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呼和浩特吸脂减肥要多少钱乌兰察布市妇幼保健人民中医院做去眼袋手术多少钱We all know time is a construct, and right now, it#39;s kept by the very precise tick of an international network of around 500 atomic clocks.我们都知道时间是个复杂的概念。目前,世界上有一个由大约500台原子钟组成的网络,而我们就通过这些原子钟精确的滴答进行计时。But now researchers have shown that time could be kept even more accurately with a new-generation of clocks called optical clocks, and they want to use the new system to redefine a second - which would mean we could squeeze even more into our days. The optical clock they#39;ve just measured is so precise that it would have lost less than two minutes if it had been running since the birth of the Universe, which is pretty incredible once you wrap your head around it.但是现在研究人员表示,新一代钟表——光学钟——可以更准确地计时,而且他们想用新系统来重新定义一秒钟的长度,这也就意味着我们的日子里甚至可以挤进去更多光阴。刚刚测量的光学钟非常精确,如果它从宇宙诞生之日起开始运行的话,到现在误差还不到两分钟,仔细想想简直不可思议。Global time-keeping is important, because #39;the second#39; - as defined by the International System of s (SI) - is what our GPS devices, electrical power grids, and financial networks all rely on.全球计时是非常重要的,因为我们的GPS设备、电网和金融网络全都依赖着由国际计量系统(SI)定义的“秒”。That#39;s why we use atomic - or microwave - clocks, which measure the vibration of a caesium atom to keep time, just like the tiny swinging of a pendulum. And since 1967, a SI second has been defined as 9,192,631,770 cycles of those vibrations. But, as specific as that sounds, even the best atomic clocks can still accumulate an error of about 1 nanosecond over a month.这也是我们应用原子钟或微波钟的原因,它们通过测量铯原子的摆动来计时,就像一个钟摆在轻微摆动。自1967年以来,国际计量系统定义的一秒就是91亿9263万1770次这种微小摆动。但是,尽管听起来很精准,即使是最好的原子钟在一个月的时间内也仍然会积累出十亿分之一秒的误差。Optical clocks, on the other hand, are even more precise. They work similarly to atomic clocks, but they measure the oscillations of atoms or ions that vibrate at frequencies about 100,000 times higher than microwave frequencies - which is a whole lot faster, and therefore more accurate.另一方面,光学钟却更为精确。它们的工作原理与原子钟相似,测量原子或离子的振动,但这些原子或离子的摆动频率大约是微波频率的10万倍左右——这要快得多,因此也更为准确。;Our study is a milestone in terms of practical implementation of optical clocks,; said one of the researchers, Christian Grebing, from the National Metrology Institute of Germany, ;The message is that we could today implement these optical clocks into the time-keeping infrastructure that we have now, and we would gain.;德国国家计量研究所的一位研究人员克里斯蒂安·格雷宾说:“就光学钟的实际应用而言,我们的研究是一块里程碑。也就是说,今天我们可以把这些光学钟纳入目前拥有的计时基础设施之中,而且,我们会有所收获。”That gain is the ability to squeeze more into every second. Us slow humans wouldn#39;t really notice, but things like financial time stamps would be more specific ,and banks would be able to complete even more transactions per second.收获就是可以在每一秒之中挤入更多的时光。我们这些慢腾腾的人类不会真正注意到这点变化,但是金融时间戳之类的东西会更为精准,而甚至会在每秒钟完成更多的交易。 /201606/449951呼和浩特去皱纹哪家好 ;W; means wide connection.W代表广联互通。Wuzhen is located in Zhejiang province, an economic powerhouse in East China. 乌镇位于中国经济强省浙江。More than 80 percent of the country’s e-retailers, 70 percent of exports, and 60 percent of e-commerce relies on platforms based in Zhejiang. 我国80%以上的电子零售商、70%的出口以及60%的电子商务都是依托浙江省内的平台开展业务。Tongxiang itself, which Wuzhen is a part of, is home to 560 Internet enterprises, over 30,000 registered retailers and 48 Taobao service stations.仅桐乡市就有560家互联网企业,3万多家登记在册的零售商和48个淘宝网务站点。The essence of Internet is connection, the value of information lies in interflow. 互联网的精髓在于互联,而信息的价值在于互通。The World Internet Conference brings opportunities and vigor to Wuzhen, a city which perfectly reflects nature, tradition, development and modernity.世界互联网大会为乌镇带来了机遇和活力,而这个城镇本身就完美体现了自然、传统、发展与现代。;U; means universal vision.U代表全球视野。