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A: John is thinking too highly of himself.约翰把自己看得太高了。B: I have the same feeling. He never allows me to cut in when he is talking.我也有同感,他说话的时候,从来不让我插嘴。A: If he continues like this, he will lose all his friends.他要是再这样下去的话,他会失去所有朋友的。 /201508/390066Anyway,you know whats fun for you,I would think,总之 我觉得有件事对你来说很有趣theres a part of the movie where because Juliet Binoches character is so famous,在电影里有一部分 因为朱丽叶·比诺什的角色太出名了Shes always being swarmed by the paparazzi,so your character as her handler,assistant,person helping her get place to place, 她总是被仔队包围 所以你的角色作为她的助手 助理 帮她去不同地方的人you get to sort of go off on the paparazzi in this way,which I think must be nice,you letting steam off a little bit,through you character.你可以通过这种方式对仔队发脾气 我觉得这对你来说很好 发泄一点怒火 通过你的角色Through this mouthpiece of a different character,that is not me,yes,exactly.通过这个完全不同的角色之口 她不是我 是的 当然了Yeah,it feels good.Also because I have.I would be a great assistant to an actress.没错 感觉很好 而且 我能成为一个很棒的女演员助理I aly have that protective thing.Obviously,I know it.我已经具备了保护意识 因为我经历过And you know Juliet obviously needs that type of pretection.I really did feel like all right,Ive got you,no matter what,dog.而且朱丽叶也需要那种保护 我真的感觉就像是 喂 我会保护你 不管发生什么 们I feel like nobody else could have done that as well as me.I was watching,man,shes good at this.我觉得没人能比我做得更好 我看的时候就说 天 她真擅长这个Youre really good at this.I almost want to be her assistant sometimes.I miss the movie.你非常擅长 我有时真的想当她的助理 我想念电影里的感觉We have a clip here from ;Clouds of Sils Maria.;You can probably set this up better than I could.我们有有一段《锡尔斯玛利亚》的片段 你一定比我解释得更好I think this was after Juliet Binoches,the character shes playing,her mentor passed away and shes brought you,her assistant to the house that he lived in.我想这是朱丽叶·比诺什扮演的那个角色 她的导师去世了 而她带着你 也就是她的助理 去了他生前的住处And you guys are trying to.theres a lot going on in the movie.Hard to sum it up.是的 你们试图 电影里发生了很多事 我很难一言概之I thought it was beautiful.Its so complex and deep and heavy and intelligent.Everyone go see it.我觉得很美 很复杂 深刻 沉重 睿智 大家都去看吧201612/482755

(put something) on the line: at risk 冒风险 (工作,职业,名誉)面临风险,岌岌可危If we don't make a profit, my job is on the line. 我们要是赚不了钱,我就有失业的危险.If I don't get enough contracts this month, my job will be on the line. 如果这个月我签不到足够的合同,我的工作久就保不住了.By making such an unusual film, he has really put his reputation on the line. 制作这样一部另类的电影,他真是在拿自己的名誉冒险. somewhere along/down the line:某一时刻,某一环节 With an idiot like him to advise you, it was certain that you would get into trouble somwhere along the line. 有他这样的一个蠢材做你的顾问,你早晚会出岔子.How did it happen?I don't know. I just know that somewhere along the line we stopped loving each other.怎么会这样?我也不知道,我只知道从某一时刻起我们不再相爱了. /201003/99371


  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 人脉很广很久以前听过一句话;机会是留给有准备的人的;,但是如今这句话在很多场合已经排不上用场了,应该改成;机会是留给有人脉的人的;。不知道正在收听节目的朋友,你们又是怎么看待这个问题的呢?Im well-connected.我的人脉很广。【讲解】connect 是;联系;的意思,well-connected 字面上看时;联系好;,引申意思就是;人脉广;。【情景二】在很多很好的企业里,一些比较好的职位通常都是为那些有人脉的人留着的,那些人往往被外界人称为;皇亲国戚;。Such positions usually go to the friends and family members of well-connected bankers.这类职位通常会留给人脉广泛的家的朋友和家人。【情景二】经济发展高速的社会里,人脉稍微有点不好的话,很容易就被淘汰了。Recession is squeezing out smaller and less well-connected firms.经济衰退中,较小的或者关系不够硬的公司遭到淘汰。 /201203/175236。

