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And welcome back, it's 15 minutes before the hour. Dealing with difficult people and situations at work got a whole lot easier. That's because our next guest,Marilyn Puder-York,has written a brand new book called "The Office Survival Guide". And you are er, immanently qualified to write this, you got a PhD in this stuff.A PhD in clinical psychology and I've been an executive coach for about 30 years.And you've also been in the workplace and you've seen the mistakes that people made over and over again, and you have that out there. For example, you even mentioned yourself, you reacted emotionally once when someone talked about your company scaling down. That's right.You went into a rave saying why they shouldn't and you reacted as if it was a person. That's , that's an in er... that's an inanimate object. (That was...)That was...I had a blind spot. I , I was raised to think I was supposed to rescue everybody and then they decided to tell me that my...had to fire my staff and downsize my department and I took it personally, which is one of the Achilles' Heels for what people do - they take things personally at work.But in a working environment people don't come there, you know, they are not, they are not machines, so they do come, they come into a working environment carrying a certain amount of baggage, how they've been raised, the kind of experience they've had in the past and so everybody comes in here with a different set of issues. So how, how do you deal with different people in the, in the workplace to make sure that um, you know, it's not as challenging? Well, number one, first of all, everybody comes with baggage and everybody has issues, and that's a given, but I think the one, the most important thing to do is to be as self-aware as you can about your own Achilles' Heels and your own vulnerabilities. First take responsibility for yourself, know your blind spots, you know, know what difficult situations you're gonna react inappropriately to so that you can control them, and you can control your emotions and curb any kind of impulsive actions on your part, so you don't, you know, inappropriately act with other people.But you say, er, when it comes to co-workers, don't treat them like family members. What do you mean?Absolutely. Well, the environment, first of all is not a family. It's a political entity. So your, your co-workers are not your siblings, your boss is not your parent (even though you might see them more), even though you might see them more, and even though we might feel as if they are. The truth of the matter is they are not, and you don't want to project whatever familiar patterns you had with your siblings, which might have been competitive or collegial depending upon your past history, but you don't want to project that which you had in your family onto the work environment because it is an objective rational environment even though sometimes it may feel irrational. You want to maintain rationality and you know, other people may react badly but you want to react as rationally as possible. So you want to curb your emotions and you want to make sure that you er, don't take, you know, everybody so personally.She is the au..the author of "The Office Survival Guide", glad great tips here; how to make it in the world to hold on to that job you have right now and identify your weaknesses and strengths before you start any position.It really is a fascinating book. It really is.Thank you, thank you very much, thanks for having me.Thanks for being here.All right coming up straight ahead... 200809/47881

Pennsylvania Voters to Cast Key Votes in Race for White House美宾州选民将在关键的初选中投票 All eyes in the U.S. presidential election campaign are on Pennsylvania, where voters will cast ballots Tuesday in the race for the Democratic Party nomination. Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are campaigning in the state almost non-stop. 所有关注美国总统选举的目光都集中在宾夕法尼亚州。那里的选民星期二将在争夺民主党总统候选人提名的初选中投票。奥巴马和克林顿参议员正马不停蹄地在这个州竞选。 Turn on just about any radio or television anywhere in Pennsylvania and this is what you are likely to hear: 在宾夕法尼亚州任何地方,只要打开几乎任何一台收音机或者电视就能听到奥巴马和克林顿的竞选广告。Both Obama and Clinton are saturating the state with campaign ads. Governor Edward Rendell - a former mayor of Philadelphia - says he has never seen anything like it. 曾经担任过费城市长的宾夕法尼亚州州长伦德尔说,他还从没见过这样的阵式。Rendell, a top Clinton supporter, appeared on the CBS network news program Face the Nation. He says Obama is outspending Clinton in Pennsylvania by a margin of more than three to one. 伦德尔是克林顿的一名高级别持者。他在参加哥伦比亚广播公司新闻节目《面对全国》时说,在宾夕法尼亚州奥巴马跟克林顿的开比例至少是三比一。"I have always been a good money raiser and I have put a lot of money on TV in the closing weeks of my campaign," said Governor Rendell. "But I never exceeded .2 or .3 [million]. The Obama campaign: .9 million. You cannot go anywhere in the Philadelphia region, you cannot listen to TV for 10 minutes without seeing an ad!" 伦德尔说:“我的筹款能力一直很强,而且我在竞选最后几个星期里投了许多钱在电视上。但是,我投的绝没有超过120万美元或者130万。奥巴马的竞选活动投了290万。走到宾夕法尼亚州任何地区,看10分钟电视,你就不可能看不到竞选广告。”The ad campaign has helped Obama cut Clinton's lead in the state from double digits to about five or six percent. Senator Robert Casey - considered the most popular Democratic Party office holder in the state and an Obama backer - says he will not predict what will happen when voters go to the polls on Tuesday. 广告竞选帮助奥巴马将克林顿的领先优势从两位数减少到大概5、6个百分点。凯西参议员被认为是宾夕法尼亚州最受欢迎的民主党官员。凯西参议员持奥巴马。他说,他无法预料星期二选民前往投票时会出现什么情况。