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Lenore Skenazy, a New York City mother of two, earned the sobriquet “America’s Worst Mom” after reporting in a newspaper column that she had allowed her younger son, then 9, to ride the subway alone.家住纽约市的莉诺·斯科纳兹(Lenore Skenazy)是两个孩子的母亲,自从报纸专栏报道了她让9岁的小儿子独自乘坐地铁的事情之后,“美国最差妈妈”的绰号就落在了她的头上。The damning criticism she endured, including a threat of arrest for child endangerment, intensified her desire to encourage anxious parents to give their children the freedom they need to develop the self-confidence and resilience to cope effectively with life’s many challenges.她承受了严厉的谴责,甚至面临着因危害儿童罪而受到逮捕的威胁,但这一切反而令她的信念更加坚定,她期望能通过自己的努力,鼓励焦虑的家长们放手,给孩子更多自由,让孩子们有机会建立自信心和适应力,从而更有效地应对生活中的诸多挑战。One result was the publication in 2009 of her book “Free Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts With Worry).” A second result is the Free Range Kids Project and a 13-part series, starting Thursday on Discovery Life Channel, called “World’s Worst Mom.” In it, Ms. Skenazy intervenes to rescue bubble-wrapped kids from their overprotective parents by guiding the children safely through a sequence of once-forbidden activities and showing their anxious parents how well the children perform and how proud they are of what they accomplished.为此,她在2009年出版了一本书,名为《放养孩子》(Free Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children [Without Going Nuts With Worry])。此外她还建立了“放养孩子计划”(Free Range Kids Project),并拍摄了名为《世界上最糟糕的妈妈》(‘World’s Worst Mom’)的13集系列片,从周四开始在探索生活频道(Discovery Life Channel)播出。在这个节目里,斯科纳兹试图通过干预将受到过度保护的“花骨朵”们从父母手中解放出来,指导他们安全地完成一系列一度被父母严格禁止的活动,向那些总是忧心忡忡的父母们显示,他们的孩子有多棒,以及他们的孩子对自己的成就有多么感到自豪。The term “helicopter parents” applies to far more than those who hover relentlessly over their children’s academic and musical development. As depicted in the first episode of the series, it applies to 10-year-old Sam’s very loving mother who wouldn’t let him ride a bike (“she’s afraid I’ll fall and get hurt”), cut up his own meat (“Mom thinks I’ll cut my fingers off”), or play “rough sports” like skating. The plea from a stressed-out, thwarted Sam: “I just want to do things by myself.”“直升机父母”这个词常形容的是那些每分每秒都悬在孩子头顶,督促他们在学业和音乐上不断进步的父母,但其实这个词的适用范围远远不止于此。斯科纳兹系列片的第一集中介绍的、10岁男孩山姆的母亲就是典型的“直升机父母”。她对自己的儿子过分爱护,以至于不允许他骑自行车(“她怕我会跌倒受伤”),不许他自己用餐刀切碎盘中肉食(“妈妈认为我肯定会切到手指头”),更不许参加滑冰之类“粗野的运动”。压力山大且倍受挫折的山姆恳求道:“我想要的,不过是自己的事情自己做而已。”In an interview, Ms. Skenazy said, “Having been brainwashed by all the stories we hear, there’s a prevailing fear that any time you’re not directly supervising your child, you’re putting the child in danger.” The widesp publicity now given to crimes has created an exaggerated fear of the dangers children face if left to navigate and play on their own.斯科纳兹女士在一次采访中说:“被道听途说的传闻洗脑之后,人们普遍存在这么一种忧虑:只要没有紧紧盯着自己孩子的一举一动,就是将孩子置于险境。”现如今对犯罪行为的广泛宣传,也大大夸大了让儿童独立行动和玩耍时可能遇到的危险。Yet, according to Peter Gray, a research psychologist at Boston College, “the actual rate of strangers abducting or molesting children is very small. It’s more likely to happen at the hands of a relative or family friend. The statistics show no increase in childhood dangers. If anything, there’s been a decrease.”然而,美国波士顿学院(Boston College)的研究心理学家彼得·格雷(Peter Gray)指出:“实际上,陌生人拐骗或猥亵儿童的案发率非常低,亲戚或家庭友人作案的机率反而更大。而且,统计数据并未显示儿童面临的危险增加,实情是此类事件是呈下降趋势的。”