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重庆爱德华妇科医院输卵管检查费用The former British colony of Hong Kong has all the attributes of a liberal society except one: its people lack the ability to choose who governs them. The latest political convulsion in the territory has been caused by electoral arrangements proposed by the National People’s Congress, which would prevent democrats and others of whom China might disapprove from seeking election as chief executive in a vote of Hong Kong’s citizens.前英国殖民地香港具有一个自由社会的所有属性,唯一的例外是香港市民缺乏选择由谁管治自己的能力。这个特别行政区最新的政治痉挛是由全国人大提议的选举安排引起的,这一安排将阻止民主派和中国可能不认同的其他派别人士竞选行政长官,参加一场全体市民投票的选举。Such vetting is more or less what happens in Iran. Sooner or later this plan, or a modification of it, will have to be voted on by Hong Kong’s legislature, and I hope a compromise can be found. The territory’s citizens remain remarkably moderate and responsible. It is not democracy that produces the sort of mass demonstrations we have recently witnessed but its denial.这种审核在一定程度上与伊朗的制度相同。这个计划(或其修改后的版本)迟早将提交香港立法会投票表决,我希望各方能够找到一个妥协方案。香港市民仍然是非常温和、负责任的。酿成我们近期见的那种大规模示威的,并不是民主,而恰恰是对民主的拒绝。I have expressed my agreement with Andrew Li Kwok-nang, the distinguished former Chief Justice, who has written that Beijing’s views on the status of the Hong Kong judiciary raise concerns about judicial independence and therefore the integrity of the rule of law. But in the 17 years since I left the territory at the end of my term as the last British governor, I have tried to avoid being drawn into the debate about democracy there, lest my intervention complicate matters.我已经表达了我认同香港终审法院前首席法官李国Andrew Li Kwok-nang)的看法。他写道,北京方面对于香港司法体系地位的观点,令人担忧司法独立,进而担忧法治的完好性。但在我结束自己末任香港总督任期、离开香港以来7年里,我一直试图避免卷入有关香港民主的辩论,以免我的介入使问题复杂化。On this occasion my comments are not directed principally to Beijing or Hong Kong’s democrats. What a former Hong Kong governor can more legitimately do is to invite an interrogation of Britain’s sense of honour. It may not be welcome to ministers, at a time when so many appallingly difficult international issues crowd their agenda, to remind them that we have moral responsibilities for what happens in Hong Kong.这一次,我的意见主要不是针对北京,也不是针对香港的民主派。一名前香港总督可以更合理地做的事,是邀请各方拷问英国的荣誉感。在部长级官员们的议程上有那么多困难得令人震惊的国际问题之际,提醒他们英国对香港的情况负有道义责任,可能不受这些官员们的欢迎。The Joint Declaration under which the territory passed from British to Chinese rule guaranteed Hong Kong’s way of life for 50 years after 1997. Deng Xiaoping’s “one country, two systemspledge is backed by an international treaty, lodged at the UN. As successive British governments have accepted, the UK has a continuing “moral and political obligationto ensure that China respects its commitments.《中英联合声明》保了香港997年回归中国后0年生活方式不变;英国据此将香港主权移交给中国。邓小平的“一国两制”承诺被列入一份在联合国备案的国际条约。正如历届英国政府都认可的,英国在确保中国尊重其承诺方面负有持续的“道德和政治义务”。When Chinese officials attack British MPs and others for commenting on developments in Hong Kong, they ignore the fact that Britain too has treaty obligations for 50 years, which reflect what our country has said and promised in the past. Failure to do as we pledged would clearly be dishonourable.当中国官员抨击英国议员和其他人就香港事态发表时,他们忽略了这样一个事实:英国也负0年的条约义务,反映出我国在过去说过的话、作出过的承诺。未能履行我方的承诺显然将是不光的。In the 1980s and 1990s, parliament was told that the development of democratic structures underpin the territory’s stability, prosperity and limited autonomy. No one envisaged that, 30 years after the Joint Declaration, a fair electoral system would still be beyond the horizon.20世纪800年代,英国议会被告知,民主架构的发展撑着香港的稳定、繁荣和有限自治。