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Jay Walker 解释为什么全世界20亿人在学英语。 他展示了一些图片和一些令人激动的录像,展示了成千上万的中国学生练习“世界第二语言”英语的场面 Article/201508/391179。

  • 作为《国家地理》杂志摄影总监,大卫·葛林芬坚信摄影有一种力量,能够将我们与我们所生存的世界紧密联系在一起。通过一系列精的摄影作品,他向我们讲述了如何用照片来叙事的主题。 Article/201502/357522。
  • We know this because hidden in a remote cave,我们知道这一点是因为在一个遥远的山洞里scientists found the fossilised remains of some of those elephants.科学家发现了那些大象的一些化石残余This was unlike any elephant walking the planet today.这和如今地球上的任何大象都不一样This is one of its actual bones.这些是真的骨头Now, it doesn#39;t seem that strange until you realise that this is a leg bone.看起来没那么奇怪 但是如果意识到这是根腿骨就不一样了Now, compare this with the leg bone of a modern African elephant现在将这根腿骨和现代的非洲大象比一下and you#39;ll see that something is absolutely clear.你会发现的很明白This Sicilian elephant must have been tiny.这头西西里大象肯定很小Now, I know what you#39;re thinking.现在我知道你在想什么You#39;re thinking this must have been a baby, but it wasn#39;t.你在想这一定是小象的骨头Tests have proven that this is the leg bone测试明这是一个完成年的大象的腿骨of a fully grown adult, this elephant was the size of a goat.这头大象像山羊那么大The lack of space and food meant that over thousands of years由于缺少空间和事物在几千年的时间里the elephants evolved into a much smaller animal.大象进化成了那么小的动物Salt mines, crystal caves and dwarf elephants盐矿,水晶洞还有矮大象are just some of the extraordinary consequences这都是大海在面临灭绝的时候of a sea that lives on the edge of extinction.造成的出其不意的结果 Article/201511/410131。
  • Could there be extraterrestrial life here?那里有外星生物吗?Are we y to rewrite the history books, to tear up the science books我们准备好改写史书,撕毁科学书籍to turn our world upside down?颠覆我们的世界了吗?What happens next could change everything接下来发生的可能会改变一切Mars is the planet that most captures our imagination.火星比任何其他行星都能激发我们的遐想Think of B-movies, sci-fi comics, what follows?想到科幻电影、漫画,你会联想到什么-Martians?火星人?It#39;s all just fiction, right?这都是虚构的,对吗?But what it there really is something here?但如果这里真的有生物呢?Hard to imagine, though. Up close, this is a dead planet无法想像,近观火星是一个死去的行星The activity that makes the Earth livable shut down millions of years ago here使得地球适宜居住的演化过程几亿年前在火星上就停止了Red and dead红色、死寂Mars is a giant fossil.火星是一块巨大的化石Wait. Something is alive等一下,还有东西在活动A dust devil, a big one一个巨大的尘暴Bigger than the biggest twisters back home.绝对超过地球上最大的龙卷风There#39;s wind here这里有风And where there#39;s wind, there#39;s air有风说明有空气Could that air sustain extraterrestrial life?可以维持外星生物的空气It#39;s too thin tor us to breathe.但对我们的呼吸来说,火星的空气太稀薄了And there#39;s no ozone layer而且这里没有臭氧层Nothing to protect us against the Sun#39;s ultraviolet rays.没有什么能够保护其不受太阳紫外线的伤害There is water这里有水But frigid temperatures keep it in a constant deep freeze但在彻骨的严寒中只能永远被冰冻It#39;s hard to believe anything could live here很难相信有什么可以在这里生存Back on Earth, there are creatures that survive in extreme cold, heat但是在地球,极冷和极热的地方都有生物存在even in the deepest ocean trenches即使在最深的海沟It#39;s as though life is a virus.生命好像病毒It adapts, sps会适应环境、会散播Maybe that#39;s what we#39;re doing right now也许我们现在正在携带着carrying the virus of life across the universe.生命的病毒穿越宇宙Even in the most extreme conditions life usually finds a way.即使在最极端的环境里,生命都会找到生存的办法But on a dead planet?但在这个死去的行星上With no way to replenish its soil, no heat to melt its frozen water?没有活动去补充它土壤中的成分,没有热量使其冰冻水融化All this dust, it#39;s hard to see where we#39;re going还有大量尘埃,让我们无法辨别方位 Article/201506/378052。
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