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  • China overtook the US as the biggest importer of crude last month, the culmination of a big shift in energy flows during the past decade.中国上月超越美国,成为最大原油进口国,这标志着过去10年能源流动的大转变达到高潮。Chinese customs data showed that oil purchases from overseas hit a high of 7.4m barrels a day in April, equivalent to one in every 13 barrels consumed and topping US imports of 7.2m barrels a day.中国海关数据显示,4月份石油进口达到每日740万桶(相当于全球每日石油消费量的13分之一),超过美国每日720万桶的进口量。While China’s imports are not expected consistently to surpass those of the US until the second half of the year, the move shows how the US shale revolution has cut the country’s reliance on oil from overseas and how China’s demand has grown even as its economy slows.预计中国的石油进口量要到今年下半年才会持续超过美国。尽管如此,4月数据显示,美国页岩革命降低了该国对进口石油的依赖,而中国的石油需求在经济放缓之际有增无减。Colin Fenton, managing partner at Blacklight Research, said China’s imports increased as it stockpiled oil.Blacklight Research管理合伙人科林#8226;芬顿(Colin Fenton)表示,中国扩充石油库存导致进口增加。“It’s begun,” Mr Fenton said. “China’s crude imports have been above trend in four of the past five months.”“这已经开始,”芬顿表示。“中国的原油进口在过去五个月中的四个月高出趋势线。”Last month’s jump was partly due to higher shipments from Iran, according to consultancy Energy Aspects.据咨询公司Energy Aspects介绍,上月中国石油进口跃升的部分原因是从伊朗进口的数量提高。China Oil also bought a record number of Oman and Abu Dhabi crude cargoes in a public trading window that helps determine the region’s benchmark prices.中国联合石油有限责任公司(Chinaoil,简称中联油)还利用一个帮助确定中东基准油价的公开交易窗口,购买了创纪录数量的阿曼和阿布扎比原油船货。“Iran may be offering more discounts on its oil as part of an effort to increase ties with Chinese oil companies,” Amrita Sen at Energy Aspects said. “Iran is keen to secure more Chinese investment.”“伊朗可能对它的石油提供更多折扣,作为其增进与中国石油企业关系的努力的一部分,”Energy Aspects的阿姆里塔#8226;森(Amrita Sen)表示。“伊朗渴望获得更多的中国投资。”China’s state traders are taking a more visible role in the crude market. They have built up more sophisticated operations to compete directly with established desks at western companies such as BP and Royal Dutch Shell, banks like Goldman Sachs, and commodity dealers such as Vitol and Glencore.中国的国营贸易商正在原油市场上扮演更为显著的角色。他们已经建立了更高水平的交易部门,以便与西方企业如英国石油(BP)和荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell),如高盛(Goldman Sachs),以及大宗商品交易商如维多(Vitol)和嘉能可(Glencore)的老牌交易部门直接竞争。In the US, higher prices and more efficient vehicles curbed consumption in the aftermath of the financial crisis, while the surge in shale output over the past three years has reduced imports.在美国,金融危机过后较高的油价和能效更佳的汽车抑制了石油消费,而过去三年激增的页岩油产量已减少了石油进口。Producers are chafing at government restrictions on US crude exports that date back to the oil shocks of the 1970s.产油企业不满美国政府对原油出口的限制,这些限制是上世纪70年代石油危机期间出炉的。US imports might rebound in the short term, traders say, with fuel demand boosted by the collapse of oil prices to a barrel. The price fall has also sharply reduced drilling activity in US shale regions such as North Dakota.交易商们表示,美国的石油进口短期内可能反弹,原因是油价崩盘至每桶65美元提振了燃料需求。油价暴跌也大幅减少了美国页岩地区(如北达科他州)的钻探活动。But the long-term trend is towards rising Chinese imports. The country is adding refining capacity with its economy growing at more than 7 per cent a year. “The world has a lot of oil,” one trader at a China firm said. “And we need a lot of oil.”但长期趋势是中国的石油进口不断增长。中国正在增加炼油产能,而其整体经济每年增长7%以上。“世界有大量石油,”中国某公司的一名交易员表示。“而我们需要大量石油。”For the US, reducing imports is a goal of politicians and foreign policy experts who see the country’s reliance on Middle Eastern crude as a national security risk. Before the financial crisis, the US imported as much as 10m barrels of oil a day — more than half the oil the country consumed.就美国而言,减少进口是政界人士和外交政策专家的目标,他们将美国对中东原油的依赖视为国家安全风险。在金融危机之前,美国石油进口曾高达每日1000万桶,占该国石油消费量的一半以上。 /201505/374474
