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万州妇幼保健院双侧输卵管堵塞重庆妇幼保健院封闭抗体检查多少钱When it comes to cracking the Asian market — and particularly China — numerous American tech companies have tried and failed or never got their foot in the door in the first place. Now that same dynamic may befall fast-growing American apps.无数的美国科技公司在进军亚洲市场——尤其是中国——的时候遭遇过挫折,有些根本就没能踏过门槛。现在,同样的遭遇可能会降临到快速增长的美国应用上。Snapchat, a social media app that has become popular for letting people send short s and images that disappear quickly, is facing a clone in Asia that has been downloaded 30 million times since last September, writes Paul Mozur. Made by the South Korean internet company Naver, the clone, called Snow, is like Snapchat in many ways, with features including ephemeral messages and s and various camera filters.据孟宝勒(Paul Mozur)的报道,因可以发送“阅后即焚”的短视频和图片而日趋流行的社交媒体应用Snapchat,在亚洲正遭遇山寨产品。韩国互联网公司Naver的一个名叫Snow的应用,在很多方面酷似Snapchat,也有转瞬即逝的消息、视频,以及各种滤镜的功能,自去年9月以来,Snow的下载量已达3000万。Snow is different from Snapchat in one major respect. Unlike Snapchat, which is blocked in China, Snow is available there.两者有一个重要区别。Snapchat在中国遭到屏蔽,但Snow没有。Snow’s ascendancy in Asia illustrates the hurdles facing Snapchat, which has been focused on more general growth worldwide and not specifically on any single continent. By the time Snapchat gets around to more closely targeting local audiences in South Korea, Japan, China and elsewhere in Asia, it may find the market somewhat sewn up by a company that largely copied what it does.Snow在亚洲的优势显示了Snapchat面临的障碍。后者看重的是全球范围内的总体增长,没有特别侧重于某个大陆。等到Snapchat开始更多地针对韩国、日本、中国和亚洲其他地区的受众时,它可能会发现,市场已经被某个大幅抄袭了它的产品所占据。 /201607/453326重庆哪家医院做取环手术 The Australian computer scientist claiming to be the enigmatic founder of bitcoin has backtracked on promises to prove his identity, claiming he did not have the “courage” to do so in the face of intense scrutiny.自称是比特币神秘创始人的澳大利亚计算机科学家已收回明自己身份的承诺,称在严密关注之下他没有“勇气”这样做。Craig Wrighthad promised to provide evidence to support his claim earlier this week to have created bitcoin in 2008 using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The announcement by the self-styled security expert sparked scepticism among tech experts globally, given the enduring mystery surrounding the creation of the crypto currency.克雷格#8226;赖特(Craig Wright)在本周早些时候称,他在2008年化名“中本聪”(Satoshi Nakamoto)创造了比特币,他曾承诺要提供据持这一说法。这位自称网络安全专家的公告引发了全球科技专家的怀疑,因为围绕这种加密货币的创造仍疑云密布。In a blog post on his website entitled “I’m sorry”, Mr Wright said he was “not strong enough” to face allegations about his qualifications and character that were emerging. He said he would not now publish the proof that he has access to the keys to the digital currency.赖特的网站上发表了一篇标题为“对不起”的客文章,他在文中表示自己“不够坚强”,无法面对不断浮出水面的关于他的资历和性格的指控。他表示,他现在不会公布自己能够获取比特币秘钥的据。He acknowledged this would damage his supporters, including Gavin Andresen, the former chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation who has more recently begun to question his initial backing of Mr Wright’s claim.他承认这会伤害到他的持者,其中包括比特币基金会(Bitcoin Foundation)前首席科学家加文#8226;安德烈森(Gavin Andresen),安德烈森近日开始质疑自己最初对赖特声明的持。