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After meeting with a group of gay people who said they had been bullied, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, appeared on the cover of Attitude, a gay magazine, and urged young people to report instances of abuse to an adult.剑桥公爵威廉王子登上了同性恋杂志《态度》(Attitude)的封面,呼吁年轻人向成年人反映虐待现象。在此之前,威廉王子还会见了一群称自己受到霸凌的同性恋者。“No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason, and no one should have to put up with the kind of hate that these young people have endured in their lives,” Prince William said in an accompanying statement. “You should be proud of the person you are, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”“任何人都不该因为性取向或其他任何原因受到欺侮,任何人都不应容忍这些年轻人在生活中忍受的憎恶,”威廉王子在随杂志一同发表的声明中说。“你应该以自己为傲,不用觉得羞耻。”The cover was planned weeks before a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., killed 49 people, but the magazine said in a statement that the type of hatred exhibited by the gunman, Omar Mateen, begins at an early age.这一期封面的策划发生在造成49人死亡的奥兰多同性恋夜店击案的前几周。但该杂志在一份声明中表示,手奥马尔·马廷(Omar Mateen)表现出的那种仇恨在他小时候就开始了。“Such violence does not exist in a vacuum but snowballs from intolerance and bullying that begins in classrooms, too often comes from politicians, religious leaders and is often not treated with respect by the media,” the statement .“这种暴力并非凭空而来,而是不宽容和欺侮行为滚成的雪球,这种不宽容和欺侮从上学时就开始出现,很多时候来自政界人物和宗教领袖,并且常常得不到媒体的重视,”声明写道。For Prince William, the decision to meet with members of the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community appears to be a further venture into gay rights issues and an extension of a broader effort to combat bullying. In April, he established a task force to help combat cyberbullying — on Tuesday, Kensington Palace announced that Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, had joined the effort. 对威廉王子来说,决定会见同性恋、双性恋和跨性别者群体的成员,似乎是在同性恋权益问题上的又一次尝试,也是一项打击欺侮行为的广泛行动的延伸。4月,他成立了一个工作小组,帮助打击欺侮行为。周二,肯辛顿宫(Kensington Palace)宣布,万维网的发明者蒂姆·伯纳斯-李爵士(Tim Berners-Lee)加入该小组。Prince William is not the first royal to champion a high-profile cause, but Arianne Chernock, an associate professor of history at Boston University who specializes in modern British history, said that Prince William; his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge; and his brother, Prince Harry, had gravitated toward more sensitive topics than others had in the past.威廉王子不是首位投身广受关注的倡导事业的王室成员,但波士顿大学(Boston University)专门研究现代英国史的副教授艾丽安·彻诺克(Arianne Chernock)表示,威廉王子和他的妻子、剑桥公爵夫人凯瑟琳及弟弟哈里王子关心的话题,比过去其他人关注的更敏感。L.G.B.T. issues, Ms. Chernock said, might have been seen as “an underdog cause” until relatively recently, and was perhaps the kind of work that would have attracted the duke’s mother, Princess Diana.彻诺克表示,可能直到最近,LGBT问题还被当做是“一项弱者事业”,是可能会吸引公爵的母亲戴安娜王妃的那种工作。“I think they’re building on Diana,” Ms. Chernock said, “who really championed the other causes other people didn’t want to touch.”“我认为他们是在发扬戴安娜的风格,”彻诺克说。“她真的持其他人不愿触碰的其他事业。”Ms. Chernock said that Diana understood that the news media could be used to bring awareness to her causes; she also knew that it could help keep the royal family relevant and fashion her image as a royal. When she chose to shake hands with an H.I.V.