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河南祛疤哪个医院好郑州割双眼皮哪家好郑州大学附属医院纹眉价钱费用 Business商业报道Broadcasting in Australia澳大利亚广播业The news on Nine九公司近况A networks IPO shows investors are nervous about broadcasters prospects这家网络公司的IPO显示出投资者们对于广播公司前景的担忧。DAVID GYNGELLS first child was born the night after he helped to arrange a recapitalisation of Nine Entertainment.David Gyngell的第一个孩子正好出生在他协助安排的Nine Entertainment资本重整的隔天晚上。The deal saved Australias second most popular free-to-air television network from administration.这笔交易拯救了澳大利亚第二大免费直播电视广播公司免于重组。A year on, Nines chief executive is about to see his corporate baby toddle onto the stock exchange.一年之后,这位九的首席执行官将要看着他的公司婴儿蹒跚着走向股票市场。Nine is due to re-list on December 6th with an expected market capitalisation of about A billion.九将在12月6日得到大约20亿澳元的市场融资。Nines controlling shareholders, Oaktree Capital Management and Apollo Global Management, two American hedge funds, will reduce their combined stakes from 53% to 36%.九的控股股东,两家美国的对冲基金橡树资本管理公司和阿波罗全球管理公司一共持有的股份将从53%减少到36%。They are taking advantage of a rising equity market, of Nines rising ratings and of its growing share of the metropolitan free-to-air advertising market.他们打算好好利用资本市场的上升势头,也是好好利用第九不断上升的评级和它不断上升的大城市地区广告市场占有率。The share issue, however, is not being underwritten by its joint lead managers—two global banks, UBS and Morgan Stanley, and two local ones, Commonwealth and Macquarie.然而这次发售股份却不被他的共同管理公司—UBS和根斯坦利两大国际以及Commonwealth和Macquarie两大本国所认可。This suggests that some investors may be wary about backing a free-to-air broadcaster when digital advertising is growing apace and the government is rolling out a national broadband network.这说明,在电子广告业稳步发展而且政府正在全国推广宽带网络之时,投资者们在投资一家免费收视的广播公司时会小心谨慎一些。The free float will be limited to one-third of the new shares.公众持股量将会被限制在新发行股票的三分之一以内。Nine has endured as much drama as an episode of Hostages.九曲折离奇的经历如同《人质》中一样。Late last year the broadcaster was facing bankruptcy until a proposal by Oaktree and Apollo to convert its more than A billion of debt into equity was finally accepted by other lenders.去年下半年,这家广播公司曾濒临破产。直到橡树和阿波罗把30亿澳元的债务转变为股权的提议被其他借贷方接受后,这次危机才化解。The hedge funds then took control of Nine from CVC, a private-equity group which had bought the company for A.6 billion in stages between 2006 and 2008, at the height of the bull market.两家对冲基金接着又从CVC手中接过了九的控制权。CVC是一家私募投资集团,于2006至2008年,也就是牛市顶峰时,分阶段以56亿澳元买下了这个公司。CVC had in turn purchased Nine from James Packer, whose father, Kerry, controlled the network until his death in 2005.CVC则是从James Packer,2005年去世前一直掌管公司的Kerry之子手中买下的九。James Packer wanted to redeploy the familys wealth from media into casinos.James Packer当时想把家族的资金从媒体业转投业。Earlier this year Nine bought stations in Adelaide and Perth from WIN, another broadcaster.今年早些时候,九从另一家广播公司WIN买下了阿德莱德和珀斯的广播频道。With these and its existing operations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Nine has a national metropolitan network for the first time.这两个频道,再加上它已有的在布里斯班,墨尔本和悉尼的运营部门。Nines share of the metropolitan broadcast-advertising market has risen to within three percentage points of that of Seven Network, the leader, if Nines newly acquired stations are included.九第一次建立了一个全国性的大都市广播网络。如果加上新近得到的广播频道九在主要城市电视广告市场占有的份额和行业领头羊七广播公司的差距已经不到3个百分点。Third-placed Ten, chaired by Lachlan Murdoch, has been struggling. By investing in Adelaide and Perth, Nine hopes to push up its ratings and advertising revenues by even more.Lachlan Murdoch领导的位于第三位的十公司则业绩惨淡。