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U.S. researchers are bracing for the prospect that China will once again have the world#39;s fastest computer─and could hang on to the speed crown for some time.美国的研究人员正准备迎接中国将再次拥有世界上运算速度最快的电脑这一现实,而且中国的这一地位还有可能保持相当一段时间。China#39;s National University of Defense Technology last week informed visiting scientists about a massive machine in Changsha whose initial test results appear likely to top the next ranking of the 500 largest supercomputers, scheduled for release later this month.中国的国防科技大学(National University of Defense Technology)上周告知来访的科学家们,中国一台巨型计算机的初次测试结果显示,它有可能在定于本月晚些时候公布的最新一期全球超级计算机500强排行榜上位列第一。Such systems, used heavily by government agencies for purposes such as weapons design and intelligence-gathering, have long been seen a symbol of national competitiveness─and the focus of recent leapfrogging moves by the U.S., China and Japan.巨型计算机主要被政府机构出于武器设计和情报收集等目的而使用,它们一向被视为国家竞争力的象征,世界运算速度最快计算机的宝座近年来一直被美国、中国和日本这三个国家交替占据。A supercomputer in China unveiled in 2010 briefly topped the global speed ranking. But U.S. research institutions recently have fielded the fastest hardware, led by a machine called Titan at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.中国2010年对外公布的一台超级计算机曾短暂成为世界运算速度最快的计算机。但是美国的研究机构又推出了更快的硬件,即田纳西州橡树岭国家实验室(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)的一台叫做“泰坦”(Titan)的计算机。The new Chinese system─called the Tianhe-2, or Milkyway-2─uses two different kinds of computer chips from Intel Corp. INTC -2.60% as well as some homegrown circuitry, according to Jack Dongarra, a U.S. supercomputer expert who saw the system last week. He published details about the machine that were reported earlier by the publication HPCwire.根据上周亲眼看到这一系统的美国超级电脑专家唐加拉(Jack Dongarra)说,中国开发的新系统叫做“天河2号”,使用了来自英特尔的两种不同电脑芯片以及一些国产的电路系统。他发表了这台计算机的具体信息,这些信息早些时候已经被HPCwire网站报道。#39;It#39;s a real system,#39; said Mr. Dongarra in an interview Wednesday. #39;It seems to be y for production.#39;唐加拉周三接受采访时说,这是一个真正的系统。它似乎已经可以投入生产。Mr. Dongarra, a professor at the University of Tennessee who is also on the Oak Ridge research staff, said Chinese officials put the system#39;s theoretical peak performance at 54.9 quadrillion operations per second─or petaflops, in industry parlance. It reached 30.65 petaflops in a standard test known as Linpack, he said, compared with 17.59 petaflops for the Oak Ridge system.唐加拉是田纳西大学(University of Tennessee)的教授,也是橡树岭国家实验室的工作成员。他说,中国官员称,该系统理论上的性能峰值是每秒运算54.9千万亿次。他说,在Linpack标准测试中可达到30.65千万亿次,相比之下,橡树岭实验室的系统可达到17.59千万亿次。The U.S. has previously responded to such challenges, including a system from Japan that temporarily held the top speed ranking. But the next U.S. supercomputer that could challenge the Tianhe-2 isn#39;t expected until 2015, said Horst Simon, another supercomputer expert who is deputy director at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.美国之前曾经回应过此类挑战,包括运算速度曾经排名第一的来自日本的系统。但是另一名超级计算机专家西蒙(Horst Simon)说,美国能够挑战天河2号的下一台超级计算机预计到2015年才会出现。西蒙是劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)的副主任。#39;If anybody believes that the Chinese are just in there for a stunt, this machine has proven them wrong,#39; Mr. Simon said.西蒙说,如果有人觉得中国人研究超级计算机只是噱头,这台计算机可以明他们错了。He argued that the U.S. government has invested sporadically in supercomputers lately, while Chinese agencies have spent steadily. #39;In some areas where there has been a tradition of U.S. leadership, the Chinese are out there to really be in the race and win,#39; Mr. Simon said.他说,美国政府最近对超级计算机进行了零散的投资,而中国的投资一直很稳定。西蒙说,在美国长期占据领导地位的一些领域,中国人已经在参与竞争并且取得成功。No official price has been released for the Tianhe-2 system, which was constructed with help from the Chinese company Inspur. But some U.S. researchers put the likely cost at 0 million to 0 million.天河2号系统的官方价格还没有公布。天河2号系统是在中国公司浪潮集团(Inspur Co.)的协助下建造的。但是美国的一些研究人员认为价格可能在2亿美元到3亿美元之间。Tianhe-2 is a big endorsement for a new Intel product line. The Silicon Valley company#39;s standard microprocessors have been used in supercomputers since the 1990s. But some big machines lately have been enhanced with chips called GPUs, or graphics processing units, from companies such as Nvidia Corp. NVDA -2.14%天河2号是对英特尔一个新产品系列的巨大认可。自从上世纪90年代以来,这家硅谷公司的标准微处理器就一直被用于超级计算机中。但是一些大型计算机近来使用了叫做“图形处理单元”(GPU)的芯片,并因此得到性能上的提升,这些GPU来自英伟达(Nvidia Corp.)等公司。Intel has responded with the Xeon Phi, a specialized chip with as many as 61 calculating engines. The new Chinese system has 48,000 of those chips, as well as 32,000 conventional Xeon chips based on a forthcoming design not yet generally available, according to Mr. Dongarra#39;s report.英特尔的回应是推出了Xeon Phi,这是一种拥有多达61个计算引擎的专业芯片。根据唐加拉的报告,中国新的系统拥有4.8万个Xeon Phi芯片,以及3.2万个传统的Xeon芯片,这些芯片基于一种即将推出的设计,这种设计目前还没有全面普及。In addition, the system has about 4,000 chips developed in China that are based on a standard design called Sparc. Mr. Dongarra said Chinese officials appear determined to reduce their dependence on U.S. components.除此之外,这一系统拥有大约4,000个在中国开发的芯片,这些芯片基于一种叫做Sparc的标准设计。唐加拉说,中国官员似乎下定决心减少对美国零部件的依赖。He doesn#39;t discount the possibility that government agencies in Japan will field a system to rival the Tianhe-2, but he regards the Chinese system as particularly impressive. #39;In some sense, it#39;s a wake-up call to the U.S.,#39; Mr. Dongarra said.他不否认日本的政府机构也可能推出一个与天河2号相竞争的系统,但是他认为中国的系统格外令人印象深刻。唐加拉说,在某种意义上,这对美国是个警醒。 /201306/243278。