  • Pope Francis continues his tour of South America in Boliva Wednesday, after urging the faithful to open their arms to the poor and preserve the environment for future generations during a pair of speeches in Ecuador.罗马天主教宗方济各继续南美之行,星期三在玻利维亚访问。此前,他在厄瓜多尔的两次讲话中敦促信众向穷人伸出援手,并且要为子孙后代保护环境。The pontiff told a group of business leaders and indigenous tribes in the capital city of Quito that ;the goods of the Earth are meant for everyone, and however much someone may parade his property, it has a social mortgage.;教宗在厄瓜多尔首都基多对一些商界领袖和土著部落成员说:“地球的资源是每个人的,不管一个人如何显示他的财产,这种财产都有社会成本。”His remarks on the environment were the first since he released his encyclical last month calling on world leaders to take immediate action to halt climate change, including ending the Earth#39;s reliance on fossil fuels.教宗上个月发表圣谕,呼吁世界各国领导人立即行动起来,制止气候变化,其中包括结束地球对化石燃料的依赖。教宗在基多的讲话是自那以来首次提到环境问题。Pope Francis has faced heated criticism among climate change skeptics for his stance, especially in the ed States, which he plans to visit in September. Conservatives have denounced him as ill-informed on the issue, and have called on him to drop the issue.对气候变化持怀疑态度的人、特别是美国国内持这种态度的人对教宗的立场提出尖锐批评。教宗计划今年9月访问美国。保守派指责教宗不了解气候变化,要求他不再提这个问题。 /201507/384964
  • World trade recorded its largest contraction since the 2008 global financial crisis in the first half of this year, according to figures that will feed concerns over the global economy and add fuel to a debate over whether globalisation has peaked.数据显示,今年上半年,全球贸易遭遇自2008年全球金融危机结束以后最大幅度的萎缩。这些数据将让人对全球经济感到担忧,并使有关全球化是否见顶的辩论变得更加热烈。The volume of global trade fell 0.5 per cent in the three months to June, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, keepers of the World Trade Monitor, said yesterday. Economists there also revised down their result for the first quarter of the year to a 1.5 per cent contraction, making the first half of 2015 the worst recorded since the 2009 collapse in global trade that followed the crisis.《世界贸易监测》(World Trade Monitor)报告的发布者——荷兰经济政策研究局(Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)昨日表示,在截至6月的3个月里,全球贸易额下滑0.5%。该局的经济学家还将今年第一季度的全球贸易数据下修至萎缩1.5%。因此,今年上半年的全球贸易状况是自2009年全球贸易因金融危机出现锐减以来最为糟糕的。Global trade actually rebounded by 2 per cent in the month of June, according to the World Trade Monitor, but its authors warned that the monthly numbers were volatile and that the more revealing pattern lay in the longer-term figures.根据《世界贸易监测》报告,6月份,全球贸易额实际回升2%,但报告作者警告称,月度数据具有较动性,较长期数据更能说明问题。Those numbers built on what has been a grim pattern for global trade in recent years and the unwinding of a decades-old rule that saw trade reliably grow at twice the rate of the global economy as a result of what some have called an era of hyperglobalisation.这些数据是基于最近几年全球贸易的惨淡局面,以及一条数十年的规律的逐渐失效——根据这条规律,由于所谓的“超级全球化”时代,全球贸易持续以全球经济两倍的速度增长。In the three months to the end of June global trade grew just 1.1 per cent from the same quarter of 2014, according to the new figures. The International Monetary Fund expects the global economy to grow 3.5 per cent this year.根据最新数据,在截至6月底的3个月里,全球贸易额与去年同期相比仅增长1.1%。据国际货币基金组织(IMF)预测,全球经济今年将增长3.5%。