-positive man in 1987, she was credited with helping to shed light on a cause that had been shunned and ignored. 彻诺克称,戴安娜知道去利用新闻媒体来让外界关注她持的事业;她也知道这样有助于保持王室的影响力,塑造她作为王室成员的形象。在1987年选择同一个HIV检测呈阳性的人握手时,她的举动被认为有助于人们了解一项一直被逃避和忽略的事业。;That was a really huge turning point for her,” Ms. Chernock said, “and really did change a lot of the public attitude toward H.I.V. AIDS in particular, but as a consequence, the gay community more generally.”“对她来说,那真的是一个很大的转折点,”彻诺克说,“真的让公众的态度发生了很大的改变,尤其是对HIV/艾滋病,也因而改变了对同性恋群体的态度。”Her sons have largely followed her blueprint. In March, Prince Harry made headlines when he spoke about the need for gender equality while on a visit to Nepal. But Prince William’s decision to allow himself to be photographed for a gay magazine, Ms. Chernock said, shows a royal “pushing the envelope further than we’ve seen before.” 她的两个儿子在很大程度上继承了她的风格。3月,哈里王子在访问尼泊尔期间谈到须实行性别平等一事,成为热门新闻。但彻诺克说,威廉王子同意为一份同性恋杂志拍摄封面的决定表明,王室“正在进一步挑战极限”。 /201606/449936

Ever wonder what keeps some people faithful while others are sping their cooties all around town? Well, there#39;s more to monogamy than sheer willpower, according to new research.你是否好奇为什么有些人忠诚,而另一些人却到处沾花惹草?根据最新研究表明,一夫一妻制需要的不仅仅是单纯的意志力。In a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, scientists recruited nearly 250 heterosexual people and had them rate the attractiveness of members of the opposite sex…all in the name of science.在一项发表在《人格与社会心理学报》的研究中,科学家招募了250名异性恋,并要求他们对其他异性成员的吸引力打分...一切以科学的名义。In one experiment, people were shown a pic of someone of the opposite sex, as well as a profile that included whether they were single or in a relationship. People who were in a relationship tended to say that single people (who might be a ;threat to their relationship,; according to the study) were less attractive than other single people deemed them.在一项实验中,在向人们展示异性的照片时,还附上照片上的人是单身或交往的信息。相比于单身的人,那些正在交往的人会觉得照片上的单身人士比较缺乏吸引力(研究说这是因为单身人士可能会“威胁到他们现在已有的关系”)。In a second experiment, people were asked to report how satisfied they were in their relationship before ranking the attractiveness of others. People who said they were happy with their S.O. once again ranked single folks as less attractive. But, those who weren#39;t all that satisfied in their relationship were more likely to say those singles were lookin#39; mighty fine.在第二项实验中,在要求参与者为其他人打分前,先询问他们对目前交往关系的满意程度。那些对自己的伴侣比较满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士吸引力较低。但是,对自己交往关系不满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士看起来不错。While this is super interesting, what does it mean? Scientists say that when we#39;rehappy in a relationship, we want to keep things that way. As a result, we unconsciously downgrade the looks of other people in our minds so that they don#39;t tempt us to cheat.很有趣对吧,这意味着什么呢?科学家对此表示,当我们对自己的交往关系满意时,我们想保持现状。因而,我们会无意识地为其他人的外观打出低分,这样他们就不会诱使我们出轨。Of course, there#39;s a huge difference between thinking someone is hot and actually stepping out on your S.O., and it#39;s totally possible to think Zac Efron is sexy while still being into your guy (ahem, just saying...).当然,觉得某个人很火辣,和真的背着你的伴侣出轨之间有着巨大的不同。你可以在忠于你的伴侣的同时,仍觉得扎克·埃夫隆性感(咳咳,只是说说…) /201607/453536

