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Language PointsJustin Biebierkiss under the mistletoeboxing dayBlack FridayCyber Monday /201605/4444991 American IntonationThe American Speech MusicWhat to Do with Your Mouth to Sound AmericanOne of the main differences between the way an American talks and the way the rest of the world talks is that we dont really move our lips.(So, when an American says, ;Read my lips!; what does he really mean?)We create most of our sounds in the throat, using our tongue very actively.If you hold your fingers over your lips or clench your jaws when you practice speaking American English,you will find yourself much closer to native-sounding speech than if you try to pronounce every ... single ... sound ... very ... carefully.If you can relate American English to music, remember that the indigenous music is jazz.Listen to their speech music, and you will hear that Americans have a melodic, jazzy way of producing sounds.Imagine the sound of a cello when you say, Beddy bada bida beader budder (Betty bought a bit of better butter)and youll be close to the native way of saying it.Because most Americans came from somewhere else, American English reflects the accent contributions of many lands.The speech music has become much more exaggerated than British English, developing a strong and distinctive intonation.If you use this intonation, not only will you be easier to understand, but you will sound much more confident, dynamic, and persuasive.Intonation, or speech music, is the sound that you hear when a conversation is too far away to be clearly audible but close enough for you to tell the nationality of the speakers.The American intonation dictates liaisons and pronunciation, and it indicates mood and meaning.Without intonation, your speech would be flat, mechanical, and very confusing for your listener.What is the American intonation pattern?How is it different from other languages?Foa egzampuru, eefu you hea ah Jahpahneezu pahsohn speakingu Ingurishu, the sound would be very choppy, mechanical, and unemotional to an American.Za sem vey vis Cheuman pipples, it sounds too stiff.A mahn frohm Paree ohn zee ahzer ahnd, eez intonashon goes up at zee end ov evree sentence,and has such a strong intonation that he sounds romantic and highly emotional,but this may not be appropriate for a lecture or a business meeting in English.American Intonation Dos and DontsDo Not Speak Word by WordBob is on the phone.If you speak word by word, as many people who learned ;printed; English do, youll end upsounding mechanical and foreign.You may have noticed the same thing happens in your own language:When someone s a speech, even a native speaker, it sounds stiff and stilted, quite different from a normal conversational tone.Connect words to form sound groups.This is where youre going to start doing something completely different than what you have done in your previous English studies.This part is the most difficult for many people because it goes against everything theyve been taught.Instead of thinking of each word as a unit, think of sound units.These sound units may or may not correspond to a word written on a page.Native speakers dont sayBob is on the phone,but say[b戀椀稀渀 the foun].Sound units make a sentence flow smoothly, like peanut butter— never really ending and never really starting, just flowing along.Even chunky peanut butter is acceptable.So long as you dont try to put plain peanuts directly onto your b, youll be OK.Use staircase intonation.Let those sound groups floating on the wavy river in the figure flow downhill and youll get the staircase.Staircase intonation not only gives you that American sound, it also makes you sound much more confident.Not every American uses the downward staircase.A certain segment of the population uses rising staircases— generally, teenagers on their way to a shopping mall:;Hi, my name is Tiffany.I live in La Canada. Im on the pep squad.;What Exactly Is Staircase Intonation?In saying your words, imagine that they come out as if they were bounding lightly down a flight of stairs.Every so often, one jumps up to another level, and then starts down again.Americans tend to stretch out their sounds longer than you may think is natural.So to lengthen your vowel sounds, put them on two stairsteps instead of just