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郑州大学附院减肥手术多少钱三门峡市冷冻点痣多少钱Former U.S. Senator Robert Griffin, a conservative Republican from Traverse City, died last week, and if you arent at least in your fifties, you may never have heard of him. Carl Levin beat Griffin when he tried to win a third term thirty-seven years ago.Griffin pretty much vanished from the radar screen afterwards.He did serve one term on the Michigan Supreme Court, but that ended twenty years ago. He wasnt flamboyant; for a politician, he was shy. Nor did he have a compelling personality.But he had a moment at center stage of one of the greatest dramas in American history, and that deserves to be remembered.Even apart from that, Bob Griffin was a heavyweight politician in his day. In winning two terms in the Senate, he defeated two giants of Michigan politics, men who otherwise never lost an election – Soapy Williams and Frank Kelley.His major congressional accomplishment was seen as controversial and partisan. He was co-sponsor of the Landrum-Griffin Act, which gave the federal government new powers to intervene in union affairs and elections, something deeply resented by organized labor.Griffin also led a successful filibuster that prevented President Lyndon Johnson from making Abe Fortas, then on the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of the ed States. Not long afterwards, Fortas had to resign altogether because of a financial and ethics scandal.But the moment for which Bob Griffin deserves to be remembered happened on a weekend in August forty years ago, when he wrote a letter to one of his oldest friends and mentors in politics, a man who had campaigned for him in his very first election to Congress.He told that friend, who he learned had lied to him and everyone else, that he was going to be impeached. He pretty much told him that he needed to resign, and that if he continued to defy a subpoena from Congress, he too would vote to convict him.That friend, of course, was Richard Nixon.Griffins letter was a huge national sensation. A year before, nobody, including Bob Griffin himself, could have pictured him demanding that a President of his own party resign.But Watergate was a scandal like no other.Griffins letter was said to have shocked Nixon. Afterwards, according to Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein, one of the Presidents sons-in-law called the Michigan senator, and said Nixon was drinking, irrational, incoherent, and might kill himself.A shaken Griffin asked Billy Graham to help the family.Within days, Nixon did in fact quit. We may never know how much Griffins letter speeded the end of what Gerald Ford called our ;long national nightmare,; but we do know this: When things seemed to be falling apart, Robert Griffin went outside his comfort zone, did the right thing, and took a stand. His career didnt blossom after that.He lost a race for Senate minority leader and seemed to lose interest in his job. He first said he wasnt going to run for reelection, but then changed his mind. But the damage had been done.He was defeated. Today, he is pretty much forgotten. But for one brief shining moment, he was indeed a profile in courage, and that deserves to be remembered.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201504/371079三门峡市腿部脱毛价格 Display screens显示屏Going through a phase相转变A new way to create electronic images新的电子图案显示方法Wave of the future?未来之波LIQUID-CRYSTAL displays are a familiar and ubiquitous technology. But if Harish Bhaskaran of Oxford University is right, their days may be numbered. The essential feature of LCDs is that the pixels in them switch between amorphous and crystal-like phases, which changes their optical properties. In a paper in this weeks Nature, Dr Bhaskaran and his colleagues describe something similar in a solid material. At the least, that would stop the messy abstract-impressionist patterns which happen when an LCD is dropped too hard. At most, it might open up a new range of applications, from clothes that change colour to dimmable windscreens.液晶显示屏是一项成熟而广泛应用的技术。但如果牛津大学的Harish Bhaskaran的想法实现,液晶屏的好景也就没几天了。LCD的基本特征是其像素在非晶相和类晶相间转化,因此改变其光学性质。