Apple issued an update for its OS X software for Mac computers to patch a security risk first spotted in its mobile operating system.苹果公司发布了Mac电脑所用OS X软件的更新版本,对旗下移动操作系统中出现的首个安全隐患打上了补丁。The company said the software addresses a flaw that allows a would-be attacker to intercept data to or from a Mac computer, such as email. Last week, Apple issued a similar security fix for its iOS software that runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.该公司称,更新后的软件消除了一个缺陷,这个缺陷允许潜在攻击者拦截Mac电脑发出或接收的数据,比如电子邮件。上周,苹果针对iPhone、iPad和iPod Touch运行的iOS软件发布了类似的安全补丁。At the time, it said that it was aware that the Mac operating system had a similar security risk and that it was working on a fix.当时苹果公司称,已了解Mac操作系统存在类似的安全隐患,公司正着手开发补丁。In addition to the security fix, the latest OS X update also adds the ability to make audio calls on Apple#39;s FaceTime service as well as other improvements to its Mail software and Safari browser.除了安全补丁之外,最新更新的OS X操作系统也增添了使用苹果公司FaceTime务进行语音通话的功能,同时还对苹果Mail软件和Safari浏览器进行了完善。Even as Apple released the fixes, security firm FireEye said it has discovered a way that a hacker could monitor activity on Apple#39;s mobile software. FireEye said it has created a proof-of-concept monitoring app for iOS 7 devices that can record whatever a user touches on the screen, similar to the way some programs log keystrokes on a computer. FireEye said it is collaborating with Apple to address the issue.尽管苹果发布了补丁,但安全公司FireEye表示,已经发现黑客能使用一种方法来监控苹果移动软件的活动。FireEye称,公司已经针对iOS 7设备创建了一个概念验型监控应用,可以记录用户在屏幕上触碰的任何东西,其方式类似于一些程序记录电脑按键信息的方式。FireEye称,公司正与苹果开展合作以解决相关问题。An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on FireEye#39;s claim.苹果公司发言人对FireEye的说法不予置评。 /201402/277636。

Ford Motor Co. unveiled details of its plans to sell its premium Lincoln brand to Chinese buyers who equate luxury with German names like Audi and BMW, as it looks to the 97-year-old nameplate to give it a boost in a hot new market. 福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co.)公布了面向中国购车者销售高端林肯牌汽车计划的细节,希望凭借这个有97年历史的品牌在一个火爆的新市场提升业绩。中国购车者通常将豪车与奥迪(Audi)、宝马(BMW)等德国品牌划等号。The Dearborn, Mich., auto maker said on Thursday that its plans by 2016 to sell five U.S.-made Lincoln models through 60 dealerships in 50 cities in China, where the brand currently lacks a formal presence. Longer-term, Ford hopes to make Lincolns in China so it can better compete with market giants Audi , BMW and Mercedes-Benz. 福特周四表示,计划到2016年通过中国50个城市的60家经销商销售五款美国产林肯汽车。目前林肯汽车在中国还缺乏正式地位。长远来看,福特希望在中国生产林肯车,以便更好地与奥迪、宝马和奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)等市场巨头竞争。#39;Clearly over time as we sell more and more Lincolns here we will gradually localize them,#39; Ford Chief Executive Alan Mulally said at Thursday#39;s event, which came ahead of this weekend#39;s Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the biggest car show this year in the world#39;s largest auto market. 福特首席执行长穆拉利(Alan Mulally)在周四的活动上表示,随着福特在中国销售越来越多的林肯车,福特将逐步实现林肯车的本地化。这次活动是在周末开幕的北京国际车展前举行的。北京国际车展是作为世界第一大汽车市场的中国在今年举办的最大一次车展。The first models to come this fall will be the MKZ midsize sedan, a competitor to popular German rides such as the Audi A4 or Mercedes C-Class, and the MKC small sport utility vehicle. A midsize SUV, a large sedan and a version of the brand#39;s big Navigator SUV will follow. 将于今年秋季推出的首批车型是MKZ中型轿车和MKC小型SUV。MKZ中型轿车是与奥迪A4或奔驰C级轿车等颇受欢迎的德国品牌竞争的一个车型。随后,福特将推出一款中型SUV、一款大型轿车,以及林肯领航员(Navigator)大型SUV的一个车型。The aim is to capture buyers like Qin Chao, who this week inspected Navigator SUVs at one of Beijing#39;s gray-market car lots, which purchase foreign vehicles and bring them to China to sell. #39;American cars consume too much gas,#39; said the 35-year-old Mr. Qin, who owns a Beijing restaurant. #39;Not many people in China recognize this brand.#39; 福特的目的在于吸引像秦超(音)这样的购车者。秦超本周在北京的一个汽车灰市考察了领航员SUV。汽车灰市从国外购进汽车然后运回中国销售。35岁的秦超说,美国车太费油。他还说,中国人不太认这个牌子。秦超在北京经营一家饭馆。Lincoln won#39;t present an immediate threat to the top premium brands in China, said Klaus Paur, global head of automotive at research firm Ipsos. Imported vehicles in China are subject to taxes and duties that can raise the sticker price or crimp profits. 研究公司益普索(Ipsos)全球汽车业务负责人包亦农(Klaus Paur)说,林肯不会马上对中国市场的顶尖品牌汽车构成威胁。