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It#39;s just cause, you know... I#39;ve started having feelings for a anti-tank missle... It#39;s a little bigger that you, so we connect on another level... I don#39;t know if it true love yet, it#39;s just something I have to explore...只是因为,你知道的……我开始对反坦克导弹有感觉了……比你强一点,所以我们以另一个水平交流。我还不知道是不是真爱,这是我必须搞清的事情……The relationship between a soldier and his weapon is a special one这就是士兵和他武器间特殊情结的写照 /201610/469961

  Given the choice between more time or more money, which would you pick?得到更多时间或者更多金钱,二选一,你选哪个?For a beach vacation, you might pay more for a direct flight to gain a couple of extra hours getting sand between your toes.去海滩度假时,你或许会多花一些钱乘坐直达航班,好让自己多享受几个小时细沙在脚趾缝间流淌的感觉。On the other hand, you might take a better-paying job that requires late nights at the office.另一方面,你或许又会接受一份薪水不错但需要在办公室加班到深夜的工作。Which would lead to greater happiness — the money or the time?金钱和时间,哪一样会带来更大的幸福感?For a research project, we put this question to more than 4,000 Americans of different ages, income levels, occupations and marital and parental status.为了开展研究,我们把这一问题抛给了年龄、收入水平、职业、婚育状况各异的逾4000名美国人。In a paper in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, which we wrote with our student Uri Barnea, we found that most people valued money more than time. Sixty-four percent of the 4,415 people we asked in five surveys chose money.我们和学生乌里·巴尔内亚共同撰写了一篇论文,发表在了《社会心理与人格科学》期刊上。我们发现,大多数人更珍视金钱,而非时间。五次调查中的4415名受访者,有64%选择了金钱。Is money the right choice? We had also asked our survey respondents to report their level of happiness and life satisfaction.选择金钱是正确的吗?我们还让受访者报告了幸福程度和生活满意度。We found that the people who chose time were on average statistically happier and more satisfied with life than the people who chose money.我们发现,平均而言,选择时间的人比选择金钱的人更幸福,对生活也更满意。So money may turn out to be the wrong choice.这或许可以明选择金钱是错误的。But maybe this result simply shows that the people who chose money are more financially constrained and therefore less happy.不过,调查结果也许仅仅表明,选择金钱的人在财务上受到更大的羁绊,因此幸福感较低。To check this, we also asked respondents to report their annual household income along with the number of hours they work each week (to measure how much time they have).为了验这一点,我们还让受访者报告了他们的家庭年收入,以及他们每周工作的小时数(以便计算他们究竟有多少时间)。We found that even when we held constant the amount of leisure time and money respondents had (as well as their age, gender, marital status, parental status and the extent to which they valued material possessions), the people who chose time over money were still happier.我们发现,即便是让受访者拥有的时间和金钱(以及他们的年龄、性别、婚姻状况、育儿状况、重视物质财富的程度)保持恒定,更看重时间而非金钱的人依然更幸福一些。So if we were to take two people who were otherwise the same, the one who chose time over money would be happier than the one who chose money over time.因此,如果有两个人,除了一个更看重时间、另一个更看重金钱以外,其他方面都一模一样,那么前者会更幸福。Our research isn#39;t claiming that having more of either resource is better or worse for happiness.我们的研究不能明,更多地拥有这两种资源中的任何一种,对提高幸福感而言是好是坏。Other research examines the relationship between wealth and happiness and suggests, for example, that more income is positively related to happiness up to a certain point (,000, in the ed States) and that life satisfaction continues to increase with income beyond that point.其他一些研究探寻了财富和幸福之间的关系,其结论包括:收入达到一定高度之前(在美国为每年7.5万美元),收入水平和幸福程度呈正相关;收入达到那个高度之后,生活满意度仍会随着收入水平的提高而上升。But our research does show that the value individuals place on these resources relative to each other is predictive of happiness.但我们的研究也的确表明,人们对两种资源的相对重视程度,对幸福程度具有预示性。Why? The people in our studies who chose time over money thought about the resources differently and had different intentions for how they would spend the time or money gained.到底为什么呢?在我们的研究中,选择时间而非金钱的人,会用不同的角度看待这两种资源,对如何花掉自己获得的时间或金钱会有不同的想法。Unlike those who chose money, who were more likely to be fixated on not having enough, people who chose time focused more on how they would spend it, planning to ;spend; on wants rather than needs (e.g., cultivating a hobby versus completing chores at home) and on other people rather than themselves — two expenditures that have previously been linked to elevated levels of happiness.跟选择了金钱而更有可能被欲求不满之感束缚的人不同,选择时间的人更看重的是,如果花掉时间,他们会想要把它花在所愿而非所需上面(例如,是培养一种爱好还是在家做家务),花在其他人而非自己身上——这两种时间出早前被研究者发现和更高的幸福程度有关。If, when answering our opening question, you chose money, don#39;t worry.如果你在回答我们的开放式问题时选择了金钱,也别担心。We have presented this choice as a reflection of a stable preference, but there is room for change.我们把这一选择视为一种稳定偏好的反映,但其中并非没有转圜的余地。When we asked a group of our respondents to make this choice again a year later, some (25 percent) changed their mind.当我们在一年后让一组受访者重新选择时,一些人(25%)改变了主意。