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A spike in air pollution in Beijing and other Chinese cities has brought concern over auto fumes to the fore in the world#39;s largest car market, but analysts say trucks and older cars─rather than new passenger vehicles -- lie at the heart of China#39;s current pollution woes.在中国这个世界最大的汽车市场,北京和其他中国城市的空气污染突然加剧,令人们对汽车尾气排放的担忧变得突出,但分析师说,中国当前污染祸患的重点是卡车和较为老旧的汽车,而不是新的乘用车。China overtook the U.S. as the biggest auto market by number of new vehicles sold in 2009. Last year, Chinese customers bought 19.3 million vehicles, a figure the semiofficial China Association of Auto Manufacturers forecasts will grow a further 7% this year.2009年,以新车销量计算,中国取代美国成为世界最大的汽车市场。去年中国消费者总共购买了1,930万辆车,根据半官方的中国汽车工业协会的预测,这个数字今年还将增长7%。A fourth day of severe pollution across large parts of China has put scrutiny on industries that contribute to China#39;s pollution problems, including auto makers, power companies, steel makers and other firms.中国大片地区的重度污染情况进入第四天,造成中国污染问题的一些行业因此受到人们审视,其中包括汽车制造商、电力公司、钢厂和其他一些公司。China has fewer cars on the road than the U.S. -- 92.7 million compared with about 245 million. But according to China#39;s Ministry of Environmental Protection, only 5.7% of China#39;s vehicles meet the country#39;s highest national Grade IV standards that limit toxic emissions from vehicles including greenhouse gas and tiny particulate matter known as PM2.5.中国上路行驶的车辆共有9,270万辆,低于美国约2.45亿辆的规模。但据中国环境保护部的数据,中国仅有5.7%的车辆符合最严格的国家第四阶段机动车污染物排放标准(国IV标准),该标准对包括温室气体和微小颗粒物PM2.5在内的废气排放做出了限制。The majority meet relatively low emission standards. The 10% of vehicles that don#39;t meet the minimal Grade I emission standard account for 40% of the total emissions of major pollutants, the ministry said.中国大多数机车都只符合相对较低的排放标准。环保部说,有10%的车辆不符合最低的国I排放标准,其排放的污染物占主要污染物总排放量的40%。#39;Mitigation of the problem lies much more in getting rid of old vehicles and improving traffic flow,#39; said Janet Lewis, an analyst at Macquarie Securities.麦格理券(Macquarie Securities)分析师刘易斯(Janet Lewis)说,缓和污染问题更多地在于取缔老旧车辆并改善交通拥堵状况。Public outcry about the recent spike in pollution could also motivate the government to re-examine its once-ambitious plans for electric vehicles, implementation of which have recently stalled.公众对最近污染加剧的强烈抗议可能还会促使政府重新审视其曾经雄心勃勃的电动汽车发展计划,该计划的实施近来陷入停顿。Long term, the current pollution crisis could prompt a rethink of Beijing#39;s policy on electric-vehicle technology, said Bill Russo, founder and president of auto consulting firm Synergistics Ltd. and a former Chrysler executive. #39;If pollution is becoming a very visible problem, then it could change attitudes about alternatives#39; such as clean diesel and conventional hybrid engines, he said.汽车行业咨询公司Synergistics Ltd.创始人兼总裁、曾任克莱斯勒(Chrysler)高管的拉索(Bill Russo)说,从长远看,当前的污染危机可能促使人们反思中国政府针对电动汽车技术的政策。他说,如果污染成为非常明显的问题,那它可能改变人们对替代技术的态度,比如清洁柴油和传统的混合动力发动机。Last year, the State Council, China#39;s cabinet, said it hopes output of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles reaches 500,000 by 2015 and 5 million by 2020.中国国务院去年说,希望纯电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车的产量2015年达到50万辆,2020年达到500万辆。However, progress has been slow on more immediate steps. For example, China has twice delayed the nationwide rollout of tighter vehicle-emissions standards amid opposition from the refining industry. Tighter emission standards have also met with resistance from truck-engine manufacturers as well as buyers of trucks. A.T. Kearney consultant Stephen Dyer estimates the additional cost for engine makers to comply with stricter rules at around 10,000 yuan (about ,600) per engine. #39;While this may only represent 5% of the total cost, engine makers say it#39;s enough to significantly impact sales,#39; he said.然而更为直接的措施进展一直很缓慢。举例来说,由于遭到炼油行业的反对,中国已经两次推迟在全国范围内推出更严格的汽车排放标准。卡车发动机制造商和卡车买家也抵制更严格的排放标准。咨询公司科尔尼(A.T. Kearney)的咨询师戴加辉(Stephen Dyer)估计,发动机制造商如果要遵循更严格的标准,每台发动机的成本将增加大约人民币1万元。他说,虽然这可能只占总成本的5%,但发动机制造商认为,这足以对销售造成重大影响。The Environment Ministry said in January 2012 that the National IV standards would be applied to diesel-engine vehicles from July 2013.2012年1月环护部说,从2013年7月起柴油车将实行国IV排放标准。China has other options, such as promoting the scrapping of old vehicles.中国还有其他选择,比如推进旧车报废。Last year, the city of Beijing offered financial incentives to car owners to get rid of older cars. But the amounts involved were modest -- up to around 16,000 yuan for larger cars.去年,北京市提供资金持以鼓励车主报废旧车。但鼓励额度并不高,报废大中型车最多能享受大约人民币1.6万元的补贴。Lin Huaibin, manager for China vehicle-sales forecasts at research firm IHS considers such incentives #39;a start#39; toward increasing the scrappage ratio in China, which currently stands at around 3% of total registered vehicles, considerably less than the U.S. rate of around 8%. Mr. Lin said it#39;s #39;pretty likely#39; that other Chinese cities will follow in the steps of Beijing.研究机构IHS中国汽车销售预测部门负责人林怀滨认为,上述刺激措施朝提高中国车辆报废率迈出了第一步。中国目前报废车辆占登记车辆总数的比例约为3%,远低于美国约8%的报废率。林怀滨说,中国其他城市很有可能会效仿北京的做法。