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Seeing from the T-shirt embroidered words, this beautiful girl is the Alabama team's cheerleader.看汗衫上绣的字就可以看出来,这位美丽的姑娘是阿拉巴马队的啦啦队长 0193919

A Dream雾乎?梦乎? 71

  A new London skyscraper dubbed the ;Walkie-Talkie; has been blamed reflecting light which melted parts of a car parked on a nearby street.一辆汽车停在伦敦街区意外被烤糊,原因是附近一座名为“对讲机”的新建天大楼将光线反射至车身,以致部分车身融化Martin Lindsay parked his Jaguar on Eastcheap, in the City of London, on Thursday afternoon. When he returned about two hours later, he found parts of his car - including the wing mirror and badge - had melted.周四下午,车主马丁·林赛把爱车捷豹停在伦敦市东市场路等他大约两小时回来后,发现部分车身(包括后视镜和车徽)都已融化Mr Lindsay said he ;could not believe; the damage. The developers have apologised and paid repairs. The 37-storey skyscraper at Fenchurch Street, which has been nicknamed the ;Walkie-Talkie; because of its shape, is currently under construction.林赛先生说他“无法相信”这场事故大厦建筑设计者已向他道歉并付修车费用这座37层楼高的天大厦位于芬乔奇街号,正在建设进程中,由于外表奇特,人们称这座大厦为“对讲机”Mr Lindsay, director of tiling company Moderna Contracts Ltd, said: ;I was walking down the road and saw a photographer taking photos and asked, what happening?林赛先生是Moderna Contracts 瓷砖有限公司的总裁,他说:“我走在路上看见一个摄影师在拍照片,就问他‘发生什么事情了?’”;The photographer asked me have you seen that car? The owner wont be happy. I said: I am the owner. Crikey, that awful.;“摄影师问我:‘看到那辆车了吗?车主这回遭殃了’ 我说:‘我就是车主哎呀,太恐怖了’”The wing mirror, panels and Jaguar badge had all melted, Mr Lindsay said. ;You cant believe something like this would happen,; he added. ;Theyve got to do something about it.;林赛先生说,汽车后视镜、面板和捷豹标志都被烤化了“简直不敢相信会发生这种事,”他还说,“他们必须做点什么”;It could be dangerous. Imagine if the sun reflected on the wrong part of the body. On the windscreen, there was a note from the construction company saying your car buckled, could you give us a call?;“这太危险了想想看,要是日光聚集在错误区域会有什么样的后果建筑公司还在挡风玻璃上留了张字条:‘你的车被烤变形了,请打电话联系我们’”In a joint statement, developers Land Securities and Canary Wharf said: ;We are aware of concerns regarding the light reflecting from Fenchurch Street and are looking into the matter.在一份联合声明中,开发商地产券集团和金丝雀码头表示:“我们清楚大家都很关心芬乔奇街号的光反射事件,现在我们也在进行深入调查”;As a precautionary measure, the City of London has agreed to suspend three parking bays in the area which may be affected while we investigate the situation further.;“作为预防措施,伦敦市同意在我们进一步调查期间,暂时停用附近有可能受大厦反光影响的三个停车场”Mr Lindsay said the developers had apologised and agreed to sort out the £96 repair costs.林赛先生说开发商已向他道歉,并同意付修车费用96英镑 5553

  People take part in the annual World Naked Bike Ride in central London, Britain, on June 8, . Naked cyclists protested against oil dependency and car culture, raising awareness of cycling as an environmentally friendly option.当地时间年6月8日,英国伦敦,一年一度的裸骑活动开始,上千男女不分老少,纷纷光着身子骑自行车上街,呼吁保护环境 3718。

