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And the greatest gift that Michelle and I have received over the last eight years has been the honor of serving as your President and First Lady.过去8年里,米歇尔和我收到的最伟大的礼物,是作为总统和第一夫人务于你们。Together, we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years, and got unemployment to a nine-year low.我们一起从80年里最严重的经济萧条中恢复回来,让失业率降到了9年里的最低水平。We secured health insurance for another twenty million Americans,我们又让2000多万获得了医保,and new protections for folks who aly had insurance.也让已经获得医保的人们获得了新的保护。We made America more respected around the world,我们让美国在全世界受到更多的尊重,took on the mantle of leadership in the fight to protect this planet for our kids, and much, much more.在为我们的孩子保护这个星球上也担起了领导责任。此外,还有很多,很多。By so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we first got here.通过众多的措施,我们的国家比我们刚来这的时候,更加强大,更加繁荣。And Im hopeful well build on the progress weve made together in the years to come.我们充满信心,我们将在已经取得进展的基础上在未来的日子继续前行。Tomorrow, for the final time as the First Family, we will join our fellow Christians around the world to rejoice in the birth of our Savior.明天,作为第一家庭,我们将最后一次加入到世界上基督徒的行列,庆祝我们救世主的诞生。And as we retell His story from that Holy Night, well also remember His eternal message, one of boundless love, compassion and hope.在平安夜,我们重温他故事的时候,我们也将牢记他永远不变的启示,一种无限的爱,同情和希望。The idea that we are our brothers keeper and our sisters keeper.同样也包括我们是自己兄弟守护者的想法。That we should treat others as we would want to be treated.我们对待其他人,应该就是我们自己想被照顾的那样。And that we care for the sick… feed the hungry… and welcome the stranger…我们照顾病人…给予饥饿者食物…欢迎陌生人…no matter where they come from, or how they practice their faith.不管他们来自哪里,或者他们如何实践他们的信仰。201701/485941电影学口语 Lesson 35:[Antz]Be not good at showing it【精片断】剪辑自《Antz》The princess: we don’t seem to have anything in common. The guy’s a stiff.The queen: Yes, darling. I know the general may be….a little gruff and somewhat overbearing at times, but I know he cares about you. He’s just not particularly good at showing it. But you should’ve seen how persistently he asked for your hand in marriageThe princess: But. why me?The queen: Because you’re the one who has to continue my work. It’s your place, dear.The princess: What if I don’t like my place?The queen: Everyone has their places, Bala…. You, the soldiers, the workers. Now, it’s not all that bad being princess, is it? Would you prefer to be carting around dirt all day ?The princess: mother, Don’t be so dramatic. /200604/6511

Throughout American history though, they have lost that bet and I believe they will this time as well. 可是纵观美国历史他们一再下错赌注我相信这一次也不例外But ultimately Class of 2012, that will depend on you Dont wait for the person next to you. 可是说到底2012届的同学们 这将取决于你们不要等待你身旁的人To be the first to speak up for whats right Because maybe, just maybe theyre waiting on you. 第一个为正义发言因为有可能 只是有此可能他们正在等你带头Which brings me to my second piece of advice Never underestimate the power of your example The very fact that you are graduating. 这就涉及我的第二条建议切勿低估以身作则的力量你们即将毕业的事实Let alone that more women now graduate from college than men is only possible because earlier generations of women your mothers, your grandmothers, your aunts. 且不说目前大学毕业的女生人数超过男生都是因为前辈女性你们的母亲 祖母 姨婶Shattered the myth that you couldnt or shouldnt be where you are I think of a friend of mine whos the daughter of immigrants When she was in high school, her guidance counselor told her. 打破了你不能或者不应当身在此处的谎言我想起一位朋友 她是移民的女儿念中学时 她的指导老师告诉她You know what, youre just not college material You should think about becoming a secretary Well, she was stubborn, so she went to college anyway. 你不是念大学的材料你应当考虑去当秘书她很固执 所以还是念了大学She got her masters She ran for local office, won She ran for state office, she won. 进而拿到硕士学位她竞选地方公职 结果胜选她竞选州政府公职 再度胜选She ran for Congress, she won And lo and behold Hilda Solis did end up becoming a secretary. 她竞选国会议员 又是胜选请听好了希尔达.索利斯最终的确成为一名秘书201610/467398