没有人预料到,在《中英联合声明》签0年后的今天,一个公平的选举制度仍然是不可企及的。Sooner or later, I assume, the British government will comment on Beijing’s plan. This would not be a provocation but a duty. No one can seriously believe that this would have commercial consequences, or that such consequences should be an overriding concern when our honour is on the line. We have a huge stake in the wellbeing of Hong Kong, with a political system in balance with its economic freedom. I hope these questions will be resolved in a way that does not jeopardise the city’s future.我假定,英国政府迟早将对北京的计划发表。这将不是一种挑衅,而是一种责任。没有人能真的相信,这将产生商业方面的后果,或者说,在我们的荣誉命悬一线的情况下,这样的后果应该是压倒一切的考虑因素。香港的福祉,香港拥有与经济自由相称的政治体制——这些对我们事关重大。我希望这些问题将在不危及香港未来的情况下得到解决。China’s ascent has been a bonus for the world. It is not a threat. Surprisingly, however, it has not yet been accompanied by an accretion of China’s soft power. The way in which Beijing handles Hong Kong’s aspirations will clearly affect that.中国的崛起迄今对世界是一大利奀?中国不是一个威胁。但令人惊讶的是,这种崛起尚未伴随中国软实力的增强。北京方面把握香港抱负的方式显然将影响这一点。Yet my main appeal is to Westminster not China. During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.然而,我的主要诉求是针对英国议会,而不是中国的。在我离开香港之前,我曾走访香港一间精神病院,一个病人礼貌地问我,一个号称是世界上最古老民主国家的国家,怎么能在既不征求市民意见、又不给他们留下民主前景以捍卫自己未来的情况下,把他所在的城市交给政府体制非常不同的另一个国家?当时我的一个助手说,怪事,住在精神病院的一个男子居然提出了香港最清醒的问题。But we did promise him democracy. We should go on making that point, ever so diplomatically. If not us, then who?但是,我们确实向他作出了民主承诺。我们应该继续以高超的外交手腕强调这一点。如果我们不这么做,又有谁会这么做呢?来 /201409/325599丰都县人民医院专家咨询 大坪医院做不孕不育的费用

重庆市中医院孕前检查多少钱ABERDEEN, Scotland Even before Craig May, a longtime Chevron executive, moved to this North Sea port city two summers ago, he knew that the oil wealth in Britains waters was on the steepening slope of a decadeslong decline.苏格兰阿伯丁——克雷格·Craig May)是雪佛龙公司(Chevron)的资深高管。即使在两年前的夏天搬到北海的这座港口城市之前,他就已经知道,英国水域的石油财富已经处在了数十年来的下降过程中一个愈加陡峭的阶段。Along with other Big Oil players that make Aberdeen their North Sea hub, Chevron had let its aging offshore operations become inefficient. There was still plenty of oil and gas out there. But the rising expenses, May said, no longer justified the diminishing revenue from the undersea wells.还有一些石油巨头也把北海枢纽设在了阿伯丁,而它们和雪佛龙遇到了同样的困难:日益老化的近海业务变得效率低下。那里仍然存储着大量的石油和天然气。但梅表示,成本不断攀升,海底油井的营收日益减少,从经济上说不再合理。“We recognized we werent structured the right way,said May, who now leads the companys exploration and production in northern Europe. “Cost always matters.”“我们那时候就认识到,我们的结构有问题,”梅说。他现在是该公司欧洲北部勘探与生产部门的负责人。“成本一直都是重要因素。”And that was when oil was selling for more than 0 a barrel.当时,石油的价格还在每桶100美元以上。Now, with oils price per barrel down about 40 percent from a year ago, and with some operators shutting down aging platforms, May and Chevron are in a race against irrelevancy for their North Sea operations.现在,随着油价比一年前下跌了约40%,一些石油公司在关停日益老化的平台。梅和雪佛龙在北海的业务可能会变得无足轻重,而他们正在与之赛跑。The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, which meets on Friday in Vienna, is unlikely to provide any sort of relief to the North Sea industry by cutting production to prop up prices. Instead, OPEC which does not include Britain or any other North Sea producer hopes that a spell of low prices will discourage new investment in high-cost regions like the North Sea, reducing their output.