  Hello, ladies and gentlemen. What did you do last night?I listened to a wonderful radio program last night at 11 o’clock p.m. 嘿,大家好,你现在收听到的是为您量身打造的英语专栏节目”E聊吧”,我是Ukki,告诉我你是哪位?请问昨晚11点多的时候你在做什么呢?如果你想跟我分享你的心情的话,可以给我留言哦!其实昨晚11点多的时候,我在听一个朋友主持的节目,在听节目的过程中,有一位听众给主播留言说:“下个月我就要离婚了,原因是家暴!”听到这句话,我顿时觉得慌了,满脑子都是家庭暴力这个词。 说家庭暴力,大家首先想到的应该是不久之前“疯狂英语”Crazy English的创始人李阳的家暴事件吧!李阳的家暴事件传出来之后,全国各地网友的微薄里都转载着这样一句话:“李阳的英语够疯狂,他的拳头更疯狂。”其实,家庭暴力并不是某个家庭的事,而是整个社会的事。这不,为反家庭暴力立法也成为妇联关注的焦点了。今天,我们来学学“家庭暴力”的英文表达。 首先,我们一起来看一下《中国日报》的相关报道:BEIJING - Given that women's complaints about domestic violence on the mainland have been rising for the past three years, the All-China Women's Federation announced on Tuesday that it will cooperate with the health and justice sectors in carrying out pilot programs to protect women from domestic violence. 在报道中,domestic violence指的就是“家庭暴力”。domestic在这里是“家庭的”意思,例如:She does the domestic affairs every day.(她每天都忙家务。)domestic也可以表示“国内的、本国的”,比如domestic news(国内新闻)、domestic markets(国内市场)、domestic flight(国内航班)。domestic作名词的时候可以表示“国货”,例如:Competition between domestics and foreign imports is growing fiercer.(国货与进口货之间的竞争更加激烈了。) 另外,表达“家庭暴力”的还可以是domestic abuse后者是family violence,如果表示配偶间的家庭暴力。还可以是spousal abuse。家庭暴力可有很多种形式,比如physical aggression(身体攻击)、sexual abuse(性侵犯)、emotional abuse(精神虐待)和经济剥夺(economic deprivation)等等。 最后,Ukki想跟大家一起来分享来自北京法制网9月20日的一则新闻: 这是全国妇联权益部部长、全国妇联法律帮助中心主任,蒋月娥,在北京开幕的联合国多部门合作预防,和应对家庭暴力项目国家级培训研讨班上致辞的时候说的一段话。 这段话是这样说的“全国人大常委会法制工作委员会社会法室今年年初以来与全国妇联密切合作,共同开展了实地调研、国内外研讨会等一系列有关反家庭暴力法的立法必要性、可行性的调研论工作。 法工委立法规划室将反家暴法列入常委会首批立法立项论试点项目,立项论工作计划十月份开始,年底前完成。” 其实家庭暴力对社会的发展和孩子们的健康成长是非常不利的。好了,今天的节目内容就是这么多,家庭暴力domestic violence ,你学会了吗?如果你学会了,别忘了跟我和其他的朋友分享一下你的学习心得哦!OK,so much for today’s program. See you next time and have a nice day. /201110/158596

  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:问路朋友们伙人去逛街,通常都会去百货公司(Department Store),或者购物商场(Shopping Mall),两者有什么分别呢?Department Store是独立的商店,里面有不同的部门(departments),如电器部、化妆品部、装部等等,而Shopping Mall是一个大的地方,里面有不同的商店、餐厅、游乐设施及开放空间,所以要问怎样去购物商场,可以说:Where is the shopping mall?(购物商场在哪里?)/Could you tell me the way to the shopping mall? / Could you tell me how to get to the shopping mall?(可以告诉我怎样去购物商场吗?)或Could you give me directions to the shopping mall?(可以告诉我去购物商场的方向吗?)。A: Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to the shopping mall? A:不好意思,可以告诉我怎样去购物商场吗?B: Certainly. Go straight down this street until you reach the corner, and then turn right. Keep walking until you see the McDonalds and then you go inside and then go out the backdoor,turn left and cross the road and its right there. B:当然可以。沿路向前走直到转角处,然后右转。一直走到麦当劳,进去然后从后门走出,再左转,过马路就到了。 A: How long will it take? A:要走多久?B:我想大约30分钟。【知识扩充】人家向你问路,假如距离太远,你可以告诉他:Its far from here. / Its a good distance.(离这里很远)、Youve got a long way to go.(你还要走很远的路)/Its not within walking distance.(离这里太远了,不宜步行)。既然路远,最好搭车去:Take bus No. 1, and ask the bus conductor where to get off.(搭一号公车去吧,可以问司机哪儿下车)/Youd better take a taxi(最好搭出租车去)。 假如顺路,你不妨说:Im going there myself.(或Its on my route. / Im walking that way.)。Ill lead you the way.(或Ill walk you there.)(我正要去那里,就给你带路吧)。 /201207/189193


