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部门经理Paul Chen和他的上司Sue Krammer要开除一名雇员。P: Sue, I really need your help with this one.S: Oh? Whats the problem?P: Ive been asked to fire Tom Smith.S: Oh...yeah...firing someone is hard. Ive had to do it many times.P: I hate it. Its probably the worst part of my job as a manager.S: But...it has to be done and somebodys got to do it. In this case...you.Peter要解雇Tom Smith, 问Sue该怎么做。 Sue说,开除手下确实是一件头痛的事情,但Somebodys got to do it. 总要有人去做。P: I know...I just want some advice on how to do this properly.S: Well, lets review Toms case, shall we? First question: Have you given him fair warning?P: I believe so. I spoke to Tom in March and in May. I informed him he was on probation.S: OK...so he knows hes on thin ice. So this action isnt going to be a complete surprise to him, right?P: No. He should understand by now that the company is not really happy with his performance.Paul说,他事先警告过Tom. I informed him he was on probation. On probation意思是留职查看。换句话说,He knows hes on thin ice. On thin ice如履薄冰,在这的意思就是他知道公司对他的表现不满意,知道自己可能会丢饭碗。S: I think you should simply give Tom a list of behaviors the company has found unacceptable and then fire him. You cant allow him to drag you into an argument or debate. In this case you are merely the messenger and its really not personal.P: And if he promises to change and do better?S: You have to firmly but politely let him know that the time for improvement has passed.Sue建议,可以列举Tom种种令人不满的表现,然后告诉他被解雇了,不给他争辩的机会。You cant allow him to drag you into an argument or debate。因为Paul只是传达上级的决定,you are merely the messenger。你只不过是个传信的,Its not personal. 不是针对个人,只是公事公办而已。如果Tom保改过自新呢? Sue建议,要 firmly but politely既坚定又客气地告诉他,没有机会了。S: Are you planning on asking him to sign a release form?P: Yes. The policy is if you voluntarily sign a paper accepting your termination, you get 6 weeks of severance pay. Otherwise, if you wish to challenge the decision, you get just two weeks.S: Ok...good. So go ahead and call him in. Remember: keep it simple. Inform him of the decision and tell him why, then explain the severance deal.P: Ok...here goes. (Picks up phone) Kathy, please ask Tom to come in...thanks.Sue最后提醒Paul, 要keep it simple. 越简洁越好。 /201212/212166A: please send this memo out to all the managerial staff…there will be training for all the department heads next week. Attendance for managerial staff is mandatory, except for the financial department. Financial officers may participate if their schedules allow.B: you would like me to send this to all managerial staff? I'm sorry, sir, could you please clarify? Who all is included in managerial staff?A: managerial staff is anyone who is in a position of authority or responsibility, or who has anyone working under them. It includes all supervisors and department heads.B: what about the senior account managers? Do they count?A: no, they are in a position of leadership and have more experience than normal account managers, but they do not directly supervise others. They are not members of the managerial staff and will not be included in our training. /11/89456

