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Theresa May’s gamble on a snap election has dramatically backfired after her quest for a “stronger mandateto deliver Brexit ended up in the humiliation of a hung parliament, leaving her future as prime minister in doubt.特里萨梅(Theresa May)对提前选举的押注结果事与愿违。她谋求推进英国脱欧的“更大权限”,最终导致了一个令人蒙羞的悬浮议会,让她作为首相的未来成为疑问。The Conservatives emerged as the biggest party but are projected to fall eight seats short of an overall majority; leaving the Tories trying to form a minority government.保守党成为最大政党,但预计获得席位比绝对多数席,只能试图组建一个少数政府。Mrs May vowed to offer a “period of stabilitybut senior Conservative figures said she might be forced to quit and Tory MP Anna Soubry said the prime minister should “consider her positionafter running “a disastrous campaign梅曾发誓要提供一段“稳定时期”,但保守党内资深党员表示,她或许会被迫辞职;保守党国会议员安娜索布Anna Soubry)表示,在举行了“一场灾难性的竞选”之后,这位首相应当“考虑一下自己的位子”。Mrs May’s Conservatives were projected to win 318 seats, Labour 262, the SNP 35 and the Liberal Democrats 13. In the outgoing parliament, the Tories had 331 seats; a governing party needs 326 out of 650 seats for a majority.据预计,梅的保守党将赢得318个席位,工党262个席位,苏格兰民族党(SNP)35个席位,自由民主Liberal Democrats)13个席位。在即将到期的国会中,保守党人拥31席;执政党需要赢得全50个席位中26席,才算赢得多数席位。Meanwhile, on a night of drama Alex Salmond, former SNP leader, lost his seat as the nationalist tide receded in Scotland. Ruth Davidson, Tory leader in Scotland, said heavy SNP losses meant a second independence referendum was now “dead另一方面,随着苏格兰民族主义大潮逐渐退去,SNP前领袖亚历克斯萨尔蒙Alex Salmond)失去了他的席位。苏格兰保守党领袖鲁斯戴维森(Ruth Davidson)表示,SNP的大败意味着,第二次独立公投现在“已没戏”。The prime minister appeared shattered by the UK result. Speaking after winning her Maidenhead seat, her voice cracking, Mrs May said that the Conservatives appeared to have won the most seats and votes and would seek to govern.英国首相似乎受到了投票结果的打击。她在赢得自己在Maidenhead的席位后表示,保守党看来赢得了最多的席位和票数,并将寻求执政。The result could lead to a period of instability at Westminster, with speculation there may have to be a second general election, throwing into confusion Brexit negotiations which are due to begin in just over a week.投票结果可能会给英国议会带来一段不稳定时期,因为有人推测也许将不得不举行第二次大选,会打乱定于一周后举行的英国脱欧谈判。Some Tory MPs have argued the “hard Brexitstrategy will have to be re-examined and the uncertain election result prompted some calls on Friday night for exit talks to be put on hold.有些保守党议员辩称,英国必须重新审查“硬脱欧”战略,尚未明朗的选举结果也导致有些人在周五晚呼吁推迟脱欧谈判。Labour outperformed most expectations as younger voters turned out in large numbers, vindicating Jeremy Corbyn’s energetic campaign and leftwing agenda.由于大量的年轻选民参与了投票,工党的表现好于大多数人的预期,明了杰里米科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn)竞选的积极和左翼议程的正确性。The Ukip vote collapsed, but many of the party’s supporters turned to Labour rather than the Conservatives, in spite of Mrs May’s attempt to present herself as the only person able to deliver Brexit.英国独立UKIP)遭到惨败,但该党的许多持者倒向了工党而非保守党,尽管梅努力把自己描述为唯一有能力完成英国脱欧的人。Mrs May is expected to try to form a government, possibly relying on about 10 Northern Ireland unionist MPs to bolster her position. But Ed Balls, former Labour minister, said of the exit poll: “If this is correct, there will be a second election soon.”预计梅会努力组建一届政府,可能要依赖大0位北爱尔兰持统一立场的议员来巩固她的地位。但前工党大臣埃德鲍尔斯(Ed Balls)在提到选后民调时表示:“如果结果是正确的,很快就将举行第二次选举。”Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn was credited with running a passionate and authentic old-style socialist campaign and has cemented his position as party leader. The question now facing moderate Labour MPs is whether to fall in behind a leader whom they tried to oust less than a year ago.科尔宾被认为实施了一场充满的、真正的老式社会主义竞选,并巩固了自己的党魁地位。目前温和派工党议员面临的问题是,是否将持一位在不到半年前他们还曾尝试拉下马的党魁。Mrs May’s campaign was ill-starred and was twice interrupted by terrorist incidents. After the second attack, on London Bridge, she faced questions over the cuts to police numbers made on her watch as home secretary.梅的竞选运气不佳,两次被恐怖袭击打断。在第二次对伦敦London Bridge)的袭击之后,她在任内政大臣时裁撤警察人数的做法引发了质疑。来 /201706/513194。