  They were making noises.Why cant I make noises?他们也乱叫了啊 我怎么就不能Sometimes I want to do it back to them.I know,I know.有时候我就想回敬他们 是啊Actually why theyre cheering Im always going,bop,beep.他们欢呼的时候我总是闹怪声Perfect cover,Im on TV making terrible noises.Thats the time to do it.简直是绝佳的掩护 我在电视上闹怪调 时机正合适Welcome to the show.Weve got a great show tonight.欢迎收看节目 今晚节目很棒I think it will be one of our better shows.I think so too.Yeah.我觉得会是我们最好的一期 我也这么想 嗯This,Nice.This one is keeper.What does that even mean?很棒的 真不错 这家伙真贤惠 这话什么意思啊Were going to keep a copy of this one.这期节目我们要留拷贝We usually have them destroyed.Were not going to throw it back into the stream.我们一般做完就销毁 我们不会把节目拿出去流传Were going to save this one.So much to talk about.这期节目我们要留下 有很多可聊的Huge,huge news about china.I dont know if you heard but china,this is official today,一则关于中国的大新闻 不知道大家是否听说 今天正式宣布了China has surpassed the US,now has the number one economy in the world.中国已经超越美国 成了世界第一经济体After hearing this,Chinas children asked,So now can we take a lunch break?Curious,now can we stop?No.听到消息后 中国的孩子问 那我们现在能午休了吗 就问问 我们能休息吗 不能I dont know why Im,they are sawing iphones.我这是做什么 他们在锯iPhoneThey make iPhone on a long stick and then they saw them into little bricks.And theres a 6 plus right there.他们把iPhone做在一个长条上 然后一块块锯下来 切一块6下来Thats how they grow in the forest.Grow long stems and apart.林子里就这么长的 都是长在长长的茎上201706/514968


  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Federal agents recently revealed that the key to tracking down a low-level accused drug dealer in Wayne County was a device thats been used in the war on terror.Its called Stingray, and it helped police track down and arrest suspected drug dealer Daiven Hollinshed of Inkster.Criminal defense attorney Stephanie Lacambra joined us today to talk about how the Stingray works, and some of the legal and ethical challenges that come with using the device in local police work.201610/473427


  可可网友们,大家好。说起;职场;,总让人觉得光怪陆离,里面太多是是非非,看不清,理不顺,让人欢喜也让人忧。今天,我们就来了解一下,生活或职场中常常会遭受的;不公平;待遇吧。Steal someonersquo;s thunder 窃取某人的方法;抢某人的风头Others may want to steal your thunder when they realize your ideas are pretty solid. 要是别人意识到你的想法很好的话,他们可能会抢走你的想法。Today is your day! I donrsquo;t want to steal your thunder. 今天是你大喜的日子,我不想抢你的风头。Stab someone in the back 背后下毒手;冷箭黑Stab,刺;戳。背后的一刀。让人脊背发凉的词儿。Such a vicious lie could be nothing but a stab in the back. 这样恶毒的谎言简直就是背地里向人捅刀子。He would find every opportunity to stab in the back of others. 他一有机会就在背后中伤他人。Below the belt 暗箭伤人;违规行为拳击比赛中不允许选手打击对手腰带以下的部位,如果打了就属于违规的,使用不正当手段的。它和stab in the back意思相近。比如:Most of the criticism hit below the belt. 大多数的批评都是恶意中伤。It is not the time for you to hit below the belt. 现在不是你玩手段的时候。恶性的竞争让人胆寒,但是对于帮了自己的人却bite the hand that feeds you,就让人心更寒了。Bite the hand that feeds you 恩将仇报字面意思为;咬喂你饭的人的手;。比如:I canrsquo;t understand why you should have spent so much time helping Lucy. Donrsquo;t you know that shersquo;s the one who would bite the hand that feeds her? 我真搞不懂你干嘛花那么多时间帮Lucy。难道你不知道她是那种恩将仇报的人吗?越是看多了是非恩怨,越渴望能拥有公平竞争的环境。也就是a level playing field.A level playing field公平竞争的环境Money doesnrsquo;t interest me as much as a level playing field. 和金钱相比,我更关心一个平等竞争的平台。相信每个人都希望自己所处的是一个a decent society with a level playing field and fair competition under the rule of law. 一个廉洁,机会均等、公平竞争的法治社会。好了,了解了这么多;手段;,该呼吸点轻松空气了。Letrsquo;s call it a day. /163992

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