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  7.The Lies Made by Novelists7.小说家编造的谎言I have come to Jerusalem today as a novelist, which is to say as a professional spinner of lies.今天我作为一个小说家来到耶路撒冷,也就是说,作为一个职业撒谎者。Of course, novelists are not the only ones who tell lies. Politicians do it, too, as we all know. Diplomats and generals tell their own kinds of lies on occasion, as do used car salesmen, butchers and builders. The lies of novelists differ from others, however, in that no one criticizes the novelist as immoral for telling lies. Indeed, the bigger and better his lies and the more ingeniously he creates them, the more he is likely to be praised by the public and the critics. Why should that be?当然,并不只有小说家才撒谎。政治家也做这个,我们都知道。外交官和军人有时也说他们自己的那种说,二手车销售员、肉贩和建筑商也是。但小说家的谎言与其他人的不同,因为没有人会批评小说家说谎不道德。甚至,他说的谎言越好、越大、制造谎言的方式越有独创性,他就越有可能受到公众和家的表扬。为什么会这样呢?My answer would be this: namely, that by telling skilful lies-which is to say by making up fictions that appear to be true---the novelist can bring a truth out to a new place and shine a new light on it. In most cases, it is virtually impossible to grasp a truth in its original form and depict it accurately. This is why we try to grab its tail by luring the truth from its hiding place, transferring it to a fictional location, and replacing it with a fictional form. In order to accomplish this, however, we first have to clarify where the truth-lies within us, within ourselves. This is an important qualification for making up good lies.我的回答会是这样:即,通过讲述精巧的谎言——也就是说,通过编造看起来是真实的虚构故事——小说家能够把一种真实带到新的地方,赋予它新的见解。在多数情况下,要以原初的形态领会一个事实并准确描绘它,几乎是不可能的。因此我们把事实从它的藏身之处诱出,将之转移到虚构之地,用虚构的形式取而代之,以试图抓住它的尾巴。然而,为了完成这点,我们必须首先理清在我们之中真实在哪儿。要编造优秀的谎言,这是一种重要的资质。I truly believe it is the novelists job to keep trying to clarify the uniqueness of each individual soul by writing stories---stories of life and death, stories of love, stories that make people cry and quake with fear and shake with laughter. This is why we go on, day after day, concocting fictions with utter seriousness.我完全相信,小说家的任务是通过写故事来不断试图理清每个个体灵魂的独特性——生与死的故事,爱的故事,使人哭泣、使人害怕得发抖和捧腹大笑的故事。这就是为什么我们日复一日,以极其严肃的态度编造着虚构故事的原因。201705/511171

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  My mortgage was 5 a month.我的抵押贷款,每月需要还175美元。When she came back, I picked up her up and I said, you remember that house you liked?她从芝加哥回来的时候,我去接她,问她还记得你喜欢的那栋房子么?She said yeah. I said, while you were gone I bought it, you have to marry me now.她说记得。我说你走了以后我买了那栋房子,你现在必须嫁给我。The third time was the charm.第三次求婚如有神助!We were married in that little house on October the 11th, 1975.1975年10月11日,我们在那栋小房子里结婚了。I married my best friend.我跟我最好的朋友结婚了。I was still in awe after more than four years of being around her at how smart and strong and loving and caring she was.在一起四年后,我还是对她的聪明、坚强、富有爱心、善解人意而怀有敬畏。And I really hoped that her choosing me and rejecting my advice to pursue her own career was a decision she would never regret.我真的希望她选择我,而不是接受我让她追逐自己事业,别让自己后悔的建议。A little over a year later we moved to Little Rock when I became attorney general and she joined the oldest law firm west of the Mississippi.一年后,我们搬到了阿肯色州小石城,我成为首席检察官,她加入密西西比州西部历史最悠久的律师事务所。Soon after, she started a group called the Arkansas Advocates for Families and Children.很快,她就成立了阿肯色儿童家庭权益保护律师协会。Its a group, as you can hear, is still active today.这个组织你可能听说过,直到今天还很活跃。In 1979...In 1979, just after I became governor, I asked Hillary to chair a rural health committee to help expand health care to isolated farm and mountain areas.1979年,我成为了州长,我请希拉里担任了一个乡村卫生协会的主席,为那些偏远的农场和山区的人提供医疗务。They recommended to do that partly by deploying trained nurse practitioners in places with no doctors to provide primary care they were trained to provide.他们的部分建议,就是派驻训练有素的执业护士到没有医生的地方,提供初级的医疗救助务。It was a big deal then, highly controversial and very important.当时那是一个大问题,既饱受争议而又至关重要。And I got the feeling that what she did for the rest of her life she was doing there.我感觉,她当时正在做的事,是她余生致力于的事业。She just went out and figured out what needed to be done and what made the most sense and what would help the most people.她出面弄清楚什么需要解决,什么才是最有意义的,怎样能帮助最多的人。And then if it was controversial, shed just try to persuade people it was the right thing to do.之后,如果某件事有争议,她就会劝导说民众,告诉大家那样做是对的。201612/480388

