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2018年10月17日 01:08:07

And after the show, another counselor came up to me and asked Have you ever thought of acting? Youre good at that. 演出结束后 另一位指导来问我你有没有想过演戏?你有这方面的天分哦So, when I got back to Fordham that fall, i got there I changed my major once again, for the last time. 当我秋天回到佛罕大学时再一次更改了我的专业 最后一次换专业And in the years that followed, just as that woman prophesied I have traveled the world. 在后来的岁月中 就像那位老妇人预见的那样我周游了世界And I have spoken to millions of people through my movies Millions who... Up till this day, couldnt see me... 通过电影 和上百万人进行了沟通当然 直到今天 他们都没有真正见过我本人Who up till this day, I couldnt see while I was talking to them. 直到今天他们都没有真正看到我本人我虽然和他们;沟通;了And they couldnt see me theyre gonna see the movie. 他们也没真正看过我因为他们只是看到了电影里的我They couldnt see the real me But I see you today. 而不是真正的我但今天我亲眼看到你们And Im encouraged by what I see And Im strengthened by what I see. 而且我为我看到的感到鼓舞我从我看到的里面感到了力量And I love what I see one more page, then ill shut up. 我对我看到的很是喜欢还差完最后一页 我就可以闭嘴了Let me conclude with this one final point actually the president kinda brought it up. 让我用这最后一点来结束其实校长前面也已经提到Has to do with the movie Philadelphia here She stole my material. 这跟电影《费城往事》有关她一定偷看了我的稿子Many years ago I did this movie called Philadelphia We filmed some of the scenes right here on campus. 很多年前 我出演了《费城往事》这部电影有些场景就是在这个校园拍摄的201611/473730重庆妇幼保健院查激素六项多少钱My Fellow Americans, A new optimism is sweeping our country as we return power from Washington and give it back to the American People, where it belongs. For too long, American workers were forgotten by their government – and I mean totally forgotten. Their interests were pushed aside for global projects, and their wealth was taken from their communities and shipped across the world, all across the seas. My Administration has offered a new vision. The well-being of the American citizen and worker will be placed second to none – and boy, do I mean second to none? Since Day One, I have been fighting for the hardworking people of this country – and this week, we took historic action to continue delivering on that promise. We did so in one of the many proud industrial towns of our nation – Kenosha, Wisconsin – with the men and women of Snap-On, who make American tools for workers around the world. They were there, and they loved what they heard, and they loved what they saw. In Wisconsin, I signed an Executive Order to Buy American and Hire American. I took historic action to ensure that Federal Projects are made with American Goods – and to keep American workers and companies from being cheated out of contracts by countries that break the rules and break every regulation in the book to take advantage of the ed States. Thats not going to happen anymore. I also took action to reform our immigration system so that it puts the needs of American workers first – the duty of government is to represent the citizens of the ed States, and that is what we will do. Whether its removing job-killing regulations, protecting our borders, or unleashing American energy, we are keeping our promises and delivering for the American worker. During my visit, I talked about how America is a nation that honors work. We honor grit. We honor craftsmanship. We honor the skilled tradespeople who turn rock and steel and iron and cement into works of art and grace and beauty. Theres tremendous talent there, believe me. The wrench and ratchet are not only tools, but instruments that help build cities out of deserts and send ships across oceans. And the tools of craftsmen and the masons are just as important as the tools of the doctor and the dentist or the CEO, or even the tools of politicians, believe it or not – and their work is every bit as noble. They take pride in their jobs, and we take pride in them. No longer will the concerns of these hardworking Americans go unanswered. By making government answer to our citizens, we are removing the limits on our future and setting free the dreams of our people. As long as we do this, optimism will continue to soar. Hope will continue to spring. And this country we love will grow stronger and stronger day by day. Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless America.201705/507423重庆爱德华医院宫腔镜手术多少点击此处下载音频HI! 大家好,欢迎光临广播学口语,在中国人形容有人花钱大手大脚有个词语叫"挥金如土",在英国则说是挥金如水.这是为什么呢?让我们来看一下今天要学习的句子:(音乐)"like water"像水一样。如果我们说一个人能喝酒,就是他喝酒就跟喝水一样o"like water"有"大量的无节制"的意思。在英语中要注意:挥金如土,也是和水有关系的。在我们国家,酒有着悠久的历史,可以叫做酒文化吧。酒在各种party中是不能少的。The wine flew like water at the party. (大家开怀畅饮,酒如流水。)酒会是一项很大的开。不过对于有钱人来说,这又算得了什么呢。但是如果你没有钱,那可就不一样了:Although he is not earning much, he spends money like water. (他虽赚不到钱,但他还是挥金如水。) 那不透才怪呢!(音乐)我们学过"in hot water""有麻烦了,处于水深火热之中"。那么摆脱麻烦怎么说呢? "above water",在水面上面。就可以理解为"摆脱困境,不欠债"。Although he spends money like water he can keep his head above water, for he has a father made of money. (虽然他挥金如土,但他还不至于欠债.因为他有一个很有钱的爸爸。) 可即使老爸再有钱,自己不劳动,总有坐吃山空的一天。所以我们还看好小张的作法:He can keep his head above water although he is not earning much.(虽然他赚钱不多,但能做到不欠债)(音乐)好了,让我们回忆一下我们今天所学习的内容:(1)The wine flew like water at the party. (在宴会上大家开怀畅饮,酒如流水。)(2)He can keep his head above water although he is not earning much. (虽然他赚钱不多,但能做到不欠债。)Ok! Letrsquo;s stop here. See you next time! /200605/7242美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson21-30暂无文本 /200606/7805石柱土家族自治县看先兆流产哪家医院最好的