“We have had a miserable first six months of 2015,” said Robert Koopman, chief economist of the World Trade Organisation, which has forecast 3.3 per cent growth in the volume of global trade this year but is likely to reduce that estimate.世界贸易组织(WTO)首席经济学家罗伯特錠湞曼(Robert Koopman)表示:“今年头6个月的情况糟透了。”该组织预测,今年全球贸易额将增长3.3%,但可能会下调这一估计。Much of the slowdown in global trade this year has been caused by a faltering recovery in Europe as well as a slowing economy in China, Mr Koopman said.库普曼表示,今年全球贸易放缓在很大程度上是由欧洲经济复苏乏力以及中国经济放缓造成的。The global economy’s “growth engine” had been operating as if it had a mechanical fault for some time with “good growth in some countries offset by weak growth in others”.全球经济的“增长引擎”好像这一段时间以来发生了机械故障,“一些国家的良好增长被其他国家的疲弱增长抵消”。But there was also clearly a structural shift happening in the global economy, he said, and that meant slowing global trade was likely to endure for some time.除此之外,他表示,全球经济显然也在发生结构性调整,这意味着全球贸易放缓可能会持续一段时间。The attempted shift in China from an export-led economy to one that was more driven by domestic consumption had structural implications for global trade, Mr Koopman said. So too did the changing energy dynamics in the US, which is becoming a net exporter of energy, and a pattern of manufacturers deciding to shorten their global supply chains and bring production closer to home as part of a “nearshoring” and even “reshoring” movement.库普曼表示,中国正尝试从以出口为导向的经济向更多由内需推动的经济转型,这对全球贸易产生了结构性影响。美国能源领域的变化也是如此,美国正成为能源净出口国。同时,在“近岸”甚至“回流”的趋势中,制造商决定缩短全球供应链,将生产基地设在距离本国更近的地区甚至迁回本土,这也对全球贸易产生了结构性影响。“There’s an adjustment going on in the global economy and trade is a place where that adjustment becomes pretty visible,” Mr Koopman said.库普曼表示:“全球经济正在发生调整,在贸易领域,调整正变得非常明显。”The slowdown in global trade in recent years has led some to proclaim that globalisation has peaked with technological innovations like 3D printing aly creating further disruptions.最近几年全球贸易放缓导致一些人声称,全球化已见顶,3D打印等科技创新正在造成进一步破坏。However, while it may have peaked there are no signs yet that globalisation has gone into reverse, Mr Koopman said. While growth in trade has slowed to “mimic global GDP” it remained stable as a component of the global economy, with merchandise exports accounting for a steady third of global output when measured in constant 2005 prices.然而,库普曼表示,尽管全球化可能见顶,但目前没有迹象表明,全球化趋势已逆转。尽管贸易增速已放慢至“与全球GDP增长率相仿”的水平,但作为全球经济中的一个组成部分,贸易仍保持稳定。以2005年不变价格计算,商品出口仍稳稳占据全球产出的三分之一。 /201508/395587
  • When conventional road signs have no effect, designers are turning to increasingly clever ways to subconsciously make drivers slow down or pay attention.当常规道路标志不起效果的时候,设计师正转向一个更聪明的方式去让司机下意识减速或引起他们的注意。Lights which last 25 years are cutting Jersey#39;s street lighting bill in half and may improve road safety.持续了25年的路灯在新泽西的街道照明预算中削减到一半,且可以改善道路的安全。A spooky, black human silhouette suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the roadside of a picturesque country road in southern France. It was the size of an adult, but it had no face; instead, a lightning bolt seemed to split its head in two.一个怪异的人形黑影突然出现在法国南部的一个风景如画的乡村公路上。这是一个成年人的体形,但是没有脸;一道闪电似乎把它的头劈成了两半。Speeding down this road with no traffic, no lampposts and no speed traps – just ancient plane trees towering on both sides – I dismissed the figure as a weird prank. But then there was another. And then two more, an adult and what looked like a child. Then it dawned on me. The cut-outs represented people who died on this road in car accidents. The message came across: I slowed down.沿着这条没有交通拥挤,没有路灯,没有限速,只是两边种满树木的道路上加速,我把这个景象当作一个奇怪的恶作剧。