进口车在中国需要交税,可能会抬高售价或挤压利润。Volkswagen #39;s Audi, BMW and Daimler #39;s Mercedes-Benz make much of what they sell in China domestically through joint ventures with local auto makers. They account for roughly two-thirds of luxury cars sold in China, according to data from the companies and an estimate from management-consulting firm Strategyamp; of a 1.6 million-vehicle luxury market last year. 无论是大众汽车(Volkswagen )旗下的奥迪和宝马还是戴姆勒公司(Daimler )旗下的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz),它们在中国销售的大部分汽车都是与本地厂商合资生产的,根据这些公司的数据以及管理咨询公司Strategyamp;去年对160万辆豪车市场的估计,上述品牌在中国豪车市场占有三分之二左右的份额。#39;If you want to get on premium buyers#39; radar screen you need critical mass in terms of on-the-road presence, and that requires localization,#39; Johan De Nysschen, chief executive of Nissan Motor Co.#39;s Infiniti, said in an interview in Shanghai. 日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co.)旗下英菲尼迪(Infiniti)的首席执行长Johan De Nysschen在上海接受采访时表示,如果想进入高端买家的视线,就需要达到一定的路面曝光率,这就需要本地化。Competition is also intensifying. Infiniti plans to introduce to China a youth-aimed crossover SUV based on the Nissan Juke, while Toyota Motor Corp.#39;s Lexus plans to show in Beijing a production version of its first compact SUV, to be called the NX. 市场竞争也在加剧。英菲尼迪计划向中国市场引入一款基于日产Juke的面向年轻人的跨界运动型多用途车(SUV),丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Co.)旗下的雷克萨斯(Lexus)则计划在北京展示其首款紧凑型SUV样车,该车型将被命名为NX。Ford China Chief Executive John Lawler said Thursday that Lincolns will be #39;competitively priced#39; with locally made rivals. 福特中国首席执行长罗礼祥(John Lawler)周四表示,与中国本地生产的其他车型相比,林肯汽车的定价将具有竞争力。Lincoln plans to enhance its appeal by offering a boutique feel in its dealerships. On Thursday, Lincoln executives in Beijing showed off a mockup of the design for its stores, which will feature amenities such as a tea room, seating areas designed to evoke a plush hotel lobby and a #39;Personalization Studio#39; where customers can use a touch-screen table to choose among options and styling packages for the interiors of the cars. 林肯汽车计划打造精品化的经销商以增加吸引力。周四,林肯汽车管理人士在北京展示了其店面的设计模型,店内将配备茶室、类似豪华酒店大堂的座位区和“个性化工作室”(顾客可使用触摸屏桌面来选择汽车配置及内饰风格套餐)等设施。Lincoln#39;s goal is to make the process of buying a car more akin to being fitted for a bespoke shirt or suit. The brand expects dealers to have a team of people, including a #39;host,#39; a #39;master,#39; and a #39;craftsman,#39; to guide customers through the process of ordering a vehicle. The host maintains the relationship with the customer, the master#39;s role is to answer questions about features and pricing, and the craftsman manages maintenance. 林肯的目标是让买车人有一种在装店里量身定做衬衫或西的感觉。林肯希望经销商组建一团队,里面有主持人、专家和技师,为顾客选购车辆提供全程务。主持人负责维护良好的客户关系,专家负责回答有关车型特点和定价的问题,技师则负责维修保养。All of this is a departure from the way Lincoln sells vehicles in the U.S., which is through a long-standing network of independently owned franchises that largely control the way a customer is treated. But in China, Ford and Lincoln can set up the retail network from scratch--one advantage of coming late to the market. 所有这些都与林肯在美国的销售方式截然不同。在美国,林肯是通过存在已久的独立特许经销商网络销售汽车的,这些特许店在很大程度上决定着如何对待客户。但在中国,福特汽车和林肯可以从头开始建立零售网络,这是后来者的一个好处。In the U.S., Lincoln sales declined slightly in 2013--a drop of less than 1%, to 81,694--as the brand dealt with the phaseout of the Town Car. Later this year, the brand#39;s sales should jump as it begins selling the MKC, a small crossover built on the same underpinnings as the Ford Escape--known as the Kuga in China--but with a different look. 在美国市场,受林肯城市(Town Car)系列车型逐步退市影响,去年林肯汽车销量小幅下滑不到1%,至81,694辆。今年晚些时候,随着MKC车型投放市场,预计林肯汽车销量将实现增长。林肯MKC是一款小型跨界车,以福特翼虎(Escape)(在中国被称为六和(Kuga))为蓝本开发,但外形不同。China is #39;strategically important because of the size of the market,#39; said Matt VanDyke, director of Global Lincoln. #39;We expect it to be a very substantial piece of our global sales.#39; 林肯全球业务负责人范戴克(Matt VanDyke)表示,中国市场规模之大使其具有重要的战略意义。他说,预计中国市场将占到林肯全球销售的很大一部分。At the car market in Beijing, Sun Xiaogang, a 29-year-old staffer for a foreign trading company in Beijing, said he ordered a Navigator for his boss. #39;My company has quite a number of American clients, so my boss wants to have a Lincoln car to pick up those American clients when they come to Beijing,#39; Mr. Sun said. #39;He knows that Lincoln is a luxury brand in America. And it looks good as well. Big and powerful.#39; 在北京某汽车市场,为北京一家外贸公司工作的29岁的孙晓刚(音)说,他为老板订购了一台林肯领航员(Navigator)。孙晓刚说,他们公司有很多美国客户,所以老板想买一辆林肯用来接送他们。他还说,老板知道林肯是美系豪华品牌,样子也不错,空间大、马力足。Joseph B. White / Mike RamseyJoseph B. White / Mike Ramsey /201404/289090。