The latest pollution episode also could see more Chinese cities introduce restrictions on auto purchases.最近这起污染事件可能会令中国内地更多城市引入车辆限购措施。Last year, the southern city of Guangzhou and the southwestern city of Guiyang joined Beijing and Shanghai by putting car-ownership restrictions in place that seek to relieve traffic conditions and limit air pollution.去年,南方城市广州和西南部城市贵阳也加入北京上海的行列,这两个城市将落实车辆限购措施,以缓解交通拥堵的现状,防止空气污染进一步恶化。It is unclear whether such moves could specifically result in a fall in auto sales. Macquarie#39;s Ms. Lewis said she didn#39;t expect any further restrictions on the purchase of new vehicles as a consequence of the recent pollution problems.目前还不清楚此举是否会导致汽车销量下降。麦格理券的刘易斯说,她预计最近一系列污染问题不会导致政府进一步出台新车限购措施。Beijing had about five million vehicles on the road at the end of 2011 or 260 vehicles per 1,000 people. As of the end of 2011, Guangzhou had 2.33 million vehicles on the road, meaning 180 vehicles per 1,000 people, according to a government-affiliated transportation think tank in the southern Chinese city.2011年底,北京约有500万辆汽车在路上行驶,平均每千人拥有260辆车。广州一家政府下属的交通运输方面的智库说,截至2011年底,广州有233万辆汽车在路上行驶,这意味着每千人拥有180辆车。There are more than 800 licensed vehicles for every kilometer of road in Beijing, data from the Beijing government show, compared with 306 vehicles in Hong Kong and 520 vehicles in Shanghai.北京市政府数据显示,在北京每公里道路上拥有牌照的车辆超过800辆,香港为306辆,上海为520辆。Globally, about one third of polluting emissions can be attributed to transportation-related sources, said Mr. Dyer of A.T. Kearney. Of this, about one-third is linked to passenger cars, one-third to commercial vehicles and the rest to other forms of transportation including airplanes and ships.科尔尼的戴加辉说,在全球范围内,大约三分之一的污染排放可以归因为与交通相关的污染源。其中大约有三分之一是乘用车造成的,三分之一是商业车辆,剩下三分之一是包括飞机和轮船在内的其它交通工具。However, in the case of Beijing about 50% of harmful emissions are caused by transportation sources, he said.但戴加辉说,就北京的情况而言,约50%的有害气体排放是交通污染源造成的。 /201301/220752The devastating earthquake that struck Sichuan province in southwest China on Saturday hit close to home for Liao Wenjun.上周六发生在中国西南四川省的破坏力巨大的地震,对廖文俊(音译)的打击很大。Pausing from his rice bowl during lunch break at a military hospital in Shengli, a village near the epicentre, the 30-year-old doctor recalled the traumatic event that claimed the lives of almost 200 people and injured another 12,000. “Some of my relatives were buried in the rubble, and we still haven’t pulled them out,” he said.在靠近震中的胜利村的一家解放军医院,这名30岁的医生在午休期间放下饭碗,回顾这个已导致近200人死亡、1.2万人受伤的创伤性事件。“我有一些亲戚被埋在废墟下,我们还没有把他们救出来,”他说。Gesturing at the main street where houses lie like dropped matchsticks, he added without showing much emotion: “Our house is just down there.”他指着房屋大面积倒塌、就像散落的火柴一样堆着的主要街道,然后脸上没什么表情地补充说:“我家的房子就在那边。”In Shengli, and other areas in the badly affected Lushan county, devastation from the worst quake to hit the area since 2008 met the eye everywhere.在胜利村以及芦山县境内其它严重受灾地区,地震造成的破坏比比皆是。芦山地震是自2008年以来中国发生的最大地震。Loose beams and broken furniture were scattered on the main street in Shengli – which means “victory” in Chinese – and the remaining buildings were too dangerous to enter.在胜利村的主要街道上,散布着脱落的横梁和受损的家具,仍未倒塌的建筑物岌岌可危,不能进入。“Get out of there right now!” yelled an army officer when he spotted a colleague trying to buy batteries in a shop.“快点出来!”一名军官在看到一个同事试图从商店购买电池的时候大声喊道。With aftershocks rocking the area repeatedly yesterday, villagers froze in fear each time they felt a fresh tremor. But the situation in Shengli and nearby villages paled in comparison with the 2008 quake that killed 90,000.昨日当地仍不断发生余震,村民们每次感觉到地动的时候,都吓得不敢动。不过,胜利村及邻近村子的情况与2008年导致9万人死亡的汶川大地震不可同日而语。One silver lining from that disaster was it sparked a big increase in civic involvement in disaster relief.那场灾难之后的一大进步,就是公民参与救灾的积极性大幅提高。Over the weekend, volunteers – many with hand-painted “earthquake rescue” signs taped to their cars – flocked to the disaster area. On the road to Longmen, a village where most houses were destroyed, so many private cars arrived with donations – mostly water, instant noodles and blankets – that police started turning them away because of heavy road congestion. Later yesterday, China’s cabinet said only official groups would be allowed access to reduce the traffic congestion.在刚刚过去的这个周末,大量志愿者赶往灾区,其中许多人的汽车上贴着手写的“地震救援”标记。在通往龙门乡(那里的多数房屋被毁)的道路上,众多私家车带着饮用水、方便面和毯子前来救灾,导致道路严重阻塞,警察开始指挥后面的汽车掉头返回。昨日稍后,中国国务院宣布,为减轻交通拥堵,只允许官方组织进入灾区。“In 2008, we all donated money but this time we decided to come ourselves to help,” said one man riding on a scooter as two friends rode astride another one. “We felt the earthquake in our county too but we know it is much worse over there, so we want to do whatever we can.”“2008年,我们都捐了钱,但这一次我们决定自己赶来出一把力,”一名骑在轻型托车上的男子说道。他的两个朋友骑在另一辆车上。“我们在自己的县里也感觉到地震,但我们知道灾区的情况糟糕得多,所以我们想要尽力而为。”Others were more organised. Feng Guangliang, an evangelical Christian from Hangzhou in east China, said his church formed a rapid-response team after the 2008 quake. Beijing tightly controls religious activities but independent churches are increasingly being tolerated when they operate in crisis areas.