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I: I wonder what he looks like. Oh, I can't wait to see him! His email said he'd be wearing a white hat.(looking around for him) oh, there he is.L: hey, Isabelle…I: Logan! Why on earth are you hiding here? White hat! Come on! Don't tell me you're the guy! It can't be true.L: yes, I am the guy.I: what a bummer! You set me up?L: let me explain. I didn't mean to hurt you…I: how dare you!(starts to walk off)L: hang on a second. Hear me out, just this once, Isabella!I: why did you lie to me in the email?L: I didn't lie. You just didn't ask me my real name.I: I should have known it was you. No wonder all the 20 questions were answered correctly. I thought I might have found the one for me.L: I'm sorry. It was cruel of me. But I promise it will never happen again? Look, there's a nice restaurant. Let me take you to dinner and we can talk thigns over.。

Point being, I just got out of my first class,point being 重点是I was just about to hit the trail, you know?hit the trail 【非正式口语】离开trail就是小道的意思,那么hit the trail是不是有点“你走你的阳关道,我走我的独木桥”的感觉呢?I gotta be somewhere, but, uh, rain check? rain check 【俚语】 改天吧!rain check出自露天举行的棒球比赛。如果比赛过程中天空突然下起倾盆大雨,(咳……)比赛不得不取消的时候,观众可以领取“雨票”,或用原票存根作为“雨票”(rain check),等待球赛改期举行时可凭之入场。久而久之,日常生活中也能用“雨票”,意思就是“不巧不能赴约,改天再约”。no biggie. 没什么大不了的。 /201003/99768。

1.李明是个败家子.Li ming is the black sheep of his family.2.她是个天生爱哭的人.She's a natural crier.3.他真是个不知羞耻的家伙.He's really a law-down dirty shame.4.他可是个乐天派,整天无忧无虑的.He's good-time Charlie, feeling no worries andanxieties. /11/89506。

365天英语口语 第12讲:花销暂无文本 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200809/48709。

刚刚走出校园、参加工作的毕业生们听的最多的祝福莫过于前途了吧。家长们、师长们、学弟学们会真心地祝愿你前程似锦、前途无量、大展宏图……那么,“前途无量”用英语怎么说呢?请看:the sky's the limit。从字面意思看,“the sky's the limit”即“天空是你的界限”。在古人的印象中,天是很高很远的,所以如果把天作为界限,那跟没有界限也差不多了。后来,这种说法被引申到很多其他领域,意思就是“the possiblities are endless: 一切皆有可能”。例如:For people who work hard at this company, the sky's the limit.(在这家公司努力工作的人会前途无量。)我们除了可以用它来祝愿别人前途无量,也可以用在消费的时候,表示“随便买东西,不用考虑钱”。看下面例句:Order anything on the --the sky's the limit. (随便点菜,不用在乎价钱。) /200807/44219。

百里挑一[误] one in a hundred [正] one in a thousand注: “百里挑一”常被用来形容“很特别,很出众”或“与众不同”,one in a thousand 也有相同的含义。但值得注意的是,汉语用“百”,而英语则以十倍于百的 thousand 来夸张。同样,汉语的“十分感谢”或“万分感谢”,英语则说 a thousand thanks(千分感谢)或thanks a million times(百万次的感谢)。可见,英语比汉语要夸张。这也许反映了两个民族不同的思维方式:中国人崇尚中庸之道,凡事避免走极端,即使夸大其词也不太过火;而英美人追求标新立异和充分考虑表现自我,这在语言中自然也有体现。 /200806/41216。

(Fran takes the pager away from Stuart)Fran: All right, let's see who's ruining my TV time.Stuart: What are you going to do? Call my boss and chew him out?Fran: Is your boss named Vic? Your pager says, "This is Vic. Here I come!"Stuart: Impossible. My pager is really old. It doesn't display messages.Fran: Here, see for yourself. That's really strange! It's almost the same as when I...Stuart: Gosh, you're right! It's from some guy named "Vic." I wonder who he is... /201103/128535。

寄完包裹,订完杂志,本杰明还想给马诺丽亚公司汇一千元钱。填邮政汇款的汇款单是一件比较麻烦的事,来看看都有哪些手续吧! Listen Read LearnPostal clerk: Good morning, may I help you?Benjamin: Hello, I want to remit one thousand Yuan to Magnolia Company.Postal clerk: Please fill out this form, please.Benjamin: OK… Do I put on Magnolia Company for the receiver?Postal clerk: Yes. You must put on its name and full address.Benjamin: OK, I see. Here you are. Is that OK now?Postal clerk: Let me check. Yes. Your one thousand remittance, please.Benjamin: Here you are. What is the rate?Postal clerk: This rate is one percent. That will be 10 Yuan.Benjamin: OK, when will this remittance arrive?Postal clerk: Generally it will arrive within a week.Benjamin: That's good. Is there anything else?Postal clerk: No. That's all. You have to take good care of this copy of this transfer order.Benjamin: Thanks, I will. 听看学邮局职员:早上好,请问有什么可以帮您?本杰明:你好,我想给马诺丽亚公司汇一千元钱。邮局职员:请您填一下这张表格。本杰明:好的……在收款人一项写马诺丽亚公司吗?邮局职员:是的。您必须填写它的名称和完整地址。本杰明:好的,知道了。给你。这样行吗?邮局职员:我看看,可以了。请给我您的一千元汇款。本杰明:这就是。请问手续费率是多少?邮局职员:是百分之一。就是十元。本杰明:好的。这些汇款什么时候能到?邮局职员:一般来说,一周之内就会到。本杰明:好的。还有别的什么事情吗?邮局职员:不,没有了。您得保管好这张汇款单。本杰明:谢谢,我会的。 经典背诵 RecitationBenjamin: I want to remit one thousand Yuan to Magnolia Company. In the transfer order, I put on Magnolia Company for the receiver and full address. This rate is one percent of the total amount of the remittance. It takes about a week to be done. That's fast! 生词小结remit vt. 汇款receiver n. 收款人remittance n. 汇款generally adv. 一般来说transfer order 汇款单 语法小结 Grammar情态动词 must 和 have to(1)情态动词 must 和 have to 都有“必须”的意思,但have to 表示客观的需要,而must表示说话人主观上的看法,认为有义务、有必要去做某事My little brother was very ill, so I had to call a doctor.我弟弟病得厉害,我只得请医生了。(客观需要做)She said that she must work hard to get a high mark.她说她必须得努力学习得高分。(主观需要做)(2)have to 有人称、数、时态的变化,而must只有一种形式He has to do it. 他必须得做。I had to look after my brother because of his illness.我得照顾我弟弟,因为他病了。(3)have to和must的否定have to需要有助动词do/did/does的帮助才能表示其否定式,其否定式为doesn't /didn't /don't have to, 表示“不必”;而must的否定式是mustn't, 表示“禁止”,例如:You don't have to tell her about it. 你不一定要把此事告诉她。You mustn't tell her about it. 你一定不要把这件事告诉她。 家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方挑选出合适的翻译。1.我必须寄一个包裹。2.为了英语学习,我不得不订阅一些杂志。3.我必须买一套新发行的邮票。4.我不得不给马诺丽亚公司汇一千元钱。5.我不得不保管好这张汇款单。1.I have to take good care of this copy of this transfer order.2.I must buy a set of newly issued stamps.3.For learning English, I have to subscribe to some magazines.4.I must deliver a parcel.5.I had to remit one thousand Yuan to Magnolia Company. /200805/40246。

1. You ask for it. 你自找的。 /201005/105028。