When critics of Samsung see the Korean technology mega-corporation turn out yet another huge, impressively sharp screen for a new phone or tablet computer, it makes them see red.当韩国三星集团(Samsung)推出一款针对智能手机和平板电脑的全新屏幕时,许多批评人士都觉得这款屏幕有些发红。Well, not red, actually—more like a super-saturated, unrealistically bright version of red.也许用“发红”来形容并不确切——其实它更接近一种饱和得有些不真实的亮红色。Samsung is the near-undisputed king of OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, display technology. It has been using its dominant position in that market as a source of stability as it enters an increasingly untenable situation: eroding sales on both ends of the phone price spectrum. On the low end where profit margins are thin, Samsung has been under attack by local manufacturers such as Xiaomi, which have been willing to sacrifice profit for the sake of market share. On the high end where margins are better, rivals such as Apple’s iPhone have proved to be fiercely competitive. Every company in the business hopes that large sales volumes will make their big bets pay off in the end; the question is what will prompt consumers to buy one glassy device over another.三星是OLED领域几乎无可争辩的王者。OLED的全称是有机发光二极管。近年来,随着三星在高端和低端手机市场受到了越来越大的挑战,该公司开始利用自己在OLED市场的霸权稳固。在利润较低的低端市场上,愿意牺牲利润换取市场份额的当地厂商,比如小米(Xiaomi),着实给三星造成了不小的冲击;而在利润相对较高的高端市场上,以苹果(Apple)iPhone为代表的竞争对手又给三星带来了极大的压力。每家企业都希望自家的设备销量好,问题是大家的产品大同小异,是什么刺激消费者买这一款,不买那一款呢?Samsung hopes that display technology will be one of those things as its rivals use less flashy but more trusted screen technology.三星希望它的显示技术能够成为刺激购买欲望的因素之一,因为它的竞争对手们使用的都是不那么鲜艳,但更受信赖的屏幕技术。Apple’s iPhones and iPads and roughly two-thirds of all smartphones have LCD, or liquid-crystal display, screens. LCDs essentially twist and untwist liquid crystals to allow a certain amount of light through each red, green, or blue sub-pixel, the term for the components that make up each individual pixel in a display. The technology is well-known and well-worn, but it comes with a major downside: liquid crystals provide no light of their own. The necessary backlight that accompanies such displays is a substantial draw on battery life; taken together with the crystals and other necessary technology, such displays make the resulting screen thicker and more rigid.苹果的iPhone、iPad以及大约三分之二的其他智能手机均使用LCD屏幕,即液晶显示屏。LCD显示屏通过扭转液晶来使一定量的光线穿过每个红、绿或蓝像素。这一技术很知名,也很成熟,但它也有一个比较大的缺点:液晶自己是不发光的,液晶背后的发光板会显著影响电池寿命。另外算上液晶屏本身和其它必要技术配件的厚度,LCD屏通常要更厚、更硬一些。Most of Samsung’s modern devices have AMOLED (as in “active-matrix organic light-emitting diode”) displays. The technology involves passing a current through tiny, thin films of organic material (red, green, or blue), which cause them to throw off colored light. AMOLED screens generate their own light, so they do not need a backlight. Even better, when the pixels are not needed, they are actually “off,” saving device power and allowing blacks to be deeper and truer than with LCDs. Manufacturing and material improvements have made AMOLED displays thinner, extremely pixel-dense, occasionally curved, and able to display a huge range of colors.目前三星的大多数设备采用的是AMOLED屏幕(又叫主动矩阵有机发光二极管)。这种技术使电流通过一些有机材料薄膜(红绿蓝色)来发出有色光。由于AMOLED显示屏自身可以发光,它不需要背光板。更妙的是,当不需要某些像素发光时,它们会被“关闭”掉,从而节省电力,而且AMOLED显示屏上的黑色也要比LCD显示屏更深、更纯。随着工艺和材料的进步,如今的AMOLED显示屏已经造得比以往更薄、像素密度极高,有的甚至还能弯曲,而且它的色域也非常广。Most importantly, these manufacturing improvements come largely from one single maker: Samsung Display, a division of Samsung Electronics. “There may be a couple of other players, technically, but, really, these displays come from Samsung,” says Vinita Jakhanwal, senior director of analyst firm IHS. “There is no other OLED or AMOLED maker making displays for mobile phones or tablets.”最重要的是,这些工艺进步很大程度上来自同一个制造商,即三星电子集团旗下的三星显示公司(Samsung Display)。IHS公司高级总监维尼塔o贾克汉瓦表示:“可能还有其他几家公司涉及这项技术领域,但这些显示屏实际上都来自三星,除此以外,市场上再没有其他厂家为手机或平板电脑生产OLED或AMOLED显示屏了。”Samsung certainly wants to talk about its display technology. In a promotion for its Galaxy Tab S tablet this summer, women purchase salad bowls, dresses, and shoes online, only to sigh in deep exasperation when a different shade of blue-green, yellow, or shale comes out of the box. The Galaxy Tab S, the voice-over claims, displays the “professional RGB standard” and each pixel is a “living pixel, capable of producing a variety of color combinations.” The message: Samsung’s screens are organic, different, and simply better at colors.三星当然乐于谈谈它的显示技术。在今年夏天发布的一段Galaxy Tab S平板电脑推广视频中,一位女士在网上购买了沙拉碗、裙子和高跟鞋,等快递到了,却发现实物的颜色跟网站上的图片颜色偏差很大,不由得唉声叹气。这时旁白说道,三星Galaxy Tab S平板电脑可以展示“专业的RGB标准”,每个像素“都是一个活的像素,能够创造一系列色组合。”潜台词就是说,三星的屏幕是有机的,是不一样的,在色显示上做得更好。