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枣阳市妇幼保健中医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱襄阳市那个医院看龟头敏感比较专业襄阳女子定点人流医院 Eastern Ukraine乌克兰东部Fighting on坚持战斗As the battle continues and the death toll mounts, the West imposes more sanctions战争持续,伤亡增多,西方国家加强制裁THE two presidents could not have offered a greater contrast. Announcing new sanctions against Russia on July 16th, Americas Barack Obama a prepared statement and took no questions. Minutes later, Russias Vladimir Putin staged an off-the-cuff press conference in Brazil to assail the sanctions legitimacy. He let emotion take hold, reaching a crescendo during a riff about the “tears of mothers, widows and orphans” in Ukraine.两位总统都无法达成更好的协议。7月16日美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马宣读了准备好了的声明,宣布对俄罗斯的新制裁并不回应任何问题。几分钟之后,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京在巴西举行了即席记者招待会来质疑制裁的合法性。他在说到乌克兰“母亲、遗孀和孤儿的眼泪”等反复出现的字节时被情绪影响,音量逐渐加强。The new sanctions come at a crucial juncture in Ukraines war. The death toll, both civilian and military, is rising as the fighting creeps into Donetsk and Luhansk, eastern Ukraines two biggest cities. Russia has not stopped its support for rebel forces, and has even ramped up equipment transfers following the fall of rebel-held Sloviansk two weeks ago. Kiev has implicated Moscow in the recent downing of two Ukrainian military aircraft. After an air strike demolished an apartment block in the city of Snizhne on July 15th, Ukrainian officials called it a Russian provocation, saying none of their planes took off that day. That would imply Russia sending a jet more than 20 kilometres (12 miles) across the border to bomb a residential neighbourhood and poison opinion against Kiev, a cynical notion even for Mr Putin. But to blame Ukraine is to accept that the countrys armed forces are dangerously incompetent or stunningly cruel. Neither version suggests the conflict will abate soon.新的制裁正好出现在乌克兰战争的关键点上。平民和军方的死亡总人数因为乌克兰东部两个最大的城市顿涅茨克和卢汉斯克战火蔓延而不断增加。俄罗斯并没有停止对乌克兰叛军的持,甚至在两周前叛军控制的斯洛伐克沦陷后,将转让的装备提升了。基辅因最近两家乌克兰军用飞机的坠毁与莫斯科纠缠不清。在7月15日一架飞机撞毁了一栋位于斯尼日内的公寓楼后,乌克兰官方称之为俄罗斯的挑衅,并称乌克兰的飞机在那天均没有起飞。这就意味着俄罗斯派遣了一架飞机越过边境线至少20千米(约合12里),向邻国住宅区投放炮弹,并且刻意抹黑基辅,这即使对普京来讲也过于愤世嫉俗。但是怪罪乌克兰就是承认这个国家的武装力量过于不称职或者惊人的残忍。不论是哪个版本的说法都表明矛盾不会很快结束。The main targets of the new sanctions are two prominent banks (Vneshekonombank and Gazprombank ) and two energy firms (Novatek and Rosneft). The sanctions do not yet cut the companies off from international business or block their assets. Instead, they restrict access to American debt and equity markets, barring loans of more than 90 days maturity. Eight defence firms, a few individuals and a Crimean shipping firm face more traditional asset freezes. The European Union has promised to follow suit, with the names of “entities and persons” affected to be released shortly.新制裁的主要目标是两个主要的(Vneshekonombank和 Gazprombank)和两个能源公司(Novatek和Rosneft)。但制裁并没有切断这些公司与国际商务的关系,也没有冻结它们的资产。相反,它们只是限制进入美国债券和股票市场,禁止借贷超过90天的贷款。八家防务公司,少数个体公司和一家克里米亚半岛的船运公司面临着更加传统的资产冻结问题。欧盟承诺也会跟着美国做,取名为“实体与个人”并且会很快产生影响。The sanctions effect will depend on whether Mr Putin finds that another blow to his countrys wobbly economy hurts more than one to his pride. So far he has bridled, saying the decision would have a “boomerang effect” and that American-Russian relations were being driven to a “dead end”. In any case the fighting in eastern Ukraine has taken on a momentum beyond his control. Kievs “anti-terrorist operation” is alienating locals. Since the fighting began three months ago, 478 civilians killed, and 1,392 have been wounded. The anger on the ground may be creating conditions for what Alexander Golts, an independent Moscow-based defence analyst, calls “a long partisan war”.制裁的效果取决于普京能否对俄罗斯摇摇欲坠的经济伤害甚于对他本人骄傲的打击。