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呼市京美整形美容医院黑脸娃娃好吗呼市黑脸娃娃多少钱Google Glass has been touted for its ability to help users send hands-free texts and empower everyone from physicians to cyclers. Could it also help the image of China#39;s urban pari-police, known for their strong-arm tactics with protesters and street vendors? 谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)一直被宣传为可使用户无需动手便可发送文字信息,为医生和单车一族等各类用户提供强大功能。它是否也能提升以粗暴对待抗议者和街头小贩著称的中国城管的形象呢?When Google Glass went on sale in China earlier this year --thanks to some enterprising folks on Taobao--Jiang Yifan, a chengguan in the city of Changzhou in southern Jiangsu province, was among those snapping them up. 今年早些时候谷歌眼镜在中国开卖时(这要归功于一些有魄力的淘宝卖家),江苏省常州市城管蒋佚凡就抢购了一副。The reason? He hopes it might help him avoid on-the-job incidents such as one over the weekend in Cangnan county, Zhejiang province where state media reported that protesters clashed with chengguan after an onlooker continued to photograph on-duty officers despite requests that the individual stop, prompting a crowd to form. Online, rumors that a chengguan had beaten the photographer to death further fueled anger, although the circumstances of what actually happened are unclear. 他为何要买这个产品呢?他希望谷歌眼镜能帮他避免工作中出现暴力事件。在刚过去的这个周末,浙江苍南县就发生了城管与群众的冲突事件,据官方媒体报道,此前一名过路的群众在城管人员予以阻止后仍继续对城管人员执法现场进行拍照,双方的冲突引来了围观人群。在网上,有谣言称一名城管打死了这名拍照者,尽管真实情况如何尚不清楚,但这还是进一步点燃了群众的愤怒情绪。Unverified photos purportedly taken in Cangnan and posted on social media showed hundreds of people mobbing a van in which bloodied officers had taken refuge. Five officers were surrounded, and state media reported that two sustained life-threatening wounds. 有未经实的据称是在苍南县拍摄的照片(已被发布在社交媒体上)显示,有上百人围攻一辆车,血迹斑斑的城管人员躲在车内。五名城管人员遭到围攻,据官方媒体报道,其中两人伤情危重。The events were the latest in a series of violent incidents involving chengguan, including one high-profile case last year in which a watermelon seller was killed in a brawl in Hunan province. Several officers received prison sentences in that case. 这次事件是最新一起涉及城管人员的暴力事件,在去年一起备受关注的类似事件中,湖南一名瓜农在与城管的争执中被打死,有多名城管人员因该事件被判处有期徒刑。Chengguan like Mr. Jiang are charged with keeping China#39;s streets clean and orderly. But the number of violent situations they#39;ve been involved in has prompted plenty of introspection, as well as concern by nonprofit Human Rights Watch and others about limited checks on their power. Accordingly, Chinese cities have tried a number of tactics to try to improve chengguan-resident relations--apparently including hiring attractive female chengguan. 在中国,像蒋佚凡这样的城管负责维护市容。但城管涉及暴力事件的数量已经带来了许多反思,同时也引发了非营利组织人权观察(Human Rights Watch)及其他机构对城管权力约束不够的担忧。有鉴于此,中国各城市已经尝试了一些措施,力争改善城管与居民的关系。显然,这些措施就包括聘用有吸引力的女城管。Mr. Jiang paid 13,500 yuan (,166) for the Google glasses earlier this month on Taobao. He said his own geekiness, as well as a desire for greater professionalism, played a role in his purchase. “I admire the characters in “Iron Man” and “Dragon Ball” who own the most advanced technologies,” he said in an interview with China Real Time.本月早些时候,蒋佚凡花了人民币13,500元(约合2,166美元)在淘宝(Taobao)上买了一副谷歌眼镜。蒋佚凡还说,他之所以购买谷歌眼镜,部分原因是自己有著书呆子的个性和变得更职业的渴望。他在接受中国实时报(China Real Time)采访时说,他喜欢《钢铁侠》(Iron Man)和《七龙珠》(Dragon Ball)里拥有最先进科技的角色。In a Monday editorial, the state-run Global Times urged the government to address the frequency of chengguan conflicts. The paper cited poor training as an underlying cause for many incidents. #39;Most chengguan are as grassroots as other ordinary people...They take the heaviest burden of urban management, but they are treated with prejudice and bias,#39; the paper said. 