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Some incredible sand sculptures can be seen by the Qinghai Lake in Northwest China. Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in the country and is known for its outstanding scenery. Now with the addition of these temporary sculptures what better reason to pay it a visit.我们在位于中国西北部的青海湖看到一些不可思议的沙雕。青海湖是中国最大的湖泊,这里因其与众不同的风光而出名。现在出现的这些临时沙雕为这里增添了一抹亮丽的风景。This sculpture tells the story of the origins of Qinghai Lake. Legend has it that it came to being when a god from heaven was battling the Monkey King. During a break in between fights they drank from a spring, and the spring later overflowed to become Qinghai Lake.这些沙雕讲述着青海湖的由来。这个传说讲述的是一位天神与孙悟空作战的故事。在打斗间歇,他们从一眼泉水中饮水,后来泉水便溢出化作了青海湖。Modern children#39;s stories are also depicted in sand. The ;pleasant goat and big big wolf; has been a major hit with children for years.现代的儿童的故事也用沙雕来呈现。《喜羊羊与灰太狼》一直就是孩子们的最爱。;I#39;ve seen so many cartoons depicted here. I#39;m really fascinated. It#39;s great!;“我在这里看到了很多动画片中的人物。我深深地被这里吸引了。太棒了!”;I love this place! The blue sky and blue lake coupled with the sculptures form a great experience.;“我喜欢这里。湛蓝的天空,碧绿的湖水以及这些活灵活现的沙雕简直就是一次非凡之旅。”Japanese cartoons such have ;Spirited Away; and Disney Classics ;Aladdin; and ;Snow White and the 7 dwarfs; also feature. All of these sculptures exemplify sublime skill and sharp attention to detail. The 23 sand sculptures will be available for all to see until October.这里还有日本动画片《千与千寻》中的人物,迪斯尼经典动画片《一千零一夜》中的阿拉丁以及《白雪公主与七个小矮人》中的人物。所有的这些沙雕都向人们展示了精湛的技艺和对于细节的深切关注。这23座沙雕将在10月前对所有游客开放。 Article/201306/245295佛山哪家医院做包茎手术好你要怎么制造一台低于200美元而且可以穿越沙土泥地的轮椅? 麻雀理工学院工程师 Amos Winter 谈论这台廉价,容易制造,无障碍的全地形轮椅。Amos 分享了他的机械构造以及在开发过程中所学到的事。 Article/201403/280442顺德区新世纪男科正规吗Obese Woman Tattoos Weight Goal on Stomach;Extreme Weight Loss; host Chris Powell discusses helping Meredith lose half her body weight.Get y to be inspired, last night on Extreme Weight Loss we met Meredith P, 25 years old, a teacher who wanted to lose more than half of her body weight, take a look at her incredible journey.For most of her life, 24 year old Meredith had struggled with her weight and her identity.I always knew i was adopted, there are small, i am not at all, i just i never felt like i fit into my own family.Years of yoyo dieting had brought her to 314 pounds, so this kindergarten teacher from R New York reaches out to Chris Paul who wastes no time getting Meredith into boot camp.Finish this, finish where we start.She wants to weigh 155 pounds a goal she#39;s tattooed on her stomach.When i come to see you in 90 days, you need to lose 80 pounds.And well it isn#39;t easy. We are going to run from this life guard station down to that life guard station.Meredith meets the challange head on.Oh my god Meredith, you just dropped 84 pounds...And over the next year. You lost 32 pounds, you#39;re down another 22.So does Meredith make it down to 155?Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the all new Meredith.Oh here it is. The moment we have been waiting for, there she was and here she is now. Meredith, thanks. Chris Paul, Congratulations. Thank you.Hi Chris, you have done it again, congratulations, i want to give you this, i know you want to show us. I do. Will you share with us how far have you come?So at the heaviest i was over 400 pounds at one point, and here we are today at 155 pounds, it#39;s amazing, it#39;s such a journey. Congratulations. Thank you. Chris, host of Extreme Weight Loss and choose more lose more, you#39;ve seen it before, but you said Meredith#39;s journey was especially inspiring.It was and so mush so that she#39;d tattooed her goal on her body, i mean that shows dedication, but it#39;s also one of the most important things we can all do is we need to know where we are going, we need to have that purpose that is exactly what she did, and she got there.You got there and we are so thrilled to see it, thank you for inspiring us, and i also want to share with everybody some very exciting news about you Chris, so why don#39;t you tell us?We got baby number 4 on the way, baby number 4, yes.Our friend Chris Paul expanding the family, thank you so much for inspiring all of us and everybody you can check out amazing transformations every week on Extreme Weight Loss Tuesdays, 8/7 central on abc. /201306/243838顺德区妇幼保健院男科预约

