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新城区去痤疮多少钱呼和浩特赛罕区上睑下垂矫正多少钱If there#39;s a single identifiable moment when Jewish Christmas—the annual American tradition where Jews overindulge on Chinese food on December 25—transitioned from kitsch into codified custom, it was during Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan#39;s 2010 confirmation hearing.如果有什么标志性的时刻来表明犹太人的圣诞节——这是一种年度性的美国传统,美国犹太人会在12月25号这天大吃特吃中国食物——从低级趣味转变成一个既定的传统的话,那这个时刻就非大法官艾蕾娜·卡根2010年的一次审议听会莫属了。During an otherwise tense series of exchanges, Senator Lindsey Graham paused to ask Kagan where she had spent theprevious Christmas. To great laughter, she replied: ;You know, like allJews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant.;在这次看似紧张的听会上,参议员Lindsey Graham询问卡根她是怎么庆祝前一年的圣诞节的。她的回答是:“你知道,像所有犹太人一样,我可能在一家中国餐馆里吃中餐。”她的回答引起了人们的大笑。Never willing to let a moment pass without remark, Senator Chuck Schumer jumped in to explain,;If I might, no other restaurants are open.;而从来不会让一个时刻留有空白的参议员Chuck Schumer则马上解释道,“如果是我,我也会这么干,因为其他餐馆都没开。”And so goes the story of Jewish Christmasin a tiny capsule. For many Jewish Americans, the night before Christmasconjures up visions, not of sugar plums, but plum sauce slathered over roastduck or an overstocked plate of beef lo mein, a platter of General Tso#39;s, and(maybe) some hot and sour soup.所以小空间里的犹太人圣诞节就是这样展开的。对于许多美国犹太人来说,圣诞夜让人充满了想象,并不是想象小糖果,而是撒上梅子浆的烤鸭亦或满满一盘的牛肉捞面,一盘左宗棠鸡,以及或许还有一些热酸汤。But Schumer#39;s declaration that Jews and Chinese food are as much a match of necessity as sweet and sour are, is onlyhalf the wonton. The circumstances that birthed Jewish Christmas are also deeply historical, sociological, and religious.但是Schumer认为犹太人和中国食物的搭配就好比酸甜的搭配,这种看法其实只对了一半。犹太人圣诞节期间之所以会吃中国食物,这其实还有历史、社会学和宗教方面的原因。The story begins during the halcyon days of the Lower East Side where, as Jennifer 8. Lee, the producer of The Search for General Tso,said, ;Jews and Chinese were the two largest non-Christian immigrant groups; atthe turn of the century.这个故事还要从下东区(纽约市曼哈顿区沿东河南端一带,犹太移民聚居地)的平静的日子里开始说起,来自这里的Jennifer 8. Lee(她是《寻找左宗棠鸡》的制作人)说,“世纪之交之时,犹太人和中国人是两最大的非基督徒移民团体”。So while it#39;s true that Chinese restaurants were notably open on Sundays and during holidays when other restaurants wouldbe closed, the two groups were linked not only by proximity, but by otherness.Jewish affinity for Chinese food ;reveals a lot about immigration history and what it#39;s like to be outsiders,; she explained.中国餐馆确实在周天或者假期的时候还开着,而其他餐馆一般都是关门。中国人和犹太人不仅是因为靠近而产生联系,还因为二者之间的差异性而产生联系。犹太人对中国食物的喜爱“披露了有关移民历史的很多内容以及作为局外人是怎样的一种感受,”她解释道。Estimates of the surging Jewish population of New York City run from 400,000in 1899 to about a million by 1910 (or roughly a quarter of the city#39;s population). And, assome Jews began to assimilate into American life, they not only found acceptance at Chinese restaurants, but also easy passage into the world beyond Kosher food.