在本周的《自然》杂志上,Bhaskaran士及其同事陈述了一种类似的固体材料。至少该材质可以防止当LCD猛烈坠地后产生麻烦的抽象印象派图案。最理想情况下,它会有新的应用范围,从变色布料到可调光挡风玻璃。Solid phase-change materials are aly used to store data in optical memory disks. They are also being considered for use in memory chips, because the switch between amorphous and crystalline states alters their electrical properties in ways that can store electronic bits of data. Dr Bhaskaran, though, has shown that thin enough films of the right sort of material can be made to change colour, too.固态相变材料已经用于在光储存盘中储存数据。也可能被用于记忆芯片,因为其非晶态和晶态之间的转变也改变了其电学性能,因此他们能储存电子数据。然而,Bhaskaran士展示了一种特定材料膜,在足够薄的情况下也可以改变颜色。This property would make them suitable both for displays that rely on reflected light (so-called electronic paper) and the older, backlit sort that rely on transmitted light. The resulting displays would be thin and could be flexible if printed on the right material—increasing the range of applications they might be used in. And they would consume little power, since energy need be used only when a pixel has to be flipped from one phase to another.这一性能将使其适合于反射光显示(所谓电子纸)和早期的依赖透射光的背光显示。所得显示屏不仅薄,而且铺在合适材料上时非常灵活,增加了其应用范围。而且它消耗的功率更少,因为这种材料只需要在变相的时候消耗能量。The researchers material of choice is an alloy of germanium, antimony and tellurium. Both the crystalline and the amorphous phases of this substance are stable at any temperature a device is likely to experience, and thin films of it are more or less transparent. The power needed to effect the phase change could be fed to individual pixels by electrodes made of indium tin oxide, which is also transparent.研究人员选择的材料是镓、锑和碲合金。这一物质的晶态和非晶态在任何设备适用温度下都很稳定。其薄膜也几乎透明。要激发相转变所需的能量可以由透明的铟锡氧化物电极向单个像素提供。The colour of a pixel would depend not only on its phase, but also on its thickness, which would affect the way light waves being reflected within it interfere with one another, cancelling out some frequencies while amplifying others. (The effect is similar to the creation of colours by a thin layer of oil on a puddle.) Generally, the alloy layer needs to be thinner than 20 nanometres for that to happen.单个像素的颜色不仅取决于其相态,也同其厚度有关。厚度会影响光波在两个像素间界面处的反射,削弱部分频率,加强其他频率。(此效应类似于池塘表面薄油层产生的色。)一般来说,合金层需要薄于20 nm才会发生这一现象。To demonstrate their idea, the researchers sprayed films of their alloy onto pieces of silicon, quartz and plastic. They then used a device called an atomic-force microscope, which has a tip a few nanometres across, to apply appropriate electric currents in a grid pattern across the films surface. This grid mimicked an array of pixels, creating a stable pattern. The result, as their picture of a Japanese wave shows, is a recognisable image—if not, yet, a perfect one.为了明其观点,研究人员将其合金铺覆到硅,石英和塑料上。然后他们使用所谓原子力显微镜的设备来施加合适的电流在横穿膜表面的网格上。原子力显微镜尖端仅有几个纳米大小。网格模仿像素排列,产生稳定的模式。他们对日本电波的拍摄结果是一个可识别的图像,即便不可识别,也是非常完美的。Adding the indium-tin-oxide electrodes is a more complicated process, but to show it can be done in principle, Dr Bhaskaran has made a single pixel this way. Whether his idea will get off the lab bench and into the shops remains to be seen. It is by no means the only suggestion around for a new generation of display screens. But it looks plausible.加入铟锡氧化物电极是更为复杂的过程,但是可以从原理上展示其过程。Bhaskaran用这种方式制备了单个像素。他的想法能否从实验室走进商用还是未知。这绝不是新一代显示屏的唯一方案,但颇得看好。翻译:赵兴昊译文属译生译世 /201505/377287So we just give Sherrie a cheque with 100 thousand dollars and she said this gonna help so much我们刚给了Sherrie一张10万美元的票 她说这可帮了大忙because I just got a bill for 4 thousand dollars for toilet paper她刚收到买手纸的账单 要求付4千美元and I had choosed between paying for that and buying food她得在付账和买食品之间选择so this is gonna help and I will urge everyone to continue to try to help you所以这10万美元帮上忙了 我会继续呼吁大家来帮你there is one more thing,Ginny if you do me a favor还有件事 Ginny 帮我个忙好吗if you would take all of those kids and everybody outside,that would be great take everybody outside把大家都带到外面去 帮我把大家带出去就好了a lot of children in this country dont finish school,because they never learn how to 美国有很多孩子没有从学校毕业 是因为他们一直不会读书Targets want to help kids reach their full potential塔吉特想帮孩子们发挥全部潜力And one way to do that is to make sure they can by the third grade有一个办法就是让他们三年级前就学会读书so they sent 75 volenteers to Vagas and they packed 600 backpacks filled with