但是之后又出现了另一个,然后又出现两个,一个成年人和一个看起来像孩子一样的人。然后我恍然大悟。这个景象代表了在这条路上出车祸去世的人们。我领会到了它要传达的信息:我车速慢了下来。It’s a not-too-subtle example of a strategy known as behavioural science or nudging – techniques that make people act or respond in a certain manner. Some nudging tactics are straightforward or obvious. Signs displaying speed, speed limits or reminding drivers to take regular breaks try to capture the driver’s attention directly. Others are more subtle; like the “average speed” cameras. While normal speed traps try to catch speeding drivers at one single spot, average speed cameras punish drivers who cover the distance between point A and B too fast. The nudging works: when in 2005 average speed cameras were installed on a 32-mile stretch of the A77 motorway near Glasgow in Scotland, the amount of road casualties fell 37%.这一不太微妙的策略被称为行为科学——这个技术,使人以某种方式行动或是做出回应。一些“督促”策略是直白或是明显的。标识牌显示速度、速度限制或是通过一些有规律的变化来直接引起司机的注意。其他的更加微妙,像“平均速度”相机。当规定一个正常速度来捕捉超速驾驶者在某一点的速度时,平均速度相机就会捕捉下来,惩罚从A到B点距离超速的司机。这些相机被用在:2005年时的平均速度的相机被安装在苏格兰的格拉斯哥附近的一个32英里的A77高速公路上,道路伤亡数量下降了37%。Then there are measures that tap more into the subconscious. Some road construction sites use smiley signs to influence driver behaviour: At the start of the road works the smiley is sad – but it gets progressively happier as you’re nearing the end of the construction zone. The goal is to keep drivers alert and decrease their frustration while they have to keep to a lower speed limit. In a similar vein speed boards in the UK have had a smiley added underneath. They smile at cars under the speed limit, and frown at those that go above it.还有更多利用潜意识的措施。一些道路建筑工地用笑脸符号影响司机的驾驶行为:在刚进入道路施工区时那个笑脸是悲伤的——但是当你靠近施工区的尽头时它会逐渐快乐起来。它的目标是保持司机警惕,当他们不得不保持一个较低的速度限制时,降低他们的失落心情。本着同样的目的,在英国速度主板下面会添加一个笑脸。它们对低于限速行驶的汽车微笑,对超过限速的汽车皱眉。Bumping behaviour碰撞行为Roads in some countries are clearly more dangerous than in others. India accounts for 10% of all road fatalities – about 137,000 people died on Indian roads in 2011 alone. Even though the country’s first access-control motorway – the six-lane Mumbai-Pune Expressway is relatively less dangerous than cramped urban streets, there have been more than 2,000 accidents, with at least 500 fatalities, in its 12 years of operation. Nudging is one way of dealing with the problem. Final Mile is a Mumbai-based behavioural science and design firm that hopes it can play mind tricks with Indian drivers to persuade them to slow down and pay more attention.一些国家的道路明显比其他国家的更加危险。印度占所有道路死亡的10%——仅在2011年在印度的道路上就有大约13.7万人死亡。即使在该国首条限行的车道上(有六条行车线的孟买-浦那高速公路),在投入使用的12年内,也发生了2000多起事故,其中至少有500起死亡事故,尽管这条路比拥挤的城市街道相对安全些。“督促”是一种处理问题的方式。孟买行为科学和设计公司“最后一英里”希望它能利用心理战术劝印度司机开慢点,对道路安全多加重视。More than three-quarters of accidents happen because of a human error, says Ram Prasad, one of the company#39;s co-founders. Specifically, five aspects of human nature are at play: overconfidence; inattention; skewed perception of risk; lack of feedback; and lack of empathy – due to poor eye contact at high speeds.该公司创始人之一拉姆#8226;普拉萨德说,超过四分之三的事故的发生是由于人为错误。具体来说,是人性的五个方面在起作用:过度自信,注意力不集中,不正确的风险意识,缺乏反馈,以及缺乏同情心——因为在高速路上不能进行眼神交流。So, to get overconfident and inattentive drivers to slow down at India’s more than 13,000 open railway crossings, Final Mile has installed speed-bumps that run diagonally, rather than perpendicular, to the road. The front wheels of a car cross the bump one after the other, rather than in unison, making the car swing from side to side. “They bring in unfamiliarity,” says Prasad, “motorists tend to slow down significantly and therefore pay more attention to an oncoming train.” On the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, these speed-breakers are also painted with thicker yellow lines, making them appear higher. This tricks the drivers, forcing them to reduce speed before approaching them.