到目前为止他对此表示不屑一顾,并称决议将会产生“回旋效果”,并且美俄关系将会进入“死胡同”。无论如何乌克兰东部的战争已经超出它的控制范围了。基辅的“反恐作战”正使当地人疏远。自从3个月前战争开始,478名平民死亡,1392名平民受伤。现场的愤怒可能会将情形变为莫斯科国防分析师亚历山大·高斯所说的“长期党派战争”。The rebels attitude is “victory or death”. At one militias base on the edge of Donetsk, where shelling has ravaged residential areas, three weary soldiers take cover in a bomb shelter. “People dont fully comprehend what is happening,” says one, referring to stunned locals who peek out of their windows when they hear the sounds of battle. He might have been speaking of the outside world. At another base, away from the fighting, few think it will stop soon. “Its not fucked up,” says Maksim, giving a soldiers assessment. “Its completely fucked up.” A brawny ex-paratrooper, he once served in the same Ukrainian army he now fights against. He promises to stand till the end.叛军的态度是“不成功便成仁”。在一个民兵组织驻扎的顿涅茨克的边境,那里的炮击已经摧毁了居民区,3名疲惫不堪的士兵躲在一个防空洞里。“人们并不能完全明白繁盛了什么。”一名士兵说道,指的是震惊的当地人在听到战争的声音时还透过窗子偷看。他或许一直都在说外面的世界。在另一个远离战争的基地中,几乎没人认为这会很快结束。“这还没到一团糟的地步。”马克西姆在给一位士兵做评估时说。“这已经是一团糟了。”一位强壮的前任伞兵说,他曾役于他现在攻击的同一乌克兰军队。他保不到最后一刻绝不倒下。译者:邵夏沁 校对:邵灵玲译文属译生译世 /201508/390198老河口市第二医院治疗腋臭多少钱

襄阳找牛皮癣医院Among the hundreds of Syrians who fled their homeland for Michigan is a young family of five.They came here just this past April, trading the violence and death in Homs for a sparsely furnished, rented corner duplex in a modest neighborhood in Dearborn.Well be bringing you the story of this young family on Stateside over the coming months as they settle into their new life in Michigan.An introductionMaan is a 39-year-old carpenter. His 30-year-old wife Bayan was a teacher before the revolution broke out in 2012.They have asked us not to use their last name for fear that media attention could mean bad things for family members still in Syria.Homs has seen some pretty intense fighting throughout the four-plus years of civil war there.That danger forced Maan and Bayan to make the painful decision to leave. First they fled to Jordan, where they stayed with relatives for nearly four years.After a vetting process that Maan says took a year and seven months, the family learned earlier this year that they were coming to America.And now, theyre here. Maan, Bayan and their children—two daughters ages six and 18 months, and a four-year-old son—starting over in Michigan.Last month, Statesides Cynthia Canty and producer Joe Linstroth visited the family in their Dearborn home to talk about their transition from war-torn Syria to Michigan suburbia.With the help of translators, the group talked for nearly an hour and a half at the familys three-and-a-half legged dining room table, sharing biscuits and strong cardamom-scented coffee.As it turns out, apprehensions can run in both directions.;I was a little worried when we were told we would be coming to the ed States because of what Ive been seeing on the news,; Bayan said. ;And I still get inquiries by my friends, How is it for you there? How are people treating you? You wear a headscarf: has that affected the way people are treating you? And I would say, No, actually. Everybodys been so nice and accepting and I havent had any issues at all.;Bayan said on the way to the ed States, the family passed through Ukraine.;And in Ukraine I felt those kinds of looks and the kinds of things that people were asking me about, but over here its a country of freedom—freedom of religion,; she said. ;Its just got so much freedom and Im lucky to be here.;Maan, too, was ;a little skeptical; when the family first arrived in Michigan.;The doors are not as thick here as they are back home,; he said.But then he witnessed something that put his mind more at ease. There was an argument going on outside. Someone called 911.;Immediately, two minutes later, they were here,; Maan said of