据估计,在纽约的犹太人口从1899年的40万上升到1910年的大约100万(或者说纽约市总人口的将近四分之一)。随着一些犹太人开始融入美国生活,他们不仅发现自己可以在中国餐馆里受到认可和接纳,而且还能在中餐馆里轻易的吃到犹太食品以外的其他食物。;Chinese restaurants were the easiest placeto trick yourself into thinking you were eating Kosher food,; EdSchonfeld, the owner of RedFarm, one of the most laureled Chineserestaurants in New York, said. Indeed, it was something of a perfect match.Jewish law famously prohibits the mixing of milk and meat just as Chinese foodtraditionally excludes dairy from its dishes. Lee added:“在中国餐馆里,你会非常容易的以为自己吃的就是犹太食物(符合犹太教教规的食物),”RedFarm的所有者Ed Schonfeld如是说,这是纽约最著名的中餐馆之一。二者之间在某种程度上确实是天作之合。众所周知,犹太律法是禁止把奶制品和肉类放在一起的,而中国食物传统上也不包含奶制品。Jennifer 8. Lee补充道:If you look at the two other main ethniccuisines in America, which are Italian and Mexican, both of those combine milkand meat to a significant extent. Chinese food allowed Jews to eat foreigncuisines in a safe way.如果你看看美国另外两个主要的少数族裔餐饮,即意大利和墨西哥,你会发现他们会把牛奶和肉放在一起。而犹太人在吃中国食物时,既能吃到异国风情的食物,又不用担心这些食物是否符合犹太教规。And so, for Jews, the chop suey palaces anddumpling parlors of the Lower East Side and Chinatown gave the illusion ofreligious accordance, even if there was still treifgalore in the form of pork and shellfish. Nevertheless, it#39;s more than a curiositythat a narrow culinary phenomenon that started over a century ago managed togrow into a national ritual that is both specifically American andcharacteristically Jewish.所以,对于犹太人来说,纽约下东区和唐人街里的(美式中国菜)炒杂烩菜和饺子店给他们一种宗教和谐之感的幻觉,尽管不符合犹太教规的食物也会以猪肉和壳类海鲜的形式出现。无论如何,100年前的一个小小的烹饪现象演变成了如今的一个全国性的节日,即犹太人的圣诞节——这是美国人的,更是犹太人的。;Clearly this whole thing with Chinese foodand Jewish people has evolved,; Schoenfeld said. ;There#39;s no question.Christmas was always a good day for Chinese restaurants, but in recent years,it#39;s become the ultimate day of business.;“显然,中国食物和犹太人之间的关系在不断的演变着,”Ed Schonfeld说。“毫无疑问,一直以来圣诞节对中国餐馆来说都是个好日子,但是最近几年,从根本上变成了一个商业日。”But there#39;s more to it than that. Ask a foodpurist about American Chinese food and you#39;ll get a pu-pu platter ofhostilerhetoric about its inauthenticity. Driving the point home, earlier this week,CBS reportedon two Americans who opened a restaurant in Shanghai that featuresAmerican-style Chinese dishes like orange chicken, pork egg rolls, and, yes,the beloved General Tso#39;s, all of which don#39;t exist in traditional Chinesecuisine. The restaurant gets it name from another singular upshot ofChinese-American fusion: Fortune Cookie.不仅如此。如果你问一个食物纯粹主义者有关美式中国食物到底怎样,他可能会抱怨说美式中国食物的不正宗。还有,本周早些时候,哥伦比亚广播公司对两名在上海开了一家餐馆的美国人进行了报道,这家餐馆主营美式的中国食物,包括香橙鸡,猪肉蛋卷,以及受人喜爱的左宗棠鸡,在传统的中国菜肴中,这些菜都是没有的。餐馆的名字也非常具有中美融合的特色:福饼。Schoenfeld, whose restaurant features anegg roll made with pastrami from Katz#39;s Deli, shrugs off the idea thatAmericanized Chinese food is somehow an affront to cultural virtue. ;Adaptationhas been a signature part of the Chinese food experience,; he said. ;If youwent to Italy, you#39;d see a Chinese restaurant trying to make an Italiancustomer happy.;Schoenfeld店里的特色菜是鸡蛋卷五香烟熏牛肉,五香烟熏牛肉来自著名的Katz#39;s Deli,他认为美式中国食物并非是对文化美德的侵犯。