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河南郑州市华山医院激光点痣多少钱郑州大学第三附属医院激光祛痣价钱费用新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson60:Success成功经历886. His first book was a best seller. 他的第一本书很畅销。887. I’ve finally graduated from college. 我终于大学毕业了。888. I just got my dream job. 我刚刚得到了我梦寐以求的工作。889. You’re taken some incredible photographs here. 你在这儿照了一些很棒的照片。890. Sharon was first in her class at law school. 在法学院,雪伦是她班上的第一名。891. I finally got that promotionu I wanted. 我终于得到了我渴望的晋升。892. She just won the lotteryv. 她刚中了票。893. My dad was just voted in as the company president. 我的父亲刚被投票选为公司总裁。894. His paintings are some of the most famous in the country. 他的画在这个国家是最著名的。895. That was the fastest I have ever run a mile. 那一英里是我跑得最快的一次。896. I feel really flattered that out of all the students I was picked. 那么多学生当中我被选中了,我简直受宠若惊。 897. No matter what you do, you’ll make them proud. 不管你做什么,他们都会为你自豪的。898. I want to show everyone how successful I turned out to be. 我想让大家看看我有多成功。899. That’s quite a success story. 那真是一个成功的故事。900. It sounds like you have a lot to be proud of. 听起来你有很多东西值得自豪。【生词解读】1. promotion [prE5mEuFEn] n. 提升,晋级2. lottery [5lCtEri] n. 奖券,票;摸,抽签 /200811/19283郑州疤痕体质去疤 He has a look. It#39;s individual.他的打扮很特别。It#39;s Bill...the blue smock.Bill独特的蓝色外套。The jacket is functional #39;cause it has all the pockets. -Right.这外套很实用它有很多口袋。-对。And you can launder it.清洗也很方便。And I thought the color was nice.而且我觉得这颜色也不错。Originally, when I started to buy them at the Bazar de L#39;Hotel de Ville, they were .我最初从Bazar de L#39;宾馆那边买的这衣,那时卖20美元。And they were the ones that the street sweepers wore.有阵子街头的清洁工也穿这衣。They came in black and white and blue.他们的衣有黑的,白的和蓝色的。And, you see, with the cameras, the jackets all get torn here and ruined.通常,带着照相机衣这里会被磨坏。So that was another thing.当然这是另外一回事。Why have an expensive, beautiful jacket...and wear it with all the cameras rubbing on it and wreck it? That#39;s...但是我们为什么要穿着很贵很好看的外套,你明明知道相机会把它磨坏的。那就是......I mean, I can#39;t imagine such wastefulness.我觉得完全没必要那么浪费。Oh, don#39;t mind me. These are my...I have to take every morning my heart pills.哦,稍等一下…这是我每天要吃的心脏的药。Keep the heart going.这样才能保持心脏继续工作。 Article/201609/460802郑州管城回族区隆鼻手术多少钱

焦作市褐青色痣多少钱I have my heart set on this car,I am willing to borrow money to buy it.我决心要买这辆车,我愿意借钱来买。have one's heart set on...表示一心一意要去做某事或得到某东西。I have my heart set on studying abroad.我一心一意要到国外读书。What do you have your heart set on?有什么事你们是一心一意想去做的,或有什么东西你们是决心要拥有的。蒋健棠----- /200803/29237许昌市手术疤痕修复多少钱 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201608/451801郑州/脱毛价格表

