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呼和浩特市第一医院去痣多少钱呼和浩特瘦脸多少钱A controversial insurance policy that will protect ;good Samaritans; from being sued by elderly people was recently launched in China, news portal cnr.cn reported on Thursday.新闻门户网站央广网在星期四报道,一个有争议的保险政策近期在中国推出,该政策旨在保护“好心人”不被老年人讹钱。Alipay, a massively popular third-party online payment platform in China launched its ;Support the Elderly; insurance policy in October, offering financial support and legal aid for people sued for compensation by elderly people who blackmail them following accidents in which they are not at fault.付宝,中国的大型第三方在线付平台,在十月推出“扶老人险”,为好心扶老人反被讹的人提供金融持和法律援助。In China, there have been several instances in recent years in which people who helped the victims of accidents were then sued by the victims. Often the blackmailer will claim that the person would only have helped them if they were responsible for the accident.在中国,近几年来已经发生过一些帮助了受害者反被起诉的事故。通常情况下,敲诈者会认为帮助他们的人就是事故责任人。Individuals need to pay 3 yuan (.5) a year for the insurance, which covers legal fees of up to 20,000 yuan if the person becomes embroiled in a so-called good Samaritan court case. The insurance company also provides free legal consultation for its clients.参保个人每年需要缴纳3元(0.5美元)的保费,其中包括高达20000元的律师费,如果参保人陷入了所谓的“好心人”案件,保险公司还为客户提供免费法律咨询务。Alipay users in 26 cities - including Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing - can purchase the policy online. A total of 26,000 such policies were sold in the first three days after its launch, of which 24,000 were bought by young users, according to Xinhua.26个城市(包括北京、上海和南京)的付宝用户都可以在网上购买该保险。据新华社报道,该保险在推出后的三天内售出26000份,其中24000份是年轻用户购买的。;The insurance will make good Samaritans feel reassured, which may aid the sp of virtue and positive energy in society,; a customer that has bought the policy was ed by cnr.cn as saying.“这个保险让#39;好心人#39;放心,这可能有助于社会美德和正能量的传播。”央广网引用一位购买了该保险的客户的。;A series of #39;good Samaritan#39; extortion cases have damaged the trust between people, scaring would-be good Samaritans,; Tan Qiugui, a law professor at Beijing#39;s Minzu University of China told the Global Times earlier.北京中央民族大学的法学教授谭秋桂早前告诉《环球时报》,“一系列的#39;好心人#39;被勒索案件损害了人与人之间的信任,吓退了潜在的助人为乐者”。A total of 149 good Samaritan cases occurred in the first nine months of 2015, of which 84 cases were later exposed as cases of extortion. Most blackmailers were not severely punished by the authorities for their extortion, the cnr.cn reported.据央广网报道,2015年前九月总共有149起好心人事件,其中84例被爆出是敲诈勒索案。大多数的勒索者没有受到当局的严厉惩罚。 /201510/406001乌兰察布市除黄褐斑价格 A sobering report released on Monday by the International Energy Agency says air pollution has become a major public health crisis leading to around 6.5 million deaths each year, with “many of its root causes and cures” found in the energy industry.国际能源署(International Energy Agency,简称IEA)周一发布了一份发人深思的报告,称大气污染已经成了一场重大的公共卫生危机,每年导致约650万人死亡,并表示在能源行业找到了大气污染的“很多根本原因和解决办法”。The air pollution study is the first for the agency, an energy security group based in Paris, which is expanding its mission under its executive director, Fatih Birol.这是总部设在巴黎的该能源安全机构首次研究大气污染。在署长法提赫·比罗尔(Fatih Birol)的带领下,国际能源署正在扩大自己的任务范围。The agency, whose 29 members are wealthy, industrialized countries, was founded in response to the Arab oil embargo in 1973 to coordinate international responses to energy issues. It is perhaps best known for its monthly oil market reports that are eagerly awaited by traders.1973年,因为阿拉伯产油国实行石油禁运,国际能源署得到创立,旨在协调国际社会应对能源问题的行动。国际能源署的成员为29个富裕的工业化国家,其最著名的行动或许是每月发布一次的石油市场报告。该报告备受交易员的关注。Mr. Birol, an economist, argues that pressing concerns about climate change and the emergence of countries like China and India as major energy consumers and polluters mean that the agency needs to shift its strategy.