其他人则更有组织。来自华东杭州市的福音派基督徒冯光良(音译)介绍说,他所在的教会在2008年四川地震后组建了一个快速反应团队。北京方面对宗教活动严加管制,但在危机地区,独立教会的工作日益得到容忍。“We wanted a way to show God’s love,” said Mr Feng. “We bought a car that we keep in Chengdu, so we can be quick to arrive when there are earthquakes.”“我们希望有一条途径显示主的爱,”冯光良表示。“我们买了一辆汽车放在成都待命,这样我们在发生地震后能够快速赶来。”The government has tried to harness such enthusiasm via an official volunteer programme.政府试图通过官方的志愿者计划来调动救灾热情。“There were hundreds of people in line when we signed up to volunteer,” said Yang Ya, a 21-year-old who wandered through Shengli with his friends carrying a Chinese flag and a Communist flag. But the young men, who grew up in nearby Fenghuan village, were unsure how they would be able to help.“我们报名成为志愿者时,有几百人排队,”21岁的杨亚(音译)表示。他和几个朋友举着一面中国国旗和一面中共党旗在胜利村走来走去。但这些在附近的凤凰村长大的年轻男子不太清楚自己能帮上什么忙。Government rapid- response teams also had a large visible presence. The narrow mountain roads near the disaster zones were crammed with earth diggers, water trucks, ambulances and military convoys. Mobile phone repair crews were also mobilised and service had been restored to much of the area by last night.政府的快速反应救援团队也随处可见。在靠近灾区的狭窄山路上,挤满了挖土机、水车、救护车和军车车队。移动通信网络的维修人员也投入抢修,截至昨晚,大部分地区的手机务已经恢复。But not all of the official rescue efforts have gone smoothly. A convoy carrying thousands of tents was unable to reach the quake zone because the tents were loaded on to trucks too big for the mountain roads.但并不是所有官方救援努力都顺利展开。运载着数千顶帐篷的一个车队无法抵达灾区,因为这些卡车太大了,无法在山路上行驶。As a result, many families spent their first night after the earthquake in makeshift shelters they pitched on the street. Villagers also complained of a lack of food and water, since water supplies have been cut off.结果,很多家庭在街上搭起的简易小棚度过震后第一晚。村民们还抱怨缺乏食物和饮用水,因为供水中断了。“So many people come here but they all come empty-handed,” complained Yuan Shihua, a former village head of a hamlet in Taiping county. “There are lots of doctors, but we don’t have water or electricity. We’ve had no supplies delivered yesterday or today.”“很多人来到这里,但他们都空着手来,”太平镇一个村的原村长袁实华(音译)抱怨道。“医生有很多,但我们没有水,也没有电。昨天、今天都没人送基本必需品来。” /201304/236201

Are you better off than you were four years ago? Ronald Reagan#39;s famous question to voters in his 1980 campaign now looms over the 2012 presidential election. 你比四年前过得更好吗?里根(Ronald Reagan)在1980年总统竞选中向选民所提的这个问题现在开始笼罩2012年总统大选。 Barack Obama took office in January 2009-as credit markets stalled, stocks plunged and unemployment shot higher. Nearly four years later, many Americans have escaped the worst effects of the crisis. But they have made little progress beyond that, according to several measures of the U.S. economy. 奥巴马(Barack Obama)于2009年1月就任,当时随着信贷市场停滞,股票暴跌,失业率飙升。近四年后,许多美国人逃过了那次危机带来的最坏影响。但从美国经济的多个衡量指标来看,这些人除此之外并未取得多大进步。 The November vote is likely to turn on whether more Americans credit President Obama for averting financial catastrophe-a main assertion of his campaign-or blame him for a disappointingly weak recovery, the central message of Republican rival Mitt Romney. 今年11月的大选可能会取决于,认为奥巴马总统对阻止金融灾难有贡献(这是其一大竞选主张)的美国人多,还是认为他对令人失望的微弱复苏有责任(这是共和党总统候选人对手罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)向选民传递的一个核心信息)的人多。 Working-class Allentown and the surrounding area in the rolling hills of northeastern Pennsylvania reflect in many ways the overall U.S. economic experience and mood. Residents here have bounced back from some setbacks but are working harder to stay afloat. 在宾夕法尼亚州东北部连绵起伏的丘陵地带,以工人阶级为主的城市艾伦顿(Allentown)及其周边区域在一定程度上反映了美国整体的经济历程及民众的心态。这里的居民已经从某些挫折中反弹过来,但依然在加倍努力维持下去。 Jim Kelchner, 63 years old, lost his job when the housing bust triggered the closing of the lumber yard he managed. He collected unemployment insurance in 2009 for a few months. In 2010, he landed two part-time jobs: one as a maintenance man at a Lowe#39;s store, the other working in the warehouse of Coca-Cola Park, home to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, a triple-A minor league baseball team. 63岁的凯尔科纳(Jim Kelchner)管理着一座木料场,房地产泡沫破灭时,他丢了工作。2009年,他拿了几个月的失业保险。2010年,他找到了两份兼职:一份是在一家Lowe#39;s商店做维修员,另一份是在可口可乐公园球场(Coca-Cola Park)的仓库工作。该球场是棒球小联盟3A球队Lehigh Valley IronPigs的主场。 Mr. Kelchner earns what he made in 2009, about 0 a week, but he has to work 75 hours-much more than before. #39;I don#39;t get to see my wife as often,#39; he said. The struggle, he added, has been #39;just to get back to where I was.#39; He has voted for Democrats in the past but said he wasn#39;t sure how he would vote in November. 凯尔科纳赚到了和2009年差不多的薪水,大约每周750美元,但每周得工作75小时,时间比以前多得多。他说,“我没法和以前一样经常见到我的妻子了。”他说自己一直如此奋力挣扎“也仅仅是跟原先差不多的状况”。他以前给民主党投票,但他说还不确定今年11月会投给谁。 Mr. Obama says he inherited a sick economy from Republicans that will take more time to heal. Mr. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, says Mr. Obama made matters worse, and that he can better address the economy#39;s problems. 奥巴马说,他从共和党人那里接手了处于萧条状态、需要更多时间恢复的经济。