Moreover, when we conducted an experiment in which we asked people to focus on the value of time (by listing reasons they would want more time), they subsequently felt happier than the people whom we had instructed to focus on the value of money (by listing the reasons they would want more money).此外,在一项实验里,比起受我们引导关注金钱价值的人(通过列出他们想要更多金钱的理由),受我们引导关注时间价值的人(通过列出他们想要更多时间的理由)后来觉得更幸福一些。In our pursuit of happiness, we are constantly faced with decisions both big and small that force us to pit time against money.在追求幸福的过程中,我们经常面临或大或小的抉择,迫使我们在时间与金钱之间做出判断。Of course, sometimes it#39;s not a choice at all: We must earn that extra pay to make ends meet.当然,有时它根本不是一个选择问题:我们必须赚更多钱,好维持收平衡。But when it is a choice, the likelihood of choosing more time over more money — despite the widesp tendency to do the opposite — is a good sign you#39;ll enjoy the happiness you seek.但如果可以选择,决定拥有更多时间而非金钱——尽管普遍的倾向与之相反——的可能性是一个良好的信号,显示你会享受自己追求的幸福。 /201609/468156


  In 2016, Hollywood showed us a world where black lives matter, a musical had meaning, young filmmakers could strut their stuff alongside the classic likes of Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, and the Coen brothers - and no subject was too hot to handle. Here are 20 movies that reminded us that the best of cinema, whether studio-financed or independently-produced, is capable of lots of things beyond sequels, prequels, remakes, rets and the Marvel Comic Universe.2016年的好莱坞向我们明没有什么题材是不能驾驭的,在这个世界里,黑人有所谓,歌舞片蕴含深意,电影新人也可以在马丁.斯科塞斯、克林特.伊斯特伍德以及科恩兄弟等大师面前施展身手。下面这20部由公司投资或者独立制作的电影提醒我们,比起那些续集、前传、改编、翻拍和漫威宇宙系列影片,这些最优秀的电影作品要有意义得多。20. #39;Zootopia#39;《疯狂动物城》Animation was on a roll in 2016 - this was the year of Finding Dory, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Secret Life of Pets, Sausage Party and Sing. But none took fuller measure of the possibilities of the form than this look at an animal kingdom where predators, who once lived in peace, revert to attack mode. The kids will love the cute bunny and the fox. But grownups may find that the resulting rush of politics, prejudice, persecution and wall building resonate disturbingly for the Trump era. There#39;s something for everyone here.2016年是动画片当道的一年,期间上映的作品有《海底总动员2》、《久保与二弦琴》、《爱宠大机密》、《香肠派对》以及《歌唱秀》。但没有一部动画片比《疯狂动物城》更为淋漓尽致地呈现了动画片的潜力。在片中的动物王国里,曾经和平相处的掠食者恢复了攻击模式。孩子们会爱上片中可爱的兔子和狐狸,而该片所反映出的政治、歧视、迫害和筑墙则使特朗普时代的成人们产生了共鸣,每个人都会在这部电影中有所收获。19. #39;13th#39;《第十三修正案》There were powerful documentaries this year, including O.J.: Made in America, Weiner, Cameraperson and I Am Not Your Negro. But the most explosive is Ava DuVernay#39;s incendiary take on the 13th amendment, the one enacted in 1865 that supposedly guaranteed racial equality and outlawed involuntary servitude in the US. Watch it and weep.今年出现了一些令人震撼的纪录片,如《辛普森:美国制造》、《韦纳》、《摄像师》以及《我不是你的黑鬼》等。但最有冲击力的是艾娃.杜维尼对《第十三修正案》极具感染力的呈现。该法案于1865年颁布,目的是保障种族平等、在美国禁止强制奴役。一边看一边哭吧。18. #39;Toni Erdmann#39;《托尼.厄德曼》The year#39;s best and most brilliant foreign-language film - sorry, Elle, Julieta and The Handmaiden - is this fierce flamethrower from the great German writer-director Maren Ade. Peter Simonischek and Sandra Hüller are superb as a divorced piano teacher and his ambitious corporate daughter, united in depression and mutual disgust. Did I mention that Ade#39;s film is comedy? It is, with laughs that stick in the throat, the kind that#39;s so funny it hurts.《她》、《胡丽叶塔》和《》,对不住了,今年最出色、最精的外语片属于《托尼.厄德曼》,德国伟大编剧兼导演玛伦.阿德用这部影片燃起了一场熊熊烈火。彼得.西蒙尼舍克饰演一位离婚的钢琴老师,桑德拉.惠勒扮演他野心勃勃、一心扑在工作上的女儿。两人生活压抑、互相厌恶。忘了告诉你,这是一部喜剧片。《托尼.厄德曼》滑稽到令人心痛、让人笑不出声。17. #39;The Edge of Seventeen#39;《成长边缘》Box-office has been quiet for Kelly Fremon Craig#39;s debut film, which means some of you are missing out on the year#39;s most hilarious and heartfelt rager. Hailee Steinfeld, aly an Oscar nominee for True Grit, is a volcanic, hormonal wonder as a pain in the ass named Nadine, an angry teen who gives hell to everyone around her - except for a teacher (a terrific Woody Harrelson) who won#39;t take her shit. Craig and Steinfeld shoot down coming-of-age cliches on sight. Find this movie and hold it close. You can#39;t miss seeing yourself in it.凯利.弗莱蒙.克雷格的电影处女作票房表现平平,这意味着有些人错过了这部年度最滑稽且发自内心表达愤怒的电影。曾因影片《大地惊雷》获得奥斯卡提名的海莉.斯坦菲尔德在片中饰演讨人厌的女孩娜丁,她暴躁易怒而且十分情绪化,对周围所有人都充满敌意——除了一位老师(伍迪.哈里森饰演),因为他根本不吃她那一套。克雷格和斯坦菲尔德通过这部电影打破了有关“成熟”的陈词滥调。密切关注这部电影吧,你将在其中遇见自己的身影。16.#39;De Palma#39;《德.帕尔马》OK, it#39;s not so much a movie as a bull session that filmmakers Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow conduct on camera with contentious director Brian De Palma. With perfectly chosen clips from the veteran filmmaker#39;s career highs and lows, the film is an impure education for De Palma geeks and newbies.与其说这是一部电影,不如说这是饱受争议的导演布莱恩.德.帕尔马在诺亚.鲍姆巴赫和杰克.帕特洛的镜头下的漫谈。片中精心选择了这位资深导演职业生涯中的巅峰之作和低谷之作,为德.帕尔马式的怪才和菜鸟打造了一部不纯洁教育片。