Dialogue oneM: Can you have the briefs from the Anderson firm's lawyer on my desk by tomorrow morning. There are quite a few very time sensitive matters with this case. I'm afraid I can't wait any longer.F: Getting those Anderson briefs has been harder than you can imagine. I have tried to contact their lawyer many times. But every time I call, his secretary says he’s in a meeting or out of the office or away on business. I am beginning to think he is trying to avoid me.M: That's highly possible. He knows if we miss our filing deadline, we don’t stand a chance to compete against them for the bid. Try to get a hold of him again. Give him a call and see if he can fax them first thing.F: What if I can't speak to him directly? M: Ask his secretary to fax them. Its the same thing. Have them faxed over with a copy also faxed to Martin’s office.F: How do I find Martin’s fax number? Is he in your rollerdesk?M: No, but you can also call their office and ask the secretary to give you their fax number. I’ll email you their office number later today.F: Ok, I'll get on it first thing.M: Be sure you do, I need those briefs ASAPDialogue twoM:Did you put this morning's faxes on my desk?I'm waiting for some urgent faxes from headquaters,I'm pretty sure they came in last night.F:Evething that came in the office fax machine last night is all on your desk,but I noticed that some of faxes came through pretty blurred,maybe you take a look at them,if the copy is unble,I'll call then and ask them to refax.M:Yeah,you're going to have to call them and get them to be refax. These copies are so dark. I can't make out any of the words.F:What about that one?M:This one?This one is so light and I can barely it. How can that be?F:You know, I think the fax machine is out of toner. I can change the toner cartridge. That should solve the problem.M:Yes,but this one will have to be refaxed as well. And look, there's about 3 pages missing. It looks like the fax machine ate half of my important faxes,and ones that made it through are so blurred or too light. They are unable.F:I guess the fax machine is out of paper too. Don't worry,I'll have someone look at it this afternoon,and in the meantime,I'll have your documents refaxed to our other fax machine. /06/74635

陈豪是个勤快的年轻人,A美国公司的总裁很喜欢他, 正在逐渐给他增加一些任务。陈豪也很机灵,凡是没有把握的事都去请教美籍华人Mary。(Office ambience)M:陈豪,你好象很激动,What happened?C:啊呀,我们的总裁,Mr. Moore,让我明天请两位客户吃晚饭。我知道,我过去一直是当陪客的,never been a host。I don't even know what to do!M:Don't worry。当主人主要是要保晚餐进行得顺顺当当,让客人感到舒适满意。C:可问题是怎么做。Tell me specifically what to do first。M:First, of course, choose a restaurant, 找个合适的饭馆呀!C:哎,我们公司附近不是最近开了一个新饭馆吗? I'll take them there。M:你呀,最好找一个你熟悉的饭馆,so you can be sure that the food and service will be good。C:那倒是,否则太危险。I did hear that new restaurant is quite noisy。M:太吵闹可不行,You need an atmosphere that is suitable for business conversation。C:有了,我想起了一个非常合适的饭馆。 Mary, would you like to have lunch there with me today to check it out?M:Thank you. I'd love to be your guinea pig for lunch。我就做一回你的试验品吧!C:Guinea pig! 请你吃饭还说做我的试验品!C:So, Mary, what do you think? Will this work for the business dinner?M:It's perfect。对了,既然你现在在这里,你可以认识一下那head waiter,把明天的帐先付了,take care of the bill for tomorrow night。C:饭还没有吃,吃什么都还不知道,就付钱?M:没有关系的。你先把信用卡给他,让他印一份,告诉他你要给多少小费,然后签个字,让他们把账单的副本寄给你。C:But isn't it risky to give someone your credit card?M:像样的饭馆都有信誉,so it's not risky and it's done all the time。要是你不想先付帐的话,那你当天就先告诉务员吃完饭后把账单交给你。That will eliminate any confusion over who is paying.C:That's a very good idea。对了,Mary,既然我们在这里,那我就先定一个比较安静,景色比较好的桌子吧。M:A wonder idea to request a specific table for tomorrow.C:Mary,Thank you so much.M:You're welcome. Next time you'll know that as a host, it's your responsibility to choose an appropriate restaurant, taking care as much as possible ahead of time such as arranging for how to pay the bill and requesting a nice table. Then it will be an enjoyable evening for all. /04/67329

