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璧山潼南区看精液异常哪家医院最好的重庆医科大学附属口腔医院做结扎复通You tell your friend that the claims hes making are pretty absurd你告诉朋友他的观点很荒唐and that he has no evidence for them whatsoever.而且也没什么据。Instead of addressing the issue, he tells you that if they were so absurd,他并没有就这个问题做相应的解释,反而告诉你,如果这些观点是荒唐的,1.6 billion other people wouldnt believe in them.那其他16亿人口就不会相信了。Congratulations, youve unfortunately just been served argumentum ad populum.恭喜,你很不幸的受到了群众思维的影响。Apparently just because 1.6 billion people believe in something, it must be true.显然,仅仅是因为16亿人相信某事,那就一定是真的吗。According to the same logic, the world must have been flat a few thousand years ago根据相同的逻辑,在几千年以前这个世界一定是平的,而不是圆的since a lot of people believed in that too.因为很多人都相信它是平的。Your friend tells you that her grandma only ate carrots her whole life and she lived to be a 109 years old.朋友告诉你,她的奶奶一生只食用胡萝卜,并活了109岁。You tell her, ;Okay, cool. Good for her.; But she’s not content with that.你说,“那太好了。”但是她并仅仅满足于你这种赞美。She wants you to only eat carrots as well.她想让你也只吃胡萝卜。If her grandma had such great results, youll surely have great results as well.如果她的奶奶有个如此美好的结局,那么你也会是一样。You tell her that you look at evidence through scientific studies你告诉她通过科学研究你看到了据,involving large sample sizes for what is ideal to eat but she doesnt understand.这些研究包含了很多理想膳食的样本,但是她不明白。In her world, smoking is beneficial since theres a 109-year-old smoker somewhere in the world right now without lung cancer.在她的世界里,吸烟是有益的,因为在世界上的某个地方有个109岁的烟民,他并没有患肺癌。A friend of yours tells you that he started using this new soap一个朋友告诉你他开始用新的肥皂了and his acne have been getting much better.而且他的痤疮得到了有效的缓解。You realize that that might very well be true, but youre also skeptical.你觉得这可能是非常真实的,但你仍然有所怀疑。You share this with him and he gets mad. What do you mean?你分享了你的想法,他不乐意了。你什么意思?He knows for a fact that ever since he started using this soap his acne have been getting better.他只知道一个事实,那就是自从他用来这种肥皂他的痤疮变好了。You tell him that yes, while that could be true, it could also be because were getting more sun now cause its the summer.你告诉他是的,这有可能是对的,但是也有可能是因为夏天到了,天气变热He changed his diet a little while ago, and that also might be affecting it.他不久前刚刚调整了饮食,这也有可能对他的痤疮产生影响。He also got a new job and might be less stressed. You bring up all these points他也换了一份压力不太大的新工作。你罗列出这些观点and tell him that even though the soap could be legit, you cant really say for sure.并告诉他,尽管肥皂有那个功效,你也不能说的太绝对。Hes still mad. He doesnt understand that correlation does not prove causation,他依然很生气。他不明白关联性并不能明因果性,especially with his impressive sample size of 1.尤其是在只有他这一个样例的前提下。Your friend tells you that he loves the thought of being massaged by the spaghetti monster and his tentacles for eternity.朋友告诉你他喜欢让意大利面飞行怪永远给他的这个想法You ask him if he has a reason to believe in something like that.你问他,他是不是有什么理由来相信这种类似的想法。He tells you that its so consoling to him.他告诉你这让他觉得很安慰。What is your alternative? You die and then there might be nothing?你有什么选择呢?你能去死然后装作什么都没发生吗?All you can tell him is, ;I don’t know?;你所能告诉他的就是“我不知道?”That kind of uncertainty sounds terrible and isnt very consoling,那种不确定听起来很可怕,一点也不让人欣慰,therefore the whole spaghetti monster gently caressing you for eternity thing must be true.因此飞行怪永久给你的事情是真的。A friend of yours tells you that Zeus exists and that he is the one true God.朋友告诉你宙斯是真实存在的并且是真神。You ask him if he has any reason to make that claim or if theres any way he can prove that statement.