Shanghai plans to introduce an online appointment booking service for people wanting a divorce, in a bid to make the process more organized and convenient for the growing number of couples in the city looking to end their marriages.近日,随着上海市寻求离婚的夫妇人数不断增加,为使办理流程更有秩序、更便捷,上海市计划为想办理离婚的人士推出网上预约务。Since the launch of the amended Marriage Registration Regulation on Feb 1, an added procedure involving inquiries and questions has increased the length of the process to register for a divorce from around 25 to 35 minutes to a new time of between 45 and 55 minutes.自2月1日新《婚姻登记工作规范》发布以来,新增的询问程序导致办理离婚登记的耗时从25-35分钟左右延长至45-55分钟。Couples must now talk to staff at the registration office separately to independently confirm their willingness to proceed and statements they have made.现在,办理离婚的夫妇必须与登记处工作人员单独交谈,各自确认其离婚意愿、离婚协议。The additional work and slower process was part of the reason why Pudong district#39;s civil affairs bureau chose to reduce the number of appointments it would handle each day. That, in turn, has led to crowded waiting rooms.这些附加的工作和缓慢的进程是浦东新区民政局选择每天限号办理离婚的部分原因。这反过来又导致了等候室的拥挤。;We are discussing launching an online booking system for couples to select an appointment time in advance to shorten the waiting time and control the number of daily filings,; said Sun Xiaohong, deputy director of the marriage management department at the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.上海民政局婚姻管理处副主任孙晓红说道:“我们正在讨论推出一个在线预约系统,提前为夫妇选择预约时间,以缩短等待时间和控制日常的工作量。”More than 3.6 million couples divorced across the country in 2014, 3.9 percent higher than in the previous year.2014年我国共有超过360万对夫妇选择离婚,这一数字要比前一年高出3.9%。 /201603/433510




  GIVE ME AN LOAN!给我贷款!Owen#39;s life became way easier after he began living according to the ;What would a 3-year-old do?;rule欧文的生活变得容易了当他根据“一个3岁的孩子会怎么办?”的规则开始生活后 /201607/451691Study found women spend 6 months of working life deciding what to wear. They spend 17 minutes a day, or four days a year, going through wardrobe.一项研究发现,女性一辈子中,总共要花6个月的时间来决定穿什么。平均每天要花17分钟,一年下来就要耗费掉4天的时间在衣柜前。It#39;s a familiar scene for most women: staring at your wardrobe with mounting levels of panic about what to wear.大多数女性都会有这样熟悉的场景:盯着自己的衣柜,却完全不知道自己要穿什么。After rifling through – and rejecting – multiple items, it can seem like an age before you finally decide on an outfit.选衣-否定-再选衣…如此循环往复,等你最终决定要穿什么的时候,时间好像已经过了一个世纪。So it may not come as a surprise that a study has found women spend almost six months of their working life deciding what to wear.所以,当有研究指出女性会花费一生中6个月的时间来选择着装的话,就不会令人感到那么惊奇了。Worries over what to wear can also cause ‘wardrobe rage#39;, with 62 per cent of women admitting to irrational tantrums as a result. Even men are not immune, with a third experiencing it – and one in five admitting they have thrown clothes around the room.对于着装的焦虑也会导致一种“衣柜愤怒”,62%的女性承认她们为此变得不理性、易怒。但是男人也不能在这个问题上免疫,有三分之一的男性经历过类似的事情,五分之一的男性承认他们在家里把衣扔得到处都是。The poll of 2,000 men and women by Marks and Spencer found that 15 per cent of adults say outfit drama has often ruined their mood for the rest of the day.马克斯和斯宾塞对2000名男女做了一个调查。据调查结果显示,其中15%的人表示,“今天穿什么”这件事经常会毁了他们那一整天的心情。Time spent on clothes choice means one in ten of us regularly arrive late to work, and one in 20 have missed an occasion altogether. And 21 per cent of women admitted clothing struggles have caused them to row with a partner.在着装上耗费时间导致了十分之一的人经常迟到,二十分之一的人错过了机会。而21%的女性承认,在“穿什么”问题上的纠结导致了她们和其另一半的争吵。The study also found that although the average Briton#39;s wardrobe contains 152 items, just 44 per cent are worn regularly.此外,这份研究还显示,尽管英国人衣柜里平均有152件衣,但是经常穿的衣占比只有44%。 /201606/449823

