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A rare riot here, staged by hundreds of workers from South Asia, is reviving public concern about the socioeconomic impact and sustainability of Singapore#39;s heavy reliance on overseas labor.来自南亚的数百名劳工在新加坡掀起一场罕见的骚乱,再度引发了公众对新加坡过度依赖外籍劳动所带来的社会经济影响及其可持续性的关注。Sunday#39;s incident in Singapore#39;s Little India district-a popular weekend hangout for South Asian expatriates and migrant workers-ended a riot-free period extending more than four decades and has blotted the city-state#39;s image as one of Asia#39;s safest countries. Analysts and labor activists say the unrest points to a growing challenge for policy makers trying to maintain social cohesion and curb antiforeigner sentiment amid festering tensions among its large migrant workforce.周日发生在新加坡“小印度”区的这起事件不仅终结了新加坡40余年无骚乱的历史,也给这座城市国家作为亚洲最安全国家之一的形象抹了黑。“小印度”是新加坡南亚侨民和外籍劳工周末的聚集地。分析人士和劳工维权人士说,新加坡有大量外籍劳工,不同民族之间的紧张情绪不断加剧,这场骚乱凸现出新加坡决策者在试图维护社会凝聚力和抑制排外情绪方面所面临的日益严峻的挑战。Police and eyewitnesses say the riot started at about 9:30 p.m. after a bus hit and killed a 33-year-old Indian man. South Asian workers at the scene reacted by attacking the bus with sticks, stones and garbage bins, and later assaulted arriving police officers and paramedics, TV footage showed.警方和目击人说,骚乱始于周日晚上9点30分左右,当时,一辆巴士撞死一名33岁的印度男子。电视画面显示,南亚外籍劳工在事故现场用棍棒、石块和垃圾桶袭击那辆巴士,随后又攻击了闻讯赶来的警察和医务人员。The violence was quelled by 11 p.m. by about 300 police officers-but not before injuries were inflicted on at least 39 law-enforcement and emergency-services personnel, as well as the driver and conductor aboard the bus in the accident. Dozens of police, emergency-services and privately owned vehicles were damaged, including five vehicles that were burned.在大约300名警察的帮助下,骚乱于当晚11点前平息,但至少有39名执法人员和紧急务人员以及肇事巴士的司机和售票员受了伤。警方、紧急务机构和私人拥有的几十辆车受损,其中五辆车被烧毁。Public violence is virtually unheard of in Singapore, where public assembly is strictly regulated. But #39;incidents like this were, in a sense, waiting to happen,#39; especially given the dense weekend crowds in Little India numbering in the thousands, said Hui Weng Tat, an economic professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Some migrants#39; resentment against perceived discrimination and poor working conditions could have contributed to the outburst, Mr. Hui said, adding that policy makers may need to consider improving migrant pay and treatment.公开暴力行为在新加坡几乎可说是闻所未闻,民众集会在新加坡受到严格控制。但新加坡国立大学李光耀公共政策学院(Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy)经济学教授Hui Weng Tat说,从某种程度上讲,像这样的事件是一定会发生的,特别是考虑到“小印度”周末会有成千上万的人聚在那里。他说,一些外籍劳工对所谓的歧视和恶劣工作条件不满,可能是导致这场骚乱的原因之一。他还说,决策者或许应该考虑提高外籍劳工的薪资和待遇。#39;The workers who have been arrested in connection with the rioting incident are employed by different employers and housed in different locations. There is no basis to link their unlawful behavior to workplace issues,#39; Singapore#39;s Manpower Ministry said in response to queries. #39;In any case, whatever the cause, no one is above the law.#39;新加坡人力部(Manpower Ministry)在回应外界询问时说,被逮捕的与骚乱事件有关的外籍劳工受雇于不同雇主,他们被关押在不同地点;没有据表明他们的不法行为与工作场所的问题有关;无论如何,没有人可以凌驾于法律之上。Police said they arrested 27 people-24 Indian nationals, two Bangladeshis and one Singapore permanent resident, ages 23 to 45-who haven#39;t been named. It wasn#39;t clear if and when the 27 may be charged, or whether they had received legal counsel. Authorities classified the violence as #39;rioting with dangerous weapons,#39; an offense that carries penalties including up to 10 years#39; jail, as well as caning. More arrests could follow, police said.警方说,他们已逮捕了27人,其中24人为印度籍,两人为孟加拉籍,一人是新加坡永久居民,年龄在23岁到45岁之间。这些人的名字尚未公开。不清楚这27人是否以及何时会被起诉,也不知他们是否得到了法律帮助。新加坡当局将这起事件定性为“持危险武器参与骚乱”,一旦被定罪,将面临最高10年监禁和鞭刑等惩罚。警方说,可能会有更多人被逮捕。Police arrested the bus driver in the accident-an unnamed 55-year-old Singaporean-and plan to charge the person with causing #39;death by a negligent act,#39; an offense punishable by up to two years#39; jail and fines. The driver couldn#39;t be reached for comment.