Experts say there is no more crime against children by strangers today — and probably significantly less — than when I was growing up in the 1940s and ’50s, a time when I walked to school alone and played outdoors with friends unsupervised by adults. “The world is not perfect — it never was — but we used to trust our children in it, and they learned to be resourceful,” Ms. Skenazy said. “The message these anxious parents are giving to their children is ‘I love you, but I don’t believe in you. I don’t believe you’re as competent as I am.’ ”专家们表示,与我小时候,也就是20世纪40年代和50年代相比,今天由陌生人实施的针对儿童的犯罪非但没有增加,很可能还显著减少了。要知道,我们那时候是自己步行上学,还在户外跟朋友玩耍,旁边都没有成年人的监管。“世界不是完美的——从来就不是,但过去我们一直相信孩子们自己能行,相信他们可以从中学会随机应变,”斯科纳兹女士说。“而如今的这些焦虑的父母传达给子女们的信息却是:‘我爱你,但我不信任你。我不相信你像我一样能干。’ ”Dr. Gray, author of “Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life,” said in an interview, “If children are not allowed to take routine risks, they’ll be less likely to be able to handle real risks when they do occur.”格雷士撰写了《会玩才会学——当野孩子有什么不好?》(Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life)一书。他在接受采访时说,“如果孩子们从没有机会面对日常风险,那么,当真正的危险降临时,他们越不可能有能力应对。”Case in point: His college’s counseling office has seen a doubling in the rate of emergency calls in the last five years, “mainly for problems kids used to solve on their own,” like being called a bad name by a roommate or finding a mouse in the room. “Students are prepared academically, but they’re not prepared to deal with day-to-day life, which comes from a lack of opportunity to deal with ordinary problems,” Dr. Gray said. “Over the past 60 years, there’s been a huge change, well documented by social scientists, in the hours a day children play outdoors — less than half as much as parents did at their children’s ages,” he said.举例为:在过去五年内,他所在学院的辅导办公室接到的紧急求助电话翻了一番,“基本上都是为了一些以往孩子们可以独立解决的问题”,比如被室友起了个难听的昵称或是在房间里发现一只老鼠等等。“学生们只准备好了如何搞定学业上的困难,却并没有准备好要如何应对日常生活,因为他们一直没什么机会去处理那些寻常的问题,”格雷士说。“社会科学家的资料显示,在过去的60年里发生了巨大的变化——现在孩子们每天在户外玩耍的时间还不到他们父母当初的一半,”他说。In decades past, children made up their own games and acquired important life skills in the process. “In pickup games,” Dr. Gray said, “children make the rules, negotiate, and figure out what’s fair to keep everyone happy. They develop creativity, empathy and the ability to the minds of other players, instead of having adults make the rules and solve all the problems.”几十年前,孩子们自创游戏,并从这一过程中习得重要的生活技能。格雷士说:“在临时组织的比赛中,孩子们自己制定规则并相互协商,最后确定下来让每个人都满意的最公平的玩法。由此他们的创造力得到了开发,也学会了揣度和体谅其他玩家的心理,而不是任由成年人给他们定下规矩并大包大揽地解决所有问题。”Dr. Gray links the astronomical rise in childhood depression and anxiety disorders, which are five to eight times more common than they were in the 1950s, to the decline in free play among young children. “Young people today are less likely to have a sense of control over their own lives and more likely to feel they are the victims of circumstances, which is predictive of anxiety and depression,” he said.格雷士认为,今天儿童抑郁症和焦虑症会飙升至20世纪50年代的五到八倍,与儿童自由玩耍时间的减少有关。他说:“如今的年轻人对生活的掌控力较弱,相反,他们更容易觉得自己不过是客观环境下的牺牲品,这当然会产生焦虑和抑郁情绪。”There are also physical consequences to restricting children’s outdoor play because there are no adults available to supervise it. Children today spend many more hours indoors than in years past, which in part accounts for the rise in childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Many elementary schools have even canceled recess, believing it is time better spent cramming children’s heads with facts and figures.