With a theme of ;Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All – Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace;, the conference will be composed of forums, an expo, and a release event in addition to the opening and closing ceremonies. 在创新驱动,造福人类——携手共建网络空间命运共同体的主题下,本届互联网大会将举办论坛、览会、发布活动以及开闭幕式等活动。The conference will host 16 forums covering 20 hot issues, such as Internet economy, Internet innovation, Internet culture, governance in cyberspace and international cooperation on Internet.大会将举办16场论坛涵盖20个热门话题,包括:互联网经济,互联网创新,互联网文化,网络空间治理以及互联网国际合作,等等。World leading Internet achievements will be on display at the Light of the Internet Expo.全球领先的互联网成果将在互联网之光览会上展出。;Z; means zealous ideas.Z代表充满的想法。Wuzhen’s Xizha scenic spot and Wucun county have been selected to host brainstorming activities for Internet and tech giants, such as Alibaba, Foxconn, Jinritoutiao, 58.com.乌镇西栅景区和乌村会举办互联网和科技界大咖头脑风暴活动,大咖们来自阿里巴巴、富士康、今日头条以及58同城等。;H; means humanitarian care.H代表人道主义关怀。Industry experts and insiders from across the globe have been invited to attend. 全球的行业专家和内部人士都受邀出席本次大会。It is the first time that the Light of the Internet Expo will be open to the public. 互联网之光览会也首次对公众开放。Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and over 310 well-known enterprises will attend the expo. 微软、IBM、SAP、阿里巴巴、腾讯、百度以及310多家知名企业都将现身览会。A total of 6,300 multilingual students from 15 universities in Zhejiang province will serve as volunteers in reception centers, main venues, news centers, airports and hotels.来自浙江15所高校的6300名多语种学生在接待中心、主场馆、新闻中心、机场和酒店提供志愿务。;E; means economic benefits.E代表经济收益。Cross-border and rural electricity suppliers, sharing economy, big data, cloud computing, Internet finance and intelligent equipment have become common place in daily life, not to mention information economy is now an important contributor to Chinese GDP.跨境和农村电力供应、分享经济、大数据、云计算、互联网金融以及智能设备已经在日常生活中普及,更不用说,信息经济如今已经是我国国内生产总值的重要组成部分。Innovation-driven development is key to succeeding in the international economy, and innovative Internet development will bring prosperity to the whole world. 创新驱动发展是在全球经济中取得成功的关键,而创新的互联网发展将为整个世界带来繁荣。The Chinese Internet Plus initiative lays the foundation for digital China construction, boosting Internet innovation and bringing untold benefits. 中国的互联网+战略为数字中国建设奠定了基础,促进了互联网创新,还带来了无数利好。The rapid development of the Chinese Internet is set to bring more opportunities to international enterprises and entrepreneurs.中国互联网的快速发展必将为全球的企业和企业家们带来更多机遇。;N; means new future.N代表新的未来。The Wuzhen International Internet Convention Center, a permanent home for the World Internet Conference, was designed by Wang Shu, a professor at the China Academy of Art, winning a Pritzker Architecture Award. 世界互联网大会的永久场馆——乌镇互联网国际会展中心由中国首位普利兹克建筑奖得主、中国美院教授王澍领衔设计。Covering 81,000 square meters and consisting of three functional areas (a conference center, a reception center, and an exhibition center), the venue will meet the needs of the event, including hosting meetings, forums, and exhibitions. 会展中心占地8.1万平方米,由三个功能区组成(会议中心、接待中心以及展览中心),将满足世界互联网大会的所有需求,包括举办会议、论坛和展览。The conference center is composed of a main venue and 18 meeting rooms, while the exhibition center has eight pavilions. 会议中心由一个主场馆和18个会议室组成,展览中心有8个展馆。The interior decoration of the venue meets the standards of most large international conferences with a complete set of facilities, plus fast and reliable Internet services.会展中心的内部装饰达到了举办大型国际会议的标准,设备齐全,网络务快捷稳定。 /201611/478980和林格尔县脸部去痣价格

