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Everyone likes a vacation in a warm climate, but how about a trip to two planets that as hot as hell?每个人都喜欢气候适宜的时候旅行,但到两个热得跟地狱一样的行星旅行如何呢?If you are walking on the surface of Mercury, you need one of heck of a spacesuit.如果你走在水星的表面,你需要一套了不起的宇航。Mysterious Mercury appears lifeless and desolate, but hidden deep inside is a clue to a different past.神秘的水星似乎毫无生气,一派凄凉,而内心深处似乎又隐藏着线索,或许代表一个与众不同的过去。The smallest planet made out of the dense stuff with the most lunar-like landscape at its surface, and yet, generating magnetic field.这颗最小的星球由密集的物质组成,好像月面景观在其表面一样,然而,却产生着磁场。But its nearby Venus, goddess of love, who will really melt your heart and crush your defenses at the same time.但是位于附近的金星,这颗受神明爱戴的星球, 在同一时间内会真的融化你的心脏和粉碎你的防御。So, this is the hell, real hell.所以,这是地狱,真正的地狱。Once the twin of earth, something went wrong here, terribly wrong.一旦地球的孪生兄弟,出了差错,那就是最严重的错误。At some point, Venus had an ocean worth of water. That is now gone.从某种意义上说,金星有一种海洋价值的水。而现在不见了。What turned Venus from paradise to pressure cooker? Could this really be our future?什么让金星从天堂星球落到了压力锅的这般境地?难道这真的是我们的未来?The ultimate fate of the earth is to look like Venus looks today.地球的最终命运看起来像是今天的金星。And here, on our own doorstep, there is possibly the greatest survival story of all.而在这里,在我们门前,有可能是最伟大的全部生存故事。There is speculation that Venus might actually still have about life. We know it is such a hostile place.也有传闻,还有金星会出现生命迹象。我们知道它就是这样一个不怀好意的地方。There has never been a better time to go where no human has gone before. To following the footsteps, survival robert pioneers and visits the planets of the solar system.从来没有一个更好的机会去没有人去过的领域。请跟随我们的脚步,生存的罗伯特先驱,一起寻访太阳系的行星。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172007。

  • Books and Arts; Book Review;New fiction from India;Lotus-eaters;文艺;书评;印度新小说;醉生梦死的人;Narcopolis. By Jeet Thayil.《Narcopolis》,Jeet Thayil著。The official history of Mumbai attributes the citys rise to its natural harbour and textile industry. But before cotton mills came to dominate the landscape, Mumbais merchants grew fat exporting opium to China. The citys main schools of art and architecture and its best public hospital are named for a pioneer of the trade, Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, as is a 2.4km elevated road that cuts through the old city.官方史记载孟买的崛起源于天然港口和纺织业。但在印度纺织厂占主导地位前,孟买的商人已经从向中国出口鸦片的贸易中获得丰厚利润。这座城市的艺术建筑设计学院和一流的公历医院就是以一个贸易先驱者詹姆塞特吉·吉吉伊(Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy)的名字命名的,,他也出资修建一条2.4千米的高架道路,横穿这个古老的城市。In the shadow of that viaduct lies Shuklaji Street, Mumbais last connection with opium. “It wasnt much of a street,” notes Dom Ullis, the narrator of Jeet Thayils debut novel, “Narcopolis”, but it was the epicentre of vice: prostitutes, drug dealers and petty criminals. Dom arrives here to partake in Mumbais (Mr Thayil calls it Bombay) love affair with opium just as it is drawing to a close, some 150 years after it started.Shuklaji街就座落在这座高架桥附近,它是孟买与鸦片的最后联系。“它不像一个街道” Jeet Thayil处女作《Narcopolis》的主人公说。因为这里是罪恶中心:嫖娼,毒品交易,小偷小摸盛行。Dom Ullis讲述孟买与毒品的渊源,仿佛置身于150年前孟买毒品伊始到结束的场景。Dom drifts in and out of Rashids, an old-fashioned opium den where pipewallahs prepare your smoke for you and serenity prevails. Rashids is a clearing house for characters and stories. Dom meets Rumi, a wife-beater and failed businessman; he brings Xavier, an angry old artist; he befriends Dimple, a eunuch prostitute who in turn tells the story of Mr Lee, a Chinese exile. Then there is Rashid himself, who watches—and fruitlessly resists—as his graceful world of opium-eaters is rendered obsolete by the nightmare of low-grade heroin. Mumbai forgets opium as those who loved it either die or burn out their brains.Dom漫步在一个老式的鸦片窝点拉希德, 在那里有人为你准备好烟卷,寂静袭来。