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How do I negotiate a job offer, but not lose the job?应该怎样跟雇主协商聘用条件,而不会失去这份工作呢?You can negotiate a job offer without losing the job by being fair and courteous to the employer. If you have multiple offers on the table, you need to let all the other employers know that that is the scenario. Sometimes that will put you in a better situation because the employers may come back and say well, well offer you more money then or, what do we need to do to get you to turn down these other offers. Thats the ideal scenario. You can always buy a little bit of time by letting an employer know that you have some other offers to consider or that youre continuing to interview. You can also negotiate salary again at this point if you have other offers on the table. Now, if an employer starts to balk or they come back and they start to be very rigid in terms of their terms and conditions, thats a very good indication that you probably cant push things any farther than you have. So, at that point, its probably going to come down to a take it or leave it scenario and you need to be prepared for that. If you have other offers on the table, thats always great, but if not just be prepared to reach that point in the negotiation process where there is going to be that final, this is it, take it or leave it.与雇主协商雇佣条件时,做到公平勇敢,这样就不会失去这份工作。如果你同时收到几家公司的聘用通知,一定要让其他雇主知道。有时这会让你处于更好的形势,因为雇主可能会回心转意,告诉你,“我们给你提供更高的薪水,我们应该怎样做你才肯推掉其他公司呢?”当然,这是比较理想的情况。你可以拖延一点时间,让雇主知道你还要考虑其他聘用通知,或者要继续面试。这时你可以再次提出自己的薪资要求。现在,如果雇主开始犹豫,或者回过头来,言辞和态度开始严厉,这暗示你可能不能获得更好的条件呢。这时,你应该接受这份工作,或者离开。对于这种场景,你要做好思想准备。如果你还有其他聘用通知,这当然很好。但是如果没有,在协商过程中一定要注意分寸,最终决定接受还是拒绝这份工作。Thanks for watching How To Negotiate A Job Offer Without Losing The Job.感谢收看“怎样在不丢掉工作的条件下与雇主协商条件”视频节目。201209/202294

Today in History: Sunday, April 21, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月21日,星期天April 21th 1910 Writer and humorist Mark Twain dies of heart disease in Redding, Connecticut at age 74. Among his works: Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer and The Prince and the Pauper.1926 We can make sense of the future if we understand the lessons of the past.Britains Queen Elizabeth II who has ruled for more than a half century is born in London.1918 During World War I, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the German flying ace known as the Red Baron is killed in action.1977 ;Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you. Tomorrow, youre always a day away...;In New York, the musical Annie based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strip opens on Broadway.Today in History, April 21st, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201304/235985

How To Deal With Homesickness At College on HowcastYou’re away at school and miss home. It’s natural, but can be overcome.远离学校拟在大学读书,你很想家。这很正常,也能克。Step 1: Realize things are differentUnderstand that things will be different, and so you shouldn’t try to make it home. It’s a different time and place, but that’s a good thing.第一步:意识到事情是不一样的。理解事情是不一样的,所以你不应该试图营造像家那样的氛围。时间和地点都不同,这是好事。Step 2: Bring mementosBring a piece of home. Something small will help remind you of home without being solely focused on it.第二步:准备一些纪念品。准备一片写有家的饰品。一些小东西会帮你想到家而不是将心思全放到家上面。Step 3: Think positiveFocus on what you’re gaining. College is a fun and interesting time in someone’s life. Focus on the fact that you’re getting an education, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.第三步:想些积极的事想想你收获的东西。大学是人生中美好且有趣的时光。将心思放到你获得的教育,遇到了新朋友,体验到了新事物。Step 4: Know you're not aloneKnow that you’re not alone. Most freshmen are in the same boat as you. Talk to classmates and ask how they are dealing with it.第四步:知道你并不是孤独的。知道你并不是孤独的。许多大一新生和你一样。多和同学谈谈,问问他们是如何处理想家的。Step 5: Keep in touchKeep in touch. Send emails to old friends—who, incidentally, may be feeling the same thing—at their new school, too. Call friends and relatives.第五步:保持联系。保持联系。给你的老朋友发电子邮件—他们在新的学校里也会有同样的感受。多给朋友和亲戚打电话。Step 6: Get involvedGet involved. Join a club, campus radio station, yearbook staff, frat, or sorority. Volunteer or run for office. This will help you focus on the present.第六步:参加活动。参加活动。加入俱乐部,校园广播站,年鉴编撰,大学生联谊会或是大学女生联谊会。做自愿者或是竞选班委会。这会帮你将注意力放到现在。Step 7: Plan a visitPlan a visit. Have a friend visit you or go home for a long weekend. You may just miss college life.第七步:计划一次拜访。计划一次拜访。让朋友来看你或是回家度过一个长的周末。你可能会想念大学生活。Tip:Think carefully about whether or not to go home at weekends. Some students find it helps to ease the transition; others find the constant justment makes them feel worse.小贴士:是否周末回家要仔细思考。有些学生回家会对思家情绪有帮助,而有些人发现重新适应会使他们感觉更糟。Step 8: Keep a journalKeep a journal. Write down what you’re feeling. When you look back in a year or two, you’ll see how far you’ve come.第八步:写日记。写日记。将你的感想写下来。一,两年后,当你回过头来看时,你会发现你的进步。Step 9: Talk with friendsTalk about your feelings with your roommate or friends.第九步:和朋友交谈和室友或朋友说说你的感受。Step 10: Visit new placesGo to new places you don’t normally visit on campus so you can see and meet new people. Swing by the photo lab, chemistry hall, new coffeeshop, and so on.第十步:参观新的地方去一些校园里你平时不经常去的地方,你会看到和遇见陌生人。比如照片冲洗室,化学实验室,新的咖啡屋等等。201010/115150