身为经济学家的比罗尔认为,有关气候变化的紧迫问题,以及中国和印度等国成为主要的能源消耗国和污染国,意味着国际能源署须调整战略。“To stay relevant,” he said in an interview on Friday, we “need to work much closer with new emerging energy economies.”“要想继续发挥重要作用,”他周五接受采访时表示,我们“需要与新兴能源经济体更密切地合作”。Mr. Birol has been working to build bridges with China in particular, which energy experts say is crucial to the success of global efforts to reduce emissions.比罗尔一直在努力建立与中国的联系。能源专家称,中国对全球减排行动的成功至关重要。“To solve today’s biggest energy problems, the I.E.A. needs to have the world’s most important energy players as part of it,” said Jason Bordoff, director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University.“要解决当今最大的能源问题,IEA需要让全球最重要的能源市场主体参与进来,”哥伦比亚大学全球能源政策中心(Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University)主任贾森·尔多夫(Jason Bordoff)说。Environmental issues, Mr. Birol said, are very important to emerging economies like India and China, whose cities are often plagued by choking smog.比罗尔表示,环境问题对印度和中国等新兴经济体非常重要,这些国家的城市经常笼罩着令人窒息的雾霾。Helping these countries solve problems through increasing energy efficiency or filtering out pollutants can make progress on climate change goals. We need to make these countries “understand that their problems are our problems,” Mr. Birol said.帮助这些国家通过提高能源效率或过滤掉污染物的方式解决问题,有助于在气候变化目标上取得进展。比罗尔说,我们需要让这些国家“明白,它们的问题就是我们的问题”。Mr. Birol appears to be well-suited to this approach. Born in Turkey, he obtained his doctorate in energy economics in Vienna and began his career as an analyst at the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the oil producers’ group, often seen as having an agenda rivaling the agency’s.比罗尔似乎与这种处事方式非常合契。他出生于土耳其,在维也纳取得能源经济学士学位后在产油国组成的石油输出国组织(Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)担任分析师,开始了自己的职业生涯。石油输出国组织的议程,通常被认为与国际能源署的相悖。Mr. Birol appears to be pushing to make the agency crucial in coordinating a global approach to energy-related efforts. This includes carrying out the global emissions reduction agreement reached in Paris last year. “The world needs a global energy body,” said Neil Hirst, a senior policy fellow at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College in London.比罗尔似乎正在推动国际能源署在协调以一种全球性的方式开展能源相关行动上发挥重要作用。这包括执行去年在巴黎达成的全球减排协议。“世界需要一个全球性的能源机构,”伦敦帝国学院格兰瑟姆研究所(Grantham Institute at Imperial College)高级政策研究员尼尔·赫斯特(Neil Hirst)说。Mr. Birol said that through relatively low-cost actions, like adopting more ambitious clean air standards and more effective policies for monitoring and enforcement, countries could make major strides in reducing pollution over the next quarter-century.比罗尔表示,在接下来的四分之一世纪里,通过成本相对较低的行动,如采用更有魄力的清洁空气标准和更有效的监督与执法政策,相关国家可在减少污染方面取得重大进展。China, for instance, needs to retire polluting coal-fired power plants and to establish stricter standards for motor vehicles.比如,中国须关停煤电厂,并建立更严格的机动车标准。Such changes could produce big benefits. In India, the proportion of the population exposed to a high concentration of fine particles, a type of pollution, would fall to below 20 percent in 2040, from 60 percent today. In China, it would drop to below one quarter, from well over one half.这类改革可能会带来巨大的好处。到2040年,印度接触高浓度细颗粒物这种污染的人口比例,将从现在的60%下降至20%以下。在中国,这个比例将从现在的远超一半下降至不到四分之一。 /201606/451477呼和浩特妇幼保健院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