  What did you enjoy most about your last job?在上一份工作中,你最喜欢哪方面?I loved interacting with customers.我喜欢与顾客交流。It was exciting to deal with all kinds of people.能够与各种各样的人接触,我感到非常兴奋。Every day I was excited to go to work,thinking,每天在去上班的途中,我总是非常兴奋的想:“What kind of people are going to come in today? “今天会遇到什么样的人?What problems can I solve for them?”我能为他们解决什么问题?”I really enjoy working with people.我真的非常喜欢做与人接触的工作。 /201308/252998


  to make inroads 1. 取得进展;2. 侵入英文释义 1. To accomplish progress towards a goal2. To take away territory belonging to another.例句 1: While the task of improving our moribund old company is enormous, last week I started to make inroads by hiring some very good new managers.2: While formerly they had no competition in the city, the old company is worried that the new competitor may soon make inroads there.1.虽说改善这家经营不善的老企业的任务十分艰巨,但我上周新招了几名优秀的经理后,事情已经开始有了进展。2.尽管以前他们在这座城市里没有竞争对手,但这家老企业还是担心,新的竞争对手很快会闯进来。 /201206/188421


  The ed States fired cruise missiles on Friday at a Syrian air base from which President Trump said a deadly chemical weapons attack had been launched, the first direct U.S. assault on the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in six years of civil war.美国周五向一个叙利亚空军基地发射了巡航导弹,川普总统说就是该基地发动了之前造成大规模伤亡的化学武器袭击。在叙利亚六年内战中,这是美国第一次直接攻击阿萨德政权。In the biggest foreign policy decision of his presidency so far, Trump ordered the step his predecessor, Barack Obama, never took: directly targeting the Syrian military for its suspected role in a poison gas attack. The chemical weapons attack on a town in Syria’s rebel-held northern Idlib province killed at least 70 people.这是到目前为止川普总统在对外政策上最重大的举动,他采取了他的前任巴拉克奥巴马从未采取的措施:因为涉嫌毒气袭击而直接把叙利亚军队作为攻击目标。叙利亚反对派控制的北Idlib省遭受了化武袭击,至0人死。Trump’s action brought Washington into confrontation with Russia, which has military advisers on the ground aiding its ally, President Assad. The Kremlin denounced the U.S. strikes as illegal.川普的行动把美国与俄罗斯带进冲突之中,因为俄罗斯在叙利亚派有军事顾问以援其盟友阿萨德总统。俄罗斯指责美国的军事打击是非法的。“Years of previous attempts at changing Assad’s behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically,Trump said as he announced the attack from his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, where he was meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping.“之前多年试图改变阿萨德行为的努力都白费了,戏剧性的失败了(G19注:意指他的前任温和对待阿萨德)”,川普说。他在自家位于弗罗里达州的Mar-a-Lago庄园会见习主席期间宣布了这次打击。“Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack,he said of Tuesday’s chemical weapons strike, which Western countries blame on Assad’s forces. “No child of God should ever suffer such horror.”“在这次野蛮的袭击中,甚至是美丽的婴儿都被残酷的谋杀了,”他这样周二的化武袭击事件,西方国家指责这起事件是阿萨德的军队所为。“上帝的孩子不应遭受这样的恐怖。”Assad’s office said Damascus would respond by striking its enemies harder: “This aggression has increased Syria’s resolve to hit those terrorist agents, to continue to crush them, and to raise the pace of action to that end wherever they are.(Reuters)阿萨德办公室说,作为回应,叙利亚将更加努力的打击敌人:“这次侵略行为将使得叙利亚在打击恐怖分子上更加坚定,我们会继续粉碎他们,我们会加快行动速度,不管他们在哪里我们都要达到目标。”来 /201704/503098职场社交英语 Lesson 40:你看她干的好事SCENE① A 艾文跌跌撞撞进了文斯的隔间 【你看她干的好事!】Elvin: Vince! Look at what she did to me!艾文: 文斯!你看她干的好事! Vince: Be quiet, I'm on the phone with Vikam... [talks on the phone] Right, I understand how it is. OK, goodbye.文斯: 安静点。我在跟“维康”通电话...... (对着电话说)对,我了解情况。好的,再见。Elvin: Look! She pulled out my nose ring! Owwww! It hurts!艾文: 你看!她把我的鼻环扯了下来! 啊!痛死了!Vince: Elvin, you're 2) bleeding on my desk. So who pulled out your nose ring?文斯: 艾文,你的血流到我桌上了。谁拔了你的鼻环啊? Elvin: Zina! Zina did! She's a total 3) psycho!艾文: 吉娜!是吉娜!她疯到家了! Vince: Ah, Zina. Zina has been very busy today.文斯: 原来是吉娜。她今天还真是忙啊。语言详解 A: Your lip is bleeding! 你的嘴唇在流血。 B: It's so dry that it cracked open. 我的嘴唇太干,都裂开了。 【It hurts! 痛死了!】 hurt原意是“使...受伤”或“使...疼痛”,延伸的意思是“使伤心”,例如:He hurt his right foot when he fell. 他跌倒伤了右脚。Frank's remarks hurt my feelings. 法兰克的一席话伤了我的心。 作“受伤”解的英文字除了hurt之外,还有injure,通常用于意外事件中的伤害,尤其指有骨折的现象。A: You walk strangely. I hope you're not injured. 你走路怪怪的。我希望你没有受伤。B: No. These shoes are tight and hurt me. 不是啦。是这双鞋子太紧我感到疼痛。 1) stumble (v.) 蹒跚、跌撞前行2) bleed (v.) 流血3) psycho (n.)神经病 /200602/4256