而马萨诸塞州前州长罗姆尼说,奥巴马让事态变得更糟了,而且说自己能更好地解决美国经济的问题。 Voters appear split over whom to believe. In the six Wall Street Journal/N News national polls dating back to January, Mr. Obama#39;s handling of the economy has never won approving reviews from more than 45% of respondents, while between half and 53% have said they disapproved. The economy and jobs dwarf all other issues, according to the polls, yet Mr. Obama maintains a small lead over Mr. Romney. 在究竟该相信谁的问题上,选民似乎分成了两个阵营。在《华尔街日报》和美国全国广播公司(N)早在1月份所做的六项全国民调中,奥巴马对经济的处理手段均未获得超过45%受调查者的认可,表示不认可的人的比例在半数到53%之间。从这些调查来看,经济和就业是最突出的问题,但奥巴马目前依然以微弱优势领先罗姆尼。 The unemployment rate, at 8.3%, is higher under Mr. Obama than it has been for any president seeking re-election since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. On its face, that bodes poorly for Mr. Obama. But considering how high it was when he took office, at 7.8%, the figure is a more nuanced indicator. 奥巴马时期的失业率为8.3%,比罗斯福(Franklin Delano Roosevelt)以来寻求连任的任何一位总统在任时的失业率都高。表面来看这似乎对奥巴马不利。但考虑到他就任时高达7.8%的失业率,这个数字就是一个更微妙的指标了。 That is because the jobless rate rose more sharply, although from lower levels, during the first terms of some re-elected presidents. Since Mr. Obama#39;s inauguration in January 2009, it has risen half a percentage point. During George W. Bush#39;s first 42 months in office, it rose 1.3 percentage points, from 4.2% to 5.5%; and during Richard Nixon#39;s first term it rose more than two points, from 3.4% to 5.6%. 这是因为在某些连任总统的首任任期中,失业率增长得更剧烈,尽管本来水平就比较低。自奥巴马2009年1月就任以来,失业率增长了0.5个百分点。小布什(George W. Bush)上任后的42个月中,失业率从4.2%升至5.5%,涨了1.3个百分点;在尼克松(Richard Nixon)的第一个任期期间,失业率的涨幅超过了两个点,从3.4%升至5.6%。 Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter saw rising unemployment during what turned out to be their last year in office, and they weren#39;t re-elected. Under Mr. Obama, the rate has stagnated in 2012-a more favorable trend than the defeated presidents#39; showing. 在老布什(George H.W. Bush)和卡特(Jimmy Carter)的任期内,有一段时间失业率飙升,而这正好是他们任期的最后一年,最终他们没有连任。奥巴马任期内,失业率在2012年没有波动,与上述两位未能连任的总统相比,这是个更有利的趋势。 With the U.S. economy still balanced on a knife#39;s edge between improvement and decline, movements one way or another in coming weeks could affect voter views more than usual. Growth in the second quarter of the year slowed to 1.5%, the government reported last month, too little to bring down unemployment. 美国经济会好转还是衰退,这还很难说,但无论如何,未来几周的动作都会异乎寻常地影响选民的看法。政府上个月公布,今年第二季度的增长减缓至1.5%,不足以拉低失业率。 Signs of an incomplete recovery abound. Companies are leaner and more efficient, but wary of investing or hiring. Consumers have reduced debts substantially, setting the stage for better times, but remain worried about stagnant income and unemployment. 复苏不彻底的迹象比比皆是。各公司规模更精简更有效率,但在投资和招人问题上谨小慎微。消费者大幅削减债务,努力为更好的光景打基础,但却依然担心收入停滞和失业。 #39;The greatest question for Mr. Obama is whether he can overcome disappointment with the way he handled the economy,#39; said Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center. The prior state of the economy is of scant importance to voters, he said: #39;What he inherited and what he prevented doesn#39;t have the same weight as the judgments people make about what they see now.#39; 皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)负责人科胡特(Andrew Kohut)说,“对奥巴马来说,最大的问题在于他是否能战胜人们对他处理经济的方式的失望情绪。”他说,美国经济之前的状况对选民并不重要,“他所接手的以及他所阻止的,与人们对他们现在所看到的东西做出的判断并不具有同样的分量。” One metric looms ominously over Mr. Obama#39;s re-election effort: real disposable income. A measure of income after inflation and taxes, real disposable income per person has fallen 0.3% during Mr. Obama#39;s tenure. That compares poorly with presidents who successfully sought second terms and those who lost. The figure rose 10.2% under Mr. Nixon, 10% under Mr. Reagan, 5.2% under Mr. Clinton and 7.2% under George W. Bush. Stacked against Mr. Obama#39;s record, this pocketbook measure looked brighter even under Mr. Carter (up 5%), and George H.W. Bush (up 3%)-both of whom lost their re-election bids. 有一个指标不祥地笼罩在奥巴马的连任事业上:实际可配收入。作为一种经通胀调整的税后收入的衡量指标,人均实际可配收入在奥巴马任期内下降了0.3%。这与成功寻求连任以及连任失败的那些总统相比都不太妙。尼克松任期内该数据增长了10.2%,里根、克林顿和小布什任期内分别增长了10%、5.2%和7.2%。由于有奥巴马垫底,在卡特和老布什任期内,这个衡量人们收入的指标的表现也还算不错(增幅分别为5%和3%)──两人竞选连任均以失败告终。 People here in Allentown are adjusting to the harsh realities. The local T-Mobile USA Inc. call center has closed, laying off hundreds of workers. Area food banks served 42,824 meals to needy families in March, up 33% from three years earlier. 在艾伦顿,这里的人们正在适应严酷的现实。当地的T-Mobile公司呼叫中心已经关闭,解雇了数百名员工。食物(food bank)3月份向贫困家庭供应了42,824顿饭,较三年前增加了33%。 City officials have struggled to revive the downtown after a flight to the suburbs by business and middle-income households. Municipal hiring is frozen. 公司和中等收入家庭纷纷逃往城郊后,市政府艰难地试图振兴市中心。市政府的招聘处于冻结状态。 Yet IronPig fans continue to pack the baseball stadium on game nights, and, in other signs of economic rebound, the city#39;s planning commission is reviewing more building applications than a few years ago. 