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Internet giant Alibaba files IPO Chinas Alibaba will soon sell shares in what could be the biggest tech IPO ever. CNNs Jim Boulden reports.Imagine for a moment, if amazon, ebay and paypal all started trading shares on the same day, well, the Chinese equivalent, is closer to doing just that.Alibaba is not only China’s biggest online marketplace, it’s also the biggest in the world. Its upcoming initial public offering is going to be one of the biggest tech IPOs ever.Jack Ma is a former English teacher started in his apartment, and right now it’s got the transaction volume of about 2 amazon.coms, so if you think about it, it’s huge. And it controls about 80% of online business in China.Here are some other numbers. In the 4th quarter of 2013, alibaba’s revenue soared 66% compared to Q4 2012 to billion, .4 billion of that was profits, and it’s estimated more than half of the parcels delivered in china are done by alibaba’s various companies. And the wall street journal estimates alibaba’s various arms ship in volume more than amazon an ebay combined. Add to that, its online payment arm alipay is estimated to handle half of all of china’s online payments. Well, alibaba may not be well-known in the west, its connection to Yahoo is legendary. The US internet firm owns a 24% stake in alibaba, that stake has been one of the few bright spot for Yahoo, and its fifth CEO in 5 years, Marissa Myer, until this year, the only way to grab a slice of Alibaba’s success was to buy shares in Yahoo and Yahoo is now in for a huge payday.Yahoo’s windfall probably you know, could be somewhere between 10 billion and 20 billion dollars depending on how that comes to the market place. What are they gonna do with that money, are they gonna invest it, can you get a piece of alibaba, if you’re only Yahoo, you might be able to get a piece of alibaba, if they decide to return some of the capital to the shareholders.And what could alibaba do with all that cash and all those shares?Acquisitions in the west as it looks to get even bigger.Jim Bolden CNN, London. /201405/296883。

Today in History:Tuesday, June19, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月19日,星期三June 19th, 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. They were convicted of conspiring to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviet Union, a case that gripped America early in the Cold War.1910,Fathers Day is celebrated for the first time in the ed States in Spokane, Washington.1865,In Galveston, Texas, the event behind the celebration known as “Juneteenth”. Union troops arrive with news that Americas Civil War is over, and that all slaves in the defeated South are free.1947,“All the things that artist writers try to do is to push against frontiers. ” Salman Rushdie, author of the novel “The Satanic Verses”, is born in Mumbai, India. Rushdie spent a decade in hiding after Irans Ayatollah Khomeini ordered Muslims to kill him, because his book allegedly insulted Islam.1986,Len Bias, the University of Maryland basketball star, suffers a fatal cocaine induced seizure. It happens just days after the Boston Celtics choose him as their first pick in the NBAs draft.And 1962,Straight up now tell me Do you really want to love me forever oh, oh, ohSinger and dancer Paula Abdul, one of the judges on Fox TVs talent show “American Idol”, is born in San Fernando, California.Today in History, June 19th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/244692。

After a breakup, life can seem miserable, but a good friend brings light and joy into a broken heart. Be the light in your friend’s life.分手后,生活看起来会很痛苦,但是好友会给受伤的心带来光明和欢乐。努力成为朋友阴郁生活中的一道亮光吧。You Will Need你需要Physical gestures身体动作Listening skills倾听技巧Compliments赞美Encouragement鼓励Activities活动Time时间Steps步骤Step 1: Hug them1.拥抱他们Hug your friend, rub their back, and touch their arm. Comfort them with small physical gestures that let them know you care and calm them.拥抱你的朋友,抚他们的背,碰碰他们的胳膊。用身体上的动作来宽慰他们,让他们知道你很在意他们,让他们平静下来。Step 2: Get them to vent2.让他们发泄Help them let out all their feelings about the breakup by continuously asking them “what else?” Venting their feelings out loud will make the comforting process easier.帮助他们将分手后的感觉一股脑都说出来,不断地问:“还有什么?”让他们把感觉大声地发泄出来会使安慰过程更容易。Tip:Let them talk, but don’t nag them if they don’t feel like expressing their feelings at that moment.小贴士:让他们说话,但是如果他们此刻不想说出心中的感受,也不要勉强。Step 3: Compliment3.赞美Compliment your friend. After the breakup, their self-esteem may be lower. Let them know they are funny, smart, and beautiful.赞美你的朋友。分手后,他们的自尊也许会比平时更强。要让朋友知道:他们非常风趣,非常聪明,非常漂亮。Step 4: Give them hope4.给他们希望Give your friend hope that things will eventually get better. Their heart will heal and life will go on.要给朋友们希望:事情最终会好起来的。破碎的心会痊愈,生活也会继续。Step 5: Keep them busy5.保持忙碌Keep your friend busy. Take them to the movies, go shopping, or go out to dinner. Do all the fun activities you normally would in order to take their mind off of the breakup.要让朋友忙起来。带他们去看电影,购物或出去吃饭。做那些你们平日做的有意思的事,使他们不去想分手的事。Step 6: Give it time6.要给朋友们时间Give your friend time to get over the breakup. You want them to be happy again, but you have to understand that even with you comforting them, it’s going to take time for them to move on.给朋友们时间从分手中恢复。你想让朋友们重新高兴地生活,但是你必须明白,即使你安慰他们,他们从伤痛中恢复过来也是需要时间的。According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2004, Americans said they have an average of 9 close friends.根据2004年进行的盖洛普民意测验,美国人表示他们平均有9个亲密的朋友。视频听力由。201310/261083。

