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  • Youve got pomp, circumstance, and a gown that breathes less than asbestos-lined plastic wrap. Stay comfortable under your drapery with the nicest outfit no one will ever see.你即将迎来隆重的毕业典礼,穿上比石棉塑料膜更不透气的毕业礼。在毕业礼里面搭配舒适的织物,打造其他人闻所未闻的形象。You Will Need你需要A light, dress-code appropriate outfit较轻的,符合着装规定的外套Good footwear舒适的鞋子A manicure and pedicure修剪指甲和趾甲Steps步骤STEP 1 Unless youre graduating from winter school in Moscow, opt for something airy. Polyester gowns can make a sunny day feel like an inferno, so a light fabric like cotton is your best bet.1.除非你是从莫斯科冬季学校毕业,最好选择比较透气的装。聚酯纤维礼会让阳光灿烂的天气感觉像是地狱。所以,棉等比较轻的布料是最好的选择。STEP 2 If youve got a light-colored gown, youll want to steer clear of a bright t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of your favorite band -- it could show through. If your gowns dark or black, all bets are off.2.如果你的礼是浅色的,里面可以搭配颜色比较亮丽的T恤,绣有你最喜欢的品牌的标志——如果可以看得到的话。如果你的礼是深色或黑色的,所有颜色都可以。STEP 3 Unless your ceremony is super formal or casual, guys should wear a suit, or a collared shirt and tie with slacks. A nice dress or cute outfit will work for girls. Don’t wear stockings. You want natural fibers that breathe.3.除非你的毕业仪式超级正式或随便,男生最好穿套装,或者有领衬衣,搭配领带和宽松的裤子。女生穿漂亮的裙子或可爱的外套都可以。不要穿长袜。透气的天然纤维最好了。STEP 4 If youre really hell-bent on wearing your bathing or birthday suit, remember youre going to be cloaked in an itchy, hot, rented, synthetic gown for a while... and that youre just asking to get kicked out.4.如果你不顾一切地想要穿泳衣或生日套装,记住,你会被奇痒,炎热,租来的合成材料礼包裹很长时间,会让你忍不住想逃跑。STEP 5 For all that preparation, the only part of you people will really see are your feet. Wear some nice, recently shined shoes. Ladies, if youre going with an open toe, spring for the pedicure -- and get a manicure while you’re at it, so your nails look good when you reach for that diploma.5.尽管你做了很多准备,人们能够看到的只有你的脚。穿一双漂亮的,最近刚刚擦过的鞋子。女生们,如果你想露出脚趾,修剪一下趾甲,同时修一下指甲,接过文凭时双手会更漂亮。If the ceremony is outside, ladies may want to opt for a flat shoe. Heels dont mix well with grass, dirt, or mud.如果毕业典礼是在室外举行的,女生最好穿平底鞋。高跟鞋踩在草坪,尘土或泥泞上不合适。STEP 6 If your school is strict, they may boot you from the ceremony if youre not following the dress code. Respect the rules, and if youve just got to wear a costume, try not to get caught.6.如果你的学校非常严格,不按照着装规定的话,他们可能不准你参加毕业典礼。尊重学校的规定,如果你刚好穿了节日装,尽量别被抓住了。Graduation caps are often called mortarboards because they resemble tools used by bricklayers.毕业方帽是模仿砖匠使用的工具制成的。视频听力译文由。201405/300072
  • 我们无法控制将要到来的死亡,但正如彼得索尔士(Peter Saul)所言,我们可以”占领死亡“。他号召我们弄清我们在选择临终关怀时的意愿, 并且提出了两个可以开始这种谈话的问题。(TEDxNewy拍摄)201403/277021
  • CEO criticizes political bickering Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson discusses how the U.S. debt crisis has impacted business.There are markets like Washington DC where the government shutdown is having an impact on hotels in that market, but again, it’s kind of frustrating, because the economy in the united states is broadly growing. Really it is this strap which is holding it back. Now, I one of your blogs on your website, you’ve even suggested holding it off on political contributions to both parties, I mean, are you serious about that, you’re that frustrated?Right. Oh, I am. You know, I think we’ve seen our politicians move to the 2 extremes. And part of that is about your man drain and other things in the US. I think part of it may also be about the parties’ demanding and adherence to a certain theory as opposed to practical problem solving, and so I threw out this idea, go ahead and give money to the politicians you believe in, that’s fine. But maybe we should not give money to parties; maybe we should not give money to folks who are too extreme either direction. Let’s give money to folks who are gonna actually solve the problems that are confronting the country. Let’s talk about Asia and you are visiting several different countries. China, obviously a huge market for you, are you expanding rapidly within china or has the growth in china affected what your plans are?Well, in the short term in some markets, there are some impact of slower economic growth this year, but generally, this is still a market which is rich with growth opportunities for, so a couple of statistics, there are fewer than 2,000,000 hotel rooms in china today, there are 5,500,000 hotel rooms in the united states. Economies are not that different in aggregate size, obviously economies’ per capita are very different from place to place. So what we’ve done, we opened our 21st hotel in shanghai earlier this year, biggest operator in shanghai, but we’re opening our 1st hotel in Chengdu, for example, this month, a Ritz Carlton there. And increasingly we’ll see our growth go to the second tier cities, but we’ll grow as the Chinese economy grows over the next decades. /201310/262019
  • Around the North Pole, the ice cap has lost 30% of its surface area in 30 years.在北极圈 三十年来冰冠面积减少了30%。But as Greenland rapidly becomes warmer,the freshwater of a whole continent flows into the salt water of the oceans.但当格陵兰岛迅速变暖。一整个大陆的淡水注入海中咸水。Greenlands ice contains 20% of the freshwater of the whole planet.格陵兰岛的冰储存地球上20%的淡水。If it melts, sea levels will rise by nearly seven meters.如果溶化了海平面会升高七米。But there is no industry here.但这里没有工业。Greenlands ice sheet suffers from greenhouse gases emitted elsewhere on Earth.格陵兰岛的大冰原受地球其它地方排放的温室气体所影响。Our ecosystem doesnt have borders.我们的生态系统并无疆界。Wherever we are, our actions have repercussions on the whole Earth.无论在哪里我们的行为在全球各地引起回响。The atmosphere of our planet is an indivisible whole.地球的大气层是不可分割的整体。It is an asset we share.是我们共享的资产。On Greenlands surface, lakes are appearing on the landscape.在格陵兰岛表面湖泊开始形成。The ice cap has begun to melt at a speed that even the most pessimistic scientists did not envision 10 years ago.冰冠融化的速度连最悲观的科学家十年前也预计不到。More and more of these glacier-fed rivers are merging together and burrowing through the surface.越来越多源自冰川的河流汇集并在表层下穿过。It was thought the water would freeze in the depths of the ice.人们以为河水会在冰的深处结冰。On the contrary, it flows under the ice,carrying the ice sheet into the sea,where it breaks into icebergs.但恰恰相反它在冰下流过。把冰原带进海洋并碎裂成冰山。 201411/341263
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