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A major 7.6-magnitude earthquake has struck Mexico, unleashing panic as it damaged scores of buildings and homes in the capital city. So far therersquo;s no immediate report of severe injuries. The tremor was the second strongest in Mexico since 1985. In Mexico City, buildings swayed for at least a minute. The tremor caught people off guard and sent office workers into the streets. The epicentre was reported at 15 miles east of Ometepec, in Guerrero state, near the Pacific Coast resort city of Acapulco. It was one of the strongest in recent years and the president was quick to respond.据外电报道,北京时间3月21日凌晨2时02分,墨西哥南部格雷罗州发生里氏7.6级地震。震区当地官员称,目前已收到500座房屋受损的报告,但尚无人员伤亡报告。墨西哥总统卡尔德隆此前通过推特账号表示,目前尚未收到地震造成严重损失报告。墨西哥首都墨西哥城市长埃伯拉德也表示,从他乘坐直升机的视察情况来看,墨西哥城的建筑物没有明显可见的损坏。 201203/175089。

So were going to have a think about how to get rid of a cold fast. But what is a cold? Basically, its a viral infection of the upper airways and nasal tracts, and it can have several symptoms which can make us feel pretty miserable. These can include a stuffed nose, a cough, a headache, sneezing, and it can make us feel pretty horrible for a couple of days.我们一起来看一下怎样快速治愈感冒。怎样是感冒呢?是指病毒感染上呼吸道和鼻腔,可能有几个症状,让我们感到非常不舒。包括鼻塞,咳嗽,头痛,打喷嚏。感冒症状通常会持续几天的时间。The worst thing about a cold is that it has to run its course, and theres no way of really speeding that up. A cold will last for about three to four days. Antibiotics arent of any help because they only treat bacterial infections and colds are caused by multiple types of viruses.关于感冒最糟糕的是,它必须走完自己必经的过程,没有任何方法加快这个过程。感冒通常会持续三四天的时间。抗生素没有任何帮助,因为抗生素只能治疗细菌感染,而感冒是由不同种类的病毒引起的。Often, we can just get over a cold when another virus infects us and we can get further symptoms because of that. However there are a few things we can do to really improve the symptoms and make us feel much better. First of all, the stuffy nose and nasal congestion, what we can do is make sure we keep our head elevated, and also drink plenty of fluids.通常情况下,当我们感染了另外一种病毒时感冒会痊愈,但是会出现其他症状。然而,我们可以采取几个措施来缓解症状,使我们感觉好一点。首先,应对鼻塞,我们能做的是把头部抬高,并摄入充足的水分。That will make us feel much better; it will thin the mucous discharge, and also will help the inflammation of the mucosal lining of the nose. Another thing we can do is make sure we take regular painkillers, for example, Paracetamol, and that will help with our headache and general feeling of muscle ache and being under the weather. Something else thats really important to do is not sp the cold around so make sure you cover your mouth and your nose.这会让我们感觉好很多,因为水分可以稀释呼吸道分泌的粘液,并缓解鼻腔炎症。另外一点是确保用常规止痛片,例如退热净,可以帮助控制头痛,肌肉痛。另外一点比较重要的是不要传播感冒,所以戴上口罩掩住口鼻。If you are sneezing, sneeze in to a hanky, and make sure you wash your hands, especially before you shake hands or come in to contact with anyone else. Because colds are really infectious its important that you use your own flannels and towels for a couple of days when youre infected. Something else which can really help to clear the sinuses and airways is a steam bath.打喷嚏的时候拿手帕掩住口鼻,然后一定要洗手,尤其是和别人握手,跟别人接触之前。因为感冒很容易传染,所以这几天你一定要使用自己的毛巾。可以疏通鼻道和呼吸道的另外一个方法就是蒸汽浴。So if you make up some warm water, put a little bit of salt in there, and just inhale the vapors, that will help clear the membranes and clear the mucous that can stuff up our nose as well. There are lots of herbal remedies for colds, but none of them have been put to rigorous scientific studies yet but there is a suggestion that the use of Echinacea can really help make us feel much better and ease our symptoms when weve got a nasty, heavy head cold. In terms of trying to prevent a cold,one tip Id really go for is regular exercise, because it has been shown that people who take regular exercise, twenty to thirty minutes a day, can really improve their chances of staying fit during the winter months and avoiding a cold altogether.准备好一些温水,加入少量盐,吸入蒸汽,这可以帮助你清理鼻膜和堵住鼻孔的粘液。还有许多治疗感冒的草药方,但是都还没有进行严格的科学研究。但是有人建议患重感冒的时候,紫錐菊非常有效。关于预防感冒方面,我的建议就是多多运动,因为已有研究表明,每天运动20至30分钟的人冬季保持身体健康,避免感冒的机会要高的多。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of A Cold Fast.感谢收看“怎样快速治愈感冒”视频节目。 /201210/203592。

