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Being strong and healthy is nice and important, but the reason a lot of us exercise is to look good. These aesthetically-focused exercises won’t make you hot overnight, but in combination with a healthy diet, they’ll give you the best bang for your workout buck so you look good dressed up—or undressed.拥有强壮健康的身体非常好而且这很重要,但是我们做的许多运动都是看起来好看。这些强调美感的运动并不会让你一夜就拥有火辣的身材,但是结合健康的饮食,这些运动最终会让你受益匪浅,这样你就能在穿着衣或者赤身裸体的时候看起来好看。These exercises target body regions for attractiveness based on typical American beauty standards. That means the exercises we’ll highlight are different for men and women. For men, we’ll broaden the upper body and develop defined leg muscle. For women, we’ll focus on tightening up arms and building a firmer, tighter booty. Still, not every body type can be (or needs to be) a statue of a Greek god or goddess. If that’s not you, you can still look great naked. These exercises will still help you get healthy and strong no matter who you are.这些运动的针对的是身体上吸引力比较大的地方,依据是典型的美国审美标准。这就意味着我们强调的男人和女人在运动方面市不同的。对于男人来说,我们会强健身体的上半部分,而且会努力锻炼出紧致的腿部肌肉。对于女人来说,我们主要集中注意力紧致胳膊上的肌肉,让臀部看起来结实紧致。而且,并不是每个人的体型都能像(或者需要像)希腊神或者女神那样。如果这不是你想要的身材的话,你也能在裸体的时候看起来很棒。不论你是谁,这些运动能够帮助你强身健体。Exercises for Men适合男人的运动For men, looking good in your birthday suit involves building some upper body muscle. We spoke “Picture Fit,” of the Picture Fit YouTube channel, and he explains that it’s often easier for guys to make themselves appear broader than it is for them to diet for a six pack or build muscles proportionally throughout the body. Dick Talens, a fitness coach, says the key to that is developing the “v-taper,” which means building broad shoulders, a wide chest, and a small waist so your upper body looks like the letter “V.” The v-taper approach is especially useful for those who have “dadbods” or identify as “skinny fat.”对于男人来说,想要穿着自己的生日礼看起来好看的话,就得强健自己身体上半部分的肌肉。我们说一下“拍照效果很好”,这是YouTube视频网站的一个栏目,其中解释说,对于男人来说,很容易让自己看起来强壮,这比让他们吃6顿饭或者锻炼出全身比例适合的肌肉要容易得多。健身教练迪克·泰伦斯说,关键在于体型要锻炼成V字形。V字形的身材就是指肩膀和胸部很宽,腰部比较瘦,这样你上半部分的身体看起来就像字母V。V型身材的方法对于那些“老爸身材”或者“瘦胖子”的人来说,尤为有效。 /201607/452849The car jostled along a bumpy road into the countryside. In the front seat, the brothers chatted in Arabic while local music played on the stereo. I began to panic. Should I open the door and dive outside on the road? Where would I run to? 汽车在一条颠簸的路上跌跌撞撞,驶入了乡下。在前排,两兄弟用阿拉伯语在聊天,车上的音响播放着当地的音乐。我开始慌张。我应该打开车门跳出去吗?我能跑到哪里呢?We drove for nearly an hour, finally pulling into a small desert village. The car wobbled along gravel streets; half of its low-slung concrete apartment buildings demolished, the other half under construction, as though recovering from some recent war. My visions of the Arabian Nights were replaced by replays of CNN clips of Al Qaeda hideouts. Was my robe to wear for my beheading ?我们走了将近一个小时,终于在一个荒凉的小村庄里停下。汽车在铺满砂石的街道摇摇晃晃;低矮的混凝土建筑物已有一半被拆毁,另一半尚未完工,仿佛刚经历过一场战争。《天方夜谭》的情景被 CNN 所播放的有关基地组织藏匿处的片段所取代。难道我的长袍是为了斩首视频而穿的?I exited the car and stood on an empty street with the two “brothers” behind me. They motioned for me to put on the robe and enter the darkened building in front of us. A few men milled about in the shadows in the alley; one was viciously kicking a mule. Mustafa saw my concern and asked me what I thought.我下了车,站在空荡的街头,那两位“兄弟”在我身后。他们示意我穿上长袍,走进我们面前黑暗的建筑里。有几个人在小巷的影子里游荡;其中一个故意在踢一头骡子。穆斯塔法看出了我的担忧,问我在想什么。“Being a mule is a bad job in Morocco,” I replied.“在洛哥做一头骡子不是个好差事,”我回答道。He laughed and nodded.他大笑着点头。Feeling beyond the point of no return, I pulled the robe over my head and walked to the door. I half expected to open it and see dark, bearded men squatting around a fire, maybe armed with rifles, gazing with fierce blazing eyes and lurid smiles toward their victim dressed for slaughter.我已别无选择,只能将长袍拉过头顶,走进那扇门。我原以为打开门后将看到黑色的、留着大胡子的人蹲在一堆火旁,可能还装备有步,带着冰冷残酷的眼神向穿戴好准备接受屠杀的受害者们投以恐怖的微笑。