  Lois Conner calls herself a collector of landscapes. The fascination started in childhood, when she was mesmerized by the panoramas she glimpsed on family road trips. But it turned into an artistic mission over the last three decades as she traveled through China with her view camera in search of images layered with detail and history.洛伊丝·康纳(Lois Conner)自称是风景收藏者这种迷恋始于童年,一家人驾车旅游的时候,沿路瞥见的景色让她陶醉不已在过去30年里,这种迷恋变成了艺术项目:她带着自己的大画幅相机,在中国走南闯北,寻找承载着历史与细节的影像And to think, her life work started almost by accident.想想看,她的终生事业几乎始于意外She was a graduate student in photography at Yale, from 1979 to 1981, when she had to take several electives outside of her medium. She chose a course on Ming dynasty landscape painting, where she was struck by the ;Dr. Seuss-like; scenes of the Li River, in what is now Guilin.1979年到1981年间,康纳在耶鲁读研究生,学习摄影,但必须选修几门自己艺术手法之外的课程她选择了明朝山水画,课上被漓江“苏斯士式的”景色打动这条江位于今天的桂林地区;I asked my professor, why did they make up that kind of landscape?; she recalled. ;And he said, That place really exists. ;“我问课上的教授,他们为什么要想象出那种风景?”她回忆道“结果他说,这地方真的存在”That when she knew she had to go to China. A 198 Guggenheim Fellowship got her there. Her insatiable curiosity has kept her returning ever since. Her new book and solo exhibition, ;Beijing: Contemporary and Imperial,; on view at the Cleveland Museum through June 9, offers up cinematic scenes of tangled trees and imperial gardens juxtaposed against stark, modern architecture.就在那个时刻,她知道自己必须去中国198年的古根海姆奖学金(Guggenheim Fellowship)让她得偿所愿打那以后,无穷的好奇心让她一次又一次地重返中国在她的新书《北京:当代与帝国(Beijing: Contemporary and Imperial)及同名展览中,呈现了种种电影般的场景:藤蔓交缠的树木、皇家的园林,却混搭着冷峻的现代建筑展览将在克利夫兰美术馆(Cleveland Museum)举办,至6月9日闭幕;In a way it unknowable,; Ms. Conner said. ;I started on something and I just feel like it never going to be finished.;Serendipity played a role in her becoming a photographer. Raised in southern Pennsylvania, Ms. Conner knew from an early age she wanted to be an artist. In her teens, she apprenticed herself to a painter who lived next door. She set off New York intent on studying fashion design. She took a job as a secretary at the ed Nations to pay the rent. She took courses in tap dancing, art and photography out of curiosity. Philippe Halsman, her photography teacher at the New School, asked her why she was studying fashion.“某种程度上,这是不可知的,”康纳说,“我开始做某件事情,然后感觉永远不会结束”在她成为摄影师的过程中,缘分起到了不小的作用在宾夕法尼亚州长大的康纳从小就明确自己想成为艺术家十几岁的时候,她在画家邻居那里当学徒后来,她来到纽约,准备学习时装设计,还在联合国找了份秘书的工作来付房租出于好奇,她学习了踢踏舞、艺术及摄影新学院大学(The New School)的摄影老师菲利普·哈尔斯曼(Philippe Halsman)问她,为何要念时尚?;I could not answer the question,; she said.“我答不上来,”她说That was enough to have her transfer to Pratt Institute to study photography. It was there she first encountered a view camera.这就足以让她转到普瑞特艺术学院(Pratt Institute)学习摄影在那里,她首次接触到大画幅相机;There was something about having the camera on the tripod that allowed me to pause,; she said. ;It just made sense to me. My sensibilities are more contemplative.;“相机放在三脚架上,让我能停下来,感觉挺特别,”她说,“这的确很适合我我的情绪更倾向于思考”She needed that quiet time, given her schedule. By day she was at school in Brooklyn. Evenings she worked at the ed Nations. Lunch was at midnight. At least when she started traveling the ed Nations she was able to afd a proper lens and tripod.由于日程繁忙,康纳很需要这种静下来的时间白天,她去布鲁克林上学,晚上则在联合国工作,午餐得等到午夜至少,当她开始为联合国的工作出差的时候,能买得起不错的镜头和三脚架了;Traveling suited me,; she said. ;When on the road I would try to think of what other road had looked this way, or how suddenly the landscape in front of me looked like China or other places Id never been.;“我喜欢旅行,”她说,“在路上的时候,我会努力回想别的什么路曾经看起来一模一样,或是想象眼前的风景突然就像是中国之类我没去过的地方”In 198, she left the ed Nations to become a full-time photographer.Her encounter with Chinese landscape painting prompted her to think in panoramas, which she eventually made with a 7× banquet camera. The camera was originally used in the late 19th century photographing large gatherings, and its mat and huge negatives ensured that throngs of sharply dressed guests would remain in equally sharp focus.198年,康纳离开联合国,成为全职摄影师对中国山水画的接触让她拥有了全景的思维方式,促使她最终用一台7×英寸的宴会相机来拍全景照这种相机原本在19世纪末用于拍摄大型聚会,其规格及巨大的底片能够保,一大群衣着光鲜的宾客会被拍得个个都很清晰During her three decades in China, she noticed many changes, like cities emerging seemingly out of nowhere.