呼和浩特那家自体脂肪丰胸There are more reasons than ever to understand how to protect your personal information.现在比过去任何时候都更需要搞清楚如何保护你的个人信息。Major hacks seem ever more frequent. Investigators believe that a set of top-secret National Security Agency hacking tools were offered to online bidders this summer. 大规模的黑客袭击似乎比以前更加频繁了。调查人员相信,一系列绝密国家安全机构黑客工具在今年夏天被提供给了网上的竞拍者。And many of those worried about expanded government surveillance by the N.S.A. and other agencies have taken steps to secure their communications.他们中有许多人对美国国家安全局(NSA)和其他政府机构不断扩大的监控感到担忧,开始采取措施,保障自身的通信安全。In a recent Medium post, Quincy Larson, the founder of Free Code Camp, an open-source community for learning to code, detailed the reasons it might be useful for people to make their personal data more difficult for attackers to access. 学习编程的开源社区自由编程营(Free Code Camp)创始人昆西#8226;拉森(Quincy Larson)最近在Medium网站发表了一篇文章,详细解释了为何人们将个人数据变得更难让袭击者获得是有益的。“When I use the term ‘attacker’ I mean anyone trying to access your data whom you haven’t given express permission to,” he wrote. “Whether it’s a hacker, a corporation, or even a government.”“这里的‘袭击者’,是指任何未经你的允许试图获取你的数据的人,”他写道。“不管它是黑客、企业,还是政府。”In an interview, Mr. Larson walked us through some of the basic steps he recommended. We added a few of our own, based on additional interviews.在接受采访时,拉森给我介绍了一些他推荐的基本步骤。我们基于其他采访又增添了几条自己的建议。We encourage you to write back with feedback on this article. If the instructions are too vague, the apps aren’t working for you or you have additional questions, we want to hear about it. Send an email to smarterliving@nytimes.com.我们鼓励你就这篇文章写下反馈发给我们。如果你觉得文字说明不够清楚,应用不起作用,或有其他疑问,我们也很乐于知道。请发邮件到smarterliving@nytimes.com。Now, let’s encrypt.现在,让我们开始加密。1. Download Signal, or Start Using WhatsApp to send text messages.1.下载Signal,或使用WhatsApp发送短信。Encryption is a fancy computer-person word for scrambling your data until no one can understand what it says without a key. But encrypting is more complex than just switching a couple of letters around.加密是一个高大上的计算机术语,意思是对你的数据加以处理,直到没有密钥就没有人能理解它为止。但加密绝不仅仅是调换几个字母那么简单。Mr. Larson said that by some estimates, with the default encryption scheme that Apple uses, “you’d have to have a supercomputer crunching day and night for years to be able to unlock a single computer.”拉尔森说,据估计,使用苹果的默认加密方案,“你必须有一台超级计算机昼夜不停的运转很多年,才能解锁一台计算机。”He said that the best way to destroy data was not to delete it, because it could potentially be resurrected from a hard drive, but to encode it in “a secure form of cryptography.”他说,销毁数据的最佳方法是不删除数据,而是以“加密安全形式”进行编码,因为删除的数据可以从硬盘驱动器里恢复。Signal is one of the most popular apps for those who want to protect their text messaging. It is free and extremely easy to use. And unlike Apple’s iMessage, which is also encrypted, the code it uses to operate is open-source.如果你想保护自己的短信,Signal是人气最高的此类应用之一。它是免费的,非常容易使用。苹果的iMessage虽然也是能加密,但Signal使用的代码是开源的,这和iMessage不同。“You can be sure by looking at the code that they’re not doing anything weird with your data,” Mr. Larson said.“看一看代码,你就能确定他们没有对你的数据做过奇怪的事情,”拉尔森说。“In general, the idea behind the app is to make privacy and communication as simple as possible,” said Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of Open Whisper Systems, the organization that developed Signal.“总的来说,这个应用的想法是让隐私保护和交流尽可能地简单,”开发出Signal的公司开放耳语系统(Open Whisper Systems)的创始人莫克西#8226;马林斯派克(Moxie Marlinspike)说。That means that the app allows you to use emojis, send pictures and enter group texts.这意味着该应用允许你使用颜文字、发送图片和群发文字。One bit of friction: You do have to persuade your friends to join the service too, if you want to text them. The app makes that easy to do.有一个不利因素:如果想给朋友们发讯息,就必须说他们也加入该务使用者的行列。但它让这个过程变得很容易。WhatsApp, the popular chat tool, uses Signal’s software to encrypt its messaging. And in Facebook Messenger and Google’s texting app Allo, you can turn on an option that encrypts your messages.很受欢迎的聊天工具WhatsApp使用Signal的软件为自己的通讯信息加密。在Facebook Messenger和谷歌(Google)的通讯应用程序Allo中,你可以启用为讯息加密的选项。