In order not to offend either of them, I prefer to sit on the fence.为了不冒犯他们其中任何一人,我选择保持中立。sit on the fence原来是指“在分家产的时候,骑在分割家产的篱笆上,不知应该选择哪一边”,现在这个短语常用来表示:“保持中立,采取骑墙观望的态度”。因此,当美国人说;In order not to offend either of them, I prefer to sit on the fence.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;In order not to annoy either of them, I took a neutral stance on this issue.;、;Id remain neutral in the event so as not to displease either of them.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Why not express your opinion? Which side are you on?本杰明:你怎么不发表意见呢?你持哪一方?Terry: In order not to offend either of them, I prefer to sit on the fence.泰瑞:为了不冒犯他们其中任何一人,我选择保持中立。搭配句积累:①What do you think of their suggestions?你认为他们的提议怎么样?②I dont really know what happened.我确实不清楚究竟发生了什么。③Both of them are reasonable, but also one-side.双方都有道理,但他们都是片面的。④Whats your opinion?你怎么看?单词:1. neutral adj. 中立的Lets meet on neutral territory.我们在中立地区会面吧。Those who had decided to remain neutral in the struggle now found themselves required to take sides.那些先前决定在争斗中保持中立的人现在发现他们需要表明立场了。Switzerland seems to be a permanently neutral state.瑞士似乎是一个永久中立国。2. stance n. 立场The Congress had agreed to reconsider its stance on the armed struggle.国会已同意重新考虑其对武装斗争的态度。They have maintained a consistently neutral stance.他们一直持中立态度。His stance towards the story is quite similar to ours.他对该报道的态度和我们很相像。 /201304/233572。

Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor leading the FBI investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow, has expanded his inquiry to examine whether the US president tried to influence the Russia probe in a manner that obstructed justice, according to US media.根据美国媒体的报道,特别检察官罗伯米勒(Robert Mueller)已经将调查范围扩大至美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)是否曾试图以妨碍司法公正的方式、影响通俄调查。米勒负责领导美国联邦调查局(FBI)对特朗普选举阵营与莫斯科方面间可能共谋的调查。The Washington Post said Mr Mueller was preparing to interview two top intelligence officials about their interactions with President Donald Trump. The move appears to confirm the suggestion from James Comey, the recently ousted director of the FBI, who last week told Congress that he was sure that Mr Mueller was investigating the possibility that the president had obstructed justice.《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)表示,米勒正准备就两名高级情报官员与特朗普的互动问询两人。此举似乎确认了FBI最近被罢免局长詹姆斯?科米(James Comey)的暗示。科米曾在上周向美国国会表示,他确信米勒正在调查特朗普妨碍司法公正的可能性。The White House did not refute the claims in the Washington Post report. Mark Corallo, spokesman for the lawyer hired by Mr Trump to handle the Russia probe, did not comment on whether the White House contested the claims. He said only that “the FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal Mr Mueller’s office declined to comment, while the National Security Agency said it would “fully co-operatewith Mr Mueller but refused to comment further.白宫没有驳斥《华盛顿邮报》报道的说法。而对于白宫是否曾驳斥这些说法的问题,特朗普聘来处理通俄调查的律师的发言人马科拉Mark Corallo)并未置评。他只是表示“FBI泄露涉总统信息是蛮横、不可原谅和非法的”。米勒的办公室拒绝置评,而美国国家安全局(NSA)则表示会“全面配合”米勒,不过该机构拒绝进一步置评。The Washington Post said Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence who oversees the entire US intelligence community, and Admiral Mike Rogers, head of the NSA, had both agreed to testify along with one other former NSA official.《华盛顿邮报》表示,美国整个情报界的监督人、美国国家情报总监科茨(Dan Coats)和美国国家安全局局长麦罗杰斯海军上Admiral Mike Rogers)都已同意与另一位NSA前情报官员一道作。US media previously reported that Mr Trump had asked Mr Coats, a former Indiana senator whom he appointed to the intelligence role, and Adm Rogers to say publicly that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia. Appearing together before Congress last week, the two men said they had never been pressured to do anything inappropriate, but both refused to say whether Mr Trump had asked them to intervene in the Russia investigation.此前,美国媒体曾报道称,特朗普曾要求科茨和罗杰斯海军上将公开表示他的选举阵营和俄罗斯之间不存在共谋。科茨曾是印第安纳州参议员,被特朗普委任至这一情报岗位。上周在国会作时,科茨和罗杰斯海军上将两人均表示他们从未遇到实施任何不当举措的压力,不过两人都拒绝透露特朗普是否曾要求他们干预通俄调查。There is nothing in the constitution to prevent Mr Mueller from bringing charges against the president, but most experts say any resolution will be political. If Mr Mueller finds evidence of improper actions, Congress would most likely debate whether to launch impeachment proceedings against Mr Trump.依照美国的宪法,目前没有办法阻止米勒指控特朗普。不过多数专家表示,任何解决方案都将是政治解决方案。如果米勒发现不当行为的据,美国国会最大的可能性是开展是否启动对特朗普的弹劾程序的辩论。来 /201706/514711。

