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呼市京美整形美容医院保妥适怎么样呼和浩特医院口碑好的是哪家This list is just for illustration; it is incomplete.这个列表仅仅是一个例子,它是不完整的。The list on the right is also incomplete.右边的列表也一样不完整。Its a list of types of pathology that are age-related,它们只是一种与年龄and its just an incomplete list.有关的病的列表。But I would like to claim to you that this list in the middle is actually complete --但这中间的我主张是完整的列表,this is the list of types of thing that qualify as damage,所有代谢副作用有资格被称为“损害”,side effects of metabolism that cause pathology in the end,最终会导致病理or that might cause pathology.或可能造成病理类型。And there are only seven of them.而这列表只有七个。Theyre categories of things, of course, but theres only seven of them.当然,这七个是类别,但只有七个。Cell loss, mutations in chromosomes, mutations in the mitochondria and so on.细胞损失,染色体突变,在线粒体基因突变等。First of all, Id like to give you an argument for why that list is complete.首先,我想给你们解释一个为什么我认为这份列表是完全的。Of course one can make a biological argument.当然,我们可以使用生物学的角度来争论。One can say, ;OK, what are we made of?;可以说,好,我们是什么做的?Were made of cells and stuff between cells.我们是由细胞和细胞间的东西。What can damage accumulate in?“损害”可以累积在那里?The answer is: long-lived molecules,是,长期存在的分子里,because if a short-lived molecule undergoes damage, but then the molecule is destroyed --因为如果一个短暂寿命的分子遭到破坏,它将会在寿命完了后被销毁 –like by a protein being destroyed by proteolysis -- then the damage is gone, too.就像蛋白质被水解摧毁,累积的损害也一起被销毁了。Its got to be long-lived molecules.所以“损害”累积的地方一定是很长寿命的分子里。So, these seven things were all under discussion in gerontology a long time ago因此,这七个东西,都是由老年学士很久以前就讨论过了。and that is pretty good news, because it means that,这是相当好的消息,因为这意味着,you know, weve come a long way in biology in these 20 years,尽管我们在这二十年里对生物学有着很大的成就,so the fact that we havent extended this list这份列表还只有七样东西是一个非常好的迹象,is a pretty good indication that theres no extension to be done.因为它显示它已不可再增加了。However, its better than that; we actually know how to fix them all,这个消息比你们想象的更好,in mice, in principle -- and what I mean by in principle is,因为我们在原则上知道如何在老鼠里解决所有这些七样东西,我所谓的原则指的是,we probably can actually implement these fixes within a decade.我们或许可以真正实现在十年内这些修复治疗。Some of them are partially implemented aly, the ones at the top.其中有些部分已经落实了,尤其是在顶部的。I havent got time to go through them at all, but我没有时间一个一个的解释,my conclusion is that, if we can actually get suitable funding for this,但我的结论是,如果我们能够得到适合的资金,then we can probably develop robust mouse rejuvenation in only 10 years,那么我们或许可以在只有十年内成功发展强健的大规模人类再生,but we do need to get serious about it.但我们确实需要认真想想它。We do need to really start trying.我们需要真正开始尝试。So of course, there are some biologists in the audience,对于观众里的生物学家,and I want to give some answers to some of the questions that you may have.你们可能有一些问题,我会回答你们。You may have been dissatisfied with this talk,你可能对这个讲座有些不满,but fundamentally you have to go and this stuff.但你必须去阅读这些内容,Ive published a great deal on this;我已经刊登了对老化很多的资料;I cite the experimental work on which my optimism is based,而且我就凭着这些研究为基础对人类老化治疗科技持乐观态度,and theres quite a lot of detail there.里头的细节还有很多。The detail is what makes me confident这些细节使我对我在这里预测的of my rather aggressive time frames that Im predicting here.相当挑战性的时间表更加有信心。So if you think that Im wrong,如果你觉得我错了,youd better damn well go and find out why you think Im wrong.我希望你能看了这些资料以及研究报考后再来解释为什么你认为我是错的。And of course the main thing is that you shouldnt trust people最主要的是你不应该相信who call themselves gerontologists because,自称是老年医学的人,as with any radical departure from previous thinking within a particular field,因为在任何领域里you know, you expect people in the mainstream to be a bit resistant如果有激进的思想变化,主流的人一定有点抵抗and not really to take it seriously.而且不认真的对待它。