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Part . Listen and Relax.Keywordsstreet violence, help, walked past.Vocabularypush off, horrific, stitch.Youre going to hear an interview on how people respond to street violence. Listen and enjoy. And now the third program in our series;What would you do?;.Today we look at the way people respond to street violence.Would you go to help someone in trouble in the street? of course most people would say yes, but it isnt as easy as that as Stephen Marriott, a 3-year-old football coach, found out one cold night in Gateshead.Stephen, you were the victim of an attack in the street once, werent you? That right, yeah, a couple of years ago now.What happened exactly? Well, I was walking home one evening, it was about :30, I suppose, when I heard someone screaming and I saw these two teenage lads kicking an old man on the ground.So you went to help? That right. In fact, there were two other men walking past at the same time, but they didnt do anything. Just walked past, I couldnt believe it.Anyway, I shouted at the two lads to stop, but they just said ;Push off; or words to that effect.So I went to help the old man and one of them hit me over the head with a brick.Didnt that knock you out? Well, nearly, I think I was only half-conscious.And they grabbed my arms and cut my face with a piece of broken glass. Then they run away.It all sounds absolutely horrific. Wasnt there anyone around to help you?No, it all happened so fast. So anyway, I lay there, I didnt feel a thing at the time, I remember that.Then I told the old man to get away. He was still there, was he?Yes, but he could walk so he went off and then I went into a pub to ask help to get to the police station.I only realized later that I was covered in blood.Several people ignored me but in the end a woman gave me a lift to the police station, which was very good of her.How badly were you hurt? Well, I had to have several stitches in my head and on my face.I was in a pretty bad state, you know, mentally quite a time. Couldnt sleep, had nightmares and all that.And of course Ill always have a scar on my face.Did the police catch the boys in the end? Yes, one got two years in prison and the other got fifteen months.But they only served part of their sentences. I see them on the streets occasionally and, well, it makes me very bitter. 55。

Listen to the dialogues and check the items that they have talked about.听MP3,并勾出对话中谈到的项目age hair style weight hair color skin color height1..3..5. 359。

Just days ahead of the Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina, Barack Obama says the Clinton campaign is distorting his recordDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama defended the fierce tone of his recent exchanges with rival Hillary Clinton, and said he was ced to fight back against her campaign's disregard the truth. Obama has complained specifically about comments from Bill Clinton, including the mer President's charge that Obama's opposition to the Iraq war was "a fairy tale."Let me sort of dispose of the, the whole issue of President Clinton, I've said this repeatedly, that, he is entirely justified in wanting to promote his wife's candidacy. I have no problem with that whatsoever, you know, he can be as vigorous an advocate on behalf of her, uh, as he would like, the only thing I've been concerned about is when he makes misstatements about my record.The Clinton campaign says that it is Obama who's been on the attack, it's been a week of public spats between the two leading democratic presidential candidates that started with several confrontational moments at this week's debate in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, that was followed by tough radio ads.Obama accused Hillary Clinton of being willing to say anything to get elected. He said it was response to Clinton's radio ad, which he said distorted his comments about Republican ideas, both camps have now withdrawn their radio ads.Pavithra George Reuters. 56。

  Colors and People  There are three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Certain psychologists have put people who love these colors into different groups.  The group of people who love red are those who have self-confidence enough to be heroes and winners of competitions. The members of this group are optimistic. Red color lovers usually believe that everything will end up the way they have planned. They spend no time feeling sad about errors make or disasters that might happen.  The yellow color is commonly loved by cowardly people. Lovers of yellow get along easily with others because they are afraid of friction and argument. However, in secret, despite their cowardice, they enjoy excitement. They fantasize being lovers of red; only they lack the nerve to make their fantasies come true. They may daydream about being loved by a movie star, or managing millions of dollars. Lovers of yellow tend to betray their friends and loved ones. The reason their lack of integrity is probably that they prefer lying or cheating to taking a hard stand.  The color blue is loved commonly by sad people who have a low self-esteem, and who probably often suffer from depression. Lovers of blue believe in others rather than themselves. ;Mr. X is so much better than I am; is a typical comment made by blue-lovers. One who chooses blue is probably more quiet or shy than one who prefers red or yellow. He is often drawn to sad movies, gloomy philosophies, and sad memories. This group of people would rather follow than lead.  Color psychology can be an interesting field in which to do some studies, but there is no proof to indicate that its findings are reliable. 18。