郑州大学第三附属医院做去眼袋手术多少钱I thought I was really competitive at first我之前以为自己很有竞争力,and then I played you in basketball at VM 7 realized I#39;m not competitive at all. Okay.但随后我与你在“VM7”打篮球时,却意识到自己毫无竞争力。我明白。And then I had to step up my game.我必须提高我的水平。Do you think you can get more competitive with the people that are around you or......?你认为你能从周围的人那里获得更多的竞争力吗?Yes. Actually, you know what? I#39;m so proud of you for asking this question.能。你知道吗?你问了个很好的问题。Actually, I really do, I#39;m surprised I#39;m so excited by this.事实上,我真的得到了。我这么兴奋地讨论这个话题,感觉很惊讶。I have a good piece of advice, actually.我确实有个好建议。Start trimming your friend group开始整理你的朋友圈。and start adding to your friend group predicated on what you want to be.开始往朋友圈加入你想结交的朋友The answer is absolutely, my man.我的朋友,结果显而易见。Like, you absolute..., I am stunned how much more I am like my wife and how much more she is like me就像,你绝对...我和妻子开始时极其不同,even though we started at very polar places, it#39;s just true.但现在却很相似,这令我震惊,却是事实。Who you hang out with? like, there is such a smart hack to like, and there#39;s really...你交往的对象是谁?是聪明的黑客?like, that cliché thing like you are, like the byproduct of the people, like all that, that#39;s real. Super real.和你一样的老学究还是跟屁虫?不管是谁,你们都会变得相似,这是事实。So maybe this is a good year for you to kind of audit that first day back,所以,也许今年对你来说是个不错的一年,开始审视自己的第一天,look around, maybe know a friend of a friend and if you like what you see看看周围,如果你愿意的话会认识一个朋友的朋友,go explore it and try to be around it because, yeah man,试着与他们交往、相伴,因为,I think that you got more competitive by being around me我想你在我身边会变得更有竞争力。And I can tell you right now, I know everybody on my team, they#39;re different.我现在就可以告诉你,我了解团队里的每个人,他们都是不同的。I#39;ll tell you one thing that I can tell you firm about DRock and Nate,我告诉你一件DRock和内特的事,for sure, I#39;ll give you those two examples当然,我给你这两个例子是因为they#39;re a fuck load more confident than they were when they came into my life他们比我之前遇到时更自信了,because my confidence rubbed off on them. Straight up.坦白的说,是因为我的自信影响了他们。 Article/201707/516474 Conversation A : In the Office?HOWARD: Excuse me, Martin.?MARTIN: Good morning, Howard. Good morning, Waleed.?HOWARD: Can we talk to you? ?MARTIN: Sure. Come in.?WALEED: We're going to watch baseball tonight. Can you go with usMARTIN: Not tonight. I'm going to take the children to their grandparents.?HOWARD: Aren't they in ChicagoMARTIN: My parents are in Chicago. My wife's parents are in Ocean City. We’re going to Ocean City.?WALEED: Are the children going to stay in Ocean City? ?MARTIN: Yes. They're going to stay for five days.?HOWARD: That's nice.?WALEED: Does your son like thatMARTIN: Oh, yes. His friends are there.?WALEED: My son doesn't like visiting his grandparents. They live in the country.MARTIN: His friends are here.?WALEED: That's right.?HOWARD: Doesn't he like his familyWALEED: Yes, he likes them. He likes his friends, too.?HOWARD: You can't go with us tonight.?WALEED: Can you go on Thursday.MARTIN: Sure.?WALEED: OK. Let's go on ThursdayMARTIN: Are you going to watch tonightHOWARD: Sure. And we're going to watch on Thursday.?WALEED: See you later.?MARTIN: Good-bye.?CARA: Hello, Martin. May I come inMARTIN: Of course.?CARA: Do you and your wife like swimmingMARTIN: Yes.?CARA: Do you like to watch swimmingMARTIN: On televisionCARA: No. My daughter is going to swim in Baltimore on Saturday. Can you come to watch?MARTIN: Is it a swim meetCAREA: Yes, it is. She's going to swim tonight, too.?MARTIN: Sit down. Please. I'm going to phone my wife.?CARA: Thanks.?MARTIN: Hello, Eileen. What are we going to do on Saturday? Cara's daughter is going to swim in Baltimore on Saturday. Cara, in the afternoonCARA: Yes, she's going to swim in the afternoon.?MARTIN: She's going to swim in the afternoon. It's a swim meet. OK. Good-bye.?MARTIN: We can come on Saturday.?CARA: Can your daughter comeMARTIN: No, she's visiting her grandparents in Ocean City. Can you come to our house after the meetCARA: No, thank you. We have to come home. She has a meet here on Sunday.?MARTIN: OK.?CARA: Thank you.?MARTIN: See you on Saturday.?WALEED: Martin, Howard and I are going to eat. Can you comeMARTIN: Yes. I'm going to finish this story later.?会话 A 在办公室?霍华德:对不起,马丁。?马 丁:早上好,霍华德。早上好,瓦利德。霍华德:我们能和你谈话吗马 丁:当然可以,请进来。?瓦利德:我们今晚去看棒球赛,你能和我们一起去吗马 丁:今晚不行,我要带孩子们去他们外祖父家。?霍华德:他们没在芝加哥吗马 丁:我父母在芝加哥,我妻子的父母在大洋城,我们要去大洋城。?瓦利德:孩子们将在大洋城呆一段时间吗马 丁:是的,他们将呆五天。霍华德:很好。?瓦利德:你儿子愿意吗马 丁:噢,是的。他有朋友在那儿。?瓦利德:我儿子不愿意去他祖父母那儿,他们住在乡下。?马 丁:他的朋友在这里。?瓦利德:不错。?霍华德:他不喜欢他祖父家吗瓦利德:不是的,他喜欢他们,他也喜欢他的朋友。?霍华德:你今晚不能跟我们去了。?瓦利德:你周四能去吗马 丁:当然能。?瓦利德:好的,我们周四去。?马 丁:你们今晚去看吗霍华德:当然,而且我们周四也去看。?瓦利德:再见。?马 丁:再见。?卡 拉:你好,马丁。我可以进来吗马 丁:当然可以。?卡 拉:你和你妻子喜欢游泳吗马 丁:喜欢。?卡 拉:你们喜欢看游泳吗马 丁:在电视上吗卡 拉:不是的,我女儿周六将在巴尔的游泳,你们能来观看吗马 丁:是游泳比赛吗卡 拉:是的,她今晚也参加游泳比赛。?马 丁:请坐,我给我妻子打个电话,问一下。?卡 拉:谢谢。?马 丁:喂,艾琳,我们周六将做什么?卡拉的女儿周六将在巴尔的游泳。马 丁:卡拉,在下午吗?卡 拉:对,她在下午参加游泳比赛。?马 丁:她在下午游泳,是场游泳比赛。好,再见。?马 丁:我们周六能来。?卡 拉:你们的女儿能来吗马 丁:不能,她还在大洋城的外公家。你们比赛后能到我家吗卡 拉:谢谢你,不能。我们得回家,她星期天在这还有一场比赛。?马 丁:好的。?卡 拉:谢谢。?马 丁:周六再见。?瓦利德:马丁,霍华德和我要去吃饭,你能来吗马 丁:好的,我以后再完成这篇报导。? /200602/3391郑州哪里有冰点脱毛郑州中原区去痣多少钱一颗

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