So, you know, youve got to actually do your homework,所以,你必须真正做好准备工作,in order to understand whether this is true.才能了解这是否属实。And well just end with a few things.我们在结束前就讲讲几件事。One thing is, you know, youll be hearing from a guy in the next session有一件事就是,你将会在下届会议听一个家伙说起以前,who said some time ago that he could sequence the human genome in half no time,当他说他可以测序人类基因组时,人们是怎么的回答他。and everyone said, ;Well, its obviously impossible.;每个人都说:“这是不可能的。”And you know what happened.可是你也知道,So, you know, this does happen.这确实发生了。We have various strategies -- theres the Methuselah Mouse Prize,我们有不同的策略,有玛士撒拉奖,which is basically an incentive to innovate,这基本上是一个鼓励创新,and to do what you think is going to work,做你认为是可行的,and you get money for it if you win.如果成功的话,你就可以赢钱。Theres a proposal to actually put together an institute.还有一个计划建议组织一个机构,This is whats going to take a bit of money.可是这将会需要点钱。But, I mean, look -- how long does it take to spend that on the war in Iraq?我的意思是,你看我们在伊拉克战争上耗这么久浪费了多少钱?Not very long. OK.不会再久吧。好吧。201508/393274呼和浩特治疗疤痕最好的医院 When we announce that Bill Nye would be here to address you我们宣布比尔·奈要来演讲后Boston Magazine called him the regions best commencement speaker波士顿杂志将他称为区域最佳毕业典礼演讲嘉宾And the Today Show highlighted him as one of the four most interesting commencement speakers in the nation而;今日秀;节目则强调他将是全国最有趣的四位毕业典礼演讲嘉宾之一Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our 2014 commencement speaker Bill Nye Thank you女士们先生们 欢迎我们的2014年毕业典礼演讲嘉宾比尔·奈谢谢大家Im not worthy Thank you all so much我配不上非常感谢所有人Distinguished faculty parents guests, alumni, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls river hawks of all ages优秀的全体教职员工家长们贵宾们 校友们 女士们先生们 男生们女生们所有年龄的河鹰们and especially graduates, welcome and congratulations, you made it very nicely done特别是毕业生们 欢迎大家 祝贺大家 你们成功了做得非常好When I managed to get out, I mean, when I was graduated我毕业的时候是这样的after a few relaxing and easy years in engineering school our world was full of trouble在工程学院经过了放松安逸的几年后我们的世界充满了麻烦during my college years, we wound down a miserable war in Southeast Asia我上大学时 美国刚从东南亚战争的泥潭中抽出身来we experienced energy crisis in which people waited in their cars and long lines for fuel我们经历了能源危机人们排着很长的队等待加油Gasoline prices along the Lowell connector洛厄尔加油站的油价201509/401183And were not that. Were more interesting than that 但我们不是这样 我们比这更复杂有趣And the way that we go into the world 而我们进入这样一个世界understanding is to have these contradictions in ourselves 需要理解我们自身内部的矛盾and see them in other people and not judge them for it 看到其他人也是如此 而且不以此评判他们To know that 要知道这一点in a world where debate has kind of fallen away 在这个辩论日益减少and given way to shouting and bullying 并让步于大喊大叫和恃强凌弱的世界that the best thing is not just the idea of honest debate最好的事不是诚实辩论the best thing is losing a debate而是输掉辩论because it means that you learnt something and you changed your position因为这意味着你学到了什么东西 并且你改变了想法The only way really to understand your position and its worth 真正理解你的想法及其价值的唯一方式is to understand the opposite 是去理解它的相反面That doesnt mean the crazy guy on the radio who is spewing hate 我指的不是在广播中发泄憎恨的疯子it means the decent human truths of all the people 而是所有觉得有必要倾听那个人的话的who feel the need to listen to that guy 人们的人类真实感受You are connected to those people 你同那些人联系在一起Theyre connected to him 他们同他联系在一起You cant get away from it 你无法脱离它This connection is part of contradiction 这个联系就是矛盾的一部分It is the tension I was talking about这就是我所说的张力This tension isnt about two opposite points 张力指的不是两个相对立的点its about the line in between them 而是连接它们之间的直线and its being stretched by them它由它们所拉伸We need to acknowledge and honor that tension 我们需要认识并尊重这种张力and the connection that that tension is a part of 以及该张力作为一部分所形成的联系Our connection not just to the people we love 我们的联系不仅仅是同我们所爱之人的联系but to everybody including people we cant stand and wish werent around 还应当包括同我们无法忍受 不愿接触之人的联系The connection we have is part of what defines us on such a basic level 这种联系是基础层面上定义我们的一部分Freedom is not freedom from connection 自由不是脱离联系的自由Serial killing is freedom from connection 连环杀人是脱离联系的自由201602/427069呼和浩特治疗狐臭最好的医院