呼和浩特市京美整形医院瘦腿针多少钱BEIJING — Two young Chinese tourists carve their names on the Great Wall. Hundreds of picnickers leave their garbage moldering on the banks of the Yellow River.北京——两名年轻的中国游客在长城上刻下自己的名字。数百名在黄河边野餐的人把垃圾留在了那里。Such episodes during the recent National Day holiday have produced a flurry of photographic postings and a spasm of soul-searching in China, highlighting anxieties over the habits and image of tourists at home and abroad in a nation that is increasingly cash-rich but, some say, short on manners and experience with the outside world.在最近的国庆节长假期间,这种事情已经在中国引发了一串照片帖子和自我反省,突显了人们对中国人在国内和海外旅游的习惯和形象所感到的焦虑,中国人的腰包正变得日益充裕,但有些人认为,国人缺乏礼貌以及与外界打交道的经验。They are also raising questions as to why a “tourism blacklist” the government set up last year to name and shame misbehaving travelers does not seem to have had a greater impact.人们也提出一个问题:为什么政府去年设立了“游客黑名单”,点名批评行为不文明游客的做法,似乎并没有产生多大作用。In May 2015, to counter the impression left by an array of widely publicized episodes that have included travelers storming a buffet in Thailand to consume all the prawns, throwing hot water at a flight attendant, carving inscriptions on an ancient Egyptian monument, allowing children to relieve themselves in public places and opening emergency exits on airlines “for fresh air,” the government announced the blacklist.2015年5月,政府宣布设立游客黑名单,为的是抵消被广泛报道的一系列不良事件给人们留下的印象,这些事件包括游客在泰国自助餐厅抢光大虾,向一名飞机乘务员泼热水,在埃及的古迹上刻字,让孩子在公共场所大小便,在飞机上打开紧急出口以“呼吸新鲜空气”等。People may land on it either for legal crimes or moral offenses at home or abroad, according to People’s Daily.据《人民日报》报道,在国内或海外有犯罪行为或不道德行为的人可能会被列入这个黑名单。Possible offenses include interfering with aircraft or public transport, damaging public property or the environment, defacing cultural relics, disrespecting local customs and participating in gambling, illicit drug activities, prostitution or “dangerous sexual activities.”可能的不良行为包括:扰乱航空器或者其他公共交通工具秩序;破坏公共环境卫生、公共设施;损毁、破坏旅游目的地文物古迹;违反旅游目的地社会风俗、民族生活习惯;参与、色情、毒品内容的活动或者危险性活动。People added to the list remain there for three years, during which their names are made available to travel companies, airlines, work units and the Public Security Bureau, among other groups. This puts the person on notice that he or she is under watch and could be barred from tour groups. They may be barred from flying or from visiting scenic spots. But there is no financial penalty.上黑名单的人的信息将保存三年,旅游公司、航空公司、工作单位和公安局等机构可以查到他们的名字。这警告当事人,他们受到监督,有可能被禁止参加旅游团。他们也可能被禁止乘坐飞机或进入景区,但并没有财物惩罚。Over all, the blacklist appears to have had a slow start, suggesting the difficulty of policing human behavior even in an authoritarian nation.总地来看,黑名单的效果似乎并不如意,说明即使是在一个集权国家,监督人们的行为也很困难。The list is unavailable on the website of the China National Tourism Administration. But according to the Shenzhen Metropolis newspaper, only 24 people are on it.中国国家旅游局的网站找不到这份名单。但据《深圳都市报》报道,名单上只有24个人。That number includes two people added over the recent holiday, according to the China National Tourism Administration: Hou Geshun from Heilongjiang Province, who was accused of burning Vietnamese money in a bar in the Vietnamese city of Danang, and Lu Shan from Beijing, who was said to have beaten up her tour guide in Yunnan Province.据国家旅游局说,黑名单上包括两个在最近的假期被列入的人:黑龙江游客侯歌顺和北京游客卢珊,侯歌顺被指在越南城市岘港的一家酒吧烧“越南盾”,卢珊据说在云南打了导游。The report did not explain why Mr. Hou burned the money, but China and Vietnam have a testy relationship over conflicting territorial claims in the South China Sea that have led to nationalistic demonstrations on both sides. The reason for Ms. Lu’s outburst was also not given, but disputes between tour guides and tourists are common, often over travel conditions or shopping requirements.这篇报道没有解释为什么侯歌顺烧越南盾,但中国与越南的关系由于南海领土争端变得很紧张,两国都曾发生过民族主义者的游行示威。报道也没有提卢珊殴打导游的原因,但导游与游客之间的纠纷很常见,往往涉及旅游条件或购物要求。Hundreds of millions of people made 593 million domestic trips on national transportation networks during the weeklong holiday, according to the tourism administration. That number does not include trips by private car. An additional six million traveled abroad during that period, the tourism administration said.旅游局的资料显示,在国庆节黄金周期间,全国共接待游客5.93亿人次。此外,还有接近600万人次的出境游,旅游局说。Last week, after the fresh round of episodes over the holiday, Xinhua, the state news agency, questioned the list’s effectiveness.上周,在国庆长假爆出新一轮不文明事件之后,官方通讯社新华网对黑名单的有效性提出了质疑。