Jon Matonis, a founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, also supported Mr Wright. Yesterday, he appeared to stand by the Australian entrepreneur with a tweet that said: “There won’t be an on-chain signing from early bitcoin blocks, but there also won’t be another Satoshi.”比特币基金会创始人乔恩#8226;马托尼斯(Jon Matonis)依然持赖特。昨天他在Twitter上发消息称,继续信任这位澳大利亚企业家:“不会出现早期比特币区块链的签名,但也不会出现另一个中本聪。”Mr Wright said in his post: “They were not deceived but I know that the world will never believe me now.”赖特在文中写道:“他们没有受骗,但我知道世界从此不再相信我。”Mr Wright seems to suggest in the blog that he is sill standing by the claim, which is likely to fan speculation on the identity of the anonymous founder.赖特似乎在文中暗示他仍坚持这一声明,这可能会激起对匿名创始人身份的猜测。“I believed that I could put the years of anonymity and hiding behind me. But as the events of this week unfolded and I prepared to publish the proof of access to the earliest keys, I broke. I do not have the courage. I cannot.”“我曾相信我可以抛弃多年的匿名和隐藏。但随着本周事态的发展,随着我准备发表访问最早秘钥的据,我垮掉了。我没有这个勇气。我做不到。”Mr Wright had said he could show a transfer of bitcoin from “an early block” and “independently verifiable documents” after earlier evidence he provided was questioned as it bore similarity to a 2009 bitcoin transaction.由于赖特较早前提供的据被质疑与2009年一笔比特币交易相似,他曾表示可以展示从“一个早期区块”转移比特币,并提供“可独立验的文档”。 /201605/441904荣昌万州区治疗精液异常多少钱

巴南涪陵区看自然流产哪家医院最好的Xia Dynasty夏朝Yu the Great大禹Yu the Great is still remembered and respected as the ruler who got the Yellow River back under control.大禹因是使黄河流域再度得到控制的君主而仍被铭记与尊敬。He lived about four thousand years ago. At that time, people suffered from a big flood of the Yellow River King Shun,他大约生活在4000年前。那个时候,人民遭受着君主舜时期的一场大洪水。the ruler before Yu, initially assigned Yu’s father Gun to handle the problem.舜是大禹之前的统治者,他一开始指派禹的父亲鲧去解决这个问题。Gun tried out a method that consisted of blocking up the water wherever the flooding occurred.鲧尝试了一个方法,在洪水出没的地方将水堵住。Nine years later, the situation had become even worse with the river overflowing everywhere.9年后,情况变得更糟,河水四溢。King Shun was very angry about what Gun had done, and ended up dismissing Gun and appointing Yu.君主舜对于鲧的所作所为非常生气并最终弃用了鲧,任命了禹。Yu learned techniques from his father and adopted a new way of dredging water channels and conducting the river to the sea.禹从他的父亲那里学到了技术并采用了疏通水道、引河入海的新方法。He went into this project of water control with all his heart,他全心全意进行治水的工程。and it was said that during this period of time, he passed by his house three times but never went inside.据传在治水期间,禹曾三过家门而不入。It took him 13 years to tame the river.征河流花了他13年的时间。The story of Yu’s battle against the flood speaks of the fearless spirit of ancient people faced with natural disaster.大禹治水的故事描述了古人们遇到自然在还是无所畏惧的精神。King Shun was impressed by Yu#39;s endeavors and passed his throne to Yu later on.君主舜对禹的努力印象深刻,后来把自己的王位传给了禹。Yu the Great was the last legendary leader of the primitive society, in which the election of the leader followed the merit system.大禹是远古社会最后一位传说中的君主,那时君主的选拔唯才是用。It was Qi, the son of Yu, who violated this practice.禹的儿子启违反了这个惯例。He killed the person Yu the Great had appointed and succeeded his father’s power.他杀掉了大禹任命的的人,承袭了他父亲的权力。Qi founded the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century ) and initiated the hereditary system of monarchy.启建立了夏朝(公元前21世纪至公元前16世纪)并开启了君主世袭制。 /201509/393956秀山土家族苗族自治县看不孕多少钱 梁平城口丰都县治疗少精多少钱

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