the police. ;After we saw things like that, we felt a little safer and started leaving our windows open, because we know that if we call for help, it is going to come.;Hopes for the futureJust a few weeks into their new life in Michigan, free from the risk of shells crashing through the ceiling, or government troops arresting them, its clear Maan and Bayan are once again allowing themselves to dream.;My number one priority is my children,; Maan said. ;Making sure they get an education. Making sure they have a bright future ahead of them. Making sure they are happy and healthy.;He also hopes to find consistent work and a house he can call his own.;Yes, we are refugees,; Bayan said. ;And you maybe have a fear of us because you dont know us, just as we have a fear when we arrived here, because we didnt know what to expect. But as time goes on, you will get to know us and you will see that we are going to be friends. We are brothers and sisters. We are people who help each other out. We are just all human beings. Theres no separation or ill will towards other people or other religions.;Well check in with the family periodically on Stateside as they settle in and start the Michigan chapter of their lives. In the coming weeks, well learn what life was like in their town of Homs before the civil war; how things changed once war broke out; their journey to Michigan; and why they hope to shed that label of ;refugees.;A special thanks to the Syrian American Rescue Network and to Reem Akkad and Samer Koujan for help with translation.201606/450791枣阳市第一人民医院地址 樊城区检查妇科病多少钱

襄樊妇幼保健中医院引产多少钱Treating mental illness心理疾病治疗Body and soul身体与灵魂A professional schism hinders Britains mental-health system一个专业性的分裂阻碍英国心理健康系统THE day after Mandy Peck tried to electrocute herself in the bath her family took her to a mental-health centre in Chelmsford and asked for help. They were told that there were no beds available and sent home. Two days later Ms Peck jumped to her death from a multi-storey car park. She left a daughter behind.在曼迪·派克试图在浴室用电击自杀的第二天,她的家人将她送至且切姆斯福德的一家心理健康中心寻求帮助。他们被告知中心没有空余床位,随即回家。两天之后,派克于一个多层停车场跳楼自杀。她死后还留下了一个女儿。Ms Peck would not have been turned away had she arrived at hospital with a broken leg. Yet the National Health Service (NHS) often fails those suffering from a broken spirit. The numbers are fuzzy, but about one Briton in four suffers a mental-health problem at some time in their life, ranging from mild anxiety to severe schizophrenia. Less than a third of those receive treatment. That is in part because many sufferers are ashamed to seek help, but it is also due to funding gaps and disorganisation within the NHS. The result is a system in crisis, says Sue Bailey, a former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.如果派克到达医院时是腿部骨折的话,她就不会被医院拒收了。然而英国的国民医疗保健制度(NHS)总是放弃了那些饱受残缺心灵折磨的人们。尽管没有确切数据,但平均每四个英国人中就有一个人在他们生命中的某个时期受到心理健康问题的困扰,这些问题小到轻微的焦虑症,大到严重的精神分裂。可是不到三分之一的人选择接受心理治疗。因为从某种程度来讲很多病人都羞于寻求这方面的帮助,但这也归咎于NHS内部的资金缺口和杂乱无章。英国皇家精神科医学院的前任院长苏·贝利称这样的结果使整个制度陷入危机。This failure is costly. Mental-health problems cause more suffering in Britain than physical illness, poverty or unemployment, according to Richard Layard, an economist and author of a book on happiness. People with severe mental illnesses have higher rates of physical illness than the general public. According to the Kings Fund, a think-tank, this costs the NHS between £8 billion ( billion) and £13 billion each year. Sufferers are also more likely to commit crime; mental illness has become the most common reason to claim disability benefits. Researchers at the OECD, a club of rich countries, reckon getting mentally-ill people back to work could increase employment in Britain by nearly 5%.这个失败的代价很高。据著有一本关于幸福的书的经济学家理查德·莱亚德称,心理健康问题在英国给人们带来的痛苦多过生理疾病、贫困或失业。