Here’s how to do that on Facebook. Here’s how to do it on Allo. 点击这里查看如何在Facebook上这样做。点击这里查看如何在Allo上这样做。Mr. Marlinspike said that the presidential election had sparked a lot of interested in Signal, leading to a “substantial increase in users.”马林斯派克说,总统选举激发了很多人对Signal的兴趣,导致“用户数量大幅增加”。When asked to speculate why that was, Mr. Marlinspike simply said, “Donald Trump is about to be in control of the most powerful, invasive and least accountable surveillance apparatus in the world.”被问及个中原因时,马林斯派克简单地说道,“唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)即将控制世界上最具影响力和侵略性、且最不可能被问责的监控机构。”To download Signal, click here for iOS, or here for Android. 点击这里下载iOS版Signal,或者点击这里下载安卓版Signal。2. Protect your computer’s hard drive with FileVault orBitLocker.2. 用FileVault或者BitLocker保护你的电脑硬件。Your phone may be the device that lives in your pocket, but Mr. Larson described the computer as the real gold mine for personal information.你或许总是把手机带在身边,但马林斯派克认为电脑才是真正的个人信息金矿。Even if your data were password protected, someone who gained access to your computer “would have access to all your files if they were unencrypted.”即便你的数据受到密码保护,某个进入你电脑的人还是“可以看到你的所有文件,如果它们没有被加密的话”。Luckily, both Apple and Windows offer means of automatic encryption that simply need to be turned on.幸运的是,苹果和Windows都提供了自动加密工具,只需启用即可。Here’s the link to do that for Apple computers. Here’s the one for Windows computers. 点击这里为苹果电脑加密。点击这里为使用Windows的电脑加密。3. The way you handle your passwords is probably wrong and bad.3. 你处理密码的方式可能是错误而糟糕的。You know this by now. Changing your passwords frequently is one of the simplest things you can do to protect yourself from digital invasion. 现在你已经知道了这一点。为了保护自己免遭数码入侵,你能做的最简单的事情之一就是常常更换密码。But making up new combinations all the time is a hassle.不过,不停地创建新的密码是一件麻烦事。Mr. Larson recommends password managers, which help store many passwords, with one master password. He said that he uses LastPass, but knows plenty of people who use 1Password and KeePass, and that he doesn’t have a strong reason to recommend one over another. 拉尔森推荐使用可以帮助保存很多密码,且只需记住一个主密码的密码管理器。他说自己用的是LastPass,但知道很多人都在用1Password和KeePass,而他没有什么强有力的理由来建议大家选择某一种而非另外两种。Not every security expert trusts password managers. Some noted that LastPass itself got hacked last year.并非每个安全专家都信任密码管理器。一些专家指出,LastPass本身去年就遭到了入侵。So that means you may want to write them down in one secure location, perhaps a Post-it note at home. It seems more far-fetched that a hacker would bother to break into your home for a Post-it note than find a way into your computer.因此你或许想要把密码写在一个秘密的地方,也许是家里的一张即时贴上。黑客更加没有可能为了设法进入你的电脑而费事闯进你家寻找一张即时贴。If you take that route, we suggest setting a weekly or biweekly calendar reminder to change your passwords.如果你采用这种方法,我们建议你在日历中设定每周一次或者每两周一次的更换密码任务提醒。As far as making passwords up goes: Don’t be precious about it. Use a random word (an object near you while you’re hunched over your Post-it) and a combination of numbers. If you’re writing passwords down, you don’t have to worry about making them memorable.至于密码的创建,建议你不要过分讲究。使用一个随机的词(例如当你凑近即时贴的时候,身旁的一个物件)再加上一组数字。如果你会把密码写下来,就不必担心如何才能让它们便于记忆了。4. Protect your email and other accounts with two-factor authentication. 4. 用两步验保护你的电子邮箱以及其他账号。When you turn this step on, anyone trying to sign in to your email from new devices will have to go through a secondary layer of security: a code to access the inbox that is sent to your phone via text message. (Though sadly, not through Signal.)当你启用这一功能时,任何试图在陌生设备上登陆你的邮箱的人,都必须通过两步验:用以进入邮箱的验码会通过短信发送到你的手机上。(遗憾的是,不是通过Signal。)Here’s the link for turning on two-factor authentication for Gmail accounts.点击这里查看如何为Gmail帐号启用两步验。Here’s the one for Yahoo accounts, and here’s one you can use for Outlook accounts. 