Some legal advice法律建议A:What can I do for you?A:需要帮忙吗?B:Well, I d like some legal advice .Jane and I are thinking of incorporating .So,I want to find out what sort of legal procedure one follows in forming a corporation.B:嗯,我需要一些法律上的建议。我和简打算合并组成公司。因此我想知道成立一家公司需要遵循的法律程序。A:You begin by applying for a corporate charter .And then stockholders hold a meeting to organize the corporation ,an individual has limited liablity and the right.A:首先你得申请营业执照:然后股东举行会议以管理公司,个人负有有限责任和权利。B:I know .I have an idea that we get together to discuss this next week.B:我知道。我有个建议,我们下周一起来讨论这个问题。A:OK.A:好的。B:I will give a call.B:我会打电话给你。 /201510/405115。

Dialog 2Jack and Mary are now grown up and dating.Their friendship is as strong as ever there's strong bond between them,so their dialog is relaxed and flows pretty freely.It's more like a married coupls than young dating to get to know each other.Mary:Let's have seafood tonight and then go see the new movie at Mall Cinema.Betsy told me it's a beautiful love story and I shouldn't miss it.Jack:Oh,Goodness, please not again.That's what we did last week.Mary:No,we didn't.Last week we went to see that movie about a man's struggle against mental illness.Jack:Right,it was a chick flick,just like this one,so what's the difference?没错,那是你们女生看的电影,这部也一样.哪里不同?Besides,this is the last week for the third movie in Destroyer series and I want to see that on a big screen.再说,《毁灭者》第三集这礼拜就要下档了,我希望能在大银幕上看这部电影。Action movies need to be seen in a theater on a big screen.Mary:Oh,yeah,and I did promise to see it with you if we went to that movie last week.But you liked that movie,didn't you?Jack:Oh,sure,it was great.I had popcorn for dinner and paid the price of a movie ticket to get a two-hour nap.喔,当然,真是棒透了。我的晚餐是爆米花,买了电影票却睡了2个小时。Mary:It wasn't that bad,and you're the one that insisted on skipping dinner.We went to an excellent restaurant.Jack:That place doesn't have a single meat dish.Just fish and shellfish and you know I don't like fish that much.Mary:And I don't like meat that much.The only meat I eat is chicken.Jack:But when I pick the restaurant,we go to a place that has both chicken and fish.I always repect your food preferences.Mary:Well,I suppose that,to be fair,you should get to pick the movie and we can go to a restaurant that serves meat.好吧,为了公平起见,还是你选电影,然后我们去有肉食料理的餐厅吃饭。Jack:Now you're talking,we can see that love story next time.这才象话,我们可以下次再看那部爱情片。 /200812/59504。

Why should we hire you?我们为什么雇用你?I believe I have what you need.我认为我具备贵公司所需要的资质。The position of field service engineer requires thorough thchnical knowledge and effective interpersonal skills to ensure customer satisfaction,plus English skills.现场务工程师这个职位需要有完备的技术知识,确保客户满意的有效的人际沟通技巧,以及英语技能。My track record during my five years with XYZ Corporation proves that I possess all of them.我在XYZ公司5年的业绩记录明,我拥有以上所有能力。In addition,I share the same values as your team-hardworking,customer focus,and commitment to quailty.此外,我和贵公司抱有相同的价值观,即努力工作,以客户为中心,执着于品质。This interview has convinced me that Im a good fit.经过这次面试,我确信我非常适合这个工作。 /201308/254477。

第一句:Ill let him know.我会转达的。A:I wonder if you could give Mr. Wang a message for me.能否请您帮我给王先生留个言?B:Yes, certainly.好的,当然可以。A:There will be a very urgent meeting at 3 oclock this afternoon and I would like him to attend.下午3点有个紧急会议,希望他参加。B:Ill let him know.我会转达的。第二句:Shall I ask him to call you when he is free?我让他有空给您回电话,好吗?A:I dont think the meeting will go on much longer. Shall I ask him to call you when he is free?我想会议不会开得太久,我让他有空给您回电话,好吗?B:Yes, that would be nice.那样最好了。A:Could I have your phone number, please?能告诉我您的电话号码吗?B:Yes. 021-64358796.好的。021-64358796。知识延伸:得体的回答:来电应在第二声铃响之后立即接听,在礼貌问候对方之后应主动报出公司或部门名称以及自己的姓名,切忌拿起电话劈头就问:“喂,找谁?”其他表达法:Youll be hearing from Mr. Green later in the morning then, Mr. Smith.史密斯先生,上午晚些时候格林先生会打电话给您。 /201206/187479。

to rule the roost 当家(俚语)英文释义To be the unchallenged boss in a certain location, particularly a home.例句My uncle was an important executive at work, but my aunt ruled the roost at home, and he never questioned her judgment about any domestic matters.我叔叔在工作上是位重要的高管,但我婶婶当家,他从来不质疑婶婶在家庭事务上的任何意见。 /201305/238210。