由于成年人没有足够的时间和精力来监管,就限制孩子们能在户外玩耍的时间,这对他们的身体也会造成影响。与以前相比,如今的孩子们待在室内的时间大大增加,从某种程度上导致了儿童肥胖和2型糖尿病的多发。很多小学甚至把课间休息也取消了,他们认为与其休息,还不如抓紧这些时间把资料和数字塞进孩子们的脑袋里。“Childhood should be a time of freedom and play, not building a résumé for college,” Dr. Gray said.格雷士说:“童年本就应该自由玩耍,这段时光不是用来打造漂亮的大学入学简历的。”As Ms. Skenazy put it, “if parents truly believe children must be supervised every second of the day, then they can’t walk to school, play in the park, or wake up Saturday morning, get on their bikes and go have an adventure.”正如斯科纳兹女士所说的那样:“如果家长真的认为自己的子女每分每秒都离不开照管,那么孩子们就不能自己走路去上学或是在公园玩耍,更不能在星期六早上起床后骑上自行车出门去探索新天地。”Some 2,000 families were screened by the Discovery Life Channel to find 13 families crippled by anxiety yet willing to have an intervention. “The parents weren’t easy pushovers,” Ms. Skenazy said. “Some were very unhappy to see me at first. But once pride in what their children achieved replaced their fears, they were ecstatic — relaxed and happy instead of crippled with fear.”探索生活频道筛查了约2000个家庭,从中找到了13个深受焦虑困扰却愿意尝试接受干预的家庭。“要说父母们可不是件容易的事,”斯科纳兹说。“有些人一开始根本不想见到我。但当他们对孩子成就的自豪感冲淡了恐惧,每个人都欣喜若狂,变得又轻松又快乐。”Ms. Skenazy spent four days with each family, introducing a different challenge each day. Sam learned to cut cheese and slice a tomato with a sharp knife and then made sandwiches for his parents. He also learned to ride a two-wheeler.斯科纳兹与每个家庭都共处了四天,每一天都给他们提出不同的挑战课题。山姆学会了用锋利的餐刀将奶酪和西红柿切片,然后给父母做三明治。他还学会了骑两轮脚踏车。“I don’t guarantee I’ll take away all their worry, just give them the confidence to loosen the reins on their kids,” she said. “Kids need roots and wings. Parents give them roots. I give them wings.”“我无法保我可以解除他们所有的忧虑,我只是给了他们一点信心,让他们放松对孩子们的束缚而已,”斯科纳兹说。“孩子们需要根基和翅膀。如果说父母给了他们根基,那么,就让我来给他们翅膀吧。” /201503/367277You know that pleading “middle-age sp” isno longera viable option when you can “pinch a foot”.当你能夹住一只脚的时候,就能检测你是不是中年体型了。 /201505/373710Couplewith 32 YEAR age gap who defied their families to marry, celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary and groom says his 76-year-old wife is his #39;life-longo bsession#39;年龄相差32岁的夫妇庆祝第18个结婚纪念日,新郎说他76岁的妻子是他“终身的爱恋”A couple who defied their families wishes to marry because the bride, at 59, was 32 years older than her husband-to-be, are preparing to celebrate 18 years together.这对夫妇对抗自己家人的意愿决心要结婚,因为当时她59岁,而他32岁,如今,他们已经一起走过了18个年头。In 1996Li Yuchen married his older love Ma Yuqin, from north east China#39;s Liaoning Province, after falling in love when he was a child and she was a famous local actress.1996年,李玉晨与来自辽宁的马玉琴结婚,当他还是个孩子时就已经爱上了作为当地著名演员的她。Despite strong opposition from relatives, friends and neighbours, and Li#39;s father renouncing him publicly, the age-gap lovers risked becoming social outcasts towed.尽管亲戚,朋友和邻居强烈反对,李的父亲还公开宣布与他断绝关系,这对年龄悬殊的爱人依然不顾社会的反对而结婚。Li, now 44, said: #39;Nobody believed our marriage would last long but we have proved them wrong with a loving relationship that has lasted almost 18 years.#39;现年44岁的李说:“没有人相信我们的婚姻会持久,但是我们明了他们错了,我们已经在一起18年了。”Li was born in 1969, when Ma, then 32, was a well-known performer with a family of her own.李1969年出生,而当时32岁的马是一名著名演员,已经拥有自己的家庭。Yet whenas an eight-year-old he first saw her act, Li fell head over heels for the older beauty.