《环球时报》英文版(Global Times)周一在一篇社论中敦促政府处理城市管理纠纷频发的问题。该报认为缺乏职业训练是许多事故背后的原因。该报写道,多数城管都是与其他普通人一样的“草根”,他们承受了城市管理中最重的负担,但对待他们的却是歧视和偏见。Mr. Jiang#39;s bosses hope their plucky comrade#39;s choice of tech accessory might help forestall such events in the future. #39;It can help prevent some city residents from making unfounded accusations,#39; the Changzhou chengguan department wrote on its verified Weibo account on Monday. #39;Law enforcement needs to be open and transparent.#39; 领导们希望蒋佚凡对数码设备的大胆选择能有助于在未来避免这类事件。常州市城市周一说,这有助于避免一些市民做出毫无根据的指控。常州市城市还说,执法需要公开和透明。 /201404/290498乌兰察布激光去痘印多少钱 呼和浩特哪家医院脱毛效果好

呼市激光全身脱毛价格A YouGov Omnibus survey in July posed the question, “In which of the following places, if any, have you ever urinated?” Sixty-two percent of people checked the box that said “in the shower.” What’s more, this appears to be a national phenomenon: The fraction of people who say they urinate in the shower is pretty consistent whether you’re looking at U.S. regions, or age, income, sex, race, education or marital status.网站YouGov在7月的一项精选调查贴出了这样一个问题,“如果有的话,你曾在以下哪些地方小便?”62%的人勾选了“淋浴间”这个选项。而且,这似乎是一个全国性的现象,不管你按照什么标准划分人群,美国的各个地区或是年龄、收入、性别、种族、教育程度或婚姻状况,在淋浴时小便的人数比总是一致的。But before you get too excited and start brandishing labels like “freak, ” you should take a closer look at the numbers on shower-peeing frequency. It turns out that 47 percent of people who said they had relieved themselves in the shower also added that they did so “not regularly at all — I have only done this once or twice.” As an “almost every morning” sort of girl, Allie, I’m afraid you’re in the minority — 14 percent of respondents said they do it “most of the time.” And remember, that’s 14 percent of the 62 percent who say they’ve ever peed in shower. So really, barely 9 percent of Americans share your bathroom behavior.但先别兴奋或是急于给人贴上“怪胎”的标签,你应该再仔细瞧一瞧人们在淋浴时小便的频率。数据显示,其中47%的人指出他们“并不经常这么做,我只这么干过一次或两次。”不过,像爱丽这样“几乎每天早晨”都这样做的女孩来说,我想你们只能算是少数,因为只有14%的受访者表示他们“经常这样做”。请记住,是62%的人中14%说他们经常这么做。所以实际上只有大概9%美国人会有这样的习惯。Solace can be found in the possibility that some people, including those two friends of yours, are fibbing. Of course, the desire to appear “socially acceptable” is an issue with all self-reported surveys. But the fact that 42 percent of respondents in another YouGov survey (conducted just four months before this one) said shower urination was “unacceptable” could explain the large gap between people who say they have peed in the shower (62 percent) and those who say they do it every day (7 percent). If I thought my behavior was unacceptable, I might admit to having done it, but I’d also be keen to downplay how often.一些人有可能在撒谎,你的两个朋友可能是他们其中之一,这么一来你也许会好受一点。当然,人们会有表现出“社会可接受性”的愿望,这个问题在所有的自测调查中都存在。但实际上,YouGov上另一项调查(于本调查4个月前进行)中42%的受访者说“不能接受”在淋浴时小便,这能够解释为什么曾在淋浴间小便的人数(62%)比每天在淋浴时小便的人数(7%)之间存在这么大的差距。如果我认为我的行为时不可被接受的,那么我可能会承认我做过,但会对频率做一些弱化。One last thing: You say “as a female I find it liberating to pee at will.” I imagine that sense of liberation comes from the fact that non-toilet urination isn’t always so easy for women. The data shows clear differences between where men and women choose to pee — men are more likely to pee in public.最后一点:你说“我作为一个女性认为这样小便是一种解放”。我猜之所以有这种解放的感觉是因为女性想要在没有厕所的情况下小便通常不大容易。数据显示,男性与女性在选择小便地点时产生了明显的差别,男性更喜欢在公众场所小便。