How To Make A Beat box Puppet: Beat boxers Bellatrix and Spitfya show you how to make beatbox puppets the VideoJug way. 本期节目将教你如何制作口技木偶,口技人贝拉特里斯和斯皮亚将教会你制作要领。A sock. You can borrow some of your Dads - he wont mind. A couple of googly googly googly eyes, made out of buttons. Some rolled up socks for arms and a great big beatboxing mouth!我们需要一只袜子。你可以从你老爸那里借;;他肯定不会介意的。首先用扣子做成一双圆圆的大眼睛,之后袜子的一部分用于制作手臂和它的大嘴,这样木偶就宣告诞生了!词语解释:1. puppet n. 木偶2. sock n. 袜子164401。

Do you lie in bed tossing and turning every night? These tips will prepare you for bed and help you sleep through the night.You Will NeedCool temperature Humidifier Exercise Warm bath Comfortable mattress and pillow Scented detergent White noise recording Sleep mask Earplugs Warm glass of milk (optional) Banana (optional) Step 1: Keep temperature cool(将室内温度调整到适宜)Keep the temperature in your bedroom no higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room is dry, get a humidifier.Step 2: Avoid alcohol(不要喝酒)Cut back on the alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol you will fall asleep faster, but won’t sleep as long.Step 3: Avoid caffeine and sugar(不要摄入咖啡因和糖)Avoid bedtime snacks that contain caffeine, sugar, or grains.Drink a glass of warm milk or eat a banana for a bedtime snack.Step 4: Exercise daily(每天运动)Exercise every morning for 30 minutes. Stay active throughout the day and avoid taking naps.Step 5: Take a bath(洗个热水澡)Take a warm bath to relax and soothe your tired muscles.Step 6: Choose mattress and pillow(保持被单和枕头的舒适)Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow that is right for you.Wash your sheets and blankets frequently and use a lightly scented detergent.Step 7: Listen to music(听催眠曲)Play a white noise recording or use a sleep mask and earplugs.Kids between the ages of six and nine need 10 to 11frac12; hours of sleep a night.201004/101925。

Step 1: Keep moving(多走动)When walking into the room, scan the room and see who want to go up and talk to. Make sure you get moving straight away as the longer you stand still, the harder it is to get going.Step 2: Active listening(仔细聆听)To show the person who is speaking that you are listening, use eye contact and nod as they talk, pacing it in time with their speech. Don't look away as this gives the impression that you are getting bored or distracted. Face them front on and make sure your gestures are in pace with theirs. Also, mirror their gestures and this will make you look like a good listener.Step 3: Breaking into a group(积极参与讨论)Look for the biggest gap in the group, stand in this gap and look at the people either side of you. Then direct your active listening signals to the speaker. Don't interrupt, but join in with the pace of the group, copying the rest of the group which will create bonding. Wait until the speaker has finished then talk about something they have just said, so you tag their conversation. Then you start speaking, but introduce yourself quickly to the other people first.Step 4: If it doesn't work(退出不适合的小组)Don't keep standing there. Wait a few seconds, and if they still don't let you in, pretend to wave to someone across the room and make a quick exit from the group.Step 5: Smiling(保持微笑)Even though it's the most primitive sign of introduction, it's easy to forget to do it. A good, genuine looking smile will make you look more positive and approachable. Smile with your eyes as well as your mouth.201001/93799。