The human body needs 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day. Fiber, or roughage, is essential for balanced digestion. It helps prevent constipation, and colon cancer. Heres how to get the most you can.人体每天需要摄入25克至30克纤维。纤维或粗粮对于消化平衡是必须的。可以防止便秘和结肠癌。以下就是怎样摄入最大量的纤维的几种途径。Step 1: The Produce Section1.农产品Fiber is found in any plant-like food. But some plants are better than others. Instead of potato chips which hold only 1 gram of fiber, chomp an apple, sink your teeth into a pear or pop some raisins. Youll need about 10 apples to get the daily fiber requirement, so mix it up. Fruits are particularly high in fiber, but any fruit will do.任何植物类食品中都含有纤维,但是有一些植物食品更好。炸土豆片中只有1克纤维,不如吃个苹果,吃个梨或者葡萄干。你每天要吃10个苹果才能满足身体所需的纤维,所以可以混合起来吃。水果的纤维含量特别高,任何水果都可以。Step 2: Veg-Out2.蔬菜Your mother always said eat your vegetables… she really does know everything. Veggies are a great source of fiber. Raw or cooked, you can never have enough. Peas, carrots and broccoli are some of the heavy weights. Raw veggies are best, but you can steam them to taste.母亲可能总是告诉你多吃蔬菜。她是正确的。蔬菜中含有丰富的纤维。无论是生的还是煮熟的,吃多少都不会过量。豌豆,胡萝卜和西兰花的纤维含量都比较高。生蔬菜是最好的,不过最好蒸熟之后食用。Step 3: Pills And Powder3.药片和药粉Fiber can be hard to come by in your day to day activities. Taking fiber in pill form will give you your daily dose. Dont like pills? Buy fiber in powder form and add it to your meals or drinks. There are many powders to choose from and all will dissolve in your food or beverage.纤维很难通过日常活动来获得。用药片形式的纤维可以补充每天的身体需求。不喜欢药片状的纤维?可以购买粉状的,添加到每天的饮食或饮料中。有许多粉状纤维供选择,所有的粉状纤维都可以溶入食物或饮料中。Step 4: Aww Nuts4.坚果We all like to snack throughout the day, so make it count. A handful of almonds or peanuts will give you a fiber boost. Just dont go ;nuts; with nuts. Theyre high in calories and fat so dont get carried away or youll be gaining more than just fiber in your diet.我们都喜欢吃点零食,那么让零食变得更有意义一点吧。一把杏仁或花生都可以增加体内的纤维。但是也不要太迷恋坚果,因为热量和脂肪含量很高,不要边走边吃,否则,增加的不仅仅是纤维。Step 5: Read The Fine Print5.阅读标签With a little research you can find the fiber. Read the nutrition labels and choose foods that are high in fiber or have added fiber. Avoid the white b and choose the dark side- whole wheat.通过一点点调查你就能找到纤维。阅读一下营养成分表,选择一些纤维含量较高或额外添加了纤维的食品。不要吃白面包,而选择全麦面包。Study the labels carefully to make sure you are getting all that you deserve.认真研究标签,确保营养均衡。Thanks for watching How To Add Fiber To Your Diet.感谢收看“怎样向饮食中添加纤维”视频节目。 /201211/208609

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