Instead, I entered a bright, modern room crowded with a dozen sharply dressed Moroccan men in khakis and sport coats, daintily holding cups of tea. They howled with laughter at my outfit. A young girl peeked out of the kitchen and giggled. I stood stunned in the doorway, my bright red blushing face contrasting with my fresh-out-of-the-bag white robe.相反,我所踏入的是一间明亮而现代的房间,里面挤满了穿着卡其裤和运动外套的时髦的洛哥男子,优雅地举着茶杯。他们看到我的穿着,爆发出了哄堂大笑。一名年轻的姑娘也从厨房探出头来咯咯地笑着。我在门口傻站着,我的明亮红润的脸色和刚穿上的白色长袍形成了鲜明的对比。A peppy older man with ramrod straight posture marched into the party, wearing a similar robe to mine. He smiled, eyes bright with mirth as he cross-ed the room to take me by the shoulder. He patted his heart and spoke to me in Arabic.一位精神矍铄的老人以略显僵硬的笔直姿态加入到宴会,穿着一件与我的类似的长袍。他微笑着,明亮的眼神里带着欢快,穿过房间抓住我的肩膀。他拍着自己的心口用阿拉伯语对我说话。Mustafa translated: “My father says, ‘A thousand welcomes’. He is honoured that you have travelled so far to join us for this special occasion. And he says he really likes your djellaba.“穆斯塔法翻译道:“我父亲说,‘非常欢迎你’。他很荣幸你赶了这么远的路来参加我们这个特殊的场合。他还说他非常喜欢你的长袍。”Relatives began plying me with orange sodas and an assortment of home-cooked sweets. Achmed and Mustafa led me upstairs to the pre-wedding feast on a rooftop patio, where I joined a group of men and boys sitting on the floor around a giant platter. Together we broke b and dipped it into sauces tinged with mint, saffron and honeyed yoghurt, along with some garlicky, creamy tahini. We grabbed hunks of grilled lamb on the bone, and washed it all down with sugary mint tea as we looked out over the moonlit Moroccan countryside. I felt like I had arrived in an Arabian Nights tale, and the night was only beginning.亲属们开始不停地用橙汁汽水和各种自制甜点招待我。艾哈迈德和穆斯塔法带我上楼到屋顶露台上的婚前宴会,我加入了一群围着一台巨大唱片机席地而坐的男人和男孩。我们将面包分开,浸泡在由薄荷、藏红花和蜜糖酸奶,以及少许大蒜和芝麻酱混合而成的酱料。我们从骨头上撕下大块的烤羊肉,一边就着香甜的薄荷茶大快朵颐,一边欣赏着洛哥乡村月光下的美景。我想我已进入天方夜谭的传说,而这一夜只是开头。After dinner we gathered outside the building for the wedding procession. Drummers warmed their animal-skin drums over small fires to tighten the tops. Trumpeters carrying the traditional brass nefarhorns tuned up with a flurry of toots. The bride in a shimmering white gown and jewelled tiara mounted a precarious white throne atop the long-suffering mule, while the groom leapt on another. In a cacophony of clapping, drumming, honking and ululating, this group of about 50 colourfully dressed men, women and children (and one white-robed foreigner) began a midnight march through town. Villagers emerged from their homes, rubbing sleep from their eyes to smile and clap along with the celebration.晚宴之后我们聚集在外面,列队参加婚礼仪式。鼓手们在小火上暖着他们的兽皮鼓以使鼓顶收紧。拿着传统铜管号角的号手们在调音时发出嘟嘟的声音。新娘身穿一件闪亮的白色礼,嵌满珍珠的头饰安放在稍显不稳的白色宝座上,由一头长久受苦的骡子驮着,新郎则跃上另一头骡子。在一通掌声、鼓声、号声和叫声的混杂中,这一由大约 50 位衣着鲜亮的男子、妇女和儿童(还有一位穿着白色长袍的外国人)所组成的队伍开始了穿越小镇的午夜进行曲。村民们从家里出来观看,被惊扰到美梦的愤怒随着庆祝而转为微笑和掌声。Our procession concluded in front of another nondescript cement apartment building, where the wedding party climbed to a rooftop covered in rugs, tables full of yet more treats and an endless supply of orange soda, all illuminated with strings of bare light bulbs hanging from wires. A slick-suited Moroccan band, complete with electric guitars and keyboards, burst forth with music. The brothers pulled me out to the gender-segregated dance floor for a few songs.我们的队伍在另一处平淡无奇的水泥建筑物前面停下,在那里婚礼宴会转移到了铺满地毯的屋顶,桌子上摆满了更加丰盛的美食和无限供应的橙汁,从电线上接下来的裸露的灯泡将光线洒满每个角落。一衣着光鲜的洛哥乐队,带着电吉他和键盘,爆发出了音乐。兄弟俩将我拉到了男女隔开的舞池中欣赏几曲歌声。Befitting this mixed Arab-Berber wedding, the band left to be replaced by a traditional Berber horns-and-strings ensemble, while the bride and groom re-emerged to the roof with a new set of Berber wedding clothes, the groom dressed in a desert nomad’s robes, the bride in a billowing white dress bedecked with swaths of dangling multi-coloured jewellery. Fuelled by sugar and tea, I clapped, sang and danced along with the extended family as the band and costume changes continued until sunrise. 