九希望能通过投资阿德莱德和珀斯进一步提高它的评级和广告盈利。However, Nine remains exposed to the ad cycle.然而,九容易受到广告周期的影响。Four-fifths of the groups revenue comes from television.该集团五分之四的盈利来自于电视业和企业活动。Digital media and events businesses bring in the rest.其余部分来自于电子媒体和商业。Moreover, online advertising is expected to overtake free-to-air TV as the leading ad category in Australia this year.此外,在线广告被认为将会在今年内取代免费电视成为澳大利亚的主要广告类型。For Mr Gyngell, Nine is a family affair.对于Gyngekk来说,九好像是家庭成员一样。His wife is a presenter and his late father, Bruce, was an executive there under Kerry Packer.他的妻子是一位主持人,而他的继父Bruce则曾在Kerry Packer时代任职执行官。Mr Gyngell may have ensured its survival for another generation.Gyngell希望能使公司继续存活,并传给下一代。 /201312/267324Theres an old saying that if you think youre in danger, you might ought to sleep with one eye open.老话讲的好,如果你发觉自己处于危险之中,你会只睁着一只眼睡觉。Well it turns out that many kinds of birds do just that.事实上许多鸟类确实如此。A group of scientists at Indiana State University studied mallard ducks to learn more about this trait.印第安纳州立大学的科学家们通过研究野鸭对它们的这一习性有了更深入的了解。They filmed a row of ducks while they were sleeping.他们在鸭子们睡觉时进行拍摄。Sure enough they found that a good part of the time the ducks at the ends of the row kept the eye facing away from the group open,while the eye toward the other ducks closed in sleep.果不其然,他们发现队伍两端的鸭子朝外的那只眼睛长时间睁着,而朝向其它鸭子的那只眼睛闭着睡觉。The ducks within the row were more likely to close both of their eyes to sleep.而队列中间的鸭子们睡觉时则双眼紧闭。The ducks at the ends of the line were actually controlling which side of the brain stayed awake,and which dozed.队列两端的鸭子实际上在控制哪边的大脑保持清醒与休息。They were engaging in what scientists call single-hemisphere sleep.这是处于科学家们所称的单边睡眠状态。The eye controlled by the sleeping side of the brain closed, while the active side kept its eye open and onthe lookout.被睡眠状态大脑控制的眼睛闭上,而被运转状态大脑控制的眼睛睁开进行警戒。You can see how this is good for the group and for the lookout duck as well.这种习性对整个群体及放哨鸭子而言非常有帮助。The group gets the protection from having someone pulling guard duty, while the guard duck is at least able to getsome rest.鸭群通过一些鸭子放哨获得保护,而同时放哨的鸭子得到了一些休息。201403/282102安阳市人民医院治疗痘痘多少钱

濮阳市去色斑多少钱Science and technology科学技术R D in America美国研发战略Bad medicine医学受阻Cutting American health research will harm the world美国削减医药研究经费,影响波及整个地球BARACK OBAMA, in his state-of-the-union speech on February 12th, called for a new era of scientific discovery.2月12日,巴拉克·奥巴马在国情咨文演讲中号召人民开启科研成果新纪元。Now is the time to reach a level of research and development not seen since the height of the space race, he declared.他宣布:自太空竞赛取胜以来,我们始终未能将科技研发推向一个新高度,现在是时候了。He praised projects to map the human brain and accelerate regenerative medicine.他还表扬了大脑活动图谱绘制工程和再生医学提速项目。This would mean spending more on research.这意味着他打算在科研上投入更多的经费。As The Economist went to press, Americas government was about to do the opposite.本期《经济学人》付印时,美国政府正欲背道而驰。Federal spending is due to be cut on March 1st, the result of a long brawl over the deficit.赤字当前,各政客长期意见不合,导致联邦自动减于3月1日强制启动。Complex politics triggered this sequester but the sequester itself is brutally simple.政局复杂导致了财政封存,但是财政封存却简单得要命。America will cut 85 billion from this years budget, split between military and non-military programmes.美国将在本年度预算中削减850亿美元,由军事开和非军事开共同分担。Among the areas to be squeezed is Ramp;D, and medical research in particular.