  When Stefano Boeri imagines the future of urban China he sees green and lots of it. Office blocks homes and hotels decked from top to toe in a verdant blaze of shrubbery and plant life; a breath of fresh air for metropolises that are choking on a toxic diet of fumes and dust.当Stefano Boeri想象未来的中国城市,他看到了很多的绿色。办公大楼,住宅和酒店从上到下被灌木丛和植物覆盖;大都市不再被有毒的气体,烟雾以及尘埃包围取而代之的是新鲜的空气。Last week the Italian architect famed for his tree-clad Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) skyscraper complex in Milan unveiled plans for a similar project in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing.上周在中国的东部南京市,意大利建筑师公布了一个类似于他在米兰闻名的Bosco Verticale(垂直森林)的项目。The Chinese equivalent ? Boeris first in Asia ? will be composed of two neighbouring towers coated with 23 species of tree and more than 2500 cascading shrubs. The structures will reportedly house offices a 247-room luxury hotel a museum and even a green architecture school and are currently under construction set for completion next year.这座建筑将会有两个相邻的3种树500多层级联灌木的塔组成。据报道,这个建筑将为办公室,一个拥47个客房的酒店,一个物馆以及一个绿色建筑学校提供空间,目前正在施工中,预计明年完工。But Boeri now has even bolder plans for China: to create entire “forest citiesin a country that has become synonymous with environmental degradation and smog.不过现在Boeri有更加庞大、适合中国的计划: 在这个环境恶化和有雾霾的国家建造名副其实的“森林城市”You can taste it in the air: your stories of life in polluted cities“你甚至可以品尝到空气中的味道。”如果你生活在污染严重的城市里,就会有这样的体验。“We have been asked to design an entire city where you dont only have one tall building but you have 100 or 200 buildings of different sizes all with trees and plants on the facadesBoeri told the Guardian. “We are working very seriously on designing all the different buildings. I think they will start to build at the end of this year. By 2020 we could imagine having the first forest city in China.”“我们被要求设计这样一座城市:不但有一座天大楼,而且还有100个或200个不同大小的建筑,这些建筑的外墙被树和植物完全覆盖。”Boeri对卫报说,“我们非常认真地设计这些与众不同的建筑。我估计他们会在今年年底开始建造。在2020年,我们可能会看到第一座在中国建成的森林城市。”来 /201703/499403。