  After studying the daily habits of 177 self-made millionaires over the course of five years, Thomas C. Corley found that they avoid one costly habit: procrastination.在花费5年的时间研究了177个白手起家百万富翁的生活习惯之后,Thomas C. Corley发现他们都避开了一个代价颇高的习惯:拖延症。;It prevents even the most talented individuals from realizing success in life,; he writes in his upcoming book, ;Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.;“即使是最有才能的人,若是拖延的话,也无法成功,”他在自己即将出版的《改变习惯,改变生活》这本书中这样写道。This goes hand-in-hand with author Napoleon Hill#39;s assertion that the wealthiest people are also the most decisive people.这与作家拿破仑·希尔的论断——“最富有的人也是最果断的人”——不谋而合。Out of the 500 millionaires Hill studied in the early 20th century, ;Every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly,; Hill wrote in his 1937 classic, ;Think and Grow Rich.;20世纪早期,希尔对500多位百万富翁进行了研究,“他们中每个人都有迅速决策的习惯,”希尔在他1937年的经典作品《思考致富》中这样写道。One of the major causes of procrastination is lack of passion, Corley emphasizes: ;We simply like to do the things we like to do and we put off the things we do not like to do.;造成拖延的一大主要原因是缺少,科利强调说:“我们只喜欢做自己爱做的事,并且推迟做我们不喜欢做的事情。”;According to Gallup, only 13% of employees are #39;engaged#39; in their jobs, or emotionally invested in their work,; Corley writes.科利写道:“据盖洛普民意测验所的数据来看,仅有13%的员工#39;专注于#39;他们的工作,或者在他们的工作中投入情感。”;Whether you realize it or not, procrastination is a big reason why you are struggling financially in life. It damages your credibility with employers and fellow colleagues at work. It also affects the quality of your work and this affects the business you or your employer receive from customers, clients, and business relationships.;“不管你有没有意识到,拖延是你在生活中遭遇经济危机的一大重要原因。老板和同事都会认为你不可信。这也会影响到你的工作质量,影响到你和你老板从顾客、客户以及有业务关系的人那里得到的生意机会。”The good news is that anyone can overcome procrastination — and it#39;s simpler than you may think. He also notes that ;the voice of procrastination screams just as loud and clear in the minds of those who excel in life as it does in the minds of those who do not.;但是有个好消息:任何人都能克拖延症,而且这比你想象的还要简单。他还写道:“不管是有所成就的人,还是一事无成的人,拖延症在他们脑袋里发出的尖叫声是一样大一样清晰的。”Nearly everyone is susceptible to procrastination — but fighting against it can make all the difference.几乎每个人都易受拖延症的影响,但是与之战斗能够改变一切。 /201603/433517


  Perhaps the best evidence comes from twotroubled women who approached Gallup soon after he first published his results.Both were looking for relief from pathological yawning attacks, sometimeslasting an hour at a time. “It was extremely debilitating and interferes withany basic activity,” says Gallup. “They’d have to walk away and go to a secludedarea – it affected their personal and professional lives.” Intriguingly, one ofthe women found the only way to stop the yawning attack was to throw herself intocold water. Inspired, Gallup asked them to place a thermometer in their mouthsbefore and after the attacks. Sure enough, he saw a slight rise in temperaturejust before the yawning bouts, which continued until it dropped back to 37C.