凭借出演《0岁的老处男而成为家喻户晓的一线喜剧明星史蒂夫bull;卡瑞尔,即将退出《办公室剧组结婚已年的他将和我们分享他如何维系其甜美爱情;;Now youve been married sixteen years.你已经结婚年Yes, I have.是的And...yes..that...而且;是的;那;Why? why? why you are little ...sixteen years up?为什么?为什么?你为什么年还;?Some people dont make that long!有些人根本不会到那么长的时间!I see, I think it is so strange that it such a big deal, especailly in hollywood. You get that question what the secret?.I think it is really is...I think it because you get lucky by married the right person, and I was,so..我明白了,我觉得很奇怪,这是小题大做,对好莱坞而言非常有趣你的问题会是;有什么秘诀吗?;我认为它是真的是;我认为那是因为你找到幸运的合适的人结婚,我,所以;When you work at it, you dont..?当你工作的时候,你不. . ?I dont!我不会的!You must be..are you romantic?你肯定是. .你浪漫吗?I try to be!我一直在尝试!Like what kind of little things, tell us recent thing.像一些小事情,告诉我们最近的吧Recent thing,I am...to dishwashing.it doesnt sound like a big romantic thing.those little things set up. you can open up the grant gestures look at these 18 carat diamond earrings!.But honestly,it..you are low to dishwashers, you are good to go!.最近才有的事,我;;去洗碗这听起来不像一个大的浪漫的事这些小事情都是积少成多才成为大事的你可以打着响指说着;去看看这些18克拉的钻石耳环!;但坦白地说,它一点也不咋样,甚至还不如个洗碗机好,最好去干活吧!You are right!你是对的!But personally, she will show me coffee every night bee I go to bed. she set up the coffee maker, when I wake up, I usually get up early to go to work. And I...you kown the coffee is y me in the morning, and i know it because my wife did that, and it because she loves me that she did that. So it just nice things...但就我个人而言,她会在每天晚上我睡觉之前给我沏咖啡她还专门买了咖啡壶,当我醒来的时候,我通常起床很早去上班而我;你知道我的咖啡在早上已经准备妥当,并且我知道,这是我的妻子做的,是因为她爱我才这样做所以这是美好的东西;Thing?美好的事情?Exactly.非常美好And now I will let you go, that what I am waiting .而现在我会放你走,那是我所等待的人Now ive got it all, Adam, you are done!现在我明白了一切,亚当,你玩完了! 6366。

American Authors – Mary Roberts Rinehart; Famous Songs – “I’ll be seeing you”; to dispense, wedgie, and on principle; to get on with (something), to get along with (someone), and in a nutshell; semiWords:stock marketto crashmysteryto solidifymiddle-agedromancefictionplaymusicalto embracesignature songto dispensewedgieon principleto get on with (something)to get along within a nutshellsemi 569。

Ask an American-Drought and a new gold rush; vendor versus salesman versus pitcher; to clinch versus to breeze into versus to blow away; pronouncing bird versus beard versus bearWords:dried upwater levelunderwatergoldsluice boxtrapeddynatural erosionlandscapingwildfireto hoseto be depositedto chase aftervendorsalesmansalespersonpitcherpitchmanto clinchto breeze intoto blow away 13。

The Metro Melbourne system is mostly above the ground. Only the small section which runs around the city centre is underground, passing through 3 underground stations. The main city stations are Southern Cross Station and Flinders Street Station and these are above ground. Flinders Street Station is an older style building and very interesting.墨尔本地铁系统大多在地面以上只有横穿市中心的较小区域,地铁是在地下的,会经过三站地的地下站点主要城市站点南十字街站和弗林德斯街站都是在地面之上的其中弗林德斯街站是老式的建筑风格,十分有趣Southern Cross Station is a new building and very modern. Each train station has Protective Services Officers. They are special police who only work on the Metro Melbourne train system. They ensure that Metro Melbourne travellers are safe. Melbourne train system is a generally safe system and people can use it safely right up until the last train.南十字街站建筑风格新颖而现代每个地铁站都有安保务人员他们是只负责墨尔本地铁系统的特殊警力他们要确保墨尔本地铁系统乘客的安全总体上说,墨尔本铁路系统是安全的,从首班车一直到末班车人们都可以放心地乘坐The last train from the city leaves at around midnight most lines. On week ends, a bus service (Night Rider) runs after the last train to most suburbs. But I am always in bed by that time.对于大多数地铁线路,由市中心发出的最后一班车于午夜收车每周末,末班地铁之后还有公交务车(夜车)由市中心到其他城郊地区不过那时候我都已在床上了To ride on Melbourne trains, you must have a special card called a Myki.要乘坐墨尔本地铁,你必须得有张叫Myki的特别的卡There is no other way to pay your travel on a Melbourne train. First you need to buy a Myki card ( ) and you must load some money onto it. You can buy a Myki card at any train station, at many shops (e.g. 7-Eleven) and from Myki self service machines at train stations.在墨尔本地铁上再没有其他付方式了首先你需要买一张Myki卡(合6美元)然后你得在卡里存些钱你在地铁站就可以买Myki卡,在很多商店(如7-)还有地铁的自助务机那儿也可以买到 译文属 377。