拉希德是各色人物进出和讲述众多故事的场所。Dom遇到鲁米,鲁米实施家庭暴力,曾经经商却一败涂地;DOM引荐了一个愤怒的老艺术家泽维尔;并和男妓 Dimple成了朋友,Dimple讲述一个遭流放的中国人李先生的故事。还有房子的主人拉西德——徒劳的抵抗——当看着自己优雅的鸦片世界被梦幻般劣质海洛因遗忘。那些吸食鸦片的人或者死亡或者冲昏了头脑,孟买也被鸦片遗忘。A reformed addict, Mr Thayil has had personal experience with the world he describes. But he is also a published poet, who wields his words with care. His efforts are there to be seen. Admirably, Mr Thayil resists the urge to insert himself into the narrative. Dom Ullis is mostly absent, giving the er nothing. The only way to keep track of the books chronology is through the conversations. New cars, soft drinks and coffee shops indicate the passage of time as Indias economy creaks open. Ugly, brutal references to Muslims mean that 1993, when the city erupted in religious riots, has left its scars. And if its ecstasy and MDMA, it must be 21st-century Mumbai.一个遭改造的毒枭Mr Thayil,用自己的亲身经历描述这个世界。他也是位有名望的诗人,小心翼翼的驾驭自己的文字。他的努力有目共睹。备受赞誉的是,Mr Thayil抑制着叙述着的欲望。因Dom大部分时间不在场 ,读者无法追溯时间。唯一可以晓知书中年代的是书中的谈话。随着印度经济开放,新车,饮料和咖啡店暗示时光的流逝。书中提及丑恶暴力的穆斯林时,意味着1993年爆发了宗教暴乱,并给穆斯林带来伤痕。而当书中提到迷幻药和摇头丸时,那一定是21世纪的孟买。 /201212/217359。
  • The first one to form is Hydrogen. Then, over the next 3 minutes the Universe begins to create two more elements, helium and lithium.We went from a Universe that was infinitely small to a Universe that was light-years in size. In the first 3 minutes, essentially everything interesting that was going to happen in the Universe happened.形成的第一种元素是氢。在接下来的3分钟里宇宙内开始形成其他两种元素:氦和锂。我们赖以生存的宇宙从无比渺小扩大到以光年来衡量大小。从本质上来说,在最初的3分钟宇宙内该发生的有趣的事情都发生了。 Well, not quite. If you were there, you couldnt see it.When we look at the night sky, we can see a literally billions of years into the past. And we think its always been that way. Nope, not true. 380 thousand years after the Big Bang, thats when the Universe began to become transparent. But before then, it was milky.其实,也未必。就算你在这里,也看不见。当我们望向夜空,我们能看见过去几十亿年前星球发出的光,从字面上来说是几十亿年前。而且我们认为自古以来就是这样。不,其实不是这样。宇宙大爆炸38万年后,宇宙开始变得透明起来。但是之前,宇宙内部则浑浊不清。There was a milky soup of loose electrons. The young Universe has to cool down enough for the electrons to slow down and stick to new atoms. It took a long time for all of the hydrogen, helium and lithium atoms in the Universe to form. Scientists calculate it took 380 thousand years for the electrons to slow down enough so that the Universe could start mass producing atoms. When that happens, the milky fog clears. The first light escapes and raises across the Universe.就像一锅充满松散电子的浓汤。年轻的宇宙渐渐冷却,电子也随之放慢速度,粘附于新生代原子。经过了很长时间,宇宙内氢原子,氦原子和锂原子才全部形成。科学家们计算,电子经过38万年才将速度减得足够慢,这样宇宙才开始大量生产原子。批量生产原子的同时,宇宙内浑浊的迷雾也开始消散。第一束光逃逸出来,在宇宙内无限延伸。Nearly 14 billion years later, two young scientists in New Jersey picked it up by accident.In 1964, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson were mapping radio signals across our galaxy. Everywhere they looked, they picked up a strange background hum. They first suspected their equipment, maybe pigeon droppings on the antenna were causing the strange signal. But after cleaning the antenna, the mysterious hum remained, so much for pigeon droppers.大约140亿年后,两位年轻的科学家在新泽西偶然接收到这束光波。1964年,阿诺·彭齐亚斯和罗伯特·威尔逊在映射系的无线电信号。不论从哪个方向,他们都会接收到一种奇怪的背景辐射噪音。开始他们怀疑是设备的问题,也许是鸽子落到天线上的粪便导致的。但是清理完天线后,那种神秘的嗡嗡声依然存在,也就排除了鸽子粪便这一因素。Penzias delivered a talk at Princeton University. And according to law, one person in the back said,;either you have discovered the effects of bird-droppings or the creation of the Universe.;彭齐亚斯在普林斯顿大学的举行了一场讲座。根据物理定律,一位后排的人说道:“要么你发现了鸟粪的作用,要么你发现了宇宙的起源。”201205/184169。