不过IronPig球迷依然会在球赛之夜挤满棒球场,而且还有一个经济反弹的迹象是,市规划委员会在审查的建筑设施比几年前要多。 Mayor Ed Pawlowski, an Obama supporter, said he was frustrated by how uncertainty has held back growth and hiring even as he sees signs the economy is thawing. #39;You look at the global situation, and there#39;s definitely storm clouds out there, but that doesn#39;t mean there are storm clouds coming our way,#39; he said. #39;We can#39;t spend all our time staring at the sky.#39; 持奥巴马的市长帕洛斯基(Ed Pawlowski)说,在他看到经济回暖的迹象时,不明朗的状态抑制了增长和招聘,这让他很苦恼。他说,“从全球形势来看,肯定是乌云密布,但并不意味着乌云正向我们袭来;我们不能把所有时间都花在盯着天空看。” Thomas Ritter, 43, is a licensed plumber who had flourished in a family business with his father in the 2000s, equipping new homes with pipes, sinks, tubs and toilets. Business started fading in 2008. By 2009, it all but disappeared. Mr. Ritter, a father of four, started missing mortgage payments. 43岁的瑞特尔(Thomas Ritter)是一名持水管工,他与父亲合作的家庭生意在2000年代发展得很不错,专门为新居安装水管、水槽、浴盆和马桶。生意从2008年开始下滑,到2009年差不多就彻底没有了。身为四个孩子父亲的瑞特尔开始还不起抵押贷款了。 #39;It got scary there,#39; he said. #39;I had a decision at the end of the month: Am I going to send a check to Blue Cross or am I going to pay the mortgage?#39; 他说,“形势变得很可怕;月底我得做一个决定:我是要给蓝十字保险公司(Blue Cross)寄一张票呢,还是还房贷?” In 2009, he started driving a school bus and delivering firetrucks for a local manufacturer to cities across the U.S. 2009年,他开始当校车司机并为一家当地制造商向美国各城市运送消防车。 Last year, he got a job helping anchor Mack truck cabs to vehicles on the production line. Mr. Ritter is still cutting back: less vacation time at the beach, fewer meals out. But he said he was no doubt better off than four years ago because his manufacturing job gives him more security. 去年,他在麦克卡车公司(Mack Trucks Inc.)找到一份工作,在生产线上为卡车装配驾驶室。瑞特尔现在依然在削减开:沙滩度假少了,外出就餐也少了。但他说自己绝对比四年前过得更好,因为这份在制造公司的工作给了他更多的安全感。 #39;When a bill collector calls, I can say, #39;I#39;m going to pay you on the 15th,#39; #39; he said. 他说,“收账员打来电话的时候,我能说‘我会在15号付款’了。” Trends in employment, income and home prices in and around Allentown have been similar to national averages, according to Moody#39;s Analytics, a research firm. 据穆迪研究公司(Moody#39;s Analytics)称,艾伦顿及其周边地区就业、收入和房价的趋势与全国平均水平相似。 Allentown#39;s unemployment rate was 8.7%, not seasonally adjusted, in June after nearing 10% during the crisis. Overall U.S. employment, at 133.2 million jobs in July, is a shade below the 133.6 million level of January 2009 and up from the low of 129.2 million in February 2010. 经济危机期间,艾伦顿的失业率达到近10%,今年6月份未经季节性调整的失业率为8.7%。全美7月份的就业岗位为1.332亿,略低于2009年1月份的1.336亿,高于2010年2月的低值1.292亿。 U.S. household wealth is up strongly since Mr. Obama took office, thanks in large measure to a stock market rebound. Total U.S. household net worth rose to .9 trillion in the first quarter of 2012 from .6 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2008. However, that is still down from more than trillion in 2007, before the crisis. 美国家庭财富自奥巴马上任以来取得强劲增长,这在很大程度归功于股市的反弹。2012年第一季度,美国家庭财富净值总额从2008年第四季度的53.6万亿美元增至62.9万亿美元,不过依然低于危机前2007年的67万多亿美元。 The stock market recovery, of course, primarily benefited people with equities. The value of U.S. household wealth in real estate has failed to recover after collapsing before Mr. Obama#39;s inauguration. It was .7 trillion in the first quarter of this year, below its late 2008 level and down from a high of .9 trillion in the second quarter of 2006. 当然,股市复苏主要使有股票的人得到了好处。奥巴马就任前,美国房产领域的家庭财富价值崩溃,后来没能恢复。今年第一季度为6.7万亿美元,低于2008年末的水平,远不如2006年第二季度13.9万亿美元的高值。 Local manufacturing is re-emerging as a bright spot. The one-million-square-foot Mack Truck factory, which employs Mr. Ritter, recently added a second shift of 300 workers to keep up with demand for the big vehicles that bear its bulldog logo. Mack Trucks Inc. is a unit of the Volvo Group. 本地制造业正逐渐东山再起,成为热门。雇佣瑞特尔的面积100万平方平尺的麦克卡车工厂最近新增了300名倒班工人,以维持对印有其斗牛犬品牌标识的大卡车的需求。麦克卡车公司是沃尔沃集团(Volvo Group)的子公司。 In Nazareth, Pa., 15 miles northeast of Allentown, Rory Glass inlays ornamental designs and runs laser machinery to shape acoustic guitars at the factory of C.F. Martin amp; Co., which has made renowned acoustic instruments for more than 100 years. Its customers have included the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and Elvis Presley. 在艾伦顿东北方向15英里的宾州纳泽瑞斯(Nazareth),格拉斯(Rory Glass)在马丁吉他公司(C.F. Martin amp; Co.)的工厂镶嵌装饰性设计并运行一台制造原声吉他的激光设备。马丁公司制作知名乐器的历史已超过100年,其客户包括披头士(the Beatles)、约翰尼#8226;卡什(Johnny Cash)、埃里克#8226;克莱普顿(Eric Clapton)以及猫王埃尔维斯#8226;普莱斯利(Elvis Presley)。 Mr. Glass said he is better off now than a year ago, when he was working in a garden center watering plants and living with his parents. Last year, he applied for the job at Martin, which has been on a hiring binge after seeing demand surge for its high-end guitars among affluent Americans, as well as players and collectors abroad. 格拉斯说,他现在过得比一年前要好,那时他在一个园艺中心负责给植物浇水,和父母住在一起。去年,他应聘了马丁公司的工作。由于有钱的美国人、国外演奏者及收藏家对其高端吉他的需求激增,马丁公司一直在大举招人。 