有严重心理疾病的人们比一般人有更高的生理疾病得病率。据智囊团君主基金分析,这个每年耗费了NHS80亿英镑(约合130亿美元)到13亿英镑。同时患有心理疾病的患者犯罪几率更高;心理疾病已经成为索赔伤残补助的最常见的理由。经合组织(OECD,发达国家组成的俱乐部)的研究人员估算如果将那些有心理疾病的人送回去工作,那么英国的就业率可以提高将近5%。Part of the problem is money. The consequences of mental illness cost the British economy over £100 billion a year, according to the Centre for Mental Health, a think-tank, yet the NHS spends just £11.3 billion on the problem. Some, like Mr Layard, see misplaced priorities. Doctors spend about £3.5 billion a year treating the depression and anxiety disorders suffered by some 6m British adults—a vast amount less than is spent treating the physical ailments of roughly 500,000 patients in the last year of their lives.这问题有一部分原因是因为钱。根据智囊团心理健康中心调查,心理疾病致使英国经济一年花费至少1000亿英镑,但NHS为此只花费了113亿。一些像莱亚德一样的人了解其中的轻重缓急。一些医生一年花费35亿英镑治疗大约600万患有抑郁和情绪障碍的英国成年人,这巨额费用中大部分都用来治疗50万弥留病人的生理疾病。Recent cuts to health spending have fallen hardest on mental-health care, just as doctors say demand is rising. The number of NHS beds for patients with mental illness has declined by over 30% since 2003. Many facilities are now full. As a result patients are having to travel long distances or wait months for care. To free up room, a mental-health centre in London has discharged patients to bed-and-breakfasts. Others are not so lucky: sufferers picked up by police are often diagnosed in jail cells. This week Norman Lamb, the minister for care, said that services for young people are “stuck in the dark ages”.最近健康消费的削减使心理健康护理的境况跌入谷底,正如医生所说,人们对于心理健康的需求正在提升。NHS提供给心理疾病患者的床位自2003年起已经减少了至少30%。很多设备现在也没有空余的了。因此病人必须长途跋涉去别的地方或者排队等待数月来寻求治疗。为了腾出空间,伦敦一家心理健康中心向出院病人提供住宿和早餐。其他的病人就没那么幸运了。一些病人经常碰到警察,被带回监狱诊断。本周医疗部长诺曼·兰布称,对于年轻人来讲,心理健康务“仍就停留在黑暗时期”。A second challenge arises from the way the NHS is structured. Mental-health care is staffed and funded separately from physical care—treatment is focused on the mind or body, but rarely on both at once. Yet research shows depressed people are more likely than others to develop heart and lung disease, and to suffer from strokes. Mental illness also appears to make diseases more lethal. On average men with mental-health problems die 20 years earlier than those without them (most from causes other than suicide), says the British Medical Association.第二个挑战来自NHS的制度结构。心理健康保健的提供和资助都与生理健康保健是分开的。因为治疗通常针对精神或身体,但鲜少两者兼顾。但研究显示抑郁的人比其他人更易患心脏和肺部的疾病,且更易患中风。患上心理疾病似乎也更易患上绝症。通常患上心理疾病的人比那些没有患心理疾病的人少活20年(大多心理疾病会导致患者死于除自杀之外的原因)。英国医学会如是说。The government is alive to these problems. Britains spending on mental health may be inadequate, but it compares favourably with that of other rich countries. From April ministers have promised to limit the long waiting times that prevent many people using mental-health services. And in 2012 the government pledged to give mental health care equal priority to physical care, enshrining this principle as part of the Health and Social Care Act. But critics complain that the promise has yet to deliver much practical change.政府已经意识到这些问题。英国对于心理健康的出或许不够,但与其它富有国家相比算是不错的了、自4月部长们已经承诺会限制阻止很多人使用心理健康务的长时间等待。2012年政府保给予心理健康保健与生理保健平等优先权,并将这一原则作为健康与社会保健法案的一部分。但批评家们抱怨承诺并未带来很多实际变化。Reform advocates would like better integration between mental- and physical-health care. “Liaison psychiatry” involves placing mental-health specialists in hospitals to work alongside doctors. The Centre for Mental Health found that one such initiative in Birmingham reduced the length of hospital stays and the number of missions and improved the health and well-being of patients. The centre calculated that the programme saved four times its costs. Yet such services are often meagre.改革倡议者想要心理和生理保健更好的一体化。“联络精神病学”涉及到心理健康专家在医院和医生一起工作。心理健康中心发现,伯明翰的一项此类实验减少了病人住院时间长度和再次入院的次数,并且提高病人的健康和幸福感。中心计算得出这项计划花费只占成本四分之一,但这类务还不完善。