He also appeared on Face the Nation."I think it is going to be an interesting night on the 22nd," said Senator Casey. "I do not think anyone knows where it will end. But I do think that from Senator Obama's perspective that he has made tremendous progress in the last six or seven weeks."Both Rendell and Casey have put their prestige on the line in this election. Casey has been traveling across the state with Obama in the final days of the primary campaign, traveling by train from one town in eastern Pennsylvania to another.  伦德尔和凯西的威望和他们的选举倾向一致。凯西在初选竞选活动最后几天一直陪同奥巴马坐火车从宾夕法尼亚州东部一个镇接一个镇地走遍宾夕法尼亚。At all stops, Obama has been focusing on his message of change. 每到一站,奥巴马都强调他要变革的主张。"The choice you have right now in this Pennsylvania primary is whether to vote your hopes or your fears, whether you decide to not accept what the cynics tell you you have to settle for, but instead you decide to reach for what is possible," said Barack Obama. 他说:“在宾夕法尼亚州初选,你们现在要选的是,是投票表达你们的希望还是表达你们的担心,是否接受愤世嫉俗者要你们接受的东西,还是决定追求可能得到的东西。Pennsylvania has the second oldest population in the nation, right behind Florida. And while the Obama campaign's focus on change has resonated with young voters, it has fallen flat with many of their grandparents. 宾夕法尼亚州人口的平均年龄在全国排名第二,仅次于佛罗里达州。奥巴马以变革为竞选重点尽管引起年轻选民共鸣,却不能吸引许多老年人。Seniors remain a strong voting bloc in the state, and they are more attracted to experience and stability. At her campaign stops in the Pittsburgh area, Clinton is telling voters that they have to fill the most important job in the country, and experience counts. 老年人仍然是宾夕法尼亚州一个很强的投票群体。克林顿在匹兹堡竞选所到之处对选民说,他们要填补国家最重要的职位。而且,重要的是看经验。"Who would you hire to restore our reputation and leadership in the world," asked Hillary Clinton. "And who would you hire to end the war in Iraq and win the war in Afghanistan?" 她说:“你们将用谁来恢复我们在世界上的声望和领导力?你们将用谁来结束伊拉克战争,赢得阿富汗战争?”Pennsylvania voters originally thought their primary might be an afterthought in the campaign. It is one of the last of the big populous states to vote in the selection process, coming months after the February primaries that, at one point, were expected to decide the Democratic nominee. 宾夕法尼亚州选民原来以为自己州的初选可能是竞选活动的尾声。这个州是2月份初选几个月以来选举过程中的最后几个人口众多的大州之一。就某种意义而言,2月份的初选本来有望决出民主党的提名人。Now Pennsylvanians find they are at the center of a protracted fight for the party nomination. And there are signs this state will also be a big battle ground months from now in the general election campaign. Not only are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton running ads here, but so too is the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. 200804/35848

  A friendly against Switzerland next week could have been David Beckham's opportunity to join the exclusive club of football players with 100 caps, but instead of such glory, the former England captain hasn't even made the squad.Fabio Capello, leaving the FA's headquarters this afternoon, his smiling demeanor probably a stark contrast from David Beckham's, "Fabio, why did you leave David out of the squad?" The Italian who is still taking English lessons didn't speak to answer, but he does give his reasons on the FA's website. "The reason that David is not in the squad is because he's not had any real match practice since playing in November, when I spoke with David on the phone yesterday, I advised him that he is still part of my plans, and once he is playing regularly in America, we will look at him closely again. "Beckham's LA Galaxy season ended last October, and he hasn't played a competitive match since England were defeated by Croatia, he has been training with Arsenal though, and said last week that he's fit, sharp and y to be selected. He said it before while collecting a sport industry award last March. "Not being in the team is very very difficult, but I've always said and I'll always say while I'm still playing, I'm always available for the country."It's not the first time Capello's left Beckham out, it happened when they were at Real Madrid, too. His decision leaves the 32-year-old still coveting his 100th cap, but if the cap doesn't fit, Beckham has plenty of other hats to wear at the moment. As UNICEF ambassador, he was highlighting child mortality in Sierra Leone last week. And this week he's been in Brazil, opening his new academy. And even if he is not playing against Switzerland at Wembley, at least there will be more time for keep-it-happy on the beach. 200805/40244

  Dmitri Medvedev, 42, officially becomes president of Russia on May 7. He will succeed Vladimir Putin, who has led the country for eight years. But Mr. Putin will not leave the political scene - Mr. Medvedev has promised to name him prime minister.  42岁的梅德韦杰夫将在5月7日接替领导俄罗斯8年的普京正式成为俄罗斯总统。但是,普京将不会离开政治舞台。梅德韦杰夫已答应任命普京为总理。Analysts say little is known about Mr. Medvedev, other than what is contained in his official biography. What is known is that he owes his political career to Mr. Putin. They met 17 years ago when both worked for the mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak.  分析家认为,除了梅德韦杰夫的官方传记之外,人们对他几乎不了解;人们所了解的是,他的政治生涯完全是依靠普京的提拔。两人17年前在他们为圣彼得堡市长索布恰克工作时就开始结识。By 1999, Mr. Putin was named prime minister, then acting president, after Boris Yeltsin resigned. He was elected president of Russia in 2000, and he invited Mr. Medvedev to work for him in Moscow. Mr. Medvedev rose to chief of staff and was also made chairman of the state gas monopoly, Gazprom. He currently holds the post of first deputy prime minister.  到1999年,普京被任命为总理,后来叶利钦辞职后又被任命为代理总统。2000年,普京被选为俄罗斯总统后邀请梅德韦杰夫到莫斯科为他工作。梅德韦杰夫升任总统办公厅主任,并且被任命为国有天然气垄断企业--俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司的主席。梅德韦杰夫现任第一副总理职务。Late last year, Mr. Putin chose Mr. Medvedev as his successor, and he easily won the presidential election on March 2, getting more than 70 percent of the vote. Candidate Medvedev promised to name Vladimir Putin prime minister. 