“Carving Names and Drawing Pictures on the Great Wall, Throwing Garbage in the Yellow River, Why Does the Blacklist not Control Uncivilized Tourists?” its headline asked.文章标题问道,“长城刻画黄河扔垃圾,黑名单为何管不住不文明游客?”An article on the WeChat account of Guangming Online asked whether the list was merely a “paper tiger.”“光明网”微信公号发表的一篇文章问道,游客黑名单是否成了“纸老虎”。One man added to the blacklist shortly after it was set up told The Zhejiang Elderly News that being on it did not change his life much.一名在黑名单刚建立不久就上了名单的男子对《浙江老年报》说,被纳入黑名单对自己的生活影响不大。“I got back from Thailand and am off to Korea,” said the man from Jiangsu Province, identified only by his surname, Wang. “At the worst, you can’t join a tour group. Independent travel is the thing to do.”这名江苏男子说,“刚从泰国回来,我就去了韩国。大不了不跟团,自由行就是了。”文章中只提到他姓王。But perhaps travel will grow more difficult for Mr. Wang and others on the list.但是对王先生和其他上了黑名单上的人来说,旅游也许将会变得更加困难。In August, The Qianjiang Evening News reported, officials drafted another set of rules that has not yet been approved, but it includes a ban on foreign travel.据《钱江晚报》报道,今年8月,官员们已起草了新条例,目前尚未获得批准,但上了黑名单的人将有可能被限制出境。 /201610/470827内蒙古呼和浩特市第一医院做双眼皮手术多少钱 A contentious Chinese high speed rail project in Thailand has emerged as an important test of both Beijing’s regional ambitions and the appetite of the ruling generals in Bangkok for deeper ties with their giant neighbour.泰国一个有争议的中国高铁项目将是对北京方面的地区雄心、以及泰国军政府深化泰中关系意愿的重大考验。Questions swirl around the scope, cost and viability of a plan that critics have branded the Train to Nowhere after the two countries said they wanted to push ahead with a .2bn first phase but pointed to initial construction of only 3.5km of track. 围绕中泰高铁计划的规模、成本和可行性,人们提出了种种质疑。在两国声称希望推进造价52亿美元的第一期工程、但又表明最初仅建造3.5公里轨道之后,批评者将之戏称为哪儿也去不了的列车。The project is part of a wider pivot by China to Southeast Asia as it seeks to build trade routes, exploit tensions with Washington, and quell opposition to its sea territory claims. 该项目是中国转向东南亚地区的更广泛战略的一部分,这一战略的目的是打通贸易线路、利用有些国家与美国之间的紧张关系以及消除各方对自身领海主张的反对。But the Mekong rail initiative has also been plagued by delays and disagreements that highlight wider regional obstacles to Chinese dominance and its One Belt, One Road trade route strategy of investing in infrastructure in neighbouring countries — as well as those farther away.但湄公河区域铁路计划也受到拖延和分歧等问题的困扰,突显出中国的主导地位及其在邻国及更远地区投资建设基础设施的一带一路贸易线路战略在地区遭遇更为广泛的障碍。Aksornsri Phanishsarn, an economics professor and China specialist at Bangkok’s Thammasat University, said more than a dozen bilateral meetings on the proposed 873km Sino-Thai railway co-operation had still failed to resolve some big disagreements. 泰国国立法政大学(Thammasat University)经济学教授及中国事务专家胡慧文(Aksornsri Phanishsarn)表示,中泰双方就拟议的873公里铁路合作计划举行了十多轮双边会谈,但仍未解决一些重大分歧。These included how the project would be funded and what the conditions of any loans from China would be. 这些分歧包括项目融资方式以及中国提供贷款的条件。I do hope that these problems can be overcome if the two countries seriously work together with sincerity and concrete commitments to their mutual benefit, she said. 她表示:我衷心希望,如果双方真诚合作,做出互惠互利的具体承诺,这些问题能够得到解决。The Mekong rail project has long been billed as a crucial plank in efforts to build a transport and trade bridge between China and a Southeast Asian region of more than 600m people. 湄公河区域铁路项目一直被宣传为打造连接中国和有6亿多人口的东南亚地区的交通和贸易桥梁的关键一环。The first train route would run from the southern Chinese city of Kunming via Vientiane, the capital of Laos, then on to Bangkok and a port and petrochemical complex in the coastal Thai province of Rayong. 首条铁路线将从中国南方城市昆明出发,经由老挝首都万象,然后抵达曼谷和泰国沿海省份罗勇府的一个港口和石化工厂。China and Thailand have provisionally agreed to a 179bn baht (.2bn) deal for the first 250km phase of the project within Thailand, which would run north from Bangkok to central Thailand, the country’s transport minister said last week. 