肇事司机为55岁新加坡人,姓名不详,警方已将其逮捕,并准备以疏忽致死罪对其进行起诉,这项罪名最高可判两年监禁和罚款。记者未能立即联系到该巴士司机发表。In a statement Monday, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he ordered an inquiry into #39;an isolated incident caused by an unruly mob.#39; The probe will review factors behind the riot, including management of the incident by officials and how authorities oversee areas where foreign workers congregate, he said.新加坡总理李显龙周一在公告中称,他已下令调查这起由不法暴徒引起的孤立事件,并表示将彻查骚乱的起因,包括官员对这起事件的应对,以及政府部门对外籍劳工聚集区的管理方式。The riot has sparked concerns of further unrest amid the large foreign workforce, numbering about 1.3 million as of June, in this island state of 5.4 million people. Researchers say South Indians number in the hundreds of thousands here.截至6月底,新加坡外籍劳工已达到130万人左右,而新加坡总人口只有540万。骚乱事件发生后,人们担心庞大的外来劳工还可能引发更多动荡。研究人员称,新加坡有大量南印度劳工。Singapore has used liberal immigration policies in the past decade to fuel economic growth, boosting its population by 27% in the past decade. Amid concern that such a growth model wasn#39;t sustainable, the government has curbed inflows of foreigners over the past three to four years, hoping to assuage voters disgruntled by stagnant low-end wages, rising living costs and infrastructural strains, which many citizens blamed on high immigration.为了推动经济增长,新加坡过去10年实行了自由移民政策,使其人口增加了27%。由于担心这种增长模式难以为继,过去三、四年里新加坡政府限制了外来人口的流入,希望安抚选民的不满情绪。许多新加坡市民将低工资、高物价和基础设施紧张归咎于大量移民。Foreign workers have also increasingly bristled under the system. Some-particularly low-wage laborers in construction-have in recent years resorted to protests against alleged exploitation by employers, including an illegal strike last year by about 170 public-bus drivers hired from China, which ended a 26-year strike-free record for Singapore.而外籍劳工的怨气也在这一制度下不断加深。近年来,一些工资特别低的建筑工人已经组织抗议活动反对所谓的雇主压榨。去年,170名华裔公交司机举行非法罢工,结束了新加坡26年无罢工的历史。Prime Minister Lee sought to allay worries about the unrest. #39;The vast majority of foreign workers here obey our laws,#39; he said in his statement. #39;We must not let this bad incident tarnish our views of foreigner workers here.#39;李显龙试图缓解骚乱事件引发的忧虑。他在公告中称,大多数的外籍劳工是遵守新加坡法律的,绝不能让这起不好的事件抹黑新加坡人对外籍劳工的看法。Police have avoided drawing conclusions on the cause of the riot. Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew suggested that alcohol might have been a factor, but labor activists countered that most low-wage foreigners can#39;t afford much alcohol.警方不愿给这起骚乱的原因下结论。新加坡交通部长吕德耀说,酒精可能是引发骚乱的一个因素。但劳工维权人士反驳说,多数低薪外籍劳工买不起太多酒。Police officials said they would #39;pay extra attention#39; to Little India, foreign-worker dormitories and other places of congregation.警方表示,他们将格外关注小印度、外籍劳工宿舍和其他聚集地。Singapore last experienced a major riot in 1969, when racially charged violence broke out between the city-state#39;s majority ethnic Chinese and minority Malay residents, leaving at least four dead and 80 injured.新加坡上一次骚乱发生在1969年,当时,占人口多数的华人和占人口少数的马来人之间爆发了一场种族暴力冲突,造成至少四人死亡,80人受伤。 /201312/268646Chinese authorities have ramped up their attempts to restore investor confidence in the country’s tumbling stock markets, setting the stage for another turbulent week of trading on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.中国当局加大力度,试图恢复投资者对连连下跌的国内股市的信心,为上海和深圳券交易所迎来行情震荡的又一周搭起舞台。The China Securities Regulatory Commission said in a brief statement late last night that the central bank would “uphold market stability” by providing liquidity to China Securities Finance, a state entity that makes margin financing available to brokers.中国券监督管理委员会(CSRC)昨晚在一份简短声明中表示,中国央行将给予中国券金融股份有限公司(China Securities Finance)流动性持,以“维护市场稳定”。中国券金融公司是向券商提供保金融资的国家实体。The regulator’s announcement came after brokers, fund managers and groups planning initial public offerings pledged to help stabilise market confidence over the weekend. The CSRC had said on Friday that CSF’s capital would be quadrupled to Rmb100bn (bn).监会宣布这一决定之前,券商、基金管理公司以及计划进行首次公开发行(IPO)的企业纷纷在周末承诺帮助稳定市场信心。中国监会在上周五表示,中国券金融公司将进行增资扩股,使注册资本增长三倍,增至1000亿元人民币(合160亿美元)。