重医大附一院检查不孕不育多少钱重庆输卵管造影去哪家医院So, these are the words I am waiting to hear, but from my son, not my daughter.这些话是我想听到的,但应该是从我儿子嘴里说出来,而不是我女儿But at first I did not know what to do.刚开始的时候,我真的不知道该怎么办But then, over time, I have come to understand that this is who she is.但过了一段时间,我开始明白了她真的就是这样的一个人So, even though sometimes its still hard,即便有的时候还是很难接受I will share with you that it helps me to realize我想跟你们分享的是,这件事让我认识到society is more tolerant, usually because of places like this,这个社会越来越宽容,就是因为有像TED这样的地方because of ideas like this, and people like you, with an open mind.因为有像这样的想法,像你们这样的思想开放的人So I think maybe TED, you impact peoples lives in the ways maybe even you dont realize.我觉得TED给我们的生活带来了重大影响,在不知不觉中影响着我们So, for my daughters sake, I thank you for your ideas worth sping. Thank you. Xie xie.所以,我要代表我女儿,谢谢你们分享思想之美。谢谢你们Good evening. My name is Habbi Belahal.晚上好,我叫哈比贝拉艾And I would like to first of all thank Sarah Jones我首先要感谢莎拉琼斯for putting all of the pressure on the only Arab who she brought with her to be last today.因为我是她请来的唯一一位阿拉伯人,这给我很大压力,而且我是最后一个发言的I am originally from Jordan. And I teach comparative literature at Queens College. It is not Harvard.我来自约旦,我在皇后学院教比较文学,不是哈佛But I feel a bit like a fish out of water. But I am very proud of my students.我感到有些不适应,但我为我的学生感到骄傲And I see that a few of them did make it here to the conference.我看到他们有些人来到了大会现场So you will get the extra credit I promised you.我保会给你们加学分的But, while I know that I may not look like the typical TED-izen, as you would say,尽管我知道我看起来不像本地人I do like to make the point that we in global society, we are never as different as the appearances may suggest.我正想说的就是,我们生活在地球村里,我们之间的差异再也不像我们的长相这样差别如此大So, if you will indulge me, I will share quickly with you a bit of verse,如果你们允许的话,我愿意跟你们分享一段诗which I memorized as a young girl at 16 years of age.这是我16岁时就会背的一首诗So, back in the ancient times.那么让我们回到远古年代201611/479286Ill be honest, then my relationship with Dan deteriorated somewhat, because the next email I got was this:实话实说,那之后我跟Dan的关系在某种程度上就恶化了,因为我发现下一封邮件是这样写的:;Thanks for your email - your Case Number is ...;“感谢您的邮件--您的处理编号是……”Thats outrageous. I said, ;Dan?;这真是让我哭笑不得。我说:“Dan,在吗?”And I got -- and I was just like, this is ... -- and I, I .... And I said, ;Danny?;然后我收到的还是……这……让我……我说:“Danny,你在吗?!”And I thought, this is terrible. All Im doing is collecting case numbers. I said, ;D-Dog?;我觉得,这太糟糕了。我一直在收到这些处理编号。我说:“是电子吗?”;The store is now open.;“超市现在开张了。”I said, ;But Dan, they must have wondered why there was no bouncy castle.;我说:“但是Dan,大家都会想为什么没有充气城堡吧。”And then we were back to this.然后又变成了处理邮件。And that might have been the end of the story, but I remembered that anything -- everything故事应该在此就结束了。但是我突然发觉,任何事--每件事even something as mundane as getting out of a car, can be fun if you find the right game.甚至于一些日常小事儿,如下车,只要掌握了正确的玩法,都能变得有趣。So, this is what I replied:所以,我就回复到:Thanks for your email - your Case Number is #0000001.感谢您的邮件—— 您的处理编号是#0000001。And we just, uh ...然后我们就……It was like we were dancing. It was just a beautiful relationship. We just kept going. It was lovely.这就像我们在翩翩起舞。就像我们是完美的关系。我们就这样进行下去。太和谐了。But to be honest, guys, it was quite labor-intensive, and I had other stuff to do, believe it or not.但是老实说,伙计们,这挺费功夫的,我还有别的事情要忙,不论你信不信。201706/514957重庆治弱精大约多少钱英语场景口语:如果时光可以倒流我现在已经大学毕业了,真后悔大学时没有好好学习。如果时光可以倒流的话,我一定努力学习,做一个好学生。【口语要素1】I wish I could turn back the clock.可惜呀,那些日子一去不复返了。【口语要素2】Those days are long gone.我唯一能做的就是振作起来,从零开始。【口语要素3】I should pluck up my courage.我相信,只要我努力,会有自己成功的那一天。【口语要素4】I will have my day.正如一句名言所说,自助者天助。【口语要素5】God helps those who help themselves. /200604/6674重庆做腹腔镜手术

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