石油输出国组织(Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries,简称欧佩克)将于本周五在维也纳碰头。它不太可能通过削减产量的方式来撑油价,给北海业务提供喘息的机会。相反,欧佩克——其中不包括英国或其他北海产油国——希望,持续的低油价能够阻止新的投资进入北海这样的高成本地区,从而让它们的产出减少。Even before the price of oil began collapsing last summer, May was taking steps to trim Chevrons North Sea costs and planning new technologies including a million integrated operations center in Aberdeen to wrest renewed efficiencies from 20- and 30-year-old offshore oil and gas rigs.早在去年夏天油价开始崩盘之前,梅就开始采取措施,削减雪佛龙在北海的运营成本,并计划采用新的技术——包括一个造价300万美元的阿伯丁综合作业中心——来努力提高二三十年前修建的近海油气钻井平台的效率。There is much more at stake than one companys profitability. The efforts are a test of the continued viability of an energy region that, if nurtured, could continue to give Europe a hedge against its reliance on oil and gas from Russia and the OPEC nations.其中牵扯的,绝不仅限于一家公司的盈利能力。这些努力是对一片能源区域持续开采作业能力的测试。若是获得改善,北海能够持续给欧洲提供一个立足点,让它不那么依赖于俄罗斯和欧佩克的油气。Just as crucially, the techniques that Chevron is experimenting with in the North Sea could lead the way for other oil companies around the world to coax continued life from aging offshore energy operations wherever they are and learn from some industry mistakes.同样关键的是,雪佛龙在北海尝试的技术,可能会为世界各地的其他石油公司指引方向,让它们得以延续日益老化的近海能源业务——无论它们地处哪里——的生机,并从同行的错误中吸取经验教训。In a sense, British waters are a microcosm of the global industry. Costs, especially for offshore operations, have risen across the globe, eating into profits and reducing incentives for new exploration.从某种意义上说,英国水域是全球石油行业的一个缩影。世界各地的石油生产成本都在上升,近海业务尤其如此,因此利润遭到挤压,进行新勘探的动力也随之减少。Despite the global push toward renewable energy and onshore drilling of oil and gas from shale in the ed States and elsewhere, the world is likely to require a long-term, adequate supply of undersea oil if it can be extracted economically. Chevron, for one, has postponed a big Scottish deepwater project called Rosebank, where the North Sea gives way to the North Atlantic just northwest of the Shetland Islands, judging it not feasible under current industry economics.尽管可再生能源与从美国等地的页?中开采油气的陆上钻探的趋势获得了全球性的推动,但我们可能还是需要长期而充足的海底石油供应——如果它能够以经济可行的方式获得的话。比如,雪佛龙推迟了位于苏格兰的大型深水项目罗斯班克(Rosebank),因为公司认为,在目前的行业经济状况下,这个计划是不可行的。罗斯班克位于北海和北大西洋的交界处,正好在设得兰群岛的西北方。As other large oil companies in the region have, Chevron has turned to layoffs and other cost-cutting moves. While total industry job cuts in the North Sea region have so far been in the low thousands, the management consulting firm Ernst amp; Young forecasts that as many as 35,000 of the 375,000 jobs related to the oil industry in Britain could be lost over the next four years.就像该地区的其他大型石油公司一样,雪佛龙也采取了裁员等削减成本的方法。虽然迄今为止,油气行业在北海地区总共裁减了小几千人,但据管理咨询公司安永(Ernstamp; Young)预测,英国与石油业有关的37.5万个工作岗位中,可能有至.5万个会在未来四年中遭到裁减。“The issue in the North Sea is existential around the cash cost of operation at the current level of oil prices,Simon Henry, Royal Dutch Shells chief financial officer, said recently while discussing the companys quarterly results.“北海业务存亡问题的核心是,在目前油价水平上开采作业的直接成本,”荷兰皇家壳牌公Royal Dutch Shell)的首席财务官西蒙·亨利(Simon Henry)近期在讨论公司的季度业绩时表示。And in the North Sea, no company is an island.而在北海,没有哪家企业是一座孤岛。The region is a vast web of interconnected fields and pipelines and other infrastructure, with different owners, that transport the oil and gas. If one company closes a node in this network, others might be forced to shut down portions of their own operations.这片地区是一个巨大的网络,油田、管道及运输油气的其他基础设施彼此相连,属于不同的公司。