在探访中国的30年间,她注意到诸多变迁,比如有些城市似乎一夜之间拔地而起;Interior of the Bank of China During Construction; shows one of the first of the new architectural landmarks in Beijing, with its 0-foot, winglike interior obscured by a waffle of scaffolding in a tight frame, blotting the sky. Conversely, ;Solitary Arch, Changchun Yuan, Yuanming Yuan,; shows the skeleton of a snow-topped vault flanked by thin tilted trees, an entrance into a world both magical and removed. The wall was once apart of a Western palace designed by Jesuit missionaries in the mid-18th century the Qianlong emperor and served as both a de facto center the Chinese Empire and a site Chinese culture.《中国建造期间内景(Interior of the Bank of China During Construction)展现了北京首批新建筑地标中的一座0英尺(约合0米)的翼状内部结构紧紧包裹在格状脚手架中,遮蔽了天空与之相反,《圆明园长春园孤寂的拱门(Solitary Arch, Changchun Yuan, Yuanming Yuan)则表现的是积雪覆盖的一座残缺拱门,两侧栽着纤弱的歪树,好像是通往神奇而遥远世界的入口这些断壁残垣曾经属于18世纪中叶耶稣会士为乾隆皇帝设计的一座西式宫殿,当年曾是帝国实际上的中心,也是中华文化遗址Once part of a trio of its kind known as the Garden of Perfect Brightness, the wall was destroyed in 1860 by the British and the French. All that remains is this national ruin, a reminder of these European wounds.圆明三园在1860年毁于英法联军之手,剩下的只有这片作为国家纪念场所的废墟,提醒着人们欧洲带来的创伤But the photograph is doubly significant. It was a turning point in Ms. Conner project, when she started her longtime collaboration with Geremie Barmé, a leading expert on Chinese culture and history. It also sparked her obsession with the lotus flower, which has appeared in her work ever since.不过,这批照片具备双重意义这是康纳进行的项目的转折点当时,她刚开始与中国文化与历史方面的著名专家白杰明(Geremie Barmé)进行长期合作这还引发了她对荷花的痴迷从此以后,荷花成为她作品中的恒久主题;It was raining and it was summer,; Ms. Conner said. ;I got soaking wet. I just wanted to go home and take a shower. But, all of the sudden, I noticed these lotuses and water droplets sparkling on top of them.;Between her trips to China, Ms. Conner was busy teaching. She spent years at Yale as both director of undergraduate photography and a professor in the graduate school.“那时下着雨,是夏天,”康纳说,“我全身湿透了只想回家冲个澡可是,突然之间,我注意到了荷花和它们上面亮晶晶的水珠”在中国之行的间隙,康纳忙于教学她在耶鲁待了年,同时担任摄影本科专业的主管和研究生院的教授If she is not in China or teaching, Ms. Conner is processing her film or platinum printing in her apartment. The process is meticulous, but she wants her work to be believable, no matter how long it takes.如果既不在中国,又没有教书,康纳就是在自家公寓冲洗胶片或是制作铂金印相冲洗过程一丝不苟,因为她希望自己的作品真实可信,不管要花多长时间;The most important thing is not an artistic career or big pile of money, but to have that group of prints or the body of work that matters,; she said.“最重要的事情不是什么艺术生涯或大把钞票,而是拍出的照片集或者说是一生的作品能有意义,”她说;Atget is the perfect example,; she said, referring to the French photographer Eugène Atget. ;He put all the money into his work, but look what he has given us, it profound and encyclopedic, a life work. That what I aspire to at the end of my life, to have that body of work. Not fame, not tune, not recognition. I have enough right now.;“阿杰特就是完美的例子,”她说这里谈到的是法国摄影师尤金·阿杰特(Eugène Atget)“他把所有的钱都花到了工作上,看看他给我们留下了什么,深邃广,一辈子的作品我渴望生命终结的时候也能够做到,拿得出这样的作品不是名声,不是财富,也不是认同感这些东西我现在拥有的就足够了”What she cannot get enough of, however, is something that is endlessly enchanting. The lotus.不过,让她总觉得不够的是种拥有恒久吸引力的东西:荷花In one triptych, the flowers are scattered randomly, and yet there is a sense of order. If you stare long enough, you will discover whole worlds, villages, people, faces, eyes. Shadows become reflections; light sparkles like dabs of paint.在一组三联拍作品中,荷花随意散布,却又带有某种秩序感如果长时间盯着看,可以发现整个世界,村庄、人、面部和眼睛阴影变成了映射;光亮像零星的颜料般闪耀;Looking at my lotuses, I want to cry and photograph them until I dont have any film,; Ms. Conner said. ;And then when I dont have any film, I just want to sit there. It like being in love. I dont want it to stop. There are so many possibilities. My life isnt long enough.;“看着我的荷花,我想哭,想拍到没有胶片为止,”康纳说,“等到真没了胶片,我只想坐在那里跟坠入爱河似的,我不想结束可以做的事情太多了,我的生命却不够长” 376