CSF could, in turn, lend to a Rmb120bn investment fund that 21 brokerages are launching to support the market. “With 17 per cent of market cap supported by margin financing, the government will do anything to prevent a real market collapse,” said Carl Walter, a China securities expert.中国券金融公司进而可以向一只1200亿元人民币的投资基金放贷,21家券商正要推出这只平准基金,在股市起到维稳作用。“在17%的市值由保金贷款撑的情况下,政府会尽一切努力阻止一场真正的市场崩溃,”研究中国券的专家卡尔#8226;沃特(Carl Walter)表示。Investors have lost almost tn in paper gains — equivalent to about one-third of China’s annual economic output — since the two exchanges’ began their headlong retreat from highs last month. The Shanghai and Shenzhen indices fell 5.8 per cent and 5.4 per cent respectively on Friday, capping their worst three-week decline in more than 20 years.自沪深两市上月从高点开始回落以来,投资者已经失去了近3万亿元人民币(相当于中国年度经济产出的大约三分之一)的账面收益。上综指和深成指上周五分别下挫5.8%和5.3%,为20余年来最惨的三周跌势画上句号。Measures to support the market include the voluntary suspension of IPOs by 28 companies that had received earlier approvals to float on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, and a pledge by 25 fund managers to help stabilise the market by buying units in their own funds and holding on to shares for at least a year.持市场的措施包括,28家已获准在上海或深圳上市的公司自愿暂停IPO,以及25家基金公司承诺买入各自基金的单位并持股至少一年,以帮助稳定市场。Fraser Howie, an expert on China’s capital markets, said: “Almost every one of these measures reeks of panic and is very short-sighted. It’s going to be another crazy week.”研究中国资本市场的专家侯伟(Fraser Howie)表示:“这些措施几乎每一个都散发出恐慌的气息,而且非常短视。市场又将迎来疯狂的一周。”The Securities Association of China said that the 21 brokers contributing to a market stabilisation fund would not sell stocks as long as the Shanghai Composite index remained below 4,500. It added that its members, which had “full confidence in China’s capital markets”, would also buy back their own shares to support the market. The Shanghai market closed on Friday at 3,686.92, about 20 per cent below the association’s target level.中国券业协会(Securities Association of China)表示,只要上综指低于4500点,21家参与建立平准基金的券商就不会抛出股票。该协会补充称,其会员“对国内资本市场发展充满信心”,它们还将回购自己的股票,以撑市场。上综指上周五收于3686.92点,比该协会的目标水平低了大约20%。Zhang Ming, an economist with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: “If the market doesn’t climb after all these measures, it means investors have lost confidence in the government.”中国社科院经济学家张明表示:“如果采取所有这些措施之后市场没有攀升,那就意味着投资者已经对政府失去信心。”The sell-off comes at a critical juncture for China’s economy, which is growing at its slowest rate in almost 25 years. Gross domestic product growth slowed to 7.4 per cent last year and 7 per cent in the first quarter with second-quarter figures due to be released in mid-July.对于正在以近25年来最慢速度增长的中国经济,此轮股市大跌发生在一个关键的十字路口。去年国内生产总值(GDP)增长放缓至7.4%,今年首季又降至7%。第二季度的数字将于7月中旬出炉。Last month the central bank made its fourth interest rate cut since November and reduced the reserve requirement for commercial banks.上月,中国央行出台了去年11月以来第四次降息措施,还降低了商业的存款准备金率。 /201507/384357China’s property prices are up 9.9 per cent from a year ago, the fastest pace of gains in 2013.中国11月房价同比上涨9.9%,是2013年迄今以来涨幅最大的一个月。New homes cost 9.9 per cent more in November then they did a year earlier.周三早间,路透社(Reuters)编纂的数据和中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)的信息均显示,11月新房价格比一年前高出9.9%,而10月份的同比增幅为9.6%。This followed a 9.6 per cent annual gain in October, data compiled by Reuters and taken from China’s National Bureau of Statistics showed early on Wednesday.对70座城市的房价调查显示,69座城市的房价同比上涨,66座城市的房价月度环比上涨。The survey of prices in 70 cities showed prices were up in 69 cities from a year ago, with monthly gains in 66 of the cities.尽管中国政府试图给房地产市场降温,但房价仍在不断上涨。中国政府现在左右为难,因为它试图鼓励经济增长和放贷,而此举使房地产市场保持火热。This comes despite efforts from Beijing to cool the property market. The government is caught in a bind as it also tries to encourage economic growth and bank lending, which keeps the real estate market hot.中国最大几座城市的涨幅继续领跑。上海和北京的房价同比分别上涨18.2%和16.3%,而上月同比增幅分别为17.8%和16.8%。 /201312/269491

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