然而,当八岁的他第一次看她表演时,李对她的美神魂颠倒。#39;I was smitten, and it was a life-long obsession that I never lost, even now,#39;he said. #39;I adore Ma and remember her as if it were yesterday when she came for a performance in my primary school.#39;“我当时真是神魂颠倒了,这是一种毕生的爱恋,即使现在也是如此,”他说。“我喜欢马,当她来我们学校表演时,我有一种似曾相识的感觉。”When Li#39;s father told his son that he had been at school with Ma, Li ran up to the actress calling her #39;auntie#39;.当李的父亲告诉儿子自己刚刚在学校看过马时,他马上跑向这位女演员,并称她为“阿姨”。Ma, now 76, said: #39;He was a cheeky little chap and I really felt a warm spot for him,but never dreamed that we would end up married.现年76岁的马说:“他当时是个厚脸皮的小家伙,我还真是蛮喜欢他的,但是从来没想过我们会结婚。”#39;He was just the son of a school friend to me back then. I was stunned after years of knowing him when he proposed and told me he loved me.“他当时仅仅是我校友的儿子,认识他几年后当他向我求婚并说爱我时,我也是不知所措。”#39;It was then that I realised that I actually had grown very fond of him too.#39;“也是在那时我才意识到实际上我也已经非常喜欢他了。”Li said:#39;From the age of 20, my parents introduced many girls to me but I refused allof the girls with different excuses. In fact, Ma Yuqin had been my idol all the time, and no others could hold a candle to her.李说:“从20岁开始,我父母给我介绍很多女孩子,但是我用各种借口拒绝了她们。实际上,马玉琴始终都是我的偶像,任何人都无法与她相提并论。”#39;Wherever Ma went to give performance, I would go to watch. It was at these performances that we got close, we would go for dinner afterwards or chat in bars.#39;“无论马去哪里表演,我都会去看。正是通过这些表演,我们的关系变得亲密,表演过后,我们会去吃饭或者去酒吧里聊天。”When he was 27, Li joined Ma on stage and the pair began to perform together. After their first season - and undaunted by the age gap, Li proposed to the object of his affections, who was then 59.当他27岁的时候,李在舞台上加入了马,于是一起表演。在一起表演一段时间过后,李向马求婚,当时她已经59岁了。Li#39;s parents were so horrified by their son#39;s unlikely match that they told him he should be ashamed and that he must abandon his mature fiancee, who was also adivorced mother-of-two.李的父母为此感到紧张不安,他们对他说他应该为此感到羞耻,并且一定要抛弃这个成熟的未婚妻,当时她已经离婚,并且有两个孩子。Li#39;s father threw him out of the house and announced publicly that he disowned his son.李的父亲将他赶出了家门,并公开宣布断绝父子关系。Ma#39;s two sons also lashed out at their mother#39;s relationship, while Li says neighbours laughed at the pair.马的两个儿子也是猛烈的抨击母亲的这段关系,李说他们都被邻居们嘲笑。Li#39;s mother died in 2006, reportedly weakened by her son#39;s bizarre love match.李的母亲2006年去世,据说是受到了儿子婚事的刺激。Despite this opposition, the unlikely lovers said their vows and have defied the oddsby living a happy life together.尽管遭到反对,两人还是结婚了并愉快的生活在一起。Ma said:#39;I hope it goes on for many more years.#39;马说:“我希望这样的感情能继续持续下去。” /201412/347790

In the club trade, they are called PIs — it stands for “possibly intoxicated”. It’s a nice way of saying someone has drunk too much, and there is a list of things to look out for: falling over, falling asleep, crying or showing other signs of distress.在酒吧行业,他们被称为PI,意思是“潜在醉鬼”(possibly intoxicated)。这是一种形容某些人喝得太多的婉转表达方式,而且对于这些人你还要提防一系列状况的发生:跌倒在地、酒醉不醒、嚎啕大哭或者表现出其他痛苦的迹象。The staff don’t want anyone in the club who is overly drunk but they also don’t want to chuck them out on the street. So they bring them to a quiet area that acts as a holding bay and that’s where I come in. I’m part of a team of Christian volunteers called Club Angels, who work inside nightclubs and bars to assist those who are in a state. Sometimes we just provide a listening ear.