15. #39;Arrival#39;《降临》For those who are disappointed that the close encounter Amy Adams has with aliens in Arrival is about communication instead of global annihilation, I can offer no comfort. Except to say that the contemplative tone taken by director Denis Villeneuve and the full commitment Adams brings to a role of ever-surprising layers result in a movie that stays with you long after you leave the multiplex.在电影《降临》中,艾米.亚当斯与外星人近距离接触是为了沟通,而没有出现毁灭地球的情节,对于那些因此感到失望的人,我无力给予安慰。只能说,导演丹尼斯.维勒弗采用的沉思式的语调以及亚当斯赋予主人公空前丰富的层次性,让这部电影在你离开影院后依然烙印在脑海里,挥之不去。13. #39;Paterson#39;《帕特森》So great to have Jim Jarmusch back in classic form with this minimalist mesmerizer about a New Jersey bus driver and poet named Paterson who lives in Paterson. Too twee? No worries. He#39;s played by Adam Driver, a sublime actor who stays alert to every nuance as Jarmusch follows the film#39;s hero, hanging out with his Iranian wife (rocker Golshifteh Farahani) and turning his daily encounters into verse that celebrates the mysteries of the everyday. That#39;s Jarmusch in a nutshell – and a pure pleasure to watch.很高兴吉姆.贾木许在这部电影中重拾他经典的极简主义叙事方式。故事的主人公帕特森生活在纽泽西帕特森市,他是一名公交司机,同时也是一名诗人。剧情太矫情?别担心。帕特森由优秀的男演员亚当.德赖弗扮演,他可以精准地把握角色的每一个细微变化。帕特森与伊朗裔妻子一同生活(摇滚歌手格什菲.法拉哈尼饰),他把每日际遇写成诗歌,以歌颂寻常日子中的奥妙。简单来说,这就是贾木许的风格,观看他的电影你会收获简单的快乐。12. #39;Love and Friendship#39;《爱情与友谊》Maybe because it opened way back in May, Whit Stillman#39;s elegantly barbed take on Jane Austen#39;s 1794 novella is being forgotten in the year-end prize-giving season. Wake up, people. Kate Beckinsale gives one of the year#39;s best performances as a widow forced to use everything – sex, thievery, betrayal, you name it – to stay independent in a man#39;s world. And Academy voters are hereby advised not to forget the pricelessly funny Tom Bennett as a wealthy idiot who blathers on about peas and what he calls ;the 12 Commandments.;惠特.斯蒂尔曼的这部电影是根据简.奥斯汀1794年的中篇小说精心改编的,也许是因为今年5月份就上映了,电影在年终颁奖季被人们所遗忘。醒醒吧人类!凯特.贝金赛尔在影片中的表现可能是今年最出色的表演之一,她扮演一名寡妇,不择一切手段,用性、盗窃、背叛在男权世界中保持独立。特此提醒奥斯卡奖的投票人,不要忘记汤姆.班尼特幽默出众的表演,他在影片中扮演一个富有的蠢货,整天喋喋不休地谈论他那所谓的“12诫律”。11. #39;Hail, Caesar!#39;《凯撒万岁》How to explain my passion for this Hollywood comedy from the Coen brothers, a whoosh of farce and spiritual d? Would that it t#39;were so simple. It#39;s basically a day in the life off a studio cop (Josh Brolin) who#39;s job is to wrangle a nutjob star (George Clooney), a knocked-up swimming diva (Scarlett Johansson), a Commie song-and-dance man (Channing Tatum, pure perfection) and a drawling cowboy (Alden Ehrenreich, also perfection) forced to play a sophisticate by a tyrant of a Brit director (Ralph Fiennes). I couldn#39;t have liked it more.要如何用言语表达我对科恩兄弟的这部好莱坞喜剧电影的喜爱,带给人精神恐惧的喧嚣闹剧吗?没那么简单。影片主要围绕一个制片人(乔什.布洛林)一天的工作展开。他要应付一名举止疯狂的明星(乔治.克鲁尼),意外怀的女星(斯嘉丽.约翰逊),喜剧歌舞演员(查宁.塔图姆,简直完美),还有说话拖腔拉调的牛仔(阿尔登.艾伦瑞奇,同样完美),牛仔被一个英国暴君导演(拉尔夫.费因斯)强迫扮演老司机。我简直爱死这个电影了。 /201612/485393

  4 Easy Ways to Get More Time to Yourself给自己更多时间的4个简单方法1. Nurture your spirituality1.养精蓄锐Nurturing your spirituality is one of the best ways to sneak time in for yourself every day. I always find time to do that. Since I’m a morning person, I prefer to do that in the morning. I think it helps me have a better perspective for the whole day. Plus, it’s a great way to start your day. Nurturing your spirituality daily can lower your stress levels and make you a better person.养精蓄锐是每天给自己空余更多时间的最好方法之一。我总是找到时间做这件事。因为我是清晨型人格,我喜欢在早上的时候做这件事。我认为这可以帮助我整天都拥有更好的头脑。而且,这是开始新的一天的好办法。每天都养精蓄锐可以降低你的压力,让你成为更棒的人。2. Work out2.锻炼One of my favorite ways to get more time to myself is exercise. I know it can be boring, but if you do anything you like, you will understand me. I enjoy running and swimming, which help me relax after hard work day. Exercise is good for your physical health, emotional well-being and your weight. Perhaps, your family or friend doesn’t want to join you when you work out. So, it’s a wonderful way to get some me time.我给自己更多的时间最喜欢的方式之一就是锻炼身体。我知道锻炼可能很枯燥,但是如果你做任何你喜欢做的事情,你就能理解我了。我喜欢跑步和游泳,这可以帮助我在辛苦工作一天之后放松。锻炼有利于你的身体健康、感情健康和体重。或许,你的家人和朋友不想和你一起锻炼。所以这是给自己一些时间的好方法。3. Enjoy doing your hair and makeup3.享受做头发和化妆We often rush through getting y to go to work or party and we don’t have time to enjoy the process. For me, doing my makeup or hair is important and I don’t like it when I’m in a hurry. I’d rather get up earlier than worry about time. Enjoy doing your hair and makeup and you’ll feel better about yourself. The best thing about it is that you focus only on yourself.我们总是匆匆忙忙准备去工作或者聚会,没有时间享受这一过程。对我来说,化妆或者做头发很重要,我不喜欢急急忙忙的。我宁愿早起一点,也不想担心时间不够用。享受做头发和化妆,你就能感觉自己状态更好。这样做最好的一点就是你仅仅专注于自己。4. Enjoy shopping alone4.