books lots of school supplies所以他们派了75个志愿者到 和600个书包 装满了书和学习用品and other stuffs for every single students还有一些其他东西 送给每一个学生So you get a backpack,Here we go, oh my god.Get all the stuff in here,They are so derserve them你也有一个书包 都在这了 天啊 所有东西都在里面 他们真的很需要这些Targets giving everybody in the audiance 100 dollar gift card塔吉特还给大家每人一张百元购物卡If you know an amazing person like Sherrie,please write to our website and tell us about them如果你知道什么人像Sherrie这样 请在我们网站留言 告诉我们他们的事迹we need to know about people like Sherrie and I challenge everyone else out there,let she inspired you, she inspired me我们想了解Sherry这样的人 我希望Sherry能够激励每一个人 让她来鼓舞你 她已经启发了我I want to thank Ashton Kutcher Will.I.Am,Sherrie Gahn and all the kids in Whitney Elementary School感谢Ashton Kutcher Will.I.Am 感谢Sherrie Gahn和惠特尼小学的孩子们none of this would have become possible without the help of the Target如果没有塔吉特公司的热情相助 这一切也不会成真I cant thank them enough,All right you havent seen the last of us对大家感激不尽 你还会见到我们we are gonna keep help you, we are not gonna stop.See you tomorrow, Be kind on one another Bye.我们会继续帮助你的 不会是一锤子买卖 明天见 善待彼此哦 再见了 /201606/447370郑大一附院祛疤痕多少钱

郑州大学附属郑州中心医院治疗痘坑多少钱郑州/二七区去痘医院哪家好 Now,you are,I had some many people tell me in the comedy community what a terrifc improviser you are.thanks.在喜剧界有好多人告诉我 你是个超级棒的即兴表演者 谢谢Watched you do improv in in shows and say youre really good.他们见过你即兴表演 说你真的很棒And I understand you have some anxiety.You get anxiety before you do improv.我知道你有些焦虑 你即兴表演之前会觉得焦虑A little,Im a very anxious person.Do you have an exercise or anything you do before you go on stage?是的 我是个很焦虑的人 上舞台之前你会不会做运动之类的事Cause I know I did improv years ago and Andy started out in improv.我多年前即兴表演过 安迪也是先做的即兴表演Some people have actual technics they do to sort of help them warm up before they go on stage.有些人有一些技巧 能帮助他们上舞台之前热身There was one exercise they used to have us do in improv class,and it was this exercise called give me back my son,在即兴表演课上 他们要我们做一种练习 名字叫把我儿子还给我And have you ever seen the movie;Ransom; with Mel Gibson?Yeah,yeah,Ok.你看过梅尔·吉布森的《赎金风暴》吗 看过 好的In that movie Mel Gibsons son is kidnapped and there was a dramatic scene where hes on the phone with his sons captors那部电影中 梅尔·吉布森的儿子被绑架了 其中有戏剧性的一幕 他跟他儿子的绑匪打电话and he goes,give me back my son!And hes really red face and angry.他说 把我的儿子还给我 他面红耳赤 十分生气So the exercise,the wear the exercise worked,you would like walk up to somebody in the class and you would make eye contact.这个练习也类似如此 你走向你的一个同学 做眼神交流And you would have to with full rage and intensity say,give me back my son and hold eye contact.你愤怒起来 然后说 把我的儿子还给我 并保持眼神交流And not laugh.And then they would do it to the next person.不要笑场 他们会对下一个人这样做So,How does it work? How do you get eliminated?If you laugh.You laugh.You cant laugh.所以 这是怎么回事 怎么就算被淘汰了 笑了吗 笑了 你不能笑You have to commit.even thought youre anxious.theres no more awkward thing to do than walk up to another adult,你必须全神贯注 就算你很焦虑 没什么事比走向另一个成年人 冲他喊着Scream give me back my son and hold their gaze.把我的儿子还给我 并保持眼神交流更尴尬的事了Would you live to try it?I think we should.Absolutely.你想试试吗?我觉得我们该试试 没问题The critical thing,you have to have like full,like all of the anger,your sons been taken,right.I get it.关键在于你得相当愤怒 你的儿子被抢走了 好吗 我懂201608/461705登封市做双眼皮手术多少钱

河南省郑州华山医院激光祛痘手术价钱费用 We love Adolf Hitler because we believe, firmly and profoundly,that he was sent to us by God to save Germany.我们热爱希特勒,因为我们深信不疑,他被上帝派来拯救德国。To those who follow him, there is no quality that he does not possess to the greatest perfection.他拥有世间所有最完美的特质。No-one even thought it odd when Hitler told them that what they were doing would last for millennia.甚至当希特勒告诉人们,他们的事业可千年不朽时没人觉奇怪。One foreign correspondent who attended the 1934 rally,wrote that some of those present looked on Hitler as a Messiah.一位参加1934年纳粹党集会的外国记者写道,一些参会的人将希特勒看作弥赛亚。This wasnt an accident.这并不是巧合。Hitler later talked of being guided by a mystical force he called ;Providence.;希特勒后来说,他曾受到神秘力量指引,他称为;神谕;。And this belief in himself as a kind of Messiah was a key part of his charismatic appeal.他这种;我是救世主;的信仰是他具有领袖魅力的关键之一。Hitlers birthday, celebrated here in Berlin,became a day for national rejoicing.在柏林人们庆祝希特勒生,这天已成为全国欢庆日。 译文属201512/416415河南去痣多少钱郑州市华山整形医院做去疤手术多少钱




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