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玩笑(A Joke) -- ::38 来源: 玩笑(A Joke)  There was a cave full of lots of vampire bats. Once, a bat called Andy came home late and there was of blood all over his body.  All of his friends and family asked him where the blood came from, and asked him to take place. He didn't want to tell them at first, but after a while, he said "Follow me, folks".  Then they flew over a valley, crossed a river, and stopped in front of a stone. Andy asked "Do you guys see that tree?" And his friends all answered "Yes" And then Andy said "I didn't".

学无止境(here Is No End to Learning) -- :59: 来源: 学无止境(here Is No End to Learning)    一天晚饭后,我去公园散步,碰巧在公园门口遇见了几位外宾我走过去对他们说:“晚安”他们微笑着并对我说:“晚上好”  我非常吃惊,我不知道他们为什么不说“晚安”所以我在回家后给我的老师打电话请求帮助我的老师清楚的给我解释,当然是我说错了  从这件事情我认识到,努力学习英语是非常重要的,学无止境  学无止境(there is no end to learning)  one day, i went out a walk after supper. i happened to meet several eign guests at the gate of the park. i went up to them and said, "good ning !" they smiled and said "good evening!" to me.  i was very surprised. i wondered why they didn't say "good night." so i called my teacher help when i came back. my teacher explained it clearly and of course i was wrong.  from this event, i realize how important it is to study english hard. there is no end to learning.

Obey the Traffic Rules at Any Time -- :5: 来源: Obey the Traffic Rules at Any Time 任何时候都要遵守交通规则  It was aly : when I got up this afternoon. Classes would begin in a quarter. I quickly ran out and got on my bike.  On my way to school, I rode fast. When I reached the crossing, the traffic lights were red, but I didn't stop my bike. A policeman stopped me, and asked me whey I didn't stop when the lights were red. I told him classes would begin in no time. He told me with a smile to obey the traffic rules next time and let me go.  I'll remember ever that we must obey the rules at any time.    下午当我起床时,时间已经是:了再过分钟就上课了,我快速地跑出去登上了车  上学的路上我骑得很快当我到路口时,正好是红灯,可是我没有停车警察拦住了我,并问我为什么闯红灯我告诉他马上就要上课了他笑着告诉我下一次摇遵守交通规则,然后让我走了  我摇永远记住任何时候都要遵守规则

《六天七夜精对白 -- :55:53 来源:   剧情简介:奎因·哈里斯是个脾气暴躁的货机驾驶员,只管开着飞机来往运送货物,不太喜欢与人打交道而与未婚夫一起来度假的纽约杂志女编辑罗宾则是个话多想法也多的姑娘这次是她长久以来盼望的度假旅行令人扫兴的是,杂志社通知她必须提前返回处理急务罗宾只好用钱买通奎因,搭他的货机返回大溪地谁知,飞行被暴风雨所阻,他们被迫降落在荒无人烟的小岛上,两个人在一起共度六天七夜经历了一系列惊险事件之后,彼此竟不可思议地相爱了......Taking a romantic tropical island week off with her boyfriend, an ambitious, decisive New York girl aGREes to help her magazine out by covering a story on a neighbouring island. the only plane available is piloted by a laid-back heavy drinker with whom she shares a mutual dislike. But she has no choice and he can''t refuse the money. When the plane crash-lands on an uninhabited island with little chance of rescue they both wish they had made other arrangements - at least to start with.影片片段:Robin: So, what are we, like, shipwrecked?Quinn: How do you want it?Robin: Excuse me?Quinn: Do you want it sugar-coated or right between the eyes?Robin: You pick.Quinn: We''ve only got one wheel, so we can''t take off. Lightening fried(烧毁,烧坏)the radio and the emergency location transmitter(紧急定位讯号发送器). Air-Sea(海空联合搜救队)will probably try a rescue, but without a beacon to hone in...it''s like trying to find a flea on an elephant''s ass. The only thing we''ve got is...this flare gun(信号) and a single flare.Robin: Is it too late to get it sugar-coated?Quinn: That was sugar-coated.Robin: Well, then, what''s the bad news?Quinn: the bad news is we may be here a long time. You and me. a long, long...long, long, long, long time.Robin: Well, I want my 0 back.Quinn: What?Robin: You heard me. My 0. I want it back. You said you were gonna take me to Tahiti. You didn''t. Give it back. Come on.Quinn: One, two, three...Robin: Wha...Quinn: I figure I got you halfway.Robin: Halfway? Halfway?Quinn: Halfway.Robin: Halfway? Whoo! Halfway? Oh, boy, you''re good! Whoo! You got me halfway! That''s fantastic!Quinn: Wha...what are you doing? Hey! Hey! Get away from my plane!Robin: Oh, you be quiet!Quinn: Goddamn it! Get outta here!Robin: I''m gonna do something!Quinn: Hey! Leave that stuff alone!Robin: You shut up!Quinn: Come on out! Get outta there! What do you think you''re doing? Leave me stuff a...Hey, hey, come on!Robin: What''s this? It''s a boat.Quinn: It''s a life raft(筏, 救生艇, 橡皮船) .Robin: We can use that to get off the island.Quinn: Where are you gonna go? You don''t even know where you are. Last thing you wanna do is go bouncing around the ocean...in an eight-foot blowup boat.Robin: Don''t tell me what I want!Quinn: Give that...Give it!Hey, don''t pull on that! Leave it alone! Hey, hey!Robin: Oh! Oh! Get...Wait! Wait! Get me out! No! Oh! Quinn!Oh!Quinn! Get me out of here! Get me...Get me out of here!Quinn: Are you gonna stop acting like a lunatic(疯子)?Robin: Fuck you!Quinn: Pardon me? What''d you say? That''s what I thought you said.Robin: Quinn!语言点提示:1. sugar-coated 包了糖的,糖衣的这里借指把一件糟糕的事情婉转地说出right between the eyes,一下击中要害,这里借指直接说出还消息,没有任何隐瞒. to find a flea on an elephant''s ass. 大海捞针,另一种说法是to look a needle in a haystack 《六天七夜精对白

二年级英语作文:My good friend --1 01:8:39 来源: I have a good friend. She is a beautiful girl. She has long black hair, two big black eyes and a red mouth. Her voice is better. She is good at singing.She is a clever girl. She likes ing books , playing computer games and che. She is also nice. She often hel us . Our clamates like her very much..Can you gue her name? She is my good friend -Xu jiaojiao.

《毕业生经典台词 -- 3::37 来源:kekenet 在这一幕中,他经不起自己爸爸的好朋友的老婆的勾引来到了一个宾馆开房间,我们一起来体验一下他在极度尴尬的情况下说的英语说不定能帮你回忆起一些往事MRS. ROBINSON: Hello, Benjamin.BEN: Oh. Hello. MRS. ROBINSON: May I sit down?BEN: Of course.MRS. ROBINSON: Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: How are you?BEN: Very well. Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: May I have a drink?BEN: A drink? Of course.(Ben looks toward a passing WAITER and raises his hand.the waiter pays no attention. Ben looks back at Mrs. Robinson apologetically.)BEN: He didn''t see me.MRS. ROBINSON: Waiter!MRS. ROBINSON: I will have a martini.WAITER #1: Yes, madam.MRS. ROBINSON: You don''t have to be so nervous, you know.BEN: Nervous. Well, I am a bit nervous. I mean it''s 经典台词 毕业生

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