享受独自购物Going shopping alone is another simple way to sneak time in for yourself. Take your time, browse to your heart’s content and have a lot of fun. You don’t have to seek anything in particular. When you go shopping alone, you don’t have to make conversation with anyone so nobody will distract you. While I love to go shopping with my mom and friend, I also enjoy shopping alone. I feel amazingly relaxed and refreshed after shopping alone.独自购物是给自己留一些时间的另一种简单的方法。不慌不忙,浏览你心仪的东西,乐趣无穷。你不必寻找任何特别的东西。当你自己购物的时候,你不必和任何人交谈,所以没人会让你分心。虽然我喜欢和我妈妈与朋友一起逛街,但是我也喜欢独自购物。在独自购物之后,我感觉自己得到了最大程度的放松和精神焕发。 /201701/488720Does your child come home from school complaining about school lunch food? Do they complain that the food is tasteless? That it is greasy? What do you do as a parent? You want your child to have access to and eat quality school lunches that are healthful and tasty. Here#39;s what you can do:你的孩子放学回家抱怨学校的午餐吗?他们抱怨食物无味吗?抱怨它油腻吗?作为一个家长你能做什么呢?如果你想让你的孩子能在学校吃到健康和美味的午餐,你可以参考以下几点:1) Talk to Your Children About Healthy Food Choices1) 和孩子谈论关于食物选择的问题If you want your children and teens to make good choices about what they eat, let them know it matters by talking to them about food choices.如果想让你的孩子和十几岁的青少年对吃什么做出正确选择,那么让他们知道谈论食物选择是很重要的。2) Model Good Eating Habits at Home2)在家里形成好的饮食习惯Children and teens pick up a lot of their thoughts and attitudes. If you are eating healthy foods at home, your children and teens will understand the importance of eating healthy foods and be more likely to choose them at school.儿童和青少年会自主获得自己的想法和看法。如果你在家吃健康食物,那么你的孩子和十几岁的青少年就会理解健康饮食的重要性,而在学校更有可能选择他们。3) Explore Local Foods, Farms, and Gardens3)探索本土食物、农场和花园Everywhere you go in the US, different areas produce different foods. Historically, the US has a large agricultural background. Find out what foods are produced in the area where you live. Try visiting a local farm or growing a garden at home. Children and teenagers alike love getting the hands-on experience of growing or harvesting their own food.在美国无论你去哪里,不同的区域产不同的食物。从历史上看,美国拥有广大的农业背景。找出你居住地产什么食物。试图参观一个当地的农场或在家建个菜园。儿童和青少年都喜欢亲自播种与收获他们自己的食物。译文属 /201610/471810As we bumped along in the No. 当我们坐在25路巴士上沿着路氹连贯公路颠簸前行时,很难去忽略远处的人(Venetian Macau)。25 bus on Estrada do Istmo, it was impossible not to notice the Venetian Macau, a mountain of steel and glass, shining in the distance in the afternoon sun. 在午后的阳光下,这座由钢铁和玻璃组成的山峰闪闪发光。Opened in 2007, it’s home to one of the largest casinos on earth. 全球最大的之一就设在2007年开业的该酒店内。And it’s not alone: Of the 10 biggest casinos in the world in 2014 (based on revenue), a staggering eight were in Macau, 并且并非孤例:2014年全球最大的10家(按收入计算)中,多达八家位于中国南部海岸地区的弹丸之地。a tiny region on the southern coast of China, where over half a million people are packed into fewer than 12 square miles.在那里,不足12平方英里(约合32平方公里)的土地上容纳了50多万人。But I wasn’t there to gamble. 但我不是去的。Following a precedent I’d established in my very first Frugal Traveler column, when I toured Las Vegas without going to the famed Strip, 写第一篇穷游世界(Frugal Traveler)专栏时,我曾去旅游,却没有去大名鼎鼎的长街(Strip)。I was determined to break the shell of Macau’s opulent exterior and see what lay beneath the surface. 遵循这个先例,我决定打破奢华的外壳,看一看表象下面是什么。During a quick two-night trip, taking the ferry across the Pearl River Estuary, I found it was the perfect place for a getaway from the noise and intense urban compactness of Hong Kong.在短暂的两夜游期间,我乘渡船穿过珠江口,发现是摆脱香港的喧嚣和严重的城市拥挤的绝佳去处。Owing to its colonial past, Macau, with its cobblestone streets, old Catholic churches and narrow alleyways, has an almost European feel to it, along with an interesting local cuisine that fuses Portuguese and Chinese flavors. 因为曾是殖民地,有着鹅卵石街道、古老的天主教堂和狭窄的巷弄的,几乎有一种欧洲的感觉。当地的饮食也非常有趣,结合了葡萄牙和中国的风味。And my focus, naturally, was putting this trip together without causing undue strain on my budget.我的重点,自然是在完成这趟旅行的同时,不至于让我的预算过于紧张。Macau was one of the first Asian settlements to be forced into the yoke of European colonization and the last to shed it, achieving full independence from Portugal in 1999. 是亚洲最早被迫卷入欧洲殖民统治的地区之一,也是最后一个摆脱殖民统治的地区,1999年才从葡萄牙完全分离出来。As with Hong Kong, China administers Macau but employs a somewhat laissez-faire, capitalist-friendly approach. 和香港一样,在中国治下,但后者采用了一种有些自由放任的、对资本主义友好的方式。There are no visa requirements for Americans staying in Macau fewer than 30 days (you will need to bring your passport).美国人在停留30天以内无需办理签(但需带上护照)。The TurboJet ferry ride from Hong Kong (150 to 200 Hong Kong dollars for an economy fare, about to ) is reasonably quick and comfortable. 从香港乘坐喷射飞航客轮(经济舱150到200港币,约合20到25美元)还算快捷、舒适。Ferries leave from various spots in Hong Kong regularly, so if you miss one, there’s no need to worry. 客轮定时从香港多地发船,因此即便错过一趟也不用担心。(Be more cautious when you’re leaving Macau — it’s easier to end up on the wrong ferry.)(但离开时要更加小心谨慎——因为比较容易上错船。)