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  • 崔天凯大使在亚洲协会颁奖晚宴上的致辞Remarks by Ambassador Cui Tiankai at the Asia Society 2013 Washington Awards Dinner2013年6月12日June 12, 2013女士们、先生们:Ladies and Gentlemen,晚上好!Good evening.感谢陈启宗主席对张业遂副部长和我本人的热情介绍。我很荣幸受张副部长委托,代他领取亚洲协会颁发的“外交成就奖”这一重要荣誉。我谨代表张副部长向亚洲协会致以诚挚的谢意。同时,我也向多尼隆助理和万豪集团总裁Arne Sorenson 获奖表示祝贺。Thank you, Ronnie, for your warm introduction and kind words about Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui and me. It’s my great pleasure to accept this Diplomatic Achievement Award on behalf of Vice Minister Zhang. We sincerely thank the Asia Society for this prestigious honor. I also want to offer my congratulations to Mr. Donilon and Arne Sorenson, President amp; CEO of Marriott International.正如陈启宗主席所介绍的,张副部长出任中国驻美国大使期间,积极促进两国沟通交流,广泛接触美国各界人士,为促进中美关系在各领域取得积极发展做出了重要贡献,成为华盛顿外交界最受尊重和欢迎的大使之一。他现在作为中国外交部副部长,继续为中国的外交事业而辛勤工作,也继续为推动中美关系发展发挥着重要作用。亚洲协会选择授予他这项荣誉,以表彰他所作的杰出贡献,我对此深感高兴。As Ronnie mentioned, during his tenure as the Chinese Ambassador to the ed States, Vice Minister Zhang dedicated himself to promoting communication and engagement between our two countries. He reached out to people from all walks of life and made unique contribution to China-US relations. He is one of most respected and popular ambassadors in the diplomatic circle in Washington DC. Now in his new post, Vice Minister Zhang continues to play an active role in China’s foreign relations and devotes a lot of time and energy on China-US relations in particular. As someone who have known and worked with Vice Minister Zhang for almost thirty years, I am really happy that the Asia Society has chosen to give him this special award in recognition of the great job he has done.几天前,中美元首刚刚结束在加州安纳伯格庄园举行的会晤,全世界都在关注此次会晤。作为此次会晤的亲历者和参与者,我想借此机会谈几点个人感受。As you know, just a few days ago, President Xi Jinping met with President Obama at Sunnylands, California. The world was watching this event very closely. As a witness and participant of the meeting, I take this opportunity to share with you some brief observations.这次会晤从形式和内容上,都堪称是一次历史性和战略性的会晤。It is truly a historic and strategic meeting between the top leaders of our two countries, both in terms of format and substance.此次会晤安排在美国大陆离中国最近的加利福尼亚州的安纳伯格庄园,没有欢迎仪式,没有21响礼炮,不打领带,但习近平主席和奥巴马总统一起度过了8个多小时,举行了两次会谈、一场工作晚宴、一起散步并共同会见记者。他们的谈话内容既涉及各自治国理念和内外政策目标,也有作为国家领导人面临的困难与挑战;既包括双边议题,也有国际地区和全球性问题;既谈合作,也不回避分歧。两国领导人交流的时间之长、涵盖议题之广泛、谈话质量之高,都是前所未有的。The meeting took place in America’s west coast which is geographically the closet to China in the continental US. There was no welcome ceremony, no 21-gun salutes and no ties. But the two presidents spent over 8 hours together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, including two working sessions and a working dinner. They also took a walk together and jointly met the press. They discussed a wide range of topics, from governance philosophies, domestic and foreign policy goals to the difficulties and challenges they face as state leaders. They covered bilateral relations as well as regional and global issues. They talked a lot about cooperation, but they did not shy away from differences. In terms of the length of discussions, the topics covered and the quality of conversation, this is truly unprecedented.这次会晤的最大成果,是双方同意共同努力,构建中美新型大国关系,做平等合作的伙伴。在国际形势发生复杂深刻变化的背景下,中美作为世界上最大的发展中国家和最大的发达国家,两国关系何去何从,不仅事关两国人民的根本利益,也事关亚太地区和世界的和平、稳定与繁荣。双方都认识到中美关系不能重蹈历史上大国之间“零和”对抗的覆辙,需要走出一条相互尊重、互利共赢的新路。