如果这个网络上有一家公司关闭一个节点,那么其他公司可能就不得不关停自己的部分业务。Chevron, for example, lost production for several months from a field called Erskine because its oil flowed through a field operated by the BG Group. That field had been closed since October for an upgrade but recently came back online.例如,雪佛龙有一块名为厄斯金(Erskine)的油田,蒙受了数个月的生产损失,因为它出产的石油要流经BG集团(BG Group)的一块油田。从去年10月开始,BP的那块油田因升级改造而关停,不过近期又重新连接到网络中。“It takes only one field that has exposure to a piece of infrastructure to put the whole system in jeopardy,said Derek Leith, an energy consultant at Ernst amp; Young in Aberdeen.“只要有一块油田的一处基础设施出问题,整个网络就会处境不妙,”安永驻阿伯丁的能源顾问德里克·利Derek Leith)表示。Once fields start to shut down, the companies cannot simply abandon them. International laws require the companies to safely and cleanly dismantle the platforms and underwater equipment, a process with considerable costs.一旦油田开始关闭,相关公司也不能简单弃用,而是要按照国际法的要求,安全、无污染地拆除钻井平台和水下设备。这个过程需要投入大量成本。The industry is projected to spend about 15 billion pounds ( billion) in the next decade on North Sea decommissioning spending the industry can hope to partly defer the longer it can squeeze life from existing operations.在未来十年里,整个行业预计会在退出北海业务上花费150亿英镑(约合1400亿元人民币)左右。现有业务持续得越久,该行业就越有希望推迟部分开销。Apache, a midsize oil company based in Houston, is considered something of a model. In 2003, Apache acquired a portion of the Forties field, a vast North Sea plot 140 miles northeast of Aberdeen that was discovered in 1970 and once produced about a half-million barrels a day. By the time Apache bought its portion from BP, output had dwindled to 41,000 barrels a day.总部位于休斯顿的中等规模的石油公司阿帕奇(Apache)被认为堪称这方面的榜样003年,该公司收购了福蒂斯油Forties)的一部分。这片广阔的油田也位于北海,在阿伯丁东北140英里(约25公里)处。福蒂斯970年发现的,曾经能日产原油0万桶。到阿帕奇从BP手里买下油田的一部分时,其产量已跌至每天4.1万桶。But Apache has raised production 20 percent, to about 50,000 barrels a day, by investing in new wells and installing more electrical generators to reduce downtime, according to James L. House, the companys North Sea manager until this month.不过,在本月之前一直担任阿帕奇北海业务经理的詹姆斯·L·豪斯(James L House)称,通过投资新油井,以及增加发电机来减少停工期,公司将产量提高了20%,达每天万桶。“We all have access to the same level of technology and hire people with similar educational backgrounds,he said. “It is how decisions are made and how they are executed.”“我们所有公司掌握的技术水平是一样的,雇的员工的教育背景也类似,”他说。“关键是决策的制定和执行。”At Chevron, May says he is encouraged by his companys efforts to reclaim the North Sea. Chevron is continuing with development of a new field called Alder. And the giant Rosebank project could yet go ahead, May said.雪佛龙公司的梅表示,他受到了公司恢复北海业务的种种行动的鼓舞。雪佛龙正在继续开发一个名叫阿尔德(Alder)的新油田。据他介绍,庞大的罗斯班克项目仍可能推进。“We have been here for 50 years,he said. “We want to stay.”“在这里50年了,”他说。“我们想留下来。”来 /201506/378911 HONG KONG China’s economy grew 6.9 percent in the third quarter from a year ago, as a deepening industrial rout and slumping stock market pushed growth to its slowest quarterly pace since the global financial crisis of .香港——中经济在第三季度同比增.9%。由于不加剧的工业上的衰败,以及大幅下滑的股市行情,导致这是009年全球金融危机以来,中国经济最为缓慢的季度增长。Brussels will propose a large-scale refugee resettlement scheme early next year in a move that could see 200,000 migrants distributed across the bloc directly from camps in countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.布鲁塞尔方面将于明年初提出一个大规模难民安置方案,此举可能意味着从土耳其、约旦和黎巴嫩等国的难民营直接接0万移民,将其安置到欧盟各成员囀?The European Commission plans to propose a “structural EU-wide resettlement schemein March as part of a host of reforms aimed at stemming the flow of people from Turkey and nearby countries into the EU.