因此,为了让过度自信和粗心的司机在印度1.3万多个开放铁路道口放慢速度,“最后一里”安装了颠簸的斜线减速带,而不是垂直的。汽车的前轮通过一个又一个的颠簸,而不是一致的,使汽车不停的摆动。普拉萨德说:“他们带来了不一样的感觉,驾车者往往都明显地速度变慢,因此更会注意到列车驶来。”在孟买-浦那高速公路,这些减速带也涂有厚厚的黄线,使他们显得更高。这迫使司机们在接近他们的时候减速。Going the extra smile额外的微笑Another tactic is to humanise signage. The black silhouettes on French and Canadian roads are one example, large posters in India showing shocking pictures of a man’s face in a crash are another. “This builds empathy,” says Prasad. “And instead of just saying ‘drive slowly#39;, we show what happens if you drive fast,” he says.另一个策略是以人为本的标志。法国和加拿大道路上的黑色影子就是一个例子,另一个例子是印度的一个大海报呈现的在一次车祸中的男人震惊的脸。普拉萨德说:“这个海报使人感同身受,相比只是说一句‘慢速驾驶’,我们展示了如果你开车太快会发生什么。”On some UK roads the familiar “Children crossing” sign with outlines of running children has been replaced by black life-size silhouettes of children instead. It works even better if “the children featuring on the poster are saying ‘I live here,’ or ‘I want my daddy to come home safely#39;,” says Pelle Guldborg Hansen, behavioural scientist at the University of Southern Denmark, and chairman of the Danish Nudging Network.在英国的一些道路就有很熟悉的“儿童通行”的标志,用黑色的真人大小的孩子的轮廓代替奔跑的孩子。佩尔古尔堡汉森是南丹麦大学的行为科学家和丹麦网络主席,他说:“它甚至比海报上的孩子们说,我住在这里,或者我希望我爸爸能平平安安回家的效果更好。”This makes the impact of aggressive driving very obvious, and creates awareness in an automatic, effortless way – which is crucial, says Ivo Vlaev, an experimental psychologist at Imperial College London in the UK.“这使得攻击性驾驶的后果非常明显,而且自然而然、毫不费力就灌输了这一意识,这是至关重要的”,英国伦敦帝国学院的实验心理学家伊沃说道。It falls in-between the extremes of calling attention to your speed and a perception of a possible risk.它既能让你注意车速,也能让你意识到可能发生的危险后果。Another nudge by illusion is a reminder of the force of the law by using fake police officers. In Bangalore, life-size khaki-clad cardboard cut-outs of policemen are used to persuade drivers to behave. Similar tricks are used in China, the ed States and some European countries. In Preston, a town in the UK, motorists hit the brakes after mistaking life-sized metal replicas for real police officers. Some towns have placed life-size cardboard cut-outs of police cars on bridges crossing highways.另一个通过幻象进行督促的例子是用“假警察”来提醒人们遵守法律。在班加罗尔,真人大小的土包纸板警察被用来震慑司机。类似的方法在中国、美国和一些欧洲国家也在使用。在英国的一个小镇上,驾驶者踩刹车,因为把真人大小的纸板误认为是真警察。一些城镇在跨越公路的桥梁上放置和警车同样大小的纸板“假警车”。 /201405/302460
  • Incorrect and missing records and an apparent lack of co-ordination among firefighters are complicating the clean-up after the massive explosions of hazardous chemicals warehouses that destroyed an industrial section of the Chinese port city of Tianjin.一次危险化学品仓库发生的大规模爆炸,毁灭了中国港口城市天津的一片工业区。之后,记录的错误和遗漏,以及消防队员显露出来的缺乏协调,令事故现场的清理工作复杂化。The official death toll rose to 55 on Friday, with hundreds injured. Residents donated blood at hospitals as well as food and clothing to thousands of displaced people taking shelter overnight in schools. Many had fled in their nightclothes.周五,官方公布的死亡人数上升至55人,还有数百人受伤。居民们一方面在医院献血,一方面向在学校连夜避难的、成千上万无家可归的人们捐献食品和衣物。许多人逃出来时,身上只穿着睡衣。Hazardous chemicals teams removed sodium cyanide, a toxin, from sewers leading from the bonded warehouse zone that was at the centre of the Wednesday evening blast, Chinese media reported. On Thursday afternoon, authorities shut some of the drains leading into the nearby Bohai Bay.