Women in the survey were half as likely as men to have peed in a bush and five times less likely to have peed on a residential street. The gender gap closes, though, in places like baths and showers, where more discretion is available.调查中,女性曾在灌木丛中小便的比例比男性小一半,在住宅区街道小便的比例更是只有男性的五分之一。当遇到浴室和淋浴间时,这种性别带来的差异就缩小了,人们在这些地方可以自己做出更多的判断。 /201409/328977内蒙古自治区第一附属医院脱毛手术多少钱 Seeing Yang Leiguang, you might never imagine that the skinny boy traveled independently to Tibet for one month. More surprisingly, the 21-year-old from Henan University of Science and Technology brought only 500 yuan with him and earned other funds for travel on the way. He thinks that, with this trip, he accomplished his dream because he experienced some of the most memorable moments of his life.看着杨磊光,你可能怎么也不会想到正是这个清瘦的男生独自在西藏旅行了一个月时间。而更令人意想不到的是,这名21岁的河南科技大学学生身上只揣了500元,剩下的路费都是边走边赚的。他认为通过这次旅行,自己经历了人生中一些最难忘的时刻,从而实现了自己的梦想。Most desirable destination向往已久Yang acquired his love for Tibet after watching a documentary about the holy place. “I remembered watching people kowtow in front of the Potala Palace. Their devoted faces and sincere emotions just touched me so much that I wanted to go there myself,” he says. So he started to prepare for his long-awaited trip after he entered university and had more free time.在观看了一部讲述西藏的纪录片之后,他就爱上了这处圣地。他说:“我记得纪录片里人们在布达拉宫前叩首的场景。他们脸上的虔诚触动了我,因此我想自己去那里看看。”上大学后,有了更多的空闲时间,于是他便开始着手准备这次期待已久的旅程。Most thrilling experience兴奋不已Though Yang had been preparing for the Tibet trip for three years – doing exercise, learning hiking and wilderness survival skills, practicing photography and ing travel guides – he still met some unexpected challenges on the way.杨磊光为这次西藏之行筹备了三年时间。期间,他坚持锻炼、学习徒步旅行以及野外生存的技能、练习摄影并阅读旅行指南。但在途中,他还是遇到了一些突发状况。“Since it was my first time in Tibet, I underestimated the cost. I had to use every means to live cheaply and make more money,” he says. In one month’s time, he did several different jobs. He got paid to mark down the names of the people who reserved tickets to enter the Potala Palace; he handed out leaflets; and what he felt most thrilled about was selling souvenirs.他说:“因为这是我第一次进藏,因此低估了此行的费用。我必须开源节流”在一个月的时间里,他打了几份工:记录预定布达拉宫门票的游客的名字、发传单、还有最令他兴奋不已的贩卖纪念品生意。“I learned from one of my fellow backpackers that he was making money from selling souvenirs, so I bought accessories from the open market and sold them in the city center just as he did,” Yang explains. But that work was not risk-free. Like all the other vendors, Yang ran away whenever someone came to tell him to stop selling souvenirs.他解释道:“我从一位驴友那里得知他靠贩卖纪念品挣钱,因此我就效仿他,从自由市场上采购了一些配饰,到市中心去卖。”但是这份工作并非零风险。和其他的小贩一样,一旦被人阻止,他就要仓皇而逃。Most difficult moment艰难时刻For most of the trip, Yang handled situations properly, but there was one moment when he felt embarrassed and devastated.尽管旅行中的大多数状况他都可以应对自如,但是有一次尴尬经历几乎令他崩溃。“That was at Nam Co,” he says. “A girl and I wanted to go back to Lhasa, but we couldn’t get a free ride until 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon when a pickup truck came and agreed to take us”. But there was only one seat available. Yang is a gentleman, so he gave his seat to the girl, but he left all of his stuff on board.他说:“在纳木错时,我和一个女孩想要回拉萨,但没人愿意免费送我们一程。直到下午三四点时,一辆皮卡路过,答应捎上我们。”但车上只有一个空座。杨磊光发扬绅士风度,将座位让给了那个女孩,但同时他也将全部行李都落在了车上。When he realized his mistake, it was aly too late. He couldn’t catch up with the vehicle, and he didn’t have a cell phone to call the police or the girl. He had to walk alone along the road. “I walked for hours on the road, and I even worried about the worst result – that I may die of thirst or freeze to death,” he says. He was lucky enough to eventually catch a bus to Lhasa, where he met the girl again and got his stuff.