去年年底,普京挑选梅德韦杰夫为他的接班人。梅德韦杰夫在3月2号轻松赢得总统选举,得到超过70%的选票。候选人梅德韦杰夫承诺将任命普京为总理。During a news conference February 28, President Bush responded to a statement that U.S. Senators Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton - running for the democratic presidential nomination - said they did not know a great deal about Mr. Medvedev.  在2月28号的一个记者会上,美国总统布什回应了竞选民主党总统候选人提名的参议员奥巴马和克林顿的声明。在那个声明里,奥巴马和克林顿说,他们对梅德韦杰夫了解不多。"I do not know much about Medvedev either. And what will be interesting to see is who represents Russia at the G8, for example. It will be interesting to see - it will help, I think, give some insight as to how Russia intends to conduct foreign policy after Vladimir Putin's presidency," said Mr. Bush. 布什说:“我对梅德韦杰夫也了解不多。有趣的是,比方说,谁代表俄罗斯参加八国峰会。我想,这将有助人们多少了解在普京卸任俄罗斯总统后俄罗斯将打算怎样执行对外政策。”But analysts say the Russian constitution is clear as to who will be in charge of foreign relations. It says the Russian president will govern the foreign policy of the country and represent Russia on the world stage. 200803/30138。

  Well, are you trying to climb the corporate ladder but you are getting absolutely nowhere?It may not be your fault, or your co-workers' fault, or your bosses' fault, could be your dad, blame him. That man start of it, Dr. Steven Potter is a clinical psychologist and the author of The Father Factor. Dr Potter, how does your dad decide subtly? Would you become in your career?Your dad has a huge influence on what you do, just as your mom has a huge influence. And the Father Factor is looking that element. It seem/you see men are defined about what they do outside the home; Well, typically, women and sons are decide..defined about what they do in the home by their moms. It~the work place has always been a masculine model, it's said that the father factor comes in. What about personal responsibility 'cause I hear, I mean, parents are getting dumped on for everything. My mom screwed me up, my dad screwed me up, bla(h).blah..blah.. And this sounds like more of that. Isn't their personal responsibility that comes in? Can you change? What do you think is your destiny? Absolutely. It~the father factor is about you~what is your legacy. Not at your fingerpoint, but what are you gonna do with your life? This is your baseline, where will you go from here? Got ya. Alright, we've got, er, five different categories of who is your daddy. Let's...well,we will try to figure out. (Thank you very much Martini) So, so let's do this in the lightening round. What's this Super-Achiever Father?Super-Achiever Father is all about a, a parent's productivity, achievement. Type-A dad.Absolutely, Type-A plus. Alright. (and,and would...)The Time-Bomb Father. Er,more wattle, emotional and stable.But we should talk about the impact. The Super-Achiever Father impacts your kid, how? In their driven, excellent work ethics. So they mirror it. Right. Ok. Time-Bomb? Time-Bomb, tends to be more, er,could be addicted to behavior, that type of parenting. And how's that? You can develop anxiety or you can become very productive in the same way. The passive father? The old joke is, is dad asleep on the couch or is he dead?Yeah, and everybody says (but) if you are not as motivated, be have a passive father,you..but maybe motivated for,er...maybe motivated in others. Exactly. And the passive dad showed his love through actions, not through much words. Um-hum, The Absent Father?That's most problematic style. He, many times lived with his kids, but wasn't involved in your life, didn't really know what they are doing. And then the, the one we should probably all wanna be according to my calculation is the Compassionate/Mentor Father. Absolutely. That's the dad that helps his kid find his roadmap where he wants to go. And like you said earlier it's not about blaming, it's about understanding. That's all of my book is about. Understand who your dad is. Alright. So if we wanna be the compassionate mentor father, how do we achieve that or do we have any choice in it?We have a lot of choice. It is all about choices. You don't have to, uh, the key to letting go off blame, and not blaming our dads or our mothers for that fact. (Thank you, hahahaha) In, in, in many times of our career, the glass ceiling isn't so much our careers as is our father factor. And you do believe that fathers play such a dominant role in your twenties when you're getting into your career, that..that's when the relationship could change in really excel and so many times that parents back out think what are my kids' right.Absolutely, in the 20s, F, that, your, your son or your daughter, they really need your kind of stepping and say, "Ok, you are out of college now, you didn't go to college. Where are you going?" Help them their own roadmap. Interesting. So step up to the plate at that(absolutely) point instead of sending them away. You see the bottom-line of the father factor is, most dads tend to step back as your kids get older. It should, should be the universe, move forward, move toward them. Interesting, well, the book is called The Father Factor. How you father's legacy impacts your career. Dr. Steven Potter. Thank you very much. You can also go to the website www. onefatherfactor. com.Thank you very much.Thank youEverytime we say...I owe him some money.Yeah!Alright!It's lovely that you have the same... 200809/49717