工作人员都不愿意看到酒吧里有人喝得烂醉如泥,但他们也不想把这些酒鬼扔到大街上去。于是他们把这些人带到一个安静的类似于控制间的地方,那也是我发挥作用的地方。我是基督教志愿者团队“天使俱乐部”(Club Angels)中的一员,我们在夜店和酒吧里工作,帮助那些出状况的人。有时,我们只是倾听而已。A-level results night was mayhem. All I did was take sick buckets from people’s hands, empty them into the loo and give them back again. I’m not fazed by the sick, I’m being useful. And who else would do it if we didn’t? It’s not actually that bad to deal with: normally the clubbers haven’t eaten, they’ve just been drinking cocktails or J#228;gerbombs.一级战备状态的夜晚是一片混乱。我不断地把人们手里的呕吐桶接过来、倒在厕所里然后再递回给他们。我不怕那些呕吐物,我是在帮忙。如果我们不去做,还有谁会做?事实上,处理这个并没那么糟糕:通常来说,泡吧的人都没有吃饭,他们只是一直在喝鸡尾酒或者野格炸弹(J#228;gerbomb)。We always have baby wipes, alcohol gel, rubber gloves and hairbands to tie people’s hair back. We also carry sugary sweets and tissues. I focus on the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Croydon. People see stories in newspapers of drunk young people in city centres and they think, how debauched — they are drunk for the sake of it. But often it will be because those young people are dealing with problems, the same reason why older adults drink.我们总会带着婴儿湿巾、酒精凝胶、橡胶手套以及可以把头发固定到脑后的发带。我们还会带些糖果和纸巾。我主要在位于克罗伊登(Croydon)的“老虎”(Tiger Tiger)夜店工作。人们在报纸上看到关于市中心那些喝得酩酊大醉的年轻人的报道,想到的是:多么堕落——他们是为了喝醉而喝醉。但是,这通常是因为这些年轻人遇到了问题,与年长些的成年人喝酒的原因如出一辙。Meeting someone in a club when they are intoxicated is strange because they open up more than they usually would. Sometimes I sit and listen to someone and I think, I’m not surprised you’ve had a lot to drink. I would have a lot to drink if that happened to me.在酒吧里与喝醉的人见面感觉怪怪的,因为他们比平时更愿意倾吐心事。有时侯,我坐下来听着某个人说话,然后我会想,难怪你喝了这么多。这事儿要是摊到我头上,我也得喝多。One girl had just had a job interview and the guy interviewing her had come on to her. He said, “If you come back to mine, you can have the job.” The same girl was a full-time carer for her brother, who was very sick. Another person had had a recent abortion, another’s dad had been diagnosed with cancer. They are dealing with heavy problems so they are out drinking to relieve some of that pressure.有个女孩刚刚参加完一次面试,面试官竟然轻薄她。他说:“如果你默许的话,你就能得到这份工作。”这个女孩还要全天候照顾患有重病的哥哥。另外一个人最近刚流产,还有一个人的父亲被诊断出癌症。他们都在应对难以克的困难,因此出来喝酒释放压力。By day I’m a Pilates and yoga instructor, and I’ve also done some stand-up comedy. But I first heard about Club Angels at church. A speaker came to talk about it and she said, “This is an initiative we are setting up in London, would anyone like to volunteer?” I thought, that’s something I could do. I could identify with those people who have had too much to drink and need helping out.白天,我是一名普拉提(Pilates)和瑜伽教练,还会表演一些栋笃笑。不过,我在教会里第一次听说了“天使俱乐部”。一名演讲者来到教会发表了有关它的演讲,她说:“我们打算在伦敦开展这项计划,有人愿意当志愿者吗?”我当时想,不错啊,我可以做。我对那些喝得太多、需要帮助的人们有同情心。My church, Central London Vineyard, is not like others. It’s a group that meets at night in a bar in Soho. It’s not a big building with singing, stuff that people are turned off by. It’s just real people like me.我所属的教会——伦敦中央葡萄园(Central London Vineyard),和其他教会不一样。教友都是晚上在苏荷区(Soho)一家酒吧见面,没有那些让人兴趣索然的演唱和宏大的建筑,只有一些像我一样的活生生的人。People are a bit suspicious of someone doing something for nothing. But Club Angels are not preaching, and we don’t try to convert people. We’ve got printed on our T-shirts, “PS We’re Christians, ask us if you want to know more.” And that’s it.人们会对某些人不图回报地做一些事产生些许怀疑。但天使俱乐部不布道,我们也不试图说别人皈依。