可能最好的据来自于两位受哈欠困扰的女士,她们在盖勒普第一次发布了他的研究成果后便找到了他。这两位女士都患有疾病性的哈欠症状,有时候哈欠会一次持续一个小时之久,她们一直都在寻找治疗方法。“当某项日常活动出现了问题,日常生活就会遇到极大的困扰与麻烦,令人身心俱疲,”盖勒普说。“他们就不得不远离他人,走到一个隐蔽的区域——从而影响到他们的私人以及职业生活。”有趣的是,其中的一位女士发现唯一能让自己停止打哈欠的办法就是把她整个人浸入冷水当中。受到这一方法的启发,盖勒普让她们在打哈欠之前及之后都要将一个温度计放入各自的嘴里。果然,盖勒普观察到了温度在哈欠刚发作之前有所轻微上升,持续一段时间后温度再度回落到37℃。Importantly, this brain chill mightunderlie the many, seemingly contradictory, events that lead to yawning. Ourbody temperature naturally rises before and after sleep, for instance. Coolingthe brain slightly might also make us more alert – waking us up when we arebored and distracted. And by sping from person to person, contagious yawnscould therefore help a whole group to focus.重要的是,这一冷却大脑的作用可能能够解释众多看似矛盾的会导致打哈欠的各类原因。比如我们的体温在睡觉之前、之后会自然地上升。对大脑进行稍稍的冷却也可以让我们变得更加警觉,当我们无聊、走神的时候可以重振我们的精神。通过人与人之间的互相感染,打哈欠能够帮助一个团队的人集中起注意力。Gallup’s unified theory has been somewhatcontentious among yawning researchers. “Gallup’s group has failed to presentany convincing experimental evidence to support his theory,” says Hess. Inparticular, his critics point out he hasn’t made direct measurements oftemperature changes in the human brain, though Gallup says he has found theexpected fluctuations in yawning rats. Provine is more positive, however –believingthat it could be one way in which yawning helps the brain change state, andfocus.盖勒普这一统一的理论在哈欠研究者之间引起了争论。“盖勒普的团队没有拿出任何有说力的实验据来持他的理论,”赫斯这样评价。他的批评者尤其指出了他并没有对人脑的温度变化进行直接的测量,尽管盖勒普本人说他自己在打哈欠的老鼠身上已经发现了预想当中的温度波动。普罗文对此则持更为积极的态度,他相信这可能是打哈欠帮助大脑改变状态以及集中注意力的一种途径。Even if Gallup has managed to find thatunified theory, many mysteries remain. Why do foetuses yawn in the womb, forinstance?即使盖勒普成功找到了这样一个统一化的理论,仍有很多的谜题有待解开。比如为什么胎儿会在子宫里打哈欠?It could just be that they are practicingfor life outside, or perhaps the yawn plays a more active role in guiding thebody’s growth – by helping to develop articulation in the jaws joints, forinstance, or by encouraging the growth of the lungs, says Provine. If so,Provine suggests that yawning’s functions in the womb may be more important than our attacks asadults.普罗文说胎儿可能是在为外面的生活做演练,或者也有可能是打哈欠能够促进身体的生长——比如促进颌关节或是肺器官的发育。如果是这样的话,普罗文就认为子宫内哈欠的作用可能比我们成人在外界打的哈欠来得更为重要。Provine also points out that yawning – andperhaps other bodily functions, like sneezing – shares some strange parallelswith sex. The facial expressions involved are surprisingly similar, he says –just take a look at this picture and you can see where he’s comingfrom.普罗文还指出打哈欠——可能还有其他身体机能比如打喷嚏——同性行为有着神奇的联系。两者的面部表情惊人得相似,普罗文说——看一看这张图片你就能看出他刚经历了什么。Like sex, yawns and sneezes involve abuild-up that ends in a pleasant climax. “Once initiated, they go to completion– you don’t want a yawnus interruptus,” is how Provine puts it. For thesereasons, he wonders if a shared neural machinery underlying these differentfeelings. “Mother Nature does not reinvent the wheel,”he says. Asevidence, he points to the fact that certain anti-depressants can lead somepatients to orgasm during a yawn –a rare side effect that could quickly lose its appeal.同性行为类似,打哈欠与打喷嚏涉都有一个快感积累,并以高潮结束的过程。“这种行为一旦启动,就必须进行完整——你可不会希望有人在你打哈欠的时候打扰你,”普罗文如此解释。基于这些原因,他想知道的是在这些不同的感觉背后是否有一种共享的神经机制。“大自然母亲不可能把轮子发明两次,”普罗文说。