  Matt Lauer: George, good morning! George Clooney: Good morning. Matt Lauer: Welcome back. George Clooney: Thank. Matt Lauer: I like the fact we get to talk about movie like this because it appears to me it's a labor of love. (en, sure. ) And so often actors come through here and they're talking about their big paycheck or their, or their blockbuster. Tell me why you made this movie exactly. George Clooney: Money. (haha. . . ) Is that , that's where it would be, there is some,big money in the,(in the black and white film) in the black and white film about something that happened 50 years ago. Em, I did. My father is an anchorman . I grew up with the idea of how great the Fourth Estate is and how important it is , especially in broadcast journalism. And this was the high point one of the, probably the High Water Marks, this and when Cronkite came back from Vietnam, were two times you could point directly to a policy change and sort of an attitude change on the country. And I thought it was a great time to talk about those things again. I don't, er, I don't think it's necessarily the same issues any more. But I think it's always a good time to talk about responsibility. Matt Lauer: When you screened this movie I was ing that you were somewhat surprised by how few people or what percentage of the people, knew the story of McCarthy, knew who he was, knew who Edward R. Murrow was . George Clooney: Murrow was, but most people knew of McCarthyism. They asked us who the actor played McCarthy was and(Which in the movie is him) who is Joe McCarthy . I would say fifty percent of the people didn't know who Murrow was . Matt Lauer: You talk about so many things in this movie that, that when you are a viewer of it, you are watching it, you have to say , ok, there's got to be a message for journalists today. It seems to me as if there is a bit of a shot across the bow here. Maybe a call to arms would be a better way to describe it. That you've been somewhat disappointed with what you see on television today. And you'd like us, those of us in the media to maybe hold ourselves and our art to a better standard. George Clooney: I don't think it's for me, it's, I am not a journalist. I'm a son of a journalist and I've grown up around it. I don't think it's for me to try and say: "Hey, straighten up!" I think that everyone(Is it about your potential, would that maybe. . ) I would argue that over the past couple, 3 years, we do this you know every thirty forty years we get a little scared you know, we get a little beat up by somebody and, or something and we start to worry if it's unpatriotic to ask tough questions. And I find that I don't know a journalist that doesn't want to ask the tough questions. It's usually the issues, my father's fights were never about. With reporters to ask tough questions, he asked tough questions of the Carter administration. He asked tough questions of the Ford administration. His job was to question power that's what the Fourth Estate does. Matt Lauer: Murrow says at the end of the movie. And I love the speech he gets at the Salute Dinner, but part of that speech is, when talking about television and its potential and its power. This instrument can teach can illuminate and yes it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it towards those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box. Matt Lauer: Was that the real speech by the way? George Clooney: Every word of it, yeah, we use , we are very careful with this because of the way that people can marginalize uh... things. If you get one thing wrong now, people throw the whole thing out. (whole thing is going)So we double-sourced every scene, every single scene in the film happened and that was important to us. We had the people who are still alive: Don Hewitt, Joe and Shirley Wershba , M , Those're the ones who are still around. On the set and we'd say tell us what we got wrong , tell us what we are doing wrong 'cause it was important not to get it wrong. Matt Lauer: So the message to journalists maybe do a better job, the messages to viewers and the general public hold your journalists to higher standards? George Clooney: Maybe , you know. I love when Morrow says, "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves". (Right) This is about saying all power must always be checked, all power, by anyone, whoever is in charge. And the best people to do that is the press. Matt Lauer: The movie is uh obviously near and dear to you right now but your health has been in the headlines as well, you had a, I mean, a real bump-back spinal cord raging headache type situation. So how do you feel now?George Clooney: It's all fine now. Matt Lauer: Is it fine, completely fine? George Clooney: Sure. Oh , yeah it's good . (Yeah?...)Yeah. It's actually pretty good. It's not so bad . It's..Matt Lauer: You can hold you head this way rather than that. George Clooney: It's fine. Here, turn me away. Turn me. Matt Lauer: Yeah. You're right. yeah. Very scary?George Clooney: It was scarier when I didn't know what it was and I thought I was having aneurism, which our family, you know. Matt Lauer: And technically what it is now is? George Clooney: It's a spinal leak. Matt Lauer: I am not gonna let you go without congratulating you, because you are recently named to the very first list of uber sexuals, at what I would say you are straight , actually, which is , you know . . . George Clooney: Uber? Is that like a German sexual ? Is that what it is? Matt Lauer: As a ultra sexual. That is, it was you and Clinton, (right. )and Bono, (really? ) (in) good company , congratulations.George Clooney: I didn't know that. Matt Lauer: Yeah. You feel uber? George Clooney: Well, I'm just, I am excited about the after party. Matt Lauer: Yeah, beautiful lies. Good seeing you. All right, the movie is great. George Clooney: Thank you. Matt Lauer: Thank you so much.200807/44821An Israeli mayor on the front lines of the conflict with the Palestinians is calling for a truce with Islamic militants. But reaction was cool in both the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.  