In reality, this is the opposite of what many industry pundits claim. The colors displayed on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S, according to Dieter Bohn, an editor for the tech-lifestyle website The Verge, “still tend to look over-saturated to my eyes,” though he added that “Samsung has toned things down considerably from years past.” In an otherwise positive review of a newer Galaxy S5 smartphone model, Anandtech, a computer hardware site, made note of “minor issues with excessive green in the color balance.” In essence, people seem to agree that the colors of AMOLED displays are more vivid. Whether or not those colors are natural or accurate based on what the eye would see in real life is another matter entirely.然而在现实中,许多行业权威反馈的情况却恰恰相反。科技生活网站The Verge的编辑迪特尔o波恩表示,Galaxy Tab S的显示屏颜色“在我看来仍然有过于饱和的倾向”,不过他补充道:“但和前几年相比,三星还是显著改善了失真的情况。”硬件网站Anandtech在一篇对Galaxy S5总体还算比较正面的评测中指出,这部手机在“色平衡上还存在稍微偏绿的小问题”。实际上,用户似乎也认同AMOLED显示屏的颜色要更加生动。至于这些颜色在实际生活中怎么样,是否还像显示屏里那样自然或饱满,那就是另一回事了。Samsung may be sensitive to accusations of color problems because one of its main rivals is on record about it. Apple CEO Tim Cook told a Goldman Sachs investors’ conference in February 2013 that “the color saturation is awful” on OLED displays. He added: “If you ever buy anything online and you want to really know what the color is . . . you should really think twice before you depend on the color of the OLED display.”三星可能对色饱和度问题很敏感,因为一位主要竞争对手曾经公开抨击过这个问题。苹果公司CEO蒂姆o库克曾于2013年2月在高盛(Goldman Sachs)投资人大会上指出,OLED屏幕的“颜色饱和度太糟糕了”。他还称:“如果你想在网上买东西,而且你想知道它是什么颜色……在你根据OLED屏幕上的颜色做决定前,最好再慎重考虑一遍。”Part of the issue has to do with a seeming strength of AMOLED technology. It can create a wider range of colors than other display technologies. While the colors of most images are limited to fit inside the 18-year-old sRGB color gamut, AMOLED screens can technically reach far beyond that range, and Samsung often lets them. Some Samsung devices offer a display-correcting “mode”— “Professional Photo” is one—but for the most part, Samsung allows colors to run bolder and more saturated, especially in the red part of the visible spectrum.AMOLED之所以会被揪住这根辫子,部分原因恰恰和它一个看似优势的因素有关。AMOLED技术的色域比其它显示技术更宽。目前大多图像的颜色还限制在已经有18年历史的RGB标准里,但是AMOLED在技术上可以远远超越这个色域,而且三星也经常允许它“超纲发挥”。三星的有些设备提供了颜色校正模式。但大多数情况下,三星允许显示屏的颜色更加醒目和饱满,尤其是在可见光谱的红色部分。“The colors look really off to me, but it’s up to you whether you like this effect or not,” says Erica Griffin, an in-depth device reviewer, in her take on Samsung’s Galaxy S5. “I know Samsung is heading for an effect that’s eye-catching, to get people’s attention . . . For some people, that looks pretty, and for others it’s just an eyesore.”在评测完Galaxy S5手机后,视频设备评测师埃里卡o格里芬表示:“这些颜色在我看来很不舒,但是你喜不喜欢这种效果则取决于你自己。我明白三星在追求一种吸引眼球的效果,以吸引人们的注意力……对于有些人,它看起来是挺漂亮的,但在另一些人看来却觉得很难受。”It’s also a look that may change as you use your device. The organic materials used to make blues in OLED displays wear out far more quickly than the reds or greens. As they start to wear out, the overall balance of color shifts. Samsung and other device makers often try to correct for this—for example, by making blue sub-pixels twice as large—but it remains an unsolved issue.此外,在你使用设备的过程中,这种色的感觉可能还会有所变化。OLED显示屏用来发蓝色光的有机材料衰减得很快,远远超过红色或绿色。一旦它开始衰减,总体的颜色平衡就会产生变化。三星和其它设备厂商也想了一些办法解决这个问题,比如把蓝色像素的尺寸增加一倍,但目前这个问题仍然没有彻底解决。A Samsung spokesperson pointed to the company’s latest displays, dubbed Quad-HD Super AMOLED, as having “an immersive viewing experience with a high contrast ratio and a wider color range” than the competition. The Galaxy Tab S featured in the aforementioned ad has a dedicated chip in it that can stabilize colors. At its most basic setting, tech site Anandtech says it mostly has the desired effect.一位三星发言人表示,三星最新推出的Quad-HD Super AMOLED屏幕具有“沉浸式观赏体验、很高的对比度,而且有比竞争对手更广的色域”。前文提到的Galaxy Tab S平板电脑内置了一块用于稳定颜色的专用芯片。科技网站Anandtech表示,在最基本的设置上,它基本达到了预期效果。Colors are important on mobile devices for one overarching reason: managed expectations. Knowing that Twitter uses a sky blue color for its logo, it can be jarring for users and marketers alike to see a version with a tinge of green. LCD display technology certainly is not standing still—displays are becoming thinner, brighter, and even more high-definition. But IHS’s Jakhanwal notes that it is more than just colors, battery life, or thinness that gets a device into buyers’ hands.显示屏的颜色显示对于移动设备是非常重要的,尤其是它必须要满足用户的预期。我们都知道Twitter的Logo是天蓝色的,如果用户和营销人员发现自己手上的设备显示的Logo带点绿色,非抓狂不可。LCD显示屏当然也并非毫无进步,如今的LCD屏幕也变得更薄、更明亮,分辨率也变得更高。不过IHS公司的贾克汉瓦指出,消费者选择一款移动设备时,看重的并不只是色、电池寿命或厚度。“The winners are going to be the device that has not just superior display technology, but superior overall performance,” she says. “Nobody is really going to feel good that, ‘Now I have the brightest tablet,’ or ‘Now my colors are more real.’ It’s a combination of features that make the display and the device.” Which may be good reason for Samsung and its market-moving AMOLED research teams more time to move its displays out of the red.她表示:“这个行业的胜者不仅要有很好的显示技术,还要有很好的总体性能。没有人真的会因为‘我用的是最亮的平板电脑’或者‘我的颜色更真实’而感觉良好。最终造就一款显示屏和设备的,是一系列功能的组合。”这可能解释了为什么三星及其AMOLED研究团队还需要更多时间来解决屏幕发红问题。 /201411/343048。