当他意识到自己的错误时,为时已晚。他追不上那辆车,没有手机,既不能报警也无法联系上那个女孩。他不得不沿着路走下去。他说:“我在路上走了好几个小时,甚至还担心过最坏的结果——被渴死或冻死。”幸运的是,他最终搭上了一辆开往拉萨的大巴,在拉萨他再次见到了那个女孩,拿回了行李。The trip didn’t only bring Yang good memories and friends but also beautiful photos. He used these photos to make postcards and sell them on his campus. “I earned some money from this business, which will fund my next trip,” Yang says.这次旅行给他带来的不仅仅只有美好回忆以及路上结交的好友,还有一张张漂亮的风景照。他将这些照片做成明信片,在校园里出售。他说:“我会用赚到的钱来作为下次旅行的费用。” /201312/267711乌兰察布妇幼保健人民中医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱

呼和浩特全身脱毛需要多少钱 Travel season is here, when so many Americans decamp to Cape Cod or the Jersey Shore. All of which is wonderful, and some day I plan to do a 10-part series on the world’s best beaches.旅游旺季到了,许多美国人选择到科德角或泽西海岸游玩。这些地方都很出色,我打算哪天做一个世界十佳海滩系列专题。But travel can also be an education, a step toward empathy and international understanding. So for those with an adventurous streak who want to get beyond the madding crowd this summer, here are a few little-known travel spots that I recommend.但旅行也是一种教育,一种面向感同身受与国际间相互理解而踏出的一步。所以,我向那些想要躲开汹涌人潮的冒险家推荐几个鲜为人知的旅行目的地。These just might be the world’s coolest places.它们有可能是全球最酷的地方。Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands. This coral island in the Pacific Ocean was the site of American nuclear weapons tests in the 1940s and 1950s, but after decades left to itself it is now dazzlingly beautiful in a way that belies its history. Radiation has dissipated, and the deserted white-sand beaches are lined with coconut palms and scattered with seashells and an occasional giant sea turtle — which will hurriedly call to its friends: Look, there’s a rare sight, a human! The island is a reminder of the redemptive power of time and nature.马绍尔群岛的比基尼环礁。这座珊瑚岛位于太平洋,在20世纪40至50年代曾是美国的核武试验基地,但在数十年寂静的休养生息之后,今日的它美艳惊人,初见时我们根本猜不到那段历史。辐射已经消失,与世隔绝的雪白沙滩上是成排的椰子树,星星点点的贝壳,偶有巨大的海龟奔走相告:“快看!那儿有个稀罕东西——人类!”这座小岛会让你想到,时间与大自然有着何等强大的自愈力。Potosí, Bolivia. Perhaps no country in Latin America is more picturesque than Bolivia, and the most memorable Bolivian city may be Potosí. European explorers discovered a huge silver mountain here in the 1540s, and, in the 1600s, this was one of the major cities in the world. Tourists can descend the silver mines, and it is a searing and unforgettable experience. You go down hundreds of feet in tiny, sweltering tunnels thick with dust, talk to some of the miners, and get a glimpse of what life is like for the many Bolivians who work each day in the mines. After a couple of hours deep underground, sometimes struggling to breathe and fretting about cave-ins, you may have new empathy for the laborers responsible for silver bowls and cutlery.玻利维亚的波多西。拉美恐怕没有哪个国家比玻利维亚风景更美的了,而玻利维亚最令人难忘的城市大概是波多西。16世纪40年代,欧洲探险家们在这里发现了巨大的银山,到了17世纪,它成了一座世界级的重要城市。游客可以向下爬到银矿底部,这将是一场永生难忘的焦灼经历。穿过许多狭小酷热、烟尘弥漫的隧道,下行几百英尺,跟矿工聊天,对每天在银矿里卖力的无数玻利维亚百姓的生活投去惊鸿一瞥。在幽深的地底度过两三个小时,有时艰于呼吸,有时因封闭而燥热难当,这些感受或许会让你对银餐具的源头——矿工,多一些恻隐之心。Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Maybe our best family trip started at Victoria Falls, which drenches you with spray and is so vast that it makes Niagara Falls seem like a backyard creek. Then we rented a car and made our way to Hwange National Park, which was empty of people but crowded with zebras, giraffes, elephants and more. Zimbabwe has far fewer tourists than South Africa or Kenya, and there’s less crime as well.