“适应当地是中国食物历史中的重要组成部分,”他说。“如果你去意大利,你就会看到那里的中国餐馆也在尽量的让自己的客人满意。;I would argue that Chinese food isthe ethnic cuisine of American Jews.;“我想说的是中国食物是美国犹太人的民族风情美食。”That particular mutability has a meaningfullink to the Jewish experience, the rituals of which were largely forged inexile. During the First and Second Temple eras, Jewish practice centered around templelife in Jerusalem. Featuring a monarchy and a high priesthood, it bears littleresemblance to Jewish life of today with its rabbis and synagogues.这种特别的易变性和犹太经验之间有一种意味深长的关联,犹太经验的仪式大部分是在流放中形成的。在第一和第二圣殿期间,犹太人的实践主要以耶路撒冷的圣殿生活为中心。在一个君主政体和一个大祭司的显著特点下,以前的犹太人生活与如今的具备拉比和犹太教会堂的犹太人生活几乎没有共同点。So could it be that Chinese food is amanifestation of Jewish life in America? Lee seems to think so. “I would arguethat Chinese food is the ethnic cuisine of American Jews. That, in fact, theyidentify with it more than they do gefilte fish or all kinds of the EasternEurope dishes of yore.”所以,中国食物是如今美国犹太人生活的一种表现?至少Lee是这么认为的。“我想说的是中国食物是美国犹太人的民族风情美食。对于犹太人来说,中国食物比鱼丸冻或者所有其他的东欧饮食都更受到他们的认同。Over the centuries, different religiouscustoms have sprung up and new spiritual rituals have taken root, many of whichdraw on the past. Jewish Christmas, in many ways, could very much be seen as amodern affirmation of faith. After all, there are few days that remind AmericanJews of their Jewishness more than Christmas in the ed States.几个世纪以来,不同的宗教风俗如雨后春笋般涌现,而新的精神仪式已经扎根,其中很多以过去为基础。从许多方面看,可以将犹太人的圣诞节看成是对信仰的现代性肯定。毕竟,在美国,很少有其他日子能像圣诞节那样让美国犹太人想起自己所具备的犹太性了。 /201412/350446呼和浩特光子嫩肤价格 Chinese cuisine is noted for the following characteristics:中国菜肴具有以下有名的特点:Vegetables are the main ingredients.蔬菜是主要配料。This explains why most Chinese women are slim and men free of cardiovascular diseases. This is because in China an there is a traditional respell for land. As the old saying goes agricultural country,Live on the mountain if you live in one and live on water if you live by water.”The Chinese are meticulous about food preparation. Whether the ingredients they use are pastries or vegetables,they always try to make the dishes tasty. For example,beans,a tommon vegetable,are exquisitely prepared into such delicious dishes as bean sprouts and bean curd.这就是中国妇女十分苗条而男子不用担心得心血管疾病的原因。中国作为一个农业国家,对土地有着传统的敬仰。正如一句老话所说的:“靠山吃山,靠水吃水。”中国人对于食物的烹制十分讲究。无论是糕点还是蔬菜,他们总是力图将其做得美味可口。例如,豆子这种普通的蔬菜就精致地做成了诸如豆芽和豆腐等美味的菜肴。The Chinese people like well prepared food.中国人喜欢精心烹制的食物。To facilitate food absorption and digestion,they are scrupulous about the temperature while cooking. Undercooked food is unacceptable to them. To the Chinese,the sight of Westerners eating undercooked steaks still oozing blood inside is horrible. In addition,warm soup is very important. Wonton,or dumpling soup,and noodles are popular nationwide. Other hot soups include jellied bean curd,rice porridge and corn porridge.为了便于食物的消化和吸收,中国人注重烹饪时的温度。