The most significant outcome is that the two sides have decided to work together to build a new model of relations between the two big countries of China and the ed States.Against the backdrop of the rapidly changing international landscape, where the relationship between the largest developing country and the largest developed country is heading not only concerns the fundamental interests of the Chinese and American peoples, but is also closely associated with peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Both sides have recognized that we cannot afford to repeat the old path of rivalry and confrontation. We need a new path that features mutual respect and win-win cooperation.现在目标已经明确,方向已经找准,关键是双方要把这种意志切实转化为政策行动,体现为两国在诸多问题上的合作。双方还要把政府的共识转化为两国广大民众的共同认识,使构建中美新型大国关系的构想得到两国人民的持、理解和参与。During the meeting, the two presidents pledged to build a new model of relationship and make China and the US equal partners. So the goal is set and the direction charted out. The next key step is to translate this commitment into real policies and actions and let it be reflected in cooperation on various fronts. It is also important to bring the general public on board and make sure that the people in both countries share this vision and support and participate in the building of this new model of bilateral relationship.两国元首会晤后,双方都有一系列延伸性工作需要紧紧跟上。此次会晤的成功举行,让我们有充分理由相信,这种非正式的会晤,可以成为两国领导人互动的新模式。我们期待着奥巴马总统适时去中国举行类似会晤,期待两国元首尽快实现互访,并继续通过在多边场合举行双边会晤、通话、通信等方式保持密切沟通。中美双方正在积极筹备第五轮中美战略与经济对话和第四轮中美人文交流高层磋商,希望两个对话都取得成功。In the next few months, the two sides have a lot of follow up work to do. The success of the meeting gives us strong reasons to believe that such kind of informal meeting could be a new way of interaction for our leaders. We hope that President Obama will come to China for a similar meeting in due time. The two presidents have also agreed to exchange visits and maintain close communication through phone calls, correspondence and bilaterals during multilateral occasions.In addition, the two sides are now working closely on the upcoming Fifth round of Strategic amp; Economic Dialogue and Fourth High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange. We look forward to successful outcomes from both.这次元首会晤期间,习近平主席与奥巴马总统就在经贸、投资、能源、环境、人文、地方、亚太互动等广泛双边领域,以及朝鲜半岛、气候变化等诸多国际地区问题上开展合作达成重要共识。无论是在共同开发利用页岩气等清洁能源,还是建设高铁等基础设施,无论是在加强全球经济治理,还是共同维护和促进地区和平稳定,中美都存在广泛共同利益和巨大合作空间,有很多事情要共同去做。At Sunnylands, the two presidents reached a lot of consensus on bilateral issues including economic and trade relations, investment, energy, environment, people-to-people ties, sub-national cooperation and interactions in the Asia-Pacific region. They also agreed to work together more closely on Korean Peninsula, climate change and many other regional and global issues. From shale gas and clean energy to speed railway and infrastructure, from global economic governance to regional peace and stability, China and the ed States have much vast common interests and there is a lot that we can achieve together.与此同时,我们也需要妥善处理涉及国家主权领土完整的老问题,以及海洋权益、网络安全等新问题,避免这些问题干扰两国关系发展的大局。At the same time, we also need to carefully and properly deal with long standing sovereignty and territory issues as well as emerging challenges such as maritime interests and cyber security, and make sure that these issues will not block the way forward for the overall bilateral relationship.我们清醒地认识到,一次会晤不可能解决中美之间存在的所有问题。中美构建新型大国关系是一个历史性任务,任重而道远。通过这次会晤,我们充分相信,只要我们坚定决心,拿出行动,运用智慧,沿着两国元首指明的道路走下去,就一定能够完成这项前无古人、后启来者的伟大事业。