我们的T恤上印着一行字:“PS We’re Christians, ask us if you want to know more(顺便提一句,我们是基督徒,如果你想了解更多,我们有问必答)”。仅此而已。At the start of a shift we pray for the night, the staff, for joy and happiness for the clubbers and for everyone to have a great night. We finish at 3am. If there was lots of drama and tears and stories that night, I’m often still buzzing and stay up for a bit when I get home. I’m a night owl, and the work suits people who still have mindful energy late at night.每次开始工作前,我们都会为那个夜晚、为那些工作人员祈祷,为泡吧的人幸福快乐祈祷,为每个人都能度过一个愉快的夜晚祈祷。我们凌晨3点结束工作。如果当天晚上非常闹腾、有太多泪水和故事,那么我回到家后通常仍然脑子嗡嗡的,会多再过一会再睡。我是个夜猫子,这份工作适合那类深夜仍然精力充沛的人。I also go out clubbing and drinking — but I don’t drink when I’m on duty. I’m never tempted because it’s not about me. I need to be on my best form. But it’s important that all of us have drunk alcohol and been in clubs so we can relate. I’m definitely not coming at it from a squeaky-clean perspective.我也会出去泡吧、喝酒——但我不在当值时喝酒。我也从来没有禁不住诱惑的时候,因为当值时不喝酒不是为了我自己。我需要保持最好的状态。但是我们都会喝酒也常出入酒吧,这很重要,因为这样我们才能感同身受。我绝对不会以圣人的角度来看待喝醉的人。 /201503/365312

Women are hitting back at all those who have #39;make-up shamed#39; them, or accused them of wearing make-up in order to please other people, with a powerful social media campaign which sees them posting images of themselves with just a half their face covered in cosmetics, while the other half remains completely bare.女性们正在对所有那些羞辱她们化妆或指责她们化妆是为了取悦别人的人进行反击,她们开展了一个有影响的社会媒体活动,上传自己一边脸化妆而另一边完全素颜的照片。The movement was inspired by a called The Power of Make-Up, which was created by 21-year-old YouTube make-up guru Nikkie de Jager, whose channel NikkieTutorials has over 1.2 million followers.这个活动的灵感来自一个叫“化妆的力量”的视频,是由YouTube上21岁的化妆大师Nikkie de Jager创作的,她的NikkieTutorials频道拥有超过120万粉丝。#39;I#39;ve been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say that they love make-up, #39;cause nowadays, if you say that you love make-up, you either do it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you#39;re insecure, or you do it because you don#39;t love yourself,#39; she says at the beginning of the original .她在这个原创视频开始时说:“我最近注意很多女孩几乎不好意思说她们喜欢化妆,因为现在,如果你说你喜欢化妆,那你这样做要么因为想要在男孩子面前看起来漂亮,要么因为你没有安全感,再就是因为你不喜欢自己。”Nikkie#39;s message inspired make-up-loving women all over the world to perform their own half-glam-half-natural looks and post selfies of the results to social media. Many of the women also included their reasons for wearing make-up.Nikkie的说法给了全球爱化妆的女性灵感来展现她们半迷人半自然的相貌,把半面妆的自拍照发到社交媒体上,很多女性还附上了化妆理由。#39;Yesterday I watched my favourite youtuber @NikkieTutorials on her ;Power of Makeup; ,#39; writes one fan. #39;I loved what she did and did my own version of it. I wear makeupbecause its fun, I don#39;t wear it because am insecure or so ppl would like me. #39;一个粉丝写道:“昨天我看了我最喜欢的YouTube作者NikkieTutorials的#39;化妆的力量#39;的视频,我喜欢她所做的,我自己也化了。我化妆是因为好玩,而不是因为没有安全感或为了让别人喜欢我。”#39;I don#39;t care if people judge me, thinking that I do makeup because I don#39;t love myself,#39; says another. #39;Gurl Please, I LOVE myself with and without makeup. Makeup is like art, you draw with your face as a canvas, and I love doing it because I like to transform myself into the mood I am on that day.#39;另一个粉丝说:“我不在乎人们对我的评价,以为我化妆是因为我不喜欢自己。拜托,化不化妆我都很喜欢自己,化妆就像艺术,你就把脸当作画布在上面作画,我喜欢化妆是因为我喜欢随当天的心情来化妆。” /201507/388100

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