对于他们来说,没有烧熟的食物是难以下咽的。当中国人看到外国人吃着渗着血的半熟牛排时会觉得十分恶心。此外,热汤也是极为重要的。馄饨汤或饺子汤以及面条都在全国深受欢迎。其他热汤包括豆腐脑、米粥以及玉米粥。Chinese also like to eat together,a tradition that can be traced back a long time ago.中国人还喜欢在一起吃饭,这个传统可以追溯到很久之前。It reflects the Chinese notion of union versus division round tables,round dishes,and round bowls all syriibolize union and perfection. Dishes are usually placed at the center of the table so that everyone around the table can share them. A hot pot, in particular, adds to the atmosphere of harmony and union. Friends eat and live together. A recent book by an American Sinologist held that the Chinese collective tradition developed out of the practice of eating together.这反映出中国人喜欢团圆不愿分离的观念—圆桌、圆盘、还有圆碗都象征着团圆和美满。盘子通常放在桌子的中央,这样坐在桌子面前的所有人都可以吃得到。一锅热汤尤其可以增加和谐、团圆的气氛。朋友们在一起吃饭、生活。最近一位美国汉学家的著作认为,中国人的集体观念就是从一同吃饭发展而来的。 /201506/378438呼和浩特市附院整形科

呼和浩特和林格尔县哪家医院开眼角技术好For most people, solving a Rubik’s cube is hard enough - many houses have one of the unsolved puzzlesstored away in a cupboard somewhere, away from frustrated eyes.对绝大多数人来说玩魔方真心困难,很多人家的箱底都会压着一个还没解开的魔方,为的就是眼不见心不烦。So if you fall into that group, look awaynow - because one company has made a giant version of the popular toy.如果你是这群人之一,那接下来的新闻还是别看了,因为有家公司以这种流行甚广的玩具为基础又做了一个更复杂的。With more than 18 times more squares thanthe regular toy, the latest gadget promises to confound a whole new generationthis Christmas.它的色块数量是普通魔方的18倍,看来今年圣诞节又有好多孩子要为解开这种新型魔方而头疼了。Called the Pillow 13x13x13 IQ Brick, the cube is formed from 13squares in a row on each side of the cube.In total the 3Dpuzzle features 1,014 coloured tiles that have to be matched up in order tocomplete the buzzle.That means each side has a rather daunting 169 colouredtiles, compared to just the nine found on a regular Rubik’s Cube.这个魔方名叫 Pillow 13×13×13 IQ Brick(13×13×13枕式启智砖),魔方每面都有13行,每行都有13个色块,整个魔方的色块总数共计为1014个,算起来每面就是169个色 块,和普通的9色块魔方相比实在是极其恐怖,不过玩法还是一样的,把所有色块拼在同一面上就算全部完成。Its makers, Hong Kong-based Brando, claim it is #39;good for creative thinking and improving both your IQ and EQ(emotional intelligence)#39;. It is alsoapparently good for training both your left and right brain, according to the company.该魔方的设计者香港设计师Brando声称这个魔方有助于开发使用者的创造性思维,而且能同时提高人的智商和情商。据公司称,这对同时训练人的左右脑也很有好处。However, anyone wanting to try and solvethe puzzle might be put off by the price - a whopping £205 (0) - which isalmost as head scratching as the toy itself. Brando says the toy has a quality designand is made to handle smoothly.不过,想要尝试解开魔方的人,可能会因为价格望而却步——这个魔方售价为205英镑(约320美元)——看来不管是买它还是玩它都会很头大啊。Brando表示称这个玩具设计精良,手感平滑。A few days ago, Marcin Kowalczyk produced amoment for fans of the original Rubik’s cube to savour - when he solved the puzzle blindfolded in just21.17 seconds - a new world record.数天前,Marcin Kowalczyk在21.17秒的时间内解开了一个普通魔方,同时也创造了一个新的吉尼斯世界纪录,这令广大的魔方爱好者们顿感欣慰。