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I love my bedroom -- :50:6 来源: I love my bedroom I have a bedroom .It is not big , but it is nice .there is a bed in my bedroom . A yellow dog is on the bed .Every night,I sleep with it . Next to the bed, there is a desk. A bear lamp is on the desk .I like the bear lamp. It's cute. I like to do homework under the lamp every evening. I have a new computer in my bedroom .It is my best friend . Because I study at it, play at it . there are also several beautiful pictures on the wall.I like my bedroom. Do you like it?老友记中英文字幕全季 --7 19:3: 来源: 老友记中英文字幕全季下载地址第1季第1集 莫妮卡的新男友01 The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate (The Pilot-The Uncut Version)[Scene: Central Perk, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica are there.]Monica: There's nothing to tell! He's just some guy I work with!没什么好说的!他不过是我的同事!Joey: Come on, you're going out with the guy! There's gotta be something wrong with him!少来了,你和那个人一起出去!拜托,和你交往的男人一定有问题!Chandler: All right Joey, be nice. So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece?打住,乔伊,嘴下留德他驼背?既驼背又带假发?Phoebe: Wait, does he eat chalk?慢着,他吃粉笔吗?(They all stare, bemused.)Phoebe: Just, 'cause, I don't want her to go through what I went through with Carl- oh!我只是不想你重蹈我和卡尔的覆辙Monica: Okay, everybody relax. This is not even a date. It's just two people going out to dinner and- not having sex.各位别急,这不算约会我们不过是出去吃晚餐,而且不做爱Chandler: Sounds like a date to me.听起来好像是说我的约会[Time Lapse]Chandler: Alright, so I'm back in high school, I'm standing in the middle of the cafeteria, and I realize I am totally naked.记得中学时代的梦,我站在自助餐厅,突然发现自己全身All: Oh, yeah. Had that dream.我做过那样的梦 老友记中英文字幕日记 Diary -- :: 来源: Today I was sad because I was blamed. The day bee yesterday, my father gave me a task. He told me to finish math exercises and he would check today. I have to days to finish them. But I did not, because there was a football game yesterday. I was so tired, so I got them. Today, my father wanted to check my exercises. He found I did not finish, so he scoldedme. He was angry and he do not let me play football anymore. I am afraid I can't play football anymore.今天我很伤心,因为我被责备了前天爸爸交给我一个任务,让我完成数学习题,今天要检查我有两天时间完成,但是我没完成,因为昨天有场球赛,我很累,所以忘记完成了今天,爸爸要检查我的练习他发现我没完成,责骂了我他很生气并且不再让我踢足球了我恐怕以后再也没机会踢球了班级郊游 Class Activities -- ::53 来源: Yesterday wasSaturday. Our class went an outing. We met at the school gate at 8:00a.m. We took a bus there. We went to theXiangshanMountain. It took aboutfifty minutes to get there. We climbed to the top of the mountain. From the top,we could see the whole city. It was so beautiful. We had a short rest on thetop. And then, we went downhill. There is a lake in the bottom of the mountain.We had a picnic at the lake. We all took foods and shared with others. We werereally happy yesterday.昨天是星期六,我们班出去郊游了我们八点在校门口集合坐公车去香山到那总共花了十五分钟我们爬上了山顶从山顶我们可以看到整座城市,它是那么美丽我们在山顶短暂的休息了一会然后就下山了山脚下有一个湖,我们就在湖边野餐我们都带来食物并和大家分享昨天我们真的很开心

中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:古陶文明物馆 -- :7:57 来源: 中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:古陶文明物馆Top : Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization古陶文明物馆The museum is located near the Beijing Da-Guan Garden, lending it an air or originality and tranquility to go with its decidedly antique flavor. The Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization specializes, unsurprisingly, in pottery culture. The culture relics it preserves include more than 0 ancient painted pottery relics from the Neolithic Age and potter from the Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties. It also holds more than 300 circular fa?ade tiles from the Warring States period and Qin and Han Dynasties, as well as more than 1,000 lutes from the Qin and Han Dynasties. The museum also features a further ,000 pieces of ancient pottery.古陶文明物馆位于北京大观园附近,勿庸置疑,古陶文明物馆以陶文化为专题,保存的文物包括新石器时代和周、秦、汉朝的古代陶文物0多件,战国秦汉瓦当300 余件,秦汉封泥 00 余件其收藏到00余件古陶是古陶文明物馆的一大特色 私人物馆英文介绍 古陶文明物馆

爱的力量Love Power -- :7:19 来源: Wealways say that love has great power to fix anything. But what power does lovehave and how it works? In my opinion, love is the firmest connection betweenpeople. The relationship between people may be connected due to variousreasons, but love helps people understand and accept each other. So people cankeep their relationship much longer. Besides, love can heal a wounded heart. Sometimes,we may be hurt by others or we may suffer some unexpected accidents. They ofcourse will depress us. But love given by others can pull us out of depression.Because they love us, they will be around us and help us.我们常说爱有巨大的力量可以弥补任何东西,但是爱到底有什么力量?它是怎样给我们力量的呢?我认为,爱是维系人与人之间的关系最牢固的纽带人与人之间的关系可能会因为种种原因而形成,但是能让人们相互理解、相互接受,所以关系能维系得更久另外,爱能治愈一颗受伤的心有的时候,我们肯能会被他人伤害,或是遭遇到意想不到的灾祸,这都会使我们感到沮丧,但是他人给予的爱却能把我们脱离沮丧,因为他们爱我们,所以他们会相伴左右,向我们伸出援手