My attack plan was simple: to see as much as I could, by foot and by public transportation. 我的作战计划很简单:用步行和乘坐公共交通的方式尽可能地多看一些东西。Macau is traditionally divided into three sections: the peninsula and the islands of Coloane and Taipa. 传统上分三个地区:半岛、路环岛区和氹仔。(A fourth region of land reclaimed from the ocean, Cotai, now connects Coloane and Taipa and is the home to many of the newer casinos.) (还有一个地区是填海造陆后形成的路氹,现在将路环和氹仔连接在了一起,那里有很多比较新的。)I particularly had my eye on rustic Coloane Village in the south.我尤其关注南部颇有乡土气息的路环村。Though I had no plans to indulge in the casinos, one lesson I’ve learned in my travels is that where there’s gambling, cheap rooms follow — it’s how they lure you in. 尽管我不打算沉溺于,但我从多次旅行中得出的一个经验是,有的地方就有便宜的房间——这是他们吸引你过去的方式。I was able to land a very comfortable, relatively luxurious room at the Sofitel on the western side of the peninsula for 650 Hong Kong dollars, a little over . 我得以在半岛西部的索菲特(Sofitel)酒店住进了一个非常舒适,并且相对豪华的房间,价格是650港币,相当于80美元多一点。Close to the center of the city, it was an ideal jumping-off point. 因为接近市中心,那里是理想的起点。I was able to check another essential off the list by walking to Yin He Dian Xun (roughly, Galaxy Telecommunications) and purchasing a 500-gigabyte SIM card from a very helpful young woman for 50 Macanese patacas (about ).我还买到了清单上列出的另一件必需品。我走到电讯,以50元的价格从一个非常乐于助人的年轻女士那里买了一张500G的SIM卡。Ah, yes, the currency. 哦,对了,还有货币。The Macanese pataca and Hong Kong dollar are separate currencies but virtually interchangeable in Macau. 元和港币是不同的货币,但在几乎可以互换。Change will sometimes come in patacas, sometimes in Hong Kong dollars. 找的零钱有时候是元,有时候是港币。A dollar is, however, slightly more valuable than a pataca. 不过港币比元略微更值钱一些。If you’re considering making a big souvenir purchase (like gold or jade jewelry, which is plentiful on the main drag of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro) either use a credit card with no foreign transaction fee, or walk into a bank to exchange for patacas — 如果考虑大手笔地购买纪念品(比如新马路的主干道上应有尽有的金器或玉饰),要么用信用卡,无外币兑换费,要么去换元。I was able to do both without difficulty.我使用两种方式时都没遇到困难。Senado Square, within walking distance of my hotel, was a good place to begin exploring. 从我住的酒店步行可达的议事厅前地是一个开始探索的好地方。Beautiful old yellow and pink pastel buildings with arched doorways and green shuttered windows frame the historic square, which is paved with small tiles. 具有历史意义的广场上铺了小地砖,四周坐落着漂亮的黄色和粉色建筑,带有拱形门廊和绿色百叶窗,风格淡雅。It was a perfect place to stroll and enjoy the egg tart I’d purchased for 9 dollars from Koi Kei Bakery.这里很适合一边散步,一边品尝我花9元从钜记手信买的蛋挞。The egg tart is one of Macau’s signature delicacies, a local interpretation of the Portuguese pastel de nata — perfectly creamy custard with a pleasantly caramelized top, encased within a delicate, flaky pastry cup.蛋挞是的标志性美食之一,是当地对葡萄牙蛋挞的演绎——光滑细腻的奶油蛋羹上面是一层漂亮的焦糖,包裹在脆薄的杯状酥饼里。Another distinctive item is the pork chop bun. 另一款特色美食是猪扒包。I stopped into the celebrated Tai Lei Loi Kei, a nearly 50-year-old Macanese chain, and paid 48 dollars for a small, bone-in pork chop that had been slapped somewhat unceremoniously onto a buttered white roll. 我停下脚步,走进有近50年历史的知名连锁大利来记,花48元买了一小份带骨猪扒。猪扒被随意地放在了一块涂有黄油的白色小圆面包上。Fortunately the meat was simply seasoned and well cooked (just be careful not to break a tooth).不错的是,肉经过了简单地调味,并且是十成熟(务必小心,不要咬掉牙)。In addition to its cuisine, Macau has memorable architecture. 除了饮食外,还有令人难忘的建筑。Catholic influence is still very much present, at least aesthetically. 天主教的影响依然非常明显,至少在审美上如此。St. Dominic’s Church, a beautifully restored, custard-colored 16th-century structure, is free to enter, as is a three-story art museum housed in the church’s bell tower. 经过精心修复后,蛋奶色的16世纪建筑玫瑰堂免费开放,位于教堂钟楼里的三层艺术物馆也是免费的。I looked over the icons and relics of the church on display, including beautiful old wooden carvings.我仔细欣赏了展出的玫瑰堂的圣象和圣人遗物,包括古老的精美木雕。Other worthy architectural attractions include the Ruins of St. 其他值得一看的建筑景观包括大三巴牌坊。Paul, a grand stone facade that is one of the few remaining pieces of a centuries-old complex. 这是一面宏伟的石壁,是一处有几百年历史的建筑物的正面外墙,也是其留存下来的少许残垣断壁之一。While there, I made the steep hike up to the adjacent Fortaleza do Monte, which provided an excellent view of the city.在那里,我沿着陡坡爬上了旁边的大炮台,一览全市盛景。I could walk to the ruins and St. Dominic’s from my hotel, but despite Macau’s compact size, not everything is walkable. 我可以从酒店走路去大三巴牌坊和玫瑰堂,但尽管很袖珍,却不是哪里都适合步行的。I would not recommend driving in Macau, nor riding one of the city’s ubiquitous scooters. 在,我不建议开车,也不建议骑当地随处可见的电动托车。I found a bike rental shop called Si Toi in Taipa that charged 20 dollars per hour (only .50, remember) but I ultimately decided on the bus: I found it cheap and fairly reliable.我在氹仔找到了一个叫时代的托车租赁行,每小时20元(记住,仅2.50美元),但我最终决定坐巴士:我觉得巴士便宜并且相当可靠。