  This has not only affected how music institutions,how schools for the deaf treat sound -- and not just as a means of therapy although of course, being a participator of music,that definitely is the case as well.这不仅仅影响了聋人音乐学院处理声音的方式。 同时也不仅仅是治疗的一种方式而已,当然,作为一个音乐的参与者,我完全同意这样的观点。But its meant that acousticians have had to really think about the types of halls they put together.但这意味着,声学工作者需要去仔细考虑一下演奏厅的类型他们所选择的。 There are so few halls in this world that actually have very good acoustics,在这个世界上,很少有演奏厅,有很棒的音响效果,dare I say. But by that I mean where you can absolutely do anything you imagine.我敢说。 但即便如此,你仍然可以展开想象的翅膀,去做任何事。The tiniest, softest, softest sound to something that is so broad,最微小,最轻柔的声音对某些东西来说或许它很广阔,so huge, so incredible! Theres always something it may sound good up there, may not be so good there.很巨大,无法想象。 总有一些东西,在这儿或许听着很不错,在那儿了又或许不那么好。May be great there, but terrible up there.在那儿或许很棒,但在上边却糟糕透顶。Maybe terrible over there, but not too bad there, etc., etc.在那儿简直是个噩梦,但在这儿听着还不错呢 ,等等等等。So to find an actual hall is incredible for which you can play exactly what you imagine,所以找到一个真正意义上合适的演奏大厅是不可能的,像你想象到的那样的效果,without it being cosmetically enhanced.并非表面上的修饰和放大。And so therefore, acousticians are actually in conversation with people who are hearing impaired, and who are participators of sound.因此,事实上,声音工作者是在和一些听力受损的人们探讨这个问题,事实上他们也是声音的参与者。And this is quite interesting.这一点其实很有趣。I cannot, you know, give you any detail as far as what is actually happening with those halls, but its just the fact that they are going to a group of people for whom so many years weve been saying,我还不能透露目前的进展如何,关于演奏厅的效果,但意义重大的是,他们正向这样一群人寻求帮助,多年来我们常常议论的这样一群人,Well, how on Earth can they experience music? You know, theyre deaf.瞧,到底他们怎样感知音乐呢?要知道,他们可是失聪的。We just -- we go like that, and we imagine that thats what deafness is about.我们一直这样,我们想象着聋人应该是怎样的。Or we go like that, and we imagine thats what blindness is about.或者我们也这样,我们想象着失明的人应该是怎样的。201605/442761So, a big question that were facing now and have been for quite a number of years now:我们现在面临一个大问题,这个问题已经持续了很多年:are we at risk of a nuclear attack?我们是否处于遭受核袭击的危险之中呢?Now, theres a bigger question thats probably actually more important than that,现在,有一个更大的问题,这个问题可能比刚刚提到的那个问题更重要is the notion of permanently eliminating the possibility of a nuclear attack, eliminating the threat altogether.那就是,我们能不能永久地消除核袭击的可能性,能不能将这种威胁完全消除And I would like to make a case to you that我想给大家举个例子over the years since we first developed atomic weaponry, until this very moment,从核武器被发明以来的这些年间,直到此时此刻weve actually lived in a dangerous nuclear world thats characterized by two phases,我们其实一直生活在一个危险的核世界,这可以分为两个阶段which Im going to go through with you right now.我现在和大家一起来回顾一下First of all, we started off the nuclear age in 1945.首先,我们从1945年开始正式进入核时代The ed States had developed a couple of atomic weapons through the Manhattan Project,美国通过曼哈顿计划成功研制出了核武器and the idea was very straightforward:目的非常明确we would use the power of the atom to end the atrocities and the horror of this unending World War II我们将动用核武器的力量来结束无休止的二战所带来的残暴与恐惧that wed been involved in in Europe and in the Pacific.我们当时被卷入了欧洲和太平洋战场And in 1945, we were the only nuclear power.在1945年,我们是唯一的有核国家We had a few nuclear weapons,我们有一定数量的核武器two of which we dropped on Japan, in Hiroshima, a few days later in Nagasaki, in August 1945,其中一枚投在了日本广岛市,另一枚几天之后扔在了长崎,这些发生在1945年8月killing about 250,000 people between those two.这两枚原子弹一共造成25万人死亡And for a few years, we were the only nuclear power on Earth.之后的一些年间,我们一直是地球上唯一的有核国家But by 1949, the Soviet Union had decided it was unacceptable to have us as the only nuclear power,但是1949年,苏联认为只有美国拥有核武器是一件无法接受的事情and they began to match what the ed States had developed.他们开始和美国一样发展核武器And from 1949 to 1985 was an extraordinary time of a buildup of a nuclear arsenal从1949年到1985年,这是一个特殊时期,一个核武器逐步发展的时期that no one could possibly have imagined back in the 1940s.如果是在40年代没有人可能会想到So by 1985 -- each of those red bombs up here is equivalent of a thousands warheads --到1985年的时候,地图上每一个红色炸弹标志都代表着1000枚核弹头the world had 65,000 nuclear warheads,整个世界一共有65000枚核弹头and seven members of something that came to be known as the ;nuclear club.;有7个国家先后拥有了核武器成为了一个叫做“核俱乐部”组织的成员And it was an extraordinary time,这是一个特殊时期and I am going to go through some of the mentality that we --我一会儿将讨论一下that Americans and the rest of the world were experiencing.