津巴布韦的维多利亚瀑布。我们最精的合家游大概就是维多利亚瀑布之旅,水雾打湿了我们全身,它如此壮阔,相形之下,尼亚加拉瀑布简直是后院的水渠。看完瀑布之后我们租车去了万基国家公园,园内人迹罕至,却有成群的斑马、长颈鹿、大象等各种动物。津巴布韦的游客比南非或肯尼亚少得多,治安状况也好得多。Amritsar, India. The Golden Temple, Sikhism’s holiest shrine, is in northwestern India near the Pakistani border, and it is a delightful place to contemplate the draw of faith. A four-century-old temple set in a lake, it attracts Sikhs from around the world. It is much less visited by tourists than the Taj Mahal, yet it is just as serene, grand and unforgettable. You walk the circuit of the lake barefoot, with your head covered, and, for the full experience, you can sleep and eat in temple buildings.印度的阿姆利则。金庙是锡克教最神圣的殿堂,它位于印度西北部与巴基斯坦接壤的地方。这个美不胜收的地方最适合沉思信仰的魔力。这座经历了四百年风雨的古庙坐落于湖边,吸引了世界各地的锡克教徒。此地的游客远不如泰姬陵那么多,却同样神圣庄严,令人难忘。你可以戴上头巾沿着湖畔赤足漫步,为了得到更完整的体验,不妨在庙内住宿用餐。Tanna, Vanuatu. This remote island in the South Pacific is notable for its live volcano that you can climb at night. From the lip, you look down and see the fires and molten lava. It’s a natural fireworks display. The people of Tanna are also likely to invite you to drink kava, the local intoxicant, or perhaps join a village dance. The local faith tradition is a cargo cult. People believe in a god they call John Frum, perhaps based on an American military officer around the time of World War II who gave islanders their first glimpse of industrial products. One theory is that he introduced himself as “John from America,” but only the first two words survived and became his name.瓦努阿图的塔纳岛。这座遥远的南太平洋小岛之所以闻名于世,是因为有一座游客可以乘夜色攀登的活火山。从火山口望下去,可以看见火焰和炽热的岩浆,堪称天然的焰火表演。塔纳岛的居民可能会邀你喝一杯醉人的本地卡瓦酒,或与村民一起跳舞。本地人信仰的是一种货物崇拜。他们的神灵名叫约翰·弗拉姆(John Frum),大概与“二战”期间为岛民发放工业产品的美国军官有关,那些货物是岛民平生第一次见到。有种理论认为,军官自称“美国人约翰”(John from America),但岛民只记住了前两个单词,以为那是他的名字。Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam. Follow a guide in wriggling on your stomach underground through these tunnels dug by Vietcong soldiers who used them and even lived in them during the Vietnam War. The tunnels are now widened to accommodate portly Americans, and they are still a tight fit. After a couple hundred feet of crawling in the tunnels, you’re desperate to come up again, and you understand that military victory is sometimes not about weaponry but about commitment.越南古芝隧道。跟着向导,在地下隧道中匍匐行进。这些隧道是越南战争期间由越共士兵挖掘而成的,他们甚至住在里面。如今,隧道已拓宽,好让大腹便便的美国游客得以通行,不过仍然感觉很紧。在隧道中爬行两三百英尺之后,你绝望了,几乎不敢相信自己还能出得去,此刻你就会明白,有时打胜仗的原因不是武器精良,而是有赤诚的信念。There’s nothing wrong, of course, with a delicious week at the beach with a pile of books. But if you’re hankering to escape the crowds this summer, encounter new worlds and come back with a tale, think about some of these destinations. The tourism infrastructure may not be great, but the people (or elephants) will make up for it.当然,躺在沙滩上看小说度过惬意的一周,也没有什么不对。可是,如果你渴望躲开夏季的人潮,遇见全新的世界,带着传奇归来,那就考虑一下这几个地方吧。它们的旅游基础设施或许不够完美,但淳朴的村民(或大象)却能弥补不足。When I visited the Pacific island country of Kiribati years ago, I made a reservation by phone to make sure I would have a place to stay. The man at the hotel agreed to hold me a spot, but he skipped the details.几年前造访太平洋小国基里巴斯之前,为了确保能有住宿的地方,我提前打电话预订。酒店接电话的男子答应为我保留房间,但却略过了细节。“I don’t need the name,” he said. “If there’s an American at the airport, I’ll recognize him.”“我不需要知道你的名字。”他说,“只要在机场看见一个美国人,我就知道是你。” /201409/329635呼和浩特妇幼保健医院祛眼袋多少钱呼和浩特托克托县祛痘要多少钱



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