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  • RDWhat do you think your strength is as a parent?作为父亲,你觉得你的强项是什么?CruiseEverything! Im a great parent. I want to be with my kids. They are happy. They get to do all the stuff I wanted to do when I was growing up.都是我的强项吧!我是一位了不起的父亲我的孩子们都很幸福他们可以做我年轻的时候就很想做的事情RDWhat do you want your children to learn about life?我希望你的孩子学习生活的什么呢?CruiseIve told them anything is possible. I started them when they were young, first swimming, then riding, hiking, climbing. It giving them confidence to learn, to put in them a sense of integrity, sympathy and understanding.我尽可能地告诉他们所有的事情当他们很小的时候,我就首先教他们游泳,然后骑车,远足和爬山这些让他们很有自信,培养了他们的正直感,同情心和理解力RDDo you want to be married again and have more children?你希望再次结婚,然后有更多的孩子吗?CruiseYeah, yeah. I love kids. And Id like to get married. I like being in a relationship.是的,当然我爱孩子们我想要结婚我喜欢恋爱的感觉RDSo how does Tom Cruise, single guy, find a girlfriend?那么,汤姆·克鲁斯,作为单身汉你要怎么找女朋友呢?CruiseThey call me up.他们会给我打电话RDHow is it going?感觉怎么样?CruiseIm dating, but I dont have a girlfriend.我会约会,但是我不喜欢有女朋友RDAnd youre confident youll find somebody?你相信你能找到意中人吗?CruiseI have to. There has to be that woman out there. I want to be with someone who going to be a lot of fun. Someone who doesnt mind traveling, loves kids, loves a lot of activities. Someone I can really trust, someone who can really communicate, someone who enjoys life.是的一定会有我的意中人我喜欢能和一个有趣的人在一起她不介意旅行,爱孩子,喜欢参加活动她值得我信任,可以和我促膝长谈,并且热爱生活RDYou reconciled with your father bee he died. What was that like?在你父亲去世之前,你和他合好了那是怎么回事?CruiseI saw him right bee he died. So I dont fell regret. You look at people in his position, and you feel bad them, what they missed in life. I understand what he was going through.在他临终前我去看他最好一面所以我没有遗憾了站在他的角度看他的一生,我觉得有很多遗憾我能理解他所经历的一些事情 66
  • Scott: Hi, I thought Id stop by to pick up those chairs I wanted to borrow.斯科特:嗨,我想顺便把我要借用的椅子带回去Roberta: Oh, sure. Here they are.罗伯塔:啊,当然它们在这里Scott: What are you doing?斯科特:你在做什么?Roberta: Im looking through the material we got on adoption.罗伯塔:我在浏览收集到的领养资料Scott: Are you and Robert thinking about adopting a child?斯科特:你和罗伯特计划领养一个孩子?Roberta: Yeah, we are. Weve been thinking about it a long time, and we think we might be y now.罗伯塔:对,我们要领养这事我们已经想了很久了,现在我们差不多准备好了Scott: Have you decided on an international or domestic adoption?斯科特:你决定跨国收养还是在国内领养?Roberta: Were going domestic.罗伯塔:我们决定在国内收养Scott: That means going through the foster care system, right?斯科特:那就意味着要懂领养制度,对吗?Roberta: Yeah, it going to be a lot of work getting our house y and all of the paperwork done. But after we pass inspection, well just need to wait a call from a social worker with a placement. We hope itll happen quickly.罗伯塔:是呀,我们要花很多功夫来收拾房子,还得处理完所有的文件但通过检查后,我们要做的就只剩下等电话通知了我们希望能尽快接到社会工作者的电话Scott: I thought people had to wait months or years a baby.斯科特:我以为要领养到小孩就必须等好几个月甚至一年Roberta: They may, but were asking a waiting child, maybe even one with special needs. We may even take more than one child, someone with siblings.罗伯塔:别人可能会这样,但我们不同我们要求领养的是候补孩子,甚至是有特殊需要的孩子如果他有兄弟的话,或许我们收养的孩子不止他一个Scott: Wow, that a lot of responsibility. Wouldnt you rather do a private adoption? Then you can call the shots and even have a closed adoption, if that what you want.斯科特:哇,那要担负很大的责任啊你难道没考虑过私人收养?这样你就不用听从别人的指挥了如果你愿意的话,甚至还能秘密收养Roberta: We dont mind an open adoption, actually. Weve given it a lot of thought, and we think it best if the child knows who his or her birth parents are. That way, they wont always be wondering.罗伯塔:实际上,我们不介意公开收养我们已经再三考虑过,我们都觉得最好让孩子知道自己的亲生父母是谁那样我们就不用总是担心这个问题Scott: I hope everything goes smoothly. Im sure youll both make great parents.斯科特:我希望一切都顺利相信你们一定会成为很棒的父母Roberta: Were not so sure, but well do our best. By the way, you can keep those chairs.罗伯塔:这可说不好,但我们肯定会尽自己最大的努力顺便说一句,这些椅子你可以留着Scott: Really? Why?斯科特:真的吗?为什么?Roberta: You have no children and theyre a hazard. We need to childproof this house and were starting with those chairs.罗伯塔:你没有孩子,而这些椅子可能伤害到孩子我们需要确保房子是对孩童安全的,先从椅子开始处理吧Scott: Hey, that great. That big-screen TV looks dangerous. Id be more than happy to take it off your hands, too.斯科特:嘿,那太好了那台大屏幕电视机看起来也很危险如果你能把它送给我,我会更加开心的Roberta: Hands off the TV!罗伯塔:不要动电视!原文译文属! 119
  • Wealth and Health健康与财富Some think that wealth means everything.有些人认为财富就是一切In their eyes,they can accomplish anything with enough money.在他们眼中,只要有足够多的钱,什么事都能得到解决They will take big risks to make money他们中的一些人不惜冒险求财,only with the result that they get neither wealth nor health.结果既没有得到财富,又毁了健康Actually,health is more important than wealth.事实上,健康比财富重要得多Health is the foundation of one success.健康是成功的基础If you become sick,如果你病了,it is nearly impossible you to pursue your career successfully.你要追求事业上的成功是不可能的Also,a person suffering from illness can never enjoy his wealth.另一方面,一个受疾病折磨的人从来就不能好好享用他的财富Keep healthy first if you want to become wealthy.如果你好变得富有,那么就先保持健康吧Maybe wealth can improve health.或许财富能改善健康,However,health is more valuable because it is the source of energy.但是,健康更有价值,因为它是精力的源泉Theree,you should keep healthy by exercising every day所以为了保持健康,你应该每天进行锻炼,following proper diet,适当的节食,ming good living habits and trying to avoid and minor diseases.养成良好的生活习惯,努力避免任何哪怕很轻微的疾病 03
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