研发项目开也将被削减,而医学研究首当其冲。For years America has enjoyed pre-eminence in research, but this is fading.美国历年都在科研方面独占鳌头,但现在她龙头的光环越来越小。Chinese investment more than quintupled from 2000 to 2010, to 160 billion, in 2005 prices.以2005年价格核算,2010年中国的研发投资是2000年的5倍多,达1600亿美元;Americas RD spending rose by just 22% over that period, according to the OECD.而据经济合作与发展组织称,同期美国只增加了22%。Research also makes up a smaller portion of Americas economy than some other countries.同时,研究经费在美国经济中所占的比例比其他一些国家都要小。In a ranking of RD spending as a share of GDP, America came tenth in 2011.A decade earlier it was sixth.在2011年研发开占GDP比例上,美国排名第十,而十年前,美国位居第六。Nevertheless, America remains the worlds biggest engine for innovation.然而,美国仍然是全球最大的创新引擎。It spent 366 billion on research in 2011, compared with 275 billion by all 27 countries of the European Union.2011年,美国在科研上投入了3660亿美元,而27个欧盟国家的总投入仅有2750亿美元。Despite Chinas rapid ascent, America still spends more than twice as much on Ramp;D. Subsidies help.虽然中国涨势迅猛,美国在研发上的开仍比中国高出1倍以上。Americas government pays for about one-third of all domestic research and for most basic science.这少不了补贴的功劳。美国政府承担国内三分之一左右的研究经费及多数基础科学费用。Medicine is one of the main beneficiaries.医学研究成了补贴的主要受益对象。Americas National Institutes of Health is the worlds biggest funder of biomedical research.美国国家卫生研究所是世界最大的生物医学研究投资方。It pays for risky basic science; companies pay for later stages of development.对于成功率较低的基础科学,开始阶段的研究由研究会买单,而后阶段的开发则由各大公司付。For example, the NIH supported early research into monoclonal antibodies.比如,NIH付了单克隆抗体早期的研发费用。By 2010 such research underpinned five of Americas 20 bestselling drugs.截至2010年,美国最畅销的20种药物中,有5种来自于这种方式。As drug firms trim their budgets, the NIHs work is becoming even more vital.药物公司的预算减少,NIH的作用就更加重要了。But since 2003, inflation-adjusted spending on medical research has declined.然而,由于通胀所迫,医学研究经费自2003年起也有所下降。With the sequester public investment will shrink further.由于财政封存,国家投资将进一步减少。Americas total outlay on RD will drop by 8.7 billion this year, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.据美国科学发展协会称,今年美国在研发上的总出会减少87亿美元。Francis Collins, the NIHs director, says that his organisation will spend 1.6 billion less in 2013—a cut of 5.1%—and 16 billion less over the next decade.NIH所长弗朗西斯?柯林斯说,今年,NIH的开也会缩减16亿美元,减少约5.1%。在未来十年内,将减少160亿美元;Hundreds of grants will not be awarded.数百项项目经费也将取消。Existing grantees will receive only 90% of the cash promised to them.已申请成功的人士也只能拿到约定经费总额的九成。These cuts will speed the erosion of American supremacy in research.美国在研究领域的龙头地位已经不保,以上各项开削减进一步加快了其下滑速度。In December Battelle, a research group, predicted that China would surpass Americas spending by 2023.去年12月,巴特尔研究中心预测,中国的科研经费将在2023年赶超美国。Thanks to the sequester, that date may come earlier.拜财政封存所赐,这天将来得更早了。But the real problem is absolute, not relative, and affects the whole world, not just America.然而,真正的问题在于,美国不仅会在研发开排名上下滑,也无疑将在研发进展上落后。这不仅会减缓美国发展,且影响会波及全世界。RD is a rare type of public spending that stimulates growth.能刺激经济增长的国家投资不多,研发就是其中之一。Knowledge is cumulative, easy to share and generates benefits that spill rapidly across borders.知识是可积累的,便于分享,而且还可以带来效益、造福各界。Dr Collins says that cuts to the NIH will slow work on Alzheimers disease, a universal flu vaccine and cancer therapies, to name just a few.柯林斯士说,削减NIH出,会减缓多种研究的进程,比如老年痴呆症、通用流感疫苗和抗癌疗法。 /201309/257663河南省郑州华山整形医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价钱费用 Science and technology科学技术Human evolution人类的进化Ask the family寻根问祖Human ancestry has just got more complicated人类祖先之谜变得愈加复杂了ONE of the oddest things about Homo sapiens is that he is alone.有关智人的最奇怪的事情之一就是他们在人类的进化史上十分孤独。Though storytellers have filled the world with imaginary hominids—from woodland pixies to mountain giants—no sign of the real thing has ever been seen.尽管故事家们想象出了许多人种来丰富这个世界,从森林里的小精灵到山上的巨人等等,但人们却从未找到能明这些人种真实存在的迹象。But that was not true in the past.但从过去来看,这样的说法并不正确。As recently as 40,000 years ago there were three other species of human on Earth: Neanderthals in Europe, the hobbits of Flores, in Indonesia, and a recently discovered and still mysterious group of creatures called the Denisovans, who lived in Central Asia.早在4万年前,地球上还存在另外三个人种:欧洲的尼安德塔人,印度尼西亚佛洛里斯岛上的霍比特人,以及最近才发现的一个叫丹尼索瓦人的神秘人种,该人种曾居住在亚洲中部。And now there is evidence that similar diversity existed earlier in human history, a little under 2m years ago, in Africa.而现在,人们在非洲又找到了另一个人种存在的据,该人种在人类进化史上出现的时间更早,距今约不到200万年。This evidence, just published in Nature, has been provided by a team led by Meave Leakey of the Turkana Basin Institute in Nairobi, Kenya.这些发表在《自然》杂志上的据是由肯尼亚首都内罗毕的图尔卡纳盆地研究所的一个研究小组提供的。Dr Leakey is a member of an illustrious palaeontological clan.该研究小组的领导人米芙利基来自一个著名的古生物学研究家族,Her husband, Richard, discovered in 1967 that the area around Lake Turkana is a good place to look for human fossils and made many important finds there; Richards parents, Louis and Mary, had earlier been responsible for showing the same was true of Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania; and in 1999 Dr Leakey herself found a new species of hominid, called Kenyanthropus platyops.1967年,她的丈夫理查德发现图尔卡纳湖附近区域是一块寻找人类化石的好地方,并在那里取得了许多重要发现。理查德的父母路易斯和玛丽曾在早些时候负责坦桑尼亚奥杜瓦伊峡谷的人类化石发掘工作。米芙?利基士本人曾在1999年发现了一个叫肯尼亚平脸人的新人种,At 3.5m years old Kenyanthropus predates Homo, the genus to which modern humans belong. Her latest discoveries, however, add to that genus, too.该人种距今已有350万年,其出现时间比现代人所属的智人还早。而她最新取得的发现成果又给这一人种增添了新成员。The problem with studying humanitys fossil record is that it is so sparse: a jawbone here; a braincase there.研究人类化石记录最大的问题是资源稀缺,Often, it is difficult to know if different bones have come from the same species or not.总是这儿一块颚骨,那儿一块头骨。Even multiple examples of the same type of bone can mislead.而且研究者通常很难分辨它们是否来自同一人种。What looks like two species might actually be the male and the female of one.即便是同一人种,不同样本也会给人带来误导,两块看起来像是来自不同人种的骨头实际上可能分属于同一人种的男性和女性。Such confusion has bedevilled the interpretation of the human fossils found near Lake Turkana.这种极易混淆的情况一直困扰着那些想要解读图尔卡纳湖附近人类化石的研究者们。Some palaeontologists see a single, variable species called Homo habilis.有一些古生物学家认为人种是单一的,即只有能人一种,其他人种都是能人的变异体。Others add a second, Homo rudolfensis.而另外一些古生物学家则认为除能人之外还有第二个人种,即卢尔多夫人。The new fossils found by Dr Leakey and her team may, however, help clear up what is going on.而利基士与她的团队最新发现的人类化石或许可以帮忙理清这些人种之间的关系。One of the new specimens, known as KMN-ER 62000, has a face like the type specimen of Homo rudolfensis, though it seems to be from an adolescent, whereas the type specimen is an adult.这些新发现的样本中有一个被标为KMN-ER 62000的新样本,其脸型与卢尔多夫人样本的脸型相似,Crucially, 62000 has a reasonably well-preserved upper jaw, which the type specimen lacks.尽管62000样本看起来像是来自一个青少年,而卢尔多夫人化石样本则属于一个成年人。A computer reconstruction suggests this upper jaw meshes well with the second of Dr Leakeys discoveries, a lower jaw.