Unless you have something called a Macaupass (which I did not, and purchase locations are annoyingly scarce), you will need coins. 除非你有一种叫通的东西(我没有,能买到的地方少得令人恼火),否则需准备硬币。Lots of coins. 大量硬币。And they don’t make change on the buses, so get used to walking around with a pocketful of patacas. 的巴士不找零,因此要习惯四处溜达时口袋里装满元。(Local businesses and banks can help you make change if you’re hard up.)(如果手头硬币不够,当地的商家和能帮你换。) I hopped the 26A bus to Coloane, eager to see the rustic, more peaceful side of Macau.我跳上开往路环的26A路巴士,急切地想看看乡村的、更平静的一面。(A quick note on signage: Every official sign in Macau will be in both Portuguese and Chinese. (快速说一下指示牌:所有正式的指示牌都是中葡双语的。I found this somewhat curious, as I didn’t hear a word of Portuguese my entire stay. 我觉得有点奇怪,因为在整个之旅期间,我没听到一个葡萄牙词语。I asked Neal, a server at the cute Cafe Cheri, if he spoke Portuguese or knew anyone who did. 我问在小巧精致的餐厅常喜当务员的尼尔(Neal)会不会说葡语,或者认不认识说葡语的人。Well, he hesitated, No, not really. 嗯,他有些犹豫,不会,不太会。Did anyone in Macau speak Portuguese? Yes, I think in some restaurants.)有人说葡语吗?有,我想在有些餐厅有。Coloane Village was quiet, almost sleepy, when I hopped off the bus by the roundabout near Eanes Park. 当我在恩尼斯花园附近的环岛旁边跳下巴士时,路环村一片安静,几乎算是人迹罕至了。It was, in other words, exactly what I was seeking. 换句话说,这正是我想要的。I began walking north up the coast, stopping for another excellent 9-dollar egg tart at Lord Stow’s Bakery. 我开始沿着海岸一路往北走,并在安德鲁饼店停下,又买了9元的蛋挞。Colorfully painted houses stood on stilts in the bay, China a mere 1,000 feet to the west. 海湾地区,刷成五颜六色的房屋被用木柱撑着,仅1000英尺(约合300米)以西便是中国大陆。Fishermen hung their catch outside their homes, and every now and then there was the distinctive clack of mah-jongg tiles.渔民将捕到的鱼晾晒在屋外,偶尔还会听到麻将牌发出的独特的啪嗒声。I wound my way down Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, in the shade of thick-trunked ficus rumphii trees with aerial roots, like banyan trees. 我顶着树干粗壮的心叶榕的树荫,沿十月初五日街朝南走。I eventually found myself in a beautiful cobblestone plaza with a fountain on one end and the beautiful, bright yellow Chapel of St. 心叶榕根系发达,很像菩提树。Francis on the other. 最后,我发现自己来到了一处美丽的鹅卵石广场,广场的一头是一座喷泉,另一头是圣方济各圣堂。I dined al fresco at Cafe Nga Tim on a 58-dollar dish of rice and curried prawns and watched evening set in.在雅憩花园餐厅,我花58元吃了一顿米饭搭配咖喱虾的户外晚餐,静观夜幕降临。The casinos? Didn’t need them. ?根本不需要。They do provide a useful benefit, though: When it came time to head back to the ferry terminal, I happily used the hotel’s free shuttle bus.不过它们的确提供了一个便利:到要返回轮渡码头时,我开心地乘坐了酒店的免费穿梭巴士。 /201612/481673

  Humans likely developed large and powerful brains, researchers said Monday, with the help of what is today the simplest of snacks: fruit. Eating fruit was a key step up from the most basic of foodstuffs, such as leaves, and provided the energy needed to grow bulkier brains, the scientists argued.研究人员于周一表示:有了当今时代最简单零食--水果的帮助,人类有可能发育出更大、更强的大脑。科学家说,吃水果是从吃最基本的食物(如叶子)中迈出的重要一步,并且还提供了发育大脑所需的能量。;That#39;s how we got these crazy huge brains,; said the study#39;s corresponding author Alex Decasien, a researcher at New York University. ;We have blown up the quality of our food that we are eating.; The study published in Nature Ecology amp; Evolution looked at the staple foods of over 140 species of primates, and assumed their diets haven#39;t changed much over the course of recent evolution.;因此我们的大脑才如此疯狂的巨大,;纽约大学的研究员兼本研究的通讯作者Alex Decasien说道。;我们已经放大了所吃食物的质量。;该研究刊登在《自然生态与进化》期刊上,研究了140多种灵长类动物的主食,并假设在近期的进化过程中,它们的饮食变化不大。According to the research, the animals which feast on fruit have brains that are about 25 percent bigger than those filling their bellies primarily with leaves. The results call into question the theory that has prevailed since the mid-1990s, which says bigger brains developed out of the need to survive and reproduce in complex social groups.研究表明:吃水果的动物的大脑要比主要以吃叶子为生的动物大25%左右。20世纪90年代中期开始盛行这样一种理论:在复杂的社会群体中,出于生存和繁殖的需要,更大的大脑才得以形成,该研究结果则质疑了这一理论。Decasien said the challenges of living in a group could be part of getting smarter, but found no link between the complexity of primates#39; social lives and the size of their grey matter. What did correlate strongly with brain size was eating fruit. Foods such as fruit contain more energy than basic sources like leaves, thus creating the additional fuel needed to evolve a bigger brain.Decasien说群体生活的挑战可能会使灵长动物更聪明,但却与它们社会生活的复杂性以及大脑灰质大小毫无关系。与大脑大小相关的是吃水果。水果等食物含有的能量多于树叶等基本食物,因此能额外促进大脑进化得更大。At the same time, remembering which plants produce fruit, where they are, and how to break them open could also help a primate grow a bigger brain. A larger brain also needs more fuel to keep it running. ;We#39;ve heard that fact saying is two percent of our body weight, but it takes up 25 percent of our energy,; Decasien said.同时,记住哪种植物长水果、位置在哪、如何打开这些水果也可能帮助灵长动物发育更大的大脑。更大的大脑也需要更多的燃料才能运转。