  In this digital age, there nothing better than receiving a good old-fashioned letter. Especially when it written by a child.在这个数字时代,没有什么能比收到一封老式信件更好的了,特别是当写信的人是孩子的时候Whether it checking up on Santa reindeer, asking dad work to give him a day off or sending notes to the postman, our little angels can have the sweetest of intentions when it comes to writing notes. Well, most of the time, anyway.无论是询问圣诞老人驯鹿的近况,要求爸爸的公司给他放一天假,还是写信给邮递员,我们的小天使们在写信的时候可以有最甜蜜的意图嗯,反正大部分时间是这样的From brutal honesty to unflattering illustrations, these children literary masterpieces are too good not to be shared - which is what their parents did online.从残酷的诚实到坦率的插图,这些儿童的佳作若不共享就太浪费 – 而这正是他们的父母在网上做的 376390I was among the first batch of people to Guo Jingming’s City of Fantasy (《幻城) back in , when I was in high school. To my younger self, the story was *heart-rending, and Guo’s language was mind-blowingly beautiful. I amused myself by imagining the novel as a TV series and building a cast in my head, matching every character with the actor who I thought could portray them best.年,当我还是个高中生时,已经是郭敬明小说《幻城的第一批读者了在当时年少的我看来,这个故事是那么的令人心碎,而郭敬明的文字更是出人意料的优美每当我想象着小说如果拍成电视剧,每个角色都会由谁来饰演,并在脑海中搜索着我认为最合适的演员时,总会感觉格外有趣But the day never came when I saw my fantasy show realized – until now, over a decade later.但我幻想中的电视剧一直没有成为现实——即便到了十多年后的今天The new series, named Ice Fantasy, premiered online on July . It mostly follows the plotline of the novel, which tells the story of two half-brothers, Ka Suo – the prince and later king of the Ice Tribe – and Ying Kongshi. The drama of their lives unfolds against the backdrop of an everlasting feud, between the Ice Tribe and the Fire Tribe.这部名为《幻城的新剧已于7月日在网络上首播该剧大致遵循了原著的故事主线,讲述了同父异母的两兄弟,冰族王子(后成为国王)卡索和樱空释之间的故事在冰族和火族经年累月的争斗中,两兄弟戏剧般的人生也就此展开Untunately, the show came a bit too late – at least me – since I have long outgrown the taste *sloppy sentiment, which is all that Ice Fantasy is. I have also grown a new taste *impeccably lifelike computer-generated images, which is everything that Ice Fantasy is not.不幸的是,这部电视剧来得太晚了——至少于我而言——长大后的我早已对那份多愁善感没了兴致,而这一切却正好是《幻城的卖点现在的我想在电视上得到的是无可挑剔且又栩栩如生的电脑合成画面,然而这却是《幻城给不了的There is very little left in the show me to enjoy, except revisiting my decade-old *pastime by comparing the cast with the original characters. Some choices are *passable, including Feng Shaofeng as Ka Suo and Ma Tianyu as Ying Kongshi. But not every casting decision is satisfactory.这部剧并没有多少能让我欣赏的地方,除了重温我年前的过往消遣,将如今的演员阵容与书中人物一一对比一些选角算是差强人意,如由冯绍峰饰演卡索,马天宇饰演樱空释等但并不是所有的选角都令人满意 example, Li Luo (Victoria Song, 宋茜), Ka’s lover, is described in the book as an elegant and serene half-goddess. Yet in the show, she is A) a human being, and B) a tomboy who fights and *banters with men all the time.比如,在书中,卡索的恋人梨落(宋茜饰)是一个优雅端庄的半神然而在剧中她却是一个男孩子气的凡人,总是和男人们大打出手或是相互调侃Browsing through comments online, I found out that I was not the only one to feel this way. Many ers of City of Fantasy are talking about how awkwardly the new show has made changes to the characters and the plotline.看过网上的后,我发现还有很多人和我有相同的感受许多《幻城小说的读者都在吐槽这部新剧对人物和情节的改编是如何地令人尴尬Shen Zhining, the screenwriter of Ice Fantasy, explained that to *adapt a novel onto the screen is like translating from one language into another – instead of interpreting the text word-by-word, some items need to be added or *omitted from the original in order to make the adaptation flow smoothly.电视剧《幻城的编剧沈芷凝认为将小说改编成电视剧就像翻译一样,要意译不要直译,为了让改编更加自然,需要对原作进行一些增添或是删减Despite its flaws, the new show is attracting a mass following: Only one day after its premiere, the first four episodes of Ice Fantasy were viewed over 300 million times, according to Shanghai-based media data company Vlinkage. Perhaps the audience was truly intrigued by the story, or simply watched it the sake of *nostalgia. Either way, the numbers prove that the show is popular, and that’s probably all the show-runners ever asked .尽管存在缺点,但这部新剧还是吸引了大批观众:据设在上海的媒体数据监测公司Vlinkage的数据显示,首播后第一天,《幻城的前四集就有了超过3亿的播放量或许观众们是真的被这个故事所吸引,又或许只是单纯地为自己的情怀买单不论如何,这些数据表明,这部电视剧大受欢迎,而这或许便是所有电视剧制作人想要看到的结果 58