欧盟委员European Commission)计划月份提出一份“结构性欧盟范围移民安置方案”,作为一整套改革的一部分,目的是阻止难民从土耳其和邻近国家涌入欧盟境内。Massive resettlement is seen as part of a quid pro quo of any deal with Turkey, which the EU is hoping to persuade to play a bigger role in checking the flow of migrants to Europe.大规模重新安置被视为与土耳其达成协议的交换条件;欧盟正希望说土耳其在阻止移民涌入欧洲方面发挥更大作用。Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, met Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, in Istanbul yesterday and promised her government would breathe new life into the country’s stalled accession negotiations with the EU in exchange for its help on the migration issue.德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)昨日在伊斯坦布尔会晤土耳其总统雷杰普吠伊普埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan),承诺她的政府将给陷入僵局的土耳其加入欧盟的谈判注入新的生命力,以换取该国在移民问题上给予协助。“Germany is y this year to open chapter 17, and fix benchmarks for 23 and 24,Ms Merkel said at a press conference with Turkey’s prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, referring to three areas or chapters of EU law that make up the membership talks.“德国准备在今年开7章,并修正第234章的基准,”默克尔在与土耳其总理艾哈迈德达武特奥Ahmet Davutoglu)联合举行的新闻发布会上表示。她指的是管辖加入欧盟谈判的欧盟法律的三个章节。A candidate for EU membership since 1999, Turkey has opened only 14 out of 35 chapters since talks began in 2005. It has closed only one.土耳其999年起就是欧盟成员国的候选人,但005年启动谈判以来,迄今只开启了总共35章中4章。只章完成了谈判。Ms Merkel, however, stopped short of endorsing a list of separate demands to which Turkey appears to have tied its support for the EU plan, including lifting visa restrictions for Turkish nationals by next summer and a change in the EU’s stance on the 1915 massacres of Ottoman Armenians.不过,默克尔并未认同土耳其方面的一份要求清单,土耳其似乎将其与对欧盟的持计划挂钩,其要求包括最迟在明年夏天取消针对土耳其国民的签限制,以及改变欧盟915年奥斯曼帝国亚美尼亚人遭到大屠杀一事上的立场。Last week, EU member states agreed a package of up to 3bn in aid for Turkey to cope with its 2.5m refugees, mostly from neighbouring Syria. Mr Erdogan has poured scorn on Europe’s inability to cope with the influx. “They announce they’ll take in 30,000-40,000 refugees and then they are nominated for the Nobel for that,the Turkish leader said on Friday. “We are hosting 2.5m refugees but nobody cares.”上周,欧盟成员国同意向土耳其提供高达30亿欧元的一揽子援助,以帮助应付该国境内50万难民,这些难民大多来自邻国叙利亚。埃尔多安对欧洲无力应付难民洪流表示轻蔑。“他们宣布将收容3万难民,然后他们就被提名获得诺贝尔奖,”这位土耳其领导人上周五表示。“我们有250万难民,但没人在乎。”Officials will base the EU plan on recommendations from the ed Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which has called on the EU to resettle roughly 200,000 refugees directly from countries outside the EU, such as Lebanon and Turkey, a tenfold increase from the 20,000 refugees agreed this summer.官员们将把联合国难民UNHCR)的建议作为欧盟计划的依据;联合国呼吁欧盟从欧盟以外的国家(如黎巴嫩和土耳其)直接收容大0万难民,10倍于今夏各方同意万难民。增长弱于今年前两个季度7%的增长,但要略高于经济学家所预测.8%的增长率。中国政府今年经济增长的官方目标约为7%。“China was facing increasing downward pressure of domestic economic developmentin the first nine months of the year, the official statistics agency said in a statement accompanying the data released Monday morning in Beijing. Still, it added, “the overall performance of the national economy was stable and moving in a positive direction.”周一上午,中国官方统计机构在北京发布统计数据并在声明中称,在今年前九个月中,“国内经济下行压力加大。但声明中补充道:“经济运行总体平稳,呈现稳中有进、稳中向好的发展态势。”来 /201510/404670北碚渝北区治疗不孕不育的医院重庆市宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好



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