你问他有什么理由得出这个结论,又或者是他怎样可以明这个陈述。He laughs at you and tells you, ;Well, how about you prove that he doesnt exist.;他蔑视一笑并问你,“你怎么能够明他不存在呢。”You tell him you cant do that,你告诉他你不能明他不存在,just like you cant disprove that there isnt a teapot orbiting somewhere around the sun right now就像是,你根本没法明围绕太阳运行的茶壶是不存在的一样,even though we would never just assume that a teapot like that existed.尽管我们从来不会去假设有那种茶壶的存在。He laughs again and says, ;See...You cant disprove it therefore Zeus exists.;他又笑道,“瞧…你反驳不了,因此宙斯是存在的。”You want to bring up the point again that the burden of proof lies on the person making the claim你想再次表明举责任是由声明人承担的,but at this point you hopefully realize that youre not really going anywhere with this但此时你要意识到你这么做毫无意义,and perhaps have an even more important realization that you really need some less shitty friends.可能你更需要意识到的是你真的需要一些高情商的朋友。201706/514040重庆三峡中心医院复通手术多少钱 栏目简介:Over the next week more than 1,000 science-related activities will be held in town, most of which are open free to the public. Its all part of the annual Shanghai Science Week that begins this Saturday.201702/491698By the time that Anne came on the scene,Henry was convinced that his marriage to Catherine had been divinely cursed.直到安妮进入了他的视线 亨利坚信他与凯瑟琳的婚姻被神所诅咒The king was an assiduous er of Scripture,国王勤于研读《圣经》and there must have been a sharp intake of breath every time he Leviticus chapter 20, verse 21,而每当他读到《利未记》第20章21节时 必会倒吸一口凉气in which God himself tells Moses,If a man shall take his brothers wife,it is an unclean thing...they shall be childless.上帝面授西 弟娶兄妻 为污秽的事 二人必无子嗣Driven by his fear of dynastic extinction and his passion for Anne,who, as usual, refused to become his mistress,因恐惧王朝香火断绝 又渴望得到不甘为情妇的安妮Henry seized on divorce as the answer to all of his problems.亨利把离婚视作一劳永逸的解决方案Henry wanted a papal annulment of the marriage on grounds of incest.亨利想让罗马教皇以乱伦为 宣布婚姻无效But the Pope couldnt oblige,for in May 1527 the armies of the Emperor Charles V sacked Rome,and made Pope Clement a virtual prisoner.但教皇却不帮忙 因在1527年5月 查理五世的军队攻陷罗马 使教皇克莱门特沦为阶下囚And Charles, who was Queen Catherines nephew,wouldnt allow an annulment while he was in control.而查理 正是皇后凯瑟琳的侄子 在查理掌权时 绝不会废止这桩婚姻Wolsey was the first to be dragged under by this crisis.沃尔西是第一个被牵连进这场危机的人Henry had no use for a Mr Fixit who couldnt fix it,and Wolsey was quickly got rid of,ostensibly for fraud and corruption.亨利不需要一个无能的;万能管家; 沃尔西很快因欺诈和腐败的欲加之罪 被踢出了政坛Within a year, he was dead, charges of high treason still hanging over his head.不到一年 他便背负着叛逆的骂名撒手人寰It was Anne herself who, at some point in 1530,steered the whole problem in a radically new direction.在1530年 安妮自己 将问题引入了一个极端的新方向She put literally into Henrys hands a little book that to her seemed not only fundamentally true,她给了亨利一本小册子 册子的内容 在她看来不仅是真理but also, given present circumstances, extremely useful.更是对当时的处境大有裨益It was by that arch-propagandist william Tyndale, and it was called其作者为宗教改革的主要鼓吹者 威廉·廷代尔;The Obedience of a Christian Man and How Christian Rulers Ought to Govern.;书名为《天主教信徒的顺从与君主的治理》 /201612/485685重庆市治疗不孕不育三甲医院