Zac Efron Attacked in L.A.s Skid RowThe ;High School Musical; star was allegedly assaulted by a homeless man.The high school musical star Zac Efron was physically attacked at night in downtown LA. A’s Mora Skevle Compo has the details.He’s the former teen heartthrob from high school musical, but this morning Zac Efron isn’t making headlines for singing and dancing, but reportedly for fighting. According to K A, the LA PD confirms that a battery report was taken, involving actor Zac Efron in a second person. A new LA Times reports says Efron and a friend got into a brawl with at least one homeless person early Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. Officers reported they arrived on scene just before 2.30 in the morning, and found e “indications of an altercation.” According to LA Times, Efron and his friend were reportedly waiting for help under a freeway overpass after their car became stranded near LA’s notorious skid row.It’s a high crime area, narcotics area, and crimes of violence.Efron shot to fame in 2006 as the star of high school musical, and went on to more mature roles in movies like parkland and that awkward moment, a career path he discussed with josh Elliot last year.You really have to, you know, sort of follow your heart, and do the projects that really speak to you.No arrests have been made and Efron has declined to comment. For Good Moring America, ANC News, Mora Skevel Campo, New York. /201404/284877。

Beat a retreat from a boring party guest – without offending them – with one of these escape plans.根据下面的逃跑计划,在不冒犯对方的情况下,成功地从令人讨厌的派对宾客身边撤退。Step 1: Feign a need1.编造一个借口Assuming you don’t aly have a full cocktail or plate of food in your hand, excuse yourself to get a drink or visit the buffet. Or, you can always say you need to use the bathroom.假装杯子里的酒不满,餐盘里的食物不够,找个借口离开,去取一杯酒或者去取自助餐。或者可以说要上洗手间。Step 2: Flatter them2.多讲好话Tell them you’ve really enjoyed chatting with them, but you don’t want to monopolize them.跟他们说你很愿意跟他们聊天,但是你不想一直占用他们的时间。Step 3: Throw someone under the bus3.找个替罪羊Grab the next person who happens by, drag them into the conversation, and make your getaway.拉住一个刚好经过的人,让他加入对话,你趁机溜走。Tip: Make this enjoyable for yourself by choosing someone you dislike intensely.小贴士:选一个你看不惯的人吧,等着看好戏。Step 4: Spot someone you must speak with4.找一个你必须交谈的人Use the old, “Oh, there’s so-and-so, and I haven’t seen them in ages!”惯用手法,“噢,那不是谁吗,我好几年没见着他了!”Step 5: Set up a code5.设定一个暗号If you’re at the party with a friend or your partner, use a pre-established “rescue me” signal.如果你是和朋友或者搭档在聚会的话,事先设定一个暗号,别人可以根据暗号及时救援。Step 6: Be honest6.坦诚Just be honest. Kind of. Tell the person it’s been great talking to them – now here comes the honest part – but you really want to mingle. No one can fault you for that.实话实说吧。差不多这样子。告诉那个人你非常高兴同他交谈——实话的部分来了——但你必须及时抽身。没有人会因为这个怪罪你。Thirty-four percent of Americans are uncomfortable when introducing themselves to strangers at a party, according to one survey.一项调查表示,34%的美国人都不太喜欢在聚会上与陌生人交谈。视频听力译文由。201402/277768。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which war saw the first battle between ironclad ships? If you think you know it, then shout it out! 第一次装甲舰战发生在哪次战斗中?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Was it the War of 1812, Spanish-American War, Civil War or World War I? Youve got three seconds, go!是1812年美英战争、美西战争、南北战争还是第一次世界大战?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The first faceoff between Naval warships with iron plating happened in 1862 during the Civil War. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.首次装甲舰之间的对峙发生在1862年美国南北战争期间。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: This isnt all thats left of the SCC Georgia, but it is the first time this part of the Confederate ship has surfaced since the Civil War. 这并不是SCC乔治亚留下的所有东西,但这是这艘联邦船只的这部分,自南北战争以来第一次露出水面。Its been moldering at the bottom of the Savannah River since 1864.它从1864年起,就在萨瓦那河底部渐渐腐朽。 /201311/265115。