作为据,他指出这样一个事实,那就是某一种特定的抗抑郁药能够导致某些病人在打哈欠过程中体会到性高潮——这是一个很快就会失去其吸引力的罕见的副作用。Eventually, the temptation to yawn justproved too irresistible during my conversation with Provine. It was a warmsummer day, so perhaps my yawns were stopping my brain from over-heating duringour stimulating conversation. Whatever function it was serving, the relief wasalmost worth the agonising wait.最后,在同普罗文交谈的过程中,打哈欠的诱惑是如此得无法抵抗。那是一个温和的夏日,所以我的哈欠可能是在防止我的大脑在我们的谈话中升温过度。不论它发挥着什么作用,最终的释放值得此前煎熬的等待。I’m willing to bet you’ve been stifling afew yawns yourself by this point – as Provine points out, ing or eventhinking about yawning can be enough to set us off. So go ahead, let it out –and do so in the knowledge that you are enjoying one of life’s most enduringmysteries.我敢打赌现在的你看到这里肯定已经打了好几次的哈欠——就像普罗文指出的那样,阅读或甚至是想到打哈欠这件事都会足够引起哈欠。所以别憋着了,尽情地张开嘴吧——要知道你可是在享受一个生命最持久的秘密。 /201604/437094。

  A furrowed brow, lifted chin and pressed-together lips are used to show negative judgment among speakers of English, Spanish, Mandarin and American Sign Language (ASL), according to a new study published in the May issue. In ASL, speakers sometimes use this ;not face; alone, without any other negative sign, to indicate disagreement in a sentence.根据五月刊的一项新研究指出,无论是说英语、西班牙语或者说普通话的人,还是美语手语者,“皱眉,抬下巴,咬嘴唇”都是用来表示一种负面色的判断。在美语手语中,有时候说话者无需用其他手势,而只用“拒绝脸”就可表达他们的不满。;Sometimes, the only way you can tell that the meaning of the sentence is negative is, that person made the #39;not face#39; when they signed it,; said Aleix Martinez, a cognitive scientist and professor of electrical and computer engineering at The Ohio State University.俄亥俄州立大学的电气和计算机工程教授、认知科学家阿莱克·马丁内斯表示:“有时候,唯一可以告诉别人不满的方法就是打出#39;拒绝脸#39;牌。”Martinez and his colleagues previously identified 21 distinct facial emotions, including six basic emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust).马丁内斯和他的同事们预先确定了21种不同的面部表情,包括六种基本情绪(快乐、悲伤、恐惧、愤怒、惊讶和厌恶)。The researchers wondered if there might be a basic expression that indicates disapproval across cultures. Disapproval, disgust and disagreement should be foundational emotions to communicate, they reasoned, so a universal facial expression marking these emotions have evolved early in human history.研究人员猜想,在跨文化领域中,会不会存在同一种表达反对的基本表情。他们解释称,“不赞成,厌恶和反对”应该是交流的基本情感,因此,一种表情的普遍性就标志着这些表情在人类历史早期就已经开始发展。The researchers recruited 158 university students and filmed them in casual conversation in their first language. Some of these students spoke English as a native tongue, while others were native Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or ASL speakers. These languages have different roots and different grammatical structures. English is Germanic, Spanish is in the Latin family and Mandarin developed independently from both. ASL developed in the 1800s from a mix of French and local sign language systems, and has a grammatical structure distinct from English.研究人员动员了158所大学的学生参与了该研究,并且拍摄了他们使用第一语言时的日常交流情况。有些学生的母语是英语,有些是西班牙语,还有些是普通话或者是美语手语。这些不同的语言都有不同的词根和语法结构。英语来自日耳曼语系,西班牙语来自拉丁语系,而普通话在两者的基础上独立发展。美语手语是在19世纪的法国和当地手语语言系统的混合中产生的,并且它也有不同于英语的自身语法结构。