The 29-year-old pony-tailed musician lives with his girlfriend, hopes for a promotion and is saving to buy a house with his -an-hour job. #39;The economy can#39;t be doing that bad if people are buying ,000 guitars,#39; said Mr. Glass, who is still undecided about the presidential candidates. 这位现年29岁、扎着马尾辫的音乐家和他的女友住在一起,他希望能获得升职,现在他正在存钱买房子,目前他的时薪是15美元。格拉斯说,“如果有人在买六万美元的吉他,那经济状况肯定不会那么差。”格拉斯对投票给哪位总统候选人依然犹豫不决。 Martin last year sold a record 0 million in guitars and other acoustic instruments, with 40% of sales going overseas, with high demand in Japan and Europe. Sales in 2009 had fallen to million. 马丁公司创立于1833年,一直由马丁家族掌管。去年,马丁公司的吉他及其他乐器销售额为一亿美元,创下了历史最高纪录,其中40%来自海外销售,日本和欧洲的需求很大。2009年其销售额曾跌至8,600万美元。 Chris Martin, the chief executive, whose family has run the company since 1833, expects 5 million in sales this year. But his concerns mirror the hand-wringing everywhere. 公司首席执行长马丁(Chris Martin)预计今年销售额将达到1.15亿美元。但他的一些担忧也反映了无处不在的绝望情绪。 #39;I am honestly right now worried that there could be a triggering event to cause a lot more people in Europe to say, #39;I don#39;t feel comfortable buying a luxury good right now,#39; #39; he said. #39;And let#39;s face it, that is what a Martin guitar is.#39; 他说,“现在我真的很担心会出现一个事件导致欧洲很多人说‘现在我不想买奢侈品’,实话实说吧,马丁吉他就是奢侈品。” Some people who say they feel better off now compared with four years ago explain that it isn#39;t because they are making much more money but because they have put their finances in order. 有人说他们觉得现在比四年前过得好,他们解释说不是因为赚的钱更多了,而是因为自己的财务状况变得井然有序了。 Since Mr. Obama was elected, U.S. households have paid off-or defaulted-on 6 billion of debt, an unprecedented reduction in the modern era, Federal Reserve data show. With low interest rates and lower debt loads, the monthly cost of servicing household debt as a share of income has fallen to its lowest level in almost two decades. 美联储(Federal Reserve)的数据显示,自奥巴马当选以来,美国家庭还清了──或者说拖欠了──7,460亿美元的债务,这是在当今时代前所未见的一个数额。由于利率较低、债务负担减轻,每月以收入的一部分付家庭债务的成本已经跌至近二十年来的最低水平。 The new frugality isn#39;t always easy. Jesse Simpson, 27, works three jobs, including one as a delivery man for a local beer distributor and another in the warehouse at Coca-Cola Park. In 2007, he enrolled in a Los Angeles film school and owes more than ,000 in student loans and other debt. 新节俭时代的生活并不容易。27岁的辛普森(Jesse Simpson)打了三份工,其中一份是为当地一家啤酒经销商做送货员,另一份是在可口可乐公园球场(Coca-Cola Park)的仓库工作。2007年,他上了洛杉矶的一家电影学校,欠下了七万多美元的学生贷款和其他债务。 #39;Four years ago, I was moving back home with no money, a maxed-out credit card and no job,#39; he said. Now he is working, cutting out unnecessary spending and paying down debt. 他说,“四年前我搬回家的时候,没钱、信用卡透,也没有工作。”现在他在工作,削减了不必要的开并偿还债务。 #39;I#39;m definitely doing better,#39; he said. With a deep breath, he added, #39;I can honestly say I#39;m exhausted and running myself ragged.#39; He said he voted for Mr. Obama in 2008, and may again, but is so far undecided. 他说,“现在我肯定过得更好了。”接着他深吸了一口气说道,“老实说我特别累,精疲力尽。”他说他2008年投票给了奥巴马,这次可能也会选他,但目前还没有最终决定。 Mr. Obama#39;s signature economic program, the 5 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, was a combination of tax breaks and spending programs aimed at arresting the economy#39;s deep contraction in early 2009 and stimulating growth. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated the act created between 500,000 and 3.3 million jobs─far less than the 8.7 million jobs lost during the downturn. 奥巴马的标志性经济计划──8,250亿美元的《美国复苏与再投资法案》(American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)──是减税和开计划的结合,旨在阻止美国经济重蹈2009年初严重萎缩的覆辙并刺激增长。无党派机构国会预算办公室(Congressional Budget Office)估计该法案创造了50万至330万个就业岗位,远少于衰退时期损失的870万。 The recovery has left behind a legion of unemployed, including Roy Bastian, a chemist near 50 who lost his job in early 2008 as a researcher conducting gas-and-chemical experiments at Air Products amp; Chemicals, Inc. 大量的失业者在这场复苏中依然找不到工作,包括快50岁的化学师巴斯蒂安(Roy Bastian),他曾在空气化工产品公司(Air Products amp; Chemicals, Inc.)担任研究员,负责气体化学实验,后来在2008年初失业。 Mr. Bastian, who drives a rusted Dodge Neon, said he has applied for jobs but with no luck. But, he said, more jobs seem to be opening up now than a year ago. 巴斯蒂安开的是一辆锈迹斑斑的道奇霓虹(Dodge Neon)。他说,他找过工作,但运气不好。不过他说,现在开放的招聘岗位似乎比一年前多了。 #39;Am I better off? No,#39; he said, #39;Do I expect to be better off? Yes, very soon. My own fear is that everything is going to stall. People will say, #39;We can hire someone after November, after we know what#39;s going to happen going forward.#39; #39; 他说,“我的生活更好了吗?没有。我会过得更好吗?是的,很快就会。我的担心是一切都会停滞。人们会说,‘在11月以后、在我们知道将来会是什么情况以后,我们才会招人。’” /201208/197161