one.Instead of ;Were here; say ;We are here;.The sound of an American speaking a foreign language is very distinctive, because we double sounds that should be single.For example, in Japanese or Spanish, the wordnois, to our ear, clipped or abbreviatednoin standard American.noouWhen you have a word ending in an unvoiced consonant— one that you ;whisper; you will notice that the preceding vowel is said quite quickly, and on a single stairstep.When a word ends in a vowel or a voiced consonant— one that you ;say; the preceding vowel is said more slowly, and on a double stairstep.Unvoiced seat Voiced seedThere are two main consequences of not doubling the second category of words:Either your listener will hear the wrong word, or even worse, you will always sound upset.Consider that the words curt, short, terse, abrupt, and clipped all literally mean short.When applied to a person or to language, they take on the meaning of upset or rude.For example, in the expressions ;His curt reply ...,;;Her terse response... or ;He was very short with me;all indicate a less than sunny situation. /201508/394995Neil shares his weekend experience with Li and shows her how a boxing expression can be used to describe his kids.尼尔和莉分享了他周末的经历,并告诉她如何用一个拳击用语来形容他的孩子们。Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Neil and joining me today is Li.尼尔:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是尼尔,今天和我一起主持节目的是莉。Li: Hello everyone. The expression that Neil and I will talk about today is ;out for the count;.莉:大家好。今天尼尔和我将谈论的表达方式是“失去意识”。Neil: This expression comes from the sport of boxing and describes a boxer who has been knocked unconscious who cant stand up within a count of ten seconds. The boxer is said to be ;out for the count; and loses the match. But the expression can also be used in another way...尼尔:这个表达方式来源于拳击运动,形容一名拳击手遭重击失去意识,无法在10秒钟倒数内站起来。拳击手“失去意识”,所以输掉了比赛。不过现在这个用语还有另一种用法……Li: Oh, how?莉:哦,怎么用?Neil: Well, I had a really active weekend. I went hiking in Wales with my wife and our two children.尼尔:嗯,我过了个忙碌的周末。我和妻子还有两个孩子一起去威尔士远足了。Li: Hiking in Wales, that sounds like hard work.莉:去威尔士远足,听起来有点辛苦。Neil: Well not to my kids. They loved it, they were racing each other, running up and down the hills…then we went to the zoo where they had more fun.尼尔:我的孩子们并不这么认为。他们非常喜欢,两个孩子之间会互相竞赛,在山上跑上跑下……然后我们去了动物园,孩子们在那里度过了愉快的时光。Li: So you had a nice day out then?莉:所以你也度过了美好的一天了?Neil: Definitely. The evening was even nicer for us, me and my wife as there was no ing of bedtime stories and no computer games. By 7 oclock, the kids were in bed, and the next thing we knew, they were out for the count!尼尔:当然了。晚上的时光对我和妻子来说更美好,因为我们不用读睡前故事,也没有玩电脑游戏。孩子们在七点钟的时候就上床了,当然之后他们马上就睡熟了。Li: Oh I think Ive got it. Do you mean they were so tired from all the exercise that they fell asleep immediately their heads touched the pillows?莉:哦,我想我明白了。你的意思是不是经过了一整天的活动之后,孩子们非常累,所以他们在头一碰到枕头以后就马上睡着了?Neil: Yes, thats right. Lets hear some examples how this expression is used:尼尔:对,没错。我们再来听一些例句,看看如何应用这个表达方式:Examples例句:Jack had so much to drink last night that when he got home he was out for the count.杰克昨晚喝了太多的酒,所以他一回家就睡着了。There was some trouble outside my house last night but I didnt hear it: I was so tired I was out for the count.昨晚我家外面发生了争端,可是我没有听见:我太累了,所以我睡的很熟。Li: Oh, how I wish I could fall asleep quickly — but I often have to take a sleeping pill.莉:哦,我真希望我也能很快睡着——不过我经常要吃安眠药才能入睡。Neil: Thats not good. You should try doing some exercise to make you tired: how about jogging?尼尔:那可不太好。你应该试着做些运动,让自己困倦:慢跑怎么样?Li: Oh no, its boring, its too monotonous.莉:哦,不,慢跑又无聊又单调。Neil: Well, how about something relaxing like yoga?尼尔:嗯,那瑜伽之类的放松运动怎么样?Li: Yoga, no, Im not very flexible, I never have been.莉:瑜伽,不行,我的柔韧性不好,我从来没有练过。Neil: Well, what about boxing? Its exciting and you could be knocked unconscious — out for the count!尼尔:那拳击怎么样?这是一项令人兴奋的运动,而且你可能会被重击至失去意识!Li: Very funny!莉:真好笑!Neil: Anyway you have learned a good expression and its time to say goodbye.尼尔:不管怎样,你学会了一个有用的表达方式,现在该结束节目了。Li: Bye!莉:再见! 译文属 /201502/360840

讲解文本:take chances 冒险,碰运气He doesnt take chances. Thats why he survived.他不冒险,这就是为什么他得以幸存。Mike was not a man to take chances.Mike不是个敢冒风险的人。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201704/506224