以色列和巴勒斯坦人发生冲突的一个前沿城市的市长呼吁和伊斯兰激进分子实行停战。但是,不管是加沙地带,还是耶路撒冷对这一呼吁都很冷淡。The mayor of the southern Israeli border town of Sderot, Eli Moyal, says he is willing to hold truce talks with the Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. Sderot has been hard hit by daily Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza that have terrorized residents and battered the economy. 以色列南方边防城市斯德洛特的市长穆瓦亚尔说,他愿意和控制加沙地带的伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯就停战问题开展谈判。斯德洛特每天都遭到从巴勒斯坦加沙地带发射的火箭弹的袭击。这使当地居民十分恐惧,同时也破坏了当地的经济。It was an about-face for Moyal, a member of the hawkish Likud Party, who has been calling for the army to invade Gaza to end the rocket attacks.  穆瓦亚尔是采取强硬立场的利库德党的成员。他发出的呼吁和他以往的立场不一样。穆瓦亚尔过去一直呼吁以色列军队入侵加沙地带,从而结束火箭袭击。Hamas, which has called for a truce in the past, dismissed Moyal's offer as a publicity stunt. The group said if Israel wants a cease-fire it should end military action and its crippling blockade of Gaza. 哈马斯以前也曾经要求实行停战。可是,这一次哈马斯说,穆瓦亚尔要求停战的呼吁是宣传的伎俩。它说,要是以色列要停战,它就应该停止军事行动以及停止封锁加沙地带。The Israeli government also rejected the truce proposal. Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says Hamas is a terrorist organization that refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel.  以色列政府也拒绝停战的建议。以色列发言人雷格夫说,哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,它拒绝放弃暴力,拒绝承认以色列。"We are talking of an extremist group, a very hateful agenda, a very extremist agenda, opposed to peace, opposed to reconciliation," said Regev. "And so there is not much to talk about."  雷格夫说:“我们说的是一个极端组织,它们要达到的目的极其可恶,也是非常极端主义的,它们反对和平,反对妥协。所以,跟它们没有什么好谈的。”At the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a -million plan to fortify homes in Sderot. 以色列总理奥尔默特在举行每周内阁会议时宣布一个价值9100万美元的计划,用来为斯德洛特居民的房屋建立防卫设备。Mr. Olmert said that about half the eight-thousand homes in Sderot would be fortified, with the priority given to those buildings directly in the line of fire. The Prime Minister also said that Sderot would be equipped with an anti-missile defense system by 2010.  奥尔默特说,在斯德洛特的8000个住家中,大约有一半将设置防卫设备,那些处于前线的房子将优先设防。总理还说,到2010年斯德洛特还将装备一个反导弹防御系统。200802/27795Anchor: Today's reaching for more focuses on the love shared by older women and younger men. Some of Hollywood's top leading ladies are paving the way when it comes to these unconventional relationships. But older women everywhere are following suit, like Lynn Snowden Picket, who is 13 years older than her husband Bronson, and they're here along with Peggy Northrop, the editor-in-chief of More magazine, good morning to you all. Bronson: Good morning. (Morning.)Anchor: You guys, first of all, I think you guys are so great together. When I first met you, I thought: Oh, look, they look like they fit. You fit well together. Yeah! Now is that true that you met, met at a black- tie, (yes) event of New York city?Lynn: Well, love at first sight. I didn't know very much about him at all.Anchor: But you did think: Oh, gosh, I hope he's at least thirty.Lynn: Yeah, yeah, I did. Well, I'd just been with a guy who was 24, and, that lasted about a year and we had broken up, then I thought, well...Anchor: Wait a minute, you had dated an older man who's twenty.., I mean a younger man who's 24? (yeah) Really? OK!Lynn: uh-huh! And it turned out Bronson was 6 months younger than the guy I just broke up with. So, uh, it was, you know...Anchor: I see what happened to you.Lynn: Yeah! Well, really, I was going for people who were more in sync with what I like to do. You know, I don't want a guy who's in a rut, who's going to look at my CD collection and go: Wow, you like this band, woo,(Right.) You're so a little crazy. You know, I just want somebody who is active, athletic, who wanted to go out, who had fun, who was interesting, and..Anchor: And Bronson, what was your first reaction when you saw Lynn? Bronson: Wow. Basically Well,May while I was sitting at a table, at this black- tie, unfortunately because at that moment I was in a tuxedo, look to girls terribly good. And my head was just like this on the table, so / my eyes were cast down, lower just little bit, and I just saw these legs coming toward the table. And I looked up the legs, kept going, and they went up to this.Lynn: I'm so glad I wore a dress like that. (yes) It wasn't a long black tie thing as it was.Bronson: So, yeah, it was definitely love at the first sight for both of us, it's still a small world, we are going to admit it later.Anchor: Now, now, Peggy, what's going on here? Because of course, I think the couple that we talked a lot about, Demy Moor and Ashton Kutcher, other, there's also Goldie Hawn. You guys, you have a whole list of More magazine this month, why is it becoming more acceptive for an older woman to be with a younger man?Peggy: I think that, really women are catching up to men. I admit, now we have all of this economic independence. There's, like, a kind of confidence that comes when you're in your forties and in your fifties, and men find that incredibly attractive. I know a lot of women who say: I'm not seeking a relationship like this. I'm not like I'm on the prowl of younger guys, but younger guys are, all of a sudden, interested in me, and you know, they, because these women feel so good about where they are, and they have economic independence, they can make these choices. And also we're no longer tied as much to fertility issues. So the issue of, you know, are you young enough to have kids with this guy is less of a, of a fraud