呼和浩特京美整形美容医院治疗痘痘多少钱Look around these beautiful buildings and landscaping, this beautiful university 这里有漂亮的建筑 优美的风景that we love to be here now and youll love to come back many years from now as well 我们现在喜欢这里 多年后也愿意回来and always remember this great day 你们永远会记得这个伟大的日子and your great time here at USC 你们会永远记住在南加大度过的美妙时光perhaps one of the very greatest of all the universities in the world 南加大可以说是世界上最伟大的大学之一and most beautiful universities in the world and look around all these beautiful faces 也是最美丽的大学之一 看看周围这些美丽的面孔and all this incredible joy 想想在这里度过的欢乐时光but Ill tell you, one of the things thats most beautiful about USC 不过我想说 南加大最美丽的is its commitment to service 是它对务的全情投入300 service organizations who 有300家务机构just in the last year delivered more than 765,000 hours of community service 在去年提供了超过76.5万小时的社区务Thats what makes this university so great 这就是让这所大学如此伟大的原因Now when we all drove in here today into this beauty 今天我们都驱车来到这所美丽的大学we drove through some high fences and high gates 我们经过了一些高围栏和一些高门and we all know why 我们都知道为什么会有这些we all know why we drove through those high fences and high gates 我们都知道有这些高围栏和高门because only a few blocks from here 是因为离这里几个街区的地方are some of the most impoverished people in the world 居住着世界上最穷困的一些人and thats why our commitment to others 这正是我们需要帮助他人的原因is so important and everlasting 为他人做些什么很重要 而且需要持续下去Dont let those walls be a metaphor for your own life 不要让这些高墙成为你们人生的比喻Get out there and do something for others 你们需要跨过高墙 为他人做点什么and fight on Trojans 继续奋斗吧 特洛伊人们201601/422601呼和浩特那家整形医院除皱最好 The worlds largest and most devastating世上最大、最具破坏性的environmental and industrial project环境及工业计划is situated in the heart发生于of the largest and most intact forest in the world,世上最大、保存最完整的森林当中Canadas boreal forest.加拿大北方森林It stretches right across northern Canada, in Labrador,它横跨加拿大北部的拉布拉多省its home to the largest remaining wild caribou herd为现存最大的野生驯鹿群家园in the world, the George River caribou herd,乔治河驯鹿群numbering approximately 400,000 animals.数量大约40万只Unfortunately, when I was there I couldnt find one of them,不幸的是 我前往当地时,并未见到任何一只but you have the antlers as proof.但有鹿角为All across the boreal, were blessed with this纵观整个北方森林,我们幸运地拥有incredible abundance of wetlands.丰富的湿地资源Wetlands globally are one of the most endangered ecosystems.湿地是全球濒临最严重危机的生态系统之一Theyre absolutely critical ecosystems,它们是十分重要的生态系统they clean air, they clean water,它们能净化空气和水源they sequester large amounts of greenhouse gases,它们能吸收大量温室气体and theyre home to a huge diversity of species.它们是许多物种的家园In the boreal, they are also the home where北方森林也是almost 50 percent of the 800 bird species北美所发现的800种鸟类中found in North America migrate north to breed and raise their young.半数为了抚育后代而北迁的鸟类家园In Ontario, the boreal marches down south在安大略省,北方森林向南延伸to the north shore of Lake Superior.直抵苏必利尔湖北岸And these incredibly beautiful boreal forests这片美不胜收的北方森林were the inspiration for some of the most famous art是加拿大历史中 某些著名艺术作品的灵感源泉in Canadian history, the Group of Seven were very inspired七人画派深受by this landscape,这片景观影响and so the boreal is not just a really key part of our因此,北方森林不仅是natural heritage,自然遗产的重要组成but also an important part of our cultural heritage.也是文化遗产的重要组成In Manitoba, this is an image from the east side of Lake Winnipeg,这是曼尼托巴省温尼伯湖东岸景观and this is the home of the newly designated它是联合国教科文组织新列的UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.