Maria: So Alex we were talking about what I would like to change about myself so I was wondering what would you like to change about, for example, appearance?玛丽亚:亚历克斯,我们之前聊了我想改变的地方,现在我想知道你想有什么改变,比如你想怎么改变你的外表?Alex: For me Ive actually had some fun changing my appearance in the past. I have had the craziest hair colors. At one point I was pink, purple and red at the same time. Everything at the same time. Ive done everything that I can think of, except green, I dont think green is an appropriate hair color, but I guess in the near future I think Id want to probably lose about five or six kilos, mainly not so much because of appearance but it will also help me live about ten years longer which would be lovely.亚历克斯:我以前很喜欢改变外表。我染过最疯狂的发色。我曾经把头发染成粉色、紫色和红色三个颜色。同时有这三种颜色。除了绿色,我尝试过我能想到的各种发色,因为我觉得绿色不太适合做发色,我想不久之后我可能会减掉五六公斤,主要原因并不是我想改变外表,而是这将帮助我多活十年,这多美好啊。Maria: As they say.玛丽亚:按俗话说。Alex: Yes, as they say. At the moment, you know Im going to the gym and trying to get that happen. I wish I was a little bit taller, honestly, just a little bit. Im probably the average height in Australia and I dont know I think being a bit taller would be good. Yeah, I think thats probably about it. Id also, you know everyone wants that body that you can go out to on the beach, right?亚历克斯:对,按俗话说。你知道现在我正在健身房锻炼,努力让自己瘦下来。说实话,我希望我的个子再高一些。在澳大利亚我的身高算平均水平,我想要是再高一些就好了。可能是因为在去海滩的时候,所有人都想要那种身材,对吧?Maria: The beach body?玛丽亚:沙滩身材?Alex: The beach body and have the abs. I dont think Ill ever get abs because my descendents, my lineage is French and Irish and theyre not really known for being abs types. If I was Brazilian, no problem, but the Irish in me makes me more probably rotund, lets say round, than anything else. More like a rugby player than a surfer.亚历克斯:沙滩身材,有腹肌。我想因为遗传原因,我可能练不出腹肌,我有法国和爱尔兰血统,他们并不是那种典型的腹肌身材。如果我有巴西血统,那肯定没问题,可是爱尔兰血统让我的身材是圆胖的。我看起来更像是橄榄球运动员,而不是冲浪运动员。Maria: You werent blessed with the red hair but you did get the physique.玛丽亚:你虽然没有遗传一头红发,但是你遗传了体格。Alex: Im kind of glad for not the red hair. People get teased for that.亚历克斯:其实没有遗传到红发,我是高兴的。人们经常因为红发而被嘲笑。Maria: I heard.玛丽亚:我听到过。Alex: Yeah.亚历克斯:对。Maria: Poor gingers. What about character, like what about your personality?玛丽亚:可怜的家伙。那性格呢,你的性格是怎样的?Alex: I wish that sometimes I had the, lets say the strength to cut some people out when they have become kind of a bit of a drag, lets say. I wish, sometimes I wish I wasnt so, like I could be a bit more sensible honestly. I can get very, very, very silly so and kind of take things that are not too seriously. School, you know, I find it very, very difficult to like keep going at like at a good pace. I tend to sort of flow in and out of being serious about that. I think steady would be a good thing, I think for me for that.亚历克斯:有时我希望我能有那种能力,当有人成为拖累的时候,我可以和他们断绝关系。说实话,有时我希望我能更理智一些。我的行为可能会非常非常愚蠢,对待事情不太认真。比如上学这件事,我发现很难调整好节奏。我有时会很认真,有时就不那么认真。我认为保持稳定是件好事,对我来说我希望能保持稳定。Maria: Yeah.玛丽亚:好。 译文属 /201610/471093

我刚开编辑会回来。老板通知我们,这个星期的节目要另嘉宾,因为别的制片人把我们原来请的嘉宾挖走了。我同事听到这个消息,气急败坏。这也让我想到了一句习惯用语,那就是: cook someones goose.Cook意思是煮,goose是鹅。连起来,to cook someones goose, 可并不是煮鹅的意思,而是指打碎某人的计划,或者毁了一个人的名誉。在上面的例子中,别人挖走了我们的嘉宾,我同事气急败坏,she is probably going to cook the guys goose who stole our guest. 她八成要狠狠地整一下那个挖走我们嘉宾的家伙。在下面的例子中,我们要听听一个叫Brad的人在得知他女友的所作所为之后做了什么:例句-1:Brads girlfriend should have told him that she was out with another guy last weekend. When he found out, he was more than jealous. He was furious. Not only did he break up with her, but he also sent an e-mail to all of their friends about what shes done. That cooked her goose. Her reputation was ruined.这段话的意思是说:布拉德的女朋友本应告诉他,她上周末跟另一个男人出去约会了。布拉德自己发现后,不光是嫉妒,简直就是气得发疯。他不仅跟这个女孩分手,而且还给他们俩的所有朋友发电子邮件,告诉大家她的所作所为,彻底坏了这个女孩的声誉。这女孩确实做得不对。可是Brad也够狠的。大家还记得前一阵子国际货币基金组织前总裁卡恩的性丑闻么? The sex scandal cooked his goose. 那次性丑闻彻底毁了他的名誉。******我上大学的时候有个好朋友,她因为室友总是偷吃她的食物,所以决定要报复。她在烤饼干了放了泻药,she really cooked her roommates goose that time. 她那次真是把自己的室友好好修理了一顿。大家恐怕都有过这样的经历,就是有的时候,整整一天都倒霉,干什么事情都不顺。下面的例子就谈到了这样的一天。让我们来听听看:例句-2:Our plane is leaving in an hour. And here we are stuck in some of the worst traffic weve ever seen. If we dont make that flight, well miss our connection. Then our goose will be cooked! We wont get to the port in time to board our cruise. Our vacation plans will be ruined.这段话是说:我们的飞机一小时之后就要起飞了。可现在我们却被塞在路上。如果我们赶不上这班飞机,就会错过转机。那我们的计划就完全被打乱了! 我们也没办法按时登上游轮。那我们的渡假计划就彻底泡汤了。渡假计划被打乱是最让人沮丧的事情。这里用了被动语态,our goose will be cooked. 意思跟cook our goose是一样的,就是破坏了我们的计划。 /201702/490225

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