issue, I think.Anchor: Uh, are you guys, you've been married for five years, right? And would you like to have children? (Right.)Lynn: Yes.Bronson: We're actually looking to adopt right now until.... Anchor: Looking to adopt.Lynn: Yes!Anchor: OK. She mentioned, Peggy mentioned the confidence level. Was that big for you, Bronson, the fact that here with Lynn, and she was aly established in her career and really was it looking for a man to, sort of make her complete?Bronson: Yeah. Actually yeah, confidence makes all the difference in the world, and I would imagine that till they respect the life of sex, but it is true is women get older, they do tend to get more confidence, even more so, I think than men. And It does make an extraordinary difference because a lot of sexiness come out of confidence.Anchor: You got a lot of flak from other men , / like, (Oh, yes, yes, yes) about this. When they fed up you were seeing a younger guy, what? What is that settled about?Lynn: Well, they don't like to think that a fancy car and a salary at some boring old jobs is going to impress. You know, they like to think that's what's going to allure in anyone they choose. Interestingly enough, I know they wouldn't consider me as a dating material, because I'm too old. So, but they don't wanna hear that someone they don't wanna date is dating someone who's younger, because that sort of means: Oh my gosh! she mean looks count. And you know, it's just not the norm.Anchor: Are there potential pitfalls in a pairing like this though?Peggy: Well, I think that there are pitfalls in any relationships. (that's true) look at that divorce rate. So, you know, the fact that, and in fact, it's women over 40 who are driving the divorce rate, that's the only place where the divorce rating is going up. I think the pitfall as always, you know, are the couple going to be in sync, and I think anybody can experience that. And what I hear from our ers is that women in their forties are with men who're about their age, and they're really on this trajectory of you know feeling ever more confident and more adventurous, and the guys become more and more in that rut you're talking about. Somebody said to me once that, you know, find a guy a rut, he'll lie down in it, (yeah) so, I mean, I would say, It wasn't me who said it. (it's true) but I would say that is, that's the pitfall for any relationship. The guy's gonna keep up.Anchor: OK. Wait. I hav...Before I go, I have to say that's one question, because every older woman out there is thinking: The sex must be great. So, I mean, I have to, as a journalist, I have to ask, I mean, is, is, can you in a nice way, in this morning television, tell me..., you know.Lynn: In a nice way, yes. How's that? But I think chemistry is what makes any relationship great, sexual, anything else. And...Bronson: Actually I was gonna tell you a thing before about being in sync, one of the great things is about a couple that is in sync is that, despite the age disparity, when you all are so in touch with one another, the disparity just disappears. (Yeah.)Lynn: Yeah, that's true.Bronson: Like the disparity was never there before.Lynn: You know what? Anchor: Yeah, well. I said it before, I really do feel you guys, you look like you fit. That so does.Bronson: Oh, that's nice. We look so good for the pictures.Anchor: Yeah. Lynn and Bronson Picket, thanks a lot you guys for sharing this story. Peggy, good to see you as always. I appreciate it. To more about today's topic, log on to the early show website at cbsnews.com. 200807/43963

  free rein ---- 自由,随意(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Complete permission to make decisions, spend money, and manage without any limits or supervision. (NOTE: ;rein; is a cord used to control horses)例句The talented project manager agreed to take the difficult new project only if she was given complete free rein.只要能够给予自由行事的权力,这位天才的项目经理就同意接受这个困难的新项目。 /201609/464999Could Ukraine Become Russia's Next Target?俄会对乌克兰持格鲁吉亚报复? The former Soviet republics of Georgia and Ukraine are allies engaged in similar attempts to establish democratic rule, to join NATO and realign themselves with the West, much to the displeasure of Russia. During the conflict in Georgia, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko prohibited ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet that are engaged off the Georgian coast from returning to port on Ukraine's Crimean peninsula without Kyiv's official permission. How the Kremlin may react to Ukraine's pro-Georgian and pro-Western position. 格鲁吉亚和乌克兰都是从前苏联独立出来的共和国。这两个国家都在努力建立民主体制、加入北约组织,并同西方国家结盟。它们之间是盟友,也同是俄罗斯反对的对象。在格鲁吉亚最近发生的冲突当中,乌克兰总统尤先科决定禁止在格鲁吉亚海岸附近执行任务的俄罗斯黑海舰队在未经乌克兰官方允许的情况下返回位于乌克兰克里米亚半岛的港口。俄罗斯将会对乌克兰持格鲁吉亚和西方国家的立场做出什么反应?In 2007, Public School Number 41 in Tbilisi was named after Mykhailo Hrushevsky, president of the short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic in 1917 and 1918.  2007年,格鲁吉亚首都第比利斯的一所公立小学被正式命名为米哈伊罗.胡舍夫斯基小学。胡舍夫斯基是1917到1918乌克兰人民共和国期间的总统。Ukraine's current President, Viktor Yushchenko flew to Tbilisi to join his Georgian friend and fellow head of state, Mikheil Saakashvili, in the school's re-dedication ceremony. Both men rode to power following mass pro-democracy protests that came to be known as colored revolutions. Georgia's was the Rose Revolution and Ukraine's was the Orange. Accordingly, the Hrushevsky School was painted orange. 乌克兰现任总统尤先科特地飞到第比利斯,同他的友人、格鲁吉亚的总统萨卡什维利一道,出席了学校的命名仪式。他们两人都是在被称为颜色革命的民主抗争的过程中成为总统的。格鲁吉亚是“玫瑰革命”,而乌克兰则是“橙色革命”。胡舍夫斯基小学,自然而然地,被刷成桔黄色。