With all that’s been said, we do know that we cannot address all the issues in our relations with just one meeting. To build a new model of relationship is a long-term mission and there is a long way to go. However, coming out the meeting, we are full of confidence that as long as we have the determination, as long as we put our wisdom and energy into it, we will be able to make this journey together that no one had ever done before and build a new model of relationship between our two great nations.最后我想说,这次元首会晤是中美双方过去几年来共同努力的结果。两国元首作出举行会晤的决定,并引领了整个准备过程。双方工作团队都很出色,并进行了有效的合作。感谢美方同事提议举行这次特殊、非正式会晤,特别要感谢多尼隆助理、拉塞尔高级主任。Before concluding, I would like to make an additional point. The Sunnylands meeting was the logical outcome of joint efforts by both sides in the last few years. The two Presidents made the decision to meet and gave us guidance throughout the preparation process. We also have two great teams working together for it. We are grateful to our American colleagues for putting forward the idea of having such a special but informal meeting. My thanks go in particular to Mr. Tom Donilon and Mr. Danny Russel. /201306/245210。
  • A lot of women in politics (we’re not naming names!) have been criticized for spending too much time and money on their hair, but Hillary Clinton certainly isn’t one of them.很多政治女性 (我们不指名道姓!)已经为花太多的时间和金钱在她们的头发上而遭受批评,但希拉里克林顿显然不在其中。“I do not travel with any hairdresser, or anybody, to help me do that,” Clinton said during the Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012 special, which aired Wednesday night on A News.“我不和任何理发师一起出行,或任何帮助我做头发的人,”克林顿在2012年特辑芭芭拉·沃尔特斯十大最精人物上说,周三晚上于A新闻上播出。And get this: She doesn’t even stop by a salon while traveling to get her hair done before a big event. “It just got to be really burdensome to try to find a hairdresser in some city, somewhere, oftentimes not being able to speak English, that at least I could communicate with,” she added.因此结论是:在一件大活动之前去做头发时她甚至不会为一个沙龙而驻足。“这只是会真的压力很大,在某个城市某个地方试图找到一个美发师,通常不能说英语,那至少我可以与之沟通,”她补充道。That’s why Clinton decided to take matters into her own hands. “It became simpler to just grow it.”这就是为什么克林顿决定把问题交到自己手里。“随它生长就变得更简单。”But Clinton made it clear that hair styling is not her forte. “I’m not very competent myself. I’ve been admitting that for years, which should be obvious to everyone,” she joked.但克林顿明确表示发型设计并非她的专长。“我自己并不是很能干。多年来我已经承认这点,这对每个人都应该是显而易见的,”她开玩笑说。And though she deals with much more important issues than what she wears or how she does her hair, Clinton doesn’t mind that her appearance is often a hot topic. “It’s fascinating to me how people are so curious about it,” she shared. Tell us: Are you surprised that Clinton does her own hair?尽管她要处理比她的穿著或她自己怎么做头发更重要的问题,但克林顿并不介意她的外表往往是一个热门话题。“吸引我的是人们对此是多么好奇,”她分享道。告诉我们:你对克林顿自己做头发惊讶吗? /201212/214595。
  • Smarter than the average bear: The first case of ursine tool use.一只特别聪明的熊:第一只会用工具的熊。PRIMATES apart, few mammals employ tools. Sea otters use rocks to smash clams open, dolphins wrap sponges around their noses to protect themselves while they forage on the seabed, elephants swat insects with branches and humpback whales exhale curtains of bubbles totrap schools of fish. Until now, these four examples had been thought the extent of the non-primate mammalian tool-users club. But a study just published in Animal Cognition, by Volker Deecke of the University of St Andrews, in Britain, has added a fifth and rather surprising one. That epitome of rugged wildness, the grizzly bear, seems to be the only species other than humans to have invented the comb.