万州妇幼保健院预约挂号Do you like to eat a sweet treat every now and then?你喜欢时不时地吃些甜食吗?I know I do, and a lot of us enjoy a cookie or a piece of candy when its time for that special goodies.我就喜欢这样,到了特别的甜品时间,我们许多人都喜欢吃上一块饼干或一颗糖果。And whats a birthday without a cake?一个生日没有蛋糕会怎样啊。But as much as we might, like special snacks, like these,但尽管我们很喜欢这些特色小吃,we know that they arent good for us, right?但也知道它们对身体无益,对吧?Fortunately, there are lots of healthier choices out there for when we want something sweet to eat.幸运的是,当我们想吃甜食时,我们还有许多更健康的选择。Foods like apples and bananas are full of things that are good for our bodies像苹果、香蕉之类的食物充满对身体有益的营养,and theyre also naturally sweet.而且它们也是自然甜。The reason that both desserts and fruits taste so sweet is thanks to sugar.多亏了糖,所有的点心和水果才吃起来那么的甜。So where does all that tasty sugar come from?那么,这些可口的糖都来自哪里呢?Believe it or not, the story of sugar starts withthe sun!不管你信不信,糖的故事始于太阳。Green plants catch the light from the sun, and then take the energy in the sunlight,绿色植物捕获阳光,然后吸收其中的能量,and use it with other materials in the air and water, to make a kind of sugar, called glucose.再利用空气和水中的其他物质合成了一种叫做葡萄糖的糖。Plants use this glucose as a source of energy, to help them grow.植物将这些葡萄糖当作能量来帮助自己生长。Then, when animals—including people like us—eat plants,然后,包括我们人类在内的动物吃下这些植物时,our bodies use the glucose in the plants for our own energy, to grow and play.我们的身体将植物中的葡萄糖变成自己的能量,用于生长和运动。Aw, thanks, plants!啊,多谢了,植物们!And glucose is just one kind of sugar that comes from plants.植物产生的糖类不仅仅是葡萄糖。The sugar thats probably in the canisters in your kitchen你家中厨房某个容器里的糖,is another kind of sweet stuff made by plants, called sucrose.是另一种来自植物的糖,叫做蔗糖。Plants move sucrose around from one part of a plant to another, in a liquid called sap.植物通过一种叫树汁的液体将蔗糖从一处转移到另一处。You might aly know that we collect sap from maple trees.你可能已经知道,我们会从枫树上收集树汁。If you cook the sap for a really long time, until most of the water in the sap is gone,如果你长时间地煮制这些树汁,直到其中的大部分水分蒸发,then the sweet stuff thats left behind is what we called maple syrup.留下的甜蜜物质就是我们所说的枫糖浆。But, maple trees are just one plant that we use to get sugar.不过,枫树只是我们获取糖类的其中一种植物而已。Most of the sucrose we eat comes from a plant called sugar cane.我们食用的大部分蔗糖都来源于一种叫甘蔗的植物。Sugar cane grows in places where its warm all year round.甘蔗生长在全年温暖的地区,and its related to the grass that grows in our lawns.它与生长在草坪上的草类似。Its long, thick stems are full of sugar, and when the cane is cut down,甘蔗又长又粗的茎里贮满了糖,在被砍倒后,the stems can be squeezed until all of the sap, or ;juice,;comes out.它的茎会被压榨,直到榨出全部的汁液,或是“糖汁”。We also get sucrose from another plant, called a sugar beet.我们也从另一种叫甜菜的植物中获得蔗糖。Instead of getting sap from the stem though,不像甘蔗用茎制汁,we can crush, cook, and squeeze the root of the sugar beet to get its sweet juice.我们通过粉碎、蒸煮、压榨甜菜的根来获得它的糖汁。All of these plants make and store a lot of sucrose,所有这些植物都会产生并储存很多的蔗糖,so we use them to make the sugar that fills up our sugar bowls.因此我们会用它们来制糖,填满我们的糖罐。But how does it get from the plants and into your bowl?那糖又是怎么从植物那里跑到你的糖罐中的呢?The sugar you eat is made by taking the sap from sugar cane, or the juice from sugar beets,你吃的糖是用甘蔗或者甜菜的汁液,and then heating it, until the water in the juice is gone.通过加热,直到蒸干里面的水分得到的。As it dries, the particles that make up sugar stick to each other,在水分蒸发过程中 组成糖的小分子会黏到一起,making little kind of squares that eventually form sweet little crystals!凝结成小方块儿,最终形成小糖块晶体。So, whether its maple syrup for your pancakes, or sugar for your sugar cookies,所以,不管是薄煎饼里的枫糖浆,还是甜饼干里的糖,or ever a sweet, juicy strawberry, the sugar that you eat comes from plants!甚至是一颗甜而多汁的草莓,你吃的这些糖都来自于植物。And you know what the sweetest part of many plants is? Fruit!你知道大多数植物最甜的部位是哪里吗?