Moscow has not disguised its displeasure with the colored revolutions and refuses to deal with Mr. Saakashvili. On Tuesday, President Yushchenko again flew to Tbilisi, accompanied this time by the presidents of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  莫斯科方面一直没有掩盖对橙色革命和玫瑰革命的不满,并且拒绝与萨卡什维利打交道。上个星期二,尤先科总统再次飞抵第比利斯;这一次,与他同行的还有波兰、拉脱维亚、立陶宛和爱沙尼亚四国的总统。Mr. Yushchenko says the task of the presidential mission is to show that Georgia is not alone, that in this age the power of reason should not be replaced by the iron fist.  尤先科总统说:“我们此行的目的是要向全世界表明,格鲁吉亚并不孤独,而且在当今世界,理性不应被强权所取代。”The Ukrainian leader says the five presidents came to Georgia to prohibit the of killing people and the execution of the country. 这位乌克兰领导人还表示,他们到格鲁吉亚的目的,是为了制止屠杀民众、侵犯别国领土的行为。Ukrainian military analyst Oleksiy Melnyk, of the Razumkov Center think tank in Kyiv, told VOA the Polish, Ukrainian and Baltic leaders do not necessarily agree with all of the actions undertaken in the conflict by Georgian leadership, but notes they risked their own physical security to send a signal to Moscow. 位于基辅的乌克兰智囊机构拉祖姆科夫中心的军事分析家奥列克西.梅利尼克说,波兰、乌克兰和波罗的海地区的领导人并不见得对格鲁吉亚领导人在这次冲突中所采取的所有行动都表示赞同。但是他说,但是他们甘冒自身的风险向俄罗斯传递出一个信号。Melnyk says Moscow should see the presidential show of solidarity in Tbilisi as a serious signal that Russian foreign policy of establishing control over former Soviet republics and its neighborhood achieves a totally opposite effect. The analyst says Russia is surrounding itself with nations that are, at a minimum, not friendly and perhaps even hostile toward Moscow. 梅利尼克说:“莫斯科应该看到这些总统站在第比利斯一方所表现出的团结,是对俄罗斯想对前苏联共和国和它的邻国进行控制而导致完全相反的效果所发出的一个严肃的信号。这个分析者说,俄罗斯被围在对莫斯科至少不友好,或者甚至是敌视的国家当中。”Oleksiy Melnyk says Russian military actions in Georgia could lead the majority of Ukrainians who now oppose to their country's NATO membership to reassess their opinions about the respective security threats posed by the Western alliance and Russia. The chairman of the European Integration Forum in Tbilisi, Soso Tsiskarishvili, agrees with Melnyk's assessment, but notes Ukraine is better prepared to meets NATO's democratic standards for membership than Georgia. 第比利斯欧洲一体化论坛主席索索.齐斯卡里什维利同意梅利尼克的看法。但是他表示,乌克兰在加入北约所要达到的民主标准方面,比格鲁吉亚做得要好。Tsiskarishvili says Ukraine's two recent parliamentary elections and Georgia's presidential and parliamentary contests differ from one another like heaven and earth in terms of democratic and transparent procedures. 齐斯卡里什维利说:“从民主化和透明化的过程来看,乌克兰最近两次议会选举和格鲁吉亚的总统及议会选举有着天壤之别。”But Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer cautions that Ukraine could be Russia's next target as part of what he says is a grand Kremlin plan for the partial restoration of Russian greatness. 但是俄罗斯军事分析家帕韦尔.费尔根豪尔警告说,乌克兰可能成为他所说的克里姆林宫部分恢复大俄罗斯这样一个宏大计划的下一个目标。"Russia right now wants at least half of Ukraine to be annexed," said Felgenhauer. "Vladimir Putin talked about that rather openly at the NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania in April. Ukraine will disintegrate into two halves, and we want the eastern half, including of course, first and foremost, Crimea." 费尔根豪尔说:“俄罗斯现在希望至少兼并乌克兰的一半。普京今年4月在罗马尼亚首都布加勒斯特举行的北约高峰会议上相当公开地谈到了这点。乌克兰将会解体成为两部分,我们希望得到乌克兰东部部分,这当然首先包括克里米亚。”Felgenhauer says Ukraine's overwhelming vote for independence in 1991, which included a majority of Crimeans, means nothing to Kremlin rulers, who the analyst says do not respect the will of even their own people.  费尔根豪尔说,包括多数克里米亚人在内的乌克兰绝大多数人1991年投票赞成独立,这对克里姆林宫的统治者毫无意义。分析人士说,克里姆林宫的统治者连自己人民的意愿都不尊重。Nonetheless, the analyst says Russia is tied down in Georgia and will not make any immediate military moves against Ukraine. He notes, however, that Russia's Black Sea Fleet, which leases naval facilities in Sevastopol in Crimea, will likely steam back to port in defiance of a Ukrainian presidential order that it must first ask for Ukrainian permission. 尽管如此,分析人士说,俄罗斯被牵制在格鲁吉亚,不会立即对乌克兰采取军事行动。他说,租用克里米亚半岛塞瓦斯托波尔海军基地的俄罗斯黑海舰队却可能不顾乌克兰总统的命令返回基地。乌克兰总统要求俄罗斯必须首先征得乌克兰同意才能返回塞瓦斯托波尔海军基地。"If Russia openly challenges Ukrainian sovereignty, I think that Ukraine will then turn to the West and say, 'you know guys, they're challenging our sovereignty with their fleet.' And this will happen without any kind of use of arms, or anything made in anger. Ukraine right now, apparently wants to make the threat to its sovereignty obvious to outside powers," said Felgenhauer. 费尔根豪尔说:“如果俄罗斯公开对乌克兰主权提出挑战,我认为乌克兰就会对西方说,‘你们知道吗,他们正在用他们的舰队挑战我们的主权’。这不用使用任何武器或者对任何事情造成威胁就会发生。乌克兰现在显然希望将主权面临的威胁清楚地展现在国际社会面前。”Felgenhauer says Moscow's vision of the world is that of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin; one in which Russia and Washington share spheres of influence. The analyst notes that Russia withdrew its bases from Cuba and Vietnam, expecting the ed States to stay away from what Moscow thought was to be its sphere of influence. He says Moscow felt betrayed when Washington began supporting colored revolutions among Russia's neighbors.  费尔根豪尔说,莫斯科对世界的看法就是普京对世界的看法。这个看法就是俄罗斯同美国分享势力范围。分析人士指出,俄罗斯从古巴和越南撤走了军事基地,俄罗斯期待美国也不要插手俄罗斯认为是自己的势力范围。他说,当美国开始持俄罗斯邻国境内的颜色革命时,莫斯科感到被出卖了。But Soso Tsiskarishvili points to this week's visit to Tbilisi by presidents of five countries that border Russia as a sign that they do not trust the Kremlin. 但是齐斯卡里什维利指出,俄罗斯5个邻国的总统本星期访问第比利斯表明,他们并不信任俄罗斯。200808/46282