  • Child Labor Laws-Today on Congressional Moment:Over a hundred years ago the Industrial Revolution quickened the pace of manufacturing, and businessmen sought cheaper labor. Millions of children worked at dangerous jobs, and the national debate over Child Labor laws began. Listen to these journal entries from the early 1900s...今日国会时刻——儿童劳动法:一百多年前,随着工业革命到来,制造业的发展步伐加快,商人们要寻求更加廉价的劳动力。数百万的儿童干着危险的工作,关于童工劳动法的争论也愈演愈烈。下面来听听来自20世纪早期的日记条目。Character Voice 1:On cold, rainy mornings, well before dawn, I have been awakened by the clatter of boots as the half-awake, joyless children hurried not to school, but to the great factory. They are thin and sickly looking...日记1:在寒冷,下着雨的早晨,黎明前夕,我被一阵哗啦的靴子声吵醒,原来是睡眼朦胧,郁郁寡欢的孩童,他们急促地跑向大工厂,而不是学校。他们身型瘦弱,面容憔悴...Character Voice 2:I worked in a factory where they made oil cans, and I saw children 8 and 10 years old work like slaves on big machines...most every day it happened that a finger or hand was cut off, but that didnt matter, they were sent home, and others would take their places.日记2:我在一家生产油壶的工厂上班,我看见八九岁的孩子们在巨大的机器前像奴隶一样干活...几乎每天都有童工的手指、手被机器碾断,但这种情况并没有引起重视,他们被遣送回家,其他的孩子会填补他的位子。ANNCR: The injustices of child labor prompted people to organize, in an effort to get Congressional regulation. While many states took it upon themselves to regulate child labor, many did not.童工受到的不公正待遇促使人们去成立组织,致力于赢取国会的改革方案。许多州主动承担起规范儿童劳动市场的责任,然而其他州却没有。As national discontent continued to grow, a key challenge for Congress was protecting children in every state without interfering with states rights.随着国内不满情绪日益高涨,国会面临着重大挑战——在不损害各州利益的同时保护童工的合法权益。Eventually, after years of debate, the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed in 1938, and upheld by the Supreme Court in 1941. It provided basic protections, not only to children, but to all workers in the U.S.最终,经过几年的争论,《公平劳动标准法案》于1938年出台,并于1941年获得最高法院持。这条法案不仅是在保护儿童的基本权益,也是在保护所有的美国公民。原文译文属!201210/203189。
  • In recent years, weve seen a big increase in the numbers of swans across the country. So some people feel that swans are becoming a danger to other river life. To answer this question, here is Paul from the Salmon and Trout Association.近年来,我们看到整个国家天鹅的数量大幅增加。因此有些人感觉天鹅正在威胁其它的河流生命。为了解答这个问题,现在连线三文鱼和鳟鱼协会的发言人保罗。What happens is the swans come along and in deep water, they just graze on it, thats no problem. Its quite resilient and itll come back. The problem is in low water, theyll eat it right down to the roots and theyll kill it off. The problem here is more (that there is) not enough water in the river.发生的情况是,天鹅来到深水区,以植物为食,这没问题。植被的生长具有反弹性,会复原。问题在于浅水区,天鹅会吃掉植物的根部,因而毁掉植被。更严重的问题是河流不再有足够的水。Although its difficult to believe that today with all this flood water coming down. Thats the real issue. We need more water in the river to provide the depth for fish and birds to coexist side by side. Lets hear from Graham who works for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, RSPB.尽管在洪水泛滥的今天,人们很难相信这个事实。但这是真正存在的问题。我们的河流需要更多的水来为鱼和鸟类的共存提供一定的水位空间。让我们来听听在英国皇家鸟类保护协会(RSPB)工作的格雷汉姆的意见。The amount of water being taken out of the system is unsustainable, and also the amount of pollutants from washing achines and from farmland run-off coming into these rivers are also causing problems. So yes, lets look at the problems swans are causing, but lets look at the much bigger environmental picture too. That is historically the case, but these days all swans are protected under the wildlife and countryside act.从水生系统流失的水是不可再生的,流向河流的大量洗涤和农田径流污染物也导致了这一问题。是的,让我们来看看天鹅造成的威胁,同时我们来看看宏观的环境现状。这是历史遗留下来的问题,所有的天鹅都属于皇室,它们都受到法律保护。原文译文属!201304/233646。
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