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Worst movie award goes to The Love GuruMyers and his comedy The Love Guru, which won few fans at box offices, were named worst actor and worst picture of 2008 at the Razzie Awards on Saturday, a day before the Oscars are given out in Hollywood.The comedy featuring Myers as a spiritual healer was also given the Razzie for the worst screenplay of 2008.The Canadian actor and the movie he spent years developing won gold spray-painted Raspberries at the awards ceremony created in 1980 to spoof the glitzy Academy Awards.The Love Guru flopped in theaters with only .8 million in global ticket sales. That figure is a huge come-down after Myers' three Austin Powers spoofs in which the comedian worked his spy character's positive mojo to perfection, raking in a combined 5 million at global box offices.Socialite Paris Hilton was the other big award-winner at the 29th annual Golden Raspberry Awards.Hilton won three trophies: worst actress and worst screen couple for her low-budget romantic comedy The Hottie amp; The Nottie, as well as worst supporting actress for her role in the horror fantasy Repo! The Genetic Opera.Some of 2008's biggest blockbusters also got Razzies.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the highly anticipated fourth installment of the adventure franchise starring Harrison Ford, was declared the worst "prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel".Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan was awarded the worst supporting actor for his singing turn in the ABBA tunes musical Mamma Mia!The "winners" of the Razzies were determined by mailing ballots to 657 voters living in the ed States and 19 foreign countries.Few Raspberry winners collect their trophies but Oscar winning actress Halle Berry sportingly showed up four years ago to take home her prize for Catwoman.rake in:迅速取得 /200902/63017The Supper Club, San Francisco, Calif. 晚餐俱乐部 (圣弗朗西斯科,加利福尼亚州)   Designed to enlighten all five of your senses, this 11,000-square-foot Dutch restaurant is unlike any other dining experience you will encounter. After being tucked into your bed/dinner table for your meal by a performance artist/waiter, you’ll spend four hours dining and being serenaded by drag queens (and kings), getting rubdowns from a masseur, and wowed by acrobats.   走进这间占地11000平方英尺的荷兰餐馆,你的五个感觉器官都会被调动起来,因为它与你去过的其他餐馆都截然不同。在被装扮成演员的务生领到餐位后,你会在这里度过4个小时的时光,吃饭的同时,耳边回响着小夜曲,享受着务,还可以观看杂技表演。 /200909/84990

A public toilet in Munich which has been transformed into an art museum has attracted hundreds of people in the first days after opening, a spokesman for the city's tourism agency said on Thursday.Built in 1894, the toilet house was originally constructed to serve nearby households which lacked necessary facilities.After being in use for over a hundred years, the toilets were locked up in 1992 because they were very rarely used."On the night we opened, around 800 people came to see our work," initiator of the museum project, Mathias Koehler told reporters.He said that a toilet was a great place for artistic expression because art is a form of relief in the same way that going to the toilet is.The art exhibited is mainly graffiti often with a political theme. Examples include images of Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel flanking a urinal in the corner of the room.Four artists contributed their work to the exhibition.Although the 70-square meter museum is only temporary, Koehler said he could not rule out making it permanent if public interest remains high. (德国)慕尼黑市旅游局的一位发言人于上周四称,慕尼黑的一家公厕被改造成艺术物馆后,在刚开放几天内就吸引了数百人前来参观。这个公厕建造于1894年,最初是为解决附近居民上厕所难的问题而建。在被使用100多年后,这个厕所于1992年被停用,因为现在已经很少有人使用它。物馆改造工程发起人玛西亚斯#8226;科赫勒在接受记者采访时说:“物馆开放当晚,约有800人前来参观。”他说,厕所是艺术表达的绝佳场所,因为艺术和上厕所一样,都是一种放松形式。此次厕所艺术展的多数展品是一些政治主题的“涂鸦”作品,比如,(美国总统民主党候选人)巴拉克#8226;奥巴马和德国总理安吉拉#8226;默克尔的画像就出现在屋内角落处的一个便池旁。共有四位艺术家为此次展览贡献作品。尽管这家面积只有70平米的厕所物馆目前只是临时性的,但科赫勒表示,如果公众热情一直很高,他不排除这个物馆会长期存在的可能。 /200811/55021

Prince William's bride-to-beKate Middleton, whose sartorialstyle will be closely scrutinized by fashionistas once she's officially a princess, is aly getting credit for bringing one style stateside-- the precariously-perched feathered "fascinator."  英国准王妃凯特 米德尔顿正式“转正”后,她的饰品味当然会受到时尚人士的挑剔,而她掀起的“头饰风”现在就已风靡美国,并且广受好评。这一新潮流的标志就是看上去甚至有些遥遥欲坠的羽毛“头巾”。  The fascinator is a particularly ornate hair accessory that can feature feathers, beads, flowers and other fancy trimmings.  这款“头巾”是一种非常华丽的发饰,上面可以插羽毛、珠子、花朵、以及其它的别致装饰。  Kate seems to favor the feathered variety and has been photographed wearing a variety of them.  凯特看上去十分钟爱这款羽毛头饰,多次被拍到佩戴不同款式。  Fascination over the Fascinator is growing in the ed States, with Google searches up 50% for this style of hat since January.  美国民众对这款羽毛头饰也十分着迷。自今年1月始,谷歌搜索中对这款帽子的搜索量上升了50%。  Fascinator sales have soared recently at Cedar Park, Texas-based Serendipity Tiaras, an online seller and supplier of bridal accessories such as veils, broaches, tiarasand fascinators to bridal boutiques.  在得克萨斯州锡达帕克“珍奇头饰”公司,这款羽毛头饰的销量近期大涨。“珍奇头饰”公司是一家网络销售商,提供面纱、胸针、王冠式头饰、头巾、婚礼饰品等结婚用品。  In the ed States, brides tend to prefer headbands, veils and tiaras. So Lyons was surprised with the jump in fascinator orders just as the summer wedding season gets underway.  在美国,新娘喜欢佩戴发带、面纱、和王冠式头饰。因此里昂对羽毛帽的销量大增感到非常吃惊,尤其是现在夏季的结婚季快到了。  "Orders are coming in for all kinds of feathered fascinators. Customers also want fascinators with a small spray of flowers, tulle or with a hat," she said.  她说:“各种羽毛头饰的订单都不少。有些客户还要求在上面插一束花、系上薄纱、或者制作羽毛帽。” /201104/133830

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