美国人以及其他国家的人对此的思考But I want to just point out to you that 95 percent of the nuclear weapons at any particular time since 1985 -- going forward, of course --但我想先向大家指出自1985年以来的任何一个时间点,全世界百分之九十五的were part of the arsenals of the ed States and the Soviet Union.核武器被储存在美国和苏联的军火库中After 1985, and before the break up of the Soviet Union,从1985年到苏联解体的这段时间we began to disarm from a nuclear point of view.我们在核武器这方面开始削减军备We began to counter-proliferate,我们开始反核扩散and we dropped the number of nuclear warheads in the world to about a total of 21,000.我们全世界的核弹头数量减少到了大约21000枚Its a very difficult number to deal with,这是一个非常难理解的数目because what weve done is weve e une ;decommissioned; some of the warheads.因为我们所做的只是使一些核弹头“退役”了Theyre still probably usable. They could be ;re-commissioned,;它们可能还可以使用,并且可以“再次役;but the way they count things, which is very complicated,但是军方用一种很复杂的技术方法统计得出结论:we think we have about a third of the nuclear weapons we had before.我们以为全世界只留有相比以前三分之一的核武器But we also, in that period of time, added two more members to the nuclear club: Pakistan and North Korea.但与此同时,我们的“核俱乐部”又新增了两个成员,巴基斯坦和北朝鲜So we stand today with a still fully armed nuclear arsenal among many countries around the world,因此我们今天仍处于一个很多国家都拥有核武器的时期but a very different set of circumstances.但情况却和以前非常不同So Im going to talk about a nuclear threat story in two chapters.我接下来会分两个时期讨论关于核威胁的历史201605/440565My fellow Americans, This week, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to lay a wreath at the grave of Andrew Jackson, on the 250th anniversary of his birth. Jackson was an American hero. First, as the brilliant general whose crushing defeat of the British at New Orleans saved our independence in the War of 1812. And later, as the seventh President of the ed States – when he fought to defend the forgotten men and women from the arrogant elite of his day. Does it sound familiar? The memory of his leadership lives on in our people, and his spirit points us to a better future. This week, I also traveled to the Willow Run plant in Michigan. At that facility during the Second World War, the Ford Motor Company built not cars, but entire airplanes. At one point, workers there produced a complete B-24 Liberator every single hour – hard to believe. Today, on that site is a new facility, where the cutting-edge cars of the future will be tested. And this week, the old plant was filled once again with thousands of workers and engineers. I was there to share the good news for the American auto industry. We announced well be reversing an 11th-hour executive action from the previous Administration that was threatening thousands of auto jobs in Michigan and across America. And I mean threatening – it was very, very sad to see. In fact, we are setting up a task force in every federal agency to identify any unnecessary regulation that is hurting American businesses and American jobs. The first two job reports of my administration show that weve aly added nearly half a million new jobs. The days of economic surrender for the ed States are over. For too long, special interests have made money shipping jobs overseas. We need a new economic model – lets call it the American Model. Under this model, we will lower the burden on American Business but, in exchange, they must hire and grow America and American jobs. This will be a win-win for our companies and for our workers. Lets buy American and hire American. Lets create jobs in America. Lets imagine new industries. And lets build a beautiful future together. Among the workers building B-24 bombers at the Willow Run plant during World War II was one tough lady. You might have heard of her: they called her Rosie the Riveter. And when Rosies country called her, she answered the call. Rosie was famous for her toughness and her strength – and for the words that were emblazoned above her famous image. It said very simply: ;We can do it.; If Americans unite, and find again within our nation the soul of Rosie and the spirit of Jackson – I have no doubt that we can do it, and do it like never before. Thank you. Enjoy your week.201704/501612