Adding to the growing literature of sell-side analysts who think the answer to Apple#39;s (AAPL) market valuation woes (down 35% since September) is a low-cost iPhone, MorganStanley#39;s Katy Huberty has looked at China, the world#39;s largest smartphone market, and done the math.苹果(Apple)正面临着市值跳水的窘境,苹果股价从去年9月至今已下跌了35%。众多卖方分析师纷纷献计献策,现在甚至有人建议苹果推出廉价iPhone。根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)公司的凯蒂?休伯蒂对中国这一全球最大的智能手机市场进行了分析,并给大家算了一笔账。She made several points in a note to clients Tuesday that struck me as new:周二,她在给客户的一封信里提出了下面几个观点,令我耳目一新:Contrary to the consensus view -- which assumes that smartphones in China will only get cheaper -- she cites research showing that the average selling price stablized last yearand has actually started to increase as Chinese users trade up to higher-quality smartphones.人们大多认为,中国的智能手机只会越来越便宜。与此相反,她援引一些研究结果,表明去年中国智能手机的平均售价趋于稳定。同时随着中国用户开始购买品质更好的智能手机,售价实际上已开始走高。That Apple could launch a 2,000 yuan (0) iPhone mini and be competitive with flagship products from Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE and Coolpad.苹果公司可以推出一款售价2,000元人民币(330美元)的迷你iPhone,这样就能和联想(Lenovo)、华为(Huawei)、中兴(ZTE)和酷派(Coolpad)的旗舰产品相抗衡了。That even at a lower profit margin (say, 40%) and a 1/3 cannibalization rate (i.e. customers buy one third fewer full-priced iPhones), the cheaper iPhone would increase Apple#39;srevenue and gross profits (see her spsheet above).就算利润率更低(比如40%),并且替代率为1/3(即全价iPhone的客户流失三分之一),低价iPhone也能提高苹果的营收和毛利润(见上表)。That an iPhone mini and a LTE license from the Chinese government this year or next could finally persuade China Mobile (CHL), with 700 million subscribers, to cut a deal with Apple.推出迷你iPhone后,加上中国今年或明年颁发LTE执照,就能最终说拥有7亿用户的中国移动(China Mobile)和苹果签约。If all this comes to pass, Huberty estimates that Apple#39;s addressable smartphone market in China, which had dwindled to 10%, could triple to nearly 30%.如果上述情况都变成现实,休伯蒂估计苹果在中国智能手机市场上已跌至10%的份额将会提高三倍,达到近30%。This assumes, of course, that Apple can find a way to build a 0 iPhone with cheaper parts, a slower processor, a lower resolution screen and perhaps a plastic body, thatisn#39;t, in the phrase Tim Cook used at a Goldman Sachs conference last week, ;a crappy product.;当然,这得取决于苹果是否能设法用更便宜的零部件、更慢的处理器、分辨率更低的屏幕、以及也许是塑料机身来造出一部330美元的iPhone。而用蒂姆?库克上周在高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)一次会议上的话说,它决不能是个“低劣产品”。 /201302/226345。

For internet addicts, it could be the ultimate way to stay in touch - an entire apartment turned into a giant, online screen.对于“网虫族”而言,足不出户又能保持跟外界联系的最高境界就是住在一间巨大的、由在线屏幕组成的智能住宅里。The walls show Facebook updates, and life-sized friends during chats.房屋墙壁不仅能显示社交网络Facebook的实时内容,还能在跟朋友视频聊天时显示真人大小的投影。It can also be controlled from anywhere - even bed - using gestures or speech.该系统利用手势或语音控制,随时随地都可进行操作,甚至躺在床上也可以。The system works uses projectors and sensors aly available.系统使用投影仪和传感器工作。#39;The hardware is complete but only 40 percent of the software is finished,#39; said Ion Cuervas-Mons, director of Think Big Factory, a Spanish design agency which created the project.“野心工厂”的主管伊翁?库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯介绍说:“该项目的硬件目前已基本完成,但软件开发工作只完成了40%。”智能住宅出自这家西班牙的设计机构。#39;Everything in the house can be used to communicate, the interface is ubiquitous.“屋内的任何物品都能用来交流互动,界面无处不在。”#39;Through projections that are activated by the presence of a person, we can control everything with the movement of the hands: the lights; turning on any electrical household appliances; music; even connecting to Skype for a conference from any part of the house.#39;“屋里有人时会激活投射,我们可以以此利用双手完成一切操作,包括开关电灯、打开家电、播放音乐等,甚至可以在屋内任意一处连接到Skype,召开网络视频会议。”The system aims to replace the current slew of keyboards and remote controls needed to interact with technology.该系统旨在取代键盘和遥控器的大量使用,键盘和遥控器需要一定的技术手段才能使用。However, Mr Cuervas-Mons claims much of the technology will be invisible.不过库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯表示,大部分技术设备都会是隐形的。#39;I don’t think that an Openarch home is going to look any different,#39; he said.他说:“欧本雅奇智能住宅看起来跟普通住宅没什么两样。“#39;New technologies must be non-intrusive and natural.#39;“因为新技术都是自然融入而非介入式的。”Mr Cuervas-Mons says the first inhabitant has aly moved into the experimental apartment.库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯表示,目前第一位体验者已经入住“实验公寓”。#39;He is using some parts of the house, and we are learning from that.“他正在使用房屋的部分功能,我们正对他的使用状况进行研究。”#39;The main interface is in the living room, where you can see social networks, magazines, and play music just using gestures,#39; he said.他说:“整个系统的主界面设在客厅,使用者可以在这里用手势操作打开社交网站、浏览杂志或播放音乐。”The prototype uses sensing cameras such as Microsoft#39;s Kinect to track users, allowing them to swipe in mid air to move through s.系统原型利用了诸如微软的Kinect外设等传感摄像头来追踪使用者,使得使用者能够在半空中滑动选择程序菜单。The project started three years ago, and the prototype built in an apartment in the North of Spain, all using existing technology.项目始于三年前,住宅原型建立在西班牙北部的一套公寓里,全部使用已有技术。#39;Now we have around 40% of the applications actually running - and we hope to finish soon, then begin developing products so people can actually begin using it.#39;“目前实际运行的应用程序大约有40%,我们希望能尽快完成,然后开始投入产品生产,这样人们就能住进去了。” /201302/227530。