Dont spend all your time fussing with your face in the summer. Learn how to do your makeup right so you can spend your time in the sun.炎热的夏天不要把所有的时间花费在和自己的脸做斗争上。学习一下如何打造夏季妆容,这样你就可以花费更多时间晒日光浴了。You Will Need你需要Oil-free cleanser无油洗面奶Towel毛巾Sponge海绵Tinted moisturizer保湿润色粉底霜Powder foundation粉底Blotting paper吸油纸Bronzing powder古铜粉Fluffy brush蓬松的刷子Light makeup浅色化妆品Tinted lip bal着色护唇膏Eyeliner眼线笔Eye shadow眼影Waterproof mascara (optional)防水睫毛膏(可选)Oil-based remover (optional)油性卸妆水(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Wash first1.洁面Wash your face with oil free cleanser in a cool room to limit sweat. Then blot your face dry with a towel.在一个清凉的房间内用无油洗面奶洗脸,防止出汗。然后用毛巾把面部擦干。STEP 2 Sponge on moisturizer2.涂保湿润色粉底霜Sponge on a tinted moisturizer SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from the sun. Let the moisturizer absorb for 10 minutes before applying your foundation.涂抹防晒系数为15或更高的保湿润色粉底霜,防止皮肤被阳光晒伤。让保湿霜吸收10分钟的时间,然后再涂粉底。STEP 3 Smooth on foundation3.涂粉底Smooth foundation over spots where you need extra coverage, around your nose, under your eyes, and over blemishes.在斑点,鼻子周围,眼睛下部和瑕疵等需要额外遮盖的地方涂抹粉底霜。STEP 4 Add bronzing powder4.添加古铜粉Apply bronzing powder to your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose with a loose, fluffy brush to keep it from densely packing on the color. Glowing skin enhances the whiteness of eyes and teeth.前额,脸颊,下巴和鼻子用蓬松的刷子刷一些古铜粉,防止颜色太过密集。散发光的皮肤更让你显得唇红齿白。Apply lighter makeup in the summer that wont cake. Shade slightly, but allow your skins natural color to come through, too.夏季使用不容易结块的浅色化妆品。涂上薄薄的一层,但是还可以让皮肤能够散发出自然的光。STEP 5 Control shine5.控制油光Control shine with blotting paper, followed with a luminescent powder to keep it all looking natural in the bright sun.用吸油纸吸走油光,然后涂一层冷光粉,让皮肤在明亮的阳光下看起来更自然。STEP 6 Color lips6.唇部上色Color your lips with a subtle, tinted lip balm. Use a natural-looking nude shade or invisible lip liner for definition. The waxy film will prevent colors from bleeding in the heat.用浅色的着色护唇膏为唇部上色。使用比较自然的裸色或看不见的唇线笔勾勒形状。蜡膜可以防止颜色在炎热中晕染。Use waterproof mascara during the humid months, but use oil-based remover to prevent a build up.湿润的天气使用防水睫毛膏,但是使用油性卸妆水,以防结块。STEP 7 Shape the eyes7.眼部妆容Use neutral shades of shadow to make your eyes pop, and shape your eyes with colorful liner. Put on a bikini and hit the beach.使用中性的眼影,让眼部更加突出,用色眼线笔来描绘眼睛形状。穿上比基尼,向沙滩出发!Ancient Egyptian workers considered oils that guarded skin from the effects of sun and wind to be a vital part of their regular wages. Grievances were filed during the reign of Ramesses III when they were withheld.古埃及工人认为保护皮肤免受风吹日晒的油是他们日常工资重要的一部分。拉美西斯三世统治时期将这些油扣留,遭到工人不满。视频听力译文由。201404/290803。