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新密市大腿抽脂价格多少郑州华山美容医院去除狐臭多少钱新郑市去除眼袋多少钱 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):In a little over two months, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the ed States.Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes is digging into what that could mean for our auto industry.All through the campaign, Trump railed about Ford and its plans to send all small-car production to Mexico. At the same time, he never acknowledged that Executive Chairman Bill Ford says no jobs will be lost. Ford called Trumps criticism ;infuriating and frustrating.;According to Howes, those tensions might be in the rearview mirror.;The two men did meet in New York … and they did have a conversation about this,; Howes said. ;Trump has since been public and effusive in his praise of Bill Ford, has acknowledged some of the complaints that Ford Motor Company has … and I think has been sympathetic.;;I think Donald Trump understands what the auto industry is dealing with,; he said.He added that Ford is ;very much in contact; with the Trump transition team.Howes told us the ed Auto Workers stand to benefit from Trumps interest in reworking trade agreements such as NAFTA.;The ed Auto Workers I think are ironically finding a potential ally in a Republican administration and Donald Trump.;;This has potential resonance across the industrial Midwest which really delivered the White House to Donald Trump.;201611/478907Subject:Go help your mom, tiger. 迷你对话A: Go help your mom, tiger.去帮助你的妈妈,孩子。B: OK. Dad.好的,爸爸。 地道表达 tiger 解词释义Tiger是“老虎”的意思,一提起老虎,我们就会想到它凶猛残暴的一面。但是在美国,tiger是父亲对儿子的一种爱称,可能父亲们都希望自己的儿子像小老虎一样蓬勃吧。比如,孩子在路上跌倒了,老美就会鼓励跌倒的孩子说:“There is nothing to be afraid of, tiger.”西方人对女儿的爱称是pumpkin,意思是“南瓜”,也许因为南瓜又红又圆,惹人喜爱吧。 /201404/289769郑州/注射丰太阳穴手术多少钱

郑州大学第三附属医院打瘦腿针多少钱河南去眼袋手术费用 Finance and economics: Free exchange: Hard bargains财经:自由交换:艰苦的讨价还价Two economists win the Nobel prize for their work on the theory of contracts.两位经济学家因其对于契约理论的研究获得诺奖。Economics can seem a rather bloodless science.经济学可能看起来是一门了无生气的科学。In its simplest models, prices elegantly balance supply and demand, magically directing individuals pursuit of their own self-interest towards the greater good.在其最简单的模型中,价格微秒地平衡了供求,把个人对于自身利益的追求魔术般地引向更大的好处。In the real world, humans often undermine the greater good by grabbing whatever goodies their position allows them.在现实世界中,人类经常是通过攫取地位许给他们的甜头来突出更大的好处。The best economic theorizing grapples with this reality, and brings us closer to understanding the role of power relationships in human interactions.经济学最好的理论化行为研究这种现实,并让我们更接近于理解权力关系在人类交往中的角色。This years Nobel prize for economic sciences—awarded to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom—celebrates their study of economic power, and the tricky business of harnessing it to useful economic ends.奖给奥利弗·哈特和本格特·霍尔姆斯特罗姆的今年的诺贝尔经济学奖表彰的是他们关于经济权力的研究以及把将其运用于有用的经济目的的棘手之事。Behind the dull-sounding “contract theory” for which the two were recognised lies an important truth: that when people want to work together, individual self-interest must be kept under control.在两人因之而得到承认的听上去无趣的 “契约理论” 背后存在着一个重要的真相:当人们想要一块工作时,个人的自身利益必须处于被控制之下。For a chef and a restaurant-owner to work together productively, for example, the owner must promise not to use the power he has to change the locks in order to deny the chef his share of future profit.例如,对于想要一起高效工作的厨师和餐馆所有者来说,所有者必须承诺不会为了否认厨师的未来利润份额而使用他手中的权力换锁。Mr Hart, a British economist working at Harvard University, tackled power dynamics while seeking to explain the existence of firms—a question which has troubled economists since the work of the late Ronald Coase, another Nobelist, starting in the 1930s.在哈佛大学工作的英国经济学家哈特,在处理了权力动力学的同时还试图解释企业的存在,这一问题,已故的另一位诺奖得主罗纳德·科斯于上世纪30年代开始研究,一直困扰着经济学家们。Firms provide some advantage over dealing with others through exchanges of cash for services in the open market, but economists have struggled to pinpoint what that advantage is.企业在开放市场用金钱交换务与其他人做生意时提供了某种优势,而经济学家们试图指出那个优势是什么。The difficulty in writing contracts that cover all future situations seems to be crucial.订立囊括未来情况的契约的困难似乎很关键。Agreeing beforehand how any hypothetical future windfall or loss ought to be shared can be impossible.事先就任何假设中的未来盈利或损失应当如何分享达成一致应该是不可能的。Yet the uncertainty of working without such a complete contract could be big enough to prevent potentially profitable partnerships from forming.然而,没有了一份如此全面的契约,工作的不确定性可能大得足以阻止潜在盈利伙伴关系的形成。In work with Sanford Grossman, (an economist who might plausibly have shared the prize) , Mr Hart reasoned that firms solve this problem by clever use of the bargaining power bestowed by the ownership and control of key assets, such as machines or intellectual property.在与桑福德·格罗斯曼 (一位本应合理地分享今年诺奖的经济学家) 的合作中,哈特断定,企业是通过对所有权以及机器和知识产权等关键资产的控制权所赐予的议价权的灵活运用来解决这一问题的。Instead of fussing over how to divide up the spoils in every possible future, in other words, workers agree to sell their labour to a firm that owns the machinery or technology they use, in the knowledge that ownership gives the firm the power to hoover up a disproportionate share of the profits.换言之,在知道所有权赋予企业得到不成比例的利润份额的权力的前提下,工人会同意将其劳动出售给拥有他们所使用的机器或技术的企业,而不是为了如何在每一种可能的未来中分配战利品而瞎操心。This power comes with costs as well as benefits, which help shape how big companies become and exactly what they do.这种权力除了带来利润之外,还带来有助于形成公司规模和具体业务的成本。In other work, Mr Hart noted that workers and managers who look after equipment can make decisions to improve its productivity (like maintaining the machinery and investing in training) .在另外的研究中,哈特指出,维护设备的工人和管理人员能够做出提高生产效率的决定 (如维护设备和投资于再培训)。But just how much time and energy they spend on such efforts depends on what share of future profits they can expect.但是,他们会把多少精力用于此类努力则取决于他们所能期盼的未来利润份额。 /201611/480702河南去斑美白多少钱