What really happened at LivingSocial?团购网站LivingSocial到底出了什么事?Yesterday morning, news leaked that the company had raised 0 million in new financing. Seemed to be a long-awaited hallelujah moment for the daily deal company, particularly after investor Amazon.com (AMZN) significantly wrote down its LivingSocial investment in recent quarterly earning reports.上周三上午传出消息,LivingSocial在最新一轮融资中融得1.1亿美元。对这家团购网站来说,这似乎是一个期待已久、见奇迹的时刻。尤其是考虑到此前,这家公司的投资者亚马逊(Amazon.com)在最近的季度财报中刚刚大幅减记了它手头所持这家股份的价值。But the storm clouds came quickly, when a research group called PrivCo claimed that the financing actually was convertible debt that wiped out the value of founder and employee liquidity and included a whole rash of onerous terms. PrivCo also claimed that the round was ;emergency; round of funding that staved off imminent bankruptcy.但乌云很快笼罩过来,一家名为PrivCo的研究机构称,这轮融资其实附带着大量的苛刻条款、消除创始人和员工股份价值的可转换债务。PrivCo还称,这是一轮“紧急”融资目的是让LivingSocial避免立即破产的命运。Multiple investor sources took issue with the PrivCo report during background conversations earlier this morning, and now Fortune has obtained a memo that LivingSocial CEO Tim O#39;Shaughnessy just issued to employees. Here it is, in its entirety:上周四上午早些时候,多位投资行业消息人士都在跟《财富》杂志(Fortune)进行交流时对PrivCo的报告提出质疑,现在我们获得了LivingSocial首席执行官蒂姆奥肖内西发给员工的一份备忘录,以下是备忘录全文:Hey folks,伙伴们:In light of a recent report on our financing round that contained significant inaccuracies and errors, I wanted to provide some additional details on yesterday#39;s round.鉴于最近一份关于我们公司融资的报告包含了显著的误差和错误,我想在这里提供关于那轮融资的更多细节。If you#39;ve seen some of that misinformation, here#39;s the real story:如果你们看已经看到了其中一些错误的信息,下面我要说的才是真实的情况:This was not an emergency round. We received our first term sheet on December 23rd, nearly two months ago, and this has been an organized, thought-out process.这并不是一轮紧急融资。我们在12月23日收到第一份风险投资协议,也就是近两个月前,这轮融资是有组织、经过深思熟虑的。This was an equity round, not a debt infusion.这轮融资是股权投资,而不是债务输注。There was no re-pricing of investor shares from previous rounds.我们没有对之前几轮融资确定的投资者股份进行重新定价。There were no warrants issued as part of this round.这轮融资不包括发行认股权。There were no ;double-digit; cash dividends. (Typical of many financing rounds, including our own past rounds, there was a nominal 3% dividend for a class of shares.)不存在“两位数的”现金股利(跟典型的融资——包括我们公司过去几轮融资——一样,我们只针对一类股票象征性地发放3%的现金股利)。There is no ;4x liquidation preference.; (Once again, typical of almost all venture rounds, there is a liquidation preference, but it slides up or down based on a key metric and gets nowhere near 4x.)不存在“4倍的优先清算权”(再次重申,跟大多数融资一样,我们的融资涉及优先清算权,但它根据一个关键指标上下浮动,绝对达不到4倍)。The es from a ;senior LivingSocial communication executive; are straight up fiction.报告中引用一位所谓“LivingSocial高级传媒主管”的说法纯属捏造。Two of the three investors listed on the PrivCo site as participating in the round didn#39;t participate, and one isn#39;t even an investor in the company.PrivCo网站上列出的参与本轮融资的投资者中有三分之二并没有参与,其中有一位甚至不是投资公司的成员。On valuation, people always seem to be overly enamored with market value, which has puzzled me because as a private company, there is no liquid market on which to buy and sell shares, so a valuation is established without any degree of market efficiency. In short, it#39;s an educated guess between the company and a set of investors at one particular snapshot in time.就估值而论,人们似乎总是过分迷恋市场价值。这个问题同样一直困扰着我,因为作为一家私人公司,并不存在一个买卖股票的流动性市场,所以估值的确定没有把任何程度上的市场效率考虑在内。简言之,估值是公司和一组投资者在某一特定时间点进行的有根据猜测。But nevertheless here goes. Yes, this was a down round, which I#39;m sure is not a shock to anyone. Our main comp in the market is down significantly from when we last fundraised. In this round, we sold 7.5% of the company for 0mm. Although there were some bells and whistles associated with those shares, as mentioned above, this should give you some idea of the current valuation of the company.但不管怎样,事情是这样的。不错,这确实是一次估值较低的融资(down round,指投资者在一轮融资中购买同一家公司股票的价格低于对上一次融资投资者付价格的情况——译注),我敢肯定没有人会觉得吃惊。跟上一轮融资时比较起来,我们公司的估值已经大幅缩水。在本轮融资中,我们将公司7.5%的股份作价1.1亿美元。不过,正如前面提到的,那部分股份还附加了一些条款,这些应该能够让你们对公司目前的估值水平有所了解了。So how does this round impact employee stock? In short, some, but not much. Basically, the preference stack is a little higher now. At any valuation over B, though, we clear that stack by quite a bit. For comparison, our major competitor#39;s market cap is now .9B. In the event of an IPO, all preferred stock becomes common stock, and the preference stack goes away.