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The Pentagon has tapped some of science and technology’s greatest minds to help innovate U.S. military capabilities and culture, and members of this panel say they will continue serving in the Trump administration if asked.美国五角大楼一个专家委员会汇集了科技界最顶尖的一些精英和专家,帮助提高军队的实力与文化。这些精英人士说,他们愿意继续为川普政府效力。Eric Schmidt, the chairman of the board and chairman of Googles parent company, Alphabet, said he expects everyone to stay on to serve under retired General James Mattis, if the board is invited to continue its work.谷歌母公-字母表公司的董事会主席埃里克·施密特表示,如果收到邀请,委员会的每一个成员都愿意留下来,在退役将军马蒂斯领导下的国防部继续工作。“No one has told me they are leaving,Schmidt told reporters at the Pentagon Monday after a first board meeting since the presidential election.施密特星期一在大选后专家委员会的首次会议后告诉媒体说:“没有人通知我打算离开。”Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson told reporters the board is there to serve the country, not one particular administration.著名天体物理学家尼尔·德葛拉斯·泰森告诉记者说,该委员会的宗旨是务国家,而不是务于某一届政府。The Defense Innovation Board was created by Defense Secretary Ash Carter in April 2016 to incorporate some of the technological innovations and practices of Silicon Valley into the military.美国国防创新委员会是国防部长卡特016月成立的,目的是将硅谷的技术创新发展运用到美国军方。The board voted Monday to approve 11 recommendations for the Department of Defense, including appointing a new chief innovation officer, establishing a career track for computer scientists in the military, and assessing cyber security vulnerabilities of advanced weapons.该委员会星期一投票批准了对国防部的11项建议,包括任命新的创新负责人,为军队中的电脑专业人员设定升迁路径,对高精尖武器的网络安全薄弱环节进行评估。来 /201701/487895。

  • Syria said Tuesday it accepts a cease-fire plan proposed by the ed States and Russia that would begin Saturday.叙利亚星期二表示,同意接受美俄提出的停火协议,协议星期六开始生效。A government statement said the military will continue its operations against Islamic State and al-Qaida-linked groups.叙利亚政府发表声明称,政府军将继续打击伊斯兰国组织和与基地组织有关联的团体。The U.S.-Russia plan does not apply to those militants, and any other groups have until Friday to confirm their participation. The main Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee said late Monday it agrees to the cease-fire as long as its demands for the lifting of sieges, delivery of humanitarian aid and an end of bombings of civilians are met.美俄停火协议不适用于这些激进分子,其他组织可在周五前确定是否参加停火。叙利亚主要反对-高级谈判委员会周一晚间表示,只要它提出的解除封锁、保人道救援物资运输以及停止对平民轰炸等条件得到满足,就同意停火。In a joint statement Monday, the U.S. and Russia said that under the plan parties involved in the conflict would limit any use of force to situations such as responding in self-defense. The parties would also agree to provide unhindered access to humanitarian groups delivering aid to besieged areas.美俄两国周一发表联合声明说,按照停火协议的规定,冲突各方只能在自卫时使用武力。参与停火的各方还同意让人道组织不受阻碍地为被围困地区运送救援物资。来 /201602/427712。
  • Ex-Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was buried with military honors Friday, 30 years after he was ousted in a People Power revolution. The ceremony began with a 21-gun salute as soldiers in parade dress and ceremonial rifles stood to attention at the ;Cemetery of Heroes; in Manila.菲律宾星期五0年前被人民力量革命赶下台的前独裁者费迪南马科斯举行了有军事礼仪的葬礼。星期五的葬礼是在马尼拉的英雄墓园举行,1响礼炮和军事仪仗队。Despite growing opposition from a coalition composed of Philippine human rights victims of the Marcos dictatorship, the Philippine’s Supreme Court ruled last week that Marcos could be buried at the cemetery.尽管马科斯独裁期间遭到迫害的很多菲律宾人权人士强烈反对,但是菲律宾最高法院上星期还是做出裁决,允许马科斯下葬英雄墓园。Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte approved the burial of the former dictator, disregarding the opposition’s rejection. Marcos body was flown secretly to Manila in an apparent effort to avoid protests. Thousands of riot police and soldiers guarded the perimeter of the cemetery and there were no protesters.菲律宾总统杜特尔特不顾反对派的意见,同意马科斯葬在英雄墓园。葬礼前马科斯的遗体被秘密运到马尼拉,以防抗议活动数以千计的防暴警察和士兵在墓园周围严密把守,没有抗议人群出现。Marcos died in exile in Hawaii in 1989 and his body was returned to his northern Philippine hometown of Batac in 1993. Since then, it has been displayed in a glass coffin and became a tourist attraction.马科斯在流亡期间989年死于夏威夷。他的遗993年被运回菲律宾,存放在马科斯的家乡巴塔克的水晶棺里,成为参观景点。来 /201611/479527。
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