海伦的周末计划Helen’s Weekend Plan -- :: 来源: Dear Lily,亲爱的莉莉:Do you want to know my weekend plan? Now let me tell you my weekend plan:你想知道我的周末计划吗?现在让我来告诉你吧:On Saturday morning, I’m going to do housework and watch TV. After lunch, I’m going to listen to music. In the evening, I’m going shopping with my mother.星期六早上,我打算做点家务,看看电视午餐后,我打算去听音乐晚上,我打算跟我妈妈去购物On Sunday morning, I’m going to watch TV, books and do homework. After that, it’s lunchtime. Then I’m going to listen to music and get y school.星期天早上,我打算看电视,看书,做作业之后就到午餐时间了再然后我会去听听音乐,准备好去学校My weekend is busy, but I’m going to have a good time! What about you? What are you going to do on the weekend?我的周末很忙碌,但是我会过得很开心的!你呢?周末你打算做什么呢? Yours, Helen 海伦

Ier Beauty --19 ::1 来源: Recently, many beautiful, sender actresses have been posing sexy pictures to earn money. It is an easy way to become famous. However, their beauty goes no deeper than their lovely skin. If we understand what real beauty is , we can enrich ourselves with books to gain knowledge, or participate in all sorts of activities to gain experience. In my opinion, a dazzling and confident smile comes from someone with inner beauty.

苍山洱海英文导游词 -- :0:30 来源: 苍山洱海英文导游词  Fellow friends: Hello! Toured the Dali old city, initially has feltthis humanities landscape profoundness; Now we watch the CangshanErhai, understands the Dali's America of scenery.   First, we ride the yacht to go to the Erhai park. The Erhai park othername group mountain park, is l ocated the Hsiakuan city northeast kilometers place groups mountains. North it near ocean waves Wan QingErhai, west and Cangshan SouthEnd setting sun peak relative. WhenNanzhao country, here is king's deer park. In 1976 here newly wardedoff the park, Occupiesdi 1,600 Chinese acres. On the mountain has thezoo and the plant nursery flower-bed, broadly plants the Dali areaeach kind of precious flower different plant, is very good rests placeof the tour.   Now the pleasure boat to the Erhai park near the sea causeway, we cameashore to the ship, this is under the group foot of a hill Binhai tourarea along 70 multistage stone steps AscendsLevel on, we arrive the summit.Everybody looked that, this Curls upwardsAngle upturned eave pavilion is looks thesea building, the eave hangs from above the plaque, submits a writtenstatement: Jade Er silver dark green ", the black bottom goldcharacter, vigorous is classically elegant, it is the Chinese inadmiration of somebody's fame painter Wu Zuoren's writing skill. Looksthe sea building is understands "the jade Er silver dark green"happiest extent, leans against a railing looks out into the distance:East side Erhai vast, boundless, west Cangshan is continuous,luxuriant is gray.   Fellow friends, let us go on board once more, roams through to Erhaiin. But I first must to everybody introduction be actually amCangshan. merly, we in the Dali city, under on the dark green footof a hill road, have not been able to look at carefully the Cangshangrand appearance well. Just like the ancient said "does not know thetruth about the matter, only reason body in this mountain"; Looks thesea building in the Erhai park, the angle of view Inclines, also onlycan see the Cangshan terminal. Now, unceasingly leads the way alongwith the pleasure boat, in our eye Cangshan is not clearer? Somepeople said that, a Hengduan pulse condition great arm, the plateau extended west Yunnan from "the roof of the world" to thesouth, Cangshan was in this world famous sierra a cloud range branch.   Cangshan, also names the Diancang, is green because of its mountaincolor, the mountain apex acquires fame in vain. Cangshan altogetherhas 19 peaks. This 19 peaks from the north to the south order are: Thecloud makes, green, five, the lotus flower, the white clouds, thecrane cloud, three positive, the blue peak, the snowman, should behappy, the Goddess of Mercy, center and, Longquan, the jade   bureau,Malone, the saint should, Buddha go against, Ma Er, the setting sun.In 19 peaks, the Malone peak is highest, elevation , meters. TheCangshan 19 peaks, two peaks clamp a brook, altogether 18 brooks; Eastthe mountain stream flows, pours into Erhai, 18 brooks from north tosouth, the base arrangement is: South the rosy cloud moves, Wan Hua,the positive brook, the awn wells up, the brocade brook, the spiritspring, the white stone, the double mandarin duck, hides the immortal,Mei Xi, the peach brook, center the brook, the emerald, Longxi, clearblue, remnant, Pavilion mouth, is not positive.   The Cangshan scenery by the snow, the cloud, SpringStone is famous. I firstintroduce Cangshan to everybody the snow. After the summer needlessCangshan snow, is Dali "the love affair" four given names scenery. Thesnow white Cangshan snow, all previous dynasties literatiapproves the refined language quite a lot, the folklore also many. Thethe Ming Dynasty writer Li Yuanyang once praised: "Date Li Cangshansnow, Precioustai 19 peaks". 苍山洱海 英文导游词

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