那么,本轮融资对员工股份有什么影响呢?简言之,有影响,但影响并不是很大。基本上,现在叠加起来的清算优先权有点高。不过,我们在公司估值超过10亿美元的时候清理了一大部分优先权。作为比较,我们主要竞争对手的市值现在是39亿美元。在进行首次公开募股后,所有的优先股都会变成普通股,清算优先权也就消失了。We are a company that does over half a billion in revenue. If we stay diligent, we hope to turn the corner to become profitable soon. Thanks to this round, we have significantly more capital to be able to be opportunistic and drive the future growth of the business.我们公司的年营收超过5亿美元,如果我们继续努力下去,公司有望在不久的将来扭亏为盈。得益于这轮融资,我们获得了更多的资金以抓住机遇,推动公司业务在未来的增长。Hopefully this will help clear up any questions you may have or get on yesterday#39;s round. Now it#39;s back to executing on our plan.如果你们对这轮融资存在或产生了任何疑问,希望这份备忘录有助于澄清问题。现在,我们该回头执行我们的计划了。This is a pretty damning indictment of PrivCo, which regularly distributes information on private company financings. I managed to reach PrivCo CEO Sam Hamadeh, but said he#39;d call me right back. Hasn#39;t happened yet. Will update if and when I hear from him.PrivCo定期发布有关私人公司融资的信息,这份备忘录是对该公司非常严肃的控告。我设法联系到PrivCo的首席执行官山姆哈马德,不过他说会打电话给我。电话还没打过来,我将在听过他的说法后对本文进行更新。UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Hamadeh, who is standing by his original report. He says O#39;Shaughnessy is misleading his own employees, and that classifying the round as ;equity; is a technicality given all of the debt-like provisions PrivCo continues to believe were attached. He also says that PrivCo spoke with a LivingSocial spokesman prior to publishing, and sent him a draft of the report with a request for any needed corrections. When nothing came back four hours later, PrivCo published.最新消息:我刚刚结束与哈马德的通话,他仍然坚持原先报告的观点。哈马德说,奥肖内西是在误导自己的员工,鉴于那些附加的类债务条款,他把这轮融资定性为“股权投资”是在说漂亮话。他还表示,PrivCo在发布报告之前跟LivingSocial的发言人进行了沟通,向后者寄送了一份草稿,并询问需要更正的地方。LivingSocial没有做出回应,PrivCo在四个小时之后才发布了这份报告。;I don#39;t think the real story here is the details of the financing,; Hamadeh said. ;It#39;s what#39;s going to happen to the little guys, all of the merchants who are really the company#39;s unsecured creditors, if LivingSocial goes bankrupt... You#39;ll see that we were right in six or nine months.;“我不认为真相在于融资的细节,”哈马德说。“而是在于弱势群体——即所有商家,他们是LivingSocial真正的无担保债权人——将要面对的情况,如果LivingSocial破产的话……只需6-9个月的时间,你就能看到我们说的没错。”Worth noting that if O#39;Shaughnessy really misled his investors -- in a memo that almost certainly was vetted by company attorneys -- he would be opening both himself and the company to major liabilities.值得指出的是,如果奥肖内西真的误导了自己的投资者——几乎可以肯定的是,其备忘录经过了公司律师的审核——那么他将让自己和公司担上重大责任。But have no fear. There is indeed a way to settle this he-said/he-said once and for all -- find the filing that LivingSocial sent to the Delaware Division of Corporations. Check back shortly...但不要担心,确实有一个办法可以厘清两人的不同言论——找到LivingSocial提交给特拉华州企业管理部门的监管文件。稍后还会进行更新……UPDATE II: I have just begun skimming through LivingSocial#39;s charter filing with Delaware. It#39;s long, but this round clearly was preferred stock (i.e., equity). This is in stark contract to what PrivCo reported, when it claimed that ;EQUITY or stock was NOT issued today.;最新消息2:我刚开始浏览LivingSocial提交给特拉华州的监管文件。内容很长,但这轮融资显然是优先股交易(也即股权投资)。这跟PrivCo报告的结论截然不同,该机构称“今天的这轮融资不涉及股权或股票。”Moreover, the filing says that participants ;shall be entitled to receive cumulative dividends at the rate of three percent.; Again, PrivCo had claimed ;Double-digit annual cash dividends.;此外,这份文件还称投资者“有权获得3%的累计优先股股利。”而PrivCo却称存在“两位数的年度现金股利。”The filing does not identify investors in the new round, but Fortune has learned that they included existing backers Amazon and Revolution. Among those insiders not participating were Grotech Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and T. Rowe Price.这份文件没有指明新一轮融资的投资者都有哪些,但《财富》了解到,其中包括亚马逊和风投公司Revolution这些原有的投资者,而没有参与这轮融资的投资者包括Grotech Ventures、光速创投(Lightspeed Venture Partners)以及普莱斯基金(T. Rowe Price)。Also worth noting that I spoke with a source close to the company, who tells me that the competing term sheet was at the same valuation as what insiders offered, but that company decided to stick with its current investors. The prospective investor was said to be a ;familiar name,; but not a venture capital firm. That same source insists LivingSocial was not days or weeks away from a bankruptcy filing, adding that it had around million in cash at its February low point and was on plan to steadily increase that number even without the new financing. Had that figure not increased, and had no new investment been forthcoming, it still could have survived for several more months.另外值得一提的是,据我采访的一位接近LivingSocial的消息人士称,有外部投资者愿意在同等估值水平上参与融资,但该公司还是决定继续接受现有投资者的资金。这位潜在的投资者据称是一个“耳熟能详的人物”,并非一家风险投资公司。这位消息人士坚称,LivingSocial并不是再过几天或是几周就要破产,该公司在2月份最低点时仍手握2,800万美元现金,即使没有新一轮的融资,LivingSocial也在计划稳步增加现金储备。即使这个数字没有增加,新一轮融资也没能完成,LivingSocial仍然可以存活数月之久。 /201303/229092。