But despite their differences, all of the groups used the ;not face,; the researchers found. The scientists elicited the expression by asking the students to negative sentences or asking them to answer questions that they#39;d likely answer in the negative, such as, ;A study shows that tuition should increase 30 percent. What do you think?;研究人员们发现,不管语言有多大的差异,所有的被研究人员都使用了“拒绝脸”。科学家们让学生阅读一些负面色的句子,或是问他们一些回答可能呈消极的问题,以此引出他们的表情。比如说这个问题:“一研究报道称,学费将上涨百分之三十,你有什么想法?”As the students responded with phrases like, ;They should not do that,; their facial expressions changed. A furrowed brow indicates anger, a raised chin shows disgust and tight lips denote contempt.当学生回答“他们不能那样做”的时候,他们的面部表情就随之而变。皱起的眉毛表示愤怒,抬起的下巴表示厌恶,紧抿嘴唇表示蔑视。By analyzing the of the conversations and using an algorithm to track facial muscle movement, Martinez and his colleagues were able to show that a combination of anger, disgust and contempt danced across the speakers#39; faces, regardless of their native tongue.通过分析对话视频里的面部表情并利用计算程序来跟踪面部肌肉运动,马丁内斯和同事们发现,无论是什么语系,“愤怒,厌恶和轻蔑”的集合体都展现在了说话者的脸上。 /201604/435660

  Are you having enough sex? You might have wondered if you should up your bedroom activity after ing about other couples#39; resolutions to have sex every day or about all the health benefits of getting horizontal.你有足够的性生活吗?在了解了有的伴侣之间决定每天做爱、或是知道性爱带来的健康益处之后,你可能会思考是不是应该增加你的房事频率。In what might be welcome news for everyone exhausted from work and frazzled from kids, research suggests you don#39;t have to get down every day to reap the rewards of sex, at least in terms of happiness and relationship closeness.研究表明,至少从获取愉悦感和增进感情两方面来说,不是必须每天都啪啪啪才好的,这对因工作而疲惫不堪或者因带孩子而劳心费神的人来说可能是个好消息。A recent study found that, although married people or people in committed relationships who had more sex tended to report feeling happier, the benefit leveled off at a sexual frequency of once a week. Those who said they did the deed four or more times a week did not report feeling any happier than those who had trysts only weekly.一项最近的研究发现,虽然对已婚人群或者关系稳定的伴侣来说,性生活频率越高就越趋于感到更幸福,但这种趋势稳定在一周一次。那些一周做爱四次及以上的人并不会比稳定地每周做爱一次的人感到更幸福。;I do think couples can end up feeling pressure to try to engage in sex as frequently as possible,; said Amy Muise, a postdoctoral researcher studying sexual relationships at Dalhousie University in Canada. Once a week ;is maybe a more realistic goal to set than thinking you have to have sex everyday and that feels overwhelming and you avoid it,; said Muise, who is lead author of the study, which was published in November in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.在加拿大达尔豪西大学研究性关系的士后研究员艾米·缪斯表示:“我真的觉得伴侣间总是想着尽可能多地做爱反而会带来压力。”缪斯认为,比起计划每天做爱却超过承受范围因此产生厌恶情绪,一周一次可能是一个更现实的目标。The study found that sex could boost happiness because it makes people feel more satisfied in their relationship, based on survey data from two separate cohorts, including 2,400 married couples in the U.S. National Survey of Families and Households.该研究还发现,根据美国全国家庭调研中的2400对已婚夫妇的两组实验人群调查数据显示,性爱能带来愉悦感是因为它能让人们对他们的关系更满意。;For people in relationships, their romantic relationship quality is one of the biggest predictors of their overall happiness,; Muise said. ;Having sex more than once a week might not be enhancing that (relationship connection), although it is not bad.;缪斯表示:“对于有伴侣的人们,他们的恋爱关系质量是他们整体幸福感的最主要预测因素之一,而性生活频率高于一周一次并不能使关系更紧密,虽然这也并不是什么坏事。” /201604/437650


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