顺德区新世纪医院在哪里佛山哪里治男科泌尿感染Dating someone older can have advantages. Here are a few tips on how get your parents to let you.与稍微年长的人约会在某些方面是有优势的。下面是获得父母许可的一些建议。You Will Need你需要Responsibilities责任感A family meeting家庭会议A dinner together共进晚餐Honesty诚实A group date团体约会A token gift (optional)象征性的礼物(可选)A dish to pass (optional)传菜(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Be responsible1.有责任感Show your parents how responsible you are by maintaining a high grade point average, keeping your room clean, and taking care of yourself.保持高分,维持房间整洁,照顾好自己,以此向父母表明你非常有责任感。STEP 2 Have a family meeting2.召开家庭会议Set up a family meeting to gauge your parents#39; openness to the idea. Be positive and keep your temper. Blowing up and getting angry won#39;t convince them of you maturity.召开家庭会议,了解父母对此事的看法。积极乐观,控制自己的脾气。发脾气,生气并不能说他们你已经成熟了。STEP 3 Invite the person over3.邀请恋人Invite the person over for dinner so your parents can meet them and see how responsible they are.邀请恋人来你家共进晚餐,这样你的父母就可以见一下他,看看他是否有责任感。Make sure they bring a token gift for your parents or a dish to pass.确保他们为父母带一份象征性的礼物或饭菜。STEP 4 Emphasize good qualities4.强调良好的品质Emphasize the good things about them, such as their education or job, but don#39;t lie or try to hide anything. They#39;ll eventually find out anyway.强调对方的优点,例如他们的教育经历或工作,但是不要撒谎或试图隐瞒。最终他们还是会发现真相。STEP 5 Tell them they#39;re more mature5.告诉父母恋人更成熟Explain to your parents that older people are more mature. Instead of going to keg parties, they can take you to the theater.向父母解释,年长的人更加成熟。他们不会带你去小型聚会,而是去剧院。STEP 6 Obey parents#39; rules6.遵守父母的规定Show your parents that the person is responsible and respectful by making sure they obey your parents#39; rules, such as curfew and driving rules.确保遵守父母的规定,例如回家时间和驾驶规则,向父母展示,你的恋人很有责任感,很懂尊敬人,STEP 7 Suggest a group date7.建议多人一起约会Suggest a group date if your parents won#39;t let you go out alone. Your parents are concerned about your safety, and there#39;s safety in numbers.如果父母不允许你单独外出,建议多人一起约会。你的父母担心你的安全,多多注意安全事项。In 2000, there were approximately 18.4 million Americans between the ages of 65 to 74, according to the U.S. Census.根据美国人口普查局的数据,2000年,美国大约有1840万65岁至74岁的老年人。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/314641Prince William To Attend Cambridge University The Duke is taking up full-time studies in preparation for his future role running the land and property of the Duchy of Cornwall.Having spent three years living in the countryside,Prince William will now spend ten weeks learning how it#39;s run. One day as heir,he will inherit the Cornwall Dukedom and visit the vast Duchy of Cornwall state,measuring 130,000 acres much of which is agricultural land. It#39;s 13 years since Prince William began his study at St Andrews University in Scotland. Alongside,a little fun out of the media glare. The future king earned a Scottish Master of Art degree in geography with two won honors. But with his military duties having ended in September,following the birth of Prince George, it#39;s back to the books,20 hours of seminars and lectures a week. But this time here,at Cambridge University,and because there will be early morning,one-to-one tutorials,the Duke will stay in town much of the time until the course founded privately by his family ends in March. William has left operational services in the arm forces for good reason. He#39;s not able to devote himself full time to being away from royal duties. There are certain duties that he needs to carry out now and so he can do a ten-week course,but it#39;s not possible for him to do a one-year course or a two-year course and probably not necessary for him to do that either. And so I think ten weeks allows him to get a good understanding of the things he needs to know.While learning the life of the land,William will also have to joggle fatherhood and the occasional royal duty. But there#39;s one saving grace,there will no last-minute cramming for exams because there aren#39;t any. /201401/271546佛山顺德医院在哪佛山市一医院男科大夫

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