世界文化遗产In Saskatchewan, as across all of the boreal,横跨北方森林的萨克其万省home to some of our most famous rivers,拥有一些著名湖泊an incredible network of rivers and lakes形成令人叹为观止的河流及湖泊网络that every school-age child learns about,这是每位学龄儿童都读过的知识the Peace, the Athabasca, the Churchill here, the Mackenzie,和平河、阿萨帕斯卡尔河 丘吉尔河、马更些河and these networks were the historical routes这些网络是具有历史意义的路线for the voyageur and the coureur des bois,对旅客和猎人来说the first non-Aboriginal explorers of northern Canada北加拿大第一位非原住民探险者that, taking from the First Nations people,仿效原住民的做法used canoes and paddled to explore使用独木舟for a trade route, a Northwest Passage for the fur trade.探索贸易路线,即进行毛皮交易的西北航道In the North, the boreal is bordered by the tundra,北方是被冻土带包围的北方森林and just below that, in Yukon,位于下方的育空省we have this incredible valley, the Tombstone Valley.拥有这座壮观的峡谷,墓碑谷And the Tombstone Valley is home to the Porcupine caribou herd.墓碑谷是豪猪驯鹿 (Porcupine caribou herd)的家园Now youve probably heard about the Porcupine caribou herd你或许听说过,豪猪驯鹿的in the context of its breeding ground繁殖地in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.位于北极国家野生动物保护区Well, the wintering ground is also critical事实上这片渡冬地亦十分重要and it also is not protected,却未受到保护and is potentially, could be potentially, exploited它面临一個潜在危机for gas and mineral rights.即天然气和矿物的开采The western border of the boreal in British Columbia位于卑诗省的北方森林西部边界is marked by the Coast Mountains,即海岸山脉and on the other side of those mountains这座山脉的另一侧is the greatest remaining temperate rainforest in the world,是世上现存最大的温带雨林the Great Bear Rainforest,大熊雨林and well discuss that in a few minutes in a bit more detail.我们稍后会做详细介绍All across the boreal, its home for a huge纵观整个北方森林,它是众多incredible range of indigenous peoples,原住民族群荟萃之地and a rich and varied culture.拥有丰富多样的文化And I think that one of the reasons why我认为大多族群so many of these groups have retained a link to the past,依然保有其固有文化的原因之一know their native languages,例如母语the songs, the dances, the traditions,歌曲、舞蹈、传统I think part of that reason is because of the remoteness,我认为部分原因在于它地处偏远the span and the wilderness幅员广大且依旧保持原始面貌of this almost 95 percent intact ecosystem.在这片将近95%生态系统尚未遭受破坏的土地当中。201410/331444呼和浩特和林格尔县丰额头多少钱

呼和浩特腋臭手术医院And we talked about swarm networks earlier. And talking about the ultimate swarm, about having all of the processors and all of the cars when theyre sitting idle being part of a global grid for computing capability. We find that premise quite exciting. The automobile becomes, then, an appliance, not in a commodity sense, but in an appliance, mobile power, mobile platform for information and computing and communication, as well as a form of transportation.之前我们谈到群网络。最强大的群,是将所有的处理器、所有未处于使用状态的汽车集合起来,作为全球电网的一部分来使用,这个假想让我们振奋不已。汽车能够成为一种电器但不是商品意义上的电器,而是作为一种能够提供信息、计算、通讯的电器、移动电源、移动平台,当然也是一种交通工具。And the key to all of this is to make it affordable, to make it exciting, to get it on a pathway where theres a way to make money doing it. And again, this is a pretty big march to take here. And a lot of people say, how do you sleep at night when youre rustling with a problem of that magnitude? And I tell them I sleep like a baby: I wake up crying every two hours. Actually the theme of this conference, I think, has hit on really one of the major keys to pull that off — and thats relationships and working together. Thank you very much. (Applause).但最重要的是我们要让汽车价廉物美,变得令人兴奋,并且有足够的资金进行研发。要实现我们的设想还有很长的路要走。许多人说,你全身心考虑这样一个巨大的工程的时候,晚上怎么睡得着?我告诉他们我的睡眠像小婴儿一样,每两个小时就醒来哭一次。我认为这次研讨会的主题,实际上就是策划出关键要素,并予以实现——那就是关系网的建立与相互合作。非常感谢大家。Chris Anderson: Larry, Larry, wait, wait, wait, wait, Larry, wait, wait one sec. Just — Ive got so many questions I could ask you. I just want to ask one. You know, I could be wrong about this, but my sense is that in the public mind, today, that GM is not viewed as serious about some of these environmental ideas as some of your Japanese competitors, maybe even as Ford. Are you serious about it, and not just, you know, when the consumers want it, when the regulators force us to do it we will go there. Are you guys really going to try and show leadership on this?