  49. I'm concerned about... 我很担心······ 用法透视 这个句型用来表示关切之意,"对......担心"。 持范例 1. I'm really concerned about my parents' health. 我真的很担心父母的健康。 2. I'm really concerned about her job. 我真的很担心她的工作。 3. I'm concerned about your final exam. 我很担心你的期终考试。 会话记忆 A: I'm concerned about your car. 我很担心你的汽车。 B: It will be fine. 它会没事的。 A: But I think I can help to fix it. 但我想我能帮忙修好它。 B: No, don't give it another thought. 不用,不要再想它了 /200705/13328

  Happy birthday, Canada. On this day 149 years ago, the people of this great land came together. There would no longer be an Upper Canada or a Lower Canada, a Canada West or a Canada East. Instead, there would be one nation, one country, one Canada. From the outset, Canada was formed not in spite of differences, but because of them. Today, as we celebrate our nations birthday, let us also celebrate our diversity. It united us in the past, it binds us together today, and it is at the very heart of our future success. No matter our faith, where we were born, what color our skin, what language we speak, or whom we love, we are all equal members of this great country. We have all worked very hard to build the diverse, inclusive and prosperous nation that we all love so much, and I believe Canada, and Canadians like you, represent the very best vision of the future for our world. On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish you a very happy Canada Day. Joyeuse fête du Canada.201607/456426

  So when I decided to create an art piece in Manshiyat Naser,当我决定在曼斯亚特·纳赛尔创建一个艺术品the neighborhood of the Cairo garbage collectors in Egypt,在埃及开罗附近的垃圾收集处I never thought this project would be the most amazing human experience that I would ever live.我从来没有想过这个项目会是我有生以来最令人惊讶的经历As an artist, I had this humanist intention of beautifying a poor and neglected neighborhood作为一名艺术家,我有这种人文意愿:我希望用艺术去美化一个被忽视的贫穷街区by bringing art to it and hopefully shining light on this isolated community.使这个孤立的社区散发希望的光芒The first time I heard about this Christian Coptic community was in 我第一次听到有关科普特基督教社区的消息是在年when the Egyptian authorities under the regime of Hosni Mubarak decided to slaughter 300,000 pigs using the pretext of H1N1 virus.当埃及在穆巴拉克的政权之下,决定以甲型流感为借口宰杀300,000只猪Originally, they are pig breeders.起初,这些人以喂猪为生Their pigs and other animals are fed with the organic waste that they collect on a daily basis.他们用每天收集的有机废物来喂养猪和其他牲畜This event killed their livelihood.然而这一事件断了他们的生计。The first time I entered Manshiyat Naser, it felt like a maze.我第一次进入曼斯亚特·纳赛尔的时候,感觉像是进入了迷宫I was looking for the St. Simon Monastery on the top of the Muqattam Mountain.我在Muqattam山顶上寻找圣西蒙修道院So you go right, then straight, then right again, then left to reach all the way to the top.右转,直行,再右转,然后左转,一直到山顶But to reach there, you must dodge between the trucks overpacked with garbage and slalom between the tuk-tuks,但当你到达那里时,你应该避开那些装满垃圾的卡车和嘟嘟车的障碍the fastest vehicle to move around in the neighborhood.那是在这个社区最快的车The smell of the garbage unloaded from those trucks was intense,那些从卡车上卸载下来的垃圾气味是最为强烈的and the noise of the traffic was loud and overbearing.还有那些大而蛮横的堵车声。Add to it the din created by the crushers in those warehouses along the way.再加上那些在仓库里发出噪音的压碎机。From outside it looks chaotic, but everything is perfectly organized.使得这个城市外表看起来很混乱,但一切都结合得十分完美。201611/477149。

  1_10 Let’s go for a walk. Let’s go for a walk. 我们去散步吧. Let’s get exercise. . 我们去做些运动. A walk would do us good. 散步对我们有好处. Walking is great. 散步很棒. Walking is healthy. 散步有益健康. It’s the best exercise there is.散步是最好的运动. Where shall we go? 你说我们去哪里? Any place in mind? 你有没有想到任何地方? I’ll follow you anywhere. 我愿意跟你去任何地方. /200705/13653


  2_06 Here’s a little something. Here’s a little something. 这是个小东西. I got this for you. 我带来送给你的. I hope you like it. 我希望你喜欢. It’s not much. 不值多少钱. You deserve more. 你应该得到更多. You deserve the best. 你应该是得到最好的. You’re one of a kind. 你非常特别. You’re so special. 你很特别. You’re really great. 你真的很棒. /200706/14103

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