  Asian Stocks Plunge After Shakeup of US Financial Companies受美国股市影响亚洲股市普遍暴跌   Stock markets across Asia followed U.S. and European shares sharply lower, in reaction to the collapse of the investment company Lehman Brothers. The markets in Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong - which were closed Monday for a holiday - led the selling. 亚洲各地的股票市场对美国雷曼兄弟投资倒闭作出反应,随着美国和欧洲股市一起大幅度下跌。东京、首尔和香港的股市星期一过节休息一天后开业时都在抛售股票。Central bankers and national leaders around Asia rushed to assure the public that their economies were sound and that there was plenty of cash available to keep their financial systems flowing. Even so, investors continue to sell shares. 亚洲各地的中央和国家领导人都迅速向公众保,本国的经济是健全的,有充足的现金保持金融体系的运转。尽管如此,投资人还是继续抛售股票。In much of the region, financial companies examined their balance sheets for any exposure to the American investment bank Lehman Brothers, which filed for bankruptcy Monday. There also are fears of massive losses at other international financial companies, such as the insurance giant AIG. 亚洲大部分地区的金融公司都在审核自己的收平衡表,看本公司是否跟美国投资雷曼兄弟投资有财务往来。星期一雷曼兄弟申请破产。另外人们还担心,保险业巨子美国国际集团等其他国际金融公司也会蒙受巨额损失。The Bank of Japan released billion into the banking system, to make it easier for financial companies to borrow the cash they need.  日本向系统投放了240亿美元,让金融公司比较容易贷到所需要的现金。Jake van der Kamp is an independent market analyst in Hong Kong. He says the crisis is the worst in decades and could be prolonged. 冯-德尔-坎普是香港的独立市场分析人员,他说,这场危机是几十年来最严重的,而且可能延续下去。"Global markets haven't seen anything like this in such a long, long time that it's hard to but any figure on it at all," he said. "I would say you've got a matter of months before you start to build a bottom yet [before markets stop falling]." 他说:“全球市场很长时间没有见到过这样一场危机了。我认为,也许需要几个月的时间才能让市场停止下跌。”The crisis began nearly 18 months ago in the ed States, as many people who had taken out so-called "sub-prime" mortgages - home loans made to weak borrowers - struggled to pay their debts. Billions of dollars worth of those mortgages had been packaged into complex securities that the world's banks, insurance companies and investment funds had bought. As the securities started to fall in value, investors around the world sold out of bond and stock markets. 这场危机是将近18个月之前在美国开始的。当时许多借了所谓‘次级房贷’的人难以偿还他们的贷款。价值数十亿美元的次级房贷被融入复杂的券,然后世界各、保险公司和投资基金买进。随着这些券的价值下跌,全世界的投资者都在抛售。Van der Kamp says Asia has a few advantages over other markets. He says, Asian financial markets usually recover faster than do the older, more established markets of Europe and the ed States. 冯-德尔-坎普说,亚洲比其他地区的市场有几个优势。亚洲金融市场通常比欧洲和美国那些比较老、比较制度化的市场恢复得更快。Another advantage is that Asia's overall exposure to the sub-prime crisis is moderate and well secured. 另一个优势是,亚洲受到次级房贷危机的冲击比较少,而且亚洲的金融机构的保险机制也更好。"Because the Asian exposure would largely be Asian central banks, which have massive reserves, starting obviously with China and Japan, but all the rest, relative to the size of the economies, massive reserves, heavily in U.S. dollars," he said. "There's probably not all that much direct danger." 他说:“因为在亚洲受到冲击的主要是中央,这些中央拥有巨大的外汇储备,很明显,储备最多的是中国和日本的。所有其他的亚洲中央,相对本国的经济规模来说,也都拥有巨大的外汇储备。而且这些外汇很多都是美元。因此直接的危险可能没有那么大。”Still, investors around the region on Tuesday counted up the toll from Wall Street's woes. 尽管如此,星期二,亚洲各地的投资者还是因为华尔街的风暴蒙受了很大损失。Japan's Nikkei stock index sank almost five percent, to its lowest point in more than three years. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index slumped nearly 5.5 percent and Seoul's Kospi lost slightly more than six percent. Both markets were at their lowest points since early 2007.  日本的日经指数几乎下跌了百分之5,降至3年多来的最低点。香港恒生指数下挫近百分之5点5,首尔的股票指数下跌百分之6以上。香港和首尔两地都跌至2007年以来的最低点。Other markets also were rattled, with oil prices slumping more than to just above a barrel in Asian trading, as fears grew of a severe global recession. That is its lowest level since February.200809/48958

  国家地理:Jerusalem's Most Holy Places 耶路撒冷神圣地The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Since the 4th century AD, it's been the holiest shrine in Christianity. Many Christians believe this is Golgotha where Jesus was crucified. But the majestic church contains another traditional site of utmost veneration- the tomb of Christ where the New Testament says He was buried and rose again.Within sight of the church the Muslim Noble Sanctuary, Haram al-Sharif, a complex of holy shrines begun in the 7th century AD, crowned by the hallowed Dome of the Rock. This is where Muslims believe Mohammed ascended to Heaven.Under the great golden dome is the rock that is holy to Islam, Judaism and Christianity, dating back to the earliest Bible stories that formed the foundations of all three religions.There are three religions which is very large portion of the world's population, for which this spot Haram al-Sharif or the Temple Mount is at the center of Jerusalem and Jerusalem is perceived as being God's City, God's Mountain. The heightened sense of God's presence in this place exists in all three religions.Jews call the Noble Sanctuary the Temple Mount. Remarkably, this same rock was also the site of their two most sacred temples, centuries earlier.A tantalizing fragment from the immense second temple complex still stands, forming the southwest perimeter of the Noble Sanctuary: The Western Wall or Wailing Wall. For Jews, it is the holiest site in Jerusalem, a symbol of their ancient homeland.It's holy. It's a holy place for us and we respect the wall. We feel a special feeling. We feel near to God.Of Jerusalem's three most sacred sites, only one is holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three faiths share stories that tie the sacred mountain to each religion and tie the religions to each other.New Words:Sepulchre: (n.) A receptacle for sacred relics, especially in an altar. 圣物匣Golgotha: 【宗】各各他(耶稣被钉死的地方)200708/16993。

  seasonal unemployment ------ 季节性失业 英文释义Periodic unemployment created by conditions that change seasonally in particular industries or regions. 例句The mountainous regions construction industry is impacted by high seasonal unemployment due to the areas severe winters.这个山区遭受了严冬,造成了严重的季节性失业,该地区的建筑业受到了冲击。 /201610/466502



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