克里斯·安德森(译者注:他是TED大会主席):拉里,拉里,等等,先别,先等会儿。我有很多问题想问你。一个问题是,也许我的想法有误,不过在我看来,大众认为,与日本的竞争对手,甚至是福特汽车公司比起来,通用汽车公司对那些环保汽车方面的想法和计划并不严肃认真。你怎么看待这个问题呢?是不是因为消费者的需求,执政者的敦促,你们才开始认真对待这些想法?你们通用汽车是不是真的打算在这方面大展拳脚,做领头人?Larry Burns: Yeah, were absolutely serious. Were into this over a billion dollars aly, so I would hope people would think were serious when were spending that kind of money. And secondly, its a fundamental business proposition. Ill be honest with you: were into it because of business growth opportunities. We cant grow our business unless we solve these problems. The growth of the auto industry will be capped by sustainability issues if we dont solve the problems. And theres a simple principle of strategy that says: Do unto yourself before others do unto you. If we can see this possible future, others can too. And we want to be the first to create it, Chris.拉里·伯恩斯:那是当然,我们是非常认真的。我们已经在这方面投资了十多亿美元,所以当我们花费巨资投资时,我希望人们看到我们对环保汽车的诚意。另外,关注环保也应该是企业最基本的任务。实话告诉你:我们进入这个领域是因为其商业利润空间的增长。如果不解决这些问题,我们的业务就无法继续扩展。如果我们不解决这些问题,汽车行业的发展将会因为可持续发展的问题而受阻。有这么一个简单的战略原则:在他人超越你之前先自己超越自己。如果我们能看到环保汽车的发展潜能,别人也能,但我们要做的是成为先驱者,克里斯。201409/325073 We need more women not just to sit at the table 我们需要更多的女性不仅仅坐在会议桌旁but as President Obama said 而且要像奥巴马总统a few weeks ago at Barnard 几周前在Barnard学校说的那样to take their rightful seats at the head of the table 去光明正大地坐到主座上去One of the reasons I was so excited to be here today 我今天来这里十分激动的另一个原因是is that Dean Nohria told me that 院长Nohria告诉我this year is the 50th anniversary of letting women into this class 今年是HBS开始招收女生50周年Your Dean is so passionate 你们的院长about getting more women into leadership positions 对让更多的女性进入领导岗位很执着And he told me that he wanted me 他告诉我这就是to speak this year for that reason他请我来做今年的演讲者的原因I met a woman from that first class once 有一次我遇到了那届的一位女生She told me that when they first came in, the first class of women 她告诉我当第一届女生入学时They took a mens room and converted it to a womans room 学校把一个男生洗手间改成了女生洗手间made sense 没错吧But they left the urinals in 但是他们留下了小便池She thought the message was super clear 她认为这里的信息很明确we are not sure this whole girl thing is going to work out 我们不确定 让女生来上学的事是不是靠谱and if the case doesnt 万一后来黄了we dont want to have to reinstall the urinals 我们也不必重新安装小便池The urinals are long gone 现在这些小便池当然早就不在了Lets make sure that no one ever misses them 让我们确保没人会想念它们As you and your classmates sp out across the globe 当你和你的同学们即将走向世界各地and walk across this stage tomorrow 当你们明天走出校园I wish for you four things: 我对你们有四个期望First, keep in touch via Facebook 第一 通过Facebook保持联系This is critical to your future success! 这对于你们未来的成功而言很关键And were public now 另外 我们现在是上市公司了so can you click on an ad or two 所以当你上Facebook的时候while you are there 请点击一两个广告吧Two, that you make the effort to speak as well as seek the truth 第二 努力说真话 求真知Three, that you remain true to and open about your authentic self 第三 保持你的真我 用你的真我待人And four, most deeply 第四 最由衷的一点that your generation accomplishes what mine has failed to do 让你们这代来实现我们这代没有做到的Give us a world where half our homes 让我们创造一个are run by men and half our institutions are run by women 男女在家庭和工作都各撑半边天的世界Im pretty sure that would be a better world 我敢保这会是个更美好的世界I join everyone here in offering my most sincere congratulations 让我们一起向2012年的毕业生们to the the Class of 2012 献上最真挚的祝贺With your authentic self 和你们的真我一起give yourselves a huge round of applause 给你们自己一轮热烈的掌声吧201511/410532乌兰察布市去眼袋手术多少钱呼和浩特人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱



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