为了配合这场阿拉伯人和柏柏尔人之间的婚礼,乐队表演之后是一传统的管弦合奏,而新郎新娘换了一套柏柏尔婚礼之后再次出现在屋顶,新郎身穿一件沙漠牧民的长袍,而新娘则穿着随风飞舞的白色裙子,上面装饰以五斑斓的珠宝线条。在糖和茶水的刺激下,我和这个大家庭一起鼓掌、唱歌和跳舞,而乐队和礼不停地更换,直到黎明。When the party ended, I dozed in the car as the brothers drove me back to town, trusting they would get me wherever I needed to be. Still wearing my robe, I slept past noon in the comfortable hotel, the only effects from my abduction being a sugar hangover and a newfound appreciation that even with all the trouble in the world, sometimes a friendly invitation is simply an invitation, and a humble robe can be a treasure.宴会结束时,两兄弟开车将我送回镇上,而我在车上不停打盹,相信他们会把我带到我想去的地方。穿着我的长袍,我在舒的酒店里一觉睡到了午后,这次在蜜糖中宿醉的“绑架”唯一的影响和最新的体会是,纵然世界麻烦不断,有时一次善意的邀请也仅仅是一次善意的邀请,而一件简单的长袍可能成为珍宝。 /201606/450660

A Brief of Chinese Paper-Cut剪纸简介Of all folk art works,paper-cut is the most participated. Often characterized by geographical regions, paper-cut is rich with historical and cultural heritage. Even though it has only been two thousand years since the invention of paper, the cultural implication and art forms that paper-cut represents goes back all the way to primitive society 6 000 - 7 000 years ago. The cultural value it carries far exceeds the value of art itself;it enriches the entire original Chinese art system, art formation and color structure, having deep impact on philosophy, aesthetics, history, ethnology, sociology and anthropology.所有的民间艺术作品,剪纸是最具代表性的。往往以地理区域为特点,剪纸具有丰富的历史文化遗产。虽然剪纸的发明只有二千多年,其文化意蕴和艺术形式的代表可以追溯到原始社会的6000-7000年前。它承载的文化价值远远超出艺术本身的价值,它丰富了整个中国原创艺术体系,艺术的形成和颜色结构,在哲学,美学,历史学,民族学,社会学和人类学方面有深远的影响。 /201608/463018

Wait wait! I#39;m cutting in somebody... and I never even finished medical school! I faked my diploma to get the job! And I#39;m wasted on shots!等等!我正在切一个人......我甚至从来没有从医学院毕业!我伪造文凭得到这份工作!我浪费在射门上!After a few minutes the new surgeon was calmed down, and the operation went on as planned几分钟后新外科医生平静下来,继续按照计划操作 /201607/453550

It was four years ago that we found out about the cancer growing inside you. You called me and soberly told me the news - that it had aly sp, that you didn#39;t know how long you had left. I was still at university. I spent the first few months in shock. My precocious but naive self had always, up until then, assumed I#39;d always have the ability to control every problem that might come my way. But for the first time I felt powerless. I wished I could just reach into you and take the cancer out. But I knew there was nothing I could do.四年前,我们发现了你体内的恶性肿瘤,你冷静地打电话给我告诉我这个消息,它已经开始蔓延,你不知道还能活多久。那时我还在上大学,我在痛苦中度过了前几个月,早熟但天真的我直到那时还总是假设我有能力控制即将发生的每个问题,但是我第一次感到无能为力,我希望我可以进入你的身体拿走癌细胞,但是我知道我什么也做不了。We#39;ve been lucky. You responded well to treatment and you#39;re still here, though we don#39;t know for how much longer.我们很幸运,虽然我们不知道你还能坚持多久,但是你还活着并且对治疗反应良好。Though we#39;ve often talked about the cancer and what it means, in all our discussions over the past four years I#39;ve never been able to say what I really want to say. I#39;ve always wanted to say that I love you, and that I#39;m grateful for everything you#39;ve given me.尽管我们经常谈论癌症意味着什么,但是在过去四年的所有讨论中我从来没有能够说出我真正想说的。我一直想说,我爱你,我很感激你给我的一切。But I can#39;t. The words won#39;t come. It feels like there#39;s this unwritten rule in our father-son relationship that prevents it. You#39;re a man of a certain age, conservative and guarded with your emotions. You keep your feelings to yourself and expect others to do the same.但我没有把这句话说出来,好像有一不成文的规则,这句话在我们的父子关系上总被阻止。你是一个保守、谨慎的中年人,你自己保持你的感情,希望别人也这样做。But I know you care. I#39;ve seen your proud looks when I#39;ve told you about my achievements at work and school over the years. I#39;ve seen your concern when things haven#39;t gone well. I remember all the offers of help.(be continued)但我知道你在意,那些年当我告诉你关于我工作和学校的成就时,我已经看到过你骄傲的表情,当事情进展不是很顺利时,我看到过你的关心,我记得你给过我的所有帮助。译文属 /201608/457515

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