;我们已听说过这样的事实:大脑的重量只有我们体重的2%,但其需要的能量却达25%,;Decasien说道。;It#39;s a crazy expensive organ.; While the study challenges some of the orthodoxy of how our brains evolved, the research is likely to continue. ;I feel confident that their study will refocus and reinvigorate research seeking to explain cognitive complexity in primates and other mammals,; wrote Chris Venditti, a researcher at the University of Reading in Britain in a comment on the study, also published in Nature Ecology amp; Evolution. ;But many questions remain,; he added.;这是个疯狂的、高价的器官。;虽然研究质疑了一些正统观念,比如我们的大脑是如何进化的,但很有可能会继续开展下去。;我相信他们的研究将重新聚焦、重振那些试图解释灵长类动物和其它哺乳动物认知复杂性的研究,;英国雷丁大学的研究员克里斯·文迪蒂在该研究时写道,该也发表在《自然生态和进化》期刊上。;但还有很多问题有待研究,;他补充说。译文属 /201704/502180

  Every time you get sick, you hear the same list of miracle foods touted by well-meaning friends and coworkers (none of whom are actually doctors, of course) as what you should eat or drink to kick your cold or flu. And while chicken soup and hot tea with honey actually have some science showing they help ease symptoms, most common dietary ;cures; are a waste of time and money. Here, 2 things that won#39;t make your sniffling, sneezing, or coughing go away any faster—and can actually make you feel worse.每次生病的时候,你的朋友和同事(当然,没有一个是真正的医生)都会好心告诉你一些神奇食物,吃了这些你就能远离感冒或流感。虽然的确有一些科学研究表明鸡汤和蜂蜜热茶能缓解症状,但普通的饮食“疗法”却是浪费时间和金钱。下列两样食物并不会让鼻子不通、流鼻涕或咳嗽好得更快——实际上可能会让你病的更为严重。Orange juice or citrus fruits橙汁或柑橘类水果Make a mere mention to a friend that you think you#39;re coming down with something, and she#39;ll likely force-feed you a big glass of OJ. But before you chug the sugary liquid (or spend oodles of money on fresh fruit), know this: A review of nearly 30 studies found that vitamin C in OJ, oranges, or lemons can#39;t ease cold symptoms or help you get better faster. In fact, drinking tons of OJ could actually worsen symptoms thanks to its sugar, known to increase inflammation.只要和一个朋友提及自己生病了,那她就很有可能让你喝一大杯橙汁。但在你喝这种含糖饮料前(或者花钱购买新鲜水果),先了解这一点:近30项研究的综述发现橙汁、橘子或柠檬中的维他命C并不能缓解感冒症状或帮助你好的更快。事实上,由于橙汁的含糖量高,如果饮用过多则会加重病情,因为糖会加速炎症。There is just one caveat: Downing a whopping 8,000 mg of vitamin C—the equivalent of 64 glasses of juice—at the first sign of symptoms might make you feel better, according to the review. But there#39;s no way you#39;re drinking 64 glasses without going into a sugar coma or gaining 10 pounds. So what about taking the same amount in supplement form? Sorry, but taking a pill with more than 2,000 mg vitamin C could cause vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and even kidney stones. And it wouldn#39;t be worth it: Doctors say the body can only absorb about 500 mg at one time, whether it comes from food or a pill.还有一个警告:研究综述表明,感冒初期吃下8000毫克的维生素C会让你好很多——等于64杯橙汁。但是喝下64杯橙汁肯定会让你进入昏迷状态(糖摄入量过多)或是长胖10磅。那么以补充形式摄入同等量的维C行不行呢?对不起,维生素C片摄入量超过2000毫克会引起呕吐、腹泻、腹痛、甚至是肾结石。而且还会不值得:医生说人体一次只能吸收500毫克的维C,不管是来源于食物还是药片。Coconut oil椰子油Like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil boasts antimicrobial properties, but as you just learned, that won#39;t help with cold or flu viruses. Also like ACV, if you actually wanted to try to cure a bacterial infection with coconut oil, you#39;d probably have to drink an insane amount of it, which would leave you feeling even more awful than you aly do.和苹果醋一样,椰子油也有抗菌特性,但正如你刚刚学到的,这并不能让你好得快点、也不能抵御流感病毒。如果你真的想用椰子油治疗细菌感染,那和苹果醋一样,你要喝大量的椰子油,这只会让你的感觉更糟。译文属 /201612/485453


  Japanese anime film Your Name has aly been a huge success in its own country. And now it has become the country#39;s most successful film yet at the Chinese box office.日本动画电影《你的名字》已经在本土取得了巨大成功。如今它已成为中国电影票房史上最成功的日本电影。Despite the lack of big-name Hollywood stars or expensive stunts, it has taken nearly m since its debut in early December.尽管没有好莱坞大牌明星或昂贵特技,但是该片自12月初上映以来已经收获了近7800万美元的票房。So why is it doing so well? The B#39;s Ashleigh Nghiem takes a look.那么,为什么它的表现如此出色呢?英国广播公司的阿什莉.纳姆将带您一探究竟。It#39;s appealing to Chinese looking for escapism该片能够吸引有逃避现实想法的中国人Written and directed by 43-year-old Makoto Shinkai, Your Name is a love story about two teenagers who swap bodies.《你的名字》是关于两个互换身体的青少年之间的爱情故事,43岁的新海诚担任该片编剧和导演。The dreamy drama about missed connections involving young star-crossed lovers has captured the imagination of Chinese audiences.这部梦幻般的电影讲述了一对不幸的年轻情侣屡次错过的恋情,激发了中国观众的想象力。For evidence, look no further than the reviews on the Chinese film rating site, maoyan.com - where reviews have averaged 9.3 out of 10.看看中国电影评分网站猫眼网的,这就是据。《你的名字》的平均评分为9.3,满分10分。;The film was beautiful beyond words and every shot was like a painting,; one cinema goer Taylor wrote.“这部电影美到无法用语言形容,每一个镜头都像一幅画。”电影观众泰勒写道。But it is perhaps the element of fantasy that appeals to young Chinese looking for a little escapism.而也许正是这些梦幻元素吸引了想要逃避现实的中国年轻人。