险跟再度出现的能源和食品价格暴涨有关,还有全球贸易不平衡的混乱性发展和日益高涨的保护主义压力。”Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund is warning of a worldwide slowdown in economic activity.与此同时,国际货币基金组织IMF警告说,全世界的经济活动都在减速。"It is now all too clear that we are seeing the most dangerous shock to the mature financial markets since the 1930s, posing a major threat to global growth," said IMF Deputy Research Director Charles Collyns. "We find that when the banking system suffers major damage, as in the current episode, the likelihood of a severe and protracted downturn in activity increases."IMF研究部副主任查尔斯·科林斯(Charles Collyns)说:“现在有目共睹的是:我们正面临着1930年代以来成熟的金融市场所遭受的最危险的震荡,这对全球经济增长构成重大威胁。我们发现,当系统遭受重大损失时,目前的情况正是如此,经济活动出现严重而又持久的下滑的可能性随之增加。”The increasingly global financial crisis began with a rash of U.S. home foreclosures after a prolonged period of loose credit that saw millions of Americans acquire home mortgages they could not afford. In recent months, most major U.S. financial institutions that traded heavily in mortgage debt have failed, been sold off, or were taken over by the U.S. government.这场越来越全球化的金融危机始于美国的房地产市场危机。在此前漫长的信贷宽松时期,数以百万计的美国人无视自己的承担能力而大笔筹借房屋抵押贷款,结果很多人由于无力偿还贷款而丧失了住房赎回权。最近几个月来,很多大型的美国金融机构由于坏帐如山、资金周转不灵而宣布破产、遭到并购,或者被美国政府接管。200810/51517重庆爱德华医院做不孕不育的费用重庆治疗不育医院

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