据中国媒体报道,危险化学品处置团队从多条下水道里,移除了有毒的氰化钠,这些下水道源自周三晚间爆炸核心地带的保税仓库区。周四下午,当局关闭了部分通向附近渤海海湾的排水管道。Authorities do not know what was stored in the warehouses operated by Ruihai International Logistics, the city’s second-largest licensed handler of hazardous cargos.目前,当局并不知道这些由瑞海国际物流(Ruihai International Logistics)运营的仓库里储存着什么。瑞海国际物流是天津市持有许可的第二大危险品处理企业。“There are large discrepancies between custom papers and inquiries conducted with the company,” Zhou Tian, head of the Tianjin city fire brigade, said on Friday. His comments were echoed by Gao Huaiyou, vice-director of the safety watchdog, who said: “The information the management of the company provided is not consistent with our investigation.”周五,天津市消防总队总队长周天表示:“海关报单数据和对该公司调查的结果存在很大不同。”周天的说法得到了天津安监局副局长高怀友的印。高怀友说:“该公司管理人员提供的信息与我们的调查结果并不一致。”Some of the chemicals known to have been stored in Ruihai warehouses explode on contact with water. The blasts and subsequent fireball and shockwave that devastated the area occurred more than half an hour after firefighters arrived to fight a fire at the Ruihai warehouses, raising questions over whether the firefighters were trained in combating chemical fires.在瑞海仓库已知存储的化学品中,部分化学品与水接触会发生爆炸。爆炸及随后的巨大火球和冲击波毁灭了整个地段。此次爆炸发生在消防人员抵达瑞海仓库并开始灭火半小时后,这引发了这些消防人员是否曾受过扑灭化学品大火培训的质疑。Firefighters from the Tianjin Port police initially responded to the fire. Then, following calls about burning cars, the first brigade of city firefighters “investigated and assessed the conflagration according to regulations”, Mr Zhou said on Friday morning.周五早上,周天表示,最初回应火灾的是天津市港区公安局消防队。接着,在收到多个关于汽车着火的电话后,天津市到场的第一个消防队“按照规定进行火灾侦查和判断”。The second brigade of city firefighters had just arrived on the scene when a double explosion sent a mushroom cloud over the city, Mr Zhou said. “I am not clear on the details of their firefighting methods,” he added.周天表示,在天津市第二消防队刚刚抵达现场时,现场就发生了爆炸,接连两次爆炸在市区上空产生了蘑菇云。他补充说:“之前是天津市港区公安局在进行处置,具体处置方法不清楚。”Several of those firefighters are among the dead and severely burnt. So are onlookers that had gathered to watch the fire, residents told the Financial Times.此次事故的死者和严重烧伤人员,就包括了上述消防人员中的几人。当地居民告诉英国《金融时报》,那些聚集现场查看火情的围观者中,也有人因此丧生或严重烧伤。Mr Zhou said rescuers were still searching for missing firefighters. “They were caught off-guard so the casualties are grave,” he said.周天表示,救援人员仍在搜寻失踪的消防人员。他说:“他们是在毫无防备的情况下遭遇爆炸的,这导致伤亡情况十分严重。”Photos shared online of charred bodies and the large population of migrant construction workers building high-end property developments next to the chemicals warehouses makes it likely that some of the dead will never be identified.网上分享的烧焦尸体的照片,以及在化学仓库旁修建高端楼盘的外来建筑工人的巨大人口,导致部分死者可能永远无法确认身份。The rapid expansion of the chemicals industry in Tianjin created an opening for companies licensed to handle hazardous goods. Ruihui Logistics has come under scrutiny but its website is down, as is the corporate registry database for the city of Tianjin. Executives who answered phone calls at warehousing businesses registered as “Ruihui Logistics” in two other cities said their companies were unrelated.天津化工产业的急剧扩张,为获批处理危险品的企业提供了机遇。爆炸发生以来,瑞海物流受到了人们的严格审视。不过,该公司网站已经关闭,同样关闭的还有天津市的企业注册数据库。而在其他两个城市,注册名为“瑞海物流”的仓储企业应答电话的主管表示,他们的企业与发生事故的瑞海物流并无关系。Authorities said on Thursday they had detained senior executives at Ruihai Logistics.周四,当局表示瑞海物流的高管已被控制。 /201508/392892
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