泰国交通部长上周表示,中国和泰国暂时达成了1790亿泰铢(合52亿美元)的协议,将建设位于泰国境内的250公里的第一期工程——从曼谷以北延伸至泰国中部。A building contract is scheduled to be tendered and awarded for an initial 3.5km section by November, with work to start before the end of the year. 按照计划,最初3.5公里的建造合同将在今年11月前招标确定,并在年底前动工。The announcement of such a short first segment has been mocked by some commentators but Narongsak Sanguansin, a Thai transport ministry official, said it would serve as a model and would allow any initial technical problems to be identified and resolved. 泰国宣布如此短的首段工程,受到了一些人士的嘲笑。但是泰国交通部官员那龙萨#8226;沙愿辛(Narongsak Sanguansin)称,这一路段将作为样板,以便发现和解决所有最初的技术问题。This is the first time Thailand has had this kind of high-speed train construction, so there may be many things that need to be adjusted, he said. 这是泰国首次上马这类高速铁路建设,因此可能会有很多方面需要调整,他称。But the exact status of the project still remains unclear. 但是,该项目的确切状况仍然不清楚。A Chinese source with knowledge of investment in Thailand suggested the deal with Bangkok was not yet sealed. 一位了解中方对泰国投资情况的中国消息人士表示,与曼谷方面的协议尚未敲定。They keep announcing it prematurely, he said. 他们不断贸然宣布相关消息,他称。The hiatus in reaching an agreement echoes delays in the bn China-Laos rail project, which was launched with much fanfare with a groundbreaking in December but has moved little since. 中泰项目的拖拉与中国-老挝铁路项目如出一辙。这个价值70亿美元的项目于去年12月大张旗鼓地举行了动工仪式,但是从那之后几乎没有进展。Vientiane said in July that work was on hold pending completion of reports on social and economic impact demanded by the Chinese banks backing the venture. 7月,老挝曾表示,工程暂停,等待提供融资的中方所要求的社会和经济影响报告完成。Thailand’s generals have pushed for closer relations with China since their May 2014 coup. 自从2014年5月军事政变后,泰国军政府一直力推与中国建立更紧密的关系。They want to kick-start their country’s sluggish economy, while relations with the US have cooled because of Washington’s criticism of the military putsch. 他们希望重振萧条的国内经济,同时由于华盛顿方面指责那次军事政变,泰国与美国的关系逐渐冷却。For Beijing, the Thai project offers a gateway into a Southeast Asian regional hub and a chance to deepen relations with a military that has no territorial quarrels with China and is likely to remain highly influential in Bangkok even after elections provisionally scheduled for next year. 对于北京方面来说,泰国铁路项目提供了进入东南亚地区中心的通道,并可以借此机会深化与泰国军方(和中国不存在领土争端)的关系。即使在暂定于明年举行的泰国大选后,泰国军方也很可能保留在曼谷的重要影响力。But some analysts say the Thai rail project makes little commercial or strategic sense. 但一些分析人士表示,泰国铁路项目几乎不具备商业和战略价值。Zhao Jian, economics professor at Beijing Jiaotong University and a trenchant critic of high-speed rail both within and outside China, said the Sino-Thai rail link was a loss-loss proposition and China will be the biggest loser. 北京交通大学(Beijing Jiaotong University)的经济学教授赵坚对中国境内外的高铁项目都持批评意见,他称中泰铁路线是个双输的提议,中国会成为最大的输家。Even normal rail would probably be lossmaking in that region because there is no significant traffic there, Mr Zhao said. These countries don’t have any money. 即使是在该地区建设普通铁路也可能亏损,因为那里没有巨大的交通流量,赵坚称,这些国家没有钱。They aren’t providing a guarantee, so the losses are China’s.他们不会提供担保,因此亏损将由中国承担。Other observers have suggested that big rail projects are useful to China because they mop up spare supply chain capacity that lacks enough orders domestically. 其他观察人士表示,建设大型铁路项目对中国有益,因为这些项目可以吸纳中国国内多余的供应链产能。Beijing argues demand for rail capacity will flourish as neighbouring countries become richer, as has happened in China itself. 北京方面认为,随着邻国日益富有,它们对铁路运力的需求将随之高涨,正如中国的情况一样。Thailand has an extreme concentration of population and financial resources [in Bangkok], said Mei Xinyu, a Beijing-based economic strategist. If you built infrastructure elsewhere, the resources would follow and the under-developed areas would become more developed. 泰国的人口和财力高度集中(在曼谷),北京的经济分析师梅新育称,如果在其他地方建设基础设施,资源就会流动起来,欠发达地区会变得发达一些。 /201609/468945呼和浩特市三医院美容

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