点击这里查看如何为雅虎(Yahoo)帐号启用两步验;点击这里查看如何为Outlook帐号启用两步验。You can also set two-factor authentication for social media accounts and other sites. But email is the most important account, since many sites use email for password recovery, a fact that has been exploited by hackers. Once they have access to your email, they can get access to banking, social media, data backups and work accounts.你还可以为社交媒体账号以及其他网站设置两步验。但电子邮箱才是最重要的账号,因为很多网站都用电子邮箱进行密码恢复,黑客们已经在利用这一点了。他们一旦进入你的邮箱,就可以攻克你的、社交媒体、数据备份和工作账号。5. Use a browser plug-in called HTTPS Everywhere.5. 使用一个名叫HTTPS Everywhere的浏览器插件。Mr. Marlinspike recommended this plug-in, developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital security organization. It ensures that you are accessing the secure form of websites, meaning that your connection to the site will be encrypted, and that you will be protected from various forms of surveillance and hacking.马林斯派克推荐的这个插件是由数字安全机构电子前哨基金会(Electronic Frontier Foundation)开发的。它能确保你以安全的方式访问网站。这意味着你对网站的访问会被加密,从而保护你免遭各种形式的监控和入侵。Download HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome here. For Firefox here. 点击这里下载Chrome版HTTPS Everywhere。点击这里下载火狐(Firefox)版HTTPS Everywhere。Here’s a list of FAQ’s about the plug-in, including whether it is available for other browsers. 点击这里查看关于该插件的常见问题解答,包括它是否适用于其他浏览器。And this is a good time to note that you should always be aware whether the Wi-Fi network you’re using is secure. Public networks — and even private networks without security keys — often are not.借此机会还要指出,你应该时时警惕自己使用的Wi-Fi网络是否安全。公共网络——乃至没有安全密匙的私人网络——通常并不安全。6. Remember that incognito mode isn’t always private.6. 切记,隐身模式并非总能保护隐私。You may be in such a hurry to use this feature, available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, among other browsers, that you do not heed its clear warning.你或许急匆匆地使用了这个在Chrome、Safari、火狐以及其他一些浏览器上都能见到的功能,却没有注意到它发出的明确警告。On Chrome, the second paragraph of the “incognito” home screen is clear.在Chrome上打开介绍“隐身”模式的页面,第二段写得清清楚楚。“You aren’t invisible,” it says. “Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit.”“您的活动并非无法被察觉,”那上面说。“使用隐身模式后,您的雇主、您的互联网务提供商或者您访问的网站本身,还是可以查看您的网站访问活动记录。”Mr. Larson recommended Tor in his article, a browser that allows for private web activity. But we’re not going to recommend that here, mostly because Tor is relatively slow and clunky at the moment.拉尔森在他的文章中推荐了Tor,一款让人得以进行私密网络活动的浏览器。但我们在这里不会做这样的推荐,主要原因是Tor目前较为缓慢和笨重。“I’ll be honest, I don’t use it very often,” Mr. Larson said.“说老实话,我并没有非常频繁地使用它,”拉尔森说。He said that he suspected other browsers would start adding ways to browse more securely.他说他预计其他浏览器也会着手添加能让人更安全地浏览网页的功能。“Apple is very security conscious,” he said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they started to incorporate Tor-like features into Safari.”“苹果的安全意识非常强,”他说。“如果他们开始把类似于Tor的功能融入Safari,我一点儿也不会感到惊讶。”7. Do sensitive searches in DuckDuckGo.7. 用DuckDuckGo进行较为敏感的搜索。Mr. Larson said that if people were paranoid about Google, he would strongly encourage them to use DuckDuckGo, an alternative search engine.拉尔森说,如果有人对谷歌极度不放心,他会强烈推荐他们使用另一款搜索引擎DuckDuckGo。He said however, that he personally, was not paranoid.不过他说,他本人对谷歌并无成见。“Google is built on the hacker ethic and they have put principle above profits in some aspects,” he said.“谷歌的创建以黑客伦理为基础,他们在某些方面是把原则置于利润之上的,”他说。But he also acknowledged that he meets “people all the time who are extremely skeptical of any large software organization and I think that’s reasonable.” There are trade-offs. Google’s search results are more useful and accurate than competitors’ precisely because of the ways it collects and analyzes information about its customers’ searches.但他也承认,他“常常”遇到“对所有大型软件组织都心怀疑虑的人,而且我觉得他们持这种态度也是合情合理的”。有利就有弊。与竞争对手相比,谷歌的搜索结果更有用,也更准确,但这恰恰是因为它会搜集并分析与用户的搜索活动有关的信息。A Bonus: Cover your webcam with tape.附赠锦囊一枚:用胶带盖住摄像头。That way, if someone has found a way to compromise your computer, they cannot spy on you through its camera.这样一来,即便有人得以入侵你的电脑,也无法通过电脑上的摄像头窥视你。And yes, this happens.没错,这种事情不是没发生过。Happy encryption.祝加密愉快。 /201611/478965呼和浩特整型美容医院 呼和浩特京美美容医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