  This is how it looks in winter.冬天,岛屿就是这个样子 1



  If money is no object, there is no shortage of ways to spend it. Here is our rundown of the most wallet-walloping holidays and some must-have extras. 假如钱不是问题,那么花钱的办法就有很多我们在这里介绍一些花钱如流水的度假方式及其它1. Singapore Airlines' double-bed suitesWhen an airline is engaged in a perpetual battle the world's richest people, it has to pull out all the stops. So when Singapore Airlines was deciding how to design the First Class cabins of their A380 behemoths, they hit on a novel idea. Why not end all arguments about legroom by offering a double-bed suite, complete with privacy blinds? One word of warning: if you attempt what the airline deems "inappropriate activity" you will be asked - probably very politely - to stop.Singapore Airlines suites with double beds are only available on routes served by A380. Fares vary but we were ed about pound;,0 (,5) per person a return flight from London to Singapore.假如一家航空公司总是在和这个世界上最有钱的人在打交道,它就要使出浑身解数所以,当新航在决定如何设计A380巨无霸飞机的头等舱时,他们有了一个新主意:就不要为膝部空间的大小再争吵了,索性搞一个有双人大床的套房吧,再装上保护隐私的百叶窗但是这里要提醒一下,假如你的行为被新航认为“不恰当”的话,他们会——也许是很有礼貌地——要求你停下来新航的双人大床套房只有在A380飞机的航线上可以提供,机票价格会有变化年时我们询问了从伦敦到新加坡来回的票价,当时的报价为,0英镑 95

  Harvard University will offer a new course, using George R.R. Martin book series and its subsequent HBO show ;Game of Thrones; to explore what the show gets right and wrong about our own medieval times.哈佛大学将开设一门新课程,通过研究乔治·R·R·马丁的系列小说及据此改编的HBO剧集《权力的游戏,来探讨该剧与中世纪真实历史的出入Harvard medieval studies professors hope that the 0-level course can leverage student interest in ;Game of Thrones; into a greater interest in the humanities.该校中世纪研究领域的教授们希望,这门百分制的课程可以利用学生们对《权力的游戏的喜爱,激发他们对人文学科更浓厚的兴趣Student interest in this area of study has waned in recent years.近年来,学生对人文领域的学习兴趣有所减退An American Academy of Arts And Sciences study that reported an 8.7% decline in bachelor degrees awarded in this subject area between and .据美国艺术与科学学院的一份研究显示,年至年间,人文学科领域颁发的学士学位数量减少了8.7%Harvard is far from the first to lure its students into courses with Game of Thrones-adjacent subject matter - in fact, UC Berkeley has offered multiple courses that draw inspiration from the series.开设《权力的游戏相关主题的课程吸引学生并非哈佛首创事实上,加州大学伯克利分校已经依据从这一剧集中获得的灵感开设了多门课程In , it offered a film studies course, ;Film Genre: Game of Thrones; centered on the show theatrical themes.年,该校开设了影视研究课《影视类型:权力的游戏,主要研究该剧的戏剧主题 5019

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