The speed cuber took a few seconds tomemorise the pattern on the Rubik#39;s cube andthen, while blindfolded, he needed just a few more to solve it during acompetition in Szczecin in western Poland.A judge held a piece of paper betweenMarcin#39;s face and his hands to make sure he couldn#39;t peek.这位魔方快手参加了在波兰西部城市Szczecin举办的魔方大赛,在比赛时先用数秒时间记忆魔方每面的图案,然后就在蒙着眼睛的情况下解开魔方,不过解 魔方用的时间也只比记魔方多了一点而已。在Marcin解魔方的时候,还有一位裁判将一张纸放在他的脸和手之间,以确保他没有作弊。His celebration was subdued, however, as hejumped out of his chair and remained quiet out of respect for othercompetitors.不过,Marcin在成功之后并不是表现得特别兴奋,他虽然从椅子上跳了起来,不过他还是表现得相当平静,以表示对其他参赛选手的尊重。Quite how he’d cope with the 13-cubed Rubik#39;s cube while blindfolded remains to be seen - or rather not seen.要是他蒙着眼睛解这个169色块的魔方不知道会怎样。 /201412/350264乌兰察布市中心医院光子嫩肤多少钱 呼和浩特激光脱体毛哪家医院好一次

呼和浩特治疗痘坑 The art world shook on May 11th when apainting by Pablo Picasso was sold for 9m at a Christie#39;s sale in New York to anunidentified bidderamp;;the highest sum ever paid for an artwork at auction. But aSot eby#39;s auction on May 5th, also in New York, caused a bigger tremor At thatsale, bidders from mainland Ch ina agreed to pay a combined total of 6m for works by Vincent van Gogh, ClaudeMonet and another by asso. It was striking evidence of China emerging as anew source of demand for the European masters, and fits buyers#39; willingnessto bid handsomely.艺术世界在5月11号发生大地震,当时在纽约克里斯蒂拍卖会上毕加索的一幅画作被匿名买家以1.79亿美元购得;这是有史以来拍卖会上一件艺术品所拍出的最高价格。但是在5月5号也是在纽约举行的苏富比拍卖会上来自中国大陆的竞标者们以1.16亿美元购得梵高,莫奈以及另外一件毕加索的作品。这表明中国成为了欧洲大师作品的新买家,也 表明了中国的竞标者愿意花大价钱购买。Two of the successful bidders at Sotheby#39;swere movie moguls: Wang Zhongjun, the chairman of Huayi Bro rs Media, one ofChina#39;s largest film companies, who took Picasso#39;s ;Femme au Chignon dans unFauteuil; f .9m; andWang Jianlin, the chairman of Dalian Wanda, a property conglomerate, who boughtMonet#39;s ;B n aux Nymphos, les Rosiers; for .4m. Mr Wang was recently named as Asia#39;s richestman by Forbes ma ne. He aly has dozens of European works andmore than 1,000 Chinese ones. Guo Qingxiang, who advis im on his artpurchases, says the Wanda boss plans to exhibit the Western collection when itis large enoug苏富比的这次拍卖会上,有两名成功竞标者是电影大腕:华谊兄弟公司的主席王中军,这是中国最大的电影公司之一,他以2990万美元的价格买下了毕加索的《盘发髻女子坐像》;还有就是万达的王健林以2040万美元买下了莫奈的《睡莲池与玫瑰》。王健林已经拥有几十幅欧洲作品,还有1000多个中国作品。作为王健林的艺术品购买参谋,郭庆祥说王健林打算在拥有足够多艺术品后进行展览。The number of mainland Chinese bidding fornon-Chinese art at Sotheby#39;s auctions doubled from 2010 to 2014: some 650 ofthem paid a total of more than 0mfor non-Chinese pieces from Sotheby#39;s during that period. But Mr Guo is notalone in saying that Chinese buyers are sometimes unsophisticated. If sottovoce sniping is any measure of the maturity of an art market, maybe Chinahas aly arrived.2010年到2014年间,在苏富比拍卖会上竞拍非中国艺术品的大陆买家数量增加了一倍:在这期间所举办的苏富比拍卖会上,有650名大陆买家在非中国艺术品上总共花费了4.1亿美元。但是并非只有郭先生才认为中国买家有时候是未经世故的。如果低声诽谤是一个艺术市场成熟度的衡量标准的话,那么中国或许已经到了这个点。 /201505/376400呼和浩特哪家医院去眼袋做得好呼和浩特京美医院双眼皮



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