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佛山治疗非淋哪家最好佛山妇幼保健医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱Have you ever wondered why some cuisines, like Indian and Thai, are so spicy and others, like English, are so bland?你是否也曾好奇,为何印度菜和泰国菜辛辣无比,而英国菜却近乎清淡无味?Lets see,India and Thailand are very hot countries,while England is cold and damp.印度和泰国气候炎热,英国则又冷又潮,这么说来,或许每一种菜肴都和当地气候有关吧?So the answer has something to do with the climate associated with each cuisine?每一种菜肴都和当地气候有关?Yes,it sure does.是的,当然。The first one is spices mask spoilage, and in a country with a hot climate and without refrigeration, that can come in handy.一种解释是,辛辣香料能防腐,尤其在气候炎热又没有冰箱的国家,可备不时之需。Some scientists suggest that the spices in hot cuisines help protect humans from certain kinds of bacteria found in food.一些科学家推测,辛辣菜肴中的香料有助杀死食物中的某几种细菌,使人们免受其害。In fact, the hotter the country, the more likely it is that its recipes will use the kind of spices that slow down the growth of bacteria.事实上,所处地带越是炎热,食物的烹饪中越会使用辛辣香料来抑制细菌增长。You mean some ingredients can slow down the growth of bacteria?你的意思是一些原材料可以抑制细菌增长Thats right.是这样的。For example, onion, garlic, oregano and all spice alone all kill or inhibit up to twenty-nine different kinds food-borne bacteria.说得对。比如说,洋葱、大蒜、牛至和多香果就能杀灭或抑制多达29种不同的食物细菌。In fact, most spices inhibit bacteria to some extent.实际上,辛辣香料或多或少都能抑制细菌。And if you think about it, this makes sense.细想一下,这是有道理的。As plants evolved, they had to learn to fight off parasites and bacteria in order to survive.在进化过程中,植物必须击退寄生虫和细菌才能得以生存。Thats how they got their distinctive flavoring in the first place.辛辣香料原有的独特味道就因此而来。 /201404/293155三水人民医院看泌尿科怎么样 顺德新世纪医院电话号码是多少

顺德医院属于几级Today Yael and Don discuss mirrors. Yael和Don今天谈的是镜子。Y: Mirror mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them-- 镜子,镜子,谁是世界上最美的人?D: Watcha doing? 你在干什么?Y: I was, um, calibrating the surface smoothness of this mirror. 恩。。我在校准这面镜子表面的平整度。D: I see. 我知道。Y: Did you know that in order for a mirror to work properly it has to be perfectly smooth? 你知不知道只有表面光滑的镜子才能正常使用。D: Whys that? 怎么这么说?Y: Well, a mirror is basically something that reflects light, right? 镜子基本上都能反光对吧?D: Right. 对。Y: When light hits something, some of the light is reflected, some absorbed, and some passes through. 当光线照到某些东西的时候,有些光被反射,有些光被吸收,还有些光直接穿过去。D: So for a mirror to produce a clear image it has to reflect as much of the light as possible, and in order to do that it has to be smooth. 所以说,镜子反射的光越多,它所形成的图像就会越清晰。要是想做到这点,镜子的表面就是越光滑越好。Y: Exactly. A warped mirror scatters and diffuses light, making the image it produces look deformed. But a smooth mirror reflects without distortion. 确实是。一面扭曲的镜子会发生散射和漫散射作用,使得所形成的图像变了形。而一面光滑的镜子经过反射作用而不会失真。D: Which is what makes it possible for you to stand in front of the mirror and preen. 哪种镜子更适合你站在前面打扮自己呢?Y: I was not preening! 我不是在打扮。D: Right. But theres nothing wrong with preening, you know. People have been admiring themselves in mirrors for a long time. Take the Greeks and Romans. They loved looking atthemselves, although they only had highly polished pieces of bronze, tin, and silver. Their descendants were even more vain, so in 16th century Venice mirror makers discovered the technique of backing a piece of glass with a reflecting metal composed of tin and mercury, producing a much clearer reflection. That technique is still in practice today, although now we use a thin layer of molten aluminum or silver sprayed onto the back of a piece of glass in a vacuum to achieve premium smoothness. 好。但你知道的,就算是在打扮也没问题的。人们总是喜欢在镜子前自恋一会儿。拿希腊人和罗马人来说,尽管他们只有零碎的打磨好的青铜镜,锡镜和银镜,但他们仍然是很爱照镜子。他们的后代更加自负,所以16世纪的镜制造商发明了一项技术,它可以将由锡和汞构成的反射金属和一片片玻璃拼接到一块儿。但这项技术现今还在应用。但我们现在更多的都是在真空中将一层薄薄的熔融铝或银喷到玻璃后面以保溢价平衡。Y: Thanks for the history lesson. 谢谢你给我上了节历史课。D: Youre welcome. And by the way . . . 不客气。对了顺便说一下……Y: Yes? 恩?D: You are the fairest of them all. 你是世界上最美的人。Y: Oh Don. 哦Don...201308/254476顺德区龟头炎症 佛山禅城区男性专科

佛山中医院泌尿外科 Can animals count?动物能数数吗?People count easily, from the time we are little kids and learn our one-two-threes.数数对人类而言易如反掌,孩提时代就开始数一二三了。But what about other species?但是其它物种如何呢?Careful observations in the wild support the idea that some can.通过对于自然环境中一些物种的仔细观察发现它们真的具有这项技能。The American coot is a duck-like North American bird.美洲骨顶是一种生活在北美而且长得像野鸭的鸟类。Sometimes a coot will try and sneak one of its eggs into a neighbors nest.有时骨顶会试着把自己的蛋偷偷放到邻居的巢中。Some coots recognize the deception, and roll the strangers egg out again.有的骨顶能识破诡计,剔除这个不明来路的蛋。Others dont catch on, and raise the strangers egg as their own.而有的则丈二和尚摸不着头脑,干脆当作自己的后代抚养长大。Researcher Bruce Lyon at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and his team observed a series of coot nests for four seasons, noting which birds could spot a strangers eggs and which couldnt.加利福利亚圣克鲁斯大学研究员的布鲁斯·里昂和他的团队四个季节以来一直致力于观察骨顶巢。他们记录下了哪些鸟能认出陌生的鸟蛋,哪些不能认出。Then they compared how many eggs each kind laid.然后他们比较了这些鸟各生了多少蛋。201312/268948陈村均安杏坛镇割包皮哪家医院最好佛山顺德区医院电话号码是多少



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