  Would you like the bill?您要结账吗?Do you want separate checks?分开付吗?Please pay the cashier as you go out.您离开时请到柜台付账。Do you want to pay me or the cashier?您想把餐费付给我还是到柜台上付?We dont take bank cards.我们不收卡。It doesnt include the tip.这不包括小费。The tip is not included.小费没有包括在里面。A 10 percent service charge is added in lieu of tipping.加了10%的务费作为小费。Do you want to wrap this?要打包吗?One hundred and five yuan altogether.总共105元。Im sorry for the mistake on your bill.对于您账单上的错误,我非常抱歉。Let me look at the bill again.让我再看看账单。Heres your change.这是找您的钱。Ill write out an invoice for you.我开张发票给您。Thank you and come again!谢谢光临!欢迎下次再来!Settling a Customers Bill给顾客结账Could I have my bill, please?请给我结账好吗?Yes,sir. Ill be back right away.好的,先生。我马上过来。Here you are.给你账单How much is it?多少钱?One hundred and fifty all together.一共是151元。Well, I think theres a mistake, it sounds alittle too expensive for what was ordered.Please checkit again.我想应该是弄错了,看上去我点的东西没有那么贵。请你再查看一下。Im sorry,sir. Let me look at the bill again.对不起,先生。我再看看账单。I think you ought to charge me ten yuan.我想你应该收我十元钱。Ah,yes,sir.You are right.I do apologize forit.哦,是的,先生,你说得对。很抱歉弄错了。It doesnt matter.没关系。I hope everything was excellent today.我希望您今天过得愉快。Yes,it was great.I never been here before,butmy friends recommed and I come.是的,很不错。我之前没来过这里,但我朋友推荐给我,我就过来了。Im glad you friends like it.很高兴你朋友喜欢。 /201405/297581

  SCOTT: This facility is great, don't you think?ANDREW: Yes, it is better than last year. They have done a very good job this time.SCOTT: I'm glad our booth is on the first floor. More people can see our display.ANDREW: If someone wants to find us, they can look at this floor plan.It shows where all the companies have their booths.SCOTT: Let me see that. I didn't get one when I came in.ANDREW: Really? They didn't give you one with your ticket?SCOTT: No.ANDREW: That's strange.SCOTT: Where do you go for lunch around here?ANDREW: Are you hungry?SCOTT: Not too bad. But I will be soon.ANDREW: I went across the street. There is a good Chinese restaurant next to the hotel.SCOTT: I can't see Comtex on this floor plan. Don't they have a booth here?ANDREW: They must. Let me look at that.Here it is. Comtex. It's on the second floor, next to the Rolly booth.SCOTT: Oh, that will be uncomfortable for them.ANDREW: For whom? Comtex?SCOTT: Yes. Comtex just stole Darren McDowell from Rolly.And probably Darren will be here.So he will have to spend the whole show standing next to his old Comtex coworkers.ANDREW: I've never met Darren.But you're right. That would probably be uncomfortable.SCOTT: When you reserve a booth, you should check who your neighbors will be.Don't you think?ANDREW: Yes, maybe. If you're Darren McDowell, you should probably check.SCOTT: Yes. Well, I think I'll go get lunch. Will you join me?ANDREW: No, I'll stay here at the booth.I ate earlier. Are you going to the Chinese restaurant?SCOTT: Maybe. I will look around. /200811/56590

  Dialogue oneF:How can I help you?M:Yes,I am Jims mirson from edson associate.I’d like to see Mr Smith.F:Do you have an appointment?M:Yes,he knows I am coming.our meeting is at 7 o’clock.F:I wondering if Mr Smith forgot your meeting,I am afraid he left this office this morning and he is not expected back until after 4PM.let me find out if he made an arrangement for someone else to meet with you in his place,will you please have a seat?M: sure.F:Yeah,Mr Mirson,I just checked with their office manager Ms Terry,she said Mr Smith briefed her on your project,she is just finishing up our meeting now,she should be meet you shortly.would you like me to show you around for your waiting?M:That would be very nice,thank you!F:Right this way Mr Mirson,we can start with our front office,when Ms Terry is y,you may takel at the front 6th floor,there is a conference room aly prepared. /07/77453

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