;Watching this film made me miss the springtime of my youth and that really touched me,; said one fan.一位粉丝说:“看这部电影让我怀念起自己的成长岁月,这真的让我很感动。”Timing is everything时机决定一切Film experts believe Your Name has struck a chord with young Chinese at just the right time.电影专家认为,《你的名字》在恰当的时间引起了中国青年的共鸣。;It#39;s a love story targeted at the demographic with the most amount of disposable income, the so-called #39;Post 90s#39; generation which has been driving the box office boom,; said Jonathan Papish, film industry analyst for China Film Insider.《中国电影内幕》的电影行业分析师乔纳森.帕彼斯表示,“这部爱情电影针对的年龄段观众的可配收入是最高的,所谓的‘90后’一代带动了电影票房爆火。”;It also fits well with the ACGN (Anime, Comic, Game, Novel) youth subculture that is growing in popularity in China,; MrPapish added.帕彼斯补充说,“这也与在中国越来越受欢迎的动漫(动画、漫画、游戏、小说)青年亚文化非常契合。”With 200 million young consumers, the youth entertainment market is expanding fast. According to the Chinese investment bank CITIC securities, the market is set to double to 500bn yuan within a few years.有着2亿年轻消费者的青年市场正在快速扩张。据中国投资中信券称,青年市场的价值将在几年内增长一倍,达到5000亿元人民币。Chinese consumers are looking for an international flavour in their fashion, travel choices and purchasing habits, he says, so why should the film market be any different?帕彼斯说,在时尚、出行选择和购物习惯方面,中国消费者正寻求国际化的风格,电影市场没有理由会有所不同。Is it a one-off?这是昙花一现吗?With box office ticket sales of nearly m, the 2D animation replaces Stand By Me Doreamon as the top grossing Japanese film of all time in China.这部2D动画电影凭借着近7800万美元的票房取代了《哆啦A梦:伴我同行》,成为有史以来在中国最卖座的日本电影。And that could just be the tip of the iceberg for anime creators.而这对动漫创作者来说可能只是冰山一角。Foreign sales of Japanese animation surged almost 80% last year to nearly 0m, according to the Association of Japanese Animations, though it could not say how much of that bump came from China.据日本动画协会称,去年日本动画的海外销售为3亿美元,激增近80%,不过不能肯定这其中有多少是来自中国的。One thing that#39;s certain though: success is not guaranteed.但有一点是肯定的:成功不是必然的。;Japanese anime is well known and popular in China, however not all films achieve box office success,; said RancePow, Chief Executive of the Asian film consultancy, Artisan Gateway.亚洲电影咨询公司艺匠影业首席执行官兰斯.保罗称,“日本动漫在中国颇具知名度和人气,但不是所有日本电影的票房都取得了成功。”Nine of the 11 Japanese movies released in China this year were animated films but only three of them took in more than m in ticket sales.今年在中国上映的11部日本电影中有9部是动画电影,但是其中只有三部影片的票房销量超过了2000万美元。Mr Pow believes well-known Japanese franchises that have an established fan base should fare well in China, particularly with millennials who grew up with many of the characters.保罗认为,已经具有粉丝基础的知名日本动漫在中国应该表现不错,特别是在千禧一代的年轻人中,因为许多角色伴随着他们的成长。But takings for Japanese films still lag far behind most Hollywood blockbusters in China.但在中国,日本电影的票房收入仍然远远不及大多数好莱坞大片。Furious 7 raked in more than 0m, Transformers: Age of Extinction pulled in 6m and Zootopia took 1m in ticket sales.《速度与7》的票房超过3.5亿美元,《变形金刚4:绝迹重生》的票房为2.86亿美元,而《疯狂动物城》的票房为2.21亿美元。So are foreign markets now anime#39;s goal?所以,如今动画电影的目标是海外市场吗?Your Name#39;s success has not been limited to China. It recently won the 2016 Los Angeles Film Critics Association award for the best animated film and is being considered for an Oscar nomination.《你的名字》的成功不仅限于中国。该片最近拿下了2016年洛杉矶影评人协会大奖的最佳动画电影,并被认为是奥斯卡奖的提名候选。But Your Name producers told the B that the Japanese market remained its primary focus.但《你的名字》的制作公司对英国广播公司称,日本市场仍然是他们的发展重点。;Usually in Japan, business can be completed domestically, so there was no thinking that you have to go overseas from the business point of view,; said Genki Kawamura from the Japanese film distribution company Toho.日本电影发行公司东宝株式会社的川村元气表示,“在日本,国内市场通常就能满足企业,因此从商业角度来看,没有必要进军海外。”;But dubbing helped us to overcome language barriers and with animation we can express the big world without a big set or the location, to reach a wider audience abroad.;“但电影配音帮助我们克了语言障碍,借助动漫电影我们不需要巨大的布景或场地就可以呈现一个大世界,从而获得更多的海外观众。”Success overseas looks set to be an increasingly important source of revenue for Japan#39;s anime industry.在海外取得成功似乎将成为日本动漫产业日益重要的收入来源。While anime resonates with Japan#39;s young people, its appeal could diminish over time as its target audience at home gets older.虽然日本的年轻人对动漫很有共鸣,但随着本土目标受众的老去,其吸引力会逐渐消失。;In 2025, more than a quarter of our population will be over 65 years old and our birth rate is lower than Germany and all OECD nations,; said Sejiro Takeshita, Professor of Management and Information at the University of Shizuoka.日本静冈县立大学信息管理学教授竹下表示,“到2025年,日本65岁以上的人口将超过四分之一,我们的出生率低于德国和经济合作与发展组织的所有成员国。”;If you combine those together and you#39;re a Japanese company, you better start thinking about expanding overseas to create new demand.;“所以综合这些因素,如果你是一家日本公司,你最好开始考虑海外扩张,以创造新的需求。” /201612/485565



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