Official statistics show that China currently has 85 million people with some form of disability, Xinhua reported. According to sources from Taobao, the country#39;s largest e-commerce platform, more than 30,000 disabled people across the country are managing online stores at Taobao.com.据新华社报道,官方数据统计,我国目前有8500万残障人士。据淘宝网工作人员介绍,在这个中国最大的电子商务平台上,有超过3万名残障人士在经营着网店。Gu Linglei is one such online store manager. The 28-year-old native of Hangzhou was born blind, but is no different from the many other retailers selling earphones and mobile phone top-up cards on the e-commerce platform.顾伶磊就是其中一名网店经营者。这名28岁的杭州小伙是一位先天性双目失明的残障人士,除此之外,他与那些在淘宝上卖耳机和手机充值卡的店主并无两样。Gu has to rely on screen-ing software to communicate with customers, but business is brisk. To date, he has clinched about 4,000 deals online and his store has a ;4-diamond; rating -- a rating given to trustworthy stores by Taobao.顾伶磊的网店生意十分红火,只是他必须依赖读屏软件与顾客沟通。至今,他的网店已经完成了4000多笔交易,成为“4钻”级卖家。钻级是淘宝对卖家的一种信誉度等级评价。;I like the Internet because it is open, convenient, and equal for all,; Gu said.顾伶磊说:“我喜欢网络,因为它公开、便利,对所有人都是平等的。” /201205/183314Football WarThe "Football" War, also known as the Soccer War or 100-hour War, was a four-day war fought by El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. It was caused by political conflicts between Hondurans and Salvadorans, namely issues concerning immigration from El Salvador to Honduras. These existing tensions between the two countries coincided with the inflamed rioting during the second North American qualifying round for the 1970 FIFA World Cup. On 14 July 1969, the Salvadoran army launched an attack against Honduras. The Organization of American States negotiated a cease-fire which took effect on 20 July, with the Salvadoran troops withdrawn in early August.Eleven years later the two nations signed a peace treaty on 30 October 1980 to put the border dispute before the International Court of Justice. In 1992, the Court awarded most of the disputed territory to Honduras, and in 1998, Honduras and El Salvador signed a border demarcation treaty to implement the terms of the ICJ decree. The total land area given to Honduras from El Salvador after the court's ruling was around 374.5 km2. As of the beginning of 2006 demarcation had not yet been completed, but Honduras and El Salvador maintain normal diplomatic and trade relations.“足球”战争,也被称为100小时战争,是1969年萨尔瓦多和洪都拉斯之间发生的一次耗时4天的战争。这次战争是双方由于移民问题引发的政治冲突。而1970年世界杯足球赛北美洲预选赛第二轮资格赛成为了这次冲突的导火索。1969年7月14日,萨尔瓦多军队向洪都拉斯发动军事打击。美洲国家组织通过谈判达成了一项停火协议在7月20日开始生效,8月初萨尔瓦多军队撤离洪都拉斯。11年后的1980年10月30日,两国签署了和平条约并将两国的边界争端交由国际法庭处理。 1992年,国际法庭裁定大多数有争议的领土归洪都拉斯所有,并,洪都拉斯和萨尔瓦多于1998年签署了边界划定条约。判给洪都拉斯的土地面积达到三百七十四点五平方公里。截至2006年初,划界尚未完成,但洪都拉斯和萨尔瓦多已开始维持正常的外交和贸易关系。 /200907/77581

CHINA should consider adjusting its family planning policy, as structural problems have overtaken excessive growth as the most significant population-related problem, a government think tank said yesterday.政府智囊团昨日表示,中国应考虑调整计划生育政策,因为结构性问题已超越过快增长成为最重要的人口问题。Problems in population structure, quality and distribution have become increasingly visible and will have a profound impact on China#39;s future social and economic development, the China Development Research Foundation reported.中国发展研究基金会报告说,人口结构、质量和分布中存在的问题已经日益明显,并将对中国未来的经济和社会发展产生深远影响。China#39;s population has seen a declining annual growth rate, slowing to 0.57 percent in the first decade of the 21st century, down from 1.07 percent in the previous 10 years, according to the report. Its population situation is quite different from that of 30 years ago, when a family planning policy limited the majority of urban families to just one child.根据该报告,中国人口年增长率已经出现了下降,相比前一个十年的1.07%,在二十一世纪第一个十年里放缓至0.57%。人口形势与30年前相比是完全不同的,那时计划生育政策限制大多数城市家庭只生一个孩子。The report said the population is heading for negative growth and an ultra-low fertility rate, adding that it also faces issues related to aging, gender imbalances, urbanization, an expanding shortage of migrant workers and an only-child generation.报告说,人口问题朝着负增长和超低生育率转移,补充说人口也将面临老龄化、性别失衡、城市化、不断扩大的民工荒,以及独生子女这一代有关的问题。The CDRF said the government should gradually loosen the one-child policy over the next three years in regions where family planning has been strictly implemented. By 2020, there will be no need to continue birth planning, as people will make more rational decisions on birth issues, the CDRF said in its report.中国发展研究基金会说政府应该在未来三年中严格执行计划生育的地区逐步放宽独生子女政策。中国发展研究基金会在报告中说到2020年将没有必要继续计划生育,人们会在生育问题上做出更合理的决策。China will also have an ultra-low fertility rate after 2026 and that the government should start encouraging families to have more children.2026年以后中国也将面临超低生育率,政府将开始鼓励家庭生育更多的孩子。The family planning policy was introduced around 1980 to rein in China#39;s surging population by encouraging late marriages and pregnancies, as well as limiting most urban couples to one child and most rural couples to two children.计划生育政策1980年左右出台以控制中国人口的激增,鼓励晚婚晚育,以及限制大多数城市夫妇只生一个孩子和农村夫妇生两个孩子。;The family planning policy has had a profound influence on China#39;s economic and social development,; said the CDRF.“计划生育政策对中国的经济和社会发展产生了深远的影响,” 中国发展研究基金会说。The implementation of the policy has reduced the pressure created by a rapidly rising population, made contributions to economic growth and helped improve population quality.政策的实施减少了激增人口造成的压力,对经济增长和提高人口素质做出了贡献。However, China has paid a huge political and social cost for the policy, as it has resulted in social conflict, high administrative costs and led indirectly to a long-term gender imbalance at birth. Efforts should be made to support one-child and disadvantaged families in family planning, the report said.