关键是,62000样本拥有一个保存尚算完好的上颌,而这正是这一类型的样本所缺少的。She is not suggesting they are from the same individual, since they are of different ages, but they seem to come from the same species, namely Homo rudolfensis.一张电脑重建图显示这一上颌与利基士发现的第二个人种的一个下颌样本十分吻合。由于两块骨头分属两个年龄不同的人,因此利基士并不认为这两块骨头是来自同一个人的,但看起来这两块骨头的主人属于同一人种,即卢尔多夫人。Equally significantly, a different computer reconstruction shows that the upper jaw of 62000 does not match another famous fossil from the area, known as KMN-ER 1802.同样重要的是,另一张电脑重建图显示,62000样本的上颌与KMN-ER 1802样本并不吻合。This was found in 1973 and had previously been thought likely to be the lower jaw of rudolfensis.KMN-ER 1802这块有名的样本化石同样来自这个地区,1973年人们发现它时曾认为这块下颌骨可能属于卢尔多夫人种。What 1802 actually is, is now obscure.现在人们仍旧无法弄清1802样本到底属于哪个人种。It is too different from what this chain of reasoning suggests was the shape of Homo rudolfensis to be explained by sexual dimorphism, unless the sexes differed in this species in ways not seen in any other primate.这一推理链认为它是卢尔多夫人,并以人种的两性差异来解释其外形差异;但这一差异实在太大,除非这一人种的两性差异在其他灵长类动物中见所未见方能自圆其说。But its previous attribution was made because it does not look much like Homo habilis either.但之前人们之所以将其归为卢尔多夫人种是因为它看起来也并不像是能人的下颌。It seems then that at least two, and possibly three species of Homo were stalking the east-African savannah a little under 2m years ago: habilis, rudolfensis and something as yet unnamed.这样看起,在距今不到200万年前,曾有三个人种在东非大草原上生活过:能人,卢尔多夫人,以及一个尚未被命名的人种。The intertwining history of the human family and the Leakey family has just become even more complicated.利基家族一直都致力于研究人类大家族的历史,现在二者之间的关系交织在一起,使历史更加复杂了。 /201402/275345郑州/金水区开韩式双眼皮多少钱

郑州大学附属郑州中心医院 治疗狐臭多少钱 Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:My friend ;Marianna; wont give me breathing room and cannot stop talking. She is constantly hanging on my arm, literally and figuratively. She is very emotionally clingy, calling as many as three times a day after spending six hours with me in school. I dont like talking on the phone and have hinted as much, but the hour-long conversations persist. She will also grab my hand and twist my fingers, tap my leg repeatedly with her foot, lean on me, etc. Its exhausting and annoying.我的朋友玛丽安娜从不给我喘气的机会,她一直说个不停。毫不夸张的说,她经常挂在我的胳膊上。她很黏人,在学校一起度过6小时候之后,她还会每天给我打三次电话。我不喜欢煲电话粥,也给过她很多暗示,但通话还是会持续个把小时。她还会抓住我的手,掰我的手指,用脚重复拍我的腿,靠在我身上等等。我感到十分的疲惫和懊恼。I dont want to hurt her feelings or end the friendship because shes usually a lot of fun. But I am sick of her constant chatter and lack of respect for my personal space. How can I politely give her the message to back off?我不想伤害她的感情或者中断我们之间的友情,因为她总是给我带来许多乐趣。但我讨厌她一直喋喋不休,不懂得尊重别人的隐私。我怎么才能让她明白我的意思,又显得礼貌呢?Dear Annoyed:亲爱的:The phone calls are easy—after youve had enough, say, ;I have to get off the phone now. Ill talk to you later,; and hang up. You also have the option of letting her calls go to voicemail. If she twists your fingers, yell ;ouch; loudly. The rest requires kindness and firmness. Its OK to tell Marianna that you treasure the friendship but are uncomfortable with so much physical contact. A real friend cares about your feelings, too.应付电话很简单——你感到厌倦的时候,可以说“我得挂电话了。晚点再聊,”然后就挂掉电话。你也可以选择把她的来电转到语音信箱。如果她掰你的手指,就大声喊“哎哟”。你的态度要友善而且坚定。告诉玛丽安娜你很珍惜这段友情,但这么多的身体接触让你感觉不舒,这没什么问题。一位真正的朋友同样会在乎你的感受。原文译文属!201305/237951洛阳市脸上祛斑多少钱河南省郑州/华山整形医院注射隆鼻好不好



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