除了灵长类动物,会使用工具的哺乳类动物屈指可数。海獭会在石头上砸开蛤蜊;海豚在海床上觅食时,会将海绵绑在鼻子上以保护自身;大象会用树枝拍打昆虫;驼背鲸会呼出阵阵气泡来困住鱼群。至今,人们仍认为非灵长类动物中只有这四种会使用工具。但英国圣安德鲁大学的Volker Deecke在《动物认知》上刚发表的研究指出了第五种会用工具的动物,而且是令人相当意外的一种。粗犷野性的象征——灰熊,看来是除了人类以外唯一一种发明了梳子的动物。Dr Deecke made this discovery while studying grizzly-bear behaviour from a small boat in GlacierBay National Park, Alaska, on July 22nd 2010. After a period of play-fighting with another bear and a short bout of feeding on a beached whale carcass, a bear of between three and five years of age, sex unknown, waded into the shallows of the bay. Once there, it picked up a fist-sized rock and carefully rotated it for about a minute before dropping it back into the water. Moments later, it picked up another, of similar size, and again rotated it. This time, rather than discarding the stone, it held it against its muzzle and started to rub. Using its left paw to press the rock against its skin and its right paw to support the rock#39;s weight, the bear rubbed away at its muzzle and face for roughly a minute before dropping the stone back into the water. Then it grabbed a third stone of the same size, rotated it and rubbed its face, muzzle and neck for a further two minutesbefore discarding it. This done, it spent two minutes grooming its right paw with its teeth before returning to the whale carcass.这一点是Deecke士于2010年7月22日在阿拉斯加冰河湾国家公园一艘小船上研究灰熊习性时发现的。一只灰熊(年龄3-5岁,性别未知)在与另一只熊打闹了一阵并吃了一点被冲到沙滩上的鲸鱼尸体后,涉水来到了海湾的浅滩中。在那,它捡起了一块拳头大的石头,小心翼翼地旋转了约一分钟后,将其扔回水中。片刻之后,它又捡起了另一块差不多大小的石头旋转起来。但这次它没扔掉石头,反而把石头放到口鼻处开始来回磨蹭。那只熊用左掌将石头按在皮肤上,用右掌托着石头,将石头在口鼻和脸上蹭了大约一分钟后才将石头扔回水里。然后,它捡起第三块同样大小的石头并在旋转后用来磨蹭脸、口鼻和脖子将近两分钟后将其扔掉。做完这些后,它又花了两分钟用牙齿来梳理右掌的毛,之后便回到鲸鱼尸体处。Dr Deecke found, upon close examination of his photographs, that all three rocks were encrusted with barnacles and he reckons these were acting as the functional equivalent of the teeth of a comb. He thinks the bear was probably using its makeshift combs for comfort, rather thanvanity. But crucially for the concept of tool-use, the animal#39;s rejection of the first rock it picked up shows a discriminating understanding of what was required to get the right amount of scratching from a comb; which rock, in other words, was the tool for the job.Deecke士在仔细研究所拍照片后发现,那三块石头上都粘有藤壶,而他认为这些藤壶的功能梳齿一样。Deecke士认为,那只熊自制梳子可能是想让自己舒,而不是为了美观。但是,那只熊没有用它捡到的第一块石头,这说明它有能力判断子什么样的梳子才好用;换言之,就是哪块石头可以拿来当梳子。这一点对判断动物是否会使用工具至关重要。An important question from a biological point of view is whether this animal#39;s behaviour is unique. Other tool-using mammals are social species. That means one individual#39;s chance invention is easily copied by others of its group, resulting in a primitive culture. Grizzly bears have not been considered particularly sociable in the past, but if others in Glacier Bay are seen combing themselves in this way that view might have to change. It might, though, be that Dr Deecke#39;s preening animal is unique. That would suggest it came up with the idea of using rocks as combs by itself, rather than copying someone else-truly smarter than the average bear.在此,有一个很重要的生物学问题:是不是只有这一只熊会使用工具?其他会使用工具的哺乳类动物都是群居动物,也就是说个体偶然的发明很容易被群体里的其他成员模仿,从而形成原始的文化。过去,人们并不认为灰熊具有明显的群居特征,但如果冰河湾有其他灰熊被发现使用这种方法梳理毛发,那上述观点就可能会被推翻。不过,也有可能只是Deecke士看到的那只梳理毛发的熊比较特别罢了。那就意味着这只熊拿石头当梳子是自己的原创,并非模仿——果然是只特别聪明的熊。 /201209/201297。
  • “清感2号方”防治儿童甲流 20家中医医院有售市20家中医医院儿科今起设流感专台  防甲流儿童清感2号公布(Appear on the market on the 2nd)  为应对可能持续的大规模儿童流感样病例集中就诊压力,从今天开始,本市设有儿科的全部20家中医医院都要设置“中医药防治甲流儿科专台”,随时为患者提供治疗儿童流感的10余种中成药和“儿童清感2号方”的饮片和代煎剂。。
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