果实!Lots of plants store a bunch of sugar in their fruits,许多植物将大量的糖储存在它们的果实中,but, unlike those sticky desserts,但是,不像那些黏黏的甜点,fruit also carries a lot of other good things that your body needs to stay healthy.水果中也含有许多其他保持身体健康所需的物质。Thanks for joining us at SciShow Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀!Do you have a question about a food you like or anything else?如果你有什么关于喜爱的食物或者其他的问题,Then get some help from a grown up and leave us a comment, or send us an email at kids@SciShow.com!那么就请大人帮忙给我们留言,或者发送邮件到kids@SciShow.com。Well see you next time!我们下期见。201706/515730彭水苗族土家族自治县治疗卵巢早衰子宫肌瘤价格表 After that climb,it is a good opportunity for a quick fire and cook up my rat.爬上来后 就有机会生火 烤老鼠吃Normally,youd skinned guts right out of this.通常来讲 你可以像这样扒掉鼠皮掏出内脏But the problem of doing that is you lose a lot of the good nutrits in the skin.但这么做有个问题 就是你吃不到鼠皮上的营养了So I gona do that she is just cooked the whole and this is what the local would do.所以我就拿整只老鼠来烤 这也是当地人采用的做法And then gut it after with and then the hairs off in the flames.掏出内脏 然后用火烧掉鼠毛 There you go.Now you see the body is beginning to swell,好了 现在它的身体开始胀起来make it easier to gut it as well as make it popped and the guts just come out nicely.只要身体烤爆就更方便掏出内脏 内脏自然就流出来了The fact is the other thing,the locals often eat,is the head thats given to the hunter as a prize.事实上还有一样东西 当地人经常食用的 就是鼠头 它也是送给猎人作为礼物Aslo they often need the brain out of it as well.他们还经常 把鼠脑剥离出来Here you go. Rat brain hors doeuvre.Overrated.Oh, thats the back bone.好了 鼠脑开胃菜 名过其实了 吃到脊骨了As I get higher,the landscape is changing dranatically.随着我越走越高 地面景观变化很大See a lot more pines up here,they good indicate getting on the higher ground.这边松树更多 这标志着我已经身处高地These things grow expose tree,rocky soils,这里长了松树 地面没什么遮蔽 还有石质土also as much thin the soil as well,definitely get towards to the ridge line.土层也很薄 很明显我接近山脊了201607/457409綦江大足区治疗抗精子抗体多少钱

重庆医科大学附属口腔医院输卵管不通治疗栏目简介:Investing in the stock market has become easier and easier in China, since many securities companies have opened online channels for people to register new accounts. Some even have service links on Wechat -- Chinas most popular instant messaging app -- to attract investors. What problems does this pose to aly troubled stock regulators? Mi Jiayi has more.201702/492623 These hole things loose here,you probably get scared and start reaching for things.墙上的空洞有点吓人 因为不知道里面有什么Okay, Im at the pipe.And there you see this pipe runs all the way from ceiling down to floor.到水管这儿了 水管从顶楼一直到地面But, actually, its gonna be good friction on this all this rust.这上面很粗糙 擦力很好 都锈了Its gonna be a bit like a giant fireman pole.有点像巨大的消防杆子Its a long way down,and this heating pipe is old and rusty.要滑很长一段距离 这个散热管道又旧又锈Theres no way Ill be able to rely on my arm strength alone,只靠我手臂的力量是不可能的so I have to wrap my legs around it and hang on for dear life.所以我的脚要紧紧攀住水管 这样才能保住小命Strong inner thighs.So far, so good,but the pipe bends below me,making it much harder to negotiate.大腿内侧也得用劲 到目前还好 但是下面的水管改变了方向 使得我很难通过Its a struggle to keep my grip,and with all the dust and dirt, its becoming hard to see and breathe.我挣扎着抓紧水管 再加上有灰尘等 使我看不太清也喘不太过来Im one level down.Lets try and get down to the next bit.我已经下了一层了 试着下到下一层Lets get rid of that.Its straight down for three floors.Control here is everything.扔掉这玩意 水管直直地通到三楼 这里过了 就万事大吉了A fast descent could be as dangerous as a fall.Okay, this ones a one-way ticket.速降是非常危险的 就像坠落一般 现在是直降单程票201610/470839重庆市爱德华医院精索静脉曲张手术费用重庆检测精液费用多少钱



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