内蒙古医学院第二附属医院去痘多少钱 Light pollution is so bad in Singapore that people#39;s eyes never fully adapt to the dark when looking at the sky after sunset.新加坡的光污染非常严重,太阳落山后的夜空,他们的眼睛从未适应过黑暗。It#39;s pretty bad elsewhere too. A recent study, published in Science Advances, created an atlas of artificial night-sky brightness that measures and compares sky luminance around the world. A full one-third of humanity lives under skies where you can#39;t see the Milky Way.别处的情况也很糟糕。最近发表在《科学进步》的一项研究创造了人为夜空亮度的地图集,测量并比较世界各地天空的亮度。有三分之一的人生活在不能看到的天空之下。In the map below, white spots show where people#39;s eyes never adapt to darkness - when eye rods take over from eye cones. Red shows where people can#39;t see the Milky Way. Anything but black shows some level of light pollution.在下面的地图上,白色斑点表示这个地方的人们的眼睛从来没有适应黑暗 - 视网膜杆代替视锥。红色的点显示这里的人们无法看到系。除黑色之外的颜色显示受到光污染的不同水平。And a chart of the most light-polluted countries. Again, white shows the population living under skies that never get dark enough to cause eyes to adapt to night.有一张受到光污染最严重的地区的图表。再一次显示了白代表这个地方的人的天空从来没有足够的黑暗来使眼睛适应夜间生活。Light pollution is problematic for several reasons.造成光污染是有很多原因的。In addition to making astronomic research difficult, it can impact biological circadian rhythms, altering the behavior of birds, reptiles and even humans. A recentstatement from the American Medical Association also warned against the dangers of LED lights, which are increasingly replacing street lamps due to their energy efficiency. The blue light emitted by LED bulbs is more disruptive than traditional warmer-looking lighting.光污染不仅会使天文研究变得困难,还会影响到生物昼夜变化的规律,改变鸟类,爬行动物甚至人类的行为。最近,美国医学协会一项声明中还警告人们LED灯的危险性,由于能源效率LED灯越来越多地取代路灯。LED灯泡发出的蓝色光比传统暖光灯光更具破坏性。But in a Quora th about the absence of stars in Singapore#39;s night sky, local contributors have a few tips about how to find glimpses of them. User Ryan Phung suggests traveling to remote places in the city, like Tanjong Beach or Pulau Ubin. And Akshay Mamidi suggests looking up long enough for your to eyes adjust, then using a star chart to make sure you look in the right places.但在Quora上关于新加坡的夜空没有星星的提问,当地志愿者对如何找到它们踪迹给出了的一些建议。用户瑞安奉建议行驶到离城市偏远的地方,像丹戎海滩或乌敏岛。阿克沙伊麦迪建议仰视足够长的时间使你的眼睛适应,然后看星图确保你看的是正确的地方。Residents of Singapore are not alone in their struggles to see the stars. According to the study, 99% of US and European populations live with some level of light pollution, and 80% of North Americans can#39;t see the Milky Way either.新加坡的居民在找星星的过程中不是孤军奋战。这项研究表明美国和欧洲的99%的人口生活在一定程度的光污染下,北美80%的人也不能看到系。Other countries plagued by high levels of light pollution include Kuwait, Qatar, ed Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The world#39;s least light-polluted countries are Chad, Central African Republic, and Madagascar, where more than 75% of the population has pristine views of the starry night.其他光污染困扰严重的国家还包括科威特,卡塔尔,阿联酋,沙特阿拉伯和韩国。世界上光污染最少的国家是乍得,中非共和国和马达加斯加,那里75%以上的人口可以很容易看到星星。In the report, the researchers write that they hope their data will aid others who study the impacts of light pollution as cities inevitably continue to get brighter.在报告中,研究人员写道,他们希望他们的数据将帮助其他研究光污染的影响的人,因为城市的夜晚不可避免地在继续变亮。 /201606/451478内蒙古医院激光去痣多少钱内蒙古医学院附属医院祛疤多少钱



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