It would be better and cheaper to keep sufferers out of hospital altogether, says Emma Stanton, who runs Beacon UK, a mental-health consultancy. Ms Stanton recommends treatment at home through teams of doctors, nurses and social workers. Instead of swallowing antidepressants, health bosses would like sufferers of mild conditions to receive help under a programme called Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), which aims to expand the use of treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy. This helps individuals challenge the gloomy thinking that can lead to anxiety and depression. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which evaluates treatments, considers it good value. Yet David Clark, an adviser for IAPT, says it reaches only a fraction of those who need it. He would like its budget doubled.心理健康咨询公司英国灯塔的运营者艾玛·斯坦顿称,将患者在院外集中是个更好且更实惠的方法。斯坦顿推荐在家通过治疗团队的医生、护士以及社会工作者治疗的方法。与用抗抑郁药相比卫生官员们更希望中等程度的病患接受一个名为“使更多人获得心理治疗”(IAPT)的项目的帮助。这个项目旨在扩大认知行为疗法的使用。这能帮助个人挑战可能会导致焦虑和抑郁的悲观想法。国家健康和护理研究所(NICE)评估此项治疗并且认为物有所值、但IAPT的顾问大卫·克拉克称项目预算只够一小部分需要它的人接受治疗。他希望预算可以翻倍。Convincing politicians to cough up more funds will be tough. Some critics fear that beefing up treatment of the most common mental-health problems risks saddling the system with overwhelming costs. Fortunately there is a lot that can be achieved without more cash. Many mental-health services still do not meet the standards recommended by NICE, and communication between services is poor. Elaborate therapies are not always necessary—one effective treatment for those suffering mental illness is keeping them in a job. Other types of therapy, say advocates, should pay for themselves by saving health-care costs and increasing productivity. Improving Britons mental health is not only humane, but economical.说政客们挤出更多的资金是艰难的。一些批评家担心加强治疗最常见的心理健康问题会有成本过高使体系不堪重负的风险。幸运的是有很多事情无需更多金钱便可做到。很多心理健康务不符合NICE推荐的标准,并且务之间的交流也很贫乏。复杂的治疗并不总是必要的——对于病患来说,一个有效的治疗方法就是让他们保持工作。提倡者称,其他的治疗方式应该通过节约健康保健成本和提高生产力来为病患付。提高英国心理健康不仅是关乎人道,也关系到经济。 译者:邵夏沁 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201507/385857 they had this stayed on that form,we didnt see each other or our outfits untill right before the wedding他们让这裙子保持形状 我们只在婚礼前一刻才跟彼此见面 见到彼此的礼We tried to save that moment,so this was another section of the house on the form我们想保留那一刻 这是我们屋子的另一个角落And that dress is just so,it took three weeks for him to make and ten weeks of work for me to pay for这条裙子他花了3个星期完成 花我10个星期的工作来付gorgeous,gorgeous,and beautiful,beautiful picture非常漂亮 非常漂亮 非常好看的图片This picture I think is so,and I love that picture,I konw it looks candid这图片非常 我喜欢这图片 这张照片是偷拍的but right before she took it the photographer said look stuning and radiant在拍这个照之前 摄影师说 面带微笑 散发魅力and like the happiest day of your life and so Portia pretended好像这是你生命中最幸福的一天 所以Portia是假装的the whole thing though is very simple,very traditional,both of us wore pink and white整个婚礼都非常简单 传统 我们两个身穿白色和粉色because the pink is pretty and white is you know the old wedding rhyme因为粉色很漂亮 白色呢 就是我们传统的婚礼音律you hve chosen right if you married in the white如果你结婚穿白色 你就是做了正确的选择and the half if of course you will forever be blessed if you married in a vest and so the vest另一个音律就是 如果你结婚穿马甲 你将永远受保佑 所以then so before the ceremony,we just spent a few minutes just some time alone to be together在婚礼之前 我们一起单独呆了一会I think those are the little moments before the wedding这是婚礼前的一点点美好时刻It just made it so special,so we were kind of hanging out,this is us in the back door这让我们婚礼比较特别 我们到处走走 这张照片 我们当时在门后we were just watching while the caters argued with the florist right there,hoping them got over pretty quick当时我们的宴席承办方和花匠有点争执 我们就在那儿看 希望他们能早点解决争端and then mama was there,and mama gave us some good advice,yeah,very happy我的妈妈也在那儿 她给了我们一些很好的建议 对 非常幸福 /201607/456395襄阳那家医院看皮肤病看的好襄樊中医院盆腔炎多少钱



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