然而,中国已经为这一政策付出了巨大的政治和社会成本,因为它导致了社会冲突、高行政成本,间接地导致了长期的性别比例失衡。报告说应努力持在计划生育中一个孩子的弱势家庭。It also pointed out the aging population and the fact that China#39;s ;demographic dividend; has aly ended and will pose a severe challenge for the country#39;s development.它也指出了人口老龄化以及中国的“人口红利”事实已经结束,并将为国家的发展造成严峻挑战。;This means China cannot rely on an unlimited labor supply for its future economic development, but must instead boost its total factor productivity,; said Cai Fang, director of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Cai, one of the writers of the report, urged the government to increase investment in healh care and education.“这意味着中国未来的经济发展不能依靠劳动力的无限供给,而必须提高人整体的生产率,”蔡昉说,中国社会科学研究院人口与劳动经济研究所所长。蔡昉,该报告的笔者之一,敦促政府增加医疗保健和教育上的投资。 /201210/206190Despite the time difference between China and Europe, Chinese online businesses were abuzz about Italy#39;s tight defense against Spain in the early hours of Monday morning in the Euro 2012 championship as die-hard football fans stayed up late for the match.周一凌晨,2012年欧洲杯拉开帷幕。尽管中国与欧洲存在时差,但因为许多铁杆球迷都在熬夜观战。在首场比赛中,意大利队对西班牙队采取了密集防守的战术,而许多网络商家这时也在热议这场“恶战”。;The results might determine which national flag we should keep more of in stock,; said Xie Hui, an online vendor on Taobao.com, a popular customer-to-customer site in China.淘宝卖家谢辉(音译)说:“比赛结果很可能就决定着我们应该增加哪个国家国旗的库存。”As fans all over the world celebrate the championship in a great global party, e-commerce retailers are embracing the football spirit, doing a roaring trade in colorful national flags, kits and trophies.全世界球迷都沉浸庆祝欧洲杯的狂欢派对中。电子商务零售商们也充分利用这种“足球精神”,出售各色国旗、球衣以及奖杯,生意做得如火如荼。Xie`s online store is an array of tournament merchandise, ranging from classy to kitschy, and from cheap to cheekily expensive.谢辉的网店经营着大量的比赛商品,从高档品到低劣品,有的很廉价,有的则贵得令人咋舌。The mantra, according to Xie, is: if you cannot get to a Euro 2012 game in person, you can now get a flavor of the world`s top competition via my website.谢辉表示,我们做生意的口号就是:“如果你不能亲临2012欧洲杯比赛现场,在我们的店里,你可以马上感受到这项全球顶级赛事的氛围。;Anything with a number 7 on it is selling like hot cakes,; he said referring to the shirt worn by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.他提到一件葡萄牙球星克里斯蒂亚诺#8226;罗纳尔多所穿的球衣表示:“凡是带有数字7的商品都会大卖特卖。”;Every time we replenish the stock, the next morning we`re sold out by 11 am,; he said.“每次只要我们一进货,第二天上午11点前就会销售一空。”The term ;European Cup; was firmly on Taobao#39;s list of ;hot topics; by Monday, with the search term showing up more than 54,000 times.到本周一为止,“欧洲杯”一直是淘宝上的热门搜索词之一,该词的搜索量达到5.4万次之多。Sales of football kits across the Web have rocketed, as avid fans tend to wear the same jerseys as their favorite teams.铁杆球迷们都想身穿自己喜爱球队的球衣,因此网上的足球队销售额也激增。Kits for the Spanish team have been the biggest seller, with more than 5,000 being sold in the past month, according to Taobao. Sales of German, Italian, French and Portuguese kits all topped 3,000.淘宝上,西班牙队的球衣成为最畅销的产品,过去一个月卖出5000多件。而德国、意大利、法国以及葡萄牙各队球衣的销售数量也都达到3000件之多。It would seem that the beer culture which developed during the 2010 World Cup is set to get even bigger, said football fan Zou Tianliang.球迷邹天亮(音译)表示,似乎人们要把2010年世界杯期间形成的啤酒文化继续发扬光大。Zou is enamored with the beverage and plans to shop online. His enthusiasm stems from an affection for the drink and a desire to get discounted goods online, he said.邹天亮是无酒不欢的人,所以他打算去网购。他表示自己之所以这样热衷网购,除了因为自己喜欢喝酒这点之外,同时也希望在网上买到打折商品。Pinlive, a beer and snacks retailer on Tmall.com, China#39;s biggest business-to-consumer website, saw its beer sales surge as the event drew near.Pinlive是一家在天猫(原淘宝商城)上出售啤酒和零食的网店。赛事临近时,该店的啤酒销量激增。It started a promotion for the tournament two weeks ago by selling beer at discounts of 20 to 30 percent, said Robin Yue, who is responsible for operating Pinlive#39;s online store.据Pinlive网店的负责人罗宾#8226;岳表示,两周前,Pinlive开展了欧洲杯大促销活动,所有出售的啤酒都打出了7-8折的优惠价。He said that Pinlive#39;s beer sales over the past two weeks were up to five times the normal level.他表示,Pinlive过去两周的啤酒销量是平时的五倍。;Beer is an indispensable part of the soccer culture. I might go to the pub for the final,; Zou said.邹天亮说:“啤酒是足球文化不可缺少的一部分。我可能会去酒吧看总决赛。”Foosball, also known as table football, until recently a rarity in China, has grown in popularity among online buyers, including the many bars across the country.而不久前还是稀有商品的桌上足球,现在已经越来越受到广大“网购一族”的青睐,其中也包括很多国内酒吧。Over 20,000 foosball sets were sold on Taobao in May. An online merchant from Guangdong province sold more than 300 sets, priced between 105 and 118 yuan.五月份淘宝共售出2万套桌上足球。一家来自广东的网络商户共售出300多套桌上足球,价格从105元到118元不等。Foosball has become a game-changer for many bars.桌上足球也为许多酒吧扭转了经营局面。;Customer flow has jumped by five times, and most were immediately attracted to the gadgets,; said Zhang Na, sales manager of OMalley#39;s Irish Pub in Shanghai.上海欧玛莉爱尔兰餐厅销售经理张娜(音译)表示:“餐厅客流量增加了五倍,他们大部分人都很快迷上了桌上足球。” /201206/186727

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