郑州/玻尿酸祛皱手术我的一位朋友在股市上被套了, 我打心底里同情她。大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,今天的英语课来学习如何表达你的同情心。Sympathy n. 同情(心);同情;(感情上的)持I have great sympathy for people in affliction. 我对那些受苦受难的人们充满同情。His wretchedness aroused our sympathy. 他的不幸激起了我们的同情。Let me convey my deep sympathy to you. 允许我向您表示最深切的同情。I show my deep sympathy to you for what youre suffering. 我对你遭遇的这一切深表同情。I have some sympathy with that point of view. 我比较赞成这种看法。sympathize vi. 同情,持I know you feel angry, and I sympathize. 我知道你感到愤怒,我也有同感。I sympathize with you; Ive had a similar unhappy experience myself. 我很同情你,我自己也有过类似的不幸遭遇。He could neither understand nor sympathize with my eagerness. 对于我的急切心情,他既无法理解也不能体谅。I really sympathize with your sufferings. 我对你的痛苦表示真诚的同情。I sympathize with you from the bottom of my heart. 我打心底里同情你。总结:Show / convey sympathy to somebody for somethingSympathize with something/somebodyOh, poor man, come on, let me give you a hug, I sympathize with you from the bottom of my heart. Please take my sympathy for your sufferings. Loss of 2 dollars is not that bad, heres my 5 dollars. 可怜的人呢,过来,让我给你一个拥抱,我从心底里同情你。请接受我对你的痛苦的同情。丢了2块钱也没那么糟,这是我的5块钱,收下吧。 /201206/186979 Fidel Castro is dead. 菲德尔·卡斯特罗去世了。The infamous Cuban leader reigned for nearly half a century, longer than any other living national leader besides Queen Elizabeth the second. 这位声名狼藉的古巴领导人统治其国家近半个世纪,除了伊丽莎白女王二世,他是在位时间最长的领导人。He brought the Cold War to the West in 1959, and almost pushed the world to nuclear war. 1959年他将冷战带入西方,并将世界推向核战争。Castro controlled every part of Cubas existence, from the color of soldier uniforms to sending men to prison. 卡斯特罗控制着古巴的方方面面,从士兵制的颜色到把人送进监狱。Some people viewed him as a ruthless tyrant and dictator, others saw him as an impassioned revolutionist. 有些人认为他是一个残酷无情的暴君和独裁者,也有人视其为一个充满的革命家。Castro held a strong distrust of the ed States, and became a symbol of rebellion and defiance of American power. 卡斯特罗对美国有着强烈的不信任,